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Jewelcrafting - Cataclysm
525Band of Blades4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Demonseye 75x Volatile Air
525Ring of Warring Elements4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Ember Topaz 75x Volatile Fire
525Elementium Moebius Band4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Dream Emerald 75x Volatile Life
525Entwined Elementium Choker4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Amberjewel 75x Volatile Water
525Eye of Many Deaths4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Inferno Ruby 75x Volatile Fire
525Elementium Guardian4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Ocean Sapphire 75x Volatile Earth
525Elementium Destroyer's Ring4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Demonseye 75x Volatile Air
525Brazen Elementium Medallion4x Elementium Bar 4x Chimera's Eye 4x Amberjewel 75x Volatile Water
515Fire Prism3x Carnelian 3x Alicite 3x Hessonite 3x Jasper 3x Nightstone 3x Zephyrite
510Rhinestone Sunglasses2x Elementium Bar 2x Chimera's Eye 6x Stardust 2x Dream Emerald
505Bold Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Delicate Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Flashing Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Brilliant Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Precise Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Solid Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Sparkling Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Stormy Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Rigid Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Subtle Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Smooth Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Mystic Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Quick Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
505Fractured Chimera's Eye1x Chimera's Eye
500Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Bracing Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Austere Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Ember Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Enigmatic Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Impassive Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond1x Shadowspirit Diamond
500The Perforator1x Amberjewel 1x Demonseye 1x Dream Emerald 1x Ember Topaz 1x Ocean Sapphire 1x Inferno Ruby
495Nightstone Choker1x Jeweler's Setting 2x Nightstone
490Stardust1x Nightstone
490Jeweler's Emerald Monocle3x Dream Emerald 2x Elementium Bar 50x Volatile Life
485Bold Inferno Ruby1x Inferno Ruby
485Delicate Inferno Ruby1x Inferno Ruby
485Flashing Inferno Ruby1x Inferno Ruby
485Brilliant Inferno Ruby1x Inferno Ruby
485Precise Inferno Ruby1x Inferno Ruby
485Solid Ocean Sapphire1x Ocean Sapphire
485Sparkling Ocean Sapphire1x Ocean Sapphire
485Stormy Ocean Sapphire1x Ocean Sapphire
485Rigid Ocean Sapphire1x Ocean Sapphire
485Subtle Amberjewel1x Amberjewel
485Smooth Amberjewel1x Amberjewel
485Mystic Amberjewel1x Amberjewel
485Quick Amberjewel1x Amberjewel
485Fractured Amberjewel1x Amberjewel
485Sovereign Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Shifting Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Defender's Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Timeless Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Guardian's Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Purified Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Etched Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Glinting Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Retaliating Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Veiled Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Accurate Demonseye1x Demonseye
485Polished Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Resolute Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Inscribed Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Deadly Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Potent Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Fierce Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Deft Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Reckless Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Skillful Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Adept Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Fine Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Artful Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Keen Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
485Regal Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Nimble Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Jagged Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Piercing Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Steady Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Forceful Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Lightning Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Puissant Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Zen Dream Emerald<"/a>1x Dream Emerald
485Sensei's Dream Emerald1x Dream Emerald
485Hessonite Band1x Jeweler's Setting 2x Hessonite
485Jeweler's Sapphire Monocle3x Ocean Sapphire 2x Elementium Bar 50x Volatile Water
485Resplendent Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
480Jeweler's Ruby Monocle3x Inferno Ruby 2x Elementium Bar 50x Volatile Fire
470Carnelian Spikes3x Carnelian 3x Jeweler's Setting
450Bold Carnelian1x Carnelian
450Delicate Carnelian1x Carnelian
450Flashing Carnelian1x Carnelian
450Brilliant Carnelian1x Carnelian
450Precise Carnelian1x Carnelian
450Solid Zephyrite1x Zephyrite
450Sparkling Zephyrite1x Zephyrite
450Stormy Zephyrite1x Zephyrite
450Rigid Zephyrite1x Zephyrite
450Subtle Alicite1x Alicite
450Smooth Alicite1x Alicite
450Mystic Alicite1x Alicite
450Quick Alicite1x Alicite
450Fractured Alicite1x Alicite
450Sovereign Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Shifting Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Defender's Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Timeless Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Guardian's Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Purified Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Etched Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Glinting Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Retaliating Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Veiled Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Accurate Nightstone1x Nightstone
450Polished Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Resolute Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Inscribed Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Deadly Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Potent Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Fierce Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Deft Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Reckless Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Skillful Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Adept Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Fine Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Artful Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Keen Hessonite1x Hessonite
450Regal Jasper1x Jasper
450Nimble Jasper1x Jasper
450Jagged Jasper1x Jasper
450Piercing Jasper1x Jasper
450Steady Jasper1x Jasper
450Forceful Jasper1x Jasper
450Lightning Jasper1x Jasper
450Puissant Jasper1x Jasper
450Zen Jasper1x Jasper
450Sensei's Jasper1x Jasper
450Jasper Ring1x Jeweler's Setting 1x Jasper
450Alicite Pendant1x Jeweler's Setting 2x Alicite
0Willful Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz
0Lucent Ember Topaz1x Ember Topaz

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