Hearthstone - WoW TCG Game Announced
Blizzard just announced Hearthstone, the online Free to Play WoW CCG Game! More details to come. You can start talking about it in our new Hearthstone forum!

  • Free to play online collectible card game.
  • Opt in to beta in your Battle.net account management!
  • Beta begins this summer, with release this year.
  • Playable on PC, Mac, and iPad.
  • The game will be easy to pick up, but have a good amount of depth and complexity.
  • The board is 3D, with lots of animations to make gameplay more exciting.
  • There will be over 300 cards with the initial launch
  • You can purchase more card packs for roughly $1 per five cards, or slowly earn them through gameplay.
  • There will be Basic and Expert cards, with Expert cards being broken down into categories like Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • You’re guaranteed to receive at least one card of rare or better quality per pack.
  • Each card in the pack also has a chance to upgrade to a “Golden” version of the same card.
  • Disenchant cards that you don't want to receive dust, which is used to craft new cards.
  • There is a deck builder, which can build decks for you, or you can build your own.
  • The game will be a 1v1 game using Battle.net matchmaking.
  • Playing will allow you to earn medals every week.
  • You can also play against AI at different levels of difficulty.
  • Any purchases you made during the beta will be credited back to you in the form of new, unopened card packs at launch.
  • Read more in the Hearthstone FAQ.
  • Check out some of the screenshots, videos, artwork, and a wallpaper on the official site!

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  1. Angarin's Avatar
    This actually looks interesting. Looks like a dumbed down version of the wow tcg.

    If you want pricing vs examples I can give some

    A regular booster pack in WoW TCG is 3.99 at my local hobby store which if I remember right comes with 14 cards, 1 is expected to be a rare, and 1 other is expected to be a hero/loot/crafting/token card, the other 13 are common/uncommons.

    From what we know each "pack" in this WoW "CCG" (we don't know if its going to be tcg yet, so for now its considered a ccg), is going to contain 5 cards, one is expected to be rare or higher (rare/epic/legendary), so the other 4 will be either common/uncommon (if thats what they're going to be called). Each of these packs will run 1$ for all we know. So the pricing is roughly the same, a 1$ cheaper.

    Now there are treasure packs in wow tcg which are 5.99$ at my local hobby store and contain I think 9 cards, but we may not have something like that in hearthstone.

    In all reality, its not 100% pay to win, but when its first released, there will be people who have stronger decks because they might've dumped some if not alot of money into it to get a good number of rare+ cards. You can still earn packs from playing other people across the internet but I believe its 1 pack per match, where as I can throw 5$ and instantly get 5 packs.

    This game is not stunting the other development team, they did mention they did this for them, its f2p, they are going to make some profit but its not the complete & sole heir game of their company, its nothing like their other 3 franchises. Its there because they want to play it, and share it with their players. If they wanted to make it for profit, they'd charge you to start playing it & perhaps charge monthly to play it.

    I am going to be spending some time in this game, as I from time to time play the WoW tcg with some friends & have some fun in it. I hope they have some integration other than being another warcraft spin off linked to WoW itself, perhaps some battle pets, or a mount after so many games played.

    They can work with this alot, and its not a huge damp on the other franchises. They brought 15 people to its team that probably didn't have a "home" in the other teams.

    I'm excited, hoping for beta access soon
  1. Oogzy's Avatar
    This looks fun. I'll be, at the very least, trying it out. Forge looks like an awesome way to play.
  1. Ragedaug's Avatar
    Just a word to the wise...

    If you think this game is dumb, boring, stupid, etc, etc, etc...then it's NOT for you. Believe it or not, not every game company creates games specifically with you in mind. I understand it's not an easy idea to grasp...not everything revolving around you specifically, but there are actually other people in the world who are "not" you. Talking a walk outside will provide this evidence.

    So when you see something created that appeals to others, but not you, there's really no reason to rage about it. The trick is finding something that does appeal to you and focus your energies there.

    I mean really, coming to this thread to post that the game doesn't appeal to you (including all your colorful language) is less then pointless. Time to move along.
  1. Jetstream's Avatar
    Woo. Card games. Blizz has planted themselves the usual safe money tree. I don't blame them but, meh.
  1. ZeroUm's Avatar
    After playing Pokemon TCG on the gameboy, I'm pretty happy with this announce. I can't do physical TCG because I don't know anyone who does it.
  1. Korialstrazs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    ^ this has to be the reason why gc said they were hiring people for dungeon/encounter development. They pulled an experience team from wow to make this garbage. And yes i have played man of the magic games they are all boring if you like that kinda stuff more power to ya not dissing on you. BUT I do think I can speak for the majority of the player base when I say I think we all were expecting something a little more different... than this. A game like magic the gathering battlegrounds would have been epic from blizzard
    MTG battlegrounds was an abomination and shouldn't be spoken of.
  1. Schattenlied's Avatar
    I'm interested in this release... but I'm also extremely, extremely sad. When I saw the twitter posts about a game announcement at PAX... I had a small glimmer of hope that they would finally develop Starcraft: Ghost.

