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by Published on 2014-04-18 11:18 PM

Paladin Tier 17 Preview
The first Warlords of Draenor tier set is here! This set is a WORK IN PROGRESS and has some issues with the belt clipping. The final version may look significantly different, so consider this a sneak peek and not final preview.

Warlords of Draenor Alpha Official Notes Update
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Game System Changes

Stat Squish
We've also streamlined the multitude of various types of Haste % and Crit % bonuses.
  • Spell Haste %, Melee Haste %, and Ranged Haste % have been merged into a universal Haste %.
  • Spell Crit %, Melee Crit %, and Ranged Crit % have been merged into a universal Crit %.

Itemization Changes (New Section)
We’re making a number of changes to itemization based on a single philosophy: We want to increase the chance that any given item drop is useful to someone in your group.To support this philosophy we’re making a few changes to stats. Most items found in Draenor will work for all specializations within a given class, so that you never have to grumble when you see, for example, Intellect plate drop in a group that lacks a Holy Paladin.

We’re also reducing the number of role-specific stats: Hit and Expertise are gone, as are Dodge and Parry as stats on items, replaced with a single tank stat of Bonus Armor. Armor and Spirit will be specific to tanks and healers respectively, but all other secondary stats will have universal appeal.

Because of the magnitude of this change, we’re retroactively applying this philosophy to items in Mists of Pandaria. After the pre-expansion patch you may find that some of your items contribute different stats, but they should still be good for your class.

  • New secondary stats added:
    • Bonus Armor: Increases armor.
    • Multistrike: Grants a chance for spells and abilities to fire an additional time, at 30% effectiveness (both damage and healing).
    • Readiness: Reduces the cooldown of several class abilities with long-cooldowns.
  • Hit and Expertise on all items have been replaced with a universally useful secondary stat.
  • Stats that are not useful to your current class specialization will be grayed out in the tooltip rather than green, and will not be counted on your character stat sheet.
    • Spirit for non-healing specializations
    • Bonus Armor for non-tanking specializations
    • Strength for Agility/Intellect-users
    • Agility for Strength/Intellect-users
    • Intellect for Strength/Agility-users
    • For example, Intellect on a cloak will be greyed out for all Warrior specializations and they will not receive an increase to Intellect if equipped. However, if the same cloak is equipped by a Mage, Intellect will show up as green and they’ll receive the increase to their Intellect.

Mists of Pandaria and Future Items
  • Dodge and Parry have been replaced with Bonus Armor. If an item had both Dodge and Parry on it, it has been replaced with an additional useful secondary stat.
  • Head, Chest, Hand, Wrist, Waist, Leg, Feet, Weapon, Shield, and Off-hand items that had tanking stats (Dodge, Parry) or healer stats (Spirit) have been replaced with a different universally useful secondary stat.

Warlords of Draenor Items
  • Plate Armor pieces will always have Strength and Intellect on it.
  • Mail and Leather Armor pieces will always have Agility and Intellect on it.

Ability Pruning
  • Priest
    • Shadow Word: Death is now available only to Shadow Priests.
      • Discipline and Holy Priests can add a self-damaging utility to Holy Fire through a new Major Glyph.
  • Shaman
    • Flametongue Weapon is no longer available to Restoration Shaman, and only causes damage on weapon swings for Enhancement Shaman.
    • Frostbrand Weapon has been removed. is now available only to Enhancement Shaman.
    • Healing Tide Totem is now available only to Restoration Shaman. (Moved to the Stackable Raid Utility section.)
    • Stormlash Totem has been removed. (Moved to the Stackable Raid Utility section.)
  • Warlock
    • Demonic Breath has been removed.
      • Howl of Terror is now a Level-30 talent, replacing Demonic Breath.
  • Warrior
    • Shield Wall is now available only to Protection Warriors.
    • Skull Banner has been removed. (Moved to the Stackable Raid Utility section.)

Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns
Additionally, we've significantly reduced the number of throughput-increasing cooldowns and procs, in order to further reduce burst damage. Please keep in mind when reading the specifics of the patch notes that some classes may have lost abilities, or had the power of select abilities reduced. These changes were made in the context of the above goals. Other classes have a reduced crowd-control ability overall. We believe that this entire package of changes will make PvP a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Death Knight
    • Rune of Swordbreaking has been removed.
    • Rune of Swordshattering has been removed.
  • Druid
    • Cyclone now shares Diminishing Returns with Fears, and can be canceled by immunity effects (i.e. Divine Shield, Ice Block, etc.), and can be dispelled by Mass Dispel.
    • Disorienting Roar has been renamed to Incapacitating Roar, incapacitates enemies instead of disorienting them, and its effect now shares Diminishing Returns with other Mesmerize effects.
  • Priest
    • Psyfiend has been removed.

Movement Speed (New Section)
Moving quickly has always been a powerful bonus in World of Warcraft; however, the logic of how various movement speed bonuses stack (or don't) has generally been inconsistent and poorly explained. Under the old set-up, each movement speed bonus would become more powerful when combined with another, so we would limit what can stack with what, and prevent certain abilities from being used when another one is already in effect. We decided to change the movement speed system to make it more transparent, with rules about stacking that are easier to understand, and with fewer restrictions.

Previously, multiple movement speed modifiers on you were multiplicative, meaning that if you had two different +25% movement speed bonuses, they resulted in a total movement speed of 56% (1.25*1.25 = 1.56).

Movement speed bonuses have been changed to be additive. The previous example with two different +25% movement speed bonuses would result in a total movement speed of +50%. The logic governing which bonuses stack with others has been simplified as well.

  • If a bonus is self-only and passive, it now stacks additively with everything.
  • If a bonus is temporary or applies to other players, it's considered exclusive, and the character only gains the benefit of the highest exclusive bonus.

Additionally, restrictions that prevented a player with a temporary speed bonus from receiving or activating a second temporary speed bonus have been removed. Both bonuses will now apply to the character, but only the one with the highest magnitude will have any effect.

Examples of self-only passive bonuses: Cat Form, Movement Speed enchants, Quickness racial for Night Elves, Unholy Presence

  • These will all stack additively with each other.

Examples of shared or temporary bonuses: Angelic Feather, Sprint, Stampeding Roar

  • All of these effects can now be applied simultaneously, but only the strongest one will have an effect.

Raid Utility Balance (New Section)
Various classes bring various abilities that provide utility to parties and raids. We talked about one type of utility in the Buffs and Debuffs section, above. However, there are other types of raid utility, and it’s been in need of more attention. In general, raid utility, especially raid-wide defensive cooldowns, had grown too strong. So many classes and specializations had defensive cooldowns that we had to make raid damage extremely high, as raids would be stacking or chaining together multiple cooldowns. We'd like to return to a system where it's the healers who heal through the scary moments, not the damage dealers, for example.

To do so, we’ve established a new baseline level of raid utility that a specialization should bring, and brought everyone to that new standard by reducing the effects of some abilities, or removing some abilities altogether.

Death Knight

  • Tranquility is now only available to Restoration Druids.

  • Amplify Magic is a new spell available to Mages.
    • Amplify Magic amplifies the effects of helpful magic, increasing all healing received by 20% for all party and raid members within 100 yards, and lasts 6 seconds with a 2-minute cooldown.




  • Smoke Bomb now reduces damage taken by 10% (down from 20%).


  • Each player can use a Demonic Gateway only once every 90 seconds.
  • Healthstones now share a cooldown with Health Potions, separate from other potions.

  • Rallying Cry now increases health by 15% (down from 20%), and is no longer available to Protection Warriors.
  • Skull Banner has been removed.

Periodic Effects (New Section)
There are many effects in the game which deal periodic damage over time (DoT) or healing over time (HoT). Historically, these have typically done something called “snapshotting”; they were based on your stats at the time that they were cast, and that was used for calculating their effect for their full lifetime. In Mists, if a warlock casts Corruption on an enemy while Heroism is active, that DoT will continue to tick rapidly based on the temporary haste effect, even after Heroism fades. This has led to some gameplay that has both good and bad sides.

Snapshotting encourages refreshing those periodic effects when your stats are high, such as when a temporary buff procs. On the upside, there's a high amount of skill involved in maximizing that. On the downside, it's not intuitive, and the skill ceiling is so high that few can reach it without the use of specialized add-ons. To make matters worse, the benefits of maximizing periodic snapshotting is so high that it creates a balance problem. Players maximizing periodic snapshotting (primarily through the use of add-ons) do drastically more damage than intended. If we balance around taking full advantage of snapshotting, then the players who aren’t doing so would fall unacceptably far behind in damage output.

Ultimately, we've decided that snapshotting isn't a productive mechanic for the game. The vast majority of periodic effects in the game that snapshotted no longer do so. The only exceptions are ones that do damage based on a percentage of a previous ability's damage (such as the Ignite from a Fire Mage's Fireball, or the periodic damage on a Windwalker Monk's Blackout Kick), as they inherently act as a delayed damage multiplier to those abilities.Temporary effects which buff the damage or healing of other spells specifically will continue to do so for their lifetime; for example, Unleash Flame (which increases the damage of the shaman's next fire spell by 40%), when used on a Flame Shock, will continue to increase the damage of the periodic effect for its entire lifetime, despite being consumed when the Flame Shock is cast. We still of course want skills and their use to embody interesting choices, and intelligent and skillful use of abilities.

