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by Published on 2013-04-20 05:41 AM

WotB and Archon to Receive Changes, Act IV Density to be Buffed, What's Your Favorite Shrine?, Wizard Arcane Torrent Build

Ask the Devs - 5.3 PTR Edition

Patch 5.2 Dev Interview
One of the interviews we didn't have time to cover in the past is the EPIC Podcast interview with Cory Stockton and Dave Kosak.

  • We may see some of Sylvanas before the end of the expansion, but no promises.
  • Pet battle PvP was designed to remove any fear of PvP, no communication with the other player, no win/loss record, etc.
  • A future patch might start tracking pet battle PvP wins and add a quest to win 10 PvP pet battles every week.
  • Blizzard was surprised by how popular and well received pet battles were. The participation rate is very high.
  • Patch 5.3 adds the first set of Burning Crusade raid boss pet drops, and a future patch will have the second set.
  • Pet gender was added in case it wanted to be used later, but currently the team is happy with the current depth the pet battle system has.
  • When adding tech for Burning Crusade Heroic Dungeons, the team added support for ten versions of a NPC with for varying difficulties, thinking they would never use that many. Mists of Pandaria now uses six!
  • Pet battles added Lesser Charms as a reward in Patch 5.2, and it is possible that we may see more rewards like this in the future, including Valor Points.
  • The new scenario into stories were added so that you can see the lore once, and then enjoy the scenario after that without repeating the lore every time.
  • The Determination buff came from seeing groups wipe once or twice and leaving and then queuing again. This contributed to the problem of entering a raid that was partially completed and made for an unpleasant LFR environment.

Blizzard <3s Bad Robot
We finally have a source for the Bad Robot pet from the Patch 5.3 PTR!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
One of the core values we live by here at Blizzard is “Embrace Your Inner Geek.” We play countless games, we collect comics and card games, we love cutting-edge technology and computer hardware, we’re fascinated by science and discovery, and many of us are movie buffs. Movies represent the combined imaginations of talented writers and visionaries, artists and operators, editors and producers, that can culminate in an awesome cinematic experience.

It’s with this motivation that we express our respect for JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions.

Coming in a future patch, characters with the Engineering profession will be able to produce this mechanical homage to the company that brought us award-winning television shows like Lost and Fringe, and are continuing the epic Star Trek and forthcoming Star Wars film sagas. Everyone has a chance to get their hands on this pet, allowing them to show off their mutual appreciation for Bad Robot, and the stories they’ve brought to our TVs and movie screens.

We hope everyone enjoys this new pet!

Live WoW Developer Q&A Thursday, April 25
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Good people of Azeroth, lend me your eyes!

We’ll be hosting a live World of Warcraft developer Q&A open to the community on Thursday, April 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PDT. Designers Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, and Greg Street will be available to field your questions about Mists of Pandaria gameplay and design, patch 5.2 and beyond. This will be a moderated chat on the Cover it Live platform hosted on the front page of our official site. Community managers Bashiok, Crithto, Daxxarri, Rygarius, and I will be there to filter your submissions for the developers.

We receive thousands of questions each time we host these events, so please be patient with us and bear in mind that we won’t get to every question. You can help by keeping your inquiries concise and focused on one topic per entry. Submissions that are well over 200 characters, or contain multiple questions on an array of topics, are much less likely to receive responses. We want to cover as much ground as possible and appreciate your assistance in helping us to achieve that.

We look forward to chatting with you on Thursday!

About the Panelists

Dave Kosak, Lead Quest Designer
As Blizzard Entertainment's lead quest designer for World of Warcraft, Dave Kosak oversees the development of all quest content for the game and its expansions, as well as contributing to the overall fiction of the game world.

Prior to joining Blizzard Entertainment, Kosak was a co-founder and original creative director of GameSpy.

Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer
As lead encounter designer on the World of Warcraft® team, Ion Hazzikostas’s primary responsibility is overseeing the creation of the game’s dungeon and raid content. Hazzikostas joined Blizzard Entertainment in the summer of 2008 as a game designer, and his responsibilities have included raid boss design and implementation, class design and balancing, and maintaining the World of Warcraft achievement system. Prior to arriving at Blizzard, he worked as an attorney at a law firm in Washington, DC.

