Soul of the Aspects Companion Pet now on Blizzard Store
The Soul of the Aspects companion pet is now available on the Blizzard Store for $10!

As usual with new pets, we will be giving away 20 x Soul of the Aspects Companion Pet!

  • The giveaway is for 20 x Soul of the Aspects companion pets. You can obviously only win one.
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post! Make sure to mention if you play on american or european servers in your reply.
  • The giveaway will be closed 24H after posting this news and winners will be chosen randomly.

Non-Official Video Preview of the Model
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  1. Subsidence's Avatar
    Cute!..:P (US Server)
  1. maxxbaxter45's Avatar
    European server
  1. dawnhawk's Avatar
    US Server
  1. nachoo's Avatar
    America!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck ya!
  1. syre23's Avatar
    European server
  1. aramelia's Avatar
    european server

    thanks a lot
  1. pakostevens's Avatar
    I'd like one! go bulls
  1. Zazzmi's Avatar
    Pick me! I play on US realms
  1. Pastordave's Avatar
    fingers crossed.. US-Proudmoore
  1. Argox's Avatar
  1. wuther's Avatar
    Cool I want it!!!

    Wuther, Aerie Peak, US
  1. Xrynaem's Avatar
    I'd love one of these!

    Kilrogg, US server
  1. GKD's Avatar
    Hi, us realm =)
  1. Psychorave's Avatar
    I don't think the time is up? Trying for another cool giveaway!

    Edit: US server
  1. RainerWahnsinn's Avatar
    EU Server! :-)
  1. Aodhan's Avatar
    Worth a try, US realm.
  1. |eXe|'s Avatar
    US Server, pet looks great =D
  1. Lissidragon's Avatar
    Mememe! :3 US realm~
  1. pauloaqm's Avatar
    gimme gimme
  1. Zerlop's Avatar
    US server!

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