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Beta Patch 3890 Information Center

New Hippogryph Mount Reward
Blizzard showed off an upcoming hippogryph mount reward that is coming soon!

Battle.Net Launcher Update
It looks like testing is going well, as the Battle.Net launcher is now being advertised on the site, and a new page has been added on Battle.Net with information about it. Unfortunately, chat is still not enabled in the client yet.

Patch 5.4 Hotfixes: October 3
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Timeless Isle
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some weekly treasure chests on the Timeless Isle to be uninteractible.


  • The Celestial Tournament: Players can now get credit for winning the tournament while in a raid group.

  • Players should no longer be incorrectly flagged as having defeated Ordos for the week if the player tapped him and went offline or entered an instance.
  • Yu'lon now launches 5 Jadefire Bolts (down from 10).
  • Gulp Frogs are now immune to mind control abilities.
  • Magnataurs can no longer be pickpocketed.
  • Dame Evniki Kapsalis is now offering her wares to players that meet the proper criteria once again.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Sha of Pride
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Corrupted Prisons to stop functioning.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Unstable Corruption rifts to stop forming on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
    • Kor'kron Dark Shaman
      • Wavebinder Kardris should no longer target non-players with Toxic Storm.
      • Darkfang and Bloodclaw should now move around significantly less while being tanked alongside their masters.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Blind Blademasters in the Drag to enter combat with players during the Dark Shaman encounter.
    • Spoils of Pandaria
      • Modified Anima Golem's Matter Scramble should now always spawn on the floor.
      • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause a Burial Urn's Spark of Life to path to the wrong area.
      • Resolved a situation that could cause the encounter to not reset correctly if the player starting the encounter dies immediately.
    • Siegecrafter Blackfuse
      • Demonic Circles are now cleared when the encounter starts.
    • Paragons of the Klaxxi
      • Resolved certain situations that could cause players to retain the Paragons' abilities after resetting the encounter.
      • Resolved an issue where the last surviving raid member using a threat drop may cause the encounter to not reset correctly.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Garrosh Hellscream now drops two Kor'kron Juggernaut on 25-player Heroic difficulty. (Requires realm restarts to take effect.)
  • Dungeons
    • Shado-Pan Monastery: Defeating Gu Cloudstrike immediately after Azure Serpent has been killed should no longer prevent players from continuing through the Shado-Pan Monastery.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Grievous Gladiator weapons have a level requirement of 90 once more.
  • PvP on-use trinket effects should no longer incorrectly scale down while in a Battleground, Rated Battleground, or Arena.

  • Trinkets with cleave and multistrike effects no longer require players to be facing the target to successfully deal damage.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Elite PvP Gear
.Is it permanently or temporary because of the conquest cap bug at the start of this season.
The elite set only providing armor is permanent, although there is nothing to say this won't change in future seasons. The Elite Grievous gear is only giving armor because it's designed as a transmog set, rather than gear you would need to spend gold to enchant and gem again. It's also not intended to provide better stats than the normal set, it's meant to make your gear different and more identifiable to signify the prestige of your accomplishment. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Burden of Eternity Rarity
We like the extra rarity that comes from requiring multiple Burdens to get perfectly-itemized 535 gear. The gear is very good, so we don't want it to be too easy to get a hold of the best possible pieces. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Cross-Realm Looking For Group
Why can't you guys at blizzard just implement a dedicated LFG crossrealm browsing/listing system?
That is definitely a good idea but like always, it’s mostly a matter of time and resources vs current needs.

Many of the ideas from some of the top addons have in the past been integrated into the default game UI.
I agree that this would be a great tool to have but I also believe that this is nothing new to the devs. I’m pretty sure they are quite aware about the current needs for such a tool, especially now that we have such flexibility with all the cross-realm functionalities.

The raid browser, for example, was an early attempt at tackling this. It worked out somewhat ok initially but subsequent iterations weren’t as successful. I suspect the reasons for this were the introduction of LFR and not having a dedicated button on the main interface (a lot of players still don’t know about its existence). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legendary Quest Items
It's only 1 attempt per boss per week across all difficulties.

