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Garrison Preview Part 3—Who Are You Calling Your People?
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In this series of blog posts, we’re giving you a closer look at Garrisons and how you can expect to interact with them in Warlords of Draenor. This third part is focused on Followers – the people who populate your home base, do your bidding, and come together to form a small army to take on what the Iron Horde is going to throw at you.

As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, we want the process of staking your claim on Draenor to fundamentally shape your gameplay experience. In part 2 of this series, we looked at some of the buildings that you might choose to construct and the different perks and rewards they offer you. In this part, we’re getting to know the NPCs you’ll surround yourself with, and what they’re capable of.

First Bud
Once your Garrison starts to come together, with a Barracks up and running, you’ll encounter your first Follower and send him on his first mission. You’ll use the command table in the Garrison to activate the Followers window, which allows you to manage your Followers. Therein, you’ll have a searchable list of all Followers available to you in the game and all of the information you need to work with them: their class, spec, quality, abilities, traits, level, xp needed to reach next level, and what they’re currently up to. Followers can level up to 100 just like you can, and you’ll want to level them up, as each Follower becomes more powerful as she gains levels.

While you aren’t restricted from collecting as many Followers as you like, your Garrison can only operate properly with a maximum of 20 active Followers (this number is increased to 25 if your Garrison features a level 3 Barracks). Followers can be inactivated to maintain the total population you’re going for, and inactive Followers don’t forfeit any of their experience while waiting for you to activate them again later.

One of the main keys to a Follower’s success is his Quality. As with many other systems in WoW, Followers come in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic quality. This designation limits the Follower’s abilities and traits, with an Uncommon Follower allowed one of each, a Rare Follower using one ability and two traits, and an Epic Follower gaining two abilities and three traits. Importantly, all Followers can upgrade to Epic Quality, and they gain random traits and a second random ability along the way. The experience they gain after they reach level 100 is what upgrades their Quality.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Your Followers’ abilities and traits define how you’ll use them, and generally, you’ll assign Followers who have specific Profession bonus traits to buildings devoted to that profession, and you'll send strong fighters out on missions. Those with a good match for your buildings will stay home and work for you while you send others out into the wild on missions.

It’s a dangerous planet on which you’re building a Garrison, and different threats are best met by certain abilities that your Followers take into battle. For example, if you need to send someone to deal with an enemy who has deadly minions, you’ll want to choose a Follower who happens to be a Druid with Entangling Roots, or a Hunter with Freezing trap, or a Rogue with Sap, etc.

You won’t always have the perfect counter for the missions you need your Followers to undertake, and that’s okay. As missions become more challenging, you’ll get to send Followers out in groups, and there are some traits that affect other Followers in the group. The race preference traits are a good example here, as a Follower who has a preference for Goblin companions will increase the chance that the mission is a success when you surround her with Goblins.

I (E.I. … E.I.) Will Always Love You
The Bodyguard trait is truly notable. A small number of specific Followers have this trait, and when you assign them to a level 2 or 3 Barracks, they become your personal protector. That’s right; if you ask him to, a Bodyguard Follower will follow you right out of the Garrison and into the savage lands of Draenor, fighting by your side, utilizing his class abilities, and gaining reputation with you.

Some restrictions may apply. Bodyguard will not follow you into any battlegrounds, instances, scenarios, or washrooms. You may only have one working Bodyguard at a time. Void where prohibited. Seriously.

Reputation, you say? Yes. Much like the NPCs you earned reputation with in Pandaria, your Bodyguard will get to know you, and after many trials by your side, he will become your Wingman and gain another Ability. After much more experience fighting together, he’ll reach the remarkable reputation level of Personal Wingman. Your Personal Wingman comes with a special perk, and perks include:

  • The ability to summon another player to your position
  • A portable repair kit
  • A portable mailbox
  • The ability to cast a portal that you can use to return to your Garrison

Do You Need Something Specific?
With a level 2 Inn/Tavern, you’ll gain access to a headhunter. Working with your own private “HR at the bar”, you can order up a Follower who has a specific ability or trait. The headhunter will then present you with three potential new hires, and you can choose one of the three.

It’s a process that is so exhausting for the headhunter that she can only perform this feat once per week!

There are many other ways to obtain new Followers. Some come to you as the result of Garrison missions. You’ll meet others as you complete quests in Draenor zones such as Talador, Spires of Arak, and Nagrand. Still others can be purchased, and Followers such as Nat Pagle can only be attracted to your Garrison by your great deeds in the field of their expertise.

