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by Published on 2016-06-25 10:17 AM

Play Your Way Returns - Davlok's "One Kick Monk" Build, Anthony Evans' Templar GR Setup

Yong Woo Dev Interview - Donuts, Americas Spring Championships this Weekend, Jaina vs Gul'dan

Basic Matchmaking Concepts, MMR & the Soft Reset Explained

Overwatch PTR Patch - Competitive Season 1, Golden Guns, Animated Spray, Competitive Strings, Textures, New Interface Features

Battle.Net - Facebook Streaming
Tonight's Battle.Net Alpha update added the code to allow for users to stream to Facebook.

We tested the quality with Hearthstone, but you can stream any of the games in the launcher. The quality isn't great, but keep in mind that this feature is not actually released or even active yet.

AskMrRobot - Legion Simulator
AskMrRobot has released a simulator to model Legion bosses and gameplay. You can read all of the details in their intro post and help page.

  • Lots of the details of simulation are contained on a wiki for everyone to see and edit.
  • This includes how spells work, how buffs interact, and the assumptions made in spell rotations.
  • The simulator will model every boss in Legion with multiple scenarios.
  • Simulation setups can be shared and modified.
  • Currently every DPS spec is implemented with basic rotations, most Legion gear is added, and web based simulations are available.
  • In the future a client is coming so that more intensive simulations can be run locally, batch simulations, distributed simulations, stat weight generation, and more.

Warcraft Movie - China Box Office Update
The Warcraft Movie earned $0.95M in China on Friday, bringing the total to $215.5M.

Raid Testing Schedule - June 24-27
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Within a few hours, we will be opening the first Raid Finder wing of the Emerald Nightmare. We'll leave it open over the weekend.

On Monday, June 27, we will continue our Legion Mythic raid testing.

Remember that Heroic difficulty scales for any group size between 10 and 30 players, so feel free to assemble and bring a group of any size within that range. Mythic, of course, requires 20 and does not scale.

Monday, June 27

Chronomatic Anomaly - Mythic Nighthold
13:30 PDT (16:30 EDT, 22:30 CEST)

Trilliax - Mythic Nighthold
15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 00:00 CEST)

As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a beta environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback.

FEEDBACK: Darkbough (Raid Finder)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The first week of the Emerald Nightmare raid is now open in Raid Finder, containing Nythendra, Il'gynoth, and Elerethe Renferal. Players level 100+ may queue, and players' level and item level will be scaled accordingly.

Please use this thread for any feedback on mechanics, clarity, tuning, bugs, etc.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Level 100 Template Characters
When you make a character there should be a bar at the top of the screen to select level 1 or level 100. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legion Transmog
Cudgel of the Warmaster. The lfr appearance shows up in my appearance tab as not collected. As far as I know dragon soul lfr weapons not from deathwing never dropped on live servers and this is an unobtainable item. I mean, if you're gonna have them start dropping from DS LFR that's great, though.
This is now a thing. Get your recolors on. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Beta Crash Every Morning
We've figured out why this keeps happening; we don't have a fix in place yet but it's definitely going to need fixing. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Horn of Valor Nerf
Is it as intended for regular heroic horn of valor to have the same agility on use effect as a titanforged mythic horn? I have a titanforged and it feels so underwhelming to have the same agility on use as a heroic version.
This is a data bug and will be fixed in a future build. Thanks! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Demon Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Vengeance Demon Hunter -- Legion Beta Feedback
The current damage of Soul Cleave (after a hotfix overnight) is the intended damage after the recent redesign. The tooltip will be corrected in an upcoming build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Fire Mage -- Legion Beta Feedback
There may still have to be some tuning on Phoenix Flames, once we see how the auto-crit fits into the rotation. Overall it's an effect we like, and part of the reason is that it helps stop Combustion from being the only correct time to use PF. But the 90sec recharge is too long--that will be reduced next build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Enhancement Shaman Feedback -- Legion Beta Feedback
To clarify a few things:
--This build caught the middle of a few changes. Next build, Maelstrom Weapon will affect autoattacks and Windfury attacks. That should keep Windfury relevant to the rotation, but still leave Maelstrom generation lower than before (which we found to be too high). In addition, there is no longer the confusing and unnecessary fact that Stormstrike and Lava Lash both spent and generated Maelstrom.
--There's no intended change to Feral Spirits; that's a tooltip bug.
--The rotation with Boulderfist is meant to be Maelstrom-limited (i.e., it should have open GCD's, unlike the usual rotation). After Maelstrom Weapon is working properly, we'll see if the Boulderfist rotation is correct as far as pacing, and can tune the damage from there. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Final Boss - Assassination Rogue Spec Preview
Final Boss is back with a second round of spec previews.

by Published on 2016-06-24 12:23 AM

Patch 7.0.3 Beta - Build 22018
Build 22018 was deployed to the Beta realms.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Note that this was a mistake - we intended to edit the description of "Glory of the Legion Hero," which is the mount-awarding meta-achievement for various gimmicks and challenging boss kills throughout Legion's dungeons. And those achievements really were always designed for (and in practice, almost always done by) organized groups. Achievement-seekers could sometimes even be disruptive to Group Finder Heroic groups. The existence of a baseline Mythic difficulty now allowed us to better match the framing of these achievements with their target audience.

The base "Legion Dungeon Hero" achievement for clearing all dungeons still only requires Heroic - fixed

Transmog Update
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
3 updates for you in this build, and the next.

We believe that all Mail Bind on Eqiup items that differ from live servers (i.e. were changed to plate) have been reverted to Mail to avoid breaking existing transmogs that relied on these items. Please let us know if we missed any - use wowhead to check the status of current items if you are unsure.

Racial restrictions that were added which differ from live (Very Lite Sabre, etc.) are removed in this build. When we audited these items, we discovered some items that we feel should have converted to faction-specific items that were not doing so: the primary source of these are the level 50 quest helms. These items have been changed so they will always match your faction, granting you credit for both appearances but ensuring you aren't transmogging to the Helm of the Horde on your Alliance character. This is consistent with other items that are strongly faction associated. If you encounter further items that differ from live in this manner, please let us know.

In addition, this build should contain back-credit fixes for Rhok, Quel'delar (granting ALL variants), and the Warcraft movie items. The next build will contain fixes for Griftah's, Benediction, and will also back-credit the T0.0 dungeon items if you completed the quests for the T0.5 quests.

New Items
You can see the full list of new items on the WoWDB Beta site.

Level Type Name
110Junk Fel Corrupted Weapon
100Other Mark of Aquaos
680Cloth Cowl of the Doomed Ritual
50Cloth Crown of the Hallowed
680Cloth Shoulderpads of the Doomed Ritual
680Cloth Robe of the Doomed Ritual
680Cloth Leggings of the Doomed Ritual
680Cloth Sandals of the Doomed Ritual
680Cloth Handwraps of the Doomed Ritual
50Plate Headguard of the Order
50Plate Faceguard of the Order
50Plate Helm of the Order
1Cosmetic Jewel of the Firelord
1Cosmetic Crown of Eternal Winter
1Cosmetic Hood of Hungering Darkness
110Other Greater Valarjar Insignia
110Other Greater Dreamweaver Insignia
110Other Greater Court of Farondis Insignia
110Other Greater Highmountain Tribe Insignia
110Other Greater Wardens Insignia
110Other Greater Nightfallen Insignia
110Other Soul Flame of Fortification
110Other Soul Flame of Alacrity
110Other Soul Flame of Insight
110Other Soul Flame of Rejuvenation
110Other Soul Flame of Castigation
110Other Flaming Demonheart
110Other Shadowy Demonheart
110Other Coercive Demonheart
110Other Whispering Demonheart
110Other Immense Demonheart

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Class Hall

Dungeons & Raids
  • Glory of the Legion Hero Complete the Legion Heroic Mythic dungeon achievements listed below. Mount Reward: Leyfeather Hippogryph. 25 points. Account Wide.
  • Legion Dungeon Hero Complete the Legion Mythic Heroic dungeon achievements listed below. 20 points. Account Wide.


Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Demon Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Demon Blades Your auto attacks have a 50% 75% chance to deal additional Shadow damage and generate Fury. Havoc Demon Hunter - Level 100 Talent.
  • Soul Barrier Shield yourself for 8 sec, absorbing [*800% of AP * Percent Health + 8% [*1,500% of AP * Percent Health + 15% of AP * AP * Percent Health*] damage. Consuming a Soul Fragment adds [*200% [*250% of AP * Percent Health*] to the shield. Soul Barrier's absorption cannot be reduced below [*AP [*200% of AP * Percent Health*]. Consumes all Soul Fragments within 20 yds. Vengeance Demon Hunter - Level 110 Talent. 300 Pain. Instant. 20 sec cooldown.

  • Shear Shears an enemy for (375% of weapon damage) Physical damage, and has a small chance to shatter a Lesser Soul Fragment from your target that heals you for 0 health when consumed. Generates 12 10 Pain. Demon Hunter - Vengeance Spec. Melee range. Instant.
  • Soul Cleave (New) Viciously strike all enemies in front of you for [*2.000 * 1% of weapon damage*] Physical damage, and heal yourself for [*425% of AP*]. Spending more Pain increases the damage and healing done. Consumes all Soul Fragments within 20 yds. Demon Hunter - Vengeance Spec. 200 Pain. Melee range. Instant.

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Cenarion Ward Heals the target for [*350% [*220% of Spell Power*] every 2 sec for 6 8 sec. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Lifebloom Heals the target for [*15 + 20% 25% of Spell Power*] over 15 sec. When Lifebloom expires or is dispelled, the target is instantly healed for [*200% [*250% of Spell Power*]. Limit 1. 40 yd range. Instant.

  • Cenarion Ward Protects a friendly target for 30 sec. Any damage taken will consume the ward and heal the target for [*350% of Spell Power*] over 6 [*220% of Spell Power*] over 8 sec. Can't be cast in Flight Form. Restoration Druid - Level 15 Talent. 9.2% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.

PvP Talents

  • Lifebloom Heals the target for [*15 + 20% 25% of Spell Power*] over 15 sec. When Lifebloom expires or is dispelled, the target is instantly healed for [*200% [*250% of Spell Power*]. Limit 1. Can be cast in Tree of Life Form. Can't be cast in Cat Form, Travel Form, Bear Form, Moonkin Form. Limited to 1 target. Druid - Restoration Spec. 12% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant.

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
PvP Talents
  • Survival Tactics Feign Death removes all harmful magical effects, and reduces damage taken by 100% 99% for 1.5 sec. Hunter Any2 Role - Tier 2 PvP Talent.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Phoenix's Flames Hurls a Phoenix that causes [*1 + 500% of Spell Power*] Fire damage to the target and splashes [*150% of Spell Power*] Fire damage to other nearby enemies. This damage is always a critical strike. Artifact. 40 yd range. Instant.

  • Arcane Familiar Summon a Familiar that attacks your enemies and increases your maximum mana by 10%. Lasts 60 min. Arcane Mage - Level 15 Talent. Instant. 60 sec cooldown. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Erosion Your attacks erode the target's resistances, increasing all damage the target takes from your Arcane spells by 1%, stacking up to 8 times. After 3 sec of not taking damage from your spells, this effect decreases by 1% every 1 sec. Arcane Mage - Level 90 Talent. 40 yd range. 60 sec cooldown.
  • Flame On Immediately grants 2 charges of Inferno Fire Blast. Fire Mage - Level 60 Talent. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
  • Kindling Your Fireball, Pyroblast, and Inferno Fire Blast critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1 sec. Fire Mage - Level 100 Talent.
  • Rune of Power Places a Rune of Power on the ground for 10 sec which increases your spell damage by 50% while you stand within 8 yds. Max 2 charges. Mage - Level 45 Talent. 30 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Shimmer Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. Max 2 charges. Mage - Level 30 Talent. 2% of Base Mana. Instant. 0.5 sec cooldown.

PvP Talents
  • Deep Shatter Your Frostbolt deals 300% additional damage to Frozen targets. Replaces Fingers of Frost (Passive Frostbolt, Frozen Orb, Blizzard, Freeze, and Water Jet can no longer generate Fingers of Frost). Frost Mage - Tier 4 PvP Talent.

Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Tiger Palm (Brewmaster) Reduces the remaining cooldown on Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew by 1 sec. your Brews by 1 sec.

  • Black Ox Brew Chug some Black Ox Brew, which instantly refills your Energy, and your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. Brewmaster Monk - Level 45 Talent. Instant. 60 sec cooldown. 1.5 min cooldown.
  • Blackout Combo Name changed from "Fortified Mind" to "Blackout Combo". Keg Smash and Tiger Palm now also reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew Blackout Strike also empowers your next ability: Tiger Palm: Damage increased by 200%. Breath of Fire: Cooldown reduced by 6 sec. Keg Smash: Reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 2 additional sec. Ironskin Brew: Grants you a stack of Elusive Brawler. Purifying Brew: Pauses Stagger damage for 3 sec. Brewmaster Monk - Level 100 Talent.
  • Elusive Dance Purifying Brew now clears an additional 15% of damage delayed with Stagger. It also grants up to 15% Dodge and damage done for 6 sec, based on the level of Stagger damage purified. Brewmaster Monk - Level 100 Talent.
  • High Tolerance Stagger delays an additional 5% of incoming damage 10% of incoming damage. You gain up to 15% Haste based on your current level of Stagger. Brewmaster Monk - Level 100 Talent.

  • Fortifying Brew Turns your skin to stone for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20%. Monk - Brewmaster Spec. Instant. 5 min cooldown. 7 min cooldown.
  • Keg Smash Smash a keg of brew on the target, dealing [*1 + 900% of AP*] damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. Reduces the remaining cooldown on Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew your Brews by 4 sec. Monk - Brewmaster Spec. 40 Energy. 15 yd range. Instant. 8 sec cooldown.

  • Thunder Focus Tea Receive a jolt of energy, empowering your next spell cast: Renewing Mist: Does not trigger cooldown. Effuse: Healing increased by 150% 200%. Enveloping Mist: Instant cast. Essence Font: Castable while moving. Vivify: No mana cost. Monk - Mistweaver Spec. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.

PvP Talents
  • Gladiator's Medallion Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character while in PvP combat. Replaces Honorable Medallion. Any2 Role - Tier 0 PvP Talent. Instant. 2 min cooldown.

