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by Published on 2014-05-15 02:34 AM

Patch 5.4.8 PTR - Build 18273
Build 18273 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon.

New Icons

New Mounts

New Items
You can see all of the new items on the WoWDB PTR site.

Level Type Slot Name
20Mount Warforged Nightmare
20Mount Grinning Reaver
90Consumable Deeds of Valor
1Consumable Nightmarish Hitching Post

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Grinning Reaver (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Grinning Reaver mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Warforged Nightmare (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Warforged Nightmare mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Sword of Light Increases the damage you deal with two-handed melee weapons by 30%. Your spell power is now equal to 50% of your attack power, and you no longer benefit from other sources of spell power. Grants 6% of your maximum mana every 2 sec. Increases the healing done by Word of Glory by 30% 60% and Flash of Light by 100%. Paladin - Retribution Spec.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Burst of Speed - On live, you can't use BoS to clear snares if Sprint is active. We're fixing that but ensuring the speed boosts don't stack. The ability to clear snares while Sprint was active was broken about one month ago in a hotfix. (Source)

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - May 13
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to incorrectly stack multiple movement speed buffs.
  • Paladin
    • Retribution
      • Sword of Light now increases healing done by Word of Glory by 60% (up from 30%).
  • Warlock
    • Armor Set
      • Resolved an issue where Warlocks were able to incorrectly retain their Tier-14 4-piece set bonus when the armor is no longer equipped.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Demonic Gateway can no longer be cast during the Preparation phase in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Rated Battlegrounds.
  • Ruby Hare is no longer usable in Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds.

This Week Only – 33% Off Cosmetic Armor Pieces
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Get an imposing new cosmetic helm for your character and save some hard-earned coin! This week only, the Hood of Hungering Darkness, Jewel of the Firelord, and Crown of Eternal Winter are all available for 33% off their regular price. Snag them from the in-game Shop, then head to your local Transmogrifier to make a striking first impression on the battlefield – but hurry, because this sale ends May 20, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
by Published on 2014-05-14 12:30 AM

Update: The legendary cloak will be upgradeable. Garrosh heirlooms will get a bump of 8 item levels as well, contrary to an earlier statement.

Artcraft - Huntress of Teldrassil - New Night Elf Female Character Model

New Mount Preview - Is That a Saddle?
Blizzard shared a new mount on Twitter tonight.

Gear Changes in Patch 5.4.8
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Gear changes are coming! First, in Patch 5.4.8 (which is currently in testing on the PTR), all upgradable epic items introduced to the game in Patch 5.4 will be given the option to upgrade 2 more times for a grand total of 16 item levels. This change will be applied to all items found on the Timeless Isle and in Siege of Orgrimmar. For instance, if you have an item level 553 Greatsword of Pride’s Fall and its Upgrade Level is 2/2 making it item level 561, once the new patch goes live it will display 2/4 and allow you the opportunity to bump it up to item level 569. Whether you’re working on a newly boosted character or progressing through Siege of Orgrimmar, we hope this change will provide you with the extra punch you need to take down your foes.

Second, we are also adding a new token called Deeds of Valor which will cost 3000 Timeless Coins, and can be used to grant your character 100 Valor Points. Players who wish to purchase the new token can do so by visiting Mistweaver Ai on the Timeless Isle next to the Celestial Court. Keep in mind, these tokens won’t allow you to go above the current weekly cap on Valor, but they do provide you an extra option to gain the points you may need so you can upgrade your gear.

Will this Deed of Valor be soulbound or account bound?
They are currently planned to be BoP.

are they adding another 8 ilvls to the Garrosh Heirlooms?
No, the heirloom weapons that drop from Garrosh won't be affected by this change.

Will we have to upgrade our cloaks or will they be 4/4 on patch day?
Yes, legendary cloaks will receive the ability to upgrade two more times, but they will not be auto-upgraded.

Whats the point? honestly? just put in a SoO zone buff...pretty sure most of us are bored to death of dungeons and scenarios. this is also why it's a good idea to have new dungeons (hint, hint) as well.
Different strokes, I'm sure, but I prefer earning my power, and playing to get stronger. Zonewide buffs/debuffs always feel kind of... like pity. I don't want to be pitied, I just want more paths to success.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we will be bumping up the ilvl of all Garrosh Heirlooms by +8 in 5.4.8, since they are not upgradeable with Valor. The intent of the 5.4.8 VP upgrade change is to let people continue to progress, and we don’t want those who are using one of the Garrosh BoA weapons as their primary weapon to feel like they need to go get a brand new weapon due to this change.
by Published on 2014-05-13 05:01 PM

Update: Fangs confirmed:

Artcraft - Huntress of Teldrassil
The new Night Elf Female character model is here!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hello, and welcome to Artcraft! I’m Chris Robinson, senior art director on World of Warcraft, and in today’s edition we’re going to give you a first look at the new female Night Elf model. As you probably know, we’re in the process of updating all of the original character models, along with the Draenei and Blood Elf, to improve their texture, polygon, and animation fidelity. Let’s get this going with some comments from Tyson Murphy, our lead character artist.

Hi all—I’m Tyson, and on behalf of everyone on the art team, we’re excited to be able to give you a first look at our in-progress female Night Elf model.

This is a good opportunity to talk about the iterative process we go through with all of the art we create, especially with the updated player models. We don’t call anything truly “complete” until it’s in the game and fulfilling all of our (and your!) expectations. This means that when it comes to concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation, everything is always up for debate and change, and we’re rethinking and revising continuously. Creating these updated models is a huge team effort, and we’re constantly considering feedback and suggestions on what we can do better. We’ve committed ourselves to this process, and the female Night Elf provided a unique opportunity to put it into practice.

The female Night Elf was actually one of the first models we started, but as we began to develop our other character models, we also wound up refining the overall look we were going for with the models and our processes for creating them. Ultimately, we felt that in order to do the female Night Elf justice, we needed to revisit her model with fresh eyes and continue iterating based on what we’d learned from working on the other models. The Night Elves have such a distinct but subtle character, and we spent a lot of effort in trying to help that come through.

