Patch 4.3 Valor Points Rewards
The latest patch adds another batch of Valor Points rewards to the game!

Level Type Spec Slot Name Price
397ThrownTankThrownUnexpected Backup700 x
397ThrownPhysical DPSThrownWindslicer Boomerang700 x
397ThrownMeleeThrownDarting Chakram700 x
397WandSpell SpiritRangedScintillating Rods700 x
397WandSpell DPSRangedHungermouth Wand700 x
397PlateTankWristBracers of Unrelenting Excellence1250 x
397PlateTankWaistForgesmelter Waistplate1650 x
397PlateTankHeadJaw of Repudiation2200 x
397PlateTankHandsGauntlets of Feathery Blows1650 x
397PlateTankFeetBladeshatter Treads1650 x
397PlateTankChestChestplate of the Unshakable Titan2200 x
397PlateSpell SpiritWristFlashing Bracers of Warmth1250 x
397PlateSpell SpiritWaistBlinding Girdle of Truth1650 x
397PlateSpell SpiritHeadGlowing Wings of Hope2200 x
397PlateSpell SpiritHandsGleaming Grips of Mending1650 x
397PlateSpell SpiritFeetSilver Sabatons of Fury1650 x
397PlateSpell SpiritChestShining Carapace of Glory2200 x
397PlateMeleeWristHeartcrusher Wristplates1250 x
397PlateMeleeWaistDemonbone Waistguard1650 x
397PlateMeleeHeadVisage of Petrification2200 x
397PlateMeleeHandsGrimfist Crushers1650 x
397PlateMeleeFeetKneebreaker Boots1650 x
397PlateMeleeChestBones of the Damned2200 x
397MailSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Spectral Wolf1250 x
397MailSpell SpiritWaistGirdle of Shamanic Fury1650 x
397MailSpell SpiritHeadWolfdream Circlet2200 x
397MailSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Ghostly Dreams1650 x
397MailSpell SpiritFeetSabatons of the Graceful Spirit1650 x
397MailSpell SpiritChestGhostworld Chestguard2200 x
397MailPhysical DPSWristDragonbelly Bracers1250 x
397MailPhysical DPSWaistCord of Dragon Sinew1650 x
397MailPhysical DPSHeadZeherah's Dragonskull Crown2200 x
397MailPhysical DPSHandsArrowflick Gauntlets1650 x
397MailPhysical DPSFeetBoneshard Boots1650 x
397MailPhysical DPSChestDragonflayer Vest2200 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritWristLuminescent Bracers1250 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritWaistBelt of Universal Curing1650 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritHeadHelmet of Perpetual Rebirth2200 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritHandsFungus-Born Gloves1650 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritFeetBoots of Fungoid Growth1650 x
397LeatherSpell SpiritChestDecaying Herbalist's Robes2200 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSWristBracers of Manifold Pockets1250 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSWaistBelt of Hidden Keys1650 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSHeadNocturnal Gaze2200 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSHandsLightfinger Handwraps1650 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSFeetRooftop Griptoes1650 x
397LeatherPhysical DPSChestShadowbinder Chestguard2200 x
397ClothSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Black Dream1250 x
397ClothSpell SpiritWaistVestal's Irrepressible Girdle1650 x
397ClothSpell SpiritHeadSoulgaze Cowl2200 x
397ClothSpell SpiritHandsThe Hands of Gilly1650 x
397ClothSpell SpiritFeetSplinterfoot Sandals1650 x
397ClothSpell SpiritChestLightwarper Vestments2200 x
397ClothSpell DPSWristChronoboost Bracers1250 x
397ClothSpell DPSWaistTentacular Belt1650 x
397ClothSpell DPSHeadHood of Hidden Flesh2200 x
397ClothSpell DPSHandsClockwinder's Immaculate Gloves1650 x
397ClothSpell DPSFeetKavan's Forsaken Treads1650 x
397ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Searing Shadow2200 x
397TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketKiroptyric Sigil1650 x
397TrinketSpellTrinketBottled Wishes1650 x
397TrinketSpell SpiritTrinketReflection of the Light1650 x
397TrinketMelee DPSTrinketRotting Skull1650 x
397TrinketTankTrinketFire of the Deep1650 x
397BackPhysical DPSBackBatwing Cloak1250 x
397BackSpell SpiritBackWoundlicker Cover1250 x
397BackMeleeBackDreamcrusher Drape1250 x
397BackSpell DPSBackNanoprecise Cape1250 x
397BackTankBackIndefatigable Greatcloak1250 x
397NeckSpell DPSNeckOpal of the Secret Order1250 x
397NeckSpell SpiritNeckThreadlinked Chain1250 x
397NeckMeleeNeckNecklace of Black Dragon's Teeth1250 x
397NeckPhysical DPSNeckCameo of Terrible Memories1250 x
397NeckTankNeckGuardspike Choker1250 x
397FingerSpell DPSFingerSeal of the Grand Architect1250 x
397FingerSpell SpiritFingerBand of Reconstruction1250 x
397FingerMeleeFingerRing of Torn Flesh1250 x
397FingerPhysical DPSFingerEmergency Descent Loop1250 x
397FingerTankFingerSignet of the Resolute1250 x
397RelicMeleeRelicRipfang Relic700 x
397RelicMeleeRelicGutripper Shard700 x
397RelicSpell DPSRelicMindbender Lens700 x
397RelicSpell SpiritRelicLightning Spirit in a Bottle700 x
397RelicTankRelicStoutheart Talisman700 x

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