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Consecration Deals [*1 + 45% 30% of AP*] Holy damage to enemies within 8 yards. Unlimited range. Instant.
  • Crusader Strike (Holy, Protection) Strike the target for (160% 180% of weapon damage) Physical damage.
  • Crusader Strike (Retribution) Strike the target for (160% 180% of weapon damage) Physical damage.
  • Judgment (Holy) Judges the target, dealing [*1 + 200% 220% of Spell Power*] Holy damage, and causing the target to take 0% increased damage from your Crusader Strike and Holy Shock for 6 sec.
  • Judgment (Protection) Judges the target, dealing [*1 + 200% 220% of Spell Power*] Holy damage, and reducing the remaining cooldown on Shield of the Righteous by 1 sec, or 2 sec on a critical strike.
  • Judgment (Retribution) Judges the target and 1 other nearby enemy, dealing [*1 + 200% 220% of Spell Power*] Holy damage, and causing them to take 0% increased damage taken from your Holy Power spenders for 8 sec.

  • Beacon of Virtue Apply a Beacon of Light to your target and 3 injured allies within 30 yards for 8 sec. Your heals will heal all of them for 40% of the amount healed. Holy Paladin - Level 100 Talent. 15% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 12 sec cooldown. 15 sec cooldown.
  • Blade of Wrath Strikes an enemy with the Blade of Wrath, dealing (100% 140% of weapon damage) Holy damage, and an additional [*40% [*55% of AP*] Holy damage over 6 sec. |cFFFFFFFFGenerates 2 Holy Power. Retribution Paladin - Level 60 Talent. 12 yd range. Instant. 7 sec cooldown.
  • Blinding Light Emits dazzling light in all directions, blinding enemies within 10 yards, dealing (1% of weapon damage) Holy) damage and causing them to wander disoriented for 6 sec. Non-Holy damage will break the disorient effect. Paladin - Level 45 Talent. 8% of Base Mana. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown.
  • Consecration Consecrates the land beneath you, causing [*9 + 405% 270% of AP*] Holy damage over 9 sec to enemies who enter the area. Retribution Paladin - Level 15 Talent. Instant. 9 sec cooldown.
  • Zeal Strike the target for (285% 320% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Maximum 2 charges. Grants Zeal, causing Zeal attacks to chain to an additional nearby target per stack. Maximum 3 stacks. Each jump deals 40% less damage. |cFFFFFFFFGenerates 1 Holy Power. Retribution Paladin - Level 30 Talent. Melee range. Instant.

Protection & Holy
  • Consecration Consecrates the land beneath you, causing [*9 + 405% 270% of AP*] Holy damage over 9 sec to enemies who enter the area. Paladin - Protection & Holy Spec. Instant. 9 sec cooldown.

  • Blade of Justice Strikes an enemy with the Blade of Justice, dealing (320% 360% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Generates 2 Holy Power. Paladin - Retribution Spec. 12 yd range. Instant. 8 sec cooldown.
  • Templar's Verdict A powerful weapon strike that deals (390% 420% of weapon damage) Holy damage. Paladin - Retribution Spec. 3 Holy Power. Melee range. Instant.

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Dominant Mind You may also control your own character while Mind Control is active, and Mind control now lasts 60 sec, but but Mind Control has a 3 min cooldown, and it may not be used against players. Priest - Level 45 Talent.
  • Guardian Angel When Guardian Spirit expires without saving the target from death, reduce its remaining cooldown to 90 120 seconds. Holy Priest - Level 60 Talent.

PvP Talents
  • Mind Trauma Mind Flay and Mind Sear has a 100% chance and Mind Sear has a 25% chance to apply Shadow Word: Pain to the target. Shadow Priest - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Void Origins (New) Void Eruption is now instant cast. Shadow Priest - Tier 3 PvP Talent.

  • Pain Suppression Reduces all damage taken by a friendly target by 40% for 8 sec. Castable while stunned. Priest - Discipline Spec. 1.6% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 5 min cooldown. 4 min cooldown.

  • Guardian Spirit Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target for 10 sec, increasing healing received by 60% 40% and preventing the target from dying by sacrificing itself. This sacrifice terminates the effect and heals the target for 40% of maximum health. Castable while stunned. Massive damage amounts will kill the target despite this effect. Can be cast in Shadowform, Spirit of Redemption. Priest - Holy Spec. 0.9% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 4 min cooldown.

Shadow & Discipline
  • Shadow Mend Wraps an ally in shadows which heal for [*700% [*800% of Spell Power*], but at a price. The ally will take [*35% [*40% of Spell Power*] damage every 1 sec, until they have taken [*350% [*400% of Spell Power*] total damage from all sources, or leave combat. Priest - Shadow & Discipline Spec. 2.8% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Stormstrike Energizes both your weapons with lightning and delivers a massive blow to your target, dealing a total of [*2.000 * 585% 540% of weapon damage*] Physical damage. Melee range. Instant.
  • Stormstrike Off-Hand Energizes both your weapons with lightning and delivers a massive blow to your target, dealing a total of [*2.000 * 585% 540% of weapon damage*] Physical damage. Melee range. Instant.
  • Windfury Attack Each of your main-hand weapon attacks has a 3% 5% chance of triggering three extra attacks dealing (40% of weapon damage) Physical damage. 100 yd range. Instant.

  • Ancestral Swiftness Increases haste by 10% and attack speed by 10%. Shaman - Level 60 Talent. 8% and attack speed by 8%. Shaman - Level 60 Talent.
  • Boulderfist Slams your target with the power of stone, dealing [*1 + 300% of AP*] Nature damage and enhancing your weapons for 10 sec, increasing your critical strike chance by 10% and all damage you deal by 5%. Generates 25 20 Maelstrom. Enhancement Shaman - Level 15 Talent. 10 yd range. Instant.
  • Crashing Storm Crash Lightning also electrifies the ground, leaving an electrical field behind which damages enemies within it for [*6 + 144% 96% of Spell Power*] Nature damage over 6 sec. Enhancement Shaman - Level 90 Talent.
  • Crashing Waves Tidal Waves increases the critical effect chance of Healing Surge by an additional 0%, and reduces the cast time of Healing Wave by an additional 15% Riptide grants an additional charge of Tidal Waves. Restoration Shaman - Level 60 Talent.
  • Hot Hand Melee attacks with Flametongue active also have a chance to make your next Lava Lash cost no Maelstrom and deal 100% increased damage. Enhancement Shaman - Level 15 Talent.
  • Landslide Rockbiter now also enhances your weapon, increasing your Attack Power by 20% 8% for 10 sec. Enhancement Shaman - Level 100 Talent.
  • Lightning Rod Your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning have a 30% chance to make the primary target a Lightning Rod for 10 sec. When you deal damage with Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning, they deal an additional 30% of their damage to all Lightning Rods Lightning Rods take 30% of all damage you deal with Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. Elemental Shaman - Level 100 Talent.