As with all of the updated character models, our goal is to keep everything the original model accomplished intact, while using the additional fidelity to realize characteristics that we weren’t able to fully represent with the lower polygon counts and texture resolutions. Overall, we’ve made her new model a little more defined, made some of her proportions a bit more realistic, and added a bit more muscle tone. We wanted to visually communicate that she is a fully capable warrior huntress, and small details like muscle definition help highlight that. We also put additional focus on her hands and fingernails, giving a very slight point to her nails to provide just a hint of a more feral nature.

Last but not least, the all-important Night Elf ears. In the original model, these were quite literally separate pieces of geometry effectively tacked onto the head of the Night Elf. In the new models, we’ve taken care to fully integrate the ears into the geometry, which leads to a far more natural and high-quality look.

I’ve asked Tamara Bakhlycheva, who also worked on the female Night Elf model, to add a few closing thoughts.

Hi all, I’m Tamara from the World of Warcraft art team. Being able to work on the female Night Elf has been a great experience, and the team has put a lot of effort into preserving the iconic Night Elf look—beautiful, wild, and dangerous. I hope you’ll enjoy playing your new Night Elf as much as we’ve enjoyed creating her.

Chris here again; thanks for reading, and we look forward to sharing more about the ongoing process of bringing the art of Warlords of Draenor—and beyond—to life. Thanks!
by Published on 2014-05-13 07:49 AM

[Datamined] Patch 2.0.5. Class Changes and Strings

Possible Naxx Pricing Structure Leak

Skin Spotlight: Blood Elf Tyrande

Siege of Orgrimmar - Garrosh Videos
Today we are taking a few more interesting ways that players have killed (or tried to kill) Garrosh.

Garrosh Normal - 5 Player Kill

Garrosh Flex - Warlocks Tanks

Garrosh Heroic (Attempt) - 10 Death Knights
It looks like they weren't very successful, but another EU Horde Death Knight group is trying Siege of Orgrimmar 25 this Sunday!

PvP Hotfix - Demonic Gateway and Ruby Hare
It looks like we are getting a small hotfix to disable Demonic Gateway and Ruby Hare in rated PvP.

Azeroth Choppers: Ask the Bike Experts
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
For those of you keeping up with Azeroth Choppers, we recently introduced you to the Alliance and Horde teams here at Blizzard. Now we'd like to give you the opportunity to get to know the handpicked teams of bike experts that are bringing to life a pair of asphalt-kicking, World of Warcraft-inspired chopper designs.

If you have any questions for Paul Jr. and his crew about bike designs/fabrication, working with Horde and Alliance themes, the trials and tribulations they've faced in recent Azeroth Choppers episodes, or anything else along those lines, please share them here. Feel free to target your questions toward a specific team or individual designer too.

We'll be selecting interesting questions from the community and seeking out answers from the bike experts of teams Alliance and Horde over at Paul Jr. Designs.

You can learn more about Azeroth Choppers and view the latest episodes at

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Interested in the filtering of spell visuals. Will all major defensive and offensive CDs remain visible e.g. dark soul, pain sup
Pain Sup yes. Dark Soul, usually. (Celestalon)

Question: Now that Vengeance is being separated from DPS, will AoE Vengeance DR continue to stay as Resolve or be reverted?
Undecided yet. The reason we put it in does still stay valid. (Many little hits are less threatening than few big hits.) (Celestalon)

Will it be possible to turn off the spell culling? If you have a computer than can handle it you should be able to.
Yes. (Celestalon)

What are some offensive/defensive cooldowns that you think have easy to read visuals? What ones get lost in the noise? (holinka)
Shaman Ascendance is too flashy. Everyone can see it from a mile away, and your burst turns out to be worthless
Actually, Ascendance is a great example of a cooldown with a spell effect that perfectly matches its significance. (holinka)
Perhaps, and it might just be me comparing things to other burst - example, Tiger Eye Brew, which is hard to notice, in comparison
The fix here is to make make Tiger Eye Brew easier to read, not make Ascendance more obscure. (holinka)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
How will Necrotic Plague interact with things like Chilblains?
It will apply Chillblains. (Celestalon)
Think the question is does stack increase apply the slow again or nplague actually make it harder to apply again
Ah, yes, it would apply Chillblains. Nothing to worry about there. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Insuring I understand, Hunters designed for mobility fights. Standard single target always intended to be low DPS? Seems unfair.
Raid bosses aren't static target dummies; neither are enemy players. We balance classes for real PvE and PvP situations. (WatcherDev)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Please explain why you are nerfing Touch of Karma in WoD ?
We aren't. Touch of Karma is remaining exactly as strong as it was before. We just didn't double it along with player health. (Celestalon)
Thx for the answear but you are nerfing TOK : it is reduced by 50% when other % health heals and absorbs are reduced by 25% !
You're looking at it as an absorb. We don't see it that way; we see it as a damage ability that happens to absorb too. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
And Ret needs something Holy doesn't bring for RBG, cool, scalable for big groups and reliable. Like Solar, Grip, Knockback...
Wary of adding a lot of unique utility to specific specs as we've seen how that has gone with PvE raid compositions. (holinka)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Current Mastery levels give so many vt ticks so it we never can run oom when 2+ vts are up. This and SFiend regen is gone in WoD
I think I already answer that concern. Mana will be a limitation on healing done, not on damage done. (Celestalon)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
locks were never true tanks and would require them to rework a spec for the sake of an optional talent 2/2
Yep. Changes required to make Prot a real DPS are trivial compared to what's required to make Demo a real tank. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Sorry if you've already answered this elsewhere, but what made you guys decide that Prot. Warrior dps should be in the game?
A) Sword+Board DPS is a strong fantasy that a lot of players are interested in. B) Required minimal changes to make. (Celestalon)
Ultimately, it's an experiment, not a guarantee that we're going to go forward with it, or spread to all tanks. (Celestalon)

In order of impact: CSmash glyph, Ignite Weapon, ZRage, ZStance, Shouts. Rage going the way of DPS caster mana? Boring
I think you may be confusing some customization options for mandatory gameplay changes. ZerkRage/Shouts changes raise the skill cap. (Celestalon)
Yes but are you gonna be rewarded for sticking to the more complex rotations?
Yes, but additionally I'd point out that Ignite Weapon is actually a more complex rotation. (Celestalon)

Is bladed armor gear expected to be sub-par to dps stat gear?
No, above par. Bonus Armor will be your most valuable secondary stat as a Gladiator. (ie, same as Defensive Protection) (Celestalon)

