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by Published on 2014-12-11 06:03 AM

Ancient Weapons Reroll, Marauder Bug on PTR, Story of Diablo Updated, Diablo 1 HD Remake
The Instance Hearthstone Dev Interview, Deck Spotlights: Fire's Mech Priest & Avast! Pirate/Weaponpower Rogue
December 10th Patch Changes - Stimpacks Added, Bug Fixes

Mythic Highmaul Guild Progress - Day 2
Today is the second day for the race of world first Mythic Highmaul. EU has caught up and now holds the top spots. All that remains is The Butcher and Imperator Mar'gok. Below is the current standing from WoWProgress as of 1:00 AM EST.

1Method (r)EU-Twisting Nether5/7 (M)
2ЭкзорсусEU (RU)-Ревущий фьорд5/7 (M)
3ParagonEU-Lightning's Blade5/7 (M)
4AscensionOC-Barthilas5/7 (M)
5Rapid Eye Movement (r)EU-Tarren Mill4/7 (M)
6PracticeEU-Shattered Hand4/7 (M)
7MidwinterUS-Sargeras4/7 (M)
8Avast (r)OC-Jubei'Thos3/7 (M)
9MoonzlingeEU (DE)-Azshara3/7 (M)

Alchemy and Jewelcrafting Changes
Originally Posted by Rygarius (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re giving a heads up on adjustments being made based on player feedback over the amount of herbs used in recipes by Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. The adjustment will increase the amount of herbs an Alchemist needs and decrease the herb costs for Jewelcrafters.

Overview of Changes:

  • Combat potion recipes no longer requires Crescent Oil and meat/fish, and will require herbs instead.
  • Flask recipes will use more herbs, increasing the number of herbs needed from one type of herb to two.

  • Tier 1 gem recipes will require more ore and less herbs.
  • Tier 2 gem recipes will no longer require herbs and instead require a tier 1 gem.

In summary, these changes are not active yet. But once the change is active, Alchemists will need more herbs, and Jewelcrafting will need less.

Does this require a Realm Restart to take in effect?
This is an early heads up and it's not live yet. It depends on how testing for the hotfix goes before that can be determined.

I'm currently working to get clarification from the designers over feedback that we've been receiving over the change to reagents for Alchemy recipes.

We’ve been reading feedback and concerns that have been raised and wanted to provide clarification. Historically, Alchemy has greater synergy with Herbalism than Fishing and we wanted to restore that with this change. Crescent Oil still has a use for Alchemists and it will still be used for some Draenor Alchemy recipes. We’re removing Crescent Oil as a reagent from primary stat buff potions and mana potions, but keeping it for other potions.

Hotfixes for December 10th
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

  • Resolved a situation that could cause ore and mining carts in a player's Garrison to despawn.
  • Resolved an issue where players may sometimes not correctly accrue rested experience when entering their Garrisons.
  • Garrison Invasions
    • Players defeating the final boss that pushes their invasion score to over 1000 should now correctly be able to receive credit for obtaining a gold rating.


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Shooting Stars should no longer fail to trigger if the most recent target of Moonfire or Sunfire dies.
  • Hunter
    • General
      • Resolved a number of additional situations that could cause Kill Shot (Beast Mastery, Marksmanship) to not correctly reset its cooldown.
  • Monk
    • General
      • Transcendence: Transfer should now continue to correctly reference new transfer locations after multiple uses.
  • Priest
    • Talents
      • Insanity's (Shadow) snare should now be correctly affected by abilities that remove or reduces the duration of snare effects.
  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Honor Among Thieves should no longer cause Rogues with the Anticipation talent to stand up after receiving a Critical heal.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Citizens of Dalaran! Raise your eyes to the skies and observe! Rhonin, Leader of the Kirin Tor, should now be reciting their spoken lines to characters within a much smaller radius in the streets of the city of Dalaran. Note that his text... his text are still worth reading and continue to still be visible to those within the city.
  • Rare creatures and NPCs are now immune to the Enslave Demon and Control Undead effect.
  • Goren Protector, Orc Ancestor, Ancient Ogre, and Ghostly Arakkoa should now correctly scale to level 100.
  • World Bosses
    • The world bosses Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless in Gorgrond now share a single loot eligibility lockout.
    • Both Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless should no longer be available at the same time.
  • Talador
    • Cordana Felsong should now be visible to characters that are at or above level 98.
    • May Tirta and James Lamone located in Zangarra can no longer be attacked by characters.
  • Spires of Arak
    • Solar Magnifier should no longer become untargetable if they are leashed while using the Excavation ability.
  • Nagrand
    • Gordawg no longer uses Tectonic Slam.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios

  • Raids
    • Credit for defeating bosses on Raid Finder difficulty should no longer incorrectly have a daily reset instead of a weekly one.
    • Highmaul
      • Tectus: Motes of Tectus should now be properly tracked in the boss frames as intended.
      • Twin Ogron: Phemos' thrown weapons now persist for 16 seconds after Quake has finished casting.
      • Ko'ragh should no longer benefit from Critical Strike auras from players that are under the effects of Dominating Power.
      • Ko'ragh: Resolved an issue where players may be unable to use execute abilities against Ko'ragh when his health is low.
  • Dungeons
    • Bloodmaul Slag Mines
      • Slave Watcher Crushto: After being defeated, the miners should no longer be attackable, and no longer cause Croman to chase them out of range.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • Nitrogg Thundertower should no longer be able to get thrown off the train and wind up being stuck in evade mode.
      • Added a second location for Iron Autocannon, Iron Limbcleaver, and Huge Crate of Weapons to the Grimrail Crash Site.


  • Ashran
    • Bonus objectives in Ashran now have a daily reset timer.
    • Fortune Favors the Bold no longer provides a bonus to Honor Point gains.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Healers leaving an Arena match should no longer sometimes cause Dampening to reset.
  • Resolved an additional number of situations where players could incorrectly obtain items that require Vol'jin's Spear or Wrynn's Vanguard to equip from a Rated Battleground or The Coliseum.


  • Healing effects from healing potions should no longer incorrectly be able to critically heal or Multistrike.
  • Raid buffs to Mastery no longer counts for food that provides a well fed buff to the highest secondary stat.
  • Personal Hologram's temporary hologram of yourself should now be easier to see.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where dispelling Prayer of Mending was incorrectly only removing a single charge instead of the entire effect.

Free Character Migrations (FCM) 10/12
Originally Posted by Takralus (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Free Character Migrations listed below have now been reopened for both factions, and are tentatively scheduled to close on 16 December 2014.

These FCMs have been reopened in order to help players who were previously separated from guild mates or friends. Please be aware that they may be closed before the above date.

PvE Realms
Argent Dawn -> Moonglade, Darkmoon Faire
Draenor -> Emerald Dream, Shadowsong
Silvermoon -> Azjol-Nerub, Khadgar

PvP Realms
Dentarg -> Bladefist, Drak'thul
Frostmane -> Emeriss, Xavius
Kazzak -> Bladefist, Drak'thul
Outland -> Emeriss, Xavius
Ragnaros -> Bladefist, Drak'thul
Ravencrest -> Emeriss, Xavius
Stormscale -> Emeriss, Xavius
Sylvanas -> Emeriss, Xavius
Tarren Mill -> Bladefist, Drak'thul
Twisting Nether -> Emeriss, Xavius

You can discuss an FCM to or from one of the listed realms in the dedicated discussion threads linked above. If you’re looking for a specific migration not covered by the above list, please use the Character Transfer service.