PvP Talents
  • Control of Lava Your Lava Burst deals 200% additional damage, and generates 30 Maelstrom when it deals damage. This spell replaces Lava Surge (Passive). Elemental Shaman - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Counterstrike Totem Summons a Air Totem with 10 health at the feet of the caster for 60 15 sec. Whenever enemies within 20 yards of the totem deal direct damage, the totem will deal 100% of the damage dealt back to the lowest health enemy within range of the totem. Shaman Any2 Role - Tier 2 PvP Talent. 3% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Electrocute When you successfully Purge a beneficial effect, the enemy suffers [*3 + 120% 150% of Spell Power*] Nature damage over 3 sec. Restoration Shaman - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Ethereal Form You turn ethereal, making you immune to all physical damage, but unable to attack and your movement speed is reduced by 50%. Vulnerable to magic, receiving 200% increased damage. Lasts for 15 sec. Use Ethereal Form again to shift out. Replaces Astral Shift. Can be cast in Ghost Wolf. Enhancement Shaman - Tier 3 PvP Talent. Instant. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Spirit Link You link yourself and two closest allies within 15 yards together. When linked targets take damage, 50% is distributed among the other linked allies. Lasts for 30 sec. Replaces Spirit Link Totem. Restoration Shaman - Tier 5 PvP Talent. 28% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Traveling Storms Thunderstorm now can be cast on allies within 0 to 40 yards, and its cooldown is reduced by 15 15,000 sec. Elemental Shaman - Tier 5 PvP Talent.

  • Feral Spirit Summons two Spirit Wolves that aid you in battle for 15 sec until cancelled. They are immune to movement-impairing effects and grant you 5 Maelstrom each time they attack. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. 30 yd range. Instant. 2 min cooldown.
  • Healing Surge Heals a friendly target for [*550% of Spell Power*]. Consumes 20 Maelstrom, if available, to become instant. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. 27% 22% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Maelstrom Weapon Each time you deal damage with a melee weapon, you Your auto attacks generate 5 Maelstrom. Shaman - Enhancement Spec.
  • Mastery: Enhanced Elements Increases your chance to trigger Stormbringer and Windfury by 2.00% 1.00%, and increases all Fire, Frost, and Nature damage you deal by 16.00%. Shaman - Enhancement Spec.
  • Stormbringer Each of your main hand attacks has a 3% 5% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, and cause your next Stormstrike to cost 50% less Maelstrom and trigger no cooldown. Shaman - Enhancement Spec.
  • Stormstrike Energizes both your weapons with lightning and delivers a massive blow to your target, dealing a total of [*2.000 * 585% 540% of weapon damage*] Physical damage. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. 40 Maelstrom. Melee range. Instant. 16 sec cooldown.
  • Windfury Each of your main hand attacks has a 3% 5% chance to trigger three extra attacks, dealing (40% of weapon damage) Physical damage each. Shaman - Enhancement Spec.

  • Tidal Waves Casting Chain Heal or Riptide reduces the cast time of your next Healing Wave by 20% 30% or increases the critical effect chance of your next Healing Surge by 30% 40%. Stacks up to 2 times. Shaman - Restoration Spec.

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
PvP Talents
  • Master Summoner Increases the duration of your Dreadstalkers and Wild Imps by 100%, and the cast time of your Call Dreadstalkers is now instant cast. Demonology Warlock - Tier 5 PvP Talent.

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
PvP Talents
  • Blood Hunt When within 10 yards of enemies at execute range, your movement speed is increased by 15% and all snares are suppressed for at least 5 sec. Warrior Any2 Role - Tier 2 PvP Talent.
  • Death Wish Increases your damage done by 5% at the cost of 10% of your health. Stacks up to 5 times. Fury Warrior - Tier 5 PvP Talent. 10% of Total Health. Instant.
  • Dragon Charge Run at high speed at a distance in front of you. All enemies in your path will take 400 75,000 Physical damage and be knocked back. Protection Warrior - Tier 5 PvP Talent. Instant. 20 sec cooldown.
  • Mass Spell Reflection Reflects all spells cast on you and on all party and raid members within 20 yards for 3 sec. Replaces Spell Reflection. Protection Warrior - Tier 2 PvP Talent. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
  • Morale Killer Reduces the cooldown of Demoralizing Shout by 30 sec, and Demoralizing Shout now reduces the damage enemies deal to all targets, not just you. Protection Warrior - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Pain Train Your Reduces the cooldown of Battle Cry by 15 sec and Battle Cry now also affects all nearby allies within 10 yards. Arms Warrior - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Thunderstruck Thunder Clap snares all targets by 90% for 1.5 roots all targets for 1 sec. Protection Warrior - Tier 5 PvP Talent.

  • Mark of Blackrock Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase Versatility by 0 for 12 sec. Effect can only occur when you are below 60% health. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.
  • Mark of Shadowmoon Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase Versatility by 0 for 15 sec. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.
  • Mark of the Frostwolf Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase critical strike by 0 for 6 sec. Effect can stack 2 times. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.
  • Mark of the Shattered Hand Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes bleed your enemy for 0 damage, plus an additional 0 damage over 6 sec. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.
  • Mark of the Thunderlord Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase your critical strike by 0 for 6 sec. While active, critical heals and attacks may extend the duration. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.
  • Mark of Warsong Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase haste by 0, diminishing by 10% every 2 sec. Cannot be applied to items above level 749. Enchanting. 1.5 sec cast. Tools: Runed Copper Rod.


First Aid
  • Silvery Salve Craft a Silkweave Bandage Silvery Salve. Rank 1. 1 sec cast.

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Arcane Eclipse Arcanist Tel'arn marks several players with Nightwell energy for the remainder of the fight 30 sec. Marked players inflict 100,000 Arcane damage to all players within 100 yards if they are ever within 5 yards of another marked player or if they aren't within 5 yards of at least one unmarked player. 300 yd range. Instant.
  • Befoulment Roots target and places a repulsion field around them for 15 sec. When Dark Fate is removed, it inflicts 3,600,000 Phyiscal Roots the current target. After 15 sec, it inflicts 10,000,000 Shadow damage split among all enemies near the target. 45 yd range. Instant.
  • Brutal Assault Assaults the target (brutally) for 500,000 400,000 Physical damage every 0.5 sec. for 2 sec. Unlimited range. Instant.
  • Devastating Stomp Stomps the ground, inflicting Physical damage, stunning enemies within 20 yards for 2 sec and spreading Torment. 2.5 100 yd range. 3.5 sec cast. 3 sec cooldown.
  • Infested Breath Nythendra breathes clouds of poisonous insects inflicting 82,500 306,250 Plague damage every sec for 5 sec. In addition, the breath corrupts the area creating pockets of Infested Ground. Instant.
  • Rotting Gasp A wave of unnatural energy washes over all enemies in a cone in front of the caster that inflicts Nature damage. 2.5 sec cast. 100 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.
  • Volatile Infection An infection burns within the target, inflicting 153,882 Nature damage to the target and all players within 10 yds every 3 sec for 1.5 min. Emeriss uses this ability while grounded. Instant. Melee range. Instant.

Artifact Powers
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Demon Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Light of the Sun (Rank 1) Reduces the remaining cooldown on Solar Beam by 3 sec for each target it interrupts. 15 sec when it interrupts the primary target.


Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)


  • Ebonbolt (Rank 1) Deals [*900% of Spell Power* Deals 0;] Shadowfrost damage and grants two charges of Fingers of Frost.
  • Ice Age (Rank 1) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 1)" to "Ice Age (Rank 1)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 5%. Flurry by 5%.
  • Ice Age (Rank 2) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 2)" to "Ice Age (Rank 2)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 10%. Flurry by 10%.
  • Ice Age (Rank 3) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 3)" to "Ice Age (Rank 3)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 15%. Flurry by 15%.
  • Ice Age (Rank 4) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 4)" to "Ice Age (Rank 4)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 20%. Flurry by 20%.
  • Ice Age (Rank 5) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 5)" to "Ice Age (Rank 5)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 25%. Flurry by 25%.
  • Ice Age (Rank 6) Name changed from "Orbital Strike (Rank 6)" to "Ice Age (Rank 6)". Increases damage done by Frozen Orb by 30%. Flurry by 30%.
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 1) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 1)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 1)".
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 2) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 2)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 2)".
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 3) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 3)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 3)".
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 4) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 4)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 4)".
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 5) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 5)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 5)".
  • Orbital Strike (Rank 6) Name changed from "Ice Age (Rank 6)" to "Orbital Strike (Rank 6)".

Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ARTIFACT_WARRIOR_PROT_WEAPONNAME - Scale of the Earth-Warder
  • CLASS_INFO_HUNTER_ROLE_TT - Role: Ranged Damage or Melee Damage
  • GARRISON_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_UNLOCK_TOOLTIP (New) - Upgrade %s to %s quality to unlock this equipment slot.
  • ORDER_HALL_ROGUE - Dalaran Sewers The Hall of Shadows
  • SPLASH_LEGION_PREPATCH_FEATURE2_DESC - Includes a new Appearances collection, outfits, and more! Appearance collection, outfits, and more!
  • TRANSMOG_COLLECTED (New) - Collected

Misc Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Adventure Journal

Player vs Player
  • [TEST] PvP - Description: "Fight Fight Fight!" Extra: "Groovy" Item #111598. Currency: Honor.
  • Arenas - Description: "Battle other players in 2v2 and 3v3 Arenas!" Currency: Honor.
  • Random Battleground - Description: "Battle other players inside a Random Battleground!" Currency: Honor.
  • Rated Battleground - Description: "Battle other players inside a Rated Battleground!" Currency: Honor.
  • Skirmishes - Description: "Battle other players in 2v2 and 3v3 Skirmishes!" Currency: Honor.

Item Name Descriptions
  • Champion Equipment - Name changed from "Follower Equipment" to "Champion Equipment". [color=#ffd000]Follower Champion Equipment
  • Mythic 10 (New) - Mythic 10
  • Mythic 2 (New) - Mythic 2
  • Mythic 2 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 2 Jackpot
  • Mythic 3 (New) - Mythic 3
  • Mythic 3 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 3 Jackpot
  • Mythic 4 (New) - Mythic 4
  • Mythic 4 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 4 Jackpot
  • Mythic 5 (New) - Mythic 5
  • Mythic 5 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 5 Jackpot
  • Mythic 6 (New) - Mythic 6
  • Mythic 6 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 6 Jackpot
  • Mythic 7 (New) - Mythic 7
  • Mythic 7 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 7 Jackpot
  • Mythic 8 (New) - Mythic 8
  • Mythic 8 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 8 Jackpot
  • Mythic 9 (New) - Mythic 9
  • Mythic 9 Jackpot (New) - Mythic 9 Jackpot
  • Obliteratable (New) - Obliteratable
  • Obliterum: 0/7 (New) - Obliterum: 0/7
  • Obliterum: 1/7 (New) - Obliterum: 1/7
  • Obliterum: 2/7 (New) - Obliterum: 2/7
  • Obliterum: 3/7 (New) - Obliterum: 3/7
  • Obliterum: 4/7 (New) - Obliterum: 4/7
  • Obliterum: 5/7 (New) - Obliterum: 5/7
  • Obliterum: 6/7 (New) - Obliterum: 6/7
  • Obliterum: 7/7 (New) - Obliterum: 7/7

Map Areas
Broken Isles
  • Suramar > Suramar - Name changed from "Suramar" to "Suramar > Suramar".

The Wandering Isle
  • The Wandering Isle > Stormstout Inn (New) - Music: Zone-50-WanderingIsle-TempleWalk.

Map Difficulties
  • Karazhan - Normal Scenario - Max players: 5. 1.
  • Ursocs Lair - Normal Scenario (New) - Max players: 1.

Ground Mounts
  • Great Northern Elderhorn - Ground Mount. Spell #213339. "One of the heartiest of species that inhabit the slopes of Highmountain, they can survive for months in freezing blizzards." Profession: Leatherworking

The Battle for Broken Shore
  • Step 09: Hold The Ridge - Name changed from "Step 09: Stop Gul'dan" to "Step 09: Hold The Ridge". Stop Gul'dan from summoning the Legion. Hold the ridge until the Alliance have stopped Gul'dan.

World Safe Locations
Broken Isles
  • 7.0 Azsuna - (13) Farondale - Name changed from "7.0 Azsuna - (13) Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar" to "7.0 Azsuna - (13) Farondale".

Garrison Ability Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Pick Pocket Trait Increases success chance of missions by ${$a896}%.

    Chance to return from a successful mission with a bag of gold.. an item of value..
by Published on 2016-06-23 05:45 PM

Legion Developer Q&A - Professions
Today was the Legion Professions Q&A! The Q&A next week is PvP with Holinka.

Blood of Sargeras
  • Blood of Sargeras is a measure of how much you are playing the game. It isn't supposed to be a gatherer specific crafting item where everyone else has to struggle to get it.
  • It was added to the beta on gathering nodes first, so gatherers got more of it than anyone else. It isn't supposed to be that way.
  • For players that don't have enough Blood (double crafters) the team is adding additional sources.
  • Crafters will get more crafter specific world quests that are more likely to give you Blood.
  • Gatherers had some of the Blood rewards removed from their world quests to help balance things out.
  • Dungeon bosses also drop Blood, so you will be able to get some from dungeons.
  • There will be a shoulder enchant that allows you to randomly loot Blood from creatures out in the world.
  • The professions that create armor needed lots of Blood to craft things while others like Alchemy and Enchanting didn't really need much. The team balanced this out somewhat.
  • Players that have lots of Blood of Sargeras and nothing to use it on are also a concern.
  • Obliterum is one thing players can spend Blood on, upgrading their crafted gear.
  • Other changes to give players something to spend excess Blood on are coming in the future.
  • Making Blood unbound may seem like a solution to several problems, but it would create new ones.
  • The team doesn't want to allow players to purchase a full set of endgame raid gear with gold, especially with the WoW Token providing a way to purchase gold.
  • If someone has a lot of gold, they can purchase an entire crafted set, but they have to play to earn Blood to upgrade it.
  • The team doesn't want you to have to have a full set of alts to play the game as effectively as possible.
  • If Blood was bound to accounts, the most optimal way to play would be to have lots of characters and do the larger time gated sources that reward Blood of Sargeras and then send it all to your main.
  • Profession alts are fine. You can have a gathering alt that sends materials to your main and that is okay.
  • The team doesn't think that you should have to have a gatherer. Gatherers just have a bonus that allows them to earn some extra Blood at the cost of being able to craft with only one profession.
  • A vendor that allows you to spend extra Blood of Sargeras is one possibility, other ideas are being tossed around as well.