Character / Items
So when 6.0 hits, will any heroic Siege gear be made into Mythic gear?
Yes - no change in item level or anything, just the green label to avoid confusion. (WatcherDev)

Will there be realmfirst achievements for reputation & challengemode like in MoP or are they also gone?
We'll likely keep those. The race to max level in particular is what encouraged and rewarded use of borderline exploits. (WatcherDev)
Uhh the rep is just as toxic as the level rush lol might want to rethink that one.
I'm just speaking in general terms. That sort of rep achievement may not make sense at all in Warlords. (WatcherDev)

with change coming to UBRS, will we still be able to achieve Leeeeeeeeeeeroy! after WoD drops?
That's a good question, not currently, but we will look into an alternative way for you to aggro 200 whelps (Muffinus)

I'm hearing that I can go straight from LFG stuff to CM to Mythic and that excites me greatly.Right now you can zone in on Heroic if you find someone with a Normal clear; we're just removing that hurdle. (WatcherDev)
I would not recommend trying Mythic raiding without any raid gear, but you CAN try it. (WatcherDev)

So some might still want to reach max level and preraid BiS in the first week the expansion launches right, like older launches?
Of course, competitive players will seek every advantage - I wouldn't expect anything else. (WatcherDev)

So CM rewards NOT >/= Normal Raid Gear? As I understood, they were between Normal/Heroic Raid ilvl?
No, CM rewards roughly equal to Raid Finder loot. Imagine 476 epics in 5.0, for a more direct analogy. (WatcherDev)

I'm still bitter that heirlooms have been gated behind a raid boss. Many altaholics don't raid. Just quest and explore
Don't think of these as true heirlooms, but as raid loot that stays useful to 100. We'll add real 90+ heirlooms in the future. (WatcherDev)

Also I often hear: "Oh, crap let me go get my seals" in the middle of my raid. New system means they just go without.
Yeah, we're still working through a solve for that. Agree it's problematic if you have to do it all pre-raid each week. (WatcherDev)

Why not make bonus roll tokens stay like they are now, where you buy up to 3/week with an uncapped currency?
We'll have more details to share on the specifics in the future - but that's more or less how it'll work. (WatcherDev)

Getting a seal through garrisons officially makes the feature a chore for people who just want to raid.
Pretty sure you're misunderstanding. You'll probably turn stuff in to get your bonus rolls at your garrison. (WatcherDev)
That's not the same as "doing garrisons" to earn them. (WatcherDev)
Plz make sure we can get all tokens for the week on Tuesday, the wording in the interview worried me.
We will. (WatcherDev)

Will we have more than 3 choices for our 3 seal quests? What if our garrison is under attack? That makes for a horrid Tues.
We're going to be very mindful of all those quality-of-life concerns. The goal here is more freedom, not less. (WatcherDev)
No offense, but it doesn't feel that way. Feels inescapable treadmill + 3 long tasks for Tues on top of world boss before raid.
Right, I mean that we're not going to design the system such that you have to do all of that on Tuesday before you raid. (WatcherDev)

that's what I like about the current system too. Nice to stockpile charms to have some 'time off' in future weeks
Exactly - we want to preserve that flexibility. (WatcherDev)

Any plans to change heirlooms that become useless? Spirit mace for a spriest was my "spec" drop?
Yeah, Spirit on those weapons is being replaced since we know it has no effect for hybrid nukers. (WatcherDev)

Are we going to see anything with normal raid lvl loot out of raid in WoD? Past had valor, craftable... now tuned to LFR?
There will be a bunch of systems (garrisons, crafting, outdoor content, etc.) that can yield items on par with Normal raid loot (WatcherDev)
WoD normal AKA Flex? In MoP craft/outdoor is normal AKA WoD heroic level gear. Is this nerf to craft?
...and some Heroic stuff at the high end. We're not nerfing those systems. (WatcherDev)

Please confirm that there will be no more cut scenes like after Council in ToT, unskippable.
These are the hard-hitting questions that matter. Yes, there will not be any more unskippable scenes like that. (WatcherDev)

Will we ever see a boss again even the best guilds can't beat for over a month? Is it still possible? eg Kael Yogg 0 H Lich King
Yogg-0 is valid, but it was viewed as a bonus and few were trying until Stars did it. Top guilds are pretty amazing nowadays. (WatcherDev)
Kael was pretty much unkillable in 2.0; fixed in 2.1 and died shortly after. H-LK had limited attempts. (WatcherDev)

Did Garrosh HC with 1 tank 1 healer, it's unfortunate that this is possible; could you please make the debuff not reset on whirl
Agree that it's unfortunate, but we're not going to make any changes that make the fight harder at this point. (WatcherDev)

Raid Finder and Heroic Dungeons
New proposed LFR is very sad. It's really making me wish I never preordered WoD. Commit to a schedule or no tiered sets. Thanks.
With Group Finder you should be able to do Normal without any fixed schedule - that's an essential goal for us. (WatcherDev)

Why will heroic 5 mans be harder than LFR yet give worse gear?
LFR entails a larger time commitment, has a weekly lockout, and requires more people, even if lower personal responsibility. (WatcherDev)
This doesn't feel like it's solving the "LFR required" problem that's been persistent through MOP :\
Required for what, exactly? (WatcherDev)

alts also have zero option besides LFR, mains had it the best with that - if you kept up every tier
There will be a number of options for alts. If you really don't want to touch LFR, you won't have to. (WatcherDev)
If you're hoping for it to be completely irrelevant under all circumstances, then sorry, that's not happening. (WatcherDev)