  • Periodic damage and healing effects now dynamically recalculate their damage, healing, Critical chance, multipliers, and period on every tick.

Skilled players will still be able to take advantage of temporary power buffs like trinket procs, and you'll still want to cast your hardest hitting spells within those proc durations. The benefits just won't extend outside the trinket procs’ duration. As such, this high-skill gameplay is there, it's just rewarded more consistently. For example, a Priest’s trinket procs and an already active Shadow Word: Pain will begin dealing more damage the instant the proc effect occurs, but will return to normal when the proc duration ends. Skilled players will be able to play within these proc durations to maximize effect, but it won’t be as detrimental to output to anyone who isn’t actively and skillfully using them to their full extent.

We also made another change to periodic effects. Haste has long affected the tick rate of periodic effects, and their duration has been rounded to whole numbers of ticks, in order to mostly preserve the original duration of the spell. This lead to Haste breakpoints where having specific amounts of Haste would cause certain periodic effects to gain an extra tick. Part of gearing your character involved trying to reach those Haste breakpoints, but not go over by too much. This was a fairly tedious number to manage, which was again mostly handled by add-ons and guides. With some new tech we’re now able to calculate the effect of Haste on tick time dynamically. Any fraction of a full period left at the end of an effect will do a tick of damage or healing in proportion to the remaining time. In other words, there are no more Haste breakpoints; Haste now smoothly and accurately affects periodic effects for the entire duration.

This also opened up the opportunity to revise how we handle refreshing periodic effects. For the vast majority of spells and abilities, we had a standard rule that any refresh would add the new cast's duration after the next tick of the existing effect. In simpler terms, you can refresh anywhere between the last and second-to-last tick of a DoT or HoT with no loss. Warlocks had a special passive that changed this logic to allow refreshing with no loss anywhere in the last 50% of a DoT. We liked the flexibility that this provided; though felt it was a bit too powerful. No longer tied to whole tick times, we chose to extend the mechanic that Warlocks had to all classes, but reduce it to 30%. Everyone can now refresh their periodic effects anywhere in the last 30% of the duration for full benefit, and no lost tick time.

  • Recasting periodic damage over time and healing over time effects that are already on the target now extends those effects to up to 130% of the normal duration of the effect.

Tank Vengeance and Resolve
The changes to tanking made in Mists of Pandaria turned out quite well, overall. But there were a few rough parts that we're going to smooth over. The biggest one is the offensive capabilities of Vengeance. We like that tanks can provide meaningful DPS to their group, however, it swung wildly based on the fight, even surpassing the dedicated damage dealers occasionally. To solve this, we're going to remove the offensive value of Vengeance, but preserve the defensive value, by making it increase the effect of your active mitigation buttons, instead of Attack Power.

Then, to keep tank DPS meaningful, we'll be raising their damage, since it would be meager with no Vengeance Attack Power (Vengeance accounted for 70-90% of a tank's damage on high-tank-damage fights in Mists). To do that, we're increasing the damage of several prominent tank abilities, as well as having tanks also gain increased Attack Power from Mastery, in addition to the stat’s existing benefits. That also helps keep secondary stats balanced in offensive value for them.

  • Death Knight
    • Mastery: Blood Shield now also passively increases Attack Power by 8% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.
  • Druid
    • Mastery: Primal Tenacity now also passively increases Attack Power by 8% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.
  • Monk
    • Mastery: Elusive Brawler now also passively increases Attack Power by 8% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.
    • Brewmasters no longer deal 15% less damage.
  • Paladin
    • Mastery: Divine Bulwark now also passively increases Attack Power by 8% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.
  • Warrior
    • Mastery: Critical Block now also passively increases Attack Power by 8% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.

Quality of Life Improvements
Facing Requirements
Strict facing requirements can be frustrating to deal with, especially in hectic Raid combat or PvP environments. In order to ease this frustration, we decided to remove or significantly loosen the facing requirements of all attacks that required the player to be behind their target.

  • Druid: Ravage no longer requires the Druid to be behind the target.

Reforging (New Section)
The original intent behind Reforging was to offer a way for players to customize their gear, but in practice it offered little in the way of true choice. Players attempting to optimize every piece of gear were well advised to look up how they were supposed to reforge an item in an online guide or tool that had already determined the optimal choice. It added yet another step to the list of things that must be done to a new item before it was ready to be equipped, reducing the joy of getting an upgrade into a chore.

If an upgrade drops, we want you to be able to equip it with a minimum of fuss. It is for those reasons that we’re removing Reforging from the game.
  • The Reforging system and associated NPCs have been removed from the game.
  • All existing items that were reforged have been returned to their original un-reforged state.

Combat Resurrections (New Section)
Combat resurrections are an extremely powerful tool that players have while in combat. Naturally, we apply some limitations. In Mists of Pandaria, that limit was 1 resurrection during a given raid boss encounter for 10-player modes and 3 for 25-player modes. With Flexible difficulty introduced in Patch 5.4, we erred on the forgiving side, and gave Flexible Raids 3 resurrections regardless of raid size.

In Warlords of Draenor, the Flex tech has expanded to more difficulty levels, and we needed a new system to handle combat resurrections more fairly. We knew that continuing with a constant 3 would encourage using the smallest possible raid sizes, while scaling with hard breakpoints would discourage specific group sizes just under those points. Additionally, the limit is not shown anywhere in-game, so it can be easy to lose track of how many resurrections the raid has available (or even know that the limit exists).

So we’ve built a new system to be more transparent, and improve usability.

  • During a boss encounter, all combat resurrection spells now share a single raid-wide pool of charges that’s visible on the action bar button.
  • Upon engaging a boss, all combat resurrection spells will have their cooldowns reset and begin with 1 charge. Charges will accumulate at a rate of 1 per (90/RaidSize) minutes.
    • Example 1: A 10-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 9 minutes (90/10 = 9).
    • Example 2: A 20-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 4.5 minutes (90/20 = 4.5).
  • A charge will only be deducted when a combat resurrection is successful (when the target accepts the resurrection).
  • Raid frames now show a debuff indicating that a dead player has a pending combat resurrection available.
  • Outside of raid boss encounters, combat resurrection spells retain their normal cooldown behavior.

We made several improvements to the Glyph system. While leveling, characters unlock Glyph slots at several specific levels. However, in order to get glyphs, characters need to visit an Auction House (and potentially pay way more gold than an average character of that level has yet), or know a Scribe from which to request them. To solve this, we've made characters learn some Glyphs automatically as they level. Additionally, we now have the ability to make some glyphs exclusive with each other, or require specific specializations.

  • Many glyphs have been removed, and many new glyphs have been added.
  • Exclusive categories have been added for some glyphs. Other glyphs from the same category cannot be applied at the same time.
  • Some glyphs are now exclusive to a specialization.

  • Movement Speed enchants now increase Movement Speed by 10% (up from 8%).

Class Changes

Death Knight
We removed Dodge and Parry from gear, and expect Blood Death Knights to value Haste and Crit as important secondary stats. In order to achieve that, we made Riposte give defensive value to Critical Strikes, and Scent of Blood give defensive value to Multistrike. auto attack and Rune Strike crits. To solve GCD-capping issues and increase the value of Haste, we also removed the passive rune regeneration increase from Improved Blood Presence. Finally, we tweaked the targeting AI of Dancing Rune Weapon, and fixed it up to properly copy most Talents that you know.

  • Riposte has been redesigned.
    • Riposte now gives the Death Knight Parry equal to their Critical Strike bonus from gear. After getting a Critical Strike with an Auto Attack or Rune Strike, you gain +100% Parry chance until you Parry an attack. This can stack up to 2 times.
  • Improved Blood Presence no longer increases rune regeneration rate.

There were also a few other miscellaneous changes. The Runic Power generation of Anti-Magic Shell was standardized, to make it more understandable and balanced. Level-60 and Level-75 talent rows have swapped places, so the important rune regeneration talents could be acquired earlier.
  • Level-60 and Level-75 talent rows have swapped places.

Note that Primal Tenacity's calculation uses the damage before any other absorbs you have, and before Tooth and Claw's effects, so that it isn’t negatively affected by any of those. Note that Primal Tenacity's calculation uses the damage before any other absorbs you have, and before Tooth and Claw's effects, so that it isn’t negatively affected by any of the changes. We also slightly reduced the power of Primal Fury, in order to better balance secondary stats for Guardians.

  • Tooth and Claw can now accumulate 2 charges, and its effects stack on the target. Its effects are affected by Resolve.
  • Ursa Major is a new passive ability for Guardian Druids:
    • Ursa Major: Multistrikes from auto attacks and Mangle grant the Druid Ursa Major. Ursa Major increases maximum health by 5% for 15 seconds. When this effect is refreshed, the remaining portion is added to the new effect.

