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by Published on 2011-08-27 08:51 AM

BlizzCon 2011 World of Warcraft Pet: Meet Murkablo
The official Blizzcon 2011 pet is now super-officially announced, and you're guaranteed to get your Murkablo if you attend Blizzcon 2011 or buy the stream.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
An ill omen streaks across the sky over Azeroth's Great Sea, heralding the arrival of this year's BlizzCon-exclusive World of Warcraft in-game companion: the fearsome-ish Murkablo, aquatic protégé of Diablo III's eponymous Lord of Terror! Anyone who attends BlizzCon 2011 or purchases this year's BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will receive a Murkablo to call their own, along with a yet-to-be-revealed StarCraft II in-game gift.

BlizzCon 2011 takes place on October 21 and 22 at the Anaheim Convention Center. If you order the Virtual Ticket Internet stream online through, Murkablo and the StarCraft II gift will be automatically attached to the account you use to make your purchase shortly after BlizzCon begins. DIRECTV customers who order the BlizzCon Pay Per View event will receive a code granting access to the Internet stream and the in-game gifts via email.

20-Year Anniversary Photo Gallery
Blizzard has been around for twenty years now and they have decided to share some pictures from the early days. Check out the full gallery here.

Official BlizzCon Twitter Feed
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Every year we jam-pack BlizzCon with as many events, panels, tournaments, contests, and entertainment options as possible. To make sure you’re in the know in the weeks ahead leading up to BlizzCon, and especially during the big weekend itself, be sure to follow our brand-new Twitter feed. Rather than trying to divide our coverage and updates between the @Warcraft, @StarCraft, and @Diablo feeds, there’s now a single destination for all things BlizzCon.

Start following @BlizzCon today for all the latest news and to engage in 140-character conversations with the global BlizzCon audience. We look forward to sharing with you from the show floor!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Plans for Alliance Leadership
Yes, there are plans. There are always plans. But, don't worry. I think you're going to see some things happen "in the future" for the Alliance and their leadership. We are trying to do what we can to make sure that it will all be as accessible as possible too (storyline wise.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight Starting Gear for Transmogrification
Okay, so, for clarification's sake, they'll be sold in Acherus, but, like most of its denizens, the vendor doesn't like non-DKs.

We've been pretty relaxed and playful about staying on topic in this thread, but I'm kind of reluctant to flip the serious switch and make this all about Blood tanking. There are changes coming, but I'm not in a position to discuss them just yet.

So, while I don't have a lot in the way of specifics to report, a little more information should be coming soon (likely in the form of a blog) regarding changes to Blood tanking, as well as tanking in general, and that information should hit before the patch arrives. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Character Model Updates
As I said previously, we're aware. Just remember, being aware neither means that we don't want to do it, nor does it mean it's a sure thing. It just means we know. We agree (as I mentioned before) that it would be great to do. We just need to figure out how and when we can do it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Replica armors from new Darkmoon Faire
We haven't fully solidified the list of old items/sets that will make a return via the Darkmoon Faire carnies. We'll let you know once we've locked down what's for sale there in patch 4.3, but yes, we're likely to expand the vendor list in future updates.

"Replica" does mean that these items may very well just be art skins made available specifically for use with Transmogrification, devoid of their original stats. Once you copy those skins onto another item though, I don't know that one would be able to tell the difference between whether you earned the look back in the day, or from the Darkmoon Faire. Only the name of the item from which you're pulling art will be shown in the tooltip of the item you have equipped. So if the names of the items aren't changed when placed on Darkmoon Faire vendors, a player inspecting you wouldn't know the difference once you've mogged your look.

[...] we're implementing this feature in a more conservative manner than some would even like. Ultimately, Transmogrification gives folks a wide array of new customization options, but we do want to have some restrictions in place to keep character looks from getting too ridiculous, and to make sure all previous sets in the game aren't absolutely free for all.

I'd still caution you to avoid drawing very distinct and speculative conclusions at this stage about all of the Transmogrification rule sets, features, and limitations. It's great to hear feedback on what players hope this system will (or will not) be, but it's not really worth it for anyone to spend too much time laying out concerns about details that haven't yet been provided in full.