In his spare time, Hazzikostas enjoys exploring Southern California in search of craft beer. Having grown up in New York City, he is a lifelong Yankees fan.

Brian Holinka, Senior PvP Game Designer
As a senior game designer on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft® team, Brian Holinka focuses exclusively on continuing to make the World of Warcraft PvP experience enjoyable for all of its players. Holinka works with the systems and content teams to create a balanced competitive environment with exciting rewards and diverse content.

Prior to joining Blizzard Entertainment in 2012, Holinka worked on the multiplayer components of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Homefront, and Frontlines: Fuel of War. Holinka got his start in the game industry moonlighting on the “Desert Combat” mod for Battlefield 1942 while serving as a Captain in the United States Air Force.

Cory Stockton, Lead Content Designer
As Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.'s lead content designer for World of Warcraft®, Cory Stockton is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of all exterior zones, dungeons, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and cities. He is also involved with many other aspects of the game, such as dungeon scripting and the Pet Battle System.

Stockton started at Blizzard Entertainment in June 2005 as lead dungeon designer before transitioning to his current role. Prior to his arrival, he was a lead designer on the Ratchet & Clank series and also contributed extensively to the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series.

In his spare time, Stockton plays games extensively, and enjoys collecting classic consoles and games. He holds an associate's degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix.

Greg Street, Lead Systems Designer
As the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft®, Greg Street is one of the two lead designers on the team that reports to the Game Director. He leads a team that is in charge of World of Warcraft class, item and tradeskill design. He and his team also design the user interface for the game and handle all of the various combat calculations and number tuning.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Ask the Devs Questions
boring, they seem to have picked the questions (again) that they have easy copy/paste answers ready.
The questions chosen were the ones that were on the topic in question, which was the upcoming PvP changes in patch 5.3. No questions were skipped because of their difficulty in answering. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
[PvE] Why casters never have to worry about going OOM and warriors struggle for rage? Casters spam what they want, no downside
Why do warriors have no cast bars (but one) and mages must stop and cast? Class mechanics work differently. (Source)

What made Rets need a buff? Not that I'm QQing or anything, but my Unholy DK would like some too.
Unholy is doing great right now IMO. Ret was average on some fights, low on others, and didn't have a good fight to shine. (Source)

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
is Solar Beam included in glyph of omens ? official notes says yes, mmo-champ says no.
No, Solar Beam is not in Glyph of Omens because it's off the GCD. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
just want to say stupid move on the hunter changes in 5.3. even more stuns for any spec. not fun when you get perma stunlock
They have to give up Silencing Shot to take the stun. Not sure you'll see that many take that trade. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
15% Sword of Light on live right now to 30% on PTR huge, if you think that's needed why not a hotfix? 5% would be okay to wait
These are just changes we're trying out on the test realm. We need to evaluate data and feedback before 5.3 goes live. (Source)

Hey ! Don't you think Holy paladins in PVP are a little bit underpowered compared to other healers atm?
They were too good last season, but dropped off a lot. Also had good synergy with warriors, which is a factor. (Source)
high % doesn't mean good, shamans / priests are good, work in every comp and that's not "synergy" with every class
There are many ways to measure it: rep, number of viable teams, pure power. Ultimately we concluded they were too strong. (Source)

That's because it actually gives 1 HP on cast while aiding in raid healing. More HP = more EFs = more ST healing.
If you need the HR to actually heal, that's one thing, but it shouldn't be simply a Holy Power delivery mechanism. (Source)
But HR is only transferring 15% to the tank, while DL on the tank gives you 100% and Holy Power. (Source)

