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Harcore GR 65 Rank #1, Eternal Conflict Wallpaper

Hearthstone TV Commercials, Card Design Competition Season 2, Versus Series

Eternal Conflict - New Heroes, Skins, Mounts Preview! Butcher, Leoric, Tyrael's Charger

Patch 6.2.x - Draenor Mount Animation Fixes
It looks like the other mounts will have their animations adjusted in an upcoming patch.

Patch 6.2 - Legendary Quest Catch-Up
Alts get another catch-up mechanic in Patch 6.2, with more frequent missions rewarding Abrogator Stone and Elemental Rune.

The Road Ahead: Legendary Ring Questline
Blizzard posted a preview of the legendary quest line today. The EU blog talks about defeating Gul'dan while the US version does not.

This time around, the legendary quest will require you to upgrade your shipyard to Level 2 (Upgrading The Fleet) and do some Naval missions in addition to the normal raid item collection.

Name Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Ambush on the High Seas

Gul'dan has sent submarine hunter-killers to thwart your mission. Lure them into a trap!

1002× 1252 days60005000 XP
Giving Chase

Captured prisoners indicated that Gul'dan's flagship was last seen in this area of dangerous shoals.

1002× 1252 days60005000 XP
In Hot Pursuit

You've located Gul'dan's flagship! Maneuver with the wind to take out her carrier escort...

1003× 1252 days60005000 XP
Stalking the Master

Capture Ironfist Harbor and interrogate prisoners as to the whereabouts of Gul'dan's flagship.

1002× 1252 days60005000 XP
Boarding the Master's Call

You've run Gul'dan's flagship aground, but now all her guns are trained toward the sea. Prepare for the worst.

1003× 1252 days6000

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
You’ve survived a long and dangerous journey thus far on Draenor. One portal has been destroyed within Tanaan Jungle... but Gul’dan and the twisted remains of the Iron Horde still strive to open another portal into Azeroth. You’ve allied with powerful forces to counter these nefarious plans, including the Archmage Khadgar. His efforts to fight the rising power of Gul’dan have presented countless new challenges and powerful rewards—but only for those stalwart enough to take on his formidable tasks.

Follow along with us, won’t you, as we walk you through the next—and final—chapter in Warlords of Draenor’s Legendary Ring quest line, culminating in Patch 6.2. And if you’re just getting started—or want to pick up where you left off—we’ve put together a guide of the journey so far.


Patch 6.2: Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate
Acquire your legendary ring by completing Khadgar’s quests.

The Final Assault
The campaign on Draenor has been taxing and perilous, but there’s more that needs to be done. In the quest The Final Assault, you’re asked to head back to your Garrison to await further instructions from Archmage Khadgar. Ominous news is spreading that Gul’dan has taken over what remains of the Iron Horde—as if history is doomed to repeat itself despite the valiant efforts of the Horde and the Alliance forces. To face this evolving threat, you’ll need to ready yourself to go back to Tanaan Jungle.

You’re going to need a bigger boat to get to Tanaan, and are soon tasked to build a Shipyard in your Garrison to get you there. You’ll also be able to build a fleet and send ships out on missions to help turn the tide of the war.

Khadgar will meet you at your new dock to explain the next steps to earning your ring and putting a stop to Gul’dan’s nefarious machinations. First, you’ll need to work on Upgrading your shipyard to Level 2 and then take on legendary shipyard missions until you earn the draenic sea chart. Khadgar also wants you to venture into Hellfire Citadel within the heart of Tanaan Jungle for the quest We Don't Need No Library Card, which tasks you with collecting Tome of Chaos.

Once you’ve collected the tomes, it’s time to start Cooking the Books—or at least it would be if Cordana would cooperate and burn them as she should. Sometimes, if you want to get something done though, you’ve got to do it yourself. You’ll have to fight Cordana to stop her from keeping the books and taking your precious, precious ring.

Once Cordana is defeated, Alliance characters will meet with Yrel to receive K’ara’s blessing, and Horde characters will meet with Drek’thar to receive a blessing of the elements. You’ll also receive your shiny new Legendary ring. You’re going to need it for what you have to do next. There’s just one thing left to do: go after Gul’dan.

Once Gul’dan has been defeated, you’ll earn the Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate achievement, and gain a new monument for your Garrison.

After all of that work, we won’t blame you if you crack open a celebratory Kaja’Cola by your monument as you gaze at your lovely new ring. You deserve it.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New Players and the Cost of Lower Level Materials
I go and look at the AH and Light Leather is 194 gold for a stack of 20
But then a new player could quite easily get 20 Light Leather and make 194 gold by selling it, right? An inflated market isn't too much of an issue, even for brand new players, when the commodities being bought and sold are infinite in availability and accessible by everyone. Low level players in some cases are even at an advantage, as materials they easily come across by simply playing the game content they are being directed towards is sought after by higher level players, or those with more wealth than time to seek it out. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Player Feedback and Action
are a waste of space
I'd have to respectfully disagree. Every day our team and developers are here reading comments and suggestions, and regardless of the level or volume of frustration, it's still feedback to us. Can some of it be delivered in a more mature fashion? Sure. Should the level of maturity dictate whether or not we read and consider it? No.

As you can see with recent changes, we're listening. And I can assure you we will continue to listen and keep doing our best to make World of Warcraft the very best game it can be.

Hey.. I mean if you guys are listening.. thats great!.. but how about actions?
Actions are constantly being taken. What's frustrating for some individuals is they're not seeing the action in a time-frame they'd prefer which is often unrealistic. Gathering feedback and making adjustments to the game based on it takes time. And if we can pull away from this very moment, and from what's "hot" in the minds of many, and take a look back with from a wider perspective, you'll see numerous changes that have come directly from player feedback. Above all else, it is valued and appreciated.