You are going to do many great deeds, right?

Check out our previous Garrison previews:

In part 4, we’ll take a stroll through a fully built and operational Garrison, touching on the daily and weekly steps you might take as you bring the pain to your enemies on Draenor and seek out fine rewards for yourself.

If you’re beta testing Warlords of Draenor with us and have any Garrison-related questions or experiences to share, head over to our Beta General Discussion forum and post it there. You can also leave a comment in the forums here.
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Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 19000
Build 19000 will be deployed to the Beta realms soon.

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Chi Explosion damage now scales with 62.5% of AP, down from 89.1%.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Assassination & Subtlety

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Ravage Inflicts 5,130 physical damage to the target. Instant. 20 yd range. Instant.

Justice and Valor Conversion
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I understand Valor and Justice will be gotten rid of, so will their be a gold conversion with any left over or should we spend it all instead?
The gold conversion for Justice and Valor Points will be made at 47 silver per point.

Patch 6.0.2 - Wrath of the Lich King Commendation Badges Removed
It looks like the Commendation Badges from Wrath of the Lich King are also going away, so be sure to buy them soon if you want to level up those reputations. You can see all of the things going away in Patch 6.0.2 in our recap.

by Published on 2014-10-08 07:03 PM

BlizzCon 2014 Map and Schedule
The 2014 Blizzcon Map and Schedule have been released!

Blizzcon 2014 Schedule
Note: all times are converted to the timezone your computer is currently in.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
BlizzCon 2014 is almost here! Whether you're joining us at the Anaheim Convention Center in person or viewing from home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, we've got a lot of activities and events lined up for you.

To help you form a plan of attack, we've just posted a schedule of the panels, eSports tournaments, and other activities happening at BlizzCon on Friday and Saturday. You can also check out the floor map to get a lay of the land.

If you'd like to watch online, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket grants you access to the events on the Main and Panel stages, along with this year's in-game goodies. We’ll also be broadcasting the opening ceremony and this year's eSports tournaments—including the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, and Hearthstone World Championship—for free at Stay tuned for more information.

Check out the BlizzCon 2014 schedule here.
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Greater Rifts Purpose, Female Crusader Cosplay, Deadset Sanctuary Talk

The Heroes Alpha Returns! Official Patch Notes

Warlords of Draenor Beta - Darker Nights
It looks like the Darker Nights we looked at previously may not be coming to every zone, just some that were too bright at night.

Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18996
This smallest beta build we have seen so far is here!

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Item Set Bonuses

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Immediate Truth Increases the instant damage done by Seal of Truth by 40% 30%, but decreases the damage done by Censure by 50%. Major Glyph.

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Burning Breath Breaths a wide line of fire, inflicting 23,750 to 26,250 19,000 to 21,000 Fire Damage. 40 yd range. Instant.
  • Deafening Screech Inflicts 250,000 Inflicts 200,000 Physical damage to all enemies and interrupts spellcasting for 2 sec. 100 Mana. 0.7 sec cast. 1.5 sec cooldown.
  • Imbued Iron Axe Throws a whirling axe, inflicting 38,000 to 42,000 28,500 to 31,500 Fire damage to nearby enemies. Unlimited range. Instant.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
There will always be a 'best'. it can be close though.
This. If the difference between 2H and DW is a dozen stat points, that's fine. (Celestalon)

what's the deal with glyphs? Mages have 24 while others have 30+ / 40+! That's sad to know. =/ #warcraft
Mage: 21M/9m, Hunt: 25/11, Rog: 24/13, a lot of mage glyphs were baked into class recently though, suggests? (Muffinus)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
regarding Warlocks: Sims are showing Shadowburn as a DPS loss due to the removal of the mana return. Does this concern you?
Of course, but that doesn't match what we're seeing. (Celestalon)

Will Herald of the Titans be removed in 6.0?
Nope, should still be available and in the same general tuning ballpark. (WatcherDev)

some confusion about if there can be multiple Ashran instances available to a single server
Each realm only points to one Ashran but multiple realms may point to the same Ashran. (holinka)
will the 100 per faction cap potentially be raised if servers like Illidan/Sargeras end up with long Ashran queue times?
We'll raise it as high as the game can handle (holinka)

Will there be a base honor prize per win or just all strong box? currently on beta I've won 20+ skirms and earned 349 honor
There will be small honor prize per win. But you can expect skirmishes to be fairly inefficient at first. (holinka)

Is there an honor wipe at launch?
Yes (holinka)

