Warcraft Movie - Animated Logo and Teaser Description
Comic-Con visitors got another teaser for the Warcraft movie this year, but no footage has appeared as of yet. For now we have a short description thanks to comingsoon, SlashFilm, ScreenRant, IGN, and io9:

  • The movie focuses on the origin of conflict between Humans and Orcs in Azeroth.
  • The story should be accessible to everyone, not just Warcraft fans.
  • A human (Travis Fimmell) wearing Alliance themed armor is up first. He wonders if he is a fool for spending so much time protecting his king and so little protecting his son.
  • An orc was up next, noting that he had led thousands of warriors into battle but fears becoming a father, wondering if that makes him a leader or a coward.
  • A giant throne, armory, green sky, gryphon, and other Warcraft elements appear in the teaser.
  • Magic and melee fighting occur between the Orcs and Humans. Ben Foster appears as Medivh.
  • SlashFilm mentioned the Orcs are already Lord of the Rings quality, but ScreenRant mentions that they look far from finished.
  • Everyone seems to agree that the scenery looks great!

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  1. Artey's Avatar
    Well I for one think it's adorable they had the Blizzard employee kids animate the logo. Kudos guys!
  1. asphyx5's Avatar
    So far it's not looking to good imo, logo itself is so bland it's not even funny, sure seems like it's gonna be one of those Uwe Boll Directed Movies.
    Sad really the movie should've came out during lich king expansion.... long overdue.
  1. tebbles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by theredviola View Post
    I don't like it already based on that description. Dear Hollywood:


    I'm not sure exactly how this constitutes 'family drama'. It's called inner turmoil. It's just one tool used to explore a character, especially a character embroiled in conflict. It has nothing to do with 'family drama', least of all the kind you'd find in Full House.

    Go home, troll.
  1. Zoshkosh's Avatar
    This movie is doomed...doomed I tell you. Some say they needed a new logo to appeal to the masses, then why have a StarCraft sci-fi space battle looking one? There's a starman waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds. This is Ziggy to Zowie. See what I did there. I digress. The font is all wrong for the genre. This is the harbinger of an Uwe Boll production......wait did Uwe Boll secretly take over Legendary?!?!?

    Maybe Zowie's daddy could channel the eighties hair band look and make an elven cameo akin to Labyrinth.
  1. Remindme's Avatar
    Looking forward to watching this.
  1. phyx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawer View Post
    So we had 2 screening teasers now and no leak ? Who da hell is watching these that in the era of smartphones and cameras everywhere noone could take atleast a poor quality copy out ?
    I'm asking myself the same question. Also, it is a bit shitty that Comic-con gets yet another teaser. Maybe there's some kind of a super-secret protocol/jamming device that instantly makes people not to leak super hot topics.
  1. Suggs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sweatshopkids View Post
    I don't speak Mexican.
    its not mexican it a language called ;
    Fucking immature twats that sit in sodapoppins stream all day.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Singularity View Post
    This. Everyone is raving about the trailer. I'll reserve my judgement until the movie is actually released, but I'm confident it will be good. Blizzard loves the Warcraft franchise too much to let it go to shit. HYPE

    Hahahah made me chuckle.......
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoaric View Post
    The First War. From what we know, it sounds like it will start shortly after the orcs
    come through the Dark Portal, or a short while before it.

    So, Warcraft 1.
    Ah, thank you!

    Oh...but then does that mean we won't see any of the other playable races?

    I would've loved to see Tauren & Trolls at least...
  1. MrApple's Avatar
    The sad thing is that no matter if the movie is the best movie ever made, there will always be shitty little trolls doing everything they can to shit on it.

    Thats how the world works. Im for one looking forward to it. Shitty or not
  1. DarkIron's Avatar
    Beside the logo just looking like crap that is a given, it is infact so bad, when you watch it, you'll notice it doesn't have any realism to it, i.e. the metal doesn't look like metal at all and the burning parts don't look real either, this is 2014 and this logo looks like it was drawn in the 1980's.

    Seriously, it looks like Orc's in Space the Cartoon Series.

    If they want to change the logo at least make it look serous and real. This looks like the start of a bad cartoon on public cable. They must of spent an entire $10 on the software to make this logo at Best Buy. They walked in saw the software 'Logo maker' and though hell ya!

    Absolutely hideous logo, legendary should be ashamed of themselves.

    And the animation is poor to say the best of it. I'm sorry a little bit of burning then spontaneous combustion with the most generic burnout ever? Really?

    Seriously the more I watch the logo the more terrible it gets.

    Why does the logo start off burning? Shouldn't it come in as the metal logo, then slow start to burn away?