Please note that all free or paid character migrations follow the regular Character Transfer rules, found here:

Guild Transfers
Although Free Guild Master Realm Transfers are not possible at this time, the Free Character Migration will allow you to retain your guild membership and reputation, provided that the guild master completes a Guild Master Realm Transfer first and the faction remains the same as that of the source realm.
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Legendary Workshop Stream
Goblins vs Gnomes has Released in North America & Europe
Dec 9 Hero Rotation Update, From the Bullpen: Heroes and Villians

Mythic Highmaul Guild Progress
Today started the race for world first Mythic Highmaul. NA has a head start, and below is the current standing from WoWProgress as of 11:40pm EST.

1AscensionOC-Barthilas4/7 (M)
2MidwinterUS-Sargeras2/7 (M)
3Nightmare AsylumUS-Mug'thol2/7 (M)
4Overture (r)US-Mal'Ganis2/7 (M)
5Duality (r)US-Zul'jin2/7 (M)
6Vulgar (r)US-Sargeras2/7 (M)
7WHATEVER WERE AWES..US-Magtheridon2/7 (M)
8Modest (r)US-Kilrogg2/7 (M)
9Blood Legion (r)US-Illidan2/7 (M)
10Smitus and Friends (r)US-Sargeras2/7 (M)

Hotfixes for December 9th
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Garrison Buildings
    • Barn: Increased the drop rates for Savage Blood from work orders.
    • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill: Work orders now award more Iron Horde Scraps and increased the drop rates for Follower Enhancements.
    • Gladiator's Sanctum: Characters can now accumulate up to a maximum of 5000 Broken Bones at a time.
    • Salvage Yard: Salvage recovered from a Garrison Mission should now always contain an item.
    • Trading Post: The Savage Friends achievement now only requires the character to become Exalted with 1 Draenor reputation (down from 3).
    • Trading Post (Alliance): The Sha'tari Defense quartermaster now correctly offers the Sky Fry Battle Pet for sale at Revered reputation.

  • Druid
    • General
      • Resolved an issue where Druids may sometimes lose Flight Form (and fall) when logging in or exiting from a Battleground or Arena match.
  • Hunter
    • General
      • Kill Shot should now correctly reset its cooldown when it fails to kill the target due to Cauterize (Mage) or Guardian Spirit (Priest).
  • Mage
    • Armor Sets
      • Mage Tier-16's 4-piece set bonus is no longer guaranteed to trigger for characters above level 90.
  • Warlock
    • General
      • Dark Soul's cooldown should now work correctly when used in conjunction with the talent Archimonde's Darkness and Glyph of Dark Soul.

  • Spires of Arak
    • Orders, Commander?: Resolved an issue where characters that have performed a faction change may be unable to complete the quest.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
  • Raids
    • Highmaul
      • Iron Flame Technicians should no longer be incorrectly dropping Normal difficulty loot on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • The Butcher's Heavy Handed attack should now be correctly counted as an attack for abilities that require an attack to trigger its effects.
      • The Butcher should no longer become unresponsive if a Rogue in stealth gets too close.
      • Brackenspore: Unit frames for Living Mushrooms and Rejuvenating Mushrooms should now display properly.
      • Imperator Mar'gok: Arcane Aberrations that have been Banished should now continue to use Collapsing Entity.
      • Imperator Mar'gok: Added a portal transporting players back to The Coliseum from Throne of the Imperator after Imperator Mar'gok has been defeated.
  • Dungeons
    • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
      • The portal that appears after Ner'zhul has been defeated should now transport players back to the beginning of the Dungeon.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • The level 90 bracket has been merged into the level 91-99 bracket.
  • Priests should no longer be able to continue to hold onto the flag while in Spirit of Redemption form.
  • Rated Battleground flag carriers in a tanking specialization should no longer be taking more damage than flag carriers in a non-tanking specialization. Previously, flag carrying tanks took 50% more damage and that stacked with an additional 25% damage received while in RBGs (additional 75% damage received total). This change removes the 50% additional damage taken while carrying a flag in an RBG.

  • Enchanting
    • Resolved an issue that could cause Enchanter's Illusions to be reverted from an item.