We are in constant discussion with our developers in order that we compile a comprehensive article of the various item rules, features, and restrictions coming with Transmogrification in patch 4.3.

"I got this item a long time ago and because I did, I should be unique and special and nobody else should ever be able to get it again".
And one of the problems I personally have with anyone who might state this hypothetical, is that I did earn several cool sets back in the day which I'd love to sport once again. But as we didn't plan for this feature all along, I deleted sets I knew I'd never wear for stat benefits in order to save inventory space. I told myself, "yes, you look cool in this, but don't be a pack rat if you're not going to wander around towns in outmoded sets." I wager a lot of long-time WoW players are in the same boat. And a deleted/sold item is only kept in our database logs for so long before the record of one having owned that item is erased.

The majority of the gear sets in this game are still possible to obtain, so that's awesome. To me it's a cool side effect of this feature to encourage people to return to some old places, filled with nostalgia, to collect gear just for the look -- not the power.

There are, however, some sets or items which can no longer be found in the game. So we're keeping track of some of the items and sets players are really wanting to see make a return in some fashion. The Darkmoon Faire revamp in patch 4.3 provides but one new way players can slip into familiar looks from the past. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Transmogrification rather than content?
I've seen a lot of these sorts of overstatements or oversimplifications of the work that we're doing on our end of things and I have to honestly say that it can get a bit tiring to see repeated as fact when it's opinion. While we greatly appreciate constructive feedback and opinion, we also want to make sure to encourage people to pause and make sure that what they're sharing with us and the rest of the community is constructive to begin with.

Let's start off first by clarifying that Transmogrification is a feature we felt would benefit the community in many ways. It should open up the opportunity for people to feel as if they have the ability to customize how their character looks while still retaining the stats they really like, want, or need. It is as of yet, untested on the PTR, but it will be. The "rules" of what can and can't be used are still in development, and even after the rules are set at the live release, we may well add additional options into the system. This system should lend itself well to long term use and enjoyment for many people.

That said though, (and yes we did have to spend time on the technical end of things to make sure it is going to work well), we are also working on other things including the Void Storage, but more importantly, are working on some pretty amazing content for patch 4.3 which includes new dungeons and the Raid on Deathwing. We're not quite ready to give you all the details on these as of yet, but I can tell you that we're looking at some pretty great storylines and events to be played out. I can assure you that despite what your perception may be, Firelands was not designed by simply plopping down bosses in a field of fire, nor is anything we design quite so simple. If it was, we'd probably all get more sleep and spend more time on the company yacht. Right?

I'm sure your perception is that our only focus is Transmogrification because you've only seen us really getting into the details on it recently and it's been a hot topic for the community overall. But don't be fooled into thinking that the content to come is going to be a simple paper cut out puppet show in a cardboard box.

Again, please don't take this as me disregarding your opinion or thoughts. Just be reassured though that we're not "just" doing anything in regard to the upcoming content. There has been many many hours of work put into what is coming: many meetings, many strategy sessions, much design work, coding, artwork, music, animation, etc. If we make it look "easy" then I guess there's not much we can do about that. We have some truly talented and amazing people working on these things, so I guess we just can't help making it look that way.

[...] Unfortunately, we can't just put out foggers to kill bugs, but I can assure you that we don't choose to not fix bugs just for the heck of it. Some bugs are just harder to kill/fix than others or rely on even new technology to sort them out. Sometimes a bug is even darn near impossible to reproduce even if we've seen it ourselves. Thus why we're always very appreciative of the community taking time to report these to us (with as much detail as possible) so we can find and fix them.

That said though, that quest is never ending. World of Warcraft is a very complex game and what was fixed one moment could get glitched out again the next if a build changes or code changes. We do what we can do stay on top of it, but unfortunately, we have human limitations that get in the way despite the introduction of our new cyber-enhancement program. (It's fledgling yet so there may be bugs in that system too... (Ok, I'm kidding about cyber-enhancements)).