Flavor and Fantasy
  • There is a lot of opportunity to bring more flavor into professions.
  • Rather than learning how to craft an item from a vendor, a quest line sends you to the top of a mountain in Highmountain to meet a Highmountain Tauren. He will send you on a quest to recover his grandfather's blacksmithing hammer from a dungeon. If you do that for him, he will teach you how to make the piece of armor.
  • Other professions will break out learning the crafting process into multiple steps. When you are learning how to make something, you might have to go fire the ingots, press them out, cool them, and actually feel like you are crafting something.
  • Effort was put into making your professions feel like they are fulfilling the fantasy.

  • There are some useful things that Engineers can craft such as the Failure Detection Pylon, especially with Mass Resurrection being removed. It might even start sounding an alarm if your raid is doing really badly.
  • There are lots of toy and utility items like Gunshoes
  • Lots of effort was put into making things that engineers can build for just themselves, such as Reaves.
  • There may be an opportunity to add a mount for Engineers in the future.

Retired Profession Patterns
  • Old profession patterns that were really iconic and are now unobtainable are good candidates for the Black Market Auction House.
  • Smaller less cool items that just happened to be removed are less likely to be added, especially if they don't have a unique appearance.
  • If there is something that was removed, is very cool, and it wouldn't ruin the trophy feeling that old players have from still having it, the BMAH or Darkmoon Faire are good candidates.

Profession Books
  • In Legion there are lots of quests that reward recipes and these quests aren't repeatable.
  • There are books to relearn these recipes if you drop the profession and then pick it up again later.
  • The books won't restore pre-Legion recipes.

Profession Perks
  • There are some cool and useful perks for the professions, but not significant power increases.
  • For example, Leatherworking can create Stonehide Leather Barding.
  • The team doesn't want players to be pushed to certain professions for player power increases. You should play a profession because you enjoy it.

Transmog Sets
  • The team isn't adding profession crafted transmog sets in Patch 7.0, but in a future patch it is likely!

Crafting and Obliterum
  • You will be able to craft item level 815 gear at the start, upgrading it to 850 with Obliterum.
  • The crafted gear will be very desirable before raids open, as it is roughly equal to Normal difficulty raid gear.
  • Crafted gear will still be desirable to players that don't raid higher difficulties, especially as materials become more common and affordable.
  • The Obliterum forge is one way professions will remain useful and interesting beyond Patch 7.0. The max item level upgrade could be increased with future patches.
  • Crafted relics can be turned into Obliterum, pretty much anything crafted can, including flasks and enchants.
  • Crafted relics cannot be upgraded, as Obliterum is used for upgrading armor. Their item level was bumped from 750 to 805.

Catch-Up Mechanics
  • There are no plans for catch-up mechanics for Fishing or Archaeology. There isn't a lot to unlock at 800 for those professions.
  • The petals and nuggets from gathering from nodes when lower skill level from Warlords aren't coming to Legion. They took up extra bag space and aren't needed anymore.
  • There are built in systems that reward you for having higher skill ranks, so you can gather more from one node or craft things with less materials if you have more skill.

  • Randomness in item level of crafted items will be reduced significantly. Crafted gear will have a fixed item level, with a few that might have a random small (maybe +10) item level boost.
  • There is stat rerolling item this time, as there are reasons to craft more items this time.
  • You will have to make lots of items to turn into Obliterum to fully upgrade crafted gear. Doing this means you should get a stat variation that works.

  • There aren't weapon enchants in Legion, as your Artifact weapon already has lots of exciting effects.
  • Runeforging is a Death Knight class thing, not really enchantments, so it is staying.
  • Neck enchants are the interesting enchants in Legion.
  • You can transmog weapon enchants onto your weapon if you are interested in the visuals.

Reagent Bank
  • An account wide reagent bank is something the team might add in the future. No plans right now though.

Fishing Artifact

  • Archaeology was tweaked to give you visual feedback when you are standing on top of the item.
  • No more surveying with the green light many times, just run around near your current location once you hit green.
  • There are less random projects per race in Legion. If you just want to do all of the solves, it will be much faster than it has been in the past.
  • Rare solves aren't randomly given to you in Legion. Instead they are part of an ongoing story quest.
  • Every two weeks you will see a quest appear from your Archaeology trainer in Dalaran, sending you off into the world to complete a quest line that rewards what would have been the rare solve.
  • There aren't plans to smooth out the older expansion archaeology content right now, but it is a topic of discussion.

Gem Chips
  • Gem Chips are a flavor item, used for one craft and are otherwise something to vendor.
  • The color of the Gem Chip gives you information about the next color of the gem you will prospect, so you can prospect cheap stuff until you get the color you want, then swap to more expensive ore.

  • Humanoids and humanoid like demons drop cloth in Legion.
  • Tailors will get more cloth drops, even though there isn't something that visually tells you this.
  • No bigger crafted bags are being added in this expansion. The team wants to see how else they can reward tailors.
  • The Legion Tailoring crafted bag isn't the biggest, but it is pretty cheap.
  • With the addition of the Wardrobe hopefully you won't need as much bag space.

Gathering and Skinning
  • Multiple people can gather from the same node for a few seconds, so no more stealing nodes.
  • Skinning doesn't work like this. It has always been a little different, as you can make your own nodes and you can gather from nodes other people created.
  • There are ways the team can make Skinning better, maybe in a future patch it will be multi-tap.

Profession Skill Level Perks
  • There are no plans right now to give power perks like a higher chance at Warforged when crafting with a higher skill level, but it is possible in the future.
  • Higher skill levels give efficiency gains and maybe minor convenience perks.

[list][*]In Warlords, there were fewer items with gem slots, so some people didn't do Jewelcrafting. [*]You can expect as many sockets as we saw in Warlords and maybe even some more. There will be sockets on some crafted items, so if you are a Jewelcrafter that is making armor, you are making armor with a need for a gem as well.

Gathering Professions
  • The team has considered changing gathering professions to secondary professions several times.
  • There are no plans to do so in Legion, as they made lots of changes already.
  • Making gathering a secondary profession takes away from the fantasy of miners and herbalists, just like the garrison made everyone somewhat self-sufficient for herbs and ore.
  • This doesn't mean they won't do it in the future.

Future Plans
  • Future patches will add more professions content. Scribes make Vantus Runes which will have to be updated, but there will be other new content that gives the team an opportunity to add more profession content.
  • There are no plans for new professions at this time, but maybe in the future. If there is a good opportunity to do so, they will consider it. Send your feedback and ideas!

  • Glyphs that still exist are what used to be Minor Glyphs.
  • Glyphs are consumables, applied to your spell and required again if you remove them and want to apply it again.
  • Scribes will make the Vantus Runes and respec consumables. They have lots of stuff to make, even a Steamy Romance Novel Kit!
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Reminder: The professions Q&A takes place Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT / 8pm CEST

PTR Patch 2.4.2 Build 37893 Live, Quin on PTR 37893 & Suggestions

C'Thun Will Not Receive More Cultists, Reno Jackson Almost Had a Brother, Value Town #76

Summer Championship Bundle & Free Heroes Event, Tyrael Changes, Balance Patch

Overwatch PTR Patch - Competitive Season 1, Golden Guns, Animated Spray, Competitive Strings, Textures, New Interface Features

Legion - Grand Magistrix Elisande
Grand Magistrix Elisande is one of the final bosses in The Nighthold. We previewed her model in this video.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Elisande once distinguished herself by resisting the Legion. She and her highborne followers broke away from Queen Azshara and the dark path she was taking, harnessing the power of the Eye of Aman'thul to create the Nightwell to protect Suramar from the Sundering. But over ten thousand years later, the Legion's arrival offered her no such recourse. She has cast her lot with the demons, hoping to once again use the power of the Nightwell - albeit this time in a very different sense - to save her people.