Making Holy Radiance reset the cooldown of Holy Shock would make everything better.
Concerned that would force Holy Radiance into a single-target rotation. (Source)
Holy Radiance is already best for a single target rotation. HR + HS does more healing than DL + HS.
Which is silly. Daybreak should never be a single target throughput increase. HR alone is weaker than DL, as it should be. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Exactly this. Give us something better to do as a filler. How about renew, binding, etc changes?
"Better to cast" sounds like Atonement HPS is beating actual heals. (Source)
Disc healing is underpowered w/o atonement (absorbs /= heal), time for grace to be on priest not the target?!
But absorbs are generally more powerful than heals so it makes sense they aren't as strong point for point. (Source)
If Disc can heal as well as anyone and has absorbs on top of that, why play anything else? (Source)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Why Enhancement and not Elemental? Enhancement damage is insane right now as is, our ENH Sham beats me and we have same ilvl
Overall, Elemental is going better than Enhance, and Elemental is getting a buff through LB cast time. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
I don't understand all of these "animation limitations" for TG and XMog (daggers/fist weapons) - is it really that difficult?
Actually, yes. Animation requires a specific set of skills and talent for a developer, and a lot of work. (Source)
My hunch is many players have a grasp for what modeling and texturing are like, but animation is more of a black box. (Source)

but strength polearms with be back again soon right? RIGHT?!
We'd like to do more Str polearms even if we can't sort out TG (which we hopefully can). (Source)
and as i have countless times tried to suggest every way possible, why not make PvP str Polearms?
There is a PvP Str polearm on the list for 5.4. No promises of course. (Source)

With the addition of the new warrior specialization ability, will we see the similar effect attached to second wind go away?
Yes. Trying Second Wind just as heals to potentially open up the other talent choices since you get the rage no matter what. (Source)

TCG Art Update
Blizzard has updated the Trading Card Game art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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Brawler's Guild Shirts, World First Level 90, April 18 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, Fan Art

Ask the Devs - 5.3 PTR Edition
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the development of patch 5.3 in full swing, we’ve collected a series of PvP-focused questions from the community; the development team has the answers in this new edition of Ask the Devs.

PvP Item Level Cap
Question - How are we planning to have the ilvl cap work in patch 5.3? Rumor has it that the cap will slowly increase over the course of a season. If this is the case, where is the big enjoyment we get out of new gear, especially weapons?

Answer - For patch 5.3, PvP items will just be capped outright. The current plan for 5.4 is to have the cap gradually increase over time so that players won’t acquire new gear that doesn’t benefit them (because it would just be lowered to the cap). We’re also talking about different ways in which to calculate the cap. For example, if you had full ilevel 496 gear and acquired a new 520+ weapon, it would just get dropped to 496 as well. Maybe we can design the system so that your average overall can climb to a slightly higher number.

Overall the intent is that elite PvP gear is cosmetic. We don’t want item levels within PvP gear to have such a huge disparity that a new PvP player has a miserable experience—that’s the entire intent of this change.

Question - Currently the 5.2 ladders are being plagued with PvE trinkets that have really nice procs. Are the ilvl caps going to assist with any future cases of strong PvE items and trinket procs? If not what have you got planned to avoid PvE items being BiS for PvP?

Answer - We think “plague” is too strong a word here. Our goal is not to prohibit all PvE gear in PvP, or we would do just that. We like that either gear type can be used to get a leg up in the other format. What we don’t want is for players who are in full Conquest gear to feel like they need to go pursue a PvE item in order to be competitive. We have made some changes to trinkets already and we will modify others if we feel it’s necessary. Our tactic overall is to have PvE trinkets with the potential for PvP burst (such as those with a large primary stat proc) to proc more frequently but for smaller amounts against players.

Resilience Changes
Question - Why did you decide to remove resilience from PvP gear? Don’t you feel that there are bigger issues in the current pvp system, like too much cc or better class balance?

Answer - As it stands now, players need a certain percentage of Resilience just to have any fun in PvP. It’s a very discouraging experience to step into a random Battleground with a bare minimum of PvP gear and not be able to stay alive enough to contribute to your team at all. However, we were concerned that if we brought the minimum level of Resilience up that there wouldn’t be enough head space remaining to be able to offer it as a progressive stat on gear; starter gear would have had 65% and max gear would have something like 70%. Yet Resilience as a concept is still important—the damage that a player can do was originally and is ultimately calibrated around how long it takes to kill a quest creature in the outdoor world, but PvP battles at such a fast pace aren’t very fun. Therefore, we decided it just made more sense that players take less damage from other players.

