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The Teams Are Set! Watch Azeroth Choppers Episode 2
The second episode of Azeroth Choppers has been released.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The bomb drops! This week, Chris and Sammy let Paul Jr. in on a critical piece of news about the project, and we meet the Horde and Alliance crewmates in New York. The teams have accepted their quest and are ready to roll, but will they be able to rise to the challenges ahead? Don’t miss a minute of the action as pressure mounts and bikes start to take shape. And don’t forget: the winning team’s bike will become an epic FREE in-game mount, so spread the word to your guildies and throughout your faction—and when the time comes, be ready to vote!

Keep up to date on all of the latest episodes at, and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.

Azeroth Choppers: Meet Teams Alliance & Horde
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In the blast-off episode of Azeroth Choppers, Paul Jr. presented some initial bike designs to Team Alliance, led by Warcraft chief storyteller Chris Metzen, and Team Horde, led by the so-fluffy Samwise Didier. With both teams confident in Paul Jr.’s intrepid aesthetic prowess and attentiveness to the cultural identity of the respective factions, we wanted to get some thoughts from the cohorts of Metzen and Samwise—but first, let’s get acquainted with them.

Terran Justice Gregory (yes, that’s his real name) is an associate project director, dedicated Gnome enthusiast, and filmmaker who lives and dies for the Alliance. Terran is a huge World of Warcraft lore nerd who was the player behind Kyle’s mage in South Park’s “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode. You can find him on Twitter @TerranGregory.

Monte Krol is a lead software engineer who’s even done some writing and voice acting for Warcraft III and World of Warcraft—you might know him as the voice of the goblin saying “Time is money, friend!” Monte’s also hardcore into 3D printing, and recently printed a working six-speed transmission. You can find him on Twitter @krolco.

Gary Platner is a lead environment artist and former stand-up comic (he even got paid once!) who’s been training in Krav Maga for about four years. He loves training, sparring, and getting kicked in the head by his fellow students. You can find him on Twitter @GaryPlatner.

Jason Hutchins is a senior game producer who’s living the dream. He married his high school sweetheart and enjoys the finer things in life: cars, cocktails, guns, motorcycles, and food . . . though not in that order and never all at once.

Zarhym: For those who don’t know about Azeroth Choppers, let’s talk about what it is why the community should pay heed.

Jason: AZ is an exciting web series in the same spirit as some other bike build-off shows you may have seen on cable TV networks. Only this time around, Paul Jr. is teamed up with Blizzard to create epic entertainment. We may see some truly mighty bikes come out of this as well.
Monte: Besides the awesome bike build-off aspect, this is a fun bit of PvP without all the ganking. It’s a great way to show your faction pride and faction spirit, and ultimately, the players decide what will happen!

Zarhym: Monte and Terran, tell us in what ways you identify with the Alliance. What does representing the faction mean to you?
Terran: I’ve been playing Alliance exclusively since WoW’s open beta. Having been a bit of a lore nerd, I found it easier to integrate with the story of the Alliance and their themes, and of course, they have Gnomes. Gnomes do not get the credit they deserve for how much they bring to their faction. They are the mechanical engineers of the Alliance, and the most suited to lend a hand in the production of a chopper. Even the current in-game hog bears the name Mekgineer, for those who know what that means! All that aside, teaming up with Chris and Monte to help ensure that the true spirit of the Alliance is represented fully is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Monte: Well, to be honest, I started playing Alliance for a rather pedestrian reason: I liked how the characters looked better than the Horde races—although I still really love how the Tauren look. I have been playing mostly Night Elves since WoW launched. My obsession with look lasted about 15 minutes, and I got hooked on the "down but not out" feel of the Alliance in the original WoW story—the nearly destroyed World Tree Nordrassil slowly recovering, the ruins of Lordaeron, and even the name of Menethil Harbor were deep emotional connection points for me with the story of the Alliance. And, of course, the most visceral connection I made was walking through the Plaguelands and encountering Uther's Tomb for the first time—remembering Uther Lightbringer and his most infamous pupil, Arthas. I guess I have a strong connection to “heroes passed.” It's just great working with Chris and Terran to bring that we're-rising-again feel to Team Alliance.

Jason and Gary, talk about your Horde identity. How does it feel to represent them?

Gary: The Horde feels like home to me. I’ve played on the Horde from the beginning of WoW and I just feel comfortable with ’em! I am very excited to represent the Horde, and I’m a huge fan of Paul Jr. So getting to work with Paul Jr. on a custom Horde chopper . . . beyond amazing!

Jason: At first I identified with the monstrous aspect of the Horde. Who doesn't want to be a bad guy sometimes? For every kid who wants to play a cop, there are always kids who want to play the robber. But then you delve into the Horde's history, its values of honor and strength, and even their compassion and mercy. It’s an honor to work with Sam and Gary to represent the Horde. I'm humbled and excited to be a part of this!

