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RoS Fan Art Contest Semi-Finalists Revealed, The Big CE Signing, "The End of Her Journey" Added to the Guide, Lag Info Needed

NESL Tournament Decklists, Deck Spotlight: Dreadmaker's Spellsword Rogue, Reconnect Feature

Heroes Developer Q&A #4 Recap - Talent System, New Talent UI

Curse is giving away Strife and Wildstar beta keys!

Armory Stats - Level 90 Boosted Character Class Representation
Today we are taking a look at what classes are being boosted to level 90. Unfortunately the only way we can tell if a character has been boosted to level 90 is when they are still wearing some of the starter gear. This is still the case for ~106,000 level 90 characters in our database, allowing us to see a snapshot of what classes were boosted to level 90.

We have included data for all level 90 boosted characters, all characters, all item level 510+ characters, and all characters that have killed Heroic Dark Shaman (as of late January). You can toggle on and off the data by clicking on the category in the legend.

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - March 18
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Character Boost
  • Boosted characters now start in the Shrine of Two Moons for the Horde and Shrine of the Seven Stars for the Alliance.
  • Resolved a number of questing and phasing issues for boosted characters.

  • Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    • Talents
      • Resolved an issue where Vanish modified by Glyph of Vanish was incorrectly causing the Subterfuge effect to trigger twice. Vanish will now cancel its effect when the duration of Subterfuge expires.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Cross-realm raid groups have been enabled for Siege of Orgrimmar on both Normal and Heroic difficulty.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Resolved an issue where Monks were unable to use Roll, Chi Torpedo, or Flying Serpent Kick while carrying the flag.

Isle of Thunder
  • Resolved an issue where base camps for the Kirin Tor Offensive, Sunreaver Onslaught, and other areas on the isle may incorrectly revert to an earlier progression stage.

Warlords of Draenor PvP
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
There's a ton of awesome PvP-related stuff happening in Warlords. Just off the top of my head:

  • CC Disarmament: there's a lot fewer CC spells, especially instant and auto cast CCs, and more shared DRs among the ones that remain.
  • Health and scaling rebalance: means little to no Base Resilience or Battle Fatigue are needed, and classes that aren't as reliant on gear to perform. Also does wonders for PvP class balance.
  • Ashran: our new open world PvP zone, which we're not quite ready to share details on yet (but what I've seen so far looks awesome!)
  • Skirmishes: unrated Arenas that can be queued for either solo or in a group.
  • Spectator invites & Tournament gear: additional tools to allow tournament organizers to run high-quality tournaments without needing direct intervention from Blizzard.
  • Our new built-in Group Finder: much easier way to find party members for rated BGs or Arenas.

And that's just from the stuff we've already talked about. There's more to come as we continue development.

I know healer scaling was mentioned, but what about damage scaling? It has just gotten absurd how quickly damage scaled in MOP - we went from doing 60k dps to 400k+, which is why Battle Fatigue and PVP Resilience had to be set so high in the first place.

You need to hit the root of the problem NOW while you are doing the item squish - if you wait until after WOD then it will be too late and you'll have to do an item squish again for the next expansion.

So, there's actually a lot going on there:

Currently, in Mists, level 90 characters have a relatively high amount of base health, and a relatively low amount of base damage or healing on their abilities. As a result, your health from Stamina doesn't increase as quickly as your damage or healing from Attack or Spell Power. To use some made up numbers for perspective, your gear might account for 80-90% of your damage, but only 40-50% of your health. That's why, as the quality of your gear increases by hundreds of item levels over the course of an expansion, we see such a high swing in damage output compared to health pools.

For Warlords, we're simplifying that by making health and spell effectiveness scale a lot more linearly. Base health is being lowered dramatically (and the effectiveness of Stamina increased) to the point that as damage or healing goes up, health pools go up alongside them. That lets us ensure that PvP gameplay at low gear vs high gear feels relatively similar.

On top of that, we're increasing health pools in general -- they'll be much larger in comparison to the damage players are able to deal to each other than they are today. Resilience and Battle Fatigue were added because without them, an attack or heal would account for massive chunks of a player's health bar. With higher health, that same spell doesn't have as big of an impact.