Feral Druids received one major change, and few tweaks beyond what's been mentioned above in Ability Pruning and Facing Requirements. Combo Points are now stored "on the player", meaning that when you switch targets, any accumulated Combo Points remain with you. Pounce was buffed significantly, in order to bring it up to par with Ravage. Primal Fury was changed to let it affect area attacks as well. Glyph of Savagery was reworked to better achieve its intended effect.

  • Combo Points for Feral Druids are now shared across all targets, and are no longer lost when switching targets.

Overall, we are happy with Balance's rotation, however there are a few tweaks coming through Draenor Perks. With the changes to Periodic Effects, we're slightly modifying Eclipse to allow it to retain the gameplay it had before.

  • Eclipse now increases the damage of all Nature spells (or Arcane, depending on which Eclipse state is active) cast while it is active. This means that for example: a Moonfire cast during Eclipse will receive the Eclipse benefit through its whole duration, even after leaving Eclipse. The reverse also holds true; a Moonfire cast before entering Eclipse will not benefit from that Eclipse until it is recast.

And the Druid changes are capped off by merging Glyph of Stampede's effects into Glyph of Stampeding Roar.

We did a comprehensive pass on Hunter pet abilities. As mentioned above in Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns, all full crowd-control abilities have been removed from Hunter pets and replaced those with new abilities, including spreading some that were previously restricted to exotic pets. Additionally, Hunters can now tame beasts from new pet families.

  • Hunters may now tame beasts from 3 new pet families.
    • Hydra
    • Riverbeast
    • Hook Wasp (Exotic)
  • Abilities unique to each hunter pet family have been revised to provide a standard buff, debuff, or ability.
    • Combat Resurrection ability: Crane, Moth, Quilen
    • Mortal Wounds debuff: Carrion Bird, Devilsaur, Riverbeast, Scorpid
    • Increased Spell Power buff: Serpent, Silithid, Water Strider
    • Increased Strength/Agility/Intellect buff: Dog, Gorilla, Shale Spider, Worm
    • Increased Critical Strike Chance buff: Devilsaur, Quilen, Raptor, Shale Spider, Water Strider, Wolf
    • Temporary Haste buff: Core Hound, Nether Ray
    • Increased Haste buff: Hook Wasp, Hyena, Sporebat, Wasp
    • Increased Mastery buff: Cat, Hydra, Spirit Beast, Tallstrider
    • Increased Stamina buff: Bear, Goat, Hook Wasp, Silithid
    • Increased Magic Damage Taken debuff: Basilisk, Bat, Chimaera, Core Hound, Dragonhawk, Rhino, Wind Serpent
    • Increased Physical Damage Taken debuff: Bird of Prey, Boar, Porcupine, Ravager, Rhino, Worm
    • An ability that increases dodge chance of the pet by 30% for 10 seconds: Fox, Monkey
    • An ability that reduces damage taken by the pet by 50% for 12 seconds: Beetle, Crab, Quilen, Rhino, Shale Spider, Turtle
    • An ability that Reduces the movement speed of the target by 50%: Chimaera, Crocolisk, Silithid, Spider, Warp Stalker
    • The following pet families provide an ability that puts the pet in stealth mode, but slows its movement speed by 50%. The first attack from stealth receives a 20% bonus to damage: Cat, Spirit Beast
    • The following pet families also provide an additional ability.
      • Chimaera - Froststorm Breath: Causes Froststorm damage to all targets in front of the Chimaera over 8 sec.
      • Core Hound - Molten Hide: Causes Fire damage to attackers.
      • Devilsaur - Feast: The devilsaur feasts on a nearby Humanoid or Beast corpse within 5 yards, healing it for 20% of its maximum health and restoring 20 focus over 5 sec.
      • Direhorn - Reflective Armor Plating: Deflects all spells cast in front of the Direhorn for 6 seconds.
      • Hook Wasp - Flutter: Slows the fall speed of both itself and the hunter for 30 seconds.
      • Spirit Beast - Spirit Mend: Heals the target ally instantly, and additional healing over 10 seconds.
      • Water Strider - Surface Trot: Allows the Hunter and the Water Strider to walk across water.
      • Worm - Burrow Attack: Deals Nature damage to nearby enemies over 8 seconds.

There were also a few other changes, primarily for quality of life and rotational consistency.

  • Aimed Shot now deals 20% more damage and can be cast while moving. no longer interrupts Auto Attacks.
  • Growl now has a 30-yard range.
  • Several raid buffs provided by pets have been changed into auras that are automatically applied to the Hunter's party or raid.

In order to solve all of these problems, we decided to merge the 3 current Bomb Talents into one that changes based on spec. That allows us to reintroduce spec-specific perks to each Bomb, and makes room for some non-DoT alternatives.

  • Frost Bomb has been redesigned. It now lasts 12 seconds, has no cooldown, and explodes every time the target is critically hit by the Mage's Ice Lance while frozen. The damage per explosion has been reduced by 75% to compensate.
  • Glyph of Mirror Image has been removed and its effects have been incorporated into Mirror Image.
  • Glyph of Frostfire Bolt is now available only to Fire Mages.

  • Stance of the Spirited Crane is a new ability for Mistweaver Monks, which replaces Stance of the Fierce Tiger.
    • The Spell-Power-to-Attack-Power Conversion effect has been moved from Stance of the Wise Serpent to Stance of the Spirited Crane.
    • The Eminence effect has been moved from Stance of the Wise Serpent to Stance of the Spirited Crane.
      • Eminence now a nearby target to be healed for 35% of all damage caused by the Monk and includes auto attacks.
  • Serpent's Zeal has been removed. Eminence now always includes Auto Attacks.
  • Muscle Memory, Serpent's Zeal, and Vital Mists have been replaced with a new passive ability, Crane Style Techniques. Crane Style Techniques enhances several of the Monk's combat abilities while in Crane Stance. merged. Muscle Memory now requires Stance of the Spirited Crane, and passively increases the damage of Crackling Jade Lightning by 100%, causes Tiger Palm to trigger the Vital Mists effect, and causes Blackout Kick to hit 4 additional nearby targets for 50% damage.
    • Crackling Jade Lightning channels 150% faster, generates 1 Chi each time it deals damage, but costs 300% more mana.
    • Blackout Kick grants Crane's Zeal, increasing Critical Strike chance by 20% for 20 seconds.
    • Blackout Kick causes Eminence to heal 5 allies instead of 1, but heals for only 15% of damage dealt instead of 35%.
    • The Monk gains a stack of Vital Mists for every Chi consumed.
  • Rising Sun Kick is now available to Mistweaver and Windwalker Monks. However, it does not cause Mortal Wounds for Mistweavers.
  • The following abilities now require Stance of the Spirited Crane for Mistweavers:

We also did some polishing on Brewmasters and Windwalkers and made Storm, Earth, and Fire, Transcendence, and Touch of Death easier to use. Fists of Fury has also been improved; sometimes brute force is the right answer. Gift of the Ox was changed to give value to the new Multistrike stat for Brewmasters. Lastly, Tiger Strikes was improved considerably, and made available to all Monk specializations.

  • Gift of the Ox now has a chance to trigger only from auto attack Multistrikes, instead of from all auto attacks. It has a 100% chance to trigger while using a two-handed weapon, and a 62.5% chance to trigger while dual wielding.
  • Fists of Fury now deals 100% increased damage, and always deals full damage to your primary target; additional targets are still affected by the damage split.
  • Tiger Strikes is now available to all Monk specializations, and has a chance to trigger on successful auto attacks and their Multistrikes. It has an 8% chance to trigger while using a two-handed weapon, and a 5% chance to trigger while dual wielding.
    • When triggered, Tiger Strikes now grants +50% Multistrike for 8 seconds instead of +50% attack speed and double attacks for 4 attacks.

We made several changes for Holy, to go along with other larger system changes to compensate for the removal of Guardian of Ancient Kings from Holy, and merged its benefits into Divine Favor. In order to follow through on our change to merge all types of Haste %, we removed the Spell Haste % from Seal of Insight to a Holy-only passive, so that it didn't also increase Protection's baseline Haste by 10%. Our changes to healer mana and mobility also indirectly increased the value of Selfless Healer by a large amount, so we brought it back down to be even in power with the other talents on its row. We also raised the range of Denounce to be consistent with other spells.

For Protection, we tweaked Eternal Flame in order to reduce its massive self-healing amount, and provide better balance between talents on that row. We also added a new passive, Shining Protector, in order to give defensive value to the new Multistrike stat.

  • Bastion of Glory no longer affects the periodic healing of Eternal Flame. It still affects the direct healing portion of the ability.
  • Shining Protector is a new passive ability for Protection Paladins.
    • Shining Protector: All heals you receive have a chance equal to your Multistrike chance to trigger Shining Protector, healing you for an additional 30% of the triggering heal.
  • Eternal Flame now deals 100% of the direct healing of Word of Glory (up from 70%), but only 50% as much periodic healing as before. Additionally, Bastion of Glory no longer affects the periodic healing.

