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World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • The Deadwind Harvester - Purged the life from Deadwind Pass, for Affliction Warlocks. Get together with Council of Black Harvest, steal some information about artifacts from the Legion. Go to Deadwind Pass, under Karazhan! Every time you kill something, you get a damage boost for a short time. Souls try to escape and you can reap the damage boost effect.
  • Artifact power comes from quest bosses, rare spawns, rare drops, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas.
  • Artifact traits are unlocked by artifact power. You start with some traits unlocked. You first unlock active traits that you put on your bar.
  • After the active trait there are more choices, some of them passive. Minor traits have multiple ranks, you have to unlock them all to progress into the tree.
  • Eventually you can unlock every trait in the tree, but it will takes months into the expansion. You can keep getting smaller power increases after that, so weapon will get more powerful throughout the expansion.
  • Relics can be socketed into the artifact to increase power. Increases item level and gives bonus ranks to some traits. Go from 3 to 4 or 5 ranks in a trait, giving you some customization.
  • Two types of relics for each weapon.
  • You can eventually upgrade your artifact. Dungeon and world content lead up to a big upgrade moment. Upgrade will unlock a new model.
  • You can also get other models from different types of gameplay, as well as different colors.
  • Finish questing zones or do something that is significant to your weapon.

Class Halls
  • Class halls needed to be in a location that strongly represents the class. You should feel like your class when you are in that space.
  • Some Warriors see themselves are a barbarian or berserker, some as a knight fighting for what is right, some as a grizzled veteran. All of them should feel at home in that space.
  • Class Orders are stepping up to fight the Legion.
  • Druids almost had a class hall already with Moonglade. It gets pretty close to meeting the criteria, welcoming a variety of druids, but it could do a better job of immersing them in nature, welcoming feral and guardian druids more.
  • Druids are getting the Dreamgrove, you can feel the influence of the Dream around you. No other classes are allowed in. It fits better than Moonglade.
  • You will find a shrine in your class hall to unlock traits and work with your Artifact.
  • Class champions are also found in your class hall. Some of them are leaders of their own factions. You will unfold their backstory over time and see them in the world.
  • You will interact with your Scouting Map in your class hall. It lets you select your starting leveling zone and you come back to it for new content later on.
  • There is class specific content in the halls, such as demon hunting quests or pickpocketing quests.
  • There are lots of features and bonuses in the halls. Some are shared among many classes, such as armor stands to show off tier sets you have earned from previous content.
  • Hunters have a lodge in Highmountain, getting access to special flight path network no one else has.
  • Druids can reach many other natural places in the world very quickly.
  • Warriors can spar in an arena for bragging rights.
  • Every class will have their own variation of Death Gate to quickly go to their class hall and back. Giant eagle that takes you for hunters.

Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunters are a dark hero, giving up their soul to fight a threat that most people don't even know exists.
  • Use weapons of the enemy against them, warglavies, fel magic, sculpted biceps.
  • You can select your horns, blindfold, tattoos, custom skin textures, plus normal customization options.
  • New VO for Demon Hunters, things like /train, /flirt, /silly.
  • Havoc is the melee spec with emphasis on mobility. Fight fire with more fire!
  • They use fury, generated by abilities, somewhat like rage.
  • Demon's Bite - Generates random amount of fury.
  • Chaos Strike - Does not consume fury, but requires you to have some.
  • Throw Glaive - No fury cost, short cooldown, no minimum range, hit multiple targets.
  • Blade Dance - Talent that might become a skill.
  • Double Jump adds mobility.
  • Glide is like your own goblin glider, with demon wings! Activated by jump key, no other keybind.
  • Other damaging abilities may not require a target and can be done in the air. Can use them to move outside of combat.
  • Consume Magic - Interrupt someone and gain a full bar of fury.
  • Metamorphosis - Leap in the air, transform, slam into ground, stun everyone, get more damage, more fury, 100% life leech. Gain defense through offense.
  • Spectral Sight - 10 sec cooldown, see through invisibility, stealth, walls.
  • Vengeance - Demon inquisitor. Extracting information from the enemy by using fire and inflicting pain. Also have picked up some protective spells. Maybe glaives and parry.
  • Strong defensive cooldown Metamorphosis. Lots of modifications through talents and Artifacts.