[...] I'll continue it and say, it's also tiring hearing that we're not addressing things in a 'satisfactory manner'. Not because we don't want to put in the effort or that we're giving up on trying, it's just that when the effort is put in, it's not enough for select people. Of course it's that way because we have such a diverse population (which is great) so we're never going to address everything to everyone's satisfaction.

That said though, I wanted to make sure you know that I appreciate you taking the time to write your post. I appreciate the constructive feedback and also wanted to acknowledge that we are well aware of the feeling that we're not delivering content fast enough. We are continuing to find ways to do just this. Just keep in mind that we do not want (nor are choosing to) deliver anything that isn't up to our standards. So, we still will hold to the idea that if we feel something isn't good enough or isn't working how we wanted it to, we will not put it out there just so we can say we did. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fan Art Update
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

by Published on 2011-08-25 04:15 PM

Patch 4.3 Preview - The All New Darkmoon Faire
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and prepare to be amazed!

It’s incredible! It’s unbelievable! You’ll be dazzled. You’ll be amazed! You aren’t prepared for the Darkmoon Faire, ‘cause it’s like nothing you’ve seen before! Don’t be shy now, don’t be bashful, step right up for a tantalizing glimpse of what we’ve got in store for you when patch 4.3 arrives!

That old thing?

No, no, no, Clem. The Darkmoon Faire isn’t what it used to be and it isn’t where it used to be. The management hasn’t changed but the Faire certainly has. It’s a whole new animal. Tickets? You don’t need those old tickets, just rip ‘em right up, ‘cause we’ve got new tickets! Out with the old, in with the new -- new quests, that is! Things have changed ‘round here: we’ve got an island all to ourselves now, and what an island it is. Mist-shrouded Darkmoon Island is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. It’s a place of mystery and wonder, and you wouldn’t believe the deals we made to get it… or who we made ‘em with. But never mind that, just follow me right through here and I’ll show you what the Darkmoon Faire is all about.

All new! All spectacular!

Catch a show at the marvelous main stage or witness a dazzling fireworks display. But don’t stare too long or you might miss the stunning spectacles that surround you. Gaze in awe of our magical menagerie, get your fortune told by the amazing Sayge, go on a pony ride, experience the healthful effects of carnival food, and more!

Of course, there’s more to the Darkmoon Faire than just fantastic shows and culinary delights. You can still turn in your Darkmoon Cards, but you wouldn’t just come here for measly ol’ cards when there’s so much more to see, experience, and win. Yes, win! You like dancing bears, right? Everybody likes dancing bears. Even bears like dancing bears. How about a dancing bear… you can ride!

That’s not all! We have adorable companion pets includin’ a fez-wearing monkey, a plethora of profession recipes, toys, balloons, souvenirs, delectable carnival snacks and beverages, heirlooms for the little ones, and even replicas of long-lost suits of armor that we’re offering for your Transmogrification needs. You can also make your mark with new achievements and titles. All it takes to earn these fabulous rewards is a few Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets and a good reputation with the carnies. How do ya get your grubby mitts on some tickets? I’m glad you asked!

Step right up! Try your luck! Everyone’s a winner!

Have we got games? You bet we’ve got games, and they’re so easy to play an orc could do it. Just head on over to the midway, buy some Darkmoon Game Tokens, and get ready to play. Easy to learn, difficult to master, anyone can play and everyone can win. Just lay your tokens down for a chance at winning Darkmoon Prize Tickets playing games like Whack-a-Gnoll, the Tonk Battle Royale, the Cannon, Ring Toss, the Shooting Gallery, and more! Five games are there to test your skills at any one time. The better you play, the easier it is to win a bucket of Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets! Once a month, you’ve got a shot at tickets, and the fun never stops ‘cause you can play as many times as you like. But that’s not the only way to win big!