  • General goods vendors across Draenor now offer Crystal Vials and Enchanting Vellums for sale.
  • Consumable items that summons a fast mount can no longer be used while in a Challenge Mode.
  • Elixir of Deep Earth now increases armor by 67 (down from 268).
  • Primal Spirit is now only eligible for Greed rolls in Need Before Greed loot mode.
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Important: - The first wing of Raid Finder and Mythic Highmaul will open today at 10am PST.

Hotfixes for December 8 - Class Tuning and More

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Class Tuning Changes

Please note that the following class tuning changes are still undergoing testing and will be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Death Knight
  • Hunter
    • General
      • Kill Shot's (Beast Mastery, Marksmanship) damage has been reduced by 10%.
    • Marksmanship
  • Mage
  • Monk
    • General
      • Rising Sun Kick (Windwalker, Mistweaver) now causes enemies to take 10% increased damage from the Monk's abilities (down from 15% increased damage).
  • Shaman
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • Bloodthirst's damage has increased by 20%, and has an additional 40% chance to be a critical strike (up from 30%).
      • Execute's (Fury) damage has increased by 10%.
      • Raging Blow's damage has increased by 33%.
      • Wild Strike's damage has increased by 32%.

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Ashran has been re-enabled as a potential daily strategic assault choice. This reverts a change from November 21.
  • Garrison Buildings
    • [Requires a realm restart.] Work orders for the following Horde buildings (Mine, Herb Garden, Goblin Workshop, War Mill, and Trading Post) and Alliance buildings (Dwarven Bunker, Gnomish Workshop, Trading Post) should now correctly contribute credit towards the achievements for Working Some Orders and Working More Orders.
    • Gem Boutique: Followers assigned to the building should now always offer a daily quest.
    • Gladiator's Sanctum: Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament should no longer incorrectly be awarding PvP gear and items that require reputation with Vol'jin's Spear or Wrynn's Vanguard to equip.
    • Gladiator's Sanctum: Work orders were awarding much more gold and items than intended. The amount of items and gold awarded has been reduced to be more comparable to other buildings.
    • Herb Garden: Visitors can no longer harvest the player's Frostweed.
    • Salvage Yard: Awards for salvage have been split into 3 tiers based on the level of the Garrison Mission (Levels 90-94, Levels 95-99, and Level 100). Additionally, the mission needs to be successful for a chance to receive salvage with Level 100 missions having a guaranteed chance on success.
  • Garrison Invasions
    • Shadow Council Invasion: Concubine of Sin no longer awards points when defeated.

  • Shadowmoon Valley
    • The Fate of Karabor: Yrel should now always assist the player with Krull. Additionally, Krull's Brutal Smash now has a reduced range of 6 yards.
  • Talador

Creatures and NPCs
  • Grom'kar NPCs in the Frostfire Iron Siegeworks and Gorgrond Blackrock Foundry areas should now correctly have a chance to drop Iron Horde scraps for characters with a Dwarven Bunker / War Mill in their Garrisons.
  • Shadowmoon Valley
    • Shinri should no longer be getting stuck in evade mode.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
  • Raids
    • Highmaul
      • Tectus: Visual markers for Earthen Pillar, Fracture, Meteoric Earthspire, and Radiating Poison should now be easier to see.
      • Tectus: Meteoric Earthspire now deals less damage on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Tectus' targeting circle for Crystalline Barrage should now still be visible for users with projected textures disabled.
      • Twin Ogron's Fierce Disposition, Savage Disposition, and Aggressive Disposition should now be showing up in combat logs.
      • Imperator Mar'gok's Arcane mines for Destructive Resonance should now be easier to see for users with projected textures disabled.
      • Imperator Mar'gok: Visuals for Destructive Resonance should now be visible from anywhere in the Throne of the Imperator area.
      • Imperator Mar'gok's Arcane Wrath ability should no longer incorrectly jump to a player that has been Branded during Phase 4 with the Power of Replication.
  • Dungeons
    • Auchindoun
      • Disabled the cutscene for Teron'gor that plays after defeating Azzakel on Challenge Mode.
    • Skyreach
      • Ranjit should no longer occasionally target the tank with Lens Flare and Windwall.