  1. Lazuli's Avatar
    Bleh, no big deal.
  1. BenBos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Bleh, no big deal.

    But it is: money wise.

    CCG are all about making fast money. And digital CCG are taking that to the extreme with not even printing runs.

    1 dollar per pack, make that 1 dollar per ... Card, because the only ones that count are rares (the others will be widely available at NO cost) means at least 80 dollars if you want to collect hem all ... once. But of course you'll need 3 or 4 copies of he best cards, ... so in a 300 card set make that 200 dollars per fan.

    1 million players - this IS a multiplatform Blizzard game - and you see a revenue of 200 million in the first 6 months alone... If anything make that 3 to 4 times in sales and you have a home run...

    All with a 15 people development team.

    The problem with CCG's is that they burn fast. Mostly they die after 2 or 3 expansions, with each new expansion launched every 4 to 5 months.



    the WoW CCG has some strong angles:

    - digital competition through BattleNet: always play and have opponents.
    - a hook into WoW: extreme rare cards that will be loot cards for pets in WoW (see the picture ?)
    - may even be included as an INN play in Azeroth.
    - electronic card sport with huge money prices.

    This product is JUST the first digital follow up to the WoW franchise, others like Blizzard All Stars will follow.

    If Blizzard plays it right, they could even include subscriptions into the card game:

    How about:

    - Buy 6 packs a month and get a WoW subscription for free ...

    Smart guys @ Blizz.
  1. Sinister Knight's Avatar
    CCG Game? Like ATM Machine or PIN Number? Amazing how many people that trips up, heehee. Looks somewhat interesting though.
  1. Ripley6174's Avatar
    Card games to me are only fun if I can have the cards in my hands, I've never been able to get into online ones.
  1. Thorgim's Avatar
    This looks fun, will definitely try it when it comes out.
  1. yuca247's Avatar
    LOL all those haters out there probably the same ones that complained when MOP was announced yet still went on to play it and actually like it.
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tearor View Post
    Yayyyy. PokeWoW?
    Wasnt this term already used for battle pets? And how can it be pokemon? As pokemon was an animated show then a card game...
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    And here I was hoping for an in-house developed animated film. Oh well...
  1. manniefaces's Avatar
    Gracious, how dare Blizzard announce anything non Titan related. So many butt hurt people it is painful to read through these comments. How dare Blizzard hire more people to do more stuff! Damn them!
  1. Hell-Nicø's Avatar
    That topic is interresting.
    It prove that the haters are the one who are alway the first to post on forum, since there live are empty they are log 24/24 to share they hate and try to existe.

    On topic, I'm realy looking forward this game, I love tcg and this one could be realy interresting.

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-24 at 11:09 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    But it is: money wise.

    CCG are all about making fast money. And digital CCG are taking that to the extreme with not even printing runs.

    1 dollar per pack, make that 1 dollar per ... Card, because the only ones that count are rares (the others will be widely available at NO cost) means at least 80 dollars if you want to collect hem all ... once. But of course you'll need 3 or 4 copies of he best cards, ... so in a 300 card set make that 200 dollars per fan.
    So much misinformed insomptions....
    It's 2 copies max by deck, and you can win you pack by playing the game, or even craft them.
    Paying just speed up the aquisition of the cards.

    Stop blindly raging and wait to try by yourself or AT LEAST search some informations before saying such wrong things.
  1. thigan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Whidbey View Post
    Exactly, in person TCG's, not electronic faceless gaming with digital cards. Fail Blizz
    Ahhm you really don't follow this things right? MTGO is such a big thing in the hardcore MTG community.

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-24 at 04:26 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by gorocz View Post
    Seriously people... How old are you if the first thing that comes to your mind, when someone mentions a TCG is Yu-Gi-Oh? MtG, anyone?
    By the way, anyone else noticed that they misspelled Alexstrasza's name? :-)
    I'm assuming that they are thinking in their sons game because they didn't had the chance to play any TCG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korialstrazs View Post
    MTG battlegrounds was an abomination and shouldn't be spoken of.
    shh, we don't use than name
  1. Netheria's Avatar
    As an avid card/board gamer, I'm pretty excited for this. Haters should reserve judgement until they try it, card games are great.

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-25 at 03:19 PM ----------

    Can't wait
    <- addicted
  1. Durak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar View Post

    The Day Blizzard Died
    one year ago? why is that?

    i'm pretty sure i'll play this new card game. i like!

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