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Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley is the starting zone for the Alliance in Draenor, as well as the Alliance Garrison location. It contains Karabor and the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds dungeon.



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Level Name Objective
100Engineering FailureRetrieve the Siege Engine Schematics from Siege Engineer Dakkor.
100Engineering FailureRetrieve the Siege Engine Schematics from Siege Engineer Dakkor.
100Grommar Forces
100Mutation StationAssist Grulk in destroying the Mutation Lab by administering the Mutation Serum to him.
100Mutation StationAssist Grulk in destroying the Mutation Lab by administering the Mutation Serum to him.
99Darktide Defender
99Dirty RatsUse the rats to destroy Unmanned Shredders on Darktide Roost.
99Downsizing the DarktideTakedown the Darktide leadership.
99Free their MindsUse the Rylak Mind Controller on Controlled Rylaks.
99Kill Thunderlord Masterxxxxx
99Releasing RylakFree the Caged Rylaks on Darktide Roost.
99Rylak RescueKill Razz Ricketroz at Darktide Roost.
93Taking Back What's OursKill Commander Krog and Retrieve the Power Core.
93This One Is Just RightRetrieve Mokrik's Tattered Journal, Rukah's Dusty Journal, and Gar's Well-Kept Journal.
93Two Birds, One Power CoreKill Mokrik Blackfingers, Rukah the Machinist, and Gar Steelcrush in the Second Meridian [PH].
92[NYI] The Righteous MarchEscort Karabor's army to Grommar by slaying all the orcs in the Iron March.
92[NYI] A Light in the DarkSpeak to Prophet Velen at Teluuna Observatory in Shadowmoon Valley.
92[NYI] The Defense of KaraborKill all the orcs in Grommar.
92[NYI]A Taint Upon the WoodsKill 15 fel-tainted creatures in the Tainted Woods.
92[NYI]Catching His EyeCapture the All-Seeing Eye.
92[NYI]Cleaning Up Gul'varKill 20 Shadow Council orcs at Gul'var.
92[NYI]Cleaning Up Gul'varKill 20 Shadow Council orcs at Gul'var.
92[NYI]Forging the Soul TrapForge Gul'dan's Soul Trap.
92[NYI]Hearts On FireCollect the Fiery Hearts.
92[NYI]Khadgar AwaitsHear Cordana Felsong's tale.
92[NYI]Ominous PortentsCompel the All-Seeing Eye.
92[NYI]ShadowmoonwellCollect a Chunk of Moon Rock.
92[NYI]Shrouding StonesDestroy the Southwestern, Central, and Northeastern Shrouding Stones.
92[NYI]Soul Shards of SummoningCollect Kurgoth's Shard, Grogal's Shard, and Hagra's Shard.
92[NYI]To Catch a ShadowUse Gul'dan's Soul Trap on Gul'dan.
92[NYI]West to the WardenSeek out Cordana Felsong at West Camp in Shadowmoon Valley.
91[NYI] Breaking the CitadelSpeak to Scout Tenemus at Arkaat Outpost in Shadowmoon Valley.
91[NYI] Chasing ShadowsSpeak to Rulkan at Palemoon Village.
91[NYI] Close PortalsPH
91[NYI] Collect RunesFind Master Artificer Romuul at Teluuna Observatory.
91[NYI] Harbingers of the VoidDestroy the Essence of Shadow, Essence of Darkness, and Essence of the Void.
91[NYI] On the OffensiveKill 15 Shadowmoon Darkcasters or Shadowmoon Voidclaws.
91[NYI] The Dark Side of the MoonFind Ner'zhul.
91[NYI] The Great SalvationFree 8 Draenei Prisoners from their cages.
91[NYI] The Names of Our AncestorsFind the Shadowmoon Codex.
91[NYI] Totemic DestructionDestroy 5 Umbral Totems.
91[NYI] Vision RitualSpeak to Prophet Velen at Teluuna Observatory in Shadowmoon Valley.
91A Grandmother's RemedyPlace Velen's Staff on the southern side of the arkonite crystal at the Whispering Fields.
91A Matter of Life and DeathFind Arekk, Diaani, and Zuulo in Bloodthorn Cave.
91Captured CrittersFree Captured Critters in Podlingpatch Forest.
91Clip King DeathbloomKill King Deathbloom.
91Closing InTrack down Hemma Beringer.
91Cooking With Unstable HerbsHelp Susanna Eyesley brew the elixir for the shadow rose in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Darkness in ShadowmoonSlay U'luut in Moonwillow Peak.
91Drogguk's RevengeAvenge Drogguk's death by slaying Recruiter Golzok in the Iron March.
91Ending the GloomPlace Velen's Staff near the arkonite crystal.
91Escape From Shaz'gulHelp Yrel escape from Shaz'gul.
91Fungal HeartCollect 3 Fungal Hearts.
91Gloomshade Game Hunter
91Going UndercoverPlant explosives at key locations in Shaz'gul.
91Keeping CalmFind Kaduz in the Cave of Spirits below Palemoon Village and rescue him from Ner'zhul's agent.
91Keeping CalmSpeak to Dulga in Palemoon Village.
91Keeping the BalanceKill Snapgrip in The Arbitum.
91Lifebloom OrchidsCollect 4 Lifebloom Orchids and bring them to Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Loss of ControlAdminister Princess Tess Greymane's potion to Hemma Beringer.
91Origin UnknownSlay 4 Voidborne Errants in Waning Crescent. Afterwards, shut down the portal in Waning Crescent.
91Prune the Podlings
91Swamplighter DustCollect 6 Swamplighter Dust.
91The Dark That Blinds UsTake chalk rubbings of the northern, northeastern, central, and southern Tribal Stones in the Whispering Fields.
91The Plight of the WorgenObtain 6 Soothpetal Flowers and 8 Frog Eyes and bring them to Tess Greymane in Twilight Glade.
91The Pursuit of JusticeSpeak to Prophet Velen at Twilight Glade in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Search For DroggukFind Drogguk in the Iron March.
91The Shadow RoseObtain the Shadow Rose from Shadowlash for Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Solution's A SolutionCollect 1 Riverbeast Heart,2 Sporebat Venom, 4 Poisonvine Fronds, and 6 Moonlit Herbs in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Survivalist's WayCollect 6 Glowworm Silk and 12 Razorfang Teeth in The Arbitum in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Wayward HerbalistFind Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Trouble to the SouthFind Captain Renault south of Pilgrim's Sojourn in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Wanted: Kliaa's Stinger
3 players
Kill Kliaa and bring its stinger to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
91Wanted: Kuu'rat's Tusks
3 players
Slay Kuu'rat and bring her tusks to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
91Wanted: Maa'run's Hoof
3 players
Kill Maa'run and bring his hoof to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
90A Pristine StarflowerCollect 1 Pristine Starflower.
90Build the Barracksxxxxxx
90Clearing out the Shadowsxxxxxx
90Collect Wolf Peltsxxxxxx
90Follow Velen
90Gather Lumberxxxxxx
90Kill Gorenxxxxxx
90Open the Portalxxxx
90Plant the Flagxxxxx
90Recruit a Followerxxxxx

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