That line about it's been difficult to look at a players gear & tell how awesome they are with shared art..So, LFR=Crap player?
No, but clearly less time investment and _proven_ skill than a Mythic raider, no? Same for Gladiator vs. someone w/ BG Honor gear. (WatcherDev)
I can't believe I even defended this change as compromise. This LFR change is _proven_ as stroking the epeens of snowflakes.
The other side of this is improving the LFR experience (which we need to do), and significantly increasing loot yield. (WatcherDev)
Increasing loot yield=LFR players not interested in stepping up unsubbing sooner once they have all their gear. Sound business?
Honestly, I'd rather someone take a break until new content rather than leave frustrated after grinding for loot that doesn't drop (WatcherDev)
But of course we want to offer diverse content to appeal to players, that isn't tied to just ticking off a list of raid drops. (WatcherDev)
There you go LFR people, if you're not interested in stepping up Blizzard are happy to see you unsubscribe, you have your answer
If that's what you got out of my reply, then I'm not sure where to go from there, sorry. (WatcherDev)

full geared one. if everyone was close to the same ilvl it would make more sense, better for competition instead of getting rolled
In Warlords we'll be increasing everyone's ilevel to a minimum point and dual ilevel let's us contract the spread a bit. (holinka)

any plans to give treants a pet bar its annoying when someone ccs out of a root beam and the treant breaks it?
Not really. They are breaking with their wrath? What types of CC? (holinka)

.so skirmishes are back (yay!) but also for low level?
yes low level too! (holinka)

i've read that skirmishes will work with MMR, but their goal isn't to meet random-level people ? Tell me more please.
They'll have a minimum level of MMR for reasonable matchmaking, but the search will broaden aggressively to reduce queue times. (holinka)

I would say the pvp enchants have been a huge success in terms of appeal. Any chance wod will have them as well?
Agree they were popular and we'd like to do them again (holinka)

can you put cross realm bgs into skirmish in WoD so guilds or rbg teams can challenge guilds on other severs plz
Yes everything will be cross realm (holinka)
think he meant wargames?not sure.
Same answer (holinka)

My only concern with spectator mode is arena/rbg coaches. Spectator keeps an eye out for important things the players may miss.
Spectator mode is only available for pre-arranged matches via War Games. (holinka)

With the changes 2 PvP coming in WoD, how are you going 2 balance 2 and 4pc PvE gear to work in PvP situations? Dont want it 2 OP.
typically PvP set bonuses couldn't benefit throughput but now they can compete with PvE ones. (holinka)

Will we be getting new & interesting PvP set bonuses? If so will they change each season or stay the same for the xpac?
Definitely new set bonuses to start the expansion. Every season could be interesting way to create flame wars each season (holinka)

Short version: Less reliance on color shifts. The more awesome you are, the more awesome you look. (holinka)
what of armor sets kind of progressed. How LK naxx gear was kind of an upgrade to vanilla naxx.
the elite and mythic sets will have various additions compared to the normal raid/conquest gear. Feels like an evolution. (holinka)
are they just cosmetic(elite PVP gear) or is there finnaly a real power reward for higher rating?
Cosmetic. We don't like attaching power to rating. (holinka)

PvEers have a huge pool of gear to try and make a min-max set. PvPers only get one p/spec. Could we get more options pleeease?
Yes we'd like to find ways to get more variety in the PvP gear. (holinka)

Will there be different ways of obtaining cutting edge PvP gear other than via arena grind in WoD?
Conquest gear will still come from doing Rated PvP, which we consider the toughest challenge players can face in WoW PvP. (holinka)
with the arena and rbg caps being equal couldn't you cap conq thru randoms? Or no more RanBG conq?
Yes you could, but it is very inefficient to do so. (holinka)

I'm not sure PvP gear needs > Mythic gear in WPvP. Time and effort to obtain much greater. Should probably equal PvP gear instead.
The difference in ilevel between Conquest gear and Mythic gear will be quite minimal (maybe 5 ilevels). (holinka)

important pvp cast animations on opponent maintained I hope?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Ok, serious quesiton: How do I win a random BG or CTA that is not IoC or AV as alliance? Is it mandatory to find a premade now?
I've been winning EotS all weekend on my Alliance toons without a group. Not sure what to tell you. (holinka)

Best fun I had in game was in a tBC twink guildWent to Gurubashi on PTR to duelIs WoD PvP going to be a capture of twink culture?
We're not making any special efforts towards twinks in Warlords (but we didn't specifically do things for twinks back then). (holinka)

Personally hate garrison idea. How inconvenient will it be to avoid them? Looks difficult to level etc without them.
What do you hate about it? (WatcherDev)
followers, profession buildings, customization, quests... Basically everything we've been told.
If you want no part of the garrison "minigame" (followers, upgrades, etc.) you can certainly opt out. Can't opt out of having one. (WatcherDev)
but how much more difficult will it make things?
Hard to quantify, but we're trying to make the system a bonus. We'll have lots more info soon (actual soon, not "Soon(TM)"). (WatcherDev)

Can you trigger a garrison attack? If not how often can they be?
Still working out the details, feels fun when groups you've been killing counterattack, also feels fun when more random (Muffinus)

Can we invite other ppl to our Garrisons? I mean this is suppose to be Wow's version of housing so thats one of the point to me.
Yes! We're trying to make as much garrison content support multiplayer as possible (invasions, random events, etc.) (Muffinus)

(Will Garrisons cost an absurd amount of money? Because my WoW toons are all poor.)
Not currently, if you missed some plans by exploring the world, you can purchase them outright, but that's about it (Muffinus)

Warlords of Draenor
The blizz forum post about 6.0 wasnt the advanced notice right? Like blizz will still give us a few weeks to get ready for 6.0?
Right, no dates yet. Just giving ample advance notice so players can plan accordingly. (WatcherDev)

FinalBoss Episode #41 - Discipline Priests
Draco, GM of EU's Echoes joins Derevka of US's Something Wicked to talk about PvE priest healing in this week's FinalBoss episode.

by Published on 2014-05-11 10:45 PM

Angry Chicken 2.0 - Fun WD Build For Quick Bounties, Blizzcon 2014 Tickets Sold Out, Crimson's Tyrael Cosplay

Funny and Lucky Moments 42, Tavern Takeover this Saturday, MG Tournament Decklists, NESL $500 Cup this Sunday

Armory Stats - Siege of Orgrimmar Progression
Today we are taking a look at the Siege of Orgrimmar progression of players in each difficulty. Now that achievements are account wide, we can group characters by account and get an idea of what percentage of players (not characters) have defeated a boss on any difficulty at least once, based on progression data.

The data used today is a sample made up of 7.3 million characters from 2.3 million accounts, with at least one character active after March 15. The sample is slightly biased, as players who are not in a guild are much less likely to appear in our sample.

The second chart uses the number of players that killed Immerseus in each difficulty as the base of participating players for that difficulty. Each difficulty can be toggled on and off by clicking the name in the legend.