(It's worth noting that all of this is after the item squish, so it's all relative. The actual numbers, including health pools, will end up much smaller compared to how things are today.)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
50% Lay on Hands?
We're actually planning to let that one stay at 100%, which is effectively a large buff. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
can you remove shadow orbs?
Virtually zero chance of us removing Shadow Orbs. (Celestalon)

SInce absorbs are going to be so limited is Disc going to have more direct heal throughput?
Yes, we'll make sure that they can still perform well. (Celestalon)

Why can't we have instant as disc/holy? Seems slightly unfair.
Because we want to make healers less mobile. Good for both PvE and PvP. Encounters will demand less mobile healing. (Celestalon)

Will cascade, divine star and halo still be instant for spriests, or will they need to be casted as well?
Yes, they're still instant for Shadow. (Celestalon)

still want to know what happens to disc barrier. the barrier forces me go disc, not lack of holy hps.
No planned changes to PW:B, but if encounters do less raidwide burst damage then PW:B is inherently less essential. (WatcherDev)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Seeing a big jump in Resto Shaman representation despite so few balance changes this season. This should be interesting to watch unfold. (holinka)
translation resto shammy is about to get nerfed
Just wanted the community to go on this journey with me where representation changes profoundly despite minimal class changes. (holinka)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Warriors getting a talent turning Prot into DPS spec. Any chance Warlocks could get a talent changing Demonology into tank spec?
Not right now. Turning Prot into DPS is trivial compared to turning Demonology into Tank. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
But is warbringer still a 20s cooldown for a single charge with a 1.5s stun? Seems like a high risk gambit for a chance to nix gate
Sounds like a tough choice you'll have to make (holinka)

Has there been any info about how you plan to improve haste for warriors yet?
Not yet. I can assure you though, haste will be a very good stat for you. (Celestalon)
Will it benefit tanks like prot pallies
Haste will be a very good stat for *all* Warriors. (Celestalon)
Please let it be more than just more rage which would result in more HS spamming.
It's more than just rage. (Celestalon)

Will Divine Shield be undispellable in WoD? Shattering Throw seems to be removed, what about Mass Dispel?
Shattering Throw is not removed. (Celestalon)

Any chance to be able to toggle weapon enchants glow on/off (like helm/cloak) in WoD?
Doubtful for WoD unless as totally different enchants. Enchant visuals effects & control of does get discussed though. (Dave_Maldo)

Character / Items
The Heirloom Garrosh weapon. will the heroic version be as good as flex one while leveling?
They'll converge at 100, but a higher-difficulty one will be superior while leveling. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Flying
without wasting 10-30 minutes of your time getting there and back to what you were doing.
I've been trying to say this, but if it takes you 10-30 min to get from one part of Draenor to another, we screwed up. (WatcherDev)
Meanwhile when you take a flight path in Mop you many times fly in circles to reach a destination.
Honestly we've neglected flight paths a bit post-BC. We won't make that mistake in Draenor. (WatcherDev)

Please make me want to not fly, dont force me not to.
The idea is that limiting vertical movement creates gameplay. Imagine how Timeless Isle would play if you could fly there. (WatcherDev)
yeah, but I hate going to TI. An entire expansion of that is going to suck.
And ultimately it's our job to make sure it doesn't. I realize I'm not going to change opinions here; all I can say is wait and see. (WatcherDev)
yes imagine being able to get to rares before they die.
Just to play Devil's Advocate, they'd still often die before you arrive since everyone else would get there faster too. (WatcherDev)
let's not buff their health pools to scale with number of attackers, that would be a silly notion
A majority of TI rares do have health scaling, up to a max of 500% HP. Some don't; will look into hotfixing those. (WatcherDev)

Poll: Level 90 Boost Classes
Assuming you bought Warlords of Draenor and used your Level 90 boost already, what class did you use it on?

Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest Semi-Finalists
Blizzard is holding a fan art contest to celebrate the release of Reaper of Souls, with the entries now narrowed down to the top 25!