  • Immersive - You should feel like everything you do is involved with class. Abilities, names, animations.
  • Distinct - Every class and spec should have something unique.
  • Empowering - Your character is powerful, total control over what you are doing, use abilities the way you want to use them.
  • Death Knight runes restricted gameplay, so there are now 6 runes, one type, don't worry about what types are off cooldown anymore.
  • Fury Warrior is controlled by how many charges you have of different things. Use Enraging Blow as much as you want. Use Whirlwind, don't worry about Meat Cleaver.
  • Arcane Charges are a resource in addition to mana rather than a buff to monitor.
  • Arcane has a strong fantasy that you really didn't feel while playing. The mana management could ruin things. New mastery - Savant, increases the amount of mana you have. Mana level doesn't matter anymore. Also increases charges damage.
  • Survival Hunter - Melee spec with pet side by side, all of the old abilities are back and awesome.
  • Disc Priest - were a different flavor of Holy, but not good enough. Atonement is now core healing mechanic, now heal by dealing damage to enemies.
  • Subtlety Rogue - Had a really cool ninja fantasy. Shadow Dance was pretty cool, but it is now a passive. 20% chance to re enter stealth that doesn't break from taking damage. Can figure out what you want to do, new opener, combos, finisher, repeat.
  • Shadow Strike - Teleport to target, do Ambush level damage opener.
  • Honor Among Thieves gone
  • Demonology should be about summoning demons, not becoming one. More new minions, buff them and send them out to attack. Metamorphosis is for Demon Hunters.
  • Guardian Druid should be a giant bear, not dodging. Now about increased health, armor, survivability.
  • Shadow Priest - was poor cousin of Affliction warlock. Tapping into the void. Insanity - No more mana or Shadow Orbs, going more insane. Grow tentacles, transform into Void Form. Makes you more and more powerful the longer you stay there. Can only stay there for so long, Insanity drains away, keep generating as much as you can.
  • Talents will have less theme rows, more meaningful choices, more spec specific talents, hundreds of new talents!

  • More stuff to do!
  • Recipes all coming from the trainer is gone. You should get out into the world and carve your own path, go on adventures.
  • Tailoring sends you to Dalaran, wants to know what cloth is like in Broken Isles. You go get some cloth, sew with her, make a robe, cloth is falling apart and not working. Go out into the world, meet a Nightfallen who helps you with sewing problem, teaches you more patterns, find out why he was exiled, why he is so good at tailoring.
  • Miners learn from a dead Tauren. More efficiently mining new materials like Leistone, new Ore.
  • Mining and Herb nodes will be shared. Everyone can gather from a node, no more stealing nodes.
  • Recipes have ranks, 1-3 star recipes. Rare, make you more efficient at crafting things. Less materials, shorter cooldown.
  • Profession UI getting an update, bigger window, list on the left, details on the right, favorites at the top.
  • Learned and Unlearned tab, so you can see what you don't know and where to find them.
  • Obliterum. Build a big forge in the middle of Dalaran, convert crafted items you don't need anymore into Obliterum. Create ring, it has the wrong stats, destroy it and make Obliterum, use it to increase power of the ring you are wearing.
  • Lots of things to do with professions, shouldn't be running out of content.
  • Crafted gear should be special, helms are made out of gun parts. Shoot bullets at enemies with your head. Necks from JCs have guaranteed gem slot. Class specific buffs, 15% move speed for Warrior when enraged.
  • Inscription - Major glyphs are gone! Still have Minor Glyphs and Darkmoon Trinkets. Glyphs are a consumable, applied directly to the spell. One glyph per spell, but no limit on total glyphs! Vantus Rune - Week long buff that targets a specific boss. 10% bonus damage on Xavius.
  • Archaeology - Expansion length campagin over several months, lots of cool things to display, wear, equip, pets.
  • Cooking - Nomi comes from Pandaria, more recipes, can make bacon
  • Fishing - More like an adventure, less what are you watching on your other monitor.