If you already completed Siege of Orgrimmar wings 1 and 2 for Secrets of the Empire they won't drop a Titan Runestone. If you haven't completed Throne of Thunder wings 3 and 4 though, you can run that with Lei Shen being a 100% guaranteed drop..

As a side note, only the first 8 bosses in SoO have a chance (Sha of Pride is 100% guaranteed just like Lei Shen) to drop items for Wrathion's legendary quest line. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Flex Raiding
How is personal loot and loot being distributed between 10/25 players even close to being the same thing?
The point is that neither system is intended to have no waste, which is what seemingly was being requested. (Source)

Now I'm confused. I thought flex was targeted at a different demography from LFR, normal and heroic? Running both = burnout.
My point was it gives you something to graduate to. Normal guilds graduating to heroic has been a thing since we launched heroic. (Source)

Reputation / Questing
Really think questing/endgame/rep need to go backward a bit. Wrath is by far the fav WoW Expac in all polls. Maybe look why?
We find it's hard to extricate the story and world from the gameplay even in people's minds. (Source)
For example, I love Northrend as a place and all of the various story arcs. I've always been a nerubian fan. (Source)
But would the LK rep grind or dungeon grind transposed to Pandaria turn it into another Wrath of the LK? Not convinced of that. (Source)

Heroic Garrosh 25 (Asia) Defeated
Blood Legion wasn't the only guild to kill Heroic Garrosh 25 recently. Stars is still around in Asia and killing bosses, this time with a 576 item level group. You can see the final moments of the kill below.

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  1. daniel9696's Avatar
    I really hope that mount doesn't end up in the Blizzard Store.
  1. Klaxxar's Avatar
    Looks like a kickass Hippogryph mount.
    Hope I can get it for my Horde chars. :P
  1. TheSweetness's Avatar
    That hippogryph is gorgeous. I need it for my elves
    Just please don't let it be a new SoR mount. I really don't think I could convince anyone else to come back.
  1. Chroma's Avatar
    Havnt heard a decent 'scream' in a while :P

    Nicely done. congratsioulations
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    The asians play all togather thats good. Now they farming gold in EU servers. Btw awesome gryphon!!!!!
  1. DrMcNinja's Avatar
    Nice mount, love teh Bnet App and those Asians... always making me smile
  1. Galexander's Avatar
    damn it i wish i could raid like that someday
  1. Hubbl3's Avatar
    Gratz to Stars and Blood Legion, well done!
  1. Dark Exerus's Avatar
    Let the hippogryph mount speculation begin. I think its going to be related to maybe another Cenarion faction.
  1. DesoPL's Avatar
    Cool mount! I want him! But i guess, this mount will be avalible only via Pet Store.
  1. Vargur's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Magemaer View Post
    This folk here loves asians. He can't stop sucking them hard. He's not even subtle.
    Hey, another "new" reskin.
  1. Howard Moon's Avatar
    Hehe awesome video. Do they raid from an internet caffee, or is that a school?
  1. alexday14's Avatar
    I hope this is Darnassus getting a racial mount rather than another money grab by Blizzard(*cough* cosmetic helmets)
    Maybe Blood Elves get an updated Dragonhawk mount model?
    unlikely though, i can see this ending up on the cash shop for £25
  1. Precure's Avatar
    Coming soon to a store near you!
  1. Auberdeen's Avatar
    inc hippogryph expansion
  1. kenshinag's Avatar
    Seems strange today's hot fix didn't have more Affliction nerfs. I knew they forgot something!
  1. Malackai's Avatar
    I am getting a Annual pass vibe here with that mount >_>
  1. Yarathir's Avatar
    All my jizz on the Hippogryph. I was just waiting for hippogryphs to get updated like the gryphons in 5.1, but instead it seemed like we got the Faerie Dragon. Yay for Hippogryph too.

    That's a lot of night elf/druid-themed mounts now.. Hippogryphs, Faerie Dragons and Stormcrows.
  1. AK_47's Avatar
    Hippoghryph is cute.. but where are our Enchanted Fey Dragon and our Stormcrow mounts ?
  1. Kazlofski's Avatar
    Emerald Dream hints! :P

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