All complainers who complain about complainers complaining are subject to complaints.
This is actually not that far from the truth which leads into...

I wish you guys would take steps toward making these forums (and the game) a less hostile environment.
Spirited debate can often times appear hostile to one or more persons involved. I was a moderator of these forums for years and saw every type of report one can imagine. More often than not, it was because someone wouldn't change their opinion to match the reporter's and thus was considered a troll or worse. This isn't to make light of what you said, of course, just an example of what I've seen. It's a matter of stepping back and remembering what you're discussing. Obvious violations such as language or racism should be reported using the tools in place. However, if it's a topic such as flying where varying passions are colliding, just take a step back and remember it's all based upon a passion for the same thing: playing World of Warcraft. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Is Draenor Flying meta-achie a bnett account-wide achie? E.g. get exploration on char1, loremaster char2, rest on char3 work?
Yes, it's a blue-header BNet achievement, and credit for achievements earned on different characters will be combined. (WarcraftDevs)

This new method of unlocking flying is actually way better for future expansion and patch releases. Finish a patch zone?
I think it has great potential. Let us know when it lands how it feels. (Muffinus)

reintroducing flying? huge mistake. you caved under the minority's outcries again. thanks
No issue is black or white, design is a world grey areas, exploring them is part of the process. Looking forward to feedback. (Muffinus)

Character / Items
Off subject,but is there any kind of headway at all for an Archaeology title this expac,an especially daunting task with no reward. I have petitioning for Curator title since Beta
Interesting idea! (Muffinus)

I found world pvp was much better before flying mounts. Post flying nothing will save it.
Never say nothing. Players ganged up in PvP combat for Sha of Anger at MOP launch, and in groups on Timeless Isle. (Muffinus)

WPvP has lacked rewards since Classic honor/PvP ranks grind. Out-of-BG rewards might help. Shell just helps griefers force "PvP."
TI Ordon faction, Wintergrasp, Tol Barad, TBC Auchindoun, Grizzly Hills Venture Co. had rewards. Which did you do? (Muffinus)

For world PvPers, flying adds a complication. Did the Hardened Shell in MoP work for you? World PvP objectives in TBC? TI ordon faction? (Muffinus)
also if you guys could consider adding a weekly 'Kill X faction leader'' quest to encourage city raids again, that'd be SUPER.
That's a fun idea (Muffinus)

will there be a new set of coliseum gear at launch of 6.2? Setting up guild war games.
The existing Tournament gear has had its ilevel updated to reflect the new season. You don't need to buy a new set. (WarcraftDevs)

Is Arena Master still obtainable in 6.2?
Yes! The arena event is unchanged outside of the addition of the new lootable heirloom for Grand Masters. (WarcraftDevs)

How about the Highmaul Coliseum, will that also still reward additional conquest gear?so 3 pieces a week?
A Coliseum victory no longer grants a piece of gear. It now grants 1500 conquest. (WarcraftDevs)

Mhh, the Eyes of Kilrogg, were described as created apparitions. So are they ghost-like demons, demonic ghosts, or merely. ghost-like + demon-like blobs of fel energy?
This is just MY opinion, but I've always considered them a disembodied part of a defeated species, enslaved by the legion. (Muffinus)
Like imagine they're this cool army like the zerg that just assimilates conquered species as they go, but in a diablo way. (Muffinus)
Not official canon in the slightest, though. (Muffinus)

Does this mean fel energy doesn't consume souls?
I think you can be pretty sure that it does considering you're using SOUL SHARDS (Muffinus)

UI / Addons
Hunter pets showing up in the Boss Frames is still not fixed in 6.2
Via Stampede? How recently have you checked? We think this was fixed in the past week. (WarcraftDevs)

Release the Names! Character Name Reclamation Coming
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the upcoming Warlords of Draenor patch (6.2), we will be releasing sidelined characters’ names back into the wild. Any characters that have not logged into the game since December 7, 2010 will have their names freed up, making them available to anyone creating a new character or using the paid Character Name Change service.

How Do I Preserve My Names?
You will need to log in to World of Warcraft and enter the game using each character whose name you wish to retain before patch 6.2 goes live. While it is possible no one will claim your recently released name and you might be able to snag it again, it is probably not worth the risk if you want to keep your names intact long-term.

Our goal with this great name liberation is to make sure new and returning players have a large and varied pool of names available to choose from—so log in now if you wish to preserve your unused characters’ names for your ongoing journey through Draenor.

The Name I wanted wasn’t freed!
Going forward, we expect to free inactive names around the release of new expansions. Prior to the reclamation process, we’ll post more information on the timeframe this will occur to allow you the opportunity to preserve your name.

Final Boss #84 - Shadow Priests
Final Boss covered Shadow Priests this week.

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Patch 6.2 - Fury of Hellfire Arrives June 23
It looks like Patch 6.2 will be ready by next week!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire is almost here! On Tuesday, June 23 players will be able to build their Garrison Shipyard and venture into Tanaan Jungle to face Gul’dan and the twisted remnants of the Iron Horde. Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic modes will also be available for those who are brave enough to confront the dangers within.

Check out the official trailer below:

Learn more about the patch in the 6.2 PTR Patch Notes and in our preview blogs:

Patch 6.2 - Boar Mount Animations

Patch 6.2 - Region-Wide Group Finder
EU players will finally be able to group with players on other language realms.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Translated) (Blue Tracker)
We plan to add a language filter to the group finder in Patch 6.2. You will be able to recruit or play with members of another language community in your area (Europe).

Patch 6.2 PTR - Build 20157
A small build went up on the PTR this afternoon.