We made a few additional changes to Paladins. We revised the functionality of Hammer of the Righteous a bit, such that its performance is about the same, but its tooltip is much clearer. We also made Stay of Execution much more attractive to use as an emergency button. One big change for Retribution that isn't mentioned here is the removal of Inquisition (see Ability Pruning), which will have a notable effect on their rotation.

  • Angelic Feather, if cast on players, will always prefer the casting priest over others, then pick the player closest to the targeted location. If there are no players where it is targeted, it will still create a feather that can be picked up, as before. Additionally, when collecting multiple feathers, the duration will be extended instead of replaced; up to a maximum of 130% of base duration.
  • Inner Focus: No longer provides immunity to Dispels, Interrupts, and Silence. This effect will be returning as a Major Glyph.
  • Purify, Halo, Cascade, and Divine Star can now be cast while in Spirit of Redemption form.
  • Shadowfiend no longer restores mana.
    • Mindbender now restores 0.75% mana per hit (down from 1.75%).

There are a number of Rogue changes listed under Ability Pruning, but there are a few additional changes to note. The biggest of which is a fundamental change to how Combo Points work. They're now shared across all enemies; you can swap targets and you won;t lose your Combo Points.

  • Combo Points for Rogues are now shared across all targets. You no longer lose your Combo Points when switching targets.

In Warlords of Draenor, we're pulling back on the ability for many casters to deal damage while moving, and that includes Elemental. They will still have some ability to deal damage while moving, through Shocks, Unleash Weapon, and instant Lava Bursts. For Chain Lightning, we wanted to reduce the impact of Haste soft capping, and so changed Shamanism to increase damage instead of reduce cast time. Additionally, we simplified Wind Shear by removing its impact on threat, which no longer matters.


Protection Warriors have received a few notable changes. First, we removed Dodge and Parry from gear, and expect Protection Warriors to value Haste and Crit as important secondary stats. In order to achieve that, we made Riposte give defensive value to Crits. The aforementioned Headlong Rush also helps for valuing Haste.

  • Blood Craze is a new passive ability for Protection Warriors.
    • Blood Craze causes Multistrike auto attacks to trigger a Blood Craze, which regenerates 3% of the Warrior's health over 3 seconds. When this effect is refreshed, the remaining duration is added to the new effect.
  • Riposte has been redesigned.
    • Riposte now gives the Warrior Parry equal to their Critical Strike bonus from gear. gives the Warrior +100% to Parry chance until they Parry an attack after getting a critical strike with an Auto Attack.
by Published on 2014-04-17 05:47 PM

Azeroth Choppers - Episode 1
The first episode of Azeroth Choppers has been released!

by Published on 2014-04-17 12:40 AM

Update (12:35 AM EST): Finished adding weapon models.

Warlords of Draenor Alpha - Build 18156
A new alpha build has been released.

New Creature Models

New Weapon Models

New Icons

New Items
You can see the full list of new items on the WoWDB Beta site.

Level Type Slot Name
1Junk Colossal Pearl
1Junk Pile of Frostfire Turnips
1Other Stolen Breath
1Quest Goren Shards
1Quest Weathered Spear
1Quest Ragged Mask
1Quest Pendant of Krag
1Quest Pendant of Mol
1Quest Pendant of Clog
1Quest Throne Room Key
1Quest Iridescent Egg
1Quest Adherent Proclamation
1Quest Mo'mor's Holy Hammer
90Cloth Hexweave Thread
90Cloth Hexweave Cloth
86Cloth Native Beast Fur
516TrinketTrinket Giantstalker's Guile
510TrinketTrinket Bounty Reward Agi
510TrinketTrinket Bounty Reward Str
510TrinketTrinket Bounty Reward Int
516TrinketTrinket Rimefrost Fetish
1TabardTabard Art Template Cloth Tabard - Tabard_A_01IronHorde
1TabardTabard Art Template Cloth Tabard - Tabard_A_02IronHorde
516TrinketTrinket Corrosive Tongue of Reeg'ak
125One-handed MaceMain Hand Yrel's Mace
516Two-handed MaceTwo Hand Beater's Beat Stick
1Food & Drink Tikari & K.A.Y.T.
100Food & Drink Frostboar Jerky

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Feats of Strength
  • Mistwalker (New) Attained one or more realm-best times during the Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode season. Title Reward: Mistwalker.

Spires of Arak Encounter Journal
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Ranjit, Master of the Four Winds
The Arakkoa's penultimate Chakradhaari, Ranjit has mastered the secret techniques required to create gale force winds with his chakra.

  • Four Winds - The caster creates a a massive vortex of wind that moves four trails in either direction. Enemies caught in the vortex suffer Nature damage.
  • Spinning Blade - The caster summons a spinning blade that will inflict Physical damage to all enemies caught in its path.
  • Fan of Blades - The caster hurls razor sharp blades in all directions, inflicting Physical damage and causing all affected targets to bleed over 6 sec.
  • Windwall - Ranjit hurls a Wind Chakram at the location of a random enemy that creates a spinning Windwall on impact. The Windwall inflicts Nature damage to all enemies caught in its confines.
  • Spear Strike - The caster winds up a big attack, inflicting a large amount of Physical damage to their target.

A construct of ancient Arakkoan civilization powered by the light of the sun.
  • Smash - The caster smashes the ground, inflicting great Physical damage to all enemies in the area.
  • Burst - The caster releases a burst of energy that inflicts Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
  • Energize - A Sun Construct Prootype reflects the incoming light rays at the Arrakoa Sun Construct to heal it for 3% of its maximum health every second. Players can step into the beam to prevent this; but will suffer 20,000 Fire damage every second instead.

  • Pierce Armor - The caster's next attack pierces the target's armor for great Physical damage. Victims of this attack are affected with Pierced Armor.
    • Pierced Armor - Pierces the victim's armor, causing them to receive 30% more damage from Pierce Armor for each application of Pierced Armor. This affect will not apply to tanks using their active mitigation.
  • Solar Flare - Reanimates all Piles of Ash within 5 yards as a Solar Flare that will pursue an enemy target at random. When the familiar reaches the target or is brought to zero health it will explode.
    • Sunstrike - The caster explodes for 80,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 100 yards. The explosion forces the caster to go dormant. Any Piles of Ash within 5 yards of the caster will activate.
  • Quills - Inflicts 30,000 Physical damage to all enemies in the area and increases damage taken from Screech and Quills by 10%.
  • Screech - Inflicts 20,000 Physical damage to all enemies in the area and increases damage taken from Quills by 10%.Screech will only be used whenever Rukhsha is not engaged in melee combat and ignores line of sight.

High Justicar Vidiya
  • Cast Down - High Justicar Vidiya summons a Solar Zealot to grab a player and throw them over the balcony.
  • Lens Flare - The caster calls down a beam of intensely focused sunlight to follow a randomly chosen target. The beam will slowly trail the victim for a short while, causing the ground in its wake to burn all enemies for 80,000 Fire damage every second.
  • Solar Burst - Inflicts 60,000 Fire damage to an enemy.
  • Shielding - The Arakkoa Shield Construct extends a shield over High Justicar Vidiya, preventing 99% damage from all sources.

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Item Set Bonuses

Unknown Class
Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Siphon Life Affliction, Demonology: Your Corruption spell will heal you for 0.35% of your maximum health when dealing damage. Destruction: Your Immolate spell will heal you for 0.35% of your maximum health when dealing periodic damage. Major Glyph. Major Glyph.
  • Glyph of Soul Consumption Affliction: Your Drain Soul restores 15% of your total health after you kill a target that yields experience or honor. Demonology: You restore 15% of your total health after you kill a target in Demon Form that yields experience or honor. Destruction: You restore 15% of your total health after you kill a target with Chaos Bolt that yields experience or honor. Major Glyph. Major Glyph.

Minor Glyphs

Death Knight (Forums)
  • Army of the Dead no longer requires Blood spec.
  • Improved Cinderglacier now causes Rune of Razorice to deal an additional 12% weapon damage when it triggers.
  • Improved Razorice was replaced with Improved Death Grip. - The target of your Death Grip will now automatically have Chains of Ice applied to them.
  • Improved Soul Reaper was replaced by Improved Mind Freeze - Increases the range of Mind Freeze by 20 yards.

  • Defile now does Shadowfrost damage rather than Shadow.

Druid (Forums)



Feral & Guardian
  • Leader of the Pack now causes your melee critical strikes to heal you for 3% of your health, down from 4%.

  • Genesis now costs 18% of Base Mana, up from 14.5%.
  • Innervate (New) Causes the Druid to regenerate 2.50% of maxmimum mana every 4 sec for 8 sec. This effect is cancelled if the Druid spends mana on a healing spell. Druid - Restoration Spec. 30 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Lifebloom now costs 7% of Base Mana, down from 7.7%.
  • Omen of Clarity had Nourish related text removed.
  • Regrowth now costs 37% of Base Mana, down from 38.5%.
  • Swiftmend now costs 12.5% of Base Mana, down from 13%.
  • Tranquility now costs 25.5% of Base Mana, down from 27%.
  • Wild Growth now costs 16% of Base Mana, down from 17%. Now scales with 12.5% of Spell Power, up from 12.48% of Spell Power.
  • Wild Mushroom now costs 30% of Base Mana, down from 31.5%.
  • Wild Mushroom: Bloom now costs 37% of Base Mana, down from 38.5%.