Changing the way gearing works doesn’t preclude making other PvP changes we feel are necessary, and indeed there are several class PvP changes in patch 5.3. On the topic of crowd control specifically, overall we don’t feel like there is too much. We think crowd control is critical to PvP, because without crowd control, battles among players devolve into tunneling and burst cooldowns. Knowing when and who to control, when and who to dispel, and how the various diminishing returns work is knowledge that helps to differentiate player skill in PvP. We would like to make another pass at the amount of instant crowd control in the game, and we think the diminishing returns system could stand to be slightly streamlined overall, but I wouldn’t expect major overhauls to this design.

Question - With the changes to PvP gear and resilience in 5.3, how is it that you plan for World PvP to work so that PvE gear won’t be overly dominant?

Answer - Fully geared Conquest gear gives you about 60% PvP Power, which translates to 60% more damage. Wearing such gear, you will have a significant advantage over the LFR-geared player, have a moderate advantage over the normal-geared player, and should be pretty competitive with a Heroic raid–geared player—they may have more survivability, but you might do more damage. Statistically, Heroic-geared raiders are a very small percentage of WoW players, so you’re unlikely to even encounter them out in the world. If you do, the outcome will likely come down not to small gear disparities, but who is more skilled at PvP, who got the jump on whom, and which side outnumbers the other.

World PvP is inherently unfair, which is also part of its charm, compared to structured Arenas and Battlegrounds. (Imagine for a moment world PvP with gates that opened after a shared countdown!) Overall we think the gear changes we’re talking about will be a good improvement for organized PvP, without causing much or any harm to world PvP.

Question - In patch 5.3, all resilience is being removed from gear. Does this include the PvP heirlooms? If it does, will we be replacing the stats with something else that is useful?

Answer - We did not remove Resilience from heirlooms for patch 5.3. If we feel like the other Resilience changes in 5.3 are successful, then we might go back and look at the lower-level PvP gear, including heirlooms. One option is to replace the Resilience with PvP Power. Also keep in mind that the 65% Resilience is at level 90; it will be smaller at lower character levels, where the presence of Resilience on gear can still provide some benefits.

Question - Because of base resilience and the iLvl cap, what do you plan to do about PvE geared tanks in rated battlegrounds? They will be a clear choice over flag carriers with PvP gear.

Answer - The main role of tanks in PvP is as flag carriers. There is a debuff that applies to flag carriers that causes them to take additional damage, and we made a change to have this debuff even stronger for tanks in Rated Battlegrounds. Philosophically, we’re okay with tanks being useful in PvP, but in general, characters that are hard to kill with a reasonable amount of control aren’t fun for anyone else, so we’re definitely not trying to encourage even more tank participation in PvP. With this change, you can still use a tank as a flag carrier, but it should also feel more feasible to try having other classes and specs carry the flag as well.

Question - Why was 65% resilience the chosen number? Do you feel that this will be too much or too little damage reduction and do you plan on changing this in the future?

Answer - It’s close to what players have today in full Conquest gear, and we think survivability feels okay for those characters. We may increase it to 70% or higher depending on how things feel, especially in patch 5.4.

Question - What is the objective of allowing resilience gems and resilience enchants in a pvp set? We have experienced that right now everything that adds resilience to your gear is useless. Are you going to improve resilience gems and enchantments to make them more appealing to use or are you going to remove it over time?

Answer - As we said above in regard to heirlooms, we wanted to evaluate the Resilience changes in 5.4 before propagating them through every system in the game. It could be that we redesign Resilience gems and enchants in patch 5.4. Keep in mind that the relative survivability you get from those gems and enchants has not changed, even though the numbers are smaller. If you enjoyed 10% less damage before, you still will now.

Question - Will this resilience change have any impact on PvP Power? Can you elaborate on what you are doing to make it a more attractive stat for Flag Carriers and healers?

Answer - We increased the PvP Power benefit to healing from 50% to 100% and increased Battle Fatigue by a proportional amount. These two changes should keep healing at about the same strength as in patch 5.2, but make PvP Power as a stat more attractive to healers. We discussed flag carriers a bit in an earlier question; we’re not really worried about tanks anywhere but CTF, and we have a CTF-specific solution.

Rewards and Incentives
Question - The Elite set is becoming a vanity item again in patch 5.3, and it’s very expensive and frustrating having to gem and enchant your gear a second time. Have you considered making Elite gear function similarly to Challenge mode gear?

Answer - The current design is a remnant of our plan in patch 5.2 where the older piece is consumed in order to purchase the newer piece. We implemented the system in such a way because it allowed players to transfer the upgrades to the new piece without requiring additional Conquest points. Now that we don’t support upgrading PvP gear, we could reconsider this design for the next season and make Elite gear behave more like Challenge mode gear.

Question - In patch 5.3, the elite gear will be quite difficult to attain for casual Arena players. What kind of rewards do you have planned for casual PvP’ers to keep them interested in PvP?

Answer - Elite gear is positioned as one of the ultimate PvP rewards. Similarly, Heroic raid gear is also hard to obtain for casual players. In the meantime, more casual PvP players should see steady rewards as they earn the normal Conquest pieces. We do think that there’s room for more PvP rewards that aren’t just aimed at the very best PvP players. Next season, we’re discussing some rewards aimed at participation (e.g. win 50 Rated Battlegrounds) and not just the players with the highest win percentages.

Class Changes
Question - The change in patch 5.3 that makes Gateway require a four second cast time and being attackable is going to be quite damaging to warlocks when affliction is already in quite a poor state. What was the reasoning behind this change and what do you plan to do with Affliction to make it more competitive?

Answer - Our overall goal was to make Gateway less binary. As implemented on live realms right now, it feels very hard to get up, but then brutally punishing to the other team once you get it at full effectiveness. With these changes, it’s easier to get the Gateway up but less transformative when you are successful. We are still evaluating their health—we don’t want them to be trivial to destroy. One change that players may not be aware of is that in patch 5.3 the first charge happens after 5 seconds (down from 13 seconds), and each additional charge requires 10 seconds (down from 15 seconds).

We don’t feel that Gateway is the key to making Affliction more competitive. We changed Haunt to refund a Soul Shard when it is dispelled, with the intent that Shards spent on Haunt instead of Soul Swap shouldn’t feel wasted. We also redesigned the PvP set bonus to grant additional damage to DOTs. While this benefits all Warlocks, it will benefit Affliction the most, which should help make them more competitive with the other Warlock specs.

Question - What is the reasoning behind the upcoming changes to Void Shift? This spell already has a high risk to use, why target it for a nerf?

Answer - Shadow is overperforming and something needed to go. Shadow priests have high damage, strong defenses, and lots of utility. What we think was putting them over the top was being able to save their healer with things like Void Shift and Mass Dispel.

Question - Why are you buffing the way PvP power affects hybrid healing? Classes without healing abilities are also affected by PvP fatigue, such as Second Wind and recuperate. What about the survivability loss those classes get from this change?

Answer - In patch 5.3, all specs (even classes without healing specs) benefit from a PvP Power-to-healing conversion. This means that any heal should benefit from PvP Power; this includes percentage heals such as Second Wind and Recuperate. Previously things like Second Wind and Recuperate weren’t benefitting from PvP Power at all.

A Few Extras
Question - Are there any plans for patch 5.3 or beyond to allow players to be able to join multiple 3v3 teams at once, or even allowing cross-realm arena teams?

Answer - Not in patch 5.3, though we may do something like this at some point in the future. We think that such an idea is interesting and could encourage more people to participate in PvP.

Question - Casting spells is still quite a painful process, especially with skills like Mind-numbing Poison and Necrotic Strike. What have you got planned for 5.3 to start moving the game back to casted spells rather than instants like was promised some time ago?

Answer - It’s a bit of a chicken and egg issue. We’ve gone on record as saying we think PvP would be more fun with fewer instant spells, since instant spells allow players to move a lot and don’t open them up to being countered. Once we tame instants, it’s entirely possible that Mind-Numbing Poison and Necrotic Strike will be too powerful. They already slow player casts by less than what they do on creatures, and that number could be even lower (though at some point the debuff would just end up being unnoticeable).

Regardless, a change like this one is huge—it’s not just a simple data tweak, so don’t expect something for 5.3. Instants are used throughout the game and we can’t simply, for example, change the cooldown of Holy Shock.

Question - A new battleground and arena are planned for patch 5.3. This is really cool, do we have any more plans for battlegrounds and arenas and what can you share about these?