We looked at per wing stats in December 2013 and per boss stats in January 2014. You can leave suggestions for future stat posts in the comments!

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!
Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!
Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
You make a new toon, what spells/abilities do you use pre-level 15 when you choose a spec?
You learn non-spec-specific spells/abilities at various levels, just like today. That's no changing. At lvl10, you choose a spec. (Celestalon)
"Abilities have been reshuffled for a smoother leveling flow" When do we get at peak at this?
That tends to happen later in the development process. (Celestalon)

Seems hard to hold easy and hard at opposite poles with the bored wanting more challenge and frustrated less
We find it good for the game to provide a variety of specs that feel different. Difficulty is one huge difference (Celestalon)
Players who really want a challenging rotation are drawn to specs like Feral or Subtlety. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Birthday presents for Hunters! Currently planning to replace Flaming Shots, return Rapid Fire to Marksmanship, and add Bear Trap to Survival (Celestalon)
Don't forget to replace focusing shot too. It's even worse than flaming shots in my opinion. BOOOOORING.
From playtesting, it's far from boring; it has a significant impact on your rotation, has a high skill cap. (Celestalon)
I just don't understand how aimed and powershot can do massive damage, but then focusing does terrible dmg with a longer cast.
You seem to be completely ignoring the focus regen, or brushing it off like it's irrelevant. It's really really not. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
The devs chose to make mana a non-issue in MoP. Why the change of heart now? I miss old Arcane....
Which Arcane variant did you like? I liked Cata, personally, it was simple but felt unique. (Muffinus)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
as a MW, will I want to fistweave on mythic progression on a regular basis, or only on niche situations?
Could be either, depending on how you want to fill out your guild's healing strategy. (Celestalon)

BM 4 Chi Explosion is a waste defensively (+8.3% chi effic.), vs. 3 CE (+22.2%). Using it only with 3 intended part of rotation?
What are you measuring? (Celestalon)
But in general, if you don't benefit from the AoE, you should prefer to do 3-Chi CEs. 4-Chis aren't a total waste though. (Celestalon)

Chi serenity sounds bad for WW to me because impossible to avoid energy capping. Would be better w/shorter CD/Duration.
It's tuned assuming that. (Celestalon)

Are there any plans to address the fact that zen sphere is completely unusable except in the most fringe situations?
Tuning phase is still yet to come. Yes. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Another little birthday present for SPriests... Glyph of Mind Harvest: Your first Mind Blast against each enemy generates 3 Shadow Orbs. (Celestalon)
I'll take it. Mandatory though, and that's not good. Might as well give us astral communion-esque something.
Aye, we're still debating the mandatoriness of it; may make it a Draenor Perk instead. (Celestalon)
Yet you make a flash of light perk for retribution paladins. #Balance #Useful #Idonteven
Basically all DPS have a couple defensive perks, such as that. (Celestalon)

In WoD will Shadow Orbs decay out of combat like Holy Power and Chi? Glyph of Mind Harvest makes me believe they will.
Yes, though slowly. (Offhand I believe it's 20sec til it starts decaying, then 5sec per. Something close to that.) (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
To be clear, Hemorrhage is no longer part of Sub rotation, except when Backstab is not possible?
Correct. (Celestalon)

Rolling Hemo bleed will break Backstab?
Backstab > Hemo, other than from the front, or if backloading damage is more useful than frontloading (very rare). (Celestalon)
Which means sub from the front < everyone else, while sub from the back = everyone else, wonder why so few play sub pve....
The skill difference between players will easily overshadow the miniscule difference between front and side/back. Sub is *hard*. (Celestalon)
Help me understand the feral/Subtlety distinction on this one. Is retaining positionals literally about *difficulty*?
No. (Celestalon)

Is difficulty considered a defining part of a spec and if so how do you balance damage for a more difficult spec?
Yes, and it's difficult. (Celestalon)
Is the more difficult spec balanced to a different (slightly higher) point to compensate?
In some extreme cases, yes. Emphasis on 'extreme' and 'slightly'. (Celestalon)
Based on your statements about subtlety being hard am I correct in assuming sub has a **SLIGHTLY** higher balance point?
Yes. However, much of that is lost in raid encounters, where it's slower to target swap, ramp up, etc. (Celestalon)

can you explain me why sinister calling is nerf for wod?
Getting stat balance in the right ballpark. Not a nerf to the spec's performance. (Celestalon)
puncturing wounds was delete for mop, can you revert this change please? No more critical from agility sound like a huge nerf
Absolutely nothing, and I really mean nothing, that you see in datamining should be considered a nerf/buff to spec performnce (Celestalon)
ok, and what about energy regen? you guys wants rogues and ferals more dynamics, right?
What do you mean by "dynamics"? (Celestalon)
I mean less passive, less dependant of autoattacks.
Ferals' autoattack damage is already quite low. Rogues varies a bit by spec, sometimes a little high, but not hugely so. (Celestalon)

On that note, what was the intent behind this? Rogues have no AoE way of spreading poinsons save for FoK.
FoK (or Blade Flurry) work quite well for that. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
One last birthday present. The TBD Shaman Draenor Perk... Now "Unleash Elements also increases movement speed by 30% for 4sec." (Celestalon)
Is that going to be available to all 3 specs?
Still discussing it. That TBD Perk was just for Ele/Enh, but we see the value of it for Resto, of course. (Celestalon)

Will Elemental retain its 'niche' of cleave 3-5 targets or are you moving in a different direction?
Yep, not planning to change that. (Celestalon)

Character / Items
As someone who loves transforms e.g deviate delight/orbs. Is it possible their effects persist through Shaman Ghost Wolf?
Maybe. We're working on this. (Celestalon)

Don’t think that much would change in the intervening 8 weeks…
In 6.0, Cloud Serpents no longer require Cloud Serpent Riding. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
..inue and in the same way, how will it work with starsurge procs (moonkin)or hot streak (fire mage)? Potential problems there.
MSs don't trigger procs unless explicitly called out, and I don't believe we're making either of those trigger from MSs. (Celestalon)
Can CCs with dmg components MS? (i.e. If I Combustion MS, will it DR the stun? Does it overwrite the dot?)
Damage can multistrike. Debuffs cannot. (Same as crit) (Celestalon)

