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Blade Lord Ta'yak

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Blade Lord Ta'yak
  • Tempest Slash - Blade Lord Ta'yak slashes the air, creating a tornado that inflicts 200,000 Nature damage and knocks away any enemies in its' path.
  • Unseen Strike - Blade Lord Ta'yak fixes his eyes on a random player and then disappears. He reappears 5 sec. later and inflicts 6,000,000 Physical damage split amongst all players in a 15 yard long cone in front of him.
  • Wind Step - Blade Lord Ta'yak teleports to random player and inflicts a quick strike. The blow causes all targets within 8 yards to bleed for 160,000 Physical damage every 3 sec. for 30 sec.
  • Intensify - Blade Lord Ta'yak's fury intensifies during the encounter. Every 60 sec. Ta'yak increases his damage dealt by 5% and his haste by 5%. This effect stacks.
  • Overwhelming Assault - Blade Lord Ta'yak performs an overwheming attack on his current target, inflicting 200% of a normal melee swing's attack. The attack leaves the target's defenses exposed, increasing the target's damage taken when an Overwhelming Assault lands by 100% for 45 sec.
  • Storm Unleashed - Upon reaching 20% health Blade Lord Ta'yak traps all of the players within a mass of tornados, moving them to one end of the hall. The constant buffeting of the powerful winds on every player inflicts 16,000 Nature damage every 1 sec. This damage increases with Ta'yak's current Intensity level. Ta'yak then assumes position at the opposite end of the hall, then unleashes a barrage of tornados towards the players. Tornados that pass over players carry the player away from Ta'yak.
  • Blade Tempest - Blade Lord Ta'yak rapidly spins his blade, pulling all enemies towards himself and inflicting 300,000 Physical damage every 0.5 sec.
Loot Table
Level Type Slot Name
483MiscellaneousMeleeFingerRing of the Bladed Tempest
483MiscellaneousPhysical DPSNeckChoker of the Unleashed Storm
483MiscellaneousSpell DPSHeld In Off-handTornado-Summoning Censer
483ClothSpell SpiritFeetBoots of the Blowing Wind
483ClothSpell SpiritBackDrape of Gathering Clouds
483ClothSpell DPSWristsTwisting Wind Bracers
483LeatherPhysical DPSWristsBracers of Unseen Strikes
483MailSpell SpiritWristsBracers of Tempestuous Fury
483PlateTankHandsWindblade Talons
483PlateMeleeWaistWaistplate of Overwhelming Assault
Level Type Slot Name
496MiscellaneousMeleeFingerRing of the Bladed Tempest
496MiscellaneousPhysical DPSNeckChoker of the Unleashed Storm
496MiscellaneousSpell DPSHeld In Off-handTornado-Summoning Censer
496ClothSpell SpiritFeetBoots of the Blowing Wind
496ClothSpell SpiritBackDrape of Gathering Clouds
496ClothSpell DPSWristsTwisting Wind Bracers
496LeatherPhysical DPSWristsBracers of Unseen Strikes
496MailSpell SpiritWristsBracers of Tempestuous Fury
496PlateTankHandsWindblade Talons
496PlateMeleeWaistWaistplate of Overwhelming Assault
Level Type Slot Name
509MiscellaneousMeleeFingerRing of the Bladed Tempest
509MiscellaneousPhysical DPSNeckChoker of the Unleashed Storm
509MiscellaneousSpell DPSHeld In Off-handTornado-Summoning Censer
509ClothSpell SpiritFeetBoots of the Blowing Wind
509ClothSpell SpiritBackDrape of Gathering Clouds
509ClothSpell DPSWristsTwisting Wind Bracers
509LeatherPhysical DPSWristsBracers of Unseen Strikes
509MailSpell SpiritWristsBracers of Tempestuous Fury
509PlateTankHandsWindblade Talons
509PlateMeleeWaistWaistplate of Overwhelming Assault
Pandaria RaidCandle in the Wind
Defeat Blade Lord Ta'yak while all four braziers are lit in Heart of Fear on Normal or Heroic difficulty.


Pandaria RaidHeroic: Blade Lord Ta'yak
Defeat Blade Lord Ta'yak in Heart of Fear on Heroic difficulty.


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