The Darkmoon Faire Field Guide

It’s your passport to riches, my friend. Y’see, we need a few things -- just some junk, nothing valuable to a big hero like you. We call ‘em Darkmoon Artifacts, and there’s all different kinds to be found all over Azeroth. The Darkmoon Field Guide helps you discover artifacts while you’re explorin’ dungeons, slayin’ monsters, and fightin’ in Battlegrounds. Without a guide, you’d never notice ‘em, and it’ll help keep you focused on the stuff we want. Whether you just reached level 10, or you’ve crushed the biggest baddies in the land, we need somethin’ from nearly everybody. You won’t have to go too far out of your way to get ‘em and each month you’ll get a new opportunity to seek out an Artifact for us. What do you get out of the deal? Don’t you worry, you’ll get your cut. When you bring a Darkmoon Artifact back to us, you’ll get valuable experience (it builds character, you know!), earn a better reputation, and possibly earn precious Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets too!

Oh, did I mention that you can use the Field Guide to get to Darkmoon Island whenever the Darkmoon Faire’s monthly extravaganza is up and running?

So, you want to work in show business?

Maybe you’d like a little peek behind the scenes, eh? Want to see what it takes to run the greatest show on Azeroth? Well, it’s not all sunshine and cotton candy, my friend. There are beasts to heal, food to cook, and buildings to fix. If you’re willing help keep the show going and put your skills to work, you’ll not only impress us, but you can get experience, Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and even polish up your skills -- up to five skill points per profession, per Faire week, if you’re good at what you do!

Darkmoon Deathmatch!

Like any good carnival, the Darkmoon Faire has a shady side. You can leave the skilled labor to the suckers and go for a faster score instead. If you’ve got the minerals, the Darkmoon Deathmatch offers an experience unparalleled since the Gurubashi Arena. Pitmaster Pei has a big old treasure chest just brimming with goodies and Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets that he’ll drag out into the Darkmoon Deathmatch Pit every three hours or so. Everybody wants it, so if you want a piece of the action you’ll just have to jump in and prove that you’re the toughest one in the Pit.

Oh, the Faire is perfectly safe, Clem. Just don’t wander into the woods.

Now, now, don’t panic. Darkmoon Isle might be a bit spooky, but except for the Deathmatch Pit, the Faire itself is completely safe, I guarantee it. It’s a sanctuary even, and we won’t let anybody’s beef ruin the fun. The shadowy woods surroundin’ the fair are another thing entirely, though. I wouldn’t say that people have disappeared into those woods never to return, but, well… people disappear into those woods never to return. So watch your step , and your back, when you leave the Faire. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Mark your calendar

Now that you know how amazing the new Darkmoon Faire is, you won’t want to miss it. Just take a look at your in-game calendar, and the Darkmoon Faire dates will show up there on the first week of every month. Darkmoon Faire barkers and displays will also pop up in every capital city to herald the arrival of the Faire. Silas Darkmoon himself has even started up a mailer to make sure that no one misses out!

Hitch a ride

During the first week of each month, convenient Darkmoon Faire outposts with Darkmoon Portals will appear in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore, offering free rides to Darkmoon Island and the Faire!

Darkmoon Mages in capital cities and on Darkmoon Island will also be around to help you get between the Faire and various capital cities. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so naturally you’re obliged to compensate them for their services.

The all new Darkmoon Faire is coming to Darkmoon Island in patch 4.3. Don’t miss it!
by Published on 2011-08-25 04:32 AM

The moderator recruitment is progressing well and we'll probably do a first batch of replies before the end of the week.

Diablo III: Stay Awhile and Listen
Blizzard just released the new community site for Diablo 3, which explains why the community team has been on and off on WoW for a while while they were finishing it up I guess! It looks pretty nice and is based on the format of the existing community sites.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Our new Diablo III community site has gone live! This will be your sanctuary for all the latest developments from New Tristram and beyond, featuring community forums and regular blog updates. Just like this site, you can post comments and share Diablo III news items via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media outlets. You'll want to check out the new Diablo III news feed regularly. We’ll use it to share everything about Diablo III and to highlight recent community activity, including your most entertaining videos, art, comics, fansites, and much more.
We hope you head over and get acquainted with the new site, and return often. We've got a lot in store leading up to the release of Diablo III, including the launch of the Game Guide section featuring lore, characters, classes, maps, and more. Additionally, you’ll see us on the new Diablo III forums. We look forward to sharing and discussing all the latest Diablo III news, content, and updates with you for a long time to come.