If we get a multistrike with Templar's Verdict will the multstrike copy also trigger mastery damage like the original? cont...
It only goes one-way, though I don't recall which one offhand. I think its "Mastery can MS, MS can't Mastery". (Celestalon)
So, TV for [x] can MS for [x/30] and both can trigger Mastery, which can both MS? Would make more sense just with TV MS imo.
No. TV for XTV-MS for 0.3*XMastery for YMastery-MS for 0.3*Y. (Celestalon)

Is the Multi Strike Stat going to break cc such as polymorph or will it be "smart"?
It isn't a cleave (holinka)

Raid Finder and Heroic Dungeons
b/c the tops can't enjoy game by seeing LFR peeps in tier gear. They've hate it even existing.
It's unfortunate that's the perception. Some players might feel that way, but certainly not the ones we listen to. (WatcherDev)

LFR changes will gate raiding away from avarage players and return it to a toy for elite players only. Thanks for nothing
Not sure I follow. Warlords makes "organized" raiding more accessible than ever. And LFR is still there with epic loot. (WatcherDev)
"Organized" raiding is still not a thing for many of us - LFR *is* our endgame. And the so-called epic loot won't be tier loot.
True, no argument from me there. Was just missing the "no tier in LFR" = "raiding now a toy for elite players" connection. (WatcherDev)

LFR Loot better or equivalent to Heroic Dungeon loot? The watercooler post didn't specify.
.6.0 LFR ilvl is between Heroic dungeon and Normal raid, same as today. (WatcherDev)
Meaning for alts of Flex/Mythic/Heroic raiders it will still be a wanted road to take gearing up.
There are other sources of catch-up gear. And we'll tune the first Normal raid tier around having Heroic dungeon gear. (WatcherDev)
Was MSV 10N tuned for 463 gear? Looking for a frame of reference.
It was. But MSV 10N was tuned at a level that we'd call Heroic in 6.0. That was part of the point of the blog. (WatcherDev)
Wait, does this mean we can still do Heroic in WoD with Heroic dungeon gear like we always did with Normal before?
If you're good enough, sure. But obviously gear from other sources will help. (WatcherDev)

Do calls that LFR gear having a higher iLvl than heroics still makes it part of progression show you you can't satisfy elitists?
Many want us to design for their specific needs. We're not trying to cater to any one group, but rather make a fun, coherent game. (WatcherDev)

Just to clarify: there are still trinkets in LFR, they're just unique, not scaled down versions of the Normal/Heroic/Mythic … (WatcherDev)

is lfr armour unique art or shared with dungeon art?
Different than dungeon art. (WatcherDev)

Hey re lfr and flex options. Says min 10.. How will tanking work? 1 tank min or 2 tanks req?
LFR is still going to matchmake 25-player groups. 2 tanks. Encounter design often fundamentally requires 2 tanks. (WatcherDev)
But if some people drop, the numbers will scale down in the interim while the group waits for people to backfill. (WatcherDev)
. what happens if there is no second tank and ready to pull a boss ?
If there's no second tank and the boss requires 2, then you aren't ready to pull the boss, sorry. (WatcherDev)
On that note - any chance bosses will actually be unpullable if required roles aren't present?
That's an interesting idea - will think about whether that's doable. (WatcherDev)

Is it still planned for H Dungeons to be harder than LFR? If so it seems weird to get better loot, easier.
LFR is gated; Heroic dungeons available day 1. LFR has a weekly lockout; dungeons daily. (WatcherDev)
What do you mean daily? Will we not be able to run heroics several times a day?
You can chain-queue for random Heroic indefinitely, but individual Heroic dungeons have always had a daily lockout. (WatcherDev)

It wasn't fun at all. Heroics were overturned, and groups failed to do lfd heroics. Any plans to try to prevent a repeat of this
Honestly, by not overtuning our dungeons and entry-level raid content. That was a clear mistake in Cata. (WatcherDev)

To remain relevant in my opinion or people will just abandon them, even more with more chances.
If they were equal, THAT would kill LFR. And we don't want to kill LFR. Dungeons will still be relevant for catch-up. (WatcherDev)

So basically for me gearing an Alt, I would prefer to do Herioc Dungeons as my starting point than jump in 2 Normal/Herioc so on
Pretty much. Or you could do LFR. Or you could use loot from other sources in the outdoor world. Whichever you prefer. (WatcherDev)

I will NOT be able to raid in #Warlords now. Thanks for that. Every1 is getting bumped up except LFR raiders. my core fun = gone
Just to be clear, your core fun was collecting class set pieces? Did you stop raiding each tier the moment you got your set? (WatcherDev)
Do you at least understand/care that for many, LFR was the tops and that taking that (tier gear) away feels immensely shitty?
Of course. Faster gearing may ease that a bit, but we know that we have to make up for the loss elsewhere. (WatcherDev)

Will in-game cutscenes like the lei shen bridge be exclusive to normal/heroic/mythic in WoD raiding?
No. Though only Normal/Heroic/Mythic raiders will get a working skip button. (I kid, I kid.) (WatcherDev)
You're intended to experience the full story in LFR, except maybe the odd heroic bonus boss. (Muffinus)
Awesome I hated the fact that only normal+ got to see cutscenes or exclusive bosses ._.
Bridge cutscene missing from LFR was never a deliberate intent - just a side-effect of how we broke the raid up into discrete wings (WatcherDev)

To commit full time to raiding just because yall want to listen to the forum neckbeards will be terrible.
A core premise of our changes is that flexible+cross-server+Group Finder makes organized raiding accessible without a commitment. (WatcherDev)
That simply is wrong. Even with flex, you need a core group and a schedule.
Why? If you can search for or form a raid at any time of day with a region-wide browser, you can do it on your schedule. (WatcherDev)
why will PuGing thru this tool be better than LFR? Harder content exacerbates issues with PUGing, doesn’t solve it
A lot of LFR's social issues flow from lack of structure. Leader running the group vs. chaos and votekicking. (WatcherDev)

Meanwhile gear imbalance is so gigantic that with my boosted green weapon tanks outdps me even when the stars align.
Weapons in particular are both a bit too meaningful and too hard to get currently, not going to argue there. (WatcherDev)

