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Artcraft - Cosmetic Class Accessories
It looks like the developers are considering adding cosmetic items in Warlords of Draenor, such as the quiver that Hunters have been asking for!

  • These cosmetic items will probably make it into the game after the release of Warlords of Draenor and will be earned through accomplishments in game.
  • The concepts are for the moment Alliance-only but will be differentiated for each faction if Blizzard decides it's the best way to go.
  • These items could be added for every class. For example Rogues could decide to equip cosmetic daggers, vials of poison, darts, or throwing stars. Hunters could use longbows with quivers or blunderbusses with ammo pouches.
  • Transmogrification may also play a role in this system.
  • This is only a first concept and the dev team is still actively working on the idea.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hi, I’m Chris Robinson, senior art director of World of Warcraft, and welcome to a special edition of Artcraft focused on an idea that’s still quite early in the inception phase: class accessories. For a long time now, we’ve felt that our character classes could use some more visual customization options, and we’ve heard you might be thinking the same thing. When I play WoW, I see Hunters pulling arrows from thin air, firing shot after shot with no visible clue as to where that ammo is coming from. I’ve heard Druids speak fondly of mystical objects called Idols, and listened to Shamans talk of Totems. And my Paladin seems to have developed a strange hitch in his gait due to the lack of a Libram at his side.

While some of those items once existed in-game as gear for the now-retired “Relic” slot, you’ve never been able to actually see those items on your character. We’ve been cooking up some concepts for how we might be able to bring that sort of class-specific visual customization back in the form of purely cosmetic class accessories—and while we’re not here to herald their imminent arrival, we thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at what we’re conceptualizing from an art perspective, and have our item-design guru Owen Landgren give you some insight into how they might work.

Before we show you the goods, keep in mind these are still way early in the design process, and getting them into the game will likely need to wait until after you’ve faced off against the Iron Horde. But this is something that’s been requested so frequently, we thought you might appreciate knowing we’re working to make it happen (eventually). So without further delay, here are a few concepts for you to take a look at!

As you can see, these concepts are all somewhat Alliance focused, at least for now. We’re thinking we’ll have Horde and Alliance color schemes for accessories whenever it makes sense. And while we’re planning on creating the “obvious” accessories for the classes that once had Relics, we have a lot of ideas for accessories we think would be awesome for all of the classes. Don’t let that stop you from sharing your own ideas with us, though!

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at what we’re working on in the art realm, here’s Owen to explain the designers’ early thinking on how these might be worked into the game:

“Back in ye olden days of Cataclysm and earlier, the Relic gear slot provided some classes with an additional item that would impart character stat bonuses. We always thought it would have been cool to show these Relics on your character, but aside from the generic quiver for Hunters wielding a bow, the artists just didn’t have time to do the concept justice. We were also faced with some unique design challenges, including questions about how much additional unique artwork would have been required for each new tier of raid and PvP gear. However, once the Relic slot was retired and the visuals could be divorced from gearing mechanics, the idea of bringing these back as a character customization feature became something we talked about more and more.

Our goal with these class accessories is to offer players a whole new path to customizing the look of their character. While you might decide to wear the same armor as your friend, choosing different accessories allows you to communicate something extra about your character. As a Rogue, are you the swashbuckling buccaneer with daggers on a bandolier and stashed up every sleeve? Or are you the poisoner, carrying bubbling, smoking vials filled with terrible concoctions? Perhaps you’re the shadowy figure that lurks in the dark, replete with darts and throwing stars to fell your enemies from a distance? As you obtain new looks, you’ll be able to mix and match thematically—if a particular Hunter gear set looks better with a longbow and quiver than a blunderbuss and ammo pouch, the option is yours. Mix in Transmogrification, and the visual combinations are nearly endless.

“We envision that class accessories will be rewarded from a variety of accomplishments in World of Warcraft. These could be as simple as attaining a new level, or as monumental as conquering a vicious raid boss. We want each player to have access to multiple accessories, but have some rarer accessories that take more effort to obtain.”

—Owen Landgren, Game Designer

Hey there—Chris again. As we mentioned, these are still just some early ideas and concepts, and we hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse behind the scenes. We know a lot of you are excited about the idea of having new ways to customize the look of your characters, and we look forward to sharing more as we continue to make progress. Thanks for reading!
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  1. finskee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    No, we haven't to wait. They are releasing plenty of information on how Garrisons are being simplified and defaced, turning into a very bland feature.