  • Ashran
    • Honor and reputation increases for turning in Artifact Fragments first noted on December 3, are now out of testing and have been implemented.
    • Disabled health regeneration for Kronus, Fangraal, Grand Marshal Tremblade, and High Warlord Volrath when they leash or drop out of combat.
    • Creatures outside of Ashran should no longer incorrectly have a chance to drop Artifact Fragments.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Rated Battlegrounds should no longer incorrectly be awarding PvP gear and items that require reputation with Vol'jin's Spear or Wrynn's Vanguard to equip.


  • Follower Weapon and Armor enhancements can now stack up to 20.
  • Temporary buffs that increase Critical Strike should now correctly increase Parry through Riposte for tanking specializations.
  • Cracked Potion Vials should no longer drop for non-Alchemists.
  • Everburning Candle was buffed much more than intended. The amount of mana granted has been reduced to 10,456 (down from 20,916). Additional information on the reasoning for this change can be found in the forum thread: Everburning Candle Changes.
  • Gently Squeezed Toad is no longer usable while in a Challenge Mode Dungeon.


Everburning Candle Hotfix
It looks like the Everburning Candle got a nerf.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Everburning Candle will receive a hotfix today which will reduce the amount of mana restored on use from roughly 20,000 to roughly 10,000. Similar to the issue with Scabbard of Kyanos, our previous adjustment left the power level of the item drastically beyond the range of even Mythic raid trinkets. After this hotfix, the trinket will still be an ideal item for any healer, and we will not be adjusting the Intellect passive of the trinket which will remain at 334.

With regard to developer comments made yesterday during the Final Boss podcast interview, we understand changing our minds about not adjusting this item may be frustrating. At the time, we absolutely meant that we were okay with it being over-budget in terms of what it provides (reference the unchanged Intellect). However, when designers took a closer look at the item this morning, they realized that the mana being granted was excessive to the point that it risked undermining healer and encounter balance, and creating a world where healers with the Everburning Candle would play a different game with respect to mana longevity than those without.

Dark Legacy Comics #468 - Lore, What is it Good For?
DLC #468 has been released.

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Update 5:01 PST - Watcher tweets about buffing under performing specs more so than nerfing Glad.
Update 3:14 PST - FinalBossTV's Interview has finished, and we have added a roundup! Please make sure to check out the full video!

FinalBossTV Developer Interview
the FinalBossTV Interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Kris Zeirhut has finished! We strongly recommend watching the VOD for more details on your class. If you are unable to view the VOD we have a roundup below!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Server engineers would go home and sleep for 5-6 hours in the middle of the day, and then head right back to work at launch.
  • A lot of problems were because particular servers had a large population of players who had quit during TBC or Wrath come back and inflate that server’s population to extreme levels.
  • They are fine with the speed at which people are getting gear from garrison missions.
  • Getting a new garrison raid mission is not based on the success or failure of a previous one.
  • They want to go back and add data for older raids to the dungeon journal but it’s not a high priority.
  • They will look into making Admiral Taylor's Greatsword transmoggable.

Items and Itemization
  • They are happy with how warforged gear works at all levels, including mythic loot.
  • There are probably going to be larger gear gaps between raid tiers compared to the past.
  • Due to the exponential curve of power, there will be another item level squish in the future, but it "is a few years out".
  • They know the Everburning Candle is over budget, but they are fine with this for now. If they had this conversation 2 months ago, they would probably say “yep, it needs a nerf” but now that it is out there and people have spent lots of gold on it, they don’t feel they should nerf it.