How will normal/heroic raid access be in Wod? Will it be wing based menu-teleport like flex today or walk through a door?
Walk through a door, but the layouts themselves will be much less linear so you can pick what your group wants to do. (WatcherDev)
Glad to hear! So I assume we will be able to save lockouts to continue next week, differently flex is today, right?
Yes, you'll be able to extend raid lockouts if you like. (WatcherDev)

So if we are at 12/14 HM in SoO and want to kill the 2 last bosses for loot, we have to do EVERY boss in NM before?
From the blog, "Less linear layouts and shortcuts that allow experienced groups to skip to certain bosses..." (WatcherDev)
Previously I heard one needed to clear all wings of Blackrock Foundry before facing Blackhand ALA Naxx, no longer case?
You do, but imagine if killing each wing boss X times lets you forge a key that unlocks Blackhand's door. (WatcherDev)

Was MSV 10N tuned for 463 gear? Looking for a frame of reference.
Mists lacked a true "entry-level" organized raid difficulty at release. Warlords will have one. (WatcherDev)

Watercooler doesn't specify whether people are saved to a single Mythic (or even Heroic) RaidID for the week (or reasons)
Mythic raid locks will work exactly like Heroic locks did in Mists and prior - a single fixed ID and lock. (WatcherDev)

Are we (raid leaders) still going to be able to choose between personal and regular loot options on new normal/heroic?
That's the plan. (WatcherDev)

Actions speak louder than words. Your actions say you're trying to kill lfr. What reason will there be to run it.
The exact same reasons that exist today: Seeing the content, getting some of the best loot outside of organized raiding. (WatcherDev)

will be Normal T18 better than Mythic T17? It sucks to upgrade max difficulty gear with items you'll use for few days
No, just as Flex T16 was not better than Heroic T15. A Mythic raider should begin with Heroic of the next tier. (WatcherDev)
actually Heroic T15 was item lv 535, while Flex T16 was item lv 540. That's the reason of my concern.
Upgrades changed things a bit. Functionally Heroic raiders had 543-549 gear going into T16. In any case, T18 Mythic > T17 Norm (WatcherDev)
Did you say that backwards? (Point is that T17 Mythic won't be ugprading into T18 Norm?)
T18 Mythic item level is greater than the item level of T17 Normal. (WatcherDev)
Going by his response earlier, T17 Mythic>T18 normal.
Blarg, sorry, many tweets. Yes, T17 Mythic higher item level than T18 Normal. (WatcherDev)
Though technically my first statement was also true.... (WatcherDev)

I find it hard to get flex grps. Get 1 maybe every 2 weeks or so. Flex matching is bad. LFR is only reliable raid
It wasn't designed explicitly for PUGs but it absolutely is puggable. It's a social problem. (WatcherDev)
Group Finder will help a lot with this - you can make your own group with minimal fuss, and set your own req (WatcherDev)
And yes, Group Finder groups can and will advertise their loot type, and you can choose or avoid them accordingly. (WatcherDev)

the problem is, if you give exclusionary tools to the players many don't even get a chance to even try.
One of our main goals and challenges in designing Group Finder is to allow people to find like-minded allies. (WatcherDev)
What are you doing to prevent players from having silly reqs like today 560+ to do normal SoO.
1) You can't make a group whose req you don't meet yourself. 2) People with lower reqs will have groups that fill. (WatcherDev)

This is all I wanted to know, but will there be any safeguards to prevent changing loot type mid-raid to avoid griefing?
You won't be able to change loot rules while an encounter is in progress. (WatcherDev)

Personal loot brought a breath of fresh air and new life to pug raids, I feel making it optional will hurt more than help.
Why? Personal loot is great for PUGs. Terrible for F&F groups that want to share with friends. A choice makes sense. (WatcherDev)
Why is personal loot bad for F&F? If my raid team has more mail or plate than leather, personal loot seemsbetter
Then that option is available. But being able to pass loot around to those who most need/want it adds a lot. (WatcherDev)

Another interesting question - if 24/25 have run, is there a bare minimum of loot drops?
There is not. In that case, you might get zero drops. Obviously that's an extreme edge case. (WatcherDev)

any word on allowing players to solo queue or small group queue for older lfrs for transmog purposes?
Looking promising that we'll be able to do that for Dragon Soul and all 5.x LFRs at level 100. (WatcherDev)

Concerned new random gear boxes will make me lose slots in my 2k+ teams because i was unlucky with boxes. Plans to address that? ty
The boxes have some degree of bad luck protection on them, especially the gold ones. (holinka)

Good question. Does the box open immediately after a BG is done or can I save opening it, even?
Would like to avoid bags but there might be technical limitations. Sorting that out. It will obey loot spec (holinka)

Will the strongboxes be available while leveling through BG's or is this a Max Level only reward?
it will be similar to the bags you get from dungeons (holinka)

will we be flooded with starter gear from strongboxes long after we have any use for it, or are boxes ‘smart’?
Possibly, but you know, you can DE it, or vendor it for gold. OMG what gold from PvP?! (holinka)

Because PvP Players have no good way to make gold.
there will be a way for PvPers to make gold through item acquisition in Warlords (holinka)

What's the feedback been like regarding bonus PvP loot roll on RBG win? I think it's a great idea, but a lot seem to disagree.
People that don't like to do RBGs are unhappy. Some concern that people won't bother if they don't get something. (holinka)
its too time consuming for a roll... esp if you lose a few in a row and have multiple alts.
I'm never sympathetic to concerns about time commitment to gear out an alt. Gearing is your primary progression. (holinka)

Will any new bg come in warlords?
In the traditional sense, not at release. Ashran will certainly provide new PvP content. We have some other...plans. (holinka)

For instance, give a player gold medal if he assaulted bases and defended flags, depending on the current amount of bases.
We've explored how we would do this. But it could easily be exploitable. Imagine capture point swap parties. #ohbaby (holinka)
There may be value in monitoring where people are fighting and if they're "doing it right" (holinka)

Won't RBG wintraders be able to farm full gear in week1 in WoD?
you can only earn 3 bonus roll tokens per week (holinka)
but you can farm tokens before the season starts right?
Obviously, we don't want everyone geared in 1 week, so we'll ensure it doesn't happen. (holinka)

