New Warchief Revealed, Garrosh Defeat Cutscene, Patch 5.4 Hotfixes

Siege of Orgrimmar - Garrosh Defeat: Horde Cinematic
Spoilers ahead! This version is very similar to the Alliance version, but shows the conversation that was taking place across the room that you can't hear in the Alliance version. Congratulations to Apophasis for getting the 4th kill, the second Horde kill, and being the first to stream the Horde cinematic!

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  1. Sopa's Avatar
    This is really what i was expecting from the horde cinematic. VERY VERY good expansion, by far the best released so far. Pandaren worked out a LOT better than anyone ever expected, simply because they humbled each faction a lot specially with the threat of Garrosh.

    As for the lore incoming, we shall see how Vol Jin speaks in the future and if he stays as the leader he was since warcraft 3 up to this moment. Certainly glad that Thrall isnt Warchief. It would had been nice to have heard a little argument on the Alliance one between Jaina and Anduin so that the player can see how much has she changed from the way she used to be, while Anduin more than ever, wishes for a world without any war and races united. A little bit like the demon and angel in Varian's shoulders, but by no mean i am calling her evil, just a way to put it. Varian really shined by having the last word
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    The story is as boring and predictable as a spanish telenovela, but since I really don't care about it I'm fine with whatever they write.
    Also can we get rid of kor-kron in UC now, k thanks.
  1. JrHal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Derah View Post
    /sighs. This again.

    CONTEXT PEOPLE, YOU NEED CONTEXT before you drop a quote that is almost TWO years old. Come on :S

    When they said that the warchief was not who we expected, was during CATACLYSM, they revealed the new Expansion MoP, and a few days later revealed that Garrosh would be teh final boss. When players started saying that it was practically guaranteed that Thrall would regain his old position of Warchief, THAT is when they said it wouldn't be who we expected.

    Because back then, absolutely everyone expected it to be Thrall. Then they spent the next 2 years building up Vol'jin to be warchief, but still keeping other people in the spotlight to make it a little more ambiguous (hence Lor'themar's awesome display in MoP)

    totally agree fucking people are just never satisfied shit i thought it was a great ending imo people bitch and complain like they could have done better AFTER the fact
  1. pankind's Avatar
    Lame as fuck.
  1. Cervantas's Avatar
    Empress Jaina Palpatine needs to go in a hole and die.
  1. Unknown User's Avatar
    Varian looks like he took a doomhammer to the face. I spent the whole video being distracted by how badly Blizzard screwed up modelling him.
  1. alabaster jones's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Verksus View Post
    Can we please kill Varian already? I'm tired of his cocky "We will end yuuuu.." crap.
    Well, some Alliance people complained for a long time that they didn't have a human hero/king equivalent to Thrall... unfortunately rather than have somebody with an established backstory worthy of leading like Turalyon show up, or giving it to somebody who has earned the right to lead the hard way (Tirion), they just copied and pasted Thrall's history and put a cherry (amnesia) on top and called it Varian. The fact his head has never fit his body (model) has always bugged me, what bugged me more though was that in those years Varian was hidden away on Alcaz isle, Metzen had so many options, and so many ways to show a contrast between factions or leadership style. But instead he just took the lazy option and churned out a pretty, long-haired human face, stuck it on a fat human body, oh and the evidence of that whole pit-fighting history? A scar on his face. Not a missing hand or an eyepatch or a bald spot where he took a glancing shot from a mace/sword. A glamour scar.
    I still hold out hope that Turalyon comes back through the portal one day and sets everything right.
  1. Vesci's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zheryn View Post
    So what's next in WoW? This was the final boss right, and they haven't announced a new expansion?
    This tier lags on 3-6 months longer than it should, WoW loses another 2-4 mil subs and finally in mid 2014 they'll release another expansion that won't be successful.
  1. Ryzo's Avatar
    I'm just happy that, regardless of who is the new Warchief, the others have had some spotlight.

    Now, if we can just see Velen stick his hoof into someones business we'll be golden.
  1. ADDOriN's Avatar
    Actually we all expected Vol'Jin as the next Horde Leader. But the cinematic is amazing and i actually waiting for even better content since this one.
  1. LordBalkoth's Avatar
    Vol'Jin as horde leader is nothing unexpected. Dumb but not unexpected. Thrall used to lead but now he will follow? What if Thrall disagrees with Vol'Jin? When he gave leadership to Garrosh he "left the scene" so to speak but now he will be under command of Vol'Jin.

    Blizzard had a chance to elicit "red wedding" from game of thrones reaction in this cinematic. Blizzard could have had Sylvanas whip out that Frostmourne she has been rebuilding (or someone) and turn everyone in the throne room into undead. Anduin and Jaina could have ported out just in time and it would have been Sylvanas vs the world.

    Correct me if I am wrong but did blizzard ever tie up Alleria and Turalyon in this expansion? Or who gathered frostmourne fragments? I don't think it did.
  1. Zaqwert's Avatar
    I know it's been said a million times and people are sick of hearing it, but I still cannot get over how ridiculous and out of place a big fat panda looks in that movie and in the WoW world in general.

    Hopefully now that this expansion is over Pandaren will be pushed to the backburner and barely visible ever again.
  1. Chrom's Avatar
    Lame ending of a lame expansion. Even though Jaina is gorgeous and I loved the last "We will end you" line.
    Yes. We will.
  1. Taustin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kioshi View Post
    So I just paid for a faction change and man does it feel good to not be on the side taking it all the time again, too many wimps on the horde side now a day..... At least King Chin is a Man and not so much a woman like every one of the horde leader now a day

    Next time the Alliance tells you to bend over Horde, do it and don't complain, because we know who is the stronger Faction. Don't make our high king pimp slap you guys again.

    You are a groupie at a concert. Take your shirt off for Varian traitor.
  1. CobaltCobbler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mukor View Post
    patch 5.5 garrosh's trial. which gets interrupted by [ insert whoever you wish]
    Bolvar Fordragon (Lich King) riding Deathwing with the Black Soulstone impaled in his chest. He swoops down during the trial, carries Garrosh off, and yells:

    "THERE MUST ALWAYS BE..." (Thunderclap)

  1. Monsterpiez's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CobaltCobbler View Post
    Bolvar Fordragon (Lich King) riding Deathwing with the Black Soulstone impaled in his chest. He swoops down during the trial, carries Garrosh off, and yells:

    "THERE MUST ALWAYS BE..." (Thunderclap)

    You forgot the part where he jumps off deathwing and sprouts wings and says "You are not prepared!" then pick up garrosh and flies off.
  1. Clissice's Avatar
    1:45 - 1:52 best part volj'in looks so awesome and varian just looks so shocked

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