  • Used to have rare world drops, they are back.
  • Rare drops, from anywhere in the world.
  • Power should be relevant throughout the entire expansion.
  • Unique effects - Role, Class, Spec based effects. Movement speed increase based on haste, extra rage from blocked attacks, etc.
  • World drops are legendary! - DoT has a chance to trigger full remaining effect each time they tick.
  • Lots of world drop variety.
  • Drops aren't fully random, will have ways for you to target them.
  • All of the Legion items can scale, could be the best item in the game (super rare).
  • Duplicate personal loot can now be traded. If you have an item that is equal to or less than power level of what you have, can trade it to anyone else who was eligible for loot.
  • Transmog - Clean up bank and inventory some more. More customization. A collection system.
  • Wardrobe - As soon as item is bound to you, appearance is unlocked. Once it is unlocked, you can get rid of it. Account wide! Have to be able to equip item to unlock it.
  • New transmog UI - Left side is the same as the old one, right side is visual gallery of models. Top has a bar that shows you how many appearances you have unlocked.
  • Outfits - Make item sets, store what you look like now, link outfits to other people even if everything isn't unlocked.
  • When you log in to Legion, all of the items you have are unlocked, as well as items from every quest you have ever completed, including items you didn't even pick.
  • Save different outfits per spec. Switch set when you switch specs.
  • You can hide slots (cloak / helm / shoulders) per outfit.
  • Hiding shoulders allowed!
  • Weapon enchants, shirts, and tabards for transmog!

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Blizzcon 2015 - Day 2 Schedule
Join us in the chat for the biggest Blizzcon viewing party! Keep checking back to explore the new content as we update live during the panels!

Blizzcon 2015 Schedule
Note: all times are converted to the timezone your computer is currently in.

Blizzcon 2015 - Day 1 Recap
Saturday starts off with the Legion Game Systems panel at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST, followed by Q&A and an In-Game Cinematics panel at the same time. Linkin Park will close out the show!

We will be going back and covering the Cinematics panel after the Q&A is wrapped up, along with the Engineering discussion and Community Game Systems discussion later in the day.

Opening Ceremony

World of Warcraft
  • Legion beta begins in the weeks following Blizzcon
  • Legion Cinematic was released
  • Warcraft Movie
    • The movie trailer was shown during the Opening Ceremony.
    • There was a press event with Duncan Jones, Chris Metzen, and some of the movie cast
  • Legion Releasing by September 2016
    • The regular version costs $50 and Digital Deluxe costs $70.
    • Pre-purchasing gives you a Level 100 Boost and at least one week early access to the Demon Hunter class.
    • You will need a level 70 character to create a Demon Hunter and you can only have one Demon Hunter per realm.
  • Artifact Weapons - Blog posts for all of the Artifact Weapons include models and a little bit of story.
  • World of Warcraft: Legion - World and Content Overview (Official Recap)
    • The Broken Shore has a 20 Alliance and 20 Horde (40 Player) scenario that begins right after the cinematic.
    • Demon Hunters have a unique starting experience involving Illidan, who creates a Felsaber epic mount for you.
    • There are four leveling zones that can be done in any order, as they scale.
    • There will be endgame world questing content that aren't strictly daily quests.
    • Legion will have two raids, one with 7 bosses (Emerald Nightmare) and one with 10 (Suramar Palace) with Gul'dan as the final boss.
    • Legion Challenge Mode dungeons keep becoming harder as you defeat them and the rewards keep getting better. Complements or replaces raiding.
  • World of Warcraft Cinematics - The Road to Legion
  • Misc