    Pet battles was the last thing released as promised if I remember right.
    Actually just within the last year they gave us, we could add: proving grounds and flex mode. And if you are going to mention pet battles, lets add: A new talent system, Connected realms, Account wide-everything, AOE looting, A new battlefield, Brawler's Guild, Scenarios, etc. All things promised and delivered.

    And that is not a complete list! I have to include everything promised and delivered, and that includes an expansion, and 4 content patches. All on time. All delivered!

    So you remember wrong I guess.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by machineman View Post
    Loooks like they're worried about WildStar.
    The idea that this little picture of some quivers and daggers could keep anyone from purchasing wildstar... gave me a good laugh. Thankyou.
  1. Stellan's Avatar
    I have to assume that Blizzard is actively holding the WoD beta back because of their company wide scheduling plans. What other reason for something as trivial as this?
  1. finskee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stellan View Post
    I have to assume that Blizzard is actively holding the WoD beta back because of their company wide scheduling plans. What other reason for something as trivial as this?
    Do you really want me to list any reason or can we just admit you don't know them?

    We know they are in alpha.

    We know that back at Blizzcon they had a hell of a lot done on their initial builds, and they have been working on it since then.

    So we can guess that a lot of the expansion is done.

    But do you think they really need to get the beta out quickly, so you can play it? They might not. It could be as simple as that.
  1. Grindycore's Avatar
    Skulls on my belt,dk exclusive :3
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Yes, those dozen of polygons can eat a lot.
    Buy a real computer then. You cheap people with your crappy ass computers. Everyone else has to by a new playstation every number of years. So should computers. So us with good ones arent stuck with crappy design

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Luccas View Post
    I would probably be excited, but I'm rather expecting... COMING IN BLIZZARD STORE SOON YO!
    I think they realized their mistake with the helms. This would be something to get players back.
  1. dimedog's Avatar
    This could be pretty neat, especially for roleplayers who've wanted more customization for aaaages.

    ..Still hoping they add scarring options like Pandaren males have tho. Feels weird having an unmarred orc warrior.
  1. Chaoss17's Avatar
    Make an RPG, please.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaoss17 View Post
    Make an RPG, please.
    Come again?
  1. TheCookieGod's Avatar
    "We envision that class accessories will be rewarded from a variety of accomplishments in World of Warcraft. These could be as simple as attaining a new level, or as monumental as conquering a vicious raid boss. We want each player to have access to multiple accessories, but have some rarer accessories that take more effort to obtain"

    The number of illiterates screaming Blizzard Store is astounding.
  1. Crembrole's Avatar
    This is cool. I always love customizing my character more, and completing quests or achievements to get the customization is a great idea.
  1. Mesec's Avatar
    Inb4 this is all about future microtransactions, please no T_T
  1. amani's Avatar
    i like when the community is on blizzards side.. i hope WoD is gona delayed until spring 2015, so maybe, just maybe, the last fanboy 12 y old kiddy realizes that blizzard is sht on the community, so its why they said always "we want to release faster" "no more 1y without pve content" ..

    but either then, there will be stil some never-grown-up players, who would buy piece of shit if there would be a blizzard trade mark on it.
  1. Awbee's Avatar
    I love this, and I find this a LOT more appealing than garrisons. Garrisons sound boring and lacking in customization. This, however, looks like very nice customization I sure hope though that the accessories will not only be "Horde" and "Alliance" themed again (just like garrisons -.- ) cause that would again mean stuff that only looks good on humans ond orcs. Sick of that.
  1. Misthunter8's Avatar
    I just finished a break-down of the Monk tier 17 on my blog, I've also given a peek at tier 17 Mage, Shaman and Rogue too. They haven't been published on MMO-Champion yet
  1. Pasterz's Avatar
    I wonder how new totems will look like
  1. Lycanitus's Avatar
    Quivers etc. will be a nice touch but like others have said, I'd like to see the details on armor/cloth become 3D (chains, skulls etc.) I don't know what the rendering overheads would be, but fingers crossed.
  1. amperjay's Avatar

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