Major Glyphs

Hunter (Forums)
  • Enhanced Camouflage now heals 3% of your maximum health every 1 sec while Camouflage is active, down from 5%.
  • Improved Cobra Shot now increases damage done by Cobra Shot, rather than Kill Command.

  • Burrow Attack The Worm burrows into the earth, shaking the ground above dealing [ 92.2% of RAP ] Nature damage over 8 sec. and increasing the target's physical damage taken by 4% for 30 sec. Exotic Ability. 10 Focus, plus 5 per sec. Instant (Channeled). 14 sec cooldown.

Mage (Forums)



Monk (Forums)


  • Life Cocoon now costs 4.3% of Base Mana, down from 4.5%.
  • Renewing Mist now costs 6.1% of Base Mana, down from 6.4%.
  • Revival now costs 6.7% of Base Mana, down from 7.1%.
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent - While in Stance of the Wise Serpent, Crackling Jade Lightning costs no mana and refunds 2% of maximum mana if channeled for its entire duration.


Paladin (Forums)

  • Eternal Flame HoT now scales with 6.6% of spellpower, up from 3.3%.
  • Seraphim now also increases Readiness.

  • Divine Favor was renamed to Avenging Wrath - Increases all your damage and healing done by 100%, increases your haste by 20%, and increases your critical chance by 20%. Lasts 20 sec..
  • Divine Plea (New) Instantly regain 4.5% of maximum mana. Paladin - Holy Spec. 3 Holy Power. Instant.
  • Holy Light now costs 18.5% of Base Mana, down from 19.5%.
  • Holy Radiance now costs 49% of Base Mana, down from 51.5%.
  • Holy Shock now costs 15% of Base Mana, down from 15.5%

Major Glyphs

Priest (Forums)


  • Atonement no longer works with Penance.
  • Holy Nova now costs 0.9% of Base Mana, down from 1%.
  • Penance now costs 2.9% of Base Mana, down from 3.1%. Now also restores 2% of maximum mana when damage is done.

Discipline & Holy

  • Chakra: Chastise Increases the damage done by your Shadow and Holy spells by 50%, grants a 10% chance for Smite to reset the cooldown of Holy Word: Chastise, reduces the mana cost of Smite and Holy Fire by 90% causes Smite and Holy Fire to cost no mana and refund 0.75% of maximum mana, and transforms your Holy Word spell back into Holy Word: Chastise. Holy Word: Chastise Chastise the target for [ 84.8% of Spell Power ] Holy damage, and disorients them for 3 sec. 30 sec cooldown. Priest - Holy Spec. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
  • Circle of Healing now costs 2.5% of Base Mana, down from 2.6%.
  • Divine Hymn now costs 6% of Base Mana, down from 6.3%
  • Lightwell now costs 5.1% of Base Mana, down from 5.4%.
  • Renew now costs 2.5% of Base Mana, down from 2.6%.

Holy & Discipline
  • Heal now costs 3.7% of Base Mana, down from 3.9%.
  • Prayer of Healing now costs 4.9% of Base Mana, down from 5.2%.

Rogue (Forums)

Assassination & Subtlety

Shaman (Forums)

  • Telluric Currents - Your attunement to natural energies causes your Lightning Bolt spell to restore 1.25% of your maximum mana instead of costing mana.
  • Earth Shield now costs 22.5% of Base Mana, down from 23.5%. Now heals for 40% of Spell Power, rather than 2,554 + 62.3% of Nature Spell Power.
  • Healing Tide Totem now costs 7.5% of Base Mana, down from 8%.
  • Healing Wave now costs 18.5% of Base Mana, down from 19.5%.
  • Riptide now costs 14.5% of Base Mana, down from 15.5%.

Warlock (Forums)

Warrior (Forums)
  • Berserker Rage now has spec specific tooltips. Arms: Activating Berserker Rage also grants 1 use of Raging Blow


Major Glyphs


  • Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise Permanently enchant bracers to increase expertise haste by 1,088. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 600. Bracers. 1.5 sec cast. Reagents: Hypnotic Dust (4), Greater Celestial Essence (6).


Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Energize As long as the light is channeled on the Sun Construct it will heal for 2% 3% of its maximum health each second. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Energize If a player steps in the way they will instead suffer 20,000 Fire damage each second they remain in the beam. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Forked Fire-Shot Fires several missiles, hitting 3 targets for 100 % 100% weapon damage and then 10,000 damage every 2 seconds. 15 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Inhale Inflicts 225,000 Physical damage to those who are caught in the maw. 300 yd range. Instant.
  • Pierced Armor Pierces the victim's armor, causing them to receive 30% more damage from Pierce Armor for each application of Pierced Armor. This affect will not apply to tanks using their active mitigation. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Screech Inflicts 20,000 Physical damage to all enemies in the area and increases damage taken from Quills by 160,149%. 100 yd range. Instant. 10%. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Solar Burst Inflicts Inflicts 60,000 Fire damage to an enemy. 40 yd range. 3 sec cast.
  • Solar Flare The caster explodes for 80,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 15 yards. The explosion kills the caster. 100 yd range. Instant. 100 yards. The explosion forces the caster to go dormant. Any Piles of Ash within 5 yards of the caster will activate. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Summon Solar Flare (New) Inflicts 30,000 Fire damage to all enemies withing 5 yards of the impact. 100 yd range. Instant.

Battle Pet Ability Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Reflective Shield The user imbues their shield is shielded, dealing 50% of the damage they take to their attacker for 2 rounds. Humanoid. 3 round cooldown. 2 round duration. 100% Accuracy.

New Titles
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Mistwalker %s

New Garrison Family Names
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Umberhide
  • Brewbelly
  • PH - No Last Name
  • Na'Shra
  • Rala
  • Moonshadow

New Garrison Given Names
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Olin
  • Borin
  • Blademaster
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Dagg
  • Lokra
  • Qiana
  • Garona Mulverick

New and Update Garrison Abilities
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Orcslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting orcs.
  • Mountaineer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in the mountains.
  • Cold-Blooded - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in the snow.
  • Wastelander - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in the desert.
  • Dragonbane - Irritates dragons.
  • Dragonbane - Irritates dragons.
  • Demonslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting demons.
  • Beastslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting beasts.
  • Ogreslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting ogres.
  • Vineslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting primals and their minions.
  • Gronnslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting destructors.
  • Furyslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting elemental furies.
  • Voidslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting aberrations and undead.
  • Talonslayer - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting arakkoa and their minions.
  • Naturalist - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in a forest.
  • Cave Dweller - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting underground.
  • Guerilla Fighter - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in the jungle.
  • Urbanite - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in a town.
  • Marshwalker - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting in a swamp.
  • Plainsrunner - Increases success chance for bonus loot when fighting on plains.

New Maps
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Garrison - Horde - Barracks 1
  • Shaper Dungeon

Spires of Arak Boss Names
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Ranjit, Master of the Four Winds - The Arakkoa's penultimate Chakradhaari, Ranjit has mastered the secret techniques required to create gale force winds with his chakra.
  • Araknath - A construct of ancient Arakkoan civilization powered by the light of the sun.
  • Rukhsha
  • High Justicar Vidiya

New Scenarios
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Fate of Karabor
    • Follow Prophet Velen.
    • Defeat Krull.
    • Witness Commander Vorka's arrival.
    • Speak to Prophet Velen on the Karabor stairs.

New Queueable Things
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Fate of Karabor
  • Auchindoun
  • Iron Docks [NNF]
  • Blackrock Depot [NNF]
  • Foundry Raid

New Currencies
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Bloody Head - This gory trophy reveals the true extent of your prowess on the battlefield.