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Siege of Orgrimmar - Normal and Heroic Cross-Realm Raids Enabled
It appears EU might have to wait a little longer, but this is live in the US now. Events are already appearing on OpenRaid!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve recently implemented an often requested feature to enable cross-realm raiding for Siege of Orgrimmar. Cross-realm BattleTag™ and Real ID friends can now raid together and take the fight to Garrosh on Normal or Heroic difficulty. Players will be able to earn greater rewards such as Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf or the title of Conqueror/Liberator of Orgrimmar; both of which aren’t available to be earned within Flexible or Raid Finder difficulty.

This change is currently live.

This is a change very late into a tier, which leads me to believe that when WoD comes out this change won't be live and will still require guilds on the same server to tackle Mythic raiding.
Correct -- current-tier Mythic raiding in Warlords will still be limited to players from a single server. In the meantime, though, this change may help guilds that are trying to recruit and grow in preparation for Mythic raiding.

As for realm firsts, realm firsts are guild achievements; you need to be in a guild group, which is by definition 8/10 or 20/25 members coming from a single guild on a single server. You could theoretically have a couple of guests from a different server and still claim the realm first, but ultimately 80% of the group still has to be from the same guild.

With the Cross Realm Normal and Heroic raiding, is there any plans on allowing people to trade XRealm as well?!
Nope. Apologies if that torpedoes any hopes of selling Kor'kron Juggernauts to the entire continent.

As for loot and lockout questions above, nothing about this affects either of those. Loot is not personal in Normal/Heroic; the exact loot setting depends on the raid leader, as always. As for lockouts, Normal lockouts will continue to prevent you from entering a raid in which a boss is alive that you've already killed during a given week. Heroic still uses fixed lockouts, and once you're saved to one Heroic ID, you cannot zone into any different Heroic ID that week.

Are the Cutting Edge achievements for Heroic Garrosh still obtainable with this change?
The "Ahead of the Curve" achievements are still obtainable with this change, which is what awards the Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf.
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BlizzCon 2014, The AH Shutting Down In a Few Hours, Blizzard Takes PAX East by Storm, Building a Hero: Crusader Skill Design

Top 5 Plays of the Week, Hearthstone Day Dev Q&A Notes

Hero Intro Questions, Talent System Dev Q&A on Wednesday, New Heroes Unveiled at PAX East

Warlords of Draenor Developer Interviews
PvP Live had the opportunity to interview Holinka and Kim Phan this weekend during their PvP Tournament.

  • Blizzard is always looking to make WoW a better esport.
  • Right now the team mostly focuses on 3v3 arenas, but they want to hear what the community wants in regards to eSports, in PvP or otherwise.
  • Arenas are a big part of what makes WoW an eSport, but there may be other parts of WoW that players would also be interested in. For example, some players enjoy the Live Raid at Blizzcon.
  • Other partners have reached out to Blizzard to see what tools they are putting in place to support eSports, including MLG.
  • PvP can be hard to watch, especially with TDM being much faster in other games. In WoW, it can take 15 minutes for someone to die or something exciting to happen, which is a long time for someone watching that isn't very familiar with the game. This can be partially mitigated by casters keeping viewers informed with what is going on and why.
  • The game has to be fun to play before it can be fun to watch. The next step is having tools that make it easier to watch, such as spectator mode.
  • The devs are looking at the smaller things they can do to grow the WoW eSports community.

Spectator Mode
  • Being able to set the time before Dampening activates in Spectator Mode games isn't planned right now, as having inconsistent rules would make arenas harder to watch.
  • The addition of spectator mode for Warlords of Draenor arenas being one example of something the community has been requesting for a long time that is finally being added.

PvP in Warlords of Draenor
  • If the team makes a balance change, players get upset about the changes that were made. If they don't make any balance changes, people complain that the game is starting to feel stale.
  • The team has been trying to increase the participation in PvP, without hurting the game that people already doing PvP love.
  • The way that CC and DR works is hidden to many players, but it is also one of the important parts of competitive PvP. The team would like to make them less complex, as complexity is good when it adds depth, but not good when complexity exists for no reason.
  • The PvP game is going to feel very new and different in Warlords of Draenor, almost starting from scratch with balance. This time around the team will spend a lot of time on iterating on things and collecting feedback from top players that give useful feedback.