  • Overwatch Pricing
    • Overwatch - $40, PC only, includes all of the heroes. Widowmaker skin bonus for pre-orders.
    • Overwatch Origins Edition - $60, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. All of the heroes, bonus skins, rewards for other Blizzard games. Baby Wintson Pet for WoW.
    • Overwatch Collector's Edition - $130 PC Xbox One, PS4. All of the Origins Edition content plus the soundtrack, an art book, and Soldier: 76 statue.
  • New Map and Trailer
    • Hollywood is the new Overwatch map, set in a fictional version of Hollywood.
    • A new gameplay trailer was released.
  • New Heroes
    • D.Va - Former pro-gamer turned mech pilot.
    • Mei - Former Climatologist. Uses lower damage frost based attacks, has an ice block like ability, ice wall, blizzard.
    • Genji - Hanzo's brother. Throws Shuriken, deflects attacks, charges forward, and uses a katana.
  • Whats New in Overwatch
    • There will be no support for Macs
    • Release will only have 21 heroes, no announcement on additional heroes or pricing for anything after that.
    • New heroes are coming to beta next week.


Heroes of the Storm
  • Announcement Trailer
  • Hero Deep Dive
    • There are more than 200 characters on the list of potential heroes.
    • Lunara, King Genn Greymane, and Cho'Gall are the three new heroes.
    • Cho'gall is one hero controlled by two players.
    • Cho'Gall will be given to everyone that bought a Blizzcon (or Virtual) ticket.
    • If you party up and play 2 games with someone who does not have Cho'gall, they will unlock the hero for free as well.
    • If you play 4 games as Cho'gall with someone else, you will get bonus gold!
    • The Arena is a new mode will let you pick from 3 random heroes, then play on a new small single objective map. The game is shorter and has less restrictions than normal games now.
    • Towers of Doom is the new map, allowing you to destroy enemy towns to take them over and damage the core.
  • New Hero Skills and Talents

Diablo III
  • Blood and Treasure - New Content and Features for Reaper of Souls
    • New zone - Greyhollow Island, Adventure Mode only.
    • The Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters were expanded for Adventure Mode.
    • Patch 2.4.0 is going to revamp, revisit, or revise nearly every one of the 24 class sets in the game.
    • Set Dungeons - Once you complete and don the full six pieces of any given class set, you'll receive a clue to track down an ancient dungeon designed just for you and your set.
    • Empowered Rifts, New Legendaries, More Stash Space, Season Journey Revisions, and more!
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Legion - Armor Sets
In all of the excitment today, you may have missed the first preview of Legion armor sets. The Rogue and Warlock Mythic and PvP gear sets are shown below!

Legion - Transmog System
GamesBeat had a short interview with J. Allen Brack that covered the new Transmog system.

  • The new Diablo 3 inspired system will include tabards.
  • The designer that worked on the Diablo 3 system is working on the WoW system now.
  • In Diablo 3, once you obtain an item, you have unlocked the appearance and don't need to keep the item anymore.
  • The system will make transmog more of an item collection system and help to clean out your bags and bank.
  • The team knows that the limited backpack size isn't ideal, but they have to find everwhere in the code that assumes it is a fixed size. They tried increasing the number of slots but items would disappear into the void and be mailed back to you.

Legion Community Amphitheater Discussion
The Instance hosted a discussion at the Community Amphitheater with several of the developers. This did not appear on the Virtual Ticket.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Story, Lore, and Questing
  • Wowpedia is a great resource for the team to see what they have done with characters in the past.
  • Sometimes if there is something very cool they will contradict the lore a little bit to do it.
  • It is very important to the team that every single designer gets to contribute to the story.
  • Most of the priests you would recognize are Alliance, so some new Horde priests are going to be added.
  • Alleria is tied to the Marksman artifact weapon, so you will see a little bit about where she has been through that experience.
  • In Draenor several characters promised to help fight the Burning Legion or visit Azeroth. The team wanted to limit how much of Draenor leaked out, as it was an alternative timeline, but they may appear in the future at some point.
  • Jaina will play a role in Legion, maybe not a huge role.
  • The events at the Broken Shore are devastating and are really going to shake things up. The Alliance and Horde will be reeling from that throughout the entire expansion.
  • Many of the major characters use multiple specs, so Thrall may be Elemental and Enhancement.