Blog comments, forum posting, and profile management are only available to those with an active StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, or Diablo III beta license.

Also, something interesting turned up on the DiabloFans forums today. When the site went live it seems that Blizzard also included features related to the open beta testing phase. Last time we heard from it, the beta was still supposed to be "soon".

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character Models Update
We often see people request for model updates. This is something we'd definitely like to do at some point in time, but time is a very limited commodity for our art team. We also have to be very careful about what it means to "update" a model. We've made changes in the past to various characters and had some people be a bit upset that it was changed on them as they had made very specific choices about the look of their character. We try to be as sensitive as possible about these types of things.

I can't give you more information than that, but the idea isn't far from our minds. We just have a lot of things we still want to on multiple levels that we hope enhance the experience of the game for everyone.

There is a lot of new art that was introduced in Cataclysm along with upgrades in things such as water (as a very small example). We have some pretty high standards for ourselves as well and while we can always up the poly count, that only goes so far. We're talking about models that have existed since the beginning of the game and thus, aren't all as advanced as some of the newer models that have been introduced to the game. We've been upping more than the poly counts. We're doing more in the way of animation and the way models are articulated and move within the world.

Now, as for hiring more people, we are always looking for talented people as you can see from our jobs page.We're even currently looking for a 3D character artist among other things.

Again, I think people are taking what I said to mean that there is a lack of desire on our end, and this is far from the truth. We absolutely agree that we could make improvements and would like to do so. It's just a matter of figuring out the "when" that this could be accomplished. There's a whole world (of warcraft) of things that are being worked on and we want to get to everything we can and make it count. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Raid Finder destroys communities
With the current design philosophy of the upcoming Raid Finder, it's not at all intended to serve as a replacement for organized raiding. In fact, it isn't at all being designed to be used as a direct substitute for forming raids the way people do today. The goal is to give people who enjoy the more casual PuG raid environment, or just don't have the schedule to keep up with organized raids, a better way to experience raid content.

We're still solidifying a lot of the details for this feature and look forward to sharing more with you soon. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mobile Armory App Updated
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

  • Automatic price undercutting: Set the default buyout price of your auctions to match or undercut the current lowest buyout price for an item.
  • Aggregated buyout search results: Multiple auctions posted at the same buyout price can now be viewed as a single group.
  • Support for the following Guild features: Level, Perks, Rewards, Achievements, News, Events, and MotD.
  • Links to items and achievements received in Remote Guild Chat now link to those sections in the app.
  • Links to enchants, quests, abilities, talents, and professions received in Remote Guild Chat now display tool tips.
  • Improved search technology.
  • Search now suggests terms based on previous searches.
  • Updated calendar events presentation.
  • A character’s talents & glyphs now display on the same page.
  • Leaderboard has been removed.
  • Realm firsts will no longer appear in the activity feed.
  • Bookmarks are now saved locally instead of on the server. All old bookmarks will be lost.
  • Various bug fixes

Video: How to Win at PvP 2

by Published on 2011-08-24 02:12 AM

MMO-Champion Forums Moderator Recruitment
Good news everyone! We're recruiting moderators for the forums! The amount of users and posts keeps increasing at a very fast pace and we reached the point where we need some help before the trolls take over and play Whack-a-Mod in the new Darkmoon Faire. I know it sounds fun, but I'm going to assume we don't want that.

The forum traffic keeps increasing at a rate of +100% every year, and I'd like to thank all the users contributing to our wonderful, friendly, and fluffy community.

Read this if you plan to apply
  • Please please please, do not apply if you're just super bored at the end of August before you go back to school/work. I'm not asking for a life-long commitment, but more than 2 weeks would be nice.
  • Do not apply if you only want to wave your banhammer at random people. Moderators are expected to post on the forums they moderate regularly, contribute, keep the sticky posts clean and updated, etc ...
  • You will be expected to be on IRC most of the time to communicate with the rest of the team. This is very important, and you're not getting promoted before you come and say hi. (We can tell you how that works, it's pretty easy)
  • If you apply to moderate a class forum, you will be expected to know how your class works.