  • Holinka does rated battlegrounds and arenas most days of the week, as well as some arenas at lunch almost every day.
  • He also plays other games as time permits, such as Titanfall and Stick of Truth. There are lessons to be learned from playing other games.
  • He had 6 characters and 8 specs that he played last season, so he understands the effort it takes to cap on alts.

Blizzard at PAX East
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Grab your gear and saddle up, because we’re headed to PAX East!

PAX attendees should ready themselves for three days of demon slaying, sword swinging, hero playing, and card slinging awesomeness, as this year we’ll be featuring all-new builds for our most recent and upcoming games, hands-on time at demo stations, an epic developer panel, and awesome giveaways and prizes. Come by and check everything out at BOOTH #848! We’ll be there from 10AM to 6PM, Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13.

Here’s what you can expect at this year’s Blizzard booth:

  • Warlords of Draenor hands-on demo featuring updated character models and the intro experience for the upcoming expansion.
  • Hands-on time with the in-development Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, playable on PlayStation 4.
  • A chance to find out what’s in the cards for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and play the mobile version on iPad.
  • A brand-new demo for Heroes of the Storm, featuring new Heroes playable for the first time anywhere outside of Blizzard.
  • Blizzard developers will be on-hand to chat about your favorite games.
  • Blizzard developers will also be giving a presentation at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 a.m. EDT titled Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup (streamed live on one of the official PAX Twitch channels for those not in attendance).
  • And did we mention there will be giveaways, prizes, and more? If not . . . there will be giveaways, prizes, and more!

Head on over to for panel schedules and hotel and travel information.

We hope to see you there!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
quick question. why cant i use death's advande when using the glyphed version of pillar of frost...?
20 seconds of CC immunity with no downside is too good. (holinka)

Need way to dump RP to AE. Feels like this has always been missing. Most common request for 5.0 and now 6.0.
Sindragosa's Breath. (Celestalon)
Indeed, but cd means it cannot be used to dump RP, and talent means not universal. Many DKs will cont to FrostStrike/DCoil in AE
That's fine. The whole row helps with AoE. Doesn't have to be an RP spender. (Celestalon)

I mean, to a pt that a talent can chng your gameplay ? Bcause with what we can read now, i don't think so and it makes me sad
Yeah, some of the lvl100 talents are pretty significant changes. Necrotic Plague for Unholy = the Festerblight rotation. (Celestalon)
Sindragosa's Breath also changes your rotation quite significantly, primarily for the DPS DKs. Makes you want to pool... (Celestalon)
...RP as it's coming off cooldown, and generate/dump RM as much as you can while it's up, to keep it going as long as poss. (Celestalon)
I feel like it would have to proc rune talents for that to be effective
It does. (Celestalon)
is conversion going to proc them also?
We're thinking about that one still. Possibly. (Celestalon)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
yall nerfing gaurdian druids in PvP or nahh?
You are the first person to ever complain to me about Guardian Druids in PvP (holinka)
really? Theyre incredible good flagcarriers
There's nothing wrong with a class being good at something. (holinka)

The balance druid eclipse mechanic is very clunky, can we do something with it in WoD. Like remove it?
Eclipse is the defining mechanic of Moonkin. Virtually zero chance that we'd remove it. (Celestalon)

Can you tell us if Equinox for balance druids has changed? It sounded too powerful to be true, or Eclipse is lower to fit it in.
Equinox is still in, yep. (Celestalon)

Will there be an glyph for old efflorescence though? The on-demand placeable AoE heal far more valuable in WoD healing model!
Not planning to. Moving your Shroom is still on-demand placeable AoE healing. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
arcane IS very boring to play and it DOES suffer from movement the MOST. arcane mobility v warlocks\hunters not fair.
Arcane is intentionally very movement inhibited. That's one of its downsides. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Has it been a couple weeks yet? Let's Take A Jab At It has dropped! More WW, MW soon(tm). with
I think you guys are imagining some huge "us vs the developers" thing that we don't even see as there. There seems to be this misconception that we are saying "You guys are doing it all wrong, and could be doing WAY more damage!" or something. Saying that we are telling you avoid haste like the plague is just strawmanning. I think this all started when there was some really silly bad theorycraft going around in like 5.1 or 5.2 that said to take Ascension, max max MAX haste, and don't use FoF or EB at all. That was quite wrong, and we pointed out, then words have been put in our mouth since then. Result is, haste/crit/mastery are all really close, and we've seen top performance with each, as long as you don't energy cap, and make good use of FoF/EB.Future of FoF: If +30% dmg will make you satisfied... you'll be elated. (Celestalon)
.Do you think the lack of lots of other high secondary stats stems from lack of wanting to try them? Or follow the leader?
Following the leader is an incredibly strong effect in our community. Not sure what you're referring to exactly here though. (Celestalon)

