Update - Added the models of Cho'gall (Bastion of Twilight), Atramedes (Blackwing Descent), The Tolvirs (Uldum), Lady Nazjar (Throne of Tides), Humanoid Dragon, Earthen Onager
Update - Classes pages finally added. Talent calculator finally updated. Worst patch day ever, I need a giant hug.
Update - Added official talent trees descriptions to the primary skills list.
Update - Ok things are looking better, added the primary skills for all the classes. Some tooltips might be missing/bugged, we're working on it.

Cataclysm Beta - Build 12479
A new build of the beta is up. This post will be updated multiple times during the night.

A lot of stuff has changed and we'll need a few mins to fix everything before I can post all the content. Definitely a lot of interesting stuff, stay tuned.

Talent Calculator
WoWTal.com has been updated with all the new trees. Lot of stuff is still in dev, be careful. If you can't see the new trees push CTRL + F5 to force the refresh (Also, I know the level cap is 50, quick hack to fix the max amount of points)

Classes pages are up. I might end up doing diffs of all the changes but seriously ... there are really a LOT of changes because of the talent trees revamp, it's probably easier to just check the pages.

<table style="text-align:center;"> <tr> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1116-Death-Knight-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_dk.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/269-Death-Knight"><b>Death Knight Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1117-Druid-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_druid.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/270-Druid"><b>Druid Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1118-Hunter-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_hunter.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/271-Hunter"><b>Hunter Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1669-Mage-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_mage.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/272-Mage"><b>Mage Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1670-Paladin-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_paladin.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/273-Paladin"><b>Paladin Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1123-Priest-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_priest.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/274-Priest"><b>Priest Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1122-Rogue-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_rogue.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/275-Rogue"><b>Rogue Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1124-Shaman-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_shaman.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/276-Shaman"><b>Shaman Forums</b></a><br /><br /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1125-Warlock-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_warlock.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/277-Warlock"><b>Warlock Forums</b></a></td> <td><a target="blank" href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1676-Warrior-Cataclysm"><img src="http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/april/cata_warrior.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/278-Warrior"><b>Warrior Forums</b></a></td> </tr> </table>

Models of Cho'gall (Bastion of Twilight), Atramedes (Blackwing Descent), The Tolvirs (Uldum), Lady Nazjar (Throne of Tides), Humanoid Dragon, Earthen Onager

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

  • Tripping the Rifts - Destroyed one of each type of elemental rift during the Cataclysm launch event.

Talent Trees "Primary Skills"
These skills are automatically learned when you pick your main talent tree at level 10. Thanks to Maldivia for this one.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Death Knight (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
DK - Blood
A dark guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain himself/herself in the face of an enemy onslaught.

DK - Frost
An icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering rapid weapon strikes.

DK - Unholy
A master of death and decay, spreading infection and controlling undead minions to do his/her bidding.

Druid (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator)
Druid - Restoration
Uses heal-over-time Nature spells to keep allies alive, taking on the form of a tree when the need is most urgent.

Druid - Feral
Takes on the form of a great cat to deal damage with bleeds and bites or a mighty bear to absorb damage and protect allies.

Druid - Balance
Can take on the form of a powerful Moonkin, balancing the power of Arcane and Nature magic to destroy enemies at a distance.

Hunter (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Hunter - Marksmanship
A master archer or sharpshooter who excels in bringing down enemies from afar.

Hunter - Survival
A rugged tracker who favors using animal venom, explosives and traps as deadly weapons.

Hunter - Beast Mastery
A master of the wild who can tame a wide variety of beasts to assist him/her in combat.

Mage (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Mage - Arcane
Manipulates arcane energies, playing with the very fabric of time and space.

Mage - Frost
Freezes enemies in their tracks and shatters them with Frost magic.

Mage - Fire
Ignites enemies with balls of fire and the breath of dragons.

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Paladin - Holy
Invokes the power of the Light to protect and to heal.

Paladin - Protection
Uses Holy magic to shield himself / herself and defend allies from attackers.

Paladin - Retribution
A righteous crusader who judges and punishes opponents with weapons and Holy magic.

Priest (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator)
Priest - Discipline
Uses magic to shield allies from taking damage as well as heal their wounds.

Priest - Shadow
Uses sinister Shadow magic, especially damage-over-time spells, to eradicate enemies.

Priest - Holy
A versatile healer who can reverse damage on individuals or groups and even heal from beyond the grave.

Rogue (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator)
Rogue - Combat
A swashbuckler who uses agility and guile to stand toe-to-toe with enemies.

Rogue - Assassination
A deadly master of poisons who dispatches victims with vicious dagger strikes.

Rogue - Subtlety
A dark stalker who leaps from the shadows to ambush his/her unsuspecting prey.

Shaman (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator)
Shaman - Elemental
A spellcaster who harnesses the destructive forces of nature and the elements.

Shaman - Restoration
A healer who calls upon ancestral spirits and the cleansing power of water to mend allies? wounds.