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Bloodboil Gurtogg causes the 5 furthest enemies' blood to boil, inflicting 72,651 Physical damage. In Mythic difficulty, this effect boils the target's blood for 72,651 0 Physical damage every second. This effect stacks. Limited to 5 targets. Instant.
  • Rattling Bones The caster hurls ratting bones in every direction, inflicting 20,000 27,000 Shadow damage to enemies within 30 yards. 40 yd range. Instant.

Garrison Mission Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Blingtron's Secret Vault Level 100. Item Level 0. Rare. 3 Followers. Cost: 25 Resources. Duration: 10 hrs. While we were occupied with the sabotage of the Dark Portal, Blingtron managed to build a vault of riches. Find it!. Rewards: 1500 XP. 500 Gold 1,000 Gold

Garrison Ability Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Undead Crew Trait Increases success chance by 10%.. on missions..
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Round 8 Livestream, New Moderators Needed!

Tavern Brawl Launches Today, Deck Spotlight: Reynad's Tempo Waker Mage, TAC #87

New Heroes Confirmed: Leoric, Monk; 100% Experience Boost; Johanna Price Reduction

Patch 6.2 - Glyph of Ascendance
Shamans get a nice cosmetic glyph in Patch 6.2 that gives them another choice for their Ascendance form.

Developer Q&A Followup - Ion Hazzikostas
Originally Posted by Watcher (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I had a great time doing the Q&A this past weekend, and look forward to more opportunities to speak directly with the community and field your questions. I wanted to take some time to clarify a couple of my responses. I’d also like to address several questions that were in the queue, but which we weren’t able to reach before we ran out of time.

The infamous Demonology warlock response: We’ve heard from many players that they don’t enjoy the spec but feel pressured to play it because it has so clearly been the all-around best warlock spec in current raiding, and we’ve seen masses of warlocks who started out favoring Affliction or Destruction migrating steadily towards Demonology. We feel the spec has several elements that are awkward and unintuitive (it’s not just a matter of sheer “complexity” – it’s fine for some specs to be more challenging to play optimally, especially for pure DPS where players can choose to opt into that complexity while having alternatives available), and we have plans to rework (and hopefully improve) the spec, but those changes are beyond the scope of a patch. In the meantime, we want to make sure we’re alleviating the pressure to play Demonology over other specs, which means making sure that it isn’t the best warlock spec. The goal of our 6.2 changes is not to make Demonology terrible or unplayable, and I’d expect Demonology to still be quite competitive on some types of encounters, and viable everywhere. If it isn’t, we’ll make further adjustments to compensate. But we did intentionally make changes to ensure that it isn’t the single best warlock spec in patch 6.2, and I wanted to make it clear that this was our intent, rather than simply a mathematical error.

Healing priests: In the Q&A, I fielded a question about absorbs, and have seen feedback about a seeming contradiction between our stance on Demonology warlocks (“we don’t want all warlocks to feel obligated to play Demo, so we’re nerfing Demo”) and my comments about Disc (“you’re probably doing it wrong if you only have one priest in the raid and that priest isn’t Disc”). To be clear, we don’t think the current state of priest healer representation is a desirable one – I was describing the present reality, not stating our design goal. But the Discipline problem isn’t one that is solvable with simple numbers changes – we’d have to nerf Discipline to the point of complete uselessness in order to meaningfully affect their representation. The issue lies in their nature as an absorb-based healer, offering a unique benefit that neither Holy priest nor any other healer can provide, and often doing so at the expense of the fun of other healers (whose core gameplay lies in refilling health bars that now empty less, or not at all, due to absorbs). Absorbs are still interesting as a mechanic, and we’re not looking to prevent Disc from feeling unique, but the spec’s niche in multi-healer situations probably shouldn’t be mechanically blanketing allies with absorbs. In short: we acknowledge that there is a problem, but we don’t have a solution to discuss just yet.

Now, Lore gave me a list of questions that we didn’t get to on Saturday, and I’d like to take a stab at answering a few more. Some of these are things I could probably ramble on about for pages, but I’ll try to stay concise to keep the responses in line with the content of the rest of the Q&A.

Q: “How has itemisation in WoD worked out thus far? Are you happy with new stats? Bonus gear properties? Enchants?” - @MagdalenaDK
A: Overall, we’re happy with how most of the changes have played out. Bonus gear properties in particular keep “farm” content potentially rewarding and create some extra moments of excitement, as designed. Tertiary stats were too weak initially, but since the 6.1 changes they’re in a good place – I’ve seen people get more excited for a huge Speed or Avoidance bump on a primary gear slot than they would have been over a socket, which is pretty cool. As far as stats go, and this may surprise players somewhat, we’re pretty satisfied with how Versatility has turned out – it’s a simple baseline stat that’s easy to understand, and has some depth to it especially in PvP. It may not be the favorite stat of any damage-dealing raiders, but that’s okay – it’s a solid baseline. Multistrike is probably the weakest of our current stats from a design perspective. Mechanically it’s very similar to crit, except where we’ve added specific class mechanics to hook into it and bolster it as a stat. There may be a visceral feel at times to firing extra missiles, but when you’re firing a ton of projectiles all the time, that also comes at the expense of lessening the impact of each individual missile and cast.

Q: Any plans on another stat squish? This last one didn’t seem to do much. - @RippleTideWoW
A: Well, players are currently dealing damage roughly on par with what we saw at the end of Dragon Soul almost 4 years ago, which is fairly significant. If not for the squish, we’d be seeing DPS values in the millions, player health well into the millions, gear having 5-digit amounts of each stat, and so forth. So the squish did do quite a bit. Experience has shown, however, that if a full tier of gear doesn’t increase player stats by at least 10-15%, upgrades feel unrewarding. The compounding nature of that growth does mean that numbers will get unwieldy over time. We don’t see the need for another stat squish in the very near future, but we’ll likely end up doing one again eventually.