New Phases
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Personal - Ring of Trials Fights
  • Cosmetic - Grom'gar - Dagg the Ogre Follower
  • Cosmetic - Gronnstalker Rokash in Daggermaw Ravine
  • Cosmetic - Daggermaw Ravine - Dagg the Ogre Follower
  • Shattered Hand Intro
  • Cosmetic - Garrison - Dagg the Ogre Follower
  • Cosmetic - Muglokk Corpse Phase
  • Cosmetic - Questgivers at Shattered Hand Rise
  • Cosmetic - Ruulan is Alive
  • Cosmetic - Ruulan is Dead
  • Spires Intro Phase
  • Cosmetic - Nagrand 6.0 - Garrison Caravan - Alliance (ELM)
  • Cosmetic - Nagrand 6.0 - Garrison Caravan - Dead Lieutenant Balfor (ELM)
  • Cosmetic - Nagrand 6.0 - Garrison Caravan - Living Lieutenant Balfor (ELM)
  • Cosmetic - Prequel - Garrison Tier 0 - Bonfire
  • Cosmetic - Prequel - Garrison Tier 0 - Logs First Set
  • Cosmetic - Prequel - Garrison Tier 0 - Logs Second Set
  • Cosmetic - Azik on High Road
  • Cosmetic - Reshad in Shop
  • Cosmetic - Follow Velen Complete
  • Cosmetic - Questgivers at Shadowmoon Cave Entrance (H)
  • Cosmetic - Durotan at Garrison Location
  • Cosmetic - See Yrel at Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - Questgivers at Shadowmoon Cave Middle (A)
  • Cosmetic - Questgivers at Shadowmoon Cave Middle (H)
  • Cosmetic - See Durotan at Horde Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Kalaam at Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Kalaam at Horde Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Knight-Lord Dranarus at Horde Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Foreman Grobash at Horde Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Foreman Eksos at Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Vindicator Bi'lee at Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Kyresh at Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - Nagrand 6.0 - Rangari Overlook - Alliance NPCs (ELM)
  • Cosmetic - Nagrand 6.0 - Telaari Station - Thaelin's Copter (ELM)
  • Cosmetic - See Drafting Table in Alliance Garrison Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Artaal at Alliance Tuurem Outpost
  • Cosmetic - See Artaal at Horde Tuurem Outpost
  • Cosmetic - Qiana Moonshadow at Shattered Hand Rise - PRK
  • Cosmetic - Maladaar at Shattered Hand Building
  • Cosmetic - Yrel in Central Chamber - PRK
  • Cosmetic - Yrel in Cave Terminal - PRK

Misc New Things
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Camera Event
  • Camera Event #574 - Shadowmoon Valley 6.x - Velen's Vision - Final Camera Loc (HMC)
  • Camera Event #575 - Shadowmoon Valley 6.x - Velen's Vision - Final Camera Loc Start (HMC)
  • Camera Event #576 - Blackrock Train Depot - Assault - Turret Camera - KJD

Game Text
  • Game Text #81585 - Dagg tanks you, friend!
  • Game Text #81593 - Dunno how dem orcs keep catchin' me.
  • Game Text #81594 - Hi again.
  • Game Text #81595 - Gonna have to ask demself, "Did Dagg get catched or did Dagg catched dem?" Big hero been blowin' Dagg's cover! But you special, Dagg tinks. Dagg is master of dis guys and want to join you. Dagg is unanimous in dis.
  • Game Text #81596 - Unanimously agree with Dagg? (Garrison Follower)
  • Game Text #81607 - Don' blow Dagg's cover!$B$BDey never question a tree.$B$BDagg is unanimous in dis.
  • Game Text #81608 - Don' let dem see us talkin'! Dey never question a two-head. Dagg is unanimous in dis.
  • Game Text #81609 - Shh! Act natural.
  • Game Text #81610 - Shh! Don' blow my cover.
  • Game Text #81674 - I am afraid I must depart and rejoin our pack at Wor'gol. Aka'Magosh.
  • Game Text #81675 - Out of the way, peon!

  • GarrBuilding #167 - Menagerie - The Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet retinue. - Provides new pet options and unlocks pet missions
  • GarrBuilding #168 - Menagerie - The Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet retinue. - Provides new pet options and unlocks pet missions
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Safe T6 Farming Guide, LastZoul's Maximus Holy Crusader Build, Show Off Your Transmogs

Alpha Patch 29867: Shop Bundles, New Heroes, New Skins, Interface Updates

Warlords of Draenor - Screenshot of the Day
Blizzard posted a Warlords of Draenor screenshot of the day today and uploaded all 68 days worth of screenshots along with it!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With development on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor well underway, the Screenshot of the Day section on the World of Warcraft community site will now feature unique Warlords of Draenor images every day, showcasing a variety of new creatures, characters, and environments from the upcoming expansion. Be sure to stop by daily for the latest look at what’s waiting within Draenor.

Frostfire Ridge


Shadowmoon Valley


Old Character Models
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Since we are being blessed with new character models (Which can be disabled? Yes, no?)

However, I am quite useless on Ordos and Sha since my frame rates dips to 1-10 FPS. Will the new models cause even more problems in world bosses and even in regular raids?
It's hard to say exactly, many things can influence performance.

Remember that characters aren't (usually) naked inside raids, which means that most of the polygons and textures being drawn and rendered aren't exclusively attributable to player models, but also to armor.

On top of that, raids have their own surrounding geometry, bosses, etc... and all that adds up in the end. Obviously, new (more detailed) models means slightly more processing power is required, but new models aren't the only big change coming to WoD.

We are also applying a squish to anything related to stats; this means that in certain situations, there might be some performance improvements, especially when it comes to addons that process combat data.

More importantly, we are reducing the amount of visual clutter that currently fills every fight where a lot of players are involved.
Less sparkly stuff flying around means better video performance for everyone.

Client performance is something we care about a lot. It doesn’t matter how well-designed an encounter is: you aren’t going to have fun raiding at 8 FPS. We want everyone to be able to enjoy playing with the new models, and our dev team is working hard making sure that WoW is as resource efficient as possible in order for that to happen.

Shall I start looking for a new computer or should I stick with the one I have?
That's a hard question to answer. I'd say that you shouldn't be worried about any big drop in performance; things will most likely remain very close to what you are experiencing right now. So if you're satisfied with what you have right now, then there shouldn't be any need to change anything.

This is false, according to current alpha you DO have option to disable and enable new models.
And the frame-rate wasn't noticeable in dropping when swapping either. That may vary to individual's pc however.

That's correct, thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the inaccuracy. I've fixed the original post.
I'd just like to point out that we've only added this option with the intention of helping out players running the game on (very) old systems.

We want everyone to experience the game with the new models, they're all sorts of amazing and the end result to the player's experience is phenomenal; we definitely don't want anyone to miss out on that.

The new models are central to gameplay, every nuance in the detail, movement, pose, and facial expressions will be noticed by you, even unconsciously, because your character is always standing in front of you.
But of course we also want to keep the game playable for everyone, so if you're in a situation where your game isn't playable at all with the new models, then it's still better to disable them than not being able to play at all.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
"Undead can no breath underwater indefinitely" Was that really needed?
Absolutely. Definitely the most important (and time-consuming to make) change in all of Warlords. #sarcasm (Celestalon)

Whatever happened to Touch of the Grave rescaling? Must Undead really be the worst PvE race?
No -- we'll tweak as needed to make sure their throughput is on par with other races'. (WatcherDev)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
I understand you want to tone down blood's reactivity (that's now a word), but be warned that you could ruin why we love it.
There are significant changes; we're taking it very seriously and are eager for feedback about how it feels. We know the risk. (Celestalon)

So DKs will have no zero ranged abilities with removal of Death Coil? Or, Rune&Frost Strikes can be used at range?
Icy Touch, Howling Blast, Death and Decay, Death Siphon, etc. (Celestalon)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
The hurricane/Shroom combo is horrible. we need something powerful and immediate, not 3 casts praying the mobs won't be moved.
You can pre-water your Shrooms if you want. That's *extremely* powerful and immediate. (Celestalon)

I can think of a half-dozen spells to remove (mostly Balance >.>) Innervate? :|
In many ways Innervate (and Divine Plea as another example) was just something you could amortize into a passive mp5 effect. (WatcherDev)
Wouldn't it make sense to remove MTT as well given that 75% nerf to others effectively makes raid benefit marginal?
MTT is more iconic, and homogeneity isn't great either. Keeping MTT suits the ideal of shamans' bolstering their allies. (WatcherDev)

where is balanced in the Druid section?
No direct changes, but some changes via talents and perks. See the talents and perks on MMO-C and Wowhead. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
now that Hydras are tameable, how about tame the most ugly hydra in the world?
Most base crieterion for tameable bosses is "can you solo it?" Eagerly awaiting hunter videos (Muffinus)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
.Also, it seems as if the redesigned Brain Freeze would make Glyph of FFB mandatory for Frost. Do we expect a change to glyph?
That glyph is Fire-only. (Celestalon)

Just read the current WoD patch notes. Not a word about changes to mages' fire spec. Still working on it?
Several talents changed. We like Fire's core rotation, though there are a couple tweaks to it in the Draenor Perks. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will surging's mana cost be reduced in light of soothing not generating chi anymore?
We'll be extensively changing mana costs so that things work out, don't worry. We know that with current state it wouldn't work. (Celestalon)

Surging Mist in WoD, cast time or instant for Windwalkers and Brewmasters? Instant please
Cast time. Not intended to be used mid-rotation with no DPS loss. (Celestalon)

Any reason why SoTWS doesn't cause eminence? Xuen is going to be kinda awful for mistweavers
Xuen always Eminences, regardless of your own stance. (Celestalon)