Shaman - Enhancement
A totemic warrior who strikes foes with weapons imbued with elemental power.

Warlock (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Warlock - Destruction
Calls down demonic fire to burn and demolish enemies.

Warlock - Demonology
A warlock who uses both Fire and Shadow magic along with powerful demons.

Warlock - Affliction
A master of Shadow magic who specializes in fear, drains and damage-over-time spells.

Warrior (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Warrior - Arms
Highly trained for battle with two-handed weapons, uses mobility and overpowering attacks to strike his / her opponents down.

Warrior - Fury
A furious berserker wielding a weapon in each hand, uses a flurry of attacks to carve his / her opponents to pieces.

Warrior - Protection
A stalwart protector that uses a shield to protect himself/herself and his/her allies.

Loading Screens

World Maps

Deepholm available for testing
[blizzquote author=Valnoth source=http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/25968750006/feedback-deepholm/]Deepholm is ready for testing. Please keep all feedback in this thread.

• Level 82-83
• Breadcrumbs from Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

Please list the level you started the zone at and the level you ended the zone at. [/blizzquote]
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  1. Eduardo's Avatar
    The new trees look better but they need some tweaking to make them really interesting.
  1. zlobniq's Avatar
    So far most talent trees look completely retarded, being forced to take worthless talents just to progress down the tree is something I didn't expect to see making a comeback
  1. ZenX's Avatar
    Is it only me or there is another place in between Uldum and Silithus which is by the coast that actually corresponds to the place of Ahn'Qiraj?
  1. Dingolicious's Avatar
    I love me some breadcrumbs.. om nom.

    Seriously though, this information is shaping up nicely
  1. Rogge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    People whining about the talents, can you really not see that these aren't nearly finished? Resto druid still got swiftmend in it's tree, even if it's now a core ability learned when you ding 10 and chose your spec. Same goes for most classes. Just wait and see how things turn out -.-
    Actually, if blizzard is looking for feedback (which they should be during a beta), you shouldn't sit and wait it out. If you dislike(or like) something, speak up. When it goes live, bringing about a change is much harder.
  1. thilicen's Avatar
    People whining about the talents, can you really not see that these aren't nearly finished? Resto druid still got swiftmend in it's tree, even if it's now a core ability learned when you ding 10 and chose your spec. Same goes for most classes. Just wait and see how things turn out -.-
  1. Googolplex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aegos View Post
    Hmmmmmmmmm yeah disappointment so far. Doubt it will improve by 400% which it will have to make me enthusiastic. Long talent trees give a sense of complexity, as if that's where your power is coming from, not from your gear. Now with these talent trees, it feels as if your "charachter" is your gear and your mastery rating. Not so cool.
    You are being to nice, quite frankly its a disaster. I hope this a very VERY rough draft ot the trees, because if not, WotlK will be my last expansion.
  1. Kenai's Avatar
    Hmm...it's a good start, but needs a lot of work still. It's better than it was.

    The 10 abilities are better than I hoped. Excellent.

    The choices in the trees need to be improved upon. They are slimmed down but I'm not seeing a lot of the new "decisions" I was hoping for.
  1. towelliee's Avatar
    Will be streaming an answering questions and looking at different classes

  1. antifreeze's Avatar
    oh damn, wheres the astral shift)
  1. Thereign's Avatar
    Wow, still no widescreen loading screens. :/ I'm hoping they will be there.
  1. SensenmanN's Avatar
    ./hug to you! Thnx for all the effort posting this!
  1. Jokerjesus's Avatar
    Quit if you don't like it, there was never really choice anyways and if any of you think there was then your easily distracted by colors. I for one think its fine and locking people to 1 tree is so that they don't abuse getting abilities that make them retarded OP in PvP. Deal with it.
  1. gherkin's Avatar
    I broke the Warlock preview link. Here is the corrected one for those who need it.

    I will be flayed by Boubouille shortly.
  1. Jokerjesus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Googolplex View Post
    You are being to nice, quite frankly its a disaster. I hope this a very VERY rough draft ot the trees, because if not, WotlK will be my last expansion.
    We never had choice stop acting like we did.
  1. dster111's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thereign View Post
    Wow, still no widescreen loading screens. :/ I'm hoping they will be there.
    ohmygod yes!
  1. Duster505's Avatar
    I think I skip this expansion. Talent trees look boring for most of the classes I play. Paladin talent trees are a joke. Divine illumination (30 crit chance - 3 min cd) is the 31 talent for holy pala.

    What a bunch of bull.
  1. Eliot123's Avatar
    I like some of the new talents but I dislike the idea of reduced talent trees...
  1. Bulls191's Avatar
    Ok... I agree some talent trees are pretty bad. But to those who are threatening to quit just because of a talent tree that is not even finalized are pretty much idiots. When was this announced that they would be doing this talent tree oh lets see like a week or two ago. But if you really do want to quit please do right now cause we don't need you.

    Give the talent trees sometime do you expect they will have it perfect first time.
  1. TankGoat's Avatar
    So no more DK Life shield? /sadpanda

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