I can do that! What do you need from me?
  • You will need a certain level of activity on forums over the past x days to be eligible to apply on a forum. I'm not going to go into details, but it will make the selection process much easier on our side if we can easily spot who is active and who isn't.
  • A reasonable amount of free time, but probably less than you think. If you're already an active poster (and if we don't screw up, you are) it will probably just 10 more minutes to your daily forum routine.
  • Don't be stupid. Realistically, it will be easy to figure that out by going through your post history, but if you got infracted 5 times over the past month, you're probably out.

How do I apply?
  • Fill this very simple form.
  • Your application will be listed and admins will review it. It should be slightly faster than in the past, since most of the data we used to gather on applicants is now obtained automatically. (Yes, we're going to stalk your forum life)
  • You will get a PM from our lovely Scrapbot if you're refused or accepted. If you're accepted, more instructions will follow, and cake.

  • There is a 14 days waiting period before you can reapply after your application got rejected/accepted.
  • One of the "base" requirements to be eligible to moderate a forum is to have 100 posts in the past 90 days in that forum. A little over 1 post/day for a moderator doesn't seem excessive, and is required to have credible moderators.
  • The post limit might change in the future for some forums, the current limits are just a test and we'll see how things go.
  • Do not apply to another forum just because you're not eligible for the one you wanted in the first place. That's dumb, especially since limits might change soon. (Within a week)
  • It doesn't mean you'll get recruited on that, if we only see shitty posts in your history you're going to get refused so fast that it will feel like a saturday night with me.
  • The moderator application process will always be active from now on, don't rush your application thinking it will be your only chance, we'll now recruit very regularly.
  • Past infractions won't block you from applying or being a mod if they're small infractions. Obviously, if you did something incredibly stupid your chances to be a mod will be greatly lowered.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Transmogrification Questions
Q: If you have armor and weapons on you person that are no longer available in the game can you use those skins?
A: Yes, you can -- assuming they fulfill the other criteria for eligibility.

Q: If I have a weapon that equips on the hip and I mog it to one that equips on the back, will it continue to equip on the hip (like the original) or will it switch to the back (like the one I used to mog with)?
A: The way a weapon sheathes is tied to its artwork, so the weapon will appear sheathed in whatever fashion the source item for Transmogrification did. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Q: Will Main Hand only weaponry be 'Mog"ifiable to the offhand slot?
A: Mainhand can only be applied to mainhand, and offhand can only be applied to offhand. This is partially due to the restrictions on certain types of weapon art.

Again, these are our first tentative steps with Transmogrification, and there's room for modifying the rules later on after the system is introduced, and we see how things shake out. Heck, the rules aren't even quite set in stone right now, and might change further before the system is introduced.

Q: If WoW was designed to not be "silly" why have the items in the game in the first place?
A: World of Warcraft has a design aesthetic that limits silliness, not omits it utterly. We all like a laugh now and then. That's why we have so many fun novelty items, easter eggs and humorous quests. Still, with a handful of exceptions, there's been a pretty firm line drawn between what amounts to a novelty item (which we anticipate players showing off occasionally for a laugh, or to enjoy on a temporary basis), and items that we intend players to use in their day to day activities.

It's that handful of exceptions that are the sticking point. It's the items like frying pans, cleavers and rolling pins that we're not sure we want players running around with on a constant basis. The jury is still out on that.

I'm sure that there will be those that still find ways to make the most ridiculous outfits possible despite any precautions we take. We can't possibly anticipate every permutation of gear combinations that people will come up with, but we can strive to design the system so that there are fewer completely ridiculous looking characters running around. Yes, that's partially subjective. Yes, we also have a design aesthetic that, even with the introduction of the Transmogrifier, we still want to adhere to. No, I don't care if you personally think that any given tier set looks "silly"; that's not what's at issue. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Transmogrification of White and Grey Quality Items
We're still discussing exactly what will or won't be available for transmogrification. So far, as others here have said, if it has stats and isn't a "silly" item such as a fish weapon, to my knowledge it will likely be available to transmogrify. However, as I said, nