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Azeroth Choppers Episode 4 – Watch Now!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
This week on Azeroth Choppers, we find Paul Jr.’s crew stressed over an upcoming visit with Team Horde and Team Alliance to go over their bikes so far. Luckily, a surprise from Blizzard HQ may provide the inspiration the teams need to get things rolling again.

Keep up to date on all of the latest episodes at www.AzerothChoppers.com, and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.
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  1. markdall's Avatar
    I hope this is good, I never watch it.
  1. Hugh Wattmate's Avatar
    Really bad watch don't honestly know why i waste my time watching it but something seams to make me want to come back and do so. I guess i am hoping for a glimpse of some WoD game-play or something.

    The fake drama and put on "intense" moments are damn awful though.
  1. Friberg's Avatar
    surprise surprise, shitty episode, got to watch them play a dungeon with 1 actionbar with random spells, was painful to watch, not much stuff about choppers tho
  1. Alewyn's Avatar
    That was... strange to watch.
  1. Denarii's Avatar
    I REALLY want these bikes to fail. This whole "make a real bike and put it in game" thing is just stupid.
  1. Count Zero's Avatar
    "They're running behind on time. Better have them play WoW during business hours instead of working." lol
  1. Hugh Wattmate's Avatar
    I dont get why they are trying to make them lighter for as they said in the video's. Think about it they have frigging tank tracks! How fast could it honestly go with tracks on it in reality i dont think the few extra kg's will matter much.
  1. soulkeeperx's Avatar
    8 months in SoO with no clue when the WoD beta is coming, meanwhile they're building motorcycles...grrrrreat
  1. Ayla's Avatar
    Best episode yet! I actually feel like some things happened.... but good job on almost finishing that gas tank, alliance bike good to go! amirite?
    Horde bike just seems to get more and more added to it. Pick it up team alliance!
  1. kappaorkeepo's Avatar
    in the end, this is just to divert from the fact wod is taking way too long and they have no decent stuff to show. how long was the last character model reveal? yeah right.
  1. Romeothecat's Avatar
    I dunno what everyone is so upset about. I love this! Each week it is more apparent then the last how little the choppers guys don't give a shit about wow lol. I wonder who's idea it was to make them play the game.
  1. Slirith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by soulkeeperx View Post
    8 months in SoO with no clue when the WoD beta is coming, meanwhile they're building motorcycles...grrrrreat
    yup yup :S
  1. Fabled's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Denarii View Post
    I REALLY want these bikes to fail. This whole "make a real bike and put it in game" thing is just stupid.
    The Mechano-Hog and Mekgineer's Chopper are already based off of real life bikes, this is just making a web series up until we get another bike. The only thing that can be "stupid" is the fake drama they decided to do.
  1. Guyviroth's Avatar
    I don't know what I expected.

    So we see the gas tank cover being sawed into a second section, some fenders and spikes... and watching them play WoW for a few minutes. And seriously, how can that guy NOT pick his talents before going into a dungeon / PvP? Come on...
  1. Laylriana's Avatar
    Why can't they just give us a wide view of the bikes so we can see if there's any progress?
  1. PuppetShowJustice's Avatar
    Interesting that they said it was freezing in New York.

    I wish I got paid to play video games at work when trying to make a harsh deadline.

    This show is beyond stupid. >.>;
  1. Axelond's Avatar
    Surely you don't actually need to build a fully functional bike to be able to put it into the game? Don't they just need a shell or a drawing design?
  1. Gheld's Avatar
    There was a little bit more technical stuff in this episode. This one was about 30-35% bike building. As opposed to the 5% in the last one.
  1. twh's Avatar
    I haven't, and will not, watch any of this garbage.
  1. Wreckeded's Avatar
    Damn the bike building was getting interesting until that pesky World of Warcraft showed up.

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