  • Overview - Grand Magistrix Elisande harness the power of the Nightwell to shape time itself. When her health is low and she is nearing defeat, she rewinds time to send players back to the point at which they first engaged her. The fight recommences from this point, but Elisande uses new abilities mixed in with echoes of her past actions. She can perform this feat twice, after which time can no longer save her.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Epocheric Orb damages the entire raid if allowed to strike the ground.
      • Expedient Elementals continually damage the raid with Exothermic Release until they are dispatched. This damage increases with each successful cast.
      • Recursive Elementals Shield Grand Magistrix Elisande from all damage as long as they are alive.
    • Healers -
    • Tanks -
      • In each time layer, Elisande employs a different ability to threaten tanks.
      • Ablating Explosion inflicts falloff damage to the entire raid when it expires.
      • Interrupt Ablative Pulse.
  • Time Stop - The caster stops the flow of time for all but herself, and sends her enemies back in time. This ability costs the caster a significant portion of the caster's energy and can only be used as long as they have sufficient time energy available.
  • Time Elementals - Grand Magistrix periodically summons Time Elementals to aid her in combat. When these elementals are dispatched they leave behind a rift that persists until they are consumed.
    • Recursive Elemental - When this elemental dies it leaves behind a zone of Slow Time.
      • Lingering Burn - The victim burns from intense Arcane energy for 4 sec.
      • Compressed Time - The caster lobs orbs of Arcane energy that inflict 500,000 Arcane damage to all players within 5 yards of the impact.
      • Shield - The caster shields Grand Magistrix Elisande from all damage.
      • Recursion - The caster resets the duration of all enemy players' debuffs, and resets the duration of the Grand Magistrix's Delphuric Beam ability.
      • Blast - Inflicts 800,000 Arcane damage to the target.
      • Slow Time - Your relative time has decreased by 30%, reducing casting, movement, attack speed, cooldown recharge rate, and periodic tick rates.
    • Expedient Elemental - When this elemental dies it leaves behind a zone of Fast Time.
      • Exothermic Release - Inflicts 321,500 Arcane damage to all enemies. The caster deals 5% more damage with this ability each time they use it.
      • Expedite - The caster increases the time rate of all enemy player debuffs. Both the periodic rate and the duration of affected auras will be faster.
      • Fast Time - Your relative time has increased by 30%, increasing casting, movement, attack speed, cooldown recharge rate, and periodic tick rates.
  • Temporalisis - The caster freezes enemy players in time for 4 sec.
  • Time Layer 1 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Permeliorative Torment and Arcanetic Ring abilities.
    • Arcanetic Ring - The caster summons an Arcanetic Ring that slowly collapses inwards, inflicting 1,070,000 Arcane damage to all in its path.
    • Spanning Singularity - The caster rips several holes in time under their enemies. Each hole explodes for 178,500 Arcane damage to victims caught in the area.
      After the explosion occurs, a Singularity is created. Anyone entering the Singularity suffers 500,000 Arcane damage every second.
      Standing in the Singularity causes it to shrink and ultimately disappear.
    • Ablation - The caster traces Arcane magic around the target that will inflict 71,400 Arcane damage every second.
  • Time Layer 2 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Epocheric Orb and Delphuric Beam abilities.
    • Delphuric Beam - The caster periodically targets players and fires a burst of Arcane energy at them. Any players caught in the path of this Arcane energy suffer 714,500 Arcane damage.
    • Epocheric Orb - The caster rips a hole in the fabric of time, unleashing an orb of intense Arcane energy that will inflict 714,500 Arcane damage to all players when it hits the ground.
      If a player catches the orb, the radius of the explosion is reduced to 5 yards instead.
    • Ablating Explosion - The caster traces Arcane magic around the target that will inflict 714,500 Arcane falloff damage to all enemies from the point of the target after 6 sec.
  • Time Layer 3 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Conflexive Burst and Spanning Singularity abilities.
    • Permeliative Torment - Marks several enemies with Arcane energies that periodically inflict damage to the victim.
      The damage inflicted increases every time it occurs.
    • Conflexive Burst - The caster causes the strands of time to converge on multiple targets. After 20 sec, each convergence causes 571,500 Arcane damage to all players within 200 yards.
    • Ablative Pulse - Inflicts 600,000 Arcane damage to the target. Each cast of Ablative Pulse increases the damage of further Ablative Pulses against the victim by 10%.

Transmogrification Update - June 22
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hey all!

We hope you’re enjoying the new transmog system. We’re very excited about it on the Development team as well. I’d be lying if I said that no one on the team didn’t have stacks of salvage crates and banks full of items ready to go. It’s going to be awesome!

I want to caution, and (hopefully) reassure all of you hardcore transmoggers out there. Firstly, what you see in the Legion Beta is a work in progress. What is and isn’t available for transmog will change as we find and fix bugs. Yes, that means some appearances that currently show up in the Beta will not be there when Legion launches, while others that are not currently being shown will be added.

A challenge with a system like this is the sheer amount of data we’re working with. There are approximately 30,000 appearances in the game, and we have about 150,000 items. As you can imagine, our processes have changed over the years, leaving a lot of different ways that items, appearances, and sources can link up. We always try to fix problems in a systematic way (if this appearance/item is not unlocking correctly, there are probably hundreds or thousands of appearances that are also wrong in the same way), but those changes can also cause different bugs to appear, affecting appearances that had previously been correct. That leads to fixes where some items need to be changed (either by hiding or unhiding), and the cycle continues. While we are achieving a higher overall success rate as we go, what is and isn’t unlocked may appear to be unpredictable.

That can be scary. However, you need the context of what we’re doing, so that you’re better equipped to find and report issues with the system.

Our primary goal for appearances is to ensure that all appearances that a character can currently use as a transmog source in Warlords of Draenor will continue to use that transmog source in Legion. We know of a few Beta issues that violate this rule (racial restrictions, armor type changes), and we’re working through them. However, we will probably have a few appearances that are still missing (examples: low-level mail/leather conversions). Don’t panic! Let us know what we missed, and we’ll address them as soon as we can.

Our next goal is that we’d like to maintain the same restrictions on what you can and cannot transmog to in Legion as we currently have in Warlords of Draenor. There are numerous reasons for this, but the primary reason is to avoid players feeling that they need to faction change or race change just to unlock a piece of equipment. We know that some of you have done that in the past, and we’re going to respect those items, but we’d like for players to not feel obligated to do so in the future. The end result of this is that there are currently some bugs in the Beta with items that look like we’ve loosened the restriction on, but we don’t intend to. These are just bugs. On the other hand, there are some items that look like we added restrictions when none existed before (i.e. Death Knight starting equipment), but nothing is actually changing with them: only Death Knights can get that gear, and only Death Knights can use that gear for transmog purposes.