So if SOOM doesn't generate Chi, what does?
Surging, Renewing, Expel, Chi Brew, Spinning Crane Kick, Jab. I think that's it. (Celestalon)
I see, with the scarcity difference will it not be a concern if Monks switch to crane specifically to build mana tea?
We are 100% committed to making sure that there's no cherry-picking between Serpent/Crane. We'll adjust as necessary if so. (Celestalon)
Also, is Muscle Memory now passive? It makes no sense to have it activate on Jab anymore with it being only in crane stance
See the Muscle Memory note in the patch notes. Merged into one passive. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Reassure me: the plan is still Shadow loses utility, but gains damage, yeah? No more being the last people paying hybrid tax?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
I also... I... Subtlety rogues using FoK will be DROWNING in combo points. I don't even.
Yep. That'll be an interesting change to see how it plays out. We'll pull back on it if it ends up too strong, but trying it. (Celestalon)

You're overloaded right now, but a gentle nudge on this q if you're able: Is Blade Flurry undergoing a new round of changes?
May let it trigger poisons; still evaluating. Nothing to announce yet. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will Resto Shamans keep the stacked healing niche going into WoD?
They'll certainly be good at stacked healing, but they need a well-rounded toolkit to complement that strength. (WatcherDev)
Shamans rock at stacked, but too few strats use stacked groups :/
Stacking is the default strat on pretty much every fight unless we add mechanics to make you not do so. (WatcherDev)

Haven't been at Blizz long huh? I guess you don't remember what ele was like before LB was changed to allow casting while moving
I've been here longer than Unleashed Lightning existed. You now have several spells that you can cast while moving. (Celestalon)

"Restoration Shaman..with buffs elsewhere to keep them competitive." Why are none of these buffs mentioned in the blog?
Because we didn't mention most of the -/+X% Healing Done or -/+X% Mana Cost changes. (Celestalon)

Will Improved Lightning Shield mean 8 charge Fulminations, or are you capping that at 6?
8 charge. (Celestalon)

LB on the move was a much more reliable source of damage, we're already one of the weakest casters, this doesn't help at all.
You won't be one of the weakest casters. We'll be tuning your damage (hasn't happened yet) to equal other casters. (Celestalon)

Will Elemental still be able to cast LB while moving? It's critical for Elemental's pvp, without we will have no dmg output.
No, but we're balancing around that, don't worry. There are actually several spells you can cast while moving (instants). (Celestalon)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
is a 5% buff to nightfall going to be enough to offset the loss of drain soul?
It's intended to make gameplay more similar between cases where you have adds to kill (way too strong) and you don't. (Celestalon)

Warlock: "Soulshatter has been removed" I rely on this a LOT to give aggro back to my demons which are designed to take my aggro
We'll adjust their aggro generation to compensate, so that you don't need it. (Celestalon)

sorry for the bump, need to ask... what will be mechanic for dot-heavy classes (Aff)? Timing my DoTs is all I do today
You'll still want to time your Haunts. Will be less important than before, but still important. (Celestalon)

Curious about the Shadowburn change to not generate mana. Without a cast time there's no mana regeneration like with Chaos Bolt.
Cast time isn't really mana regeneration. It was unnecessary complication. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
can we get an update on gladiator stance? and does berserker rage still generate RB charges?
See Wowhead/MMO-Champion's talent calculators for Gladiator Stance info. We're still considering Berserker Rage. (Celestalon)

Celestials not being tap-to-faction... bug or intended?
Intended. (Celestalon)

id say it has something to do with Role selection for bg's! it would use the same system as dungeons and that is why long queues
We disabled that system for a short period to see if it had any effect on queue times. It had no effect. (holinka)
interesting!! cause when they were implemented that's when I noticed longer queue times.
They were bugged when we first introduced them, but it was fixed. (holinka)
do you think the reason most people don't blacklist BGs is due to not wanting to blacklist any, or not knowing about the feature?
Not knowing about the feature. (holinka)

For WoD, gear changes stats based on spec? Does that include pvp gear or only pve set raid gear? Want to gear feral+resto in arena
includes PvP gear (holinka)

In the WoD "instanced" world PvP zones, Will we still be able to use things like engineering glider/rocketboots?
We generally try to keep those things out of rated play, but there has to be a place in PvP where toys work. (holinka)

Regarding WoD: Will heroic/mythic gear be stronger for PvP than PvP gear with the planned elimination of resilience?
No and we'll explain why soon. (holinka)

seems like you have adjusted one side of the pvp armsrace. Melee mobility and cc breaks remain unchanged. Thoughts?
We have a lot of work ahead of us. We'll see how it goes. Looking forward to hearing feedback when folks play. (holinka)

Pets and Pet Battles
What about making things like the Celestial Tourney a bit easier for us that can't seem to finish it this exp?
.What are you having trouble with? Tons of suggestions on the Pet Battles forums! (Muffinus)

Heroes of the Storm - Alpha Patch 29867
Heroes of the Storm got some new heroes, skins, and shop bundles today. Check out the full notes and additions on HeroesNexus.

by Published on 2014-04-15 06:17 AM

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Warlords of Draenor - Developer Interviews
There were a few developer interviews recently, so today we are taking a look at an interview from BlizzPro with Holinka, Kris Zierhut, and Steve Burke.

Level 90 Boost and Proving Grounds
  • You won't be able to queue for Heroic Dungeons or LFR until you have a certain level of Proving Ground achievements.
  • In a patch after release, Proving Grounds will be made to do a better job of telling you what you are doing wrong, rather than just being a test.
  • Players that don't have Proving Ground achievements will still be able to go into normal dungeons.

  • The Jade Forest quests had a very clear story, but it also had a lot of side quests that could bog you down.
  • In Warlords of Draenor, your map will show you where to go to continue the main storyline, along with the locations of bonus objectives.
  • The bonus objectives no longer have any story text that go with them, just a list of objectives. Now when there is quest text, you will know that it is really worth reading.

  • After rescuing members of the Frostwolf Clan in the Warlords intro quest experience, Durotan will give you a plot of land. This is where you start building your garrison.
  • After you complete their quests, some questgivers will be available for you to recruit as a follower for your garrison.
  • You will be redirected to your garrison frequently throughout the leveling experience, as it is integrated into the zones and leveling experience. Every time you go back, you will see familiar faces from your questlines.
  • Garrisons offer lots of hard choices that give you nice rewards, such as the buildings you choose for your limited plots. Buildings and followers aren't a permanent choice though, so if you change your mind you can change things out.
  • As you go out and adventure in the world and irritate the enemies in Draenor, they will attack your garrison. You and your followers will need to fend off these attacks.

  • Ashran will have a big central battle that is pushing towards the other faction's base.
  • Around the outer edges of Ashran you can find some rares and other things similar to Timeless Isle, with greater rewards to be found on the opposite faction's side of the zone.

  • There are a lot of advantages to having a realm community, so there aren't any plans to allow players to join guilds on any realm.
  • When you log in to Warlords of Draenor, you should be able to play with your friends. Allowing cross realm raiding and the changes to raid locks are one way the team is working towards this goal.
  • The team is still talking about a good reward system for completing older content with scaling, but there aren't any announcements for now. The Level 90 boost allows you to play with your friends without needing to level through the older dungeons now, making it less urgent.

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - April 14
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar: Blackfuse Bombling should no longer be incorrectly awarded from the Spoils of Pandaria encounter.
  • Icecrown Citadel: Resolved an issue that could prevent players from being able to loot The Lich King if NPCs dealt fatal damage to him.
  • The Eye: Added additional safeguards to the Kael'thas Sunstrider encounter to address issues that could cause him to sometimes not grant loot if he's defeated too quickly.

  • Insane in the Membrane: Resolved an issue where Exalted status with the various Steamwheedle Cartel factions, as well as Honored status with the Bloodsail Buccaneers faction, were not properly being credited if those reputations subsequently decreased. Players should now be able to earn this achievement if they have ever brought those five reputations to the required levels.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Is there any difference for "melee range" for EnhShaman vs FeralDruid? Just my misperception? Shaman seems to hit from farther.
Nope. Same range. (Celestalon)

Wait, so if you have 100% uptime on your dot until the mob dies u never get the partial ticks?
You get the duration of it. Partial ticks are the 'remainder'. It's like saying you get 6.2 ticks per cast. If you just... (Celestalon)
...cast it once, you get 6 ticks and a 0.2 partial tick. If you chain 9 of them together, you get 55 ticks and a 0.8 partial (Celestalon)
or did I misread and the duration per cast just keeps increasing by the partial amount with ticks always at fixed intervals?
Duration per cast remains fixed; doesn't change with haste. That's the point. (Celestalon)
ok I think the part I was not getting was this extra damage is handled on refresh of the dot. Correct? Thank you for the replies
The extra damage is a constant thing. Haste makes your DoTs tick faster, but doesn't change their duration. (Celestalon)
And with enough clip-chaining will 'partial' ticks ever become an extra 'full' normal tick, or are they...
Perhaps this will help: don't think of DoTs as doing X ticks. Think of them ticking at Y rate for X sec. (Celestalon)

will channels have partial ticks too? (sorry if that got asked before)
No; channels get shorter with haste, just as before. Channels are more like cast times with partial credit. (Celestalon)

Is there going to be an update to the race dances? Aka. longer and smoother?
not longer, but with new rigging and animation clean up - dances should feel smoother. (artofcgrobinson)

