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Heart of Fear Raid - Updated Preview
The Heart of Fear/Mantid Raid got a couple of updates in the latest beta patches, it's definitely been getting some attention and the final version of the instance will probably be very impressive.

Disclaimer - As usual, this is WORK IN PROGRESS. The video and screenshots do not reflect the final version of the instance. Mobile Alerts
A new security feature appeared on tonight, called Mobile Alerts! You can be sure an official announcement is forthcoming but the FAQ is already live. The service is free and does not work with prepaid phones or VoIP numbers.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
What is the Mobile Alerts service? Mobile Alerts is a free optional service that will help you manage your account using any text-enabled cell phone with a data plan. By linking a cell phone to your account, you will receive updates and notifications about important security changes to your account. As a Mobile Alerts user, you may also use texted security codes to help prevent unauthorized changes to your account.

How do Mobile Alerts help me stay informed about changes to my account?
The Mobile Alerts service will generate and send informational text messages to your linked cell phone every time suspicious activity is detected or if important changes — such as password resets or authenticator removals — are made on your account.

What can I do with Mobile Alerts?
Mobile Alerts will allow you to:
  • Unlock your account using your mobile phone.
  • Remove an unwanted authenticator from your account.
  • Recover your account name.
  • Reset your password.
When will I receive texts from Mobile Alerts?
You can disable certain Mobile Alerts texts without removing the service entirely. You'll always receive texts for the following:
  • Your account is flagged for suspicious login activity.
  • Your password is changed.
  • Security features are added to your account.
  • Security features are removed from your account.
What are security codes?
The Mobile Alerts service will alert you of any changes to your account’s security settings. When a change is started, the service will generate and send a unique security code to your linked cell phone via text message. This code will be required to complete the changes.

Where do I enter the security codes?
When you make certain security settings changes on your account, an additional step will ask for your Mobile Alerts security code. Enter the code when prompted in order to proceed with the change as normal.

Can I link my phone to more than one Account for Mobile Alerts?
No, you may only link one account to a single mobile number for Mobile Alerts. You will receive notifications and generated security codes at that number for the linked account.

How much does the Mobile Alerts service cost to use?
The Mobile Alerts service is completely free. Your phone carrier's standard rates for received text messages apply.

How do I set up Mobile Alerts for my phone?
First, log into your Account Management page. Navigate to Security Options and click Mobile Alerts and Verification. You will then be walked through the setup process.

Eligibility and Limitations
What devices are eligible for Mobile Alerts?
Any cell phone in a supported country with a data plan can be used as a Mobile Alerts device.

Does the service support advanced messaging systems such as iMessage (iOS) or WhatsApp (iOS, Android)?
The Mobile Alerts service is designed to work with a text-enabled cell phone. Advanced messaging systems are not supported

Why do I need to have a data plan to use Mobile Alerts?
The Mobile Alerts service uses text messages to deliver important information and security codes. In order to work with Mobile Alerts, your cell phone must be able to receive text messages. If you are unsure if you have a text or data plan, contact your phone provider.

What if the country that provides my cell phone service isn’t an option?
The Mobile Alerts service is not currently available in all countries. If your phone is registered to a country that is not currently supported, please check back later. The service is expanding and more countries will be added soon.

How do I change my Mobile Alerts phone number?
To use Mobile Alerts with a different phone, you will need to remove the currently attached phone from your account and then attach your new number. You can do this from your Account Management page.

What happens if I lose my phone?
If you lose the cell phone you've associated with your account for Mobile Alerts, please contact us so that we can assist you.

What if I don't receive the SMS verification code due to technical issues?
If you are unable to receive the SMS verification code, please contact us so we can assist you. You may also wish to contact your phone provider to be sure your mobile phone is capable of receiving text messages.

Is there a way to remotely lock the account through Mobile Alerts in case of suspicious activity?
No. If you'd like to secure your account, you may wish to add an authenticator.

How is the Mobile Alerts service different from the Mobile Authenticator?
Mobile Alerts will provide you with informational messaging regarding the security of your account, while the Authenticator is designed to act as a barrier between a would-be compromiser and your account.

Can I use the same mobile device for Mobile Alerts and the Mobile Authenticator?
Yes, both services can be used on the same mobile device simultaneously

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Orcs and Humans vs Other Races
What's your opinion on this? Metzen stated in his interview that only orcs and humans matter, so why do we even have the other races? Aesthetics?
You didn't just quote him out of context. You changed the meaning of what he said altogether:

Chris Metzen: "...the pillars of the franchise are orcs and humans; it really is the Alliance and Horde by extension, and it really is those two groups beating the brains out of each other for an extended period of time. That’s always gotta be what Warcraft is about..."

He's saying that the franchise began with orcs and humans. Those two races are the pillars upon which the Alliance and Horde were built. But the story has progressed and evolved so much since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Just because the faction rivalry has its foundations in a war between two races doesn't mean we think no other races matter.

I'm not saying his statements shouldn't be up for discussion. But I beg you not to start the discussion based on a false pretense.