Q: Will the kick tool be improved to be less prone to abuse? - Evangelia
A: The vote-to-kick system in our Group Finder is definitely due for some improvements. The system was designed alongside the original introduction of the LFG tool years ago, in a world where the default loot method was Need/Greed and a major issue was people abusing the kick feature to eliminate competition for loot. Nowadays, there are far fewer selfish motivations for initiating a kick, and so it makes sense for us to reevaluate that design. In Raid Finder in particular, one person who is griefing is having a negative impact on the gameplay experience of up to 24 other players, and we should make sure we’re weighting the protections provided by the system accordingly. We are working on making some subtle adjustments to the logic involved that should address some of these issues: for example, just because you’re in combat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to kick someone who deserves it – that restriction used to be in place to prevent loot abuse, but now loot is mailed to players who aren’t around to receive it. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the system and make additional tweaks aimed at reducing player frustration.

Q: When kill Ele/Enh Shamans get the rework we deserve? Totems are so outdated and irrelevant. - @STVN214
A: Totems could definitely use some love. I’m not sure the core rotations of either spec need an outright “rework,” though there are certainly some issues (Ele Ascendance being numerically underwhelming, Enhance having so many different sources of damage that few individual button presses feel rewarding). Totems historically provided irreplaceable benefits (e.g. Windfury providing extra attacks) that were balanced by the spatial constraint of being tied to a killable totem in a fixed location. Now that drawback often feels unwarranted. There isn’t much that’s cool about an ability like Searing Totem. Powerful area effects like Earthgrab, Windwalk, or Healing Tide fare better, but that isn’t a very long list. We agree that totems need to either be overhauled as a mechanic or that their importance to the shaman class needs to be reduced.

Q: What do Fire and Frost Mages, Ele Shamans… have mana bars for? Will mana matter again at some point? - @Crowvyn
A: For many hybrid casters, mana is little more than a constraint on ability to heal, allowing for hybrid offheals to be potent, but limiting their sustainability so that they clearly fall short of a dedicated healer. Beyond that, we agree, there isn’t much point to the resource for several specs. Mana works well as a healer resource, where mana management and efficiency are designed to be a core part of every healer’s gameplay (some specs’ current situation notwithstanding), but we moved away from having it as a meaningful constraint on DPS output because it generally served as a frustrating constraint in a world where many if not most other DPS specs were not similarly constrained. Arcane mages stand as the exception, but they have a toolkit specifically designed around controlling their mana pools. I don’t think we’re likely to return to a world where Elemental shamans can run themselves out of mana and end up unable to cast Lightning Bolt, but perhaps there are more interesting things that could be done with DPS resource bars in place of mana.

Q: Complex encounter design (positioning) is being trivialized by player-created tools (See: Kromog) Are there plans to curb this? - @jsutan
A: Clever players have been using add-ons to assist with raid coordination since the earliest days of WoW raiding. When these add-ons have crossed a line and approached automating player activity or decisionmaking entirely, we have stepped in to disable or limit the underlying functionality that made that possible. Beyond that, players’ ability to use mods to help keep track of non-random abilities isn’t particularly concerning – as a raider myself, I downloaded Thogar Assist as a reference, but found that by the time my guild defeated the encounter I had long since memorized the train schedule. It is something for us to keep in mind, however, and we do occasionally alter our designs when we realize that a mod would completely trivialize the intended gameplay. Kromog, for example, could have had another dozen or so hand spawn points, and randomly picked a subset of them each phase, preventing any sort of fixed 1-to-1 assignment.

Q: Legacy buff for MoP content, When? - Vert
A: Never. (Or at least not until next time we do a stat squish, technically.) The “legacy buff” that applies to enemies below level 90 once you exceed that level was designed specifically and solely to offset the 6.0 “stat squish,” which compressed the exponential scaling in the items available from level 61 to 90, into linear scaling. Pre-squish, a level 90 player with Pandaria raid gear was literally a dozen times more powerful than they had been at level 80 with Wrath gear. Post-squish that is no longer the case, so we have a special combat modifier in place to preserve the expected gameplay, so that soloing old content does not become harder. Gear higher than item level 463 wasn’t squished, so endgame Mists content designed to be tackled by players of that power level wasn’t affected and no combat scalar is needed. Mists content will increasingly become doable with fewer players than intended, as player power continues to rise, as has always been the case. People already are soloing large chunks of Mists content, and that goal will only become more and more attainable as time goes on and gear continues to improve.

Q: Will hunters and mages get a new raid utility in 6.2? - @Garfurion
A: No. At this point, while we may still be making numerical adjustments, I wouldn’t expect new abilities or class functionality in 6.2. We removed Aspect of the Fox from hunters because they simply did not need it to be unique, viable, and in fact highly desired. It also contributed to elevating ranged classes above melee in many cases, by offsetting one of most casters’ main weaknesses. One of the strengths of melee classes is that they can move along with their target and continue to deal full damage while on the move, while most casters’ throughput suffers if they can’t stand still. In encounter design, we create mechanics and phases with this constraint in mind, with the expectation that a ranged-heavy raid will have its throughput suffer during something like Hans’gar and Franzok’s Stamping Presses phase, or Blackhand’s Massive Demolitions. Each additional Aspect of the Fox eroded this natural melee advantage, and contributed to raid composition and balance issues.