Why is orb spam being removed not mentioned. Its the only burst heal instant monk got not tied to big cds
...except for Surging Mist, right? Remember that retuning is happening. Surging is lackluster in 5.4, won't be in 6.0. (Celestalon)

Are fistweavers and windwalkers (or melee in general?) supposed to attract desecrated weapon on garrosh?
It's distance-based, not spec-based. (WatcherDev)

War Crimes Novel Sneak Peek
You can find an excerpt from the War Crimes novel here.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The brutal siege of Orgrimmar may be over, but Garrosh Hellscream, the most infamous orc on Azeroth, has yet to face justice. Bound in chains by his enemies, the deposed tyrant of the Horde must now answer for his crimes. Alongside renowned leaders from across Azeroth, you will bear witness to his long-awaited trial.

Visions of Garrosh’s past atrocities are presented in vivid detail for all to see. But as history is revisited, old grievances and bitter memories come to light, and those in attendance begin to wonder if anyone among them is truly innocent. Mounting tensions and rising enmity steer the court to the brink of chaos . . . as the world waits with bated breath for the verdict on the war crimes of Garrosh Hellscream.

War Crimes, the new World of Warcraft novel by author Christie Golden, follows the dramatic events that grip Azeroth in the wake of the siege of Orgrimmar . . . and delves into long-buried secrets that may have been best left uncovered. Pre-order now and you can be one of the first to learn just what the future holds for the residents of Azeroth and the recently dethroned warchief of the Horde.

Author: Christie Golden
Release: May 2014
Preorder now

Dark Legacy Comics #432
DLC #432 has been released.

by Published on 2014-03-16 11:04 PM

Shard Of Hate Now In The Game Guide, Mithrie Menethil's Cyclone Strike Monk Build, Hot Pepper Gaming: RoS Edition

Top 5 Plays of the Week, Hearthstone Day Dev Q&A Notes

Full List of Unreleased Hero Abilities

Blizzcon 2014
It seems the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket page recently had some updates to change the title and header to include 2014 rather than 2013. Assuming this change isn't an accident, it could mean that Blizzcon 2014 is definitely planned and we should hear an announcement about it very soon.

Just keep in mind that we haven't heard anything official yet, and this could indeed be an accident.

Blizzcon has been announced in February or March for the past few years.

Computers - Setup of the Month (by chaud)
Each month or every 2 months, depending on the hardware evolutions, the lovely chaud will work on a couple of hardware setups for those of you who are thinking of upgrading their computer!

This month
New GPUs from AMD are here, at least on paper. Finding any AMD GPUs is hard now, as is finding some of the Nvidia GPUs. Prices for many GPUs went up due to demand and the older GPUs being discontinued.

The current SSD prices are stable, with most SSDs under $1 per gigabyte when on sale.

The Haswell CPUs run a little bit on the warmer side. Depending on how much you want to overclock, you may need to spend a bit more for a better CPU cooler like the NH-D14.

Unless you are doing a lot of video rendering or something that is similarly multithreaded, you do not need the 4770K and should spend that money elsewhere.

Make sure to keep your AMD and Nvidia drivers up to date.

Don't hesitate to post any feedback in the comments of that news post, and don't forget to visit the Computer Forum for any extra questions! If you are interested in [email protected], take a look in our team's thread.