Why, exactly would I want to follow a king who is not only thousands of years younger, but who you claim was deliberately written to be [a jerk].
This, again, can be drawn back to my reason for responding to this thread. You don't have the exact quote, but you're claiming we said Varian was written to be an [expletive deleted]. I don't know what quote you're referring to because, well, neither do you it seems. But I think I know where the general phrase you picked up on came from.

Chris said in interviews during the Mists of Pandaria press tour that Varian was written with several character flaws, and we expected him to have likability issues. The whole point was to create a character who was a little rough around the edges. It makes for a more interesting story when you see a flawed individual rise up to the challenges of being a truly great leader, which is what we have in store for Varian this expansion. So it was important for us to give him a bit of dimension in terms of personality.

Now, sure, I'm paraphrasing what Chris said as well. The difference here though is I sat in with him on multiple interviews where he relayed this sentiment. So my paraphrasing is more accurate than yours.

If what he was saying has been taken "out of context" then why are you making such efforts to ensure humans and orcs are always the "guys in charge" or superior to everyone else?
We're not going out of our way to ensure they're always the ones in charge. But that's been the natural progression since the Horde were founded more or less under absolute rule by the most powerful chief of the most powerful orc clan.

And even the High King idea (which frankly shatters what many feel is the thematic of an Alliance) seems to support this idea.
Similar to what I said about the Horde above, the Alliance formed an allegiance around human kingdoms. If you're suggesting they're thematically better served by a republic or democracy, Azeroth lore says otherwise. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Quest Rewards: Spec-Specific Loot
Some trinkets do silly things like summon a medic or get your character drunk or shoot a rainbow. While not that great for every clsss in combat, having these toys to have fun with is always a nice option. That staff will last two hours, but the trinket is priceless.
If there is a fun trinket, we will make sure it is available to everyone as a choice for precisely this reason. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Theramore Must Not Be Destroyed
Oh, things will happen in Mists. Count on it.

That's what we're afraid of. It has been the Alliance's experience that things happening is never a good thing.
Yea, I'm just kinda done empathizing with this uber-skeptical, "we've been burned before" type of response to anything regarding faction content and story. The cynicism and sense of despair coming from Alliance players whenever story progression is discussed in any capacity is starting to come off a little forced. It's definitely not very useful.

I couldn't help but consider player perception when choosing which spectral mount to go with as my avatar. I went with the gryphon because I didn't want to waste time reading any posts about why I chose the Horde mount. But then I thought about the potential of seeing people complain that I only chose the gryphon as an empty gesture to the Alliance. I feel like there's a metaphor in there somewhere, hah. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The MMO Report is back with information about SWTOR Patch 1.2, World of Darkness, and a special announcement.

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  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Play the same time you start watching the raid preview. Makes it a better experience.

    Also, I was blown away by seeing the "TEMP" sign. I'd love to fight it as a boss.
  1. ambigiouslynamed's Avatar
    didnt think the Heart of Fear raid would include a literal heart of fear
  1. kodnavnet's Avatar
    Anyone else think this inst looks like a raith hive ship from stargate atlantis?
  1. Hoopiest's Avatar
    It looks awesome imo.
  1. Frozenmojo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kodnavnet View Post
    Anyone else think this inst looks like a raith hive ship from stargate atlantis?
    Glad I am not the only one who thought that.
  1. Marlamin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kodnavnet View Post
    Anyone else think this inst looks like a raith hive ship from stargate atlantis?
    So THAT was what I was thinking about!
  1. Laylriana's Avatar
    It's nice that blizzard has some plans for Varian in this expansion - other than him standing in Stormwind Keep and pontificating from time to time. However, I haven't even seen his rough edges. The guy isn't interesting or even a factor in the game. At least Garrosh leaves Orgrimmar from time to time.
  1. stgeorge78's Avatar
    Zarhym and Bashiok should be fired. The caustic atmosphere of the Blizzard forums is due to those 2 trolls and their heavy-handed banning of anyone who makes the slightest criticisms against Blizzard. Zarhym actually is saying that if you don't hang out with Chris Metzen then your opinion is invalid. What a tool.
  1. Laylriana's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by stgeorge78 View Post
    Zarhym and Bashiok should be fired. The caustic atmosphere of the Blizzard forums is due to those 2 trolls and their heavy-handed banning of anyone who makes the slightest criticisms against Blizzard. Zarhym actually is saying that if you don't hang out with Chris Metzen then your opinion is invalid. What a tool.
    If you go to the blue tracker and read the post Zarhym is responding to in Theramore must not be destroyed, it reads completely tongue-in-cheek to me so don't know why he got so offended. And the follow up about alliance finding things change not good was reasonable and he went off on that one too. I think he was searching for a post he could use and the ones he chose weren't good examples of the point he was making.
  1. dave20010's Avatar
    I cant wait to get in there and try it out!
  1. muindaur's Avatar
    I think it may be because of the carrier. Mine is Tracfone so they may be looking at the service name, or if they label prepaid service separately. Mine gives the pre-paid error with the number.
  1. wqpp's Avatar

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