Even without Fox, Hunters are unique in that they are the only ranged DPS that can do nearly everything while on the move, which naturally makes them well-suited to specialized roles on a number of encounters, aside from naturally thriving in high-movement environments. On top of that, Deterrence, Feign Death, Misdirection, and Disengage all allow them to assist with handling mechanics in ways that many other classes cannot. As for Mages, Amplify was not nearly as impactful, but neither was it necessary to justify the inclusion of a class that already brings a versatile toolset, burst damage, control, and useful immunities. A particularly odd feature of both Aspect of the Fox and Amplify Magic is that neither ability had any apparent use whatsoever when solo, which contributed to their awkwardness.

In short, we added those abilities in 6.0 because we were concerned that mages and hunters might not be well-represented without some new and unique raid cooldown, but having observed how they have played out in practice, those concerns were likely unfounded, leaving us with two new niche abilities at a time where we have otherwise been trying to streamline the contents of class spellbooks. Thus, we’re removing them in 6.2.

Hellfire Citadel Raid Schedule
The schedule lacks specific dates, just like the end of the season announcement. The Timewalking blog also had dates removed shortly after being posted.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The armies of Azeroth are set to charge into Tanaan Jungle and the new Raid found there. To help with the coordination of these fiery days to come, we’ve broken down the unlock schedule for Hellfire Citadel. Get ready!

If you're among those patiently sharpening your sword until Raid Finder unlocks, please note that you'll need a minimum item level of 650 to enter. Here's the rundown:

Week 1 (with the release of Patch 6.2)
  • Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties open.

Week 2
  • Mythic difficulty becomes available.
  • Raid Finder Wing 1 (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok) unlocks.

Week 4
  • Raid Finder Wing 2 (Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, Gorefiend) unlocks.

Week 6
  • Raid Finder Wing 3 (Shadow-Lord Iskar, Socrethar the Eternal, Tyrant Velhari) unlocks.

Week 8
  • Raid Finder Wing 4 (Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, Mannoroth) unlocks.

Week 10
  • Raid Finder Wing 5 (Archimonde) unlocks.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Maybe you've already explained but i didnt see it. Could you pls explain why Cloak of Shadow's CD is being increased by 30''?
We felt that coupled with other Rogue defenses, the spell had too high of an uptime in PvE and PvP. (WarcraftDevs)

Character / Items
Any chance you could make Aviana's Feather a toy?
In general, the Toy Box holds pure cosmetic items, rather than ones you activate for utility or power. (WarcraftDevs)

When will the wings be right on trees?!??! /sadface.
It’s being investigated. Turned out a few of the transforms have this issue; no ETA yet but we’re working on it. (WarcraftDevs)

I was just wondering if the 100 treasures counts what we've already found or does it start at 0 when 6.2 drops
Fully retroactive – if you’re more than halfway to Grand Treasure Hunter, you already meet that requirement. (WarcraftDevs)

.Is there a bug with haste buffs on Iron Maidens? Grace of Air & Swiftblade's Cunning are fighting.
It's likely that if you went to the boat you’d be out of range of your ally’s buff, or vice versa. (WarcraftDevs)

any chance we will ever see strongboxes in the sub 100 #pvp brackets as all but promised in early 2015?
It’s still something we’d like to do one day. (WarcraftDevs)

have you guys thought of adding a way to re-join a rbg if you get instance aborted? Seems like it would be nice
Yes, it's something we'd like to do, but don't have any plans to share as of yet. (WarcraftDevs)

but you can still queue with 4 mates for Ashran right? Like bgs?
Yes, you can still enter as a party. (holinka)

will current gear be moving to reward chests from BGs glad sanctum and skirms? Have some alts that need to catch up.
Gear will scale up to 690 in 6.2 (holinka)

WoD PvP S1, will we still be able to collect/purchase WoD S1 Gladiator gear? Area 52? Thanks!
Yes, there will be vendors for the preceding season's gear. (WarcraftDevs)

what all warlocks can do to increase their power?
This is one of the few things I think I know. Real Fel energy consumes souls, yes. Hence, soul shards. (Muffinus)

so that's a yes on all Warlocks being able to drain and channel souls?
Is this new info? You've always been able to drain soul, drain life, and capture soul shards. (Muffinus)
Yeah, but people think lore-wise only Affliction Warlocks can do that stuff.
Outside of lore, Class team does what's right/fun for the class. That might stretch lore sometimes, or change it outright. (Muffinus)
But lore-wise all Warlocks still need soul shards?
I would think about anything that uses fel energy, be it embers or demonic power or what have you, as feeding on souls, imo. (Muffinus)
Note: this is how I like to think of things on my lock and may change and/or be incorrect in time. (Muffinus)

UI / Engine
baseMip still not added back in the 6.2 release candidate. I'm disappointed.
baseMip was replaced by componentTextureLevel, terrainMipLevel, and worldbaseMip. (WarcraftDevs)

Not been on the PTR for weeks. Do ships still get destroyed if a mission fails?
There is a chance to lose ships when failing a naval mission, but building new ships is much easier than acquiring new followers. (WarcraftDevs)

FEEDBACK: Destructor's Rise (Normal)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We've opened up Normal Hellfire Citadel, and will keep it open for the next few days. This will likely be our last public test of Hellfire Citadel. The only bosses currently enabled are Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul'horac, and Mannoroth. Please use this thread to provide feedback, bug reports, and otherwise discuss the encounters. Logs are very helpful, and please, when offering feedback, specify the nature of your group: Group Finder PUG, full guild group with Heroic/Mythic/etc. experience, partial premade, etc. While these bosses should be a meaningful step up in difficulty from the first floor of the citadel (Zakuun and Xhul'horac should be comparable to fights like Socrethar and Velhari, and Mannoroth should be tougher than the rest), bear in mind that this is Normal mode, and the audience is Friends/Family groups and pickup groups - a core question would be whether you'd feel comfortable joining a Premade Group via Group Finder to complete these encounters. Thanks!