ComponentPuppy Dolphin
MonitorASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Monitor - $140ASUS VS248H-P 24-Inch Monitor - $160
KeyboardKensington Pro Fit Media Keyboard - $15Cyborg V.5 - $48
MouseLogitech G400s - $46Razer DeathAdder 2013 - $56
SpeakersCreative A220 2.1 Speaker System - $25Logitech Z313 Speaker System - $35
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
MonitorDell P2414H Monitor - $220HP ZR2440W 24-inch - $310
KeyboardLogitech G510s - $80CM Storm QuickFire XT - $95
MouseLogitech G500s - $54Razer Naga (Buttons on the Side) - $64
SpeakersLogitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System - $57Logitech Speaker System Z523 - $77

Puppy and Dolphin
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Puppy and Dolphin.
ComponentPuppy Dolphin
CaseNZXT Source 210 - $43NZXT Source 210 - $43
Power SupplyCorsair CX500 - $57EVGA 600B - $63
CPUAMD FX-6300 - $110AMD FX-8320 - $140
HeatsinkCooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $33Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $33
MotherboardASUS M5A97 R2.0 - $80ASUS M5A99FX PRO - $115
MemoryKingston HyperX Blu 4GB 1333 - $438GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 - $84
Graphics CardMSI R7 260X 2GB - $140Gigabyte R9 270 or GTX 660 - $230 / $190
Hard DriveWestern Digital Caviar Blue 500GB - $53Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB - $99
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $22Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $22
Total$581$705 - $745

Narwhal and Unicorn
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Narwhal and Unicorn.
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
CaseCooler Master HAF 912 - $50Corsair Air 540 (Special Layout) - $140
Power SupplySeasonic M12II 620 - $90Rosewill Fortress 750W - $130
CPUIntel i5-4670K - $220Intel i7-4770K - $310
HeatsinkCooler Master TPC 812 - $63Noctua 6 NH-D14 - $79
MotherboardASUS Z87-A - $140ASUS Z87-PLUS - $159
Memory8GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 - $8416GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 - $155
Graphics CardASUS GTX 760 OR Gigabyte R9 270X - $250XFX R9 280X OR MSI GTX 770 - $370 / $330
Hard DriveWestern Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $99Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $99
SSDSAMSUNG 840 EVO 128GB (Review) - $90
Plextor 128 GB M5 Pro (Review) - $118
Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB (Review) - $130
SAMSUNG 840 Pro 128GB (Review) - $115
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $22Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $22
Total$1018 - $1148$1514 - $1594

Dark Legacy Comics #431
DLC #431 has been released.

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Yet Another Josh Mosqueira Tease: Systems Designers Researching Ladders, Malthael Fan Art Collection

First Look at Hearthstone on the iPad, Deck Spotlight: Nox's Midrange Hunter, Jotto's Tournament Review

Shop Price Breakdown, Levelup XP Requirements & Minion XP Grants

Warlords of Draenor - All Mounts Work as Ground Mounts
Almost all mounts will work as ground mounts in Warlords of Draenor!

Warlords of Draenor Flying
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I've already said that what we said at BlizzCon still holds true at current. If ongoing development changes this including testing, feedback, and etc, then we'll keep people informed. We are in the midst of development and as with anytime we get into it, we often will change design ideas or implementations from what we originally thought we wanted to do to what we believe will more likely work better. We will continue to discuss our ideas as openly as possible (as Alex did) and keep an eye out on constructive feedback. We will do our utmost to address as many concerns that people may have as possible while still keeping in mind the overall health and objectives we have for the game.

We don't work in stone and design is a very fluid thing. We're going to keep moving forward toward creating fun experiences for as many people as possible. I said this over on Twitter and I'll say it again here- "Sometimes I feel I need to say this, but game design decisions are not personal. They aren't meant to cause personal distress. We do care." We want to make sure that Warlords of Draenor (and the game as a whole) continues to deliver truly great experiences and plenty of fun.

Battle.Net Launcher Feedback
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The fact that YOU think I need MY desktop 'cleaned up' or I can't keep it organized is pretty damned infuriating and condescending, quite frankly.
I don't personally care what your desktop looks like or how many icons you have on it, or if you're able or not able to keep track of them; but icons on your desktop has little-to-nothing to do with offering a unified launcher platform. You can have the app create a desktop icon for each game still, if that's what you want to click on.