Everyone has been amazing at finding and reporting bugs, and I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate that and how much it helps us get things right. We’re monitoring the forums and bug reports and keeping track of everything that’s being reporting. Rest assured, we’re working to make sure that we aren’t taking anything away in Legion that you can transmog in Warlords of Draenor, even if we have to fix it in a future patch. We will get it right.

Thank you!

Soooooo... You're removing class/race restrictions on things like Blood-Tempered Ranseur and Very Light Sabre?

The rule that I hope to clarify is this: If you’re allowed to transmog it in the live game (Warlords of Draenor), you’ll be allowed to in Legion.

There are some items such as those listed above that will be fixed to again be available with the next version of the Beta.

Generally speaking, we are not opening up previously-restricted items.

Yeah I can't seem to transmog the novice handwraps on beta (no fist weapon graphic) however on live they transmog no problem. Hoping to see them available on launch or something similar as I hate fist weapons lol

This is one of several items that we're looking into and hope to have fixed for Legion.

If I can ask for things, it would be nice to be able to rotate items in the preview window (some weapons don't show their full beauty from the default viewing angle).
Good suggestion. We'll investigate to see if we can do this at some point.

Which works better for you, posting the bugs/missing items we find on the Forums or making an in-game Bug Report?
Let's say both. We process both.

When testing and submitting reports, I personally use the in-game tool when it's something that I feel I can explain briefly, and I use the forum when it's something I need to think about and maybe elaborate on.

Legion Headaches
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It definitely caused problems at least since Northrend (edge glow for me) for some people, although I don't know anything recent. Does /console ffxGlow 0 still work to disable it?
That command should disable it, yes. I'm curious if that actually fixes the issue for anybody, since the effect has been in the game for a while. Might be a red herring here, but I'm curious about everybody's results and experiences.

It was definitely the issue for me. I've been using an addon I wrote years ago that disables ffxglow (since the setting doesn't seem to save itself anymore), so I've been used to no glow. Loading up the Beta client was an immediate headache due to all the glow you've been adding over the years. Disabling it again was basically instant relief.
That's good to know, thanks.

On a related note, If anybody who plays live 6.2.4 with glow enabled had to disable to it in Beta (and disabling it was the only change you made and it helped) I'd love to know more specifics.

The shaking seems limited to The Valley and parts of Krasarang, but it really needs evaluating before Legion pre-patch goes live.
We're planning a pass on camera shakes to reduce the outliers like Galleon; that's probably a few weeks out because it needs to be done manually but it's on our radar to fix.

Legion Beta Bugs
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Test Request: Unobtainable Appearances
I noticed that the AQ 40 tier 2.5 class sets weren't in my Appearance Tab after having deleted them so long ago. I'm guessing that they can't be properly tracked and retroactively added because the quest is repeatable?

That's the only explanation I can come with here, but even then, you'd think there'd at least be a way to track if the player has done the quest at least once. Any clarification we can get on this matter helps.

Your guess is correct. Repeatable quests cannot give credit for appearances, sorry.

Thanks for the continued reports - we'll look in to as many as we can. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

World Server Issues
Some server crashes are resulting in problems like World Server Down, Character Not Found, and general delays on spell casting and abilities. We're aware and working on the problem, sorry for the impact to testing. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legion Intro Quests
We're still iterating on some of the intro quest lines between Broken Shore and New Dalaran, this build still has some bugs (that should be fixed by the next build).

We'll go into more details about how this plays out (for 1st time characters and alts as well). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Armor Physics
Something went wrong with the "physics" tech for dangling pieces of armor like belts, shoulders, some weapons, etc. We'll work to fix. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Hunter Artifact Progression Bug
To catch everyone up here, while fixing a bug in the most recent build, we cleared progress specifically for the Survival Hunter artifact and Shadow Priest artifact quests. This made the quests available again to players that had previously completed them.

For those of you that encountered these quests again, accepting them and then abandoning them triggered some clean-up behavior on the quests that deleted their associated artifacts.

While we'd never do this kind of quest clearing outside of testing environments, we've taken this opportunity to put in some additional safeguards to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Sadly, they've come too late for a few of you.

Normally in a beta environment we can't offer a much support even for really painful bugs, but we also realize the impact of this particular issue has the potential to strip away most of the progression on your beta character. One of our server team magicians is currently trying to restore some of the lost weapons with their progression intact. We can't make any promises that this restoration will work, but if it does, some of you may find your weapons mailed back to you today or tomorrow. In the meantime, if you had an artifact deleted, please refrain from re-obtaining a new version of it if you can, as you won't be able to have 2 of the same artifact in your inventory, so it may prevent the restoration from succeeding.

I am deeply sorry for those of you who ran into this. Thank you for reporting the issue for us here and helping us identify it quickly. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Frost Mage Changes
Hey all. We've been exceptionally busy fixing the last few (well, thousands of) bugs and design issues for Legion, so have fallen behind at this thread. We'll still try to catch up on all the great questions of the past 11 pages, soon, though.

Wanted to stop by and share a bit of theorycrafting info about one of the new things in this latest build though, Flurry. As theorycrafters know, whether a spell is going to miss/hit/crit is determined when the cast bar completes and the missile leaves your hand. That's also when most stats from the caster are taken into account.

This has always been awkward for Shatter, which is extra crit chance if the target is frozen. As experienced Frost Mages will likely tell you, what matters for Shatter is whether the target is frozen when the missile leaves your hand, not when it impacts. That's why the classic Frostbolt+Ice Lance (aka "Shattercombo") works.

However, that's not what you'd expect as a player; you'd expect that it matters whether the target is frozen when the missile impacts them. You'd expect that with Winter's Chill from Flurry, the 2nd and 3rd hits, and the Ice Lance you cast immediately afterward would all benefit from Shatter.

In the current build, you'll find that we added some logic to account for those expectations. However, in the next build, you'll find that we've gone a leap further:

Due to the importance of Shatter, Frost Mage damage will be calculated on impact, rather than on finishing the cast. This applies to Frostbolt, Flurry, Ebonbolt, Ice Lance, Glacial Spike, Comet Storm (other spells have no missile/travel time). This means that, for example, you could Freeze a target while a Frostbolt is in the air, and it will benefit from Shatter on impact.

We also made a noteworthy change to how freeze effects break. We removed the protection from breaking in the first 0.5sec of their life, and instead made them break 0.4sec after they take enough damage to break, rather than immediately when they take enough damage to break. This will allow the classic "Shattercombo" to still work.

And a heads-up about how this may change in the future: In a later patch, we're going to consider having only Shatter be calculated on impact, and everything else still be calculated on cast (as before), but that was not an option for 7.0. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Priest PvP Talent Bug - Premonition
Thanks for the detailed report, I appreciate all the research you did into this bug! Premonition will work in all the situations you listed once you get a build with the changes. I believe it won't make the very next build you get, but it will be in the following one.

Premonition is built slightly different than Shadow Word: Death, but the backlash damage should always occur around 1.25 seconds after the initial cast. (Official Forums)

Dark Legacy Comics #542
DLC #542 has been released.

Final Boss - Subtlety Rogue Spec Preview
Final Boss is back with a second round of spec previews.

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