  • Individual quest designers tend to put up their own ideas when it comes to specific content and parts of a zone. They are really excited about working with previous characters, working with the creative development team to fact check the lore and make sure it is consistent.
  • Individual quest designers usually have favorite characters that they enjoy working with.
  • Lorewalker Cho shows you his ancestors for one quest and all of the models used are rejected Lorewalker Cho models from earlier in development. One of them is wearing a Timewalker tabard.
  • The Artifact and outdoor world quest lines use the NPC models and voice acting to enhance the quest experience more than ever before.
  • When you hit max level, the team doesn't want you to feel like the questing experience is over if that is content that you enjoy. The team has been working on the max level questing experience, taking the lessons of Pandaria, Timeless Isle, and Tanaan Jungle to create an experience that allows you to log in and have things all over the world that you can go and take part in.
  • Legion tries to enable more types of gameplay at max level. If you enjoy questing, there will be a nice questing experience. If you enjoy dungeons, the new scaling will keep them relevant for you throughout the entire expansion. Raiding is still there and fantastic.
  • One of the quest designers switched to working on professions for Legion, bringing his experience from quest design to create profession related content that will last for quite a while during the expansion.

Class Halls
  • Rogues can sneak around their hall and pickpocket each other!
  • Garrisons were really fun for the first couple of months, but not so much after that. The team is aware of this and careful about not bringing the bad parts of garrisons forward with Class Halls.
  • Velen plays a role in the Priest hall.
  • All of the Class Hall locations are finalized. One will be previewed during the panel on Saturday. Others may be shown before beta, but there are no solid plans yet.
  • The team wants to strike a balance between players spending time in the Class Halls and the major cities. You will be going to the Class Halls multiple times per day and there are some special features you may want to hang out for.
  • The Warrior Class Hall has an arena thing that you can participate in. Every Class Hall may not have something special like that, as it reduces the variation.
  • Warlocks overstep at the start of the expansion when the Order Hall is introduced, getting greedy and think they have more power over the Legion than they really do.

Artifact Weapons
  • Some of the Artifacts will have a history that is well known to players, but there weren't 36 of them to use. The team had to make very compelling story lines at the start of the expansion to make players feel like their weapon is important and has a history.
  • There will be multiple people carrying the same artifact weapons, but this was already the case with weapons from current raids. There is actually more variety because each of the 36 weapons have different models and colors for each individual weapon.
  • Artifacts are trying to create an interesting long term progression system that gives you something to do even after you hit max level.
  • Artifacts will take some effort for other specs, but you should be able to switch specs. The further behind you are, the faster it goes. Keeping two Artifacts completely maxed out may take some more effort, but switching and catching up or keeping one Artifact a little bit behind shouldn't be too bad.

  • Class specific blogs with lots of details are coming starting on Sunday!
  • The class team makes changes for mechanical reasons fairly often, but Legion is giving the team a chance to focus on the class fantasy as much as they do for quests and the general story.
  • There will be a lot of class mechanic and aesthetic changes in Legion to try and bring classes back to their roots, as well as making the different specs more distinct.
  • The team is trying to develop different ways to handle class balance and tuning without harming the fantasy and fun of the classes and specs. The new PvP leveling system is one example, allowing them to tune classes specifically for PvP.
  • The team is really focusing on class fantasy in Legion. What do the different classes do when they are hanging out in their Class Hall?
  • The team plans out the major story lines very early in the process and build the progression of the zones along with them. Those stories have been becoming more important and numerous in each expansion.
  • Stagger is not going away.
  • Brewmaster gameplay does not deliver on the fantasy very well right now, as the biggest thing that matters to them is Guard. You generally think of a Brewmaster dancing around and avoiding things and when you do hit them, they don't seem to take a lot of damage.
  • The team tries to avoid drastic class changes in smaller patches, but with major patches and especially new expansions they can make larger changes.
  • Set bonuses got really strong in Warlords, providing some variation to gameplay, but there will be other systems that fill this role in Legion, especially the Artifacts. They will be fun and exciting, but maybe not quite as strong.
  • Talents are one of the best ways to distinguish the different classes and specs. Legion will have a lot more spec specific talents, adding variety to the different specs.
  • The team is adding some loose themes to talents. For example, all of the left column talents may have something to do with rage, all of the far right ones are a weapon enhancement, and all of the middle talents are something else.
  • The team isn't trying to use Artifacts or Class Halls to fix classes or change how classes work, but instead build upon what the class already is.