Right now each of our games is started through a launcher. The launchers help ensure games are up to date, offer functionality to launch other versions (beta/PTR/etc.), has some file management tools (repair), provide quick links to helpful resources (support), and helps bring info front and center when starting a game like patch notes, game info, news, etc.

Instead of having separate launchers for each game, which are individually updated and maintained, and each of which also likely having different requirements and specifics for how it works and operates, it makes a lot of sense for us to have a single platform (e.g. launcher) that brings all the games together under a single roof, streamlines our platforms, and provides a single launcher--instead of many of them--to provide the same features those launchers always have, plus more, and additional flexibility to add features into the future.

If you're launching Blizzard games now, it's quite likely you're seeing a launcher, and that's not really any different than seeing the desktop app "launcher".

What the heck ever happened to just double clicking the executable and running the game. That doesn't need "improving."
Online games, like World of Warcraft, usually require that everyone playing use the same files and file versions to ensure content parity. If you and I are playing and the information we each hold about the game differs, it becomes exceedingly difficult for the server to reconcile how those differences play out and also how the client perceives those differences. Everyone needs to be playing the same game, essentially. To help try to make that process smoother, a launcher that starts up before the game checks file versions when starting the game. If your files are not current a patch is downloaded and installed. Additionally, we've added functionality for the launcher to download future patch data ahead of time to reduce the time required on patch day to get into the game, as well as the ability to stream game data so that the entire game doesn't need to be downloaded for new players, or those just reinstalling.

World of Warcraft has had a launcher for the purposes of file version verification since at least 2003. The desktop app is, for the purposes of this discussion, an updated launcher.

However: I recommend Blizzard create a list of offline games to play specifically during patch downloads.
If you used the launcher you'd have downloaded the patch data well in advance, and wouldn't need to wait.

Just don't make the app mandatory in the future. I like double clicking the WoW icon from my desktop to launch WoW. Kthxbai.
You can still do that with the app. Cya.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
is tyrannical gear, for those who like it as x-mog, never to be obtainable again? strange: all other MoP pvp gear is available
It will become available again on a vendor in a future patch. (holinka)

Why the change to feats for PVP titles? Are they going to be permanent now or something?
We've made technical changes to how we deliver rewards and we added a Feat of Strength. Titles are still temporary. (holinka)
IE feats stay, but after a season you lose the title it grants.
Yes you keep the achievement but lose the title. (holinka)
Are the feats permanent, though? Do they stay as 'proof' of your accomplishment for the season? Or gone in S16.
You will always have the achievement that says "Season 14" (holinka)

season 15? .............15.......I've been playing this game for too long.
Yeah, we have been talking about that. The numbers are getting high enough that players are often confused about what season it is. (holinka)

So if we're getting 3 new world bosses, which are dropping the PvP gear?
We're still sorting that out. A lot of things are going to be different. (holinka)
Also keep in mind there were multiple world bosses at MoP launch as well. (holinka)
Should be a chest in a FFA zone somewhere with PvP item in it with a long respawn time.(wtbgurubashi)
Agree it would be fun to so more of this sort of thing (holinka)
By "FFA" you mean "come with the most friends so you can solo loot the chest," right?
World PvP, it can be pretty mean. (holinka)

any plans for fixing Wintergrasp and Tol Barad for Warlords?
Not at this point. The best thing to do would be convert them to battlegrounds, but it requires significant work. (holinka)

What happened to expanding the Darkmoon Faire? All those unused tents depress me....
Me too. (Dave_Maldo)
Any plans?
Yes. But my purple octopus monster hat-dropping world boss didn't make it in yet, either, so who knows when. (Dave_Maldo)

So tabards... Are they likely to get a tab? If not, can Scarlet Tabard be added to the vendor for my other toons?
Maybe! And I believe the vendor only covers achievement/perma-lost tabards, not bought or mob-dropped (Heroic Harlan has it). (Dave_Maldo)

PvP Tournament This Weekend
PvP Live is holding a tournament this weekend, starting at 2PM EST / 11 AM PST on Saturday and 12:30 PM EST / 9:30 AM PST on Sunday. Eight teams are competing in a double elimination tournament casted by Azael and Vhell. You can watch the games on Twitch.

TCG Art Update
Blizzard has updated the TCG art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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