Patch 4.3: Alchemy Specialization Cost Increase
In Patch 4.3, Alchemy Specialization quests have been moved to the Alchemy trainers and the old quests have been removed. The three new quests and rough costs from Auction House prices for materials are:

Patch 4.3: Deathwing Brings Raid to You!
On the PTR, Deathwing lets you know he is ready to fight in Dragon Soul by visiting Orgrimmar and Stormwind and trying to burn them down! Keep in mind that this event took place early in testing and could turn out to be a PTR only event.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
MoP Intellect Change
The way we see it, Intellect increases the power of your heals. Spirit (and other regeneration mechanics) replenishes your mana. Having Intellect also increase the size of your mana pool complicates things. It's harder to balance, and feels worse for players trying to balance their character.

While we think the healer mana model for Cataclysm is sound and ultimately accomplished what we wanted, it was still a little too difficult for a on fresh level 85 just going into dungeons, and a little too easy for raiders. Part of that comes from what improved stats do for healers: they get bigger heals (from Intellect), the ability to cast more heals (larger mana pool), and the ability to cast those heals for a longer period of time without running out of mana (as a result of regen). Along the way, the tank and the group are take more damage from tougher bosses, but also have higher damage and higher survivability from improvements to their own gear.

Please remember, the goal isn’t to make healers so resource-starved that they can’t heal. That isn’t fun. The goal is to reward healers who limit how much overhealing they do (in other words, play smarter) for their efforts. You limit your overhealing by doing things like casting a smaller heal when a smaller heal is sufficient, or casting a slower heal when death isn’t imminent, or casting a single-target heal when the group isn’t all taking damage at once. Skillful healers should prosper. When players feel like increasing their skill doesn’t increase their success, they tend to get bored or frustrated. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
So, would it use our pets we have on hand or would it be more like the group of npc's we get when you do the Firelands daily at Sethria's Roost? Just some random animals. Would it use any of our pet's special abilities?

We're talking about something that is completely hypothetical, so anything is possible. I personally would want the ability to call the five pets that I actually have on hand at the time, since that would give me control over what everyone sees when I send out the stampede.

Furthermore, it makes a lot of sense for the spell effects to not vary much from hunter to hunter, so special abilities would be right out, *but* I wouldn't mind seeing the pets going through their best motions. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
Glyph of Inquisition feedback
The intent is that it is not damage neutral. Yes, managing Inquisition should mean higher DPS, if you are exceptional at managing it. However, a lot of players find that they can’t operate their class at full effectiveness when they are actually in an encounter with all of the running around, target switching and other encounter mechanics that aren’t present when blasting away at a target dummy. One of the biggest differences we see between good guilds and best-in-the-world guilds is that the latter can maintain maximum DPS in almost any situation.

The hope by implementing a glyph like this (and we aren’t sure we will, which is why we want feedback) is that your empirical DPS with the glyph may be higher than your theoretical DPS without it. Players who ignored the glyph might do lower DPS (because they are mortal and sometimes fumble with Inquisition) than if they just used the glyph.

This is the kind of idea that, if it works, would be something we could do it for most classes and specs: trade off higher theoretical damage / tanking / healing for an easier rotation that might just mean higher effectiveness for some players. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The MMO Report has some SWTOR and DC Universe this week. Hopefully you didn't miss the Rift special from last week either!

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  1. Sidone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by r3d3mpt10n View Post
    Thank god i've already got my Transmutation and Elixir masteries sorted, although the costs on my server are cheaper, its still in the region of 2500-3000g

    Gold that is better suited on repairs, or gearing other toons.
    Well not everybody gets their mats from the AH. I rather spend time getting the mats itself in less then a hour then to pay that really.

    @ AlarStormbringer
    No issues here. Maybe your browser had updates, or has changed? I had issues for a day when i installed a plugin earlier.
  1. Rolly's Avatar
    "and best-in-the-world guilds is that the latter can maintain maximum DPS in almost any situation." QUIT DESIGNING YOUR FUCKING END GAME FOR THESE PEOPLE. ...or enjoy your continueing sub losses.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AlarStormbringer View Post
    Has anyone else been having a hard time watching the MMO Report recently? I haven't been able to watch it since their BlizzCon special, and I've yet to figure out why.