  • When the team was working on Pandaria, they wrote a song for Lorewalker Cho to sing. The voice actor was given a tune and gibberish song and it came out great.
  • In Starcraft, the sound team was doing an operatic passage that used Latin and French. The lyrics were mostly meaningful, but part of it was the team's names and other bizarre things.
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Warcraft Movie Recap
We finally got to see the trailer at Blizzcon this year! The movie comes out June 10, 2016.

Press Event
There was a press event for the movie that featured Duncan Jones, Chris Metzen, and some of the movie cast.

  • The initial version of the movie felt a little bit like "Humans are good, everything else is bad". Duncan Jones came in and pitched a film that told the story of both sides with the same empathy, care, and time.
  • Blizzard wanted to share the Warcraft story with people around the world, especially the vast part of the world population that doesn't play games.
  • Blizzard and Legendary shared a lot of the same values, so it was a great match.
  • Duncan laid out his vision for the film and it felt like he was pulling the thoughts right out of their heads. He gets the details right and appreciates the nuances.
  • The movie is a chance to show people who we love what it is that has gripped us so strongly for such a long period of time.
  • If you don't play Warcraft, you can still appreciate the movie as a fantastical story of right and wrong, as well as choosing the right thing to do.
  • If they do play Warcraft, there are so many great Easter eggs hidden in the movie for you to find.
  • This movie really feels like it is for everybody.
  • Durotan was all motion capture, so it took a strong director to make it work. You really have to become the character and get every detail right, as motion capture will capture every detail.
  • There was an orc cam to help actors get used to motion capture and create a movement vocabulary for Orcs.
  • Paula Patton plays Garona. She got the script and loved it because it read like a novel, with great background and history for every character.
  • Patton was also fascinated by the fact that her character was half human and half Orc, living a life of pain and struggle as a slave to Gul'dan. She had to fight to gain respect in the Orc culture and now feels like a fish out of water in the human world.
  • Patton found the role challenging and initially scary, but she eventually learned to ride a horse and wield a sword.
  • Garona is the bridge between two cultures that have never met and are now meeting for the first time.

  • The actors got some idea of what things would look like during motion capture but they didn't see a completed and finished Orc until after they had been shooting for several weeks. Seeing how great the Orcs would look was a relief to all of them.
  • Technology has significantly advanced since Avatar, so the motion capture used in Warcraft was even nicer than Avatar.
  • Gul'dan has an unusual posture, so the actor had to squat and stay hunched over during filming.
  • The movie is a retelling of Warcraft 1, which was turned into a novel called The Last Guardian. The novel allowed them to build out the characters and story more, but storytelling of games was still crude in 1994. The mythology grew a little more with the movie, along with some tactical calls to simplify themes and ideas. The movie is the ultimate version of Warcraft 1, streamlining all of the best parts into something better.
  • The team made some weird decisions with the lore over time, some things Metzen wishes he could take back. Retelling the story was a chance for redemption, making the Warcraft 1 that everyone remembers, but better.
  • The "For the Horde", "For the Alliance", and "For Azeroth" roars from Blizzcon 2014 did get used!

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