Warcraft Movie - Animated Logo and Teaser Description
Comic-Con visitors got another teaser for the Warcraft movie this year, but no footage has appeared as of yet. For now we have a short description thanks to comingsoon, SlashFilm, ScreenRant, IGN, and io9:

  • The movie focuses on the origin of conflict between Humans and Orcs in Azeroth.
  • The story should be accessible to everyone, not just Warcraft fans.
  • A human (Travis Fimmell) wearing Alliance themed armor is up first. He wonders if he is a fool for spending so much time protecting his king and so little protecting his son.
  • An orc was up next, noting that he had led thousands of warriors into battle but fears becoming a father, wondering if that makes him a leader or a coward.
  • A giant throne, armory, green sky, gryphon, and other Warcraft elements appear in the teaser.
  • Magic and melee fighting occur between the Orcs and Humans. Ben Foster appears as Medivh.
  • SlashFilm mentioned the Orcs are already Lord of the Rings quality, but ScreenRant mentions that they look far from finished.
  • Everyone seems to agree that the scenery looks great!

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  1. kxk03dccreator's Avatar
    "Heavy breathing"!!
  1. Yoda11's Avatar
    this is all DJ did at SDCC 2014 since they don't wanna introduce the cast or anything yet even tho they are already publicly announced.......
    I think much more info and shit will be talked about at BC 2014 and maybe even some of the majore characters like Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, and Dominic Cooper might attend.
    SDCC 2015 will definitely have a full blown 45min Warcraft panel no doubt, and BC 2015 will prolly have a full length 2:30 min trailer.
  1. Eric The Midget's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbane View Post

    Fuck you, Travis Fimmel is a fucking BEAST.
    Sorry, no. If that guys is indeed playing Lothar I think I'll rage.

    Lothar is described as a balding huge bulking man who towers over everyone. This guy is nothing like that. Plus he's simply too young. This dude isn't Lothar.

    The guy they got playing Medivh could work though.

    I don't think this movie is going to get good reviews no matter what though. People will hear it's a video game based movie and shit all over it from then on based on that statement =\

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