Zarhym: Have you been in regular contact with the bike experts? How does the collaboration work between the Blizzard teams and the designers crafting the choppers?

Terran: We spent a good deal of effort at the beginning of the process even before the first meeting with Paul Jr. to assemble our finest examples of iconic imagery that really strikes the chord of Alliance. We shared these images during our first meeting with Paul Jr., and it really felt like he was invested in chasing perfection when it came to representing the facets that set the Alliance apart from other fantasy concepts. Even after the first meeting, when Paul Jr. returned to his shop, we continued to communicate via email and followed up on many different elements that had been mentioned in our first meeting, and that alone made me feel like he was really invested in getting as much as he could out of our knowledge of the Warcraft universe.

Gary: Paul Jr. and his team really understand the challenges that we face on a regular basis when working on WoW. Properly representing a faction or even a small group of NPCs is extremely important. There are many subtle aspects that must be addressed. All of World of Warcraft’s races have a substantial backstory that gets reflected in how and why things get built the way they do. So the first time I met Paul Jr., I knew right away that he understood our passion for detail and storytelling, and he really understands the Horde. Working with Paul Jr. and his team has been like working with a member of our own art team.

Zarhym: Some people are already saying their faction has no hope to win! [/b]Team Alliance, what would you say to inspire your faction to go forth and claim victory?

Terran: Having joined Team Alliance at the beginning of this project we knew we were fighting an uphill battle, but there are tons of things that make the Alliance unique, regal, and distinguished. I would lay the call to the ladies and gentlemen of the Alliance to remember what we represent! That injustice is our greatest foe, and we will no longer tolerate being labeled as underdogs! Together, for victory, for the Alliance! STAND AS ONE!
Jason: I hope there is at least one side mirror on the Horde Chopper. Even though it might be extra tough because objects appear smaller than they really are, I want to see those Gnomes choking on our dust.

Zarhym: Team Horde, how will you rally your faction to organize around this campaign, and not just shout “FOR THE HORDE!” at seemingly inappropriate intervals?

Gary: Let me be clear. Shouting ‘For the Horde!’ may appear to those who don’t understand to be random or even inappropriate. It is not. This phrase represents a bond of brothers and sisters who have experienced the crucible of combat and victory together. It is appropriate at any time or any occasion. You don’t even have to be playing Horde to use it. It is perfectly acceptable and honorable for even Alliance players to use this phrase. It has, in fact, transcended the bounds of faction and has come to represent a sacred link between players. Do not mock the use of ‘For the Horde!’ as a rallying cry.
Monte: That was uncharacteristically eloquent for someone who walks around with bloody chains and spikes on all their apparel. Still, I'm not worried. Just like their shouting, it's all talk.

Zarhym: Now a question for both teams—why do you think your team will come out on top with the superior chopper?

Terran: I fundamentally believe that the stylings of the Alliance hold the potential to inform a bold, sleek, and incredible chopper design. In my humble opinion, the world of kick-ass choppers is defined by polished chrome and glorious shine, and the established look of the Alliance has that aesthetic in the bag! This mighty steed will carry us to victory!
Jason: Between myself, Samwise, Gary, and Paul Jr., we must have over 75 years of combined experience making epic things happen. Bring it on, whippersnappers.

Zarhym: How are you going to do the winning bike justice when forging its in-game mount rendition?

Gary: Before we create a prop for WoW, we usually generate a concept or two that we can use as a guide. When this is over, and the Horde chopper is chosen as the winner, we will have the ultimate concept piece that we can use to create a most epic in-game mount.
Monte: I love it when Gary writes fiction. Team Alliance will propel the Alliance chopper to victory, and we will make sure to capture its shiny-beast-rolling-right-over-the-top-of-my-tiny-little-enemies glory in-game! We’ll probably also add an air freshener to make sure no Orc-y smells linger.

Zarhym: We’ll surely catch up with you all again, but do you have any parting words or rallying cries for your people as the battle unfolds?

Monte: Team Alliance, stand with us, and stand tall! Let us claim victory!
Jason: Join us, brothers and sisters of the Horde! Witness what these mighty beasts are made of. FTH!
Terran: I would say to everyone, don’t count your chickens till they hatch glorious gryphons. The devil’s in the details here, and we’re just starting to gear up these bikes to an item level of INCREDIBLE. And . . .
Gary: . . . For the Horde!

Zarhym: Yes, Terran. Go on.

Terran: . . . And remember: WE ARE the distinguished gentlemen, ladies, and gnomes of the Alliance! STAND AS ONE! #DGoTA #TeamAlliance #ForGnomeregan
Zarhym: Thank you, gentlemen, for your time. We look forward to seeing how both choppers take shape as the show goes on!