    EDIT: And I do mean here, on their site, or anywhere that it's embedded. I just can't watch it.
    It is Adblock if you are using Firefox that is doing it.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    hmm shame we may not get thid till the 29th i seem kinda poard atm

    its got that bad that bad ive resorted to watching pokemon while i got a cold
  1. Twoshorty's Avatar
    Lucky, I did my quests all ready lol.
  1. lanerios's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fragglerocker View Post
    hehe i like your style

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-12 at 02:19 PM ----------

    Really? Because I always have fairly bad lag (500ms+) and they haven't ever affected me, seems a bit odd
    You do realise that PC freezing (aka nearly crashing) has nothing at all to do with ms right? >_>

    Sucks that they change the specialisation (damn word) for Alchemy. Around 4k gold on my server for the Truegold >_>
  1. crsh1976's Avatar
    Wait, hasn't Deathwing already destroyed Org and SW, aka the premise for Cataclysm and the lore-centric reason the cities were rebuilt/redesigned?
  1. danieltang34's Avatar
    i dont think the burning effect will make it live its too annoying visually, not mention it looks stupid...
  1. lopus's Avatar
    wow that looks like an awesome event hope it makes it to live
  1. Phaidrae's Avatar
    This change to healing once again is not awesome. Call me crazy but I've never found myself "bored" with healing. If anything I'm more frustrated with healing because every time I turn around our regen tools are getting hit HARD with the nerfbat. "Oh hi, I'm a Druid healer and I used to have this really awesome spell called Innervate that would restore between 30-40% of my mana - and then for some reason this was bad...and now it barely restores 10% of my mana. I also used to love when a Shaman would drop a mana tide coz that was a GREAT help too, but not so much anymore." They've decided to remove all forms of replenish and now they want to make it more of a "thought process" to heal? Hoenstly, why not just give EVERY heal a 35sec SHARED cooldown and have each heal cost 1/3 of your entire mana pool so you have to be in a separate vent channel with the other healers trying to math out which healer will use which heal when their next c/d is up. The only thing I could possibly see this doing is putting a stop to healers that like to pad the charts, for all the good it never does. The balance is fine how it is - and if anyone is "bored" with healing then go play a different role and let those of us that enjoy being healers continue to enjoy it.
  1. Heratix's Avatar
    Will the changes to healing also affect the healing snipers? As in there will be less sniping around?
  1. Elbren's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cronnix View Post
    That event wont make it to live servers. Blizzard, killing off bunch of unsuspecting lowbies against their will? You must be jesting.
    Guessing you weren't there for the Zombie Invasion event that happened before WotLK released.

    You couldn't go into any capital cities without finding dead bodies (players and npc's) everywhere.
  1. merex760's Avatar
    "Tries" to burn Orgrimmar and Stormwind down? From those videos and pics it looks like he succeeded...
  1. Vasz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mordredz View Post
    My eyes are bleeding, fixed that, next time find your ENTER BUTTON, thanks...
    Jesus, have you never read anything longer than three lines before?
  1. Ligier's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mordredz View Post
    My eyes are bleeding, fixed that, next time find your ENTER BUTTON, thanks...
    You sound like you need to go to the opticians for some glasses.

    If your eyes are "still bleeding" when trying to read things afterwards, then you may have to go to the doctor to see if there's something wrong with your brain. Cell.
  1. bbr's Avatar
    I was expecting a bit more of the russian quote for deathwing. In soviet 4.3, Deathwing raids YOU! Amusing, I suspect it's test server only, but who knows. His fire is REALLY laggy in any zone that it happens though. Would suck for new players who visit the capital cities as well. I doubt they would do this on live servers.
  1. Lihonessa's Avatar
    Is it just me, or does the wall of text explaining the Intellect change really explain nothing at all?

    From what I can see, it's just Blizzard hanging an unrelated story of nonsense about how they want "skillful healers to prosper" to a question which they can't answer themselves.
  1. SilkforCalde's Avatar
    I wouldn't say that 4 Truegold was 2200 gold? That's really high. I play on a high population realm (Blackrock) and 4 Truegold would cost about 1200-1600 depending on market fluctuations. Similarly, the flask mastery would cost about 300-400 gold on my realm.
  1. Vasz's Avatar
    Their argument with "healers need to be challenging" just puts healers off. DPS and tanking are 90% of the time a pretty easy task. Healing is so reactive, trying to keep 25 people alive. While DPS and tanks only normally focus on 1 boss and a few adds, healers have 25 name plates up, dispelling, healing AS WELL as not standing in the fire!
  1. Exorchist's Avatar
    Why are Blizzards' explanations always about what THEY want, and not what the players want? It's always "We want the players to bla bla bla bla", and never "The players told us they wanted this, so here is it!" I'm so happy ToR is out in a little over a month; if the beta is anything to go by it will kick WoW's butt pretty damn hard.Is it just me that feels like a student in school when Blizzard starts their silly shit? Sometimes I wonder if there's some truth behind the rumors that Blizzard are ruining WoW to pave way for Titan... Either way, this can only end one way for WoW - bad.

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