Heroes of the Storm - Eternal Conflict Cinematic
Blizzard unveiled the Eternal Conflict cinematic today, as well as announcing Leoric and Monk heroes.

by Published on 2015-06-16 07:26 AM

Update (5:30 PM EDT): Watcher posted some more Dev Q&A

Mortal Shroud D1 Remake, Zero Empathy vs GR 74

Patch 9166 is Now Live - New Heroes Now Available, Tavern Brawl Starts Thursday

Heroes at E3, Rotation for June 16, 2015, Upcoming Shop Sales

Patch 6.2 - Garrison Campaign Rewards
Patch 6.2 expands upon the garrison campaign with a new quest line. Everyone with a Tier 3 garrison can and will want to complete (at least part) of this new line, as it unlocks and rewards several useful things. You will see Yrel, Gul'dan, Vol'jin, Varian and other notable characters. There is no need to complete any of the previous Garrison Campaign to do these quests.

Patch 6.2 - Tanaan Faction Hubs
The Alliance and Horde faction hubs in Patch 6.2 are where you will pick up the new Apexis daily quests, reputation daily quests, and find some of the new faction vendors.

Patch 6.2 - Gladiator Mounts
Patch 6.2 adds the Warlords Season 1 (Primal Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling), Season 2 (Wild Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling), and Season 3 (Warmongering Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling) Gladiator mounts.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character / Items
Why don’t the trait/ability retraining guides stack? they are devastating bag space right now.
If it doesn’t stack we usually don’t want you to be keeping it around for too long. Use it! (WarcraftDevs)

getting different answers from the two of you. Are duplicate Sargares, Archis, and KJs a possibility? If not, why?
Yeah, i was wrong, don't tweet late at night (Muffinus)

SWTOR - Knights of the Fallen Empire
BioWare announced the next SWTOR expansion at E3! It has a story where choices matter, starts at level 60, and more. The expansion releases October 27th.

Wildstar - On Sale in the Humble Bundle
Wildstar is going Free to Play this fall, but if you want to give it a try today, it is part of the E3 Humble Bundle now.

Dark Legacy Comics #493
DLC #493 has been released.

by Published on 2015-06-15 01:30 AM

Mortal Shroud D1 Remake, Zero Empathy vs GR 74

Ben Brode on Buffing Bad Cards, Popular Decks of the Week

Heroes of the Storm at Dreamhack, Heroes Academy Episode 5

Patch 6.2 - Naval Hats
Patch 6.2 adds some new naval themed hats as rewards from Naval Mission achievements! There are also some other versions of the hat that aren't in use yet.

Level Type Name Source Model Viewer
1Neck Captain's Hat Petty Officer
1Neck Captain's Hat Petty Officer
1Neck Fleet Commander's Hat Charting a Course
1Neck Fleet Commander's Hat Charting a Course

Patch 6.2 - Hellfire Assault Preview
Today we are taking a look at Hellfire Assault, the first Hellfire Citadel boss encounter.

Level Type Spec Name Model Viewer
675Neck Hand-Welded Gorget
690Finger Mar'tak's Rugged Seal
690NeckAll Strength Bolt-Latched Felsteel Gorget
675NeckAll Strength Fel Iron Roller Chain
690TrinketHealer Flickering Felspark
675TrinketHealer Pledge of Iron Loyalty
690NeckAll Agility Faulty Detonator Cord
690FingerAll Intellect Sootstained Felsworn Signet
690QuestAll Agility Forward Observer's Camouflage Cloak
690ClothAll Intellect Felgrease-Smudged Robes
675ClothAll Intellect Sooty Felcult Robes
690ClothAll Intellect Powder-Singed Bracers
675ClothAll Intellect Manacles of Enforced Labor
690QuestAll Intellect Sparkburnt Welder's Cloak
690Leather Rangefinder's Spaulders
675Leather Blackfuse Company Tool Belt
690Leather Gorebound Wristguards
675Leather Fel Mechanic's Sparkguard Bracers
675Mail Iron Dragoon's Coif
690Mail Iron Dragoon's Pantaloons
675Mail Siegesmith's Chain Leggings
690Mail Hand Loader Gauntlets
690Plate Blastproof Legguards
690Plate Shell-Resistant Stompers
675Plate Engine-Kicking Boots
690Plate Flamebelcher's Insulated Mitts
675Plate Ironspike Knuckled Gauntlets
690Shield Smoldercore Bulwark
690GunAll Agility Felfire Munitions Launcher
675GunAll Agility Snub-Nosed Iron Rifle
690DaggerAll Agility Blackfuse Company Utility Knife
675DaggerAll Agility Wicked Bonecarver's Knife

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
With the aid of the mercenary Blackfuse company, the Iron Horde constructed devastating siege machinery in the shadow of Hellfire Citadel, to be used in the eventual assault upon Azeroth's capitals. With the tanks now retrofitted to use fel energy, Siegemaster Mar'tak awaits Gul'dan's command to begin the assault.