So, battle groups where they "lose all the time" will gear far slower now. what is the answer to this?
I'm not sure that's true. Actually, I think the losing team will have more incentive to put up a fight to get a better strongbox. (holinka)
what about instances such as in wsg where if you're being GY camped, you don't have a chance, no matter how good incentive is.
We have to fix that graveyard situation then. (holinka)
Admittedly, the CTF pose the biggest problem for any system like this as they often are the most lopsided score wise. (holinka)

Our intention with bonus rolls in RBGs is to continue to incentivize RBG participation but simplify a confusing conquest cap system. (holinka)
are you guys considering letting smaller groups (say like 5) queue for RBGs? Or would that create too many problems?
We're doing Group Finder instead. Prefer you fill out your group yourself then match you with another group of people. (holinka)

But it still forces people who only like arena to do RBGs to keep on par with gear. Same as cap currently.
We realize that and we're fine with it. We say "reward" you say "forced" (holinka)
I say "forced" with quotes too, but anyone who wants to keep up with gear will be doing RBGs, like it or not.
we like it (holinka)

PvP Gear
Q about PvP itemization. What stats will PvP Trinkets have? What happens to current items? PvP Power and Resilience still exists?
they won't exist but the item squish normalizes the ilevel of a lot of gear in those earlier tiers (holinka)
.Also we plan to keep the damage reduction set bonus on PvP trinkets. We think it works well. (holinka)

will there be a third currency for pvp now that there will be three "levels" of gear available?
.you don't buy the first tier with currency. You get it through strong boxes only. But we'll be generous. (holinka)
sweet, I love the idea of the strong boxes, gives more incentive to do BGs, which I think may help faction imbalance
I think skirmishes will also help BG queue times as it offers an alternative honor gear generator for the side with long queues. (holinka)

Sorry for so consistently sabling ideas, but these are all huge changes that must be polished to a shine.
The ilevel floor is low enough, we're not concerned about green pieces scaling. (holinka)
Also, each season, the PvP gear moves further away from the freshly dinged max player. This has always been a problem. (holinka)

So will Mythic gear be better than Honor gear in instanced PvP?
yes (holinka)
Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.
Sorry to be brief before. Phone. But definitely feel a Mythic raider should be able to step into PvP at a pretty high level. (holinka)

The gear scale up to a minimum ilvl is brilliant... no more skipping out on BGs because my freshly leveled alt's gear is too weak
Yes we felt that even if starter gear was sold for gold at a vendor, some people wouldn't know to do it. Why not make it easy? (holinka)

Are crafted gears gone now then?
Yes crafted PvP starter gear is gone now (holinka)

Will there be anymore scaling in Lowlvl bgs?
We scale your level and your ilevel already. We'll be setting the brackets to 10 level increments as well. (holinka)

Will that extra roll system use a currency separate from the raiding currency?(I would assume so)
The plan was to use the same token. (holinka)

Forcing arena players into RBGs to spend bonus tokens or you will be behind. Rather do a PvE boss for my extra gear, RBG sucks hard
"Behind" for what? For how long? Titles are decided at the end of the season. Most hardcore players finishing gearing fast. (holinka)

DPS CD's such as Avatar & Holy Avenger, are they going to replace reck/wings, or will it still be stacked in a macro?
We'd like to end macros for this wherever possible. (holinka)

Ever thought about a CAPTCHA before entering a PVP/PVE queue? To prevent bots and AFK players in battlegrounds and instances?
Did some research and found that Captcha's aren't that effective anymore. Still worthwhile to investigate other options though. (holinka)

Not ignoring current season. Exploring PvP only options for underperforming specs. More to come. (holinka)
Can you define under performing? Ele shamans are gods, but they're low on Rep. And Warriors are high on rep, but cleaves are ruined
I would not expect changes to Warriors, Warlocks, Shamans, Mages, Hunters or Rogues. No promises unmentioned classes will change. (holinka)

What is your theory on why their is a disparity in each factions PvP participation? Racials? Style? etc?
Different regions have different faction distributions suggesting it's more social than game related. (holinka)

Could be a terrible idea but, what if we could trade 4k honor for 250 honor bound to guild token? For us who are capped.
I'd prefer we sell BoA Honor boost pots than straight up Honor gifts. Think it's important you have to play the character. (holinka)

OK. So. OK. If I’m fighting some mob on a PvP realm and a player attacks me, my iLevel changes vs. the player but not the mob?
No, it just changes. You'll be stronger vs that mob you were in the middle of killing, too. (Celestalon)
Will the health you gain by the extra stamina be 'empty' health (as usual) or 'full' health?
It keeps the same Health %. So you could go from 50k/100k to 75k/150k, for example. (Celestalon)

Any chance in WoD we'll see honor to conquest conversion in a way similar to honor to justice?
No and you can expect the justice to honor conversion to go away (holinka)

the group finder group is as random as joining a solo queue. So why no solo queue instead?
With Group Finder, there's an intrinsic social dynamic where someone put together the group (holinka)
Leaders have to run a good group, so people stay. People have to behave, or get kicked. (holinka)

Am I not able to invite my friend to pvp with me on ashran if he is on a different server?
You will be able to bring a cross-realm friend to Ashran with you. (holinka)

Will skirmishes only be for solo queing, or will i by able to que Skirmish 2v2 with a friend?
you can queue with a friend as well (holinka)

is there anything stopping people exploiting the PvP ilvl in PvE by having someone follow them and keep them in PvP combat?
nope. Congrats, you have a great friend to do something so mundane for minimal impact (holinka)

Possible to use new PVP loot system to incentive visiting Tol Barad or even Wintergrasp?
the right way to fix Winterrgasp/Tol Barad is to instance them. Realm populations will always be a problem. It is on the backburner. (holinka)

can we please position the PvP-Vendor somewhere easy to reach for WoD. Like the one in Dalaran... I really dislike the current spot
they'll most likely be in Ashran. We want people outside of the capital cities. Big world out there. (holinka)
I dislike having the PvP-Vendor outside the capital because you have to travel all the way back for Enchants/Reforge/AuctionHouse
Reforging is gone and the number of gem and enchant slots have been reduced. (holinka)

UI / Addons
another follow up, was the New BG scoreboard shown at Blizzcon scrapped?
It's still in progress. Probably won't make release. (holinka)

Dark Legacy Comics #439
DLC #439 has been released.

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