  • They want to do a graphics update in the future to make it so that spell effects don’t all go to the exact same point on the body’s model and instead spread out.
  • They feel the need to increase the graphics quality with each expansion in some way, even if it is a 10-year-old game.
  • They feel that improvements could be made reduce to melee clutter from pets, such as making the Fire Elemental into a ranged guardian that still did the same damage.
  • They have a plan to “fix” toys for druids so you can see transformation items/buffs outside of PvP. Mounted shapeshifts will still take the highest priority.

Class Changes

General Information
  • Some class balance changes will go live sometime tomorrow, with number changes around 5% where needed.
  • There are only a few specs like Marksmanship Hunters and Windwalker Monks that are pulling a little too far ahead than the others.
  • When a spec is top on both movement and stationary fights, they usually need to take a look at the spec.
  • Everyone should be fairly equal in single target, although may still have niches (stationary vs movement). Once you get beyond single target, some might be good at cleave (2-3), some mass AoE, some burst AoE, etc.
  • When there was 70% overhealing, absorbs felt more important. Now that overhealing is getting smaller (and will get even smaller in Mythic) absorbs are starting to get where they feel just right.
  • They like that all the healers have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • They don’t expect there to be class mechanic changes in 6.1 or even 6.2 unless there is a large problem.
  • They feel the pruning in a lot of classes is not complete. It will take them a while to get all the classes cleaned up. Shaman still feels like it has too many damage sources. You won't see these in the 6.1 or 6.2 timeframe however.

  • Level 100 talents in general are have some serious balance issues compared against each other.
  • They do think the level 100 talents that are underperforming but fun should get a buff in 6.1 or 6.2.
  • For talents that people do not think are fun, they may just leave them alone for now and completely replace them next expansion.

Death Knights
  • They feel Blood Death Knights are using their magic too much and aren’t using their weapon enough. They need to make them use their strikes again, but it likely won’t be in the immediate future.

  • If Hunter stacking becomes an issue in Mythic raids, they can nerf Aspect of the Fox or even remove it. It was added mainly because it was felt that Marksmanship Hunters didn't bring enough raid utility.

  • Fire and Arcane mages are pretty low. Frost is better but still on the low side. They want to make sure each spec is viable.
  • They are happy with Rune of Power. However if you feel forced into it, they want to make sure there are other options.

  • Challenge Modes revealed that Mistweaver Monks were a little low, which is the reason for the recent buffs.
  • They have no performance tweaks in mind for Mistweaver Monks.

  • Beacon of Faith for Holy Paladins feels mandatory, and they think the other two talents need to be brought up to the same level.
  • Empowered Seals will be looked at in 6.1 along with the rest of the level 100 talents, and they will adjust it if it is too low or too high.

  • Shadow Priest’s Clarity of Power is another example of the other talent options needing to be buffed to be more in line.
  • Shadow Priests should be about multi-dotting when it comes to AoE. The amount that they can buff Mind Sear is limited because it can’t outpace Mind Flay in single target.

  • They don’t see any data that shows Rogues need changes at this time. They feel Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points, and think that Rogues are pretty well represented across their specs.

  • Healers are pretty close on performance. Resto Shaman is probably a little low, they should get a little bump.
  • DPS shaman are probably on the low side and may get a small buff.
  • Fire Nova is possibly still too strong.

  • The devs are still looking at Rain of Fire and what it has done for warlock specs. They weren't happy with Rain of Fire being used as a core part of a single target rotation. In hindsight, they would have handled the hotfix differently, especially the suddenness of it.

  • They don’t want warriors to feel they hit like “wet noodles” until the execute phase. If they end up feeling like this on fights, they will look into it.
  • Gladiator was a little too high for single target. It was out performing the other single target.
  • Gladiator should still be close to the same single target dps, but not have the same toolkit as the other specs.
  • Arms and Fury will be brought up. They want to make sure Arms and Fury are doing the same single target as Gladiator. They don’t want to force people away from Arms and Fury to Gladiator based on DPS.
  • If people are not using Shield Barrier at any level of play, they will give it another look.