  • Overview - Players attempt to turn the massive Hellfire Cannons in the Citadel's courtyard against the mighty gate of the Citadel, while fending off Siegemaster Mar'tak and her militarized force. Throughout the encounter, waves of enemies rush at the players, periodically accompanied by huge siege weapons that seek to destroy the Cannons and the players defending them. Destroying these siege weapons allows players to salvage Felfire Munitions, which may be brought to the Hellfire Cannon, allowing it to continuously fire Hellfire Rounds at the Reinforced Hellfire Door. Once players successfully breach the Reinforced Hellfire Door, Siegemaster Mar'tak's forces retreat into the Citadel.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Quickly defeat Gorebound Felcasters after they use Metamorphosis to become a Gorebound Terror.
      • Defeat Fel-Infused Siege Weapons to keep the Hellfire Cannons alive.
    • Healers -
    • Tanks -
      • Be ready to grab the attention of any Hellfire Reinforcements.
      • Slam stacks increase Physical damage taken, so be wary when tanking multiple enemies and a Hulking Berserker.
  • Hellfire Cannon - Upon starting the encounter, players commandeer both Hellfire Cannons. Siegemaster Mar'tak's forces continually pour forth from Hellfire Citadel to prevent players from capitalizing on posession of these cannons. Based on available Felfire Munition reserves, the Hellfire Cannon will continuously fire at the Reinforced Hellfire Door.
    • Felfire Munitions - Felfire-Imbued Siege Vehicles carry Felfire Munitions into battle. Upon death, the Felfire Munitions drop to the ground, allowing a player to pick it up. The Felfire Munitions despawn if not picked up within 1.5 min. Upon being picked up, a player gains Haste, increasing movement speed by 100% for 9 sec. While being carried, the Felfire Munitions inflicts 25,000 Fire damage every second.
  • Siegemaster Mar'tak -
    • Howling Axe - Hurls a notched axe at a target, which strikes all marked targets before returning to the caster. Upon impact with each target, inflicts 80,000 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards.
    • Shockwave - Sends a shockwave in a targeted direction, inflicting 121,875 Nature damage and knocking back enemies within 4 yards of each impact.
    • Inspiring Presence - Inspires nearby units, increasing damage done by 10%. This value increases while the caster fights enemies.
  • Hellfire Reinforcements -
    • Iron Dragoon - This hardened melee enemy wields a sharpened polearm and is at the beck and call of Siegemaster Mar'tak.
    • Hulking Berserker -
      • Slam - Slams the target for 85,750 Physical damage and increases Physical damage taken by 10% for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
      • Cower! - Roars, causing nearby enemies to Cower for 9 sec., reducing their movement speed by 20% and inflicting 35,000 Physical damage, bypassing armor.
    • Gorebound Felcaster -
      • Incinerate - Hurls a gout of flame at a target, inflicting Fire damage.
      • Felfire Volley - Conjures a volley of flame, inflicting 20,000 Fire damage to enemies within 50 yards.
      • Metamorphosis - Transforms into a demonic entity, inflicting 25,000 Fire damage and knocking back enemies within 5 yards and buffs the caster, increasing damage by 50% and movement speed by 100%.
        Immune to crowd control effects.
        • Gorebound Terror -
          • Felfire Volley - Conjures a volley of flame, inflicting 20,000 Fire damage to enemies within 50 yards.
    • Contracted Engineer -
      • Repair - Repairs a targeted vehicle, healing it for 2% of total health every half-second.
      • Conducted Shock Pulse - Shocks a target with a conductive shock pulse, inflicting 42,850 Nature damage and stunning the target for 6 sec. This damaging effect may jump up to [ $185,806X2 - 1 ] additional targets.
      • Boom - Sets an explosive charge at a target's feet, inflicting 71,500 Fire damage to targets within 5 yards after a short duration.
    • Grand Corruptor U'rogg -
      • Corruption Nova - Spews a stream of vile corruption, inflicting 53,600 Shadow damage to enemies within 2 yards of each impact location.
      • Corruption Bolt - Hurls a ribbon of corruption at the target, inflicting 32,150 Shadow damage.
      • Corruption Siphon - Corrupts the soul of a target, draining all but a sliver of their health, healing the caster for 3 times the drained value, and absorbing healing equal to the drained health for 15 sec.
    • Grute -
      • Cannonball - Leaps at an enemy, inflicting 200,000 Physical damage to enemies within 9 yards of the targeted location.
      • Shockwave - Sends a shockwave in a targeted direction, inflicting 121,875 Nature damage and knocking back enemies within 4 yards of each impact.
      • Cower! - Roars, causing nearby enemies to Cower for 9 sec, reducing their movement speed by 30% and inflicting 65,000 Physical damage, bypassing armor.
      • Slam - Slams the target for 85,750 Physical damage and increases Physical damage taken by 10% for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Felfire-Imbued Siege Vehicles -
    • Felfire Crusher -
      • Bore - The Felfire Felcrusher inflicts 107,000 Nature damage to frontal enemies every half-second.
      • Burn - The Felfire Felcrusher brings several additional units to battle who channel flame in a frontal cone, inflicting 16,100 Fire damage every half second for 4 sec.
    • Felfire Flamebelcher -
      • Belch Flame - Belches a volley of flame in the direction of the Hellfire Cannon, inflicting 205,000 Fire damage to enemies within 3 yards of each missiles' impact location.
    • Felfire Artillery -
      • Artillery Blast - Fires a superheated artillery shell at the Hellfire Cannons, inflicting 89,300 Fire damage to anything within 40 yards.
    • Felfire Demolisher -
      • Siege Nova - Fires a series of mortars in a targeted direction, each inflicting 53,600 Fire damage to enemies within 3 yards of each impact.