    Also, look at the "C" when it fades in it the bottom have is burned, but then magically the burning porition of transforms the burnt part to the metal part, just to have it all burn away? Really, if this little detail is paid in something as simple as the logo, I'd hate to see what the actual import parts are going to look like. They can't even do the burnout of the logo correctly.

    Blizzard put an end to this maddness, force Legendary to use the Warcraft logo. They can make it shiny so people don't think it is cartoony, the logo and font is fine, but for the love of god get rid of this trash logo legendary has made.
  1. petrikov's Avatar
    So far, I have zero confidence in this movie, (1) rather than it's being an average fantasy movie with an average length of entertainment. - People should not take this whole thing as a WarCraft Movie; Especially the WarCraft Fans. They clearly aim a wider audience and to make that happen, they might "change" things a bit. (2)

    Don't let the hype blind you. (3)

    (1) or in any movie that which is based on a video game.
    (2) or at least Storytelling will be dumbed down.
    (3) and the funny thing that they couldn't have realized over these years is - they don't need hype.
  1. Littleraven's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrApple View Post
    The sad thing is that no matter if the movie is the best movie ever made, there will always be shitty little trolls doing everything they can to shit on it.

    Thats how the world works. Im for one looking forward to it. Shitty or not
    people actually troll stuff MORE if its successful. look at ANY huge movie phenomenon. you always have the people trashing it for one reason or another. sure some people genuinely dont like things but you have people who hate on shit just to hate on it.

    OT: im excited. im hoping its gonna be good and im thinking ti will be. im not expecting it to be the best movie ever made but if it is being likend to LOTR at ALL i think its gonna be good. i just hope that people realize its its own thing and dont pass it off AS LOTR.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    Ah, thank you!

    Oh...but then does that mean we won't see any of the other playable races?

    I would've loved to see Tauren & Trolls at least...
    Pretty much. We may see a high elf or troll somewhere, but not much other than that.
  1. Sathnick's Avatar
    wow - funny to read through all the Panic comments...

    From the logo it should be clear who is the Antagonist here - Algalon!
  1. Axaron's Avatar
    That font really is some shit-tier Transformers looking garbage. Can Blizzard do anything to stop this from being the logo?
  1. AndreiBD's Avatar
    The wow players community has very high expectations from this movie and make no mistake the biggest criticism will come from us . I very much fear that the movie will be like chronicles or narnia or whatever, random strange creatures and a shitty plot .
    The logo is a joke , it cant be that awful , it looks like something a kindergarten kid did in word art
  1. razzex's Avatar
    Anyone knows if they plan to release the trailer to public ?
  1. Chaoss17's Avatar
    I can't go to Comic con so I will never see those teasers
  1. Yoda11's Avatar
    lol at all the people dooming this movie because of the "logo". let's look past the logo for a bit huh and look at the people involved in this film.

    Director: duncan jones, we all know his credibility in the industry i'm assuming
    Cinematographer: Simon Duggan, i will admit his body of work is not that impressive. I, Robot, 300: RoE, and Great Gatsby.
    Editor: Paul Hirsch, this dude has an oscar for his editing. he worked on the original SW trilogy and MI movies
    Casting directors: Lindsay Grahem and Mary Vernieu: they did casting for movies like; SLP, black swan, Looper, Sin City
    VFX company they are using produced for movies like CA: Winter soldier, hunger games movies, X-men DoFP
    the SFX supervisor has won two oscars for Life of Pi and Golden Compass, so the CGI will be oscar caliber.
    Pre-production budget of 100+mil. post production and completion of film and ad campaign will prolly set the movie to about 150mil+ budget.

    The actors involved are all up and coming stars or veteran respected actors within hollywood, unless you all wanted big names.

    how is a movie with this much caliber and production can be compared to the likes of older VG movie adaptations or a quick money grab.

    The reason why the shooting of the film is relatively short was because the premise of the film is a two sided story from both the horde and alliance PoV through Lothar and Durotan's PoV. The horde PoV is already confirmed to be motion captured (planet of the apes, gollum, smaug style for those who don't know). Pretty much half of the movie will be motion capture which is why post production is 20 months long because mo-cap is usually done during post production.

    Even with all this said this movie can still suck, but it won't be for stupid reasons like the logo, not enough effort is put into it, no passion, money grab, low budget shitfest. If this movie suck it will be because of things like script, storytelling, pace, tone, and other shit that really affect the outcome of a movie.
  1. Jagang's Avatar
    I don't understand something about comic con. If yoou look at youtube, the marvel panel has been uploaded completely. its like a 34 min video. Why dont they upload all of the panel? Even if the argument was "only the big time important stuff" then Legendary would still count. Is it some weird thing to keep everyone from seeing anything at all about this movie? Seems so weird to me.

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