You mean model? That is pretty much certain. There will be winged arakkoa, which already necessitates new one
new Arakkoa model for sure, not definite on Kaliri - it's on wish list right now. (artofcgrobinson)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Wait...does Multistrike not trigger on SEF hits? Like you would do it, but your clones wouldn't?
Your SEF clones can multistrike, independently from you. (Celestalon)
So we have 3x chance to multistrike, but for 1/3rd the damage. Evens out in long run.
Well, they're separate units. You could Blackout Kick, which your clone would mimic, and it may multistrike for clone, but not you. (Celestalon)
Okay: Clarify please: 5.4: SEF clones multistrike or not? (I understand they will in 6.0)
I don't believe they do, but should be easy for you to test. (Celestalon)

Do you think making Mulistrike a tank stat is going to be a problem? 25 people rolling on the same BIS Ring, Neck, Cloak =/= fun
There won't be 25 people rolling on the same Ring, Neck, or Cloak. Tanks want Bonus Armor and Healers want Spirit, for example. (Celestalon)

Your assumptions are wrong. It's not that skewed. Budget-wise, 0.3% Crit = 1.0% Multistrike. (Celestalon)
Also, while PvE/PvP crit 200/150 crit multi 160/130 balance w/ each other, PvP they devalue vs haste or readiness, no?
You're misunderstanding the PvP vs PvE difference of Multistrike. Same average, more consistent, in PvP. (Celestalon)
Well you'd know better than me so I'll take your word for it Any news on if/how Multistrike will interact with Healing??
It will, just as with damage. (Celestalon)

Can an ele shaman's overload trigger a multistrike? Can a multistrike trigger an overload?
Yes. No. (Celestalon)
Do multistrikes get a visual spell animation like overloads do? Would be fun to be a lightning bolt machine gun
Yep. (Celestalon)

can multistrikes crit? and would getting A fireball crit followed by a Fireball Multistrike Crit proc Pyroblast!...?
Yes. No. (Celestalon)

Thanks for the answer. So would death strike MS trigger the effects twice?
Nope. (Celestalon)

How does multistrike appear in the combat log? As "Multistrike" or the spell that triggered it?
As the spell that triggered it:You Fireball Murloc for 100.You Fireball Murloc for 30. (Multistrike) (Celestalon)
How does multistrike interact with talents/passives that proc off abilities? Lava Surge, FDCL, Spell Reflected stuff?
Ones that can trigger from multistrikes will call it out specifically. (Celestalon)
Deathstrike won't heal twice off of MS? So what is the benefit to a blood dk? Seems bad.
There are other (better) benefits. It's not bad. (Celestalon)

Curious if devs feel WoW has become too difficult to play at endgame for the average player? A need to do "homework" to play.
We don't think so. No matter what we do, perfect performance will require extra effort. Takes less than before to do 90%. (Celestalon)

If healing won't be more difficult, how will more cast time on more heal not be more difficult. Like Thok HC?
Thok wouldn't exist in its current form. We design encounters to fit players' toolsets. (WatcherDev)

Does "no more dynamic difficulty swapping" mean no skipping mythic bosses by dropping down to heroic?
Yes, each difficulty will be a self-contained experience. But with less linear layouts, you can choose somewhat. (WatcherDev)
Depending on raid layout, understood. Still loot only once per lockout per boss at the Heroic/Mythic level?
Yeah, loot once per lockout. Heroic and Mythic are separate lockouts; Mythic is a fixed ID like Heroic is today. (WatcherDev)

flex N/H going live at WoD or 6.0? Roster realigns suddenly places us at needing to test how some ppl's PC can handle 20 man.
6.0. There will be a few weeks of 20-player Mythic SoO (along with flexible N/H) before Draenor unlocks. (WatcherDev)
You guys are fully retuning all of the current-tier raids to be compatible with class changes in 6.0? (Or only heroic/mythic?)
Siege of Orgrimmar, all difficulties. Prior zones aren't changing in structure or tuning, but they're trivialized by gear. (WatcherDev)

No loot from bosses in 8 weeks.. Hope you won't call me a liar after 10+. Is this your idea of loot progression in WoD?
No loot at all, or just not the specific items you need? We do have plans to limit the impact of bad luck streaks like that. (WatcherDev)

Leader can change loot option in combat when boss is low hp in order to take the loot to himself. Plans to stop this behavior?
Yes. (WatcherDev)

I get that, just thought old content would be added to the new system.
Old raids were built around the other system; not a trivial conversion, and the time is better spent on new content. (WatcherDev)

Why is that? Also, I've noticed old lockouts don't always work the new way, such as Kara. Intended?
That's how raid lockouts have worked literally since Molten Core. "Flexible" lockouts added in Cata, for Normal mode. (WatcherDev)
And the "Why" was more "why not include heroic in the new awesomeness?" Like, what made you (the team) hold back?
Flexible locks permit loot abuse by organized groups. System makes it easier to PUG, but that's not the audience MoP Heroic raids. (WatcherDev)

Any chance on revisiting KT in Tempest Keep? Perma-cc is pretty annoying. KT never heard of DR
There are mechanics in the fight to help with that. The goal isn't to make old fights trivial to solo; just doable. (WatcherDev)

What will happen to the CM teleport spells after they're removed?
Like other rewards, players who earned those teleport spells will retain them. (WatcherDev)

Why are realm first CM titles character specific instead of account-wide?
Because they reflect a skilled accomplishment with a specific class; same reason Gladiator titles aren't account-wide. (WatcherDev)

1. We'll keep an eye on the number of CC breaks in the game throughout beta. The widespread complaint was too much crowd control. (holinka)
If no one is dying because crowd control is ineffective, it's an issue. Often those breaks support a specific class kit. (holinka)
2. RBG cap is higher than arena cap. Source of major complaint and we aren't really happy with that system from a readability angle (holinka)
There are few things in the game as complicated as rating and conquest cap calculations. Should be simpler. (holinka)
3. Not really sure about what you mean by tremor totem + totem reset. Call of the Elements? (holinka)

ever thought about an underwater BG?
I think it would be awful and don't ever plan on making one. Floating combat is not fun. (holinka)
What if the game focuses on it? Aren't spaceship games (e.g. Wing Commander) basically floating combat?
But you're forced to always be moving forward. I do think those games suffer from everyone flying around in circles though. (holinka)
Well, many of them allow you to full-stop, but point taken. Sense of scale/movement/strategy is tricky in wide open 3D.
I think the average player can get very disoriented in a space game. It's helpful to have a horizon line. (holinka)

Wouldn't pvp be better if all the addons were disabled? I feel kind of cheated for not using them. Some maybe don't know them.
It depends on perspective but macros and addons have value. It's a way to tinker with your setup and improve performance. (holinka)

About Ashran, due to the limited players of RP-PVP servers, will we see people from PVP servers too? Please, don't want empty zone.
Possibly. We'll try to avoid it if possible. We'll see what the numbers look like. (holinka)

if eu has majority of players pvping as ally and the new nerf to horde and buffs to ally wont it mean horde are a dying breed n pvp
I doubt it. Globally the Horde is overrepresented. High end arena players just tend to all pick one side to be together. (holinka)

PvPers would most likely sacrafice a bit of lore for quicker same-faction BGs.
Just to be abundantly clear, same faction BGs is not on the table. (holinka)

What about allowing free, or half off, transfers from Horde to Alliance (only) to help the imbalance and queue times?
it's something we're exploring. It is A LOT more complicated than you'd think. (holinka)

Hey! Will it be possible to use [Alliance/Horde Battle Standard] in the new PvP zone Ashran?
There will be an Ashran specific version (holinka)

Any chance Spirits of Harmony ever become BoA or BoE? Don't see what the harm would be in making it so in 6.0.
No harm in 6.0? I agree. Maybe even a little earlier. (hwoome)

Reputation / Questing
Has to be TRULY different though, like leveling thru PvP vs LFD vs questing. Remember lesson from Golden Lotus dailies!
5.1-5.4 let us try out various things, 5.1 had great story unlock, 5.2 had epic treasure/raid fit, 5.4 gameplay/items (Muffinus)

And try to make rare mobs really rare, please. On TI, mainly, they are like the grass/ruppes on Zelda games.
Rarer mob can have higher drop chance, but less chance of you seeing it. What's ideal for you levelling/endgame? (Muffinus)

I noticed a "Dance Studio" on a picture of the garrison UI. Care to shed some light on its purpose? Moral?
Just the UI guys having a little fun Not to say that there won't be dancing with your troops... (Muffinus)

How mandatory will garrisons be? They do NOT interest me at all. I'm starting to worry they won't be optional content.
Do you consider the farm mandatory? Why or why not? (Muffinus)
Doesn't garrison have something to do with professions? Sounds more mandatory than farm's cooking items.
What elements of your professions are a "must do" for you? Does that change over the course of the expac? (Muffinus)

Can we rearrange buildings after we built it for garrisons?
Yep, this was in the Blizzcon Q+A (Muffinus)

Wowcraft - Episode 2: Quest for Tooth
The second episode of Wowcraft takes a look at collection quests.

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