Answer - There is nothing new in the pipeline at this time. We may spend some time fixing older ones. We have a lot of data now about which Battlegrounds players are voting out of participating in, so that gives us some direction on which Battlegrounds we could potentially fix . . . or even cut.
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Public Test Realm: Patch 1.0.8 Notes (Updated 4/18)

Patch 5.3 - Brawler's Guild Shirts
Patch 5.3 adds several new Brawler's Guild bosses, which reward you with new shirts once they are defeated! These shirts all have an equip effect, which looks similar to the effect of Precious' Ribbon, rewarding you with an extra buff on you at all times.

Level Type Slot Name
1ShirtShirt Floot-Tooter's Tunic
1ShirtShirt Gorgeous Blouse
1ShirtShirt The Boomshirt
1ShirtShirt Undisputed Champion's Shirt
1ShirtShirt Sharkskin Tunic
1ShirtShirt Ooze-Soaked Shirt
1ShirtShirt Brucehide Jersey
1ShirtShirt Tuxedo-Like Shirt
1ShirtShirt Paper Shirt
1ShirtShirt Last Season's Shirt
1ShirtShirt Digmaster's Bodysleeve
1ShirtShirt Sightless Mantle
1ShirtShirt Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler

World First Level 90
You may remember that Fs was able to reach Level 90 before everyone else through some clever use of game mechanics, but Blizzard reset him to level 87. We finally got an update on this today when his achievement was restored!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
After some lengthy deliberation on this topic and evaluation of all facts, we’ve decided to overturn our decision on this matter. We will be re-instating Fs’s achievements. Our apologies to Fs for any frustration this has caused.

Patch 5.2 Hotfixes: April 18
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

  • Eyes of the Thunder King: Engaging Unblinking Eyes and Focused Eyes will now place all members of the raid in combat, preventing players from releasing when they die.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Ra-den
      • Fixed an issue where it was possible to have 2 instances of Unstable Vita active during the Ra-den encounter.
    • Twin Consorts
      • Crane Rush now deals 5 million damage, down from 30 million damage in Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault now grants a reduced bonus of 4400 to Strength, down from 8800 Strength, and the effect duration now lasts 30 seconds, up from 15 seconds when the effect is activated in PvP combat.
  • Tyrannical Primal Diamond when socketed to a bind-on-equip helmet now causes the helmet to become soulbound.
  • Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault now grants a reduced bonus of 4400 to Agility, down from 8800 Agility, and the effect duration now lasts 40 seconds, up from 20 seconds when the effect is activated in PvP combat.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue where Capacitive Primal Diamond's effect was not activating properly.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Crowd Control and PvP
With regards to crowd control, we don't really feel like there is too much of it, right now. We feel that CC is integral to PvP because without it battles simply become about tunneling and burst cooldowns. This is actually another situation where the question is touched on in a bit more detail in the "Ask the Devs — The Answers" blog which we plan to post tomorrow. So be sure to keep your eyes open for that

Freezing trap, Sap and Gouge share the same DR. Same goes for Fear, Psychic Terror (Psyfiend fear) and the Blind disorient. Just wanted to mention that, but also that the developers briefly mention diminishing returns in the blog tomorrow as well. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shado-Pan Trinket Changes
It procs and i got 6900 agi for 40 seconds.. ???
This is actually just the tooltip not being updated yet as that requires a client patch. If you check your character sheet while in either Battlegrounds or Arena, you will see that the effect only applies 4400 Agility or Strength and the duration of the buff has been doubled.

This effectively halves the burst potential of the trinket and doubles its duration. This results in the damage being much easier to heal, but lasts a longer amount of time. So this isn't actually a bug, it's an intended change, the tooltip for the buff just isn't updated yet.

Btw nakatoir any reason you guys don't just remove it completely from pvp?
Because that is not our intent. Our end goal is not to prohibit PvE gear in PvP, if it was, that is what we would do. There is actually a question about PvE items in PvP, in the upcoming "Ask the Devs — The Answers" blog. Keep an eye out for that as we plan for this to go live tomorrow.

None wants Pve trinkets in PvP, NONE. Why even make it viable? 4k agility for 40 seconds is almost better then 20 seconds because certain hunter rogue healer comps only have 40 seconds games Don't forget that in 5.3, this trinket will also be getting scaled back to iLevel 496. This means that the stat proc will be getting lowered with the reduced iLevel and then halved as well when inside Battlegrounds and Arena. So in 5.3, the affect of this trinket will be diminished even further. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Five Player Dungeons
I love 5mans, always did, they just seem to fit perfectly with what I enjoy most about WoW, playing with a small group of friends that also happen to be very good players. For me this made heroic dungeons one of the most entertaining things about WoW ever since The Burning Crusade, followed only by Arenas and heroic Raiding. So on that regard, totally agree, I would love to see more (heroic) dungeons popping up, but I don't necessarily agree that they’re needed because of catching up issues.

We’re aware that not everyone finds LFR entertaining, yet some of those players still run it for the drops, and of course… that’s not ideal. I mean, almost everyone enjoys the hunt for loot, it’s a big part of the MMORPG experience, but you should be having fun while doing it.
This is where I believe heroic scenarios and challenge modes can make a difference, those players will (hopefully) become more inclined to run these instead of LFR. (Or in addition to LFR; as some players will always go where there is at least 1 loot upgrade for them no matter what, and that’s ok.)

These rewards will have a higher ilvl than current LFR gear (still subject to change). With the possibility for better rewards than LFR, I would expect to see skilled casual players choosing to do for example one challenge mode daily quest and one heroic scenario instead of an LFR wing.

Also important to notice, Ghostcrawler recently said that devs are considering making heroic scenarios require a pre-made group.
This is quite a change, and if that goes live I believe that we’re on the path for having content for just about every kind of player, new and casual players will have dungeons, dailies, LFR and Battlegrounds; casual (due to lack of time) but highly skilled players will have challenge modes, heroic scenarios and Arena/RBGs, and the more hardcore/highly skilled players will have normal and heroic raiding in addition to all the rest.

So would 5mans still make sense? Of course, there will still be players that probably prefer 5mans to any other type of content but unfortunately with the current pace of development, we need to decide between raids and dungeons, because that’s the issue, they compete with each other in terms of resources, and while I think we can and should always try to improve on this, in both the efficiency and efficacy in which we produce content, I believe that right now most players still prefer to have more raiding content than dungeon content.

We have dailies, heroic scenarios, challenge modes, LFR, crafting, BGs, RBGs and Arenas, all of these have the ability to provide more than enough gear to be able to start raiding (at least) on normal mode.

There needs to be some progression too, we don’t want players to ding 90 and jump directly into ToT normal, but if you’re in a guild that has run previous raids and is just trying to fill some of the open raiding spots, you can afford to take slightly less geared players and still maintain an overall decent average raid ilvl. In the case of a new guild, you won’t have to wait too long before you step into ToT with all the options players have for gearing up that I’ve mentioned before, including previous raids.

I would also question the argument for skipping content. I could understand it if you’re close to the end of an expansion and you want to see the latest content before it “expires”, but otherwise, you’re just skipping on a lot of entertainment value. Personally, I still am quite fond of those old Kara alt-runs even when we were doing BT with mains. Having a path that you have to follow to evolve your characters is a good thing, too much skipping just devalues content even faster, content that could otherwise be a source of great entertainment. Personally it makes me a bit sad inside to see all that old content being somehow wasted away, what was once the glory and jewel of each of the previous expansions’ PvE content shines now somehow a little less bright and has devalued in a way that makes it almost obsolete, I only wish we could one day make all that content available for everyone to experience again the way it was designed to be experienced in a seamless fashion. Oh well, blues can get nostalgic and dream too you know.

I'm quite excited to see how heroic scenarios will turn out, and also for the changes being applied to the challenge mode rewards, I'm hoping to see a lot of players running both of these, and I will for sure be one of them. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Student Art Contest Honorable Mentions
The Honorable Mentions from the Student Art Contest look nice as well.

by Published on 2013-04-17 11:28 PM

Patch 5.3 PTR - Build 16853
Build 16853 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon.

New Strings
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  • MODEL - Model
  • TOS_DECLINE - Reject

New Items
You can see all of the new Patch 5.3 items on the WoWDB PTR site!