Be sure to tune into every Thursday to catch all-new episodes and ultimately help decide which faction will be shredding across Draenor on a Paul Jr. designer chopper. Let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers[/b], along with #TeamAlliance or #TeamHorde.
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  1. moveth's Avatar
    I really like this series, actually. lol
  1. Everything Nice's Avatar
    I dont like the Alliance team. And the Horde base design looked less silly.

    So, as usual, my bet's on Horde!
  1. Keklemor's Avatar
    Am I the only one excessively annoyed by the repeated mentioning of this almighty deadline? Seriously, shut up and just show us the process, idgaf about the drama.
  1. Cronnix's Avatar
    To save people time watching through all the bullshit: the "bad news" were that they had to complete the project in five weeks instead of ten. Rest of the episode is them complaining about it.
  1. Gnasnimadan's Avatar
    That description, good job Blizz you just sold the last piece of your soul and made a "reality" show
  1. Humbugged's Avatar
    "Hey guys please make the bikes look as similar as possible to the Mekgineer's chopper and Goblin racial mount. It'll make the free in-game mount easier to model."
  1. marcackermann86's Avatar
    So is something big happening in 5 weeks? I doubt they would up the timeline just to create pressure. There's gotta be a reason.
  1. Magemaer's Avatar
    They should do like Blizz. Say "when it's ready" and deliver it months later.
  1. angelflavor's Avatar
    I'm not into motorcycles but it is really interesting to see any machine being built. Also I think Horde team is winning Warsong atm lol
  1. Gawain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Keklemor View Post
    Am I the only one excessively annoyed by the repeated mentioning of this almighty deadline? Seriously, shut up and just show us the process, idgaf about the drama.
    Isn't it with all the series they show on Discovery where EVERYTHING has to be melo-dramatic and such a big deal? That's why I hate watching em, because they overact so much. If I didn't knew the program from before (Orange County Choppers), I would definately think that half of the "mechanics" are B-film actors.
  1. Pacster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Magemaer View Post
    They should do like Blizz. Say "when it's ready" and deliver it months later.

    But the truth is: The bikes have likely already been done before they even started filming the first episode. ;-)
    That chopper-soap is going one for years already, they know how to do it without of having to worry about any fake drama deadlines.
  1. Peeb's Avatar
    If only it wasn't so American with all the BUT... and DEADLINE CAN'T MAKE IT OMG shit. I won't fall asleep if there isn't some INTENSE DRAMA happening 24/7.
  1. z3rK's Avatar
    After watching this second episode i can tell You what's going next.

    In next episodes we will see "almost done bike" falling apart, some drama between teams, some drama in teams, some delay from others like "hey those parts should have been here yesterday, oh noes we are doomed!", some Paul Jr's drama that's "it's the hardest thing i did in my life! (like every other before)", we would see some man tears probably, give up, raise of hopes, another give ups etc...and then, finally when we all think it is done, nothing gonna change the fate....all of sudden this missing part/nail or whatever, would be placed in the right place and which was falling apart 5mins ago is now ready, sweet and dandy....and now some zoom-in on the finished stuff which looks like nothing in those 5 or 8 episodes and credits.

    Well, that's it.
  1. Tekkommo's Avatar
    Cheeky Blizz, take forever to release shit then demand a 10 week program to be delivered in 5 lol.
  1. Ainatan's Avatar
    It's over, Horde already won.
  1. alabaster jones's Avatar
  1. caballitomalo's Avatar
    About the "show", well its a show... everything is scripted like in any reality tv thingy. The point is always, is it fun to watch? the answer this time is, imo, yes.

    The bikes are going to be awesome for sure. My only complain is that I can´t help to shake the feeling that: of course horde is going to win! duuh! Have you ever heard anyone shout "Glory to the Alliance!" in the streets?. When the vote comes Horde will win by a landslide I bet. I could be wrong though.

    I enjoy watching this sort of design and build stuff whenever I stumble onto it. I use to be a Monster Garage fan for a while and have seen plenty of custom job shows so this sort of thing is up my alley. I don´t think Blizzard is "selling out" because they did a 8 minutes web series tbh though. This is just some silly fun thing that rather wealthy and geeky companies can, and should, do more often.
  1. bazyk's Avatar
    redneck level of this show is over 9000
  1. Infernix's Avatar
    Maybe sometime this year, they can actually get around to doing something that'll give the players something to DO instead of watching other people do stuff.

    But they probably won't. I mean, what's wrong with farming the same Raid for a year?
  1. Layuth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ainatan View Post
    It's over, Horde already won.
    Horde won the moment they said Chris Metzen was on the Alliance team.

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