Will the 2.2k enchants (Bloody Dancing Steel, Spirit of Conquest... etc.) still be available for purchase in WoD?
The visual will be a part of the Enchanter's Study in the Garrisons. It will still have a rating requirement. I believe it's 2400 (holinka)

Horde do get off easy. Wage war and suffer no lasting damage. weird dichotomy compared how it played out Ally
Disagree. Lots of Horde casualties; Darkspear rebels, Org civilians, vendors and trainers on spikes in SoO. (_DonAdams)

But again, the Horde only started losing because Garrosh turned on itself, not because of Alliance action.
How so? Alliance players raid Orgrimmar just the same. Fictionally, any raid who defeats SoO is responsible. (_DonAdams)

I think it's more monotony: Horde acts, Alliance reacts, Horde implodes due to plot device, Alliance wins by passivity
Operation Shieldwall not passive. Anduin chasing the Divine Bell not passive. SoO not passive. (_DonAdams)
Wrathion himself concludes as much at the end.
I don't think musing over Garrosh unraveling the Horde is meant to diminish the Alliance's impact on fighting him (_DonAdams)

I believe it is, just the Bunker will not increase the chance of upgraded follower chance from quests rewards.
They still have the chance to be upgraded, it's just not increased by the building. (Muffinus)

Kinda wish this wasn't the case so it didn't force those buildings on us. Choice with Garrisons seems nonexistent.
At a point, you will have made all of the things you want, and you can't sell the soulbound reagents, so swap! (Muffinus)

Heroes of the Storm Alpha Returns
The Heroes of the Storm Alpha is finally back with a new patch. Custom Games, Observer Mode, and Replays are also on the way!

by Published on 2014-10-07 04:30 AM

Edriel's End-Game Suggestions, Saturday's Technical Issues

BlizzCon Americas Regional Finalists & Videos

Heroes Alpha Patch 32455 - Promotional Items, Anub'arak & Azmodan, New Mounts, New Skins, Hero Changes

Warlords of Draenor - The Iron Maidens
Today we are looking at one of the final encounters in Blackrock Foundry, The Iron Maidens.

Name Points Category
Be Quick or Be Dead Defeat the Iron Maidens within 10 seconds of each other in Blackrock Foundry on Normal difficulty or higher.
10Draenor Raid
Mythic: Iron Maidens Defeat the Iron Maidens in Blackrock Foundry on Mythic difficulty.
10Draenor Raid

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
The Iron Maidens
With little opportunity to exercise her tactical brilliance under the ancient social structure of the orc clans, Gar'an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet and selected Marak and Sorka as her lieutenants. Together, they are called the Iron Maidens, and have crushed any who have dared face them in battle.