Level Type Slot Name
1ShirtShirt Tuxedo-Like Shirt
1ShirtShirt Digmaster's Bodysleeve
1ShirtShirt Sightless Mantle
1ShirtShirt Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler
1Consumable Challenge Card: Bao'za
5Consumable Celebration Package

Achievement Changes
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Brawler's Guild
World Events

Deepwind Gorge
Player vs. Player


Pandaria Raid
Dungeons & Raids
  • Genetically Unmodified Organism Defeat Primordius in Throne of Thunder on Normal or Heroic difficulty without any player or Primordius absorbing a Mutagenic Pool. 10 points. receiving a harmful mutation. 10 points.

Pet Battles

Player vs. Player

  • Fight Anger with Anger (New) Defeat the Abomination of Anger in the Crypt of Forgotten Kings scenario with 20 stacks of Uncontrolled Anger. 10 points.

Spell Changes
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Item Set Bonuses

Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Balance & Restoration

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Intimidation is now a Level 30 talent, replacing Blinding Shot.

  • Binding Shot is no longer a talent, just a Marksmanship spell.
  • Wild Quiver (New) Deals ranged weapon damage. Requires Crossbows. Hunter - Marksmanship Spec. 100 yd range.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)


  • Critical Mass now gives a 1.3 damage multiplier, up from 1.2.
  • Pyroblast had a 10% damage and SP scaling reduction.

Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Chi Wave now hits targets within 25 yards, up from 20.

  • Brewing: Tigereye Brew For each 3 Chi you consume through use of abilities and attacks, you gain a charge of Tigereye Brew. Use Tigereye Brew to consume the charges, granting you 2.60% [ 2.60 or 1.00 ]% increased damage for 15 sec. Tigereye Brew can stack up to 20 times, but can only consume up to 10 stacks at a time for 26.00% [ 26.00 or 10.00 ]% increased damage. Monk - Windwalker Spec.
  • Tigereye Brew Increases damage done by 2.60% [ 2.60 or 1.00 ]% per stack of Tigereye Brew active, consuming up to 10 Tigereye Brew stacks. Lasts 15 sec. For each 3 Chi you consume through use of abilities and attacks, you gain a charge of Tigereye Brew. Use Tigereye Brew to consume the charges, granting you 2.60% [ 2.60 or 1.00 ]% increased damage for 15 sec. Tigereye Brew can stack up to 20 times, but can only consume up to 10 stacks at a time for 26.00% [ 26.00 or 10.00 ]% increased damage. Monk - Windwalker Spec. Instant. 1 sec cooldown.

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Binding Heal had a partial tooltip fix.
  • Penance had a 10% damage and SP scaling reduction and 10% healing an SP scaling increase.

  • Atonement now heals for 90% of the damage dealt, up from 80%.
  • Penance had a 10% damage and SP scaling reduction and 10% healing an SP scaling increase.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Smite no longer allows for the additional damage to be transferred by Atonement.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Major Glyphs

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Chain Heal had a ~18% increase to healing and SP scaling.
  • Earthliving had a 20% increase to healing and SP scaling.
  • Healing Rain had a 20% increase to healing and SP scaling.
  • Healing Rain now costs 36.6% of Base Mana, down from 43.1%.


  • Feral Spirit wolves are now immune to movement-impairing effects.


Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator)


Major Glyphs

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator)

  • Enraged Regeneration no longer costs Rage. Now heals for 5% of total health, and another 5% over 5 sec, down from 10% initially and 10% additionally. Effects are doubled if used while Enraged.
  • Second Wind no longer grants Rage on being Stunned or Immobilized.



  • Bastion of Defense now reduces the cooldown of your Shield Wall by 1 min, down from 3 min.

  • Languages Common. Pandaren Racial. Common. Human Racial.

  • Languages Orcish. Pandaren Racial. Orcish. Orc Racial.


Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Barrel Explosion The gunpowder barrel explodes, dealing 50,000 damage to all units within 4 5 yards. 10 yd range. Instant.
  • Twisted Elements Blasts an enemy with dark magic, inflicting 50,000 Shadow damage. 40 20 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.
  • Veil of Darkness Launches a dark bolt of energy at enemies within 0 50 yards, inflicting Shadow damage and reducing their ability to receive healing. 50 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.

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