        Additionally, a final mortar blast strikes enemies within 100 yards for 150,000 Fire damage, partially decreasing in damage as distance increases.
    • Felfire Transporter -
      • Call to Arms! - The Felfire Transporter delivers a seemingly endless supply of units to the front lines.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Then how can Sargeras, as a (former) Titan, transcend all realities?
He doesn't. (Muffinus)

Do Titans also transcend all realities or are there multiple Titans?
They don't, there are multiple titans, they are searching the cosmos for additional Titans. (Muffinus)
but if titan went to twisting nether ? Is twisting nether have all realities inside?
The Twisting Nether is the line between the ebb of Light and the flow of Void. A place of chaos and fragments. (Muffinus)
it will be wierd if not because demon which die in twisting nether are dead.
Twisting Nether is the only place where demons can truly die, yes. The specifics are yet unknown. (Muffinus)

only the timelines that broxigar was there.
Brox did a good deed in preventing Sargeras from concentrating on the Well, but he is very dead, and Sarg healed. (Muffinus)

Quick question about a specific character. Was Illidan considered a demon in BC?
Depends on which side you're on #TeamIllidan #TeamMalfurion (Muffinus)
Good decoy answer. But you're safe Jeremy cos already teased us with Illidan in Nether.
Metzen is but a conduit through which we operate, like eldritch tentacles of corruption. (Muffinus)

I wasn't super fussed this expac because there's no ramifications. Nobody DID make it through.
AU Archimonde contains a lot of knowledge MU Archimonde didn't have, this is important. (Muffinus)
Pesky Gul'dan. Peskier Wrathio- nobody who said wrathion admiral taylor whaaaat shh.
I'm not actually sure what Wrathion's up to these days, would know better. Hot tubbing imo (Muffinus)

so all demons emrage there? From all realities? As i understand from what you wrote.
It's complex, but: AU is a different timeline, BUT can affect our timeline if it gets through. (Muffinus)
That concern is SO 6.0. Now we're all excited 'cos confirmed Archimonde IS MU.
MU? (Muffinus)
Main Universe. Because Demons exist outside of timelines. They just go back to the Nether.
Not really, AU Archimonde is dead until AU Sargeras revives him. Reviving takes a while. (Muffinus)
You need to see this:
I have! Demons work... oddly. (Muffinus)
as a semi-casual lore fan that played WC3/TFT cmpgns multiple times: all this timetravel MU/AU is beyond confusing. I have no clue
Focus on the awesome cinematics (Muffinus)
I just ordered some of the Warcraft novels too bc I want to understand
I re-read the LOTC and WoE series regularly! Great books for learning WC history/characters. (Muffinus)

AU Draenor: think about it like this - a wholly separate world, that can only affect our world if it gets through to IRL Azeroth. (Muffinus)
That's not the issue. The issue is the Legion, according to is the same one from IRL Azeroth.
Fras' is right in whatever he says Until he retcons it and makes space hyenas. (Muffinus)
OMG we now need space hyenas
The sarcastic cousin of space goats (Muffinus)

I get gameplay>story, I don't agree but I get it, but Wow has gotten to the point that I can't even understand what's going on
Gameplay First doesn't mean gameplay > story, not at all. I think the reason fighting Arthas was fun was b/c the story of WC3 (Muffinus)
It doesn't seem to show much of that sentiment now-a-days. Retconning Archimonde's death into a setback cheapens the impact.
I think that "the legion is endless" adds a real sort of time pressure to it, though, and that's fun storytelling. (Muffinus)

I'm kind of confused...when demons die do their souls go to the nether or the void (realm of the dead) and are warlocks merely
Void isn't realm of the dead, nether is where demons go. Void is NOTHING. No demons, nothing. (Muffinus)
Nothing but Voidwalkers =] <3 Just curious, are they undead?
Generally classified as Aberrations. (Muffinus)

Jeremy, i dont know if you were the dev who Made all the treasures but this is feedback.
I wasn't, but I generally agree with the idea "completed area, allow flying" (Muffinus)
thats very well but the treasures themselves are not very rewarding.
IMO of they were sellable for resources (garrison, oil, or BoA) that would make this a fun proposition. (Muffinus)
btw i loved the treasure hunt scenario on the thunder isle more, namely, due to how lucrative it was. Hint hint.
I liked it too, definitely something that I think should be re-investigated, super fun weekly event. (Muffinus)
wait, arent you guys doing some kind of weekly bonus event next patch?
Every weekend, a different gameplay objective is highlighted for extra rewards, like timewalking dungeons! (Muffinus)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
While the developers have been pretty quiet since @WarcraftDevs appeared, Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
All bugs should be fixed. Is that really even debated?
Actually, yes. I have worked at three AAA studios and all of them chose not to fix some bugs. (OccupyGStreet)

Game Design
Greg, do you think that Wildstar is an example of why "Hardcore" doesn't work? Didn't have LFR raids, and still flopped.
My professional opinion is that success has less to do with features and more to do with where the players are. (OccupyGStreet)
I don't think players just automatically migrate to the best game with the most robust features. Switching is a pretty high cost. (OccupyGStreet)
My message to any dev out there on any game is not to compete with an established franchise on their turf. Build something else. (OccupyGStreet)
You don't build a better WoW than WoW. You make something different. (OccupyGStreet)

I don't think content being seen as it's released is a good thing. WoW devs need to make the game a lot more time consuming.
You don't think players risk seeing that as a grind for the purposes of keeping you playing? I heard that frequently. (OccupyGStreet)

I don't think that's the case. We've lost a lot in WoW and the developers keep telling us what's "fun"
"Fun" is hard. You'll get one player saying only raiding is fun and another saying raids aren't fun. They are both right. (OccupyGStreet)
I'm making my own game and I fully understand that. Telling the player something is "fun" (or not) is the wrong approach.
Yeah, I think the most you can do is say "we hope this will be fun" or "we think it will be." (OccupyGStreet)

when you worked on warcraft, you were a systems designer? Is a that a very specific kind a of game designer?
Yes. Systems is about how the different mechanics in a game work together. Economy, progression or combat are systems. (OccupyGStreet)
Other types of game design are narrative, level, UI, cinematics, content, etc. (OccupyGStreet)

Hearthstone Patch - Tavern Brawl and More
Hearthstone had a patch appear this week with a new game mode: Tavern Brawl. It also contained more of the hero skins, UI updates, new cards, new sounds, new music, and more!

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