  • Overview - The Iron Maidens periodically gain Iron Fury. As the Maidens gain Iron Fury, they gain new abilities. Periodically, one of the Maidens will move to bombard players from the Dreadnaught's main cannon. A team of players must use loading chains to get to the deck of the boat, defeat the Deckhand stationed there, and sabotage the ammunition of the main cannon before it finishes Warming Up. Whenever one of the Maidens reaches 20% health, they will all activate Iron Will. Players must then quickly defeat them before being overwhelmed.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Blade Dash can be deadly - avoid standing close to other players if you are battling Sorka.
      • Intercept Garan's Penetrating Shot to save the targeted player.
    • Healers -
      • Players who fail to avoid the Detonation Sequence from bombs fired by the Dreadnaught's main cannon will take heavy damage.
      • While Sanguine Strikes, is active, the raid while take heavy Shadow damage.
      • Ensure players targeted by Dark Hunt are not low on health when it expires.
    • Tanks -
      • Move between Marak and the target of her Blood Ritual to intercept the effect of Crystalized Blood.
      • Minimize damage taken by Marak's melee strikes while Sanguine Strikes is active.
      • Pursue Sorka or Marak when they board the Dreadnaught to bombard the docks.
  • The Iron Maidens -
    • Iron Will - The Iron Maidens are bound together with Iron Will - whenever any of them is critically low on health, they will all rise to 100 Iron Fury. Every 20 seconds thereafter their damage dealt will increase by 10%.
    • Admiral Gar'an -
      • Iron Shot - Admiral Gar'an fires a shot from her rifle at a random player, inflicting 50,050 Physical damage.
      • Rapid Fire - Admiral Gar'an readies her rifle and tracks a player, firing a barrage of high-explosive rounds. Each round inflicts 85,700 Fire damage to players within 5 yards of the impact location.
      • Penetrating Shot - Gar'an lines up a Penetrating Shot at the vitals of her target, inflicting 357,000 Physical damage to the target after 6 sec.Players can move between her and her target, disrupting her aim causing the damage inflicted to be split among all intercepting players and the target.
      • Deploy Turret - Gar'an deploys an automated Dominator Turret, which fires a series of blasts in a circular pattern. Dominator Blasts inflict 25,000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 8 sec to any players they come into contact with. This effect stacks.
    • Enforcer Sorka -
      • Blade Dash - Dashes through a player within 45 yards, chaining to targets within 5 yards, as well as Sorka's primary target, inflicting 71,450 Physical damage to targeted players.
        • Swirling Vortex - Follows in the path of Blade Dash. Inflicts 32,150 Nature damage and stuns for 1.5 sec.
        • Sorka's Prey - Damage taken from Blade Dash is increased by 400%.
      • Convulsive Shadows - Inflicts 20,000 Shadow damage per stack every 2 sec. A stack is removed each time damage is dealt. When dispelled, inflicts 40,000 Shadow damage per stack to the dispelled player.
        • Lingering Shadow - When Convulsive Shadows deals damage, a pool of Lingering Shadow is created, applying Convulsive Shadows to players.
      • Dark Hunt - Fixes her gaze on a player for 8 sec, after which she teleports to the player, inflicting 129,000 Physical damage.
    • Marak the Blooded -
      • Blood Ritual - Targets a player within 45 yards, inflicting 60,000 Shadow damage to all players in a cone in front of Marak.
      • Bloodsoaked Heartseeker - Bounces between 3 marked targets for up to 286,000 Physical damage. Damage decreases the farther the axe travels between each target.
        • Volatile Blood Orb - Spawns a Volatile Blood Orb at the location of players hit by Bloodsoaked Heartseeker, periodically casting Volatile Bloodbath.
          • Volatile Bloodbath - A Volatile Blood Orb erupts in a bath of corrupted blood magic, inflicting up to 21,400 Shadow damage to all players on the dock. Players further from the Volatile Blood Orb take less damage.
      • Sanguine Strikes - Marak the Blooded's melee attacks become so powerful as to corrupt the life essence of her target, causing their blood to erupt, duplicating a portion of damage dealt to her primary target to all players as Shadow damage.
  • The Dreadnaught - When one of the Maidens mans the Dreadnaught's main gun, a group of players must use the loading chains to travel to the Dreadnaught and defeat that Maiden's deckhand before the Maiden completes the warmup sequence of the main gun. While the gun is warming up, the main cannon will barrage the docks with bombs, which players who remain on the docks must avoid.
    • Bombardment Pattern - One of the Maidens fires a barrage of bombs with the main cannon of the ship towards the dock. After the initial barrage, the main cannon fires a much larger burst of bombs towards the dock.
      • Bomb Impact - When a bomb lands, it inflicts 57,150 Fire damage to nearby players, knocking them back.
      • Detonation Sequence - Explodes, inflciting 107,000 Fire damage to enemies within 7 yards.
    • Blackrock Deckhand -
      • Uktar, Deckhand of Admiral Gar'an - Defeating Uktar will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves.
        • Grapeshot Blast - Fires a blast of grapeshot at a player, inflicting 53,600 Fire damage to players within a cone.
      • Battle Medic Rogg -
        • Earthen Barrier - Rogg envelops an ally with an Earthen Barrier, absorbing 245,000 damage.
        • Protective Earth - Rogg creates a pool of Protective Earth. Any of his allies who enter the pool gain Earthen Barrier.
        • Chain Lightning - Inflicts 46,400 Nature damage to a player, jumping to any nearby players.
    • Shattered Hand Deckhand -
      • Gorak, Deckhand of Enforcer Sorka - Defeating Gorak will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves.
        • Deadly Throw - Throws a poisoned knife towards a target, inflicting 157,000 Physical damage and reducing movement speed by 80% for 5 sec to the closest player in their direction.
        • Call for Reinforcements - Gorak calls for reinforcements, summoning an Iron Evsicerator from the hold of the Dreadnaught.
      • Iron Eviscerator -
        • Fixate - Iron Eviscerators fixate their attention on a random target, and will only attack their fixated target.
        • Swiftness - As long as they are left alive, Iron Eviscerators gain Swiftness, allowing them to move 10% faster and increasing their haste by 10% per stack.
        • Expose Armor - The Eviscerator inflicts a blow to a critical section of a player's armor, inflicting 46,400 Physical damage and increasing Physical damage taken by 20% for 15 sec.
    • Bleeding Hollow Deckhand -
      • Uk'urogg, Deckhand of Marak the Blooded - Defeating Uk'urogg will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves.
        • Blood Corruption Aura - Uk'urogg has been twisted by Marak's dark blood magic, such that he radiates foul energy.This energy causes all players on the Dreadnaught while he is alive to periodically create pools of Corrupted Blood underneath them.
          • Corrupted Blood - A pool of corrupted blood lingers on the ground, inflicting 85,700 Shadow damage every 2 sec to any players who stand in it.

Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Enchanter's Study
Today's Blue Tweets mention one of the more useful perks of the Enchanter's Study building. You are able to use a friend's building to disenchant items and apply Illusions to your weapon without needing to have Enchanting as a profession or the Enchanter's Study.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Gift of the Serpent Changes
We're making some significant changes to the proc coefficients on Gift of the Serpent, for each heal. These are, on average, massive buffs to the proc rate.

Here are the latest coefficients, for the theorycrafters:

Spell ID Spell Name Gift of the Serpent Proc Coefficient
119611 Renewing Mists 0.25
132463 Chi Wave 0.25
124081 Zen Sphere (Periodic) 0.20
124101 Zen Sphere (Detonate) 0.20
130654 Chi Burst 0.20
115175 Soothing Mists 0.67
125953 Soothing Mists (Statue) 0.33
132120 Enveloping Mist 0.25
116670 Uplift 0.40
130316 Uplift (Glyphed) 0.40
126890 Eminence (Self & Xuen) 0.27
117895 Eminence (Statue) 0.13
124040 Chi Torpedo 0.45
117640 Spinning Crane Kick 0.15
162530 Rushing Jade Wind 0.10
157590 Breath of the Serpent 0.20
157675 Chi Explosion 0.30
157681 Chi Explosion (Periodic) 0.02
159620 Chi Explosion (Crane) 0.40
115310 Revival 1.00
116995 Surging Mist 1.00
115072 Expel Harm 1.00

*crosses talons that formatting works*

EDIT: Fixed the Spell ID on Enveloping Mist. Sorry for the typo. Also added Uplift (Glyphed) for clarity, even though it's the same coefficient as Uplift, but is a different Spell ID.

EDIT 2: Decided to adjust this so that it is purely a buff, regardless of spell selection. Tweaked the coefficients for Renewing Mists and Zen Sphere (Periodic).

Discussed this further, and are going to revise it so that it's purely a buff, no nerfs. See edits to the previous post. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Normal and Heroic difficulties are flexible now, too, and we have a cross-realm group finder (not LFR) to help find raid members. (_DonAdams)
There are also big world bosses, and max-level outdoor areas meant for groups. Should be lots to do for a group-oriented player! (_DonAdams)

hey, will rated arenas also reward you with strongboxes/gold or only skirmish?
Only skirmish. Rated is still conquest. (holinka)

Second, I agree to a certain point on 5.0 but how do you see the Alliance? Protagonist? Antagonists? Both?
In MoP Ally end up as guardians. Anduin urges his father to protect Pandaria from Garrosh's conquest. (_DonAdams)
At the same time you do have the Alliance proactively seeking power (especially 5.2) while holding off Horde aggression. (_DonAdams)
I do understand concerns about Alliance feeling reactionary. However, I feel like heroes usually react to villains, don't they? (_DonAdams)
We did run purely Alliance threads through MoP (Varian's trials and relationship with his son, the Dark Iron stepping up, etc.) (_DonAdams)

but to the main point when did the Alliance drive the story in MoP? Shieldwall? Purge? Robocat? SoO?
"To Pandaria" as in 5.0 and the level-up experience, pre 5.1. (_DonAdams)
find reacting as long at the same time we push our story many treads make a tapestry. Many views make a story have depth .
But yes, you're absolutely right that we need to continue weaving in more threads. We can always do better. Ty for the feedback! (_DonAdams)

all level 3 buildings require tier 3 garrison (nite_moogle)

Will the Character Creation Screen Armors be class exclusive or can any class of that armor type use them?
you can only obtain the character screen armor for your class. (aa)
Thanks for the add in. I was hoping for no class restriction due to Monks having fewer sets available.
the character screen sets are very iconic to each class, and we wanted to preserve that. (aa)

Fan Art
We have some nice Horde themed fan art today!

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