New Real ID Party Feature Now Live, Remains Free
The Real ID Party feature is now officially live and remains free, hurray!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re happy to announce that the testing period for World of Warcraft's new Real ID Party system is now complete, and the feature is now officially live! We received a lot of great feedback from the community throughout the course of our testing, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences with us.

For those who haven't yet had a chance to try it out, the Real ID Party system allows players to invite Real ID friends of the same faction to a 5-player normal or Heroic dungeon, regardless of what realm their friends are on. This new feature makes it easier than ever for real-life friends to play together, and it's available to all World of Warcraft players at no additional charge -- all you need to do is have Real ID enabled.

To learn more about Real ID, visit the Real ID web page and read the FAQ.

For more information about how the Real ID Party system works, check out the FAQ below, updated with a couple new questions that came up during the testing period.

Q: How do I invite Real ID friends to a Real ID Party?
A: Inviting a Real ID friend to a Real ID Party is simple. Just open up your friends list to see which Real ID friends are online. Click on the “Plus” button to send an invitation to a Real ID friend to join your group. You can continue to add Real ID friends to your party until the group is complete. If you cannot complete the group with Real ID friends, you are free to join the Dungeon Finder to fill in the missing roles.

Q: Does a player need to have Real ID enabled to accept a Real ID group invite?
A: Yes, a player must have Real ID enabled, and both players must be Real ID friends to accept or initiate Real ID party invitations.

Q: Can a party leader invite a mix of Real ID friends, character-level friends, guildmates, or random players to the same party?
A: A party leader can invite any combination of Real ID friends from any realm, guildmates from the same realm, or other characters from the same realm to the same party. If the party leader isn’t able to fill up the entire party, the Dungeon Finder can fill in the missing roles.

Q: Can I invite someone who is not a Real ID friend?
A: You can only invite members to a party if they are on your Real ID friends list or if they are on the same realm as you are.

Q: Can I invite a friend of a Real ID friend?
A: No, you can only invite your own Real ID friends the party.

Q. Are you considering expanding the system to work with raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, or to allow cross-faction play?
A: We're always looking into ways to improve features like this to make it more convenient for real-life friends to play together. However, we don't have any further announcements to share at this time.

Q: Will any future aspects of the Real ID Party system be premium-based?
A: It's always possible that we'll add features and functionality that could have a premium component, but we don't have any specific details to share at this time.
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  1. ZenX's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scyo View Post
    It's always amusing to read how naive most people are. A moment later it just leaves me thinking how important good education is, and how much humanity as a whole is still lacking it.

    Think thoroughly about how a business works, how it's structured, what kind of person works in what position. There are, no doubt, a lot of people working at Blizzard who just want to make the game the best for everyone, and would happily share anything cool without charging extra for it. This people have nothing to say though, they work for the company and do as they are told. The decision makers are totally different people though. Look at Bobby Kottick for example. Does that guy look like someone who is interested in you having a good time in the game, that you get the most out of your money? He's a business man, that's why he makes decisions. Not because he likes to see you smiling more and more for constantly 15$/month. He wants you to smile more for paying more and more over time. That's what makes the share holders happy, and their smile is worth so much more than yours, it's comparable to how much more the smile of your child is worth to you compared to the well beeing of an amoeba at the most far point possible away from you. And that still may not cut it.

    In todays upcoming switch to premium services in the gaming industry, a decision like the one at hand has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the desire of people to give you something for free. At the least, such is done to lure you into paying for things in the future. In the case of cross realm grouping, I would guess it has to do with declining subscriptions and the massive uproar when they first said something about that it will/may/could/bla be premium. Also, be aware that sometimes a small, effective trick is used to controll big masses of people, to influence their views and decision making, their perception of actions.

    1) Announce outrageous, unimaginable change.
    2) Let there be rage.
    3) Wait some time, possibly let the masses test the changes.
    4) Declare it as a mistake, announce that the outrageous part was never intended and harsh actions are taken against the person who is responsible for it.
    5) Release just the unimaginable part. Still vomit excuse after excuse and bow to the dust because of the outrageous stuff.
    6) Bath in the warm love of the masses.
    7) Open the champagne at the office. You successfuly released stuff you would have been beheaded for a few weeks ago.

    Or in short: Tell a person you will cut of her hand. Wait. Cut off only one finger. Be perceived as someone with the biggest of hearts.

    This is an old trick, and of course you could see it in every reversed change if you want to. I don't want to say it's done often, but if you look closely, sometimes it's rather obvious.

    Always question what people with power do. Never think just because the end product is about fun that there isn't someone with power at the top of it that trys to get every last unit of currency out of your wallet. By every means possible.
    Its good to see people with insight still being in the community.

    Its always Blizzard: +++, Community: 0
  1. Melodi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kjell View Post
    Community - 3

    There was this "the Exalted" issue also
    4. "the Insane" title that was originally going away too

    5. ZG being gone forever, but came back... along with the ZA mount being brought back in some manner as well.

    I'm glad they decided to change it to being a free feature. Blizzard does listen to the community more often than people actually think or like to believe. That and they never said that it was going to be completely premium, or what even was supposed to be under the premium feature in their blue post announcing it. All they stated was that details were to come at a later date. So really, they didn't really change anything if you look at it like that.
  1. webdonkey's Avatar
    2 much QQ over the past months... so now it remains free.... funny how they act like that are giving us something... we didnt even ask for it in the first place.... and no blizz... realy... we didnt !
  1. khh's Avatar
    make ones wonder why they stick with that "realm" model, i would had much more fun in wow if every time i meet someone else that plays too wasn't in another realm unable to play togetheris not like is impossible, GW1 was like that, many free mmos have servers divided in channels. not saying those were good implementations, but better than be isolated in your realm
  1. Verdris's Avatar
    Anyone think this was all a calculated PR move by Blizzard?
  1. Kaeleena's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Q: Will any future aspects of the Real ID Party system be premium-based?
    A: It's always possible that we'll add features and functionality that could have a premium component, but we don't have any specific details to share at this time.

    It was a trick all along for them to make players feel like they were giving them something included in the standard subscription that they could possibly charge for. Just wait. Now the deluge of premium features begins.
  1. CaptainClaw's Avatar
    Scyo summed it up pretty perfectly. I would like to add to that, Blizzard are no doubt feeling an amount of pressure with regards to Rift changing the way MMOs operate - the updates have been coming thick and fast, and services such as cross-realm transfers are completely free. Ironically, it's not the quality of gameplay in Rift that Blizzard are worried about, but how they are showing that selling an MMO isn't just about squeezing every last penny out of it's customers. Good will from the developers creates good will amongst the players (who would have thought that?).

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