Convert to Raid Developer Interview
Convert to Raid had an Interview with Ion Hazzikostas & Kris Zeirhut today. We have created a recap that you can check out below if you are not able to view the VOD!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 6.1
  • The development team did not know there would not be flying for 6.1.
  • New flightpaths and changes to them have been confirmed for 6.1.
  • The new Blood Elf models will be available for 6.1.
  • More information on patch 6.1 will be available in the near future. Soon.

  • We will see small class balance changes this Monday, before Highmaul Mythic is released. At most, a 5-10% range of changes.
  • The first week of raid data is invaluable when making balance adjustments.
  • If you don't see any changes for your spec/class, the design team probably thinks you're doing well from a numerical standpoint.
  • Shamans need a bump, they're on the low side at the moment.
  • They'd like to improve Elemental's mobile damage, but it will have to wait until 6.1 as it will require significant changes.
  • All Mages are on the low end of the spectrum, and will be receiving buffs.
  • Frost, the most played spec, is a lot lower than they'd like.
  • The necessity of Crit on Fire Mages is problematic early on. They'll figure out a way to adjust it.
  • Lots of players are playing Gladiator Warrior because of how well it is doing, and will be toned down a bit.
  • Other warrior specs should be buffed up.
  • Players gravitate towards the spec which deals the most damage, and Gladiator shouldn't be the answer for Warriors.
  • Playstyle changes shouldn't be made via a hotfix, like the recent Warlock embers change. Players need more warning before that happens.
  • They tried to remove a lot of positional requirements, which is why Glyph of Blackout Kick was removed.
  • They may have gone too far with the removal of large heals. This could be addressed in the future via talents.
  • There's a chance we'll see them ease up on class restrictions for gnomes. Gnome Hunter is probably one of the more likely combinations.

  • The team is currently happy with the role that Spirit is playing.
  • Versatility is no ones best stat, however, DPS should still be okay switching to it when they get a piece of gear that is higher item level. If that ends up not being the case, it will be looked into.
  • There have been no regrets getting rid of Hit and Expertise.
  • They like how all of the secondary stats now do something unique.
  • There are no plans to allow for rerolling of stats, outside of the current profession reroll items.

  • Follower benefits are currently only taken into account when you collect your work orders. This will be changed in an upcoming patch so they must be present as work orders complete to get the bonus. We will be given notice before this change goes live.
  • A change will be made so that your followers can earn experience while working in your buildings.
  • There will be internal discussion about the number of high level garrison missions you receive.
  • The change to salvage crates was made not because they're worried about you leveling up your followers' item levels too quickly, but because they don't want you to feel like you need to keep a low level follower around to make proper use of your garrison.
  • We will see more garrison content during this expansion through new missions, better rewards, higher item levels, and hidden features.

  • The team is happy with how well flex is working. Groups aren't aiming for a specific number of people, but inviting those who want to join.
  • We're looking at a minimum of 2 raid tiers this expansion, 3 is not out of the question. Ideally, raid tiers last at least 6 months each.
  • They'd like to reduce the time between raid tiers; 13 months was too long.
  • The new LFG tool has had a huge impact on the community. People are more social.
  • Highmaul
    • Player response to Highmaul so far has been positive.
    • The team is happy with the current tuning for Highmaul.
    • Highmaul Normal has been tuned around you having 5 man Heroic dungeon gear, where Highmaul Heroic was tuned around having Highmaul Normal gear; A natural progression.
  • Molten Core
    • The revised Molten Core experience was not meant to be done more than once.
    • They wanted to make sure it stayed faithful to the old experience. While 5 minute curses may not be added to the game today, it was an important part of experiencing MC.
    • Some mechanics were adjusted as it was near impossible for 40 random people to get through them. The aggro radius on Golemagg was one of them.
    • We probably won't see any other old school raids come into the LFR format.

Salvage Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It's neither nerf nor bug, but rather intended to be a rebalancing that shifts some of the incentives away from spamming low-level missions (even after you have high-level followers), in favor of making high-level missions more rewarding.

We made two changes:

  • Level 90-94 missions will only award a Bag of Salvaged Goods (level 1 reward) regardless of the level of your Salvage Yard.
  • Successful Level 100 missions will now always reward a salvage crate appropriate for your current Salvage Yard.

Level 95-99 missions are unchanged. On balance, players who are trying to increase the item level of their followers should be receiving a similar number of follower upgrades as before, but hopefully with a bit less emphasis on logging in every hour or two to cycle through quick low-level missions.

Weekly News Recap
Here is your chance to catch up if you missed a day of news this week!

by Published on 2014-12-06 06:10 AM

Changes to Pylons, D3 Fanart Calendar, Monk GR50+ PTR Build
Hearthstone Wins Best Mobile GOTY, Warsong Commander Bugged, Deck Talk: TheChiv & Spark GvG Theorycraft
Heroes Developer AMA Recap

Poll - Flying in Draenor
Now that we've been without our flying mounts for the past few weeks, are you enjoying no flying in Draenor?

Hotfixes for December 5th
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Garrison Buildings
    • Fishing Shack: Completing a daily Fishing quest now awards 15 skill points to Fishing (up from 1).
    • Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin Workshop: Overcharged Demolisher should now be usable only in the areas it was intended for.
    • Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin Workshop: "Skyterror" Personal Delivery System should now be usable only in the areas it was intended for.

  • [Requires a realm restart.] Corrected an issue that could cause Bloodmaul Stronghold, Shattrath City, and the Pit to sometimes not drop Apexis Crystals despite being an active quest area for the day.

Creatures and NPCs
  • Fate-Twister Tiklal has relocated to a more prominent location closer to the Apexis Traders in Warspear.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
  • Raids
    • Highmaul
      • [Requires a realm restart.] The Butcher: The boars Krush and Smash now deals less damage with their Boar's Rush ability and should no longer kill players in one hit.
      • Tectus: Players should no longer be able to use their bonus rolls twice after defeating Tectus.

  • Ashran
    • To address a potential pathing issue, Fangraal, Kronus, and faction Captains now continuously push towards the enemy faction's base.
    • Players entering Ashran from a PvE realm should now be correctly flagged for PvP.
    • Characters should no longer be able to resurrect at the King's Road graveyard if their faction isn't in control of that point.
    • Resolved an issue where faction Captains may not be spawning correctly.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Resolved an issue where if a Flag Carrier was standing in the area where their team's flag would be when it is returned, they'd be unable to capture the flag until they leave and return to the area again.
  • Arathi Basin: Characters on the Alliance team in a Rated Battleground should now be able to be resurrected by their Spirit Healer at the Blacksmith graveyard if their team is in control of it.
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Eye of the Storm: Characters in a Rated Battleground will now return to their team's starting position when releasing, regardless of what bases their team controls.
  • The Battle for Gilneas: Resolved issues where Spirit Healers may sometimes not spawn in correctly when a point has been captured.

  • First Aid
    • Antiseptic Bandage no longer requires Sea Scorpion Segments to craft.
  • Jewelcrafting
    • Critical Strike Taladite should no longer incorrectly require a Taladite Crystal to craft.

  • Consuming a Draenor potion, elixir, or flash should no longer cause the character to break out of stealth.
  • Mantid Elixir now provides a more reasonable increase to armor.
  • Primal Combatant's Drape of Contemplation now provide a bonus to Multistrike instead of Critical Strike to differentiate it from the Drape of Meditation.
  • Primal Gladiator's Drape of Contemplation now provide a bonus to Multistrike instead of Critical Strike to differentiate it from the Drape of Meditation.

Dark Legacy Comics #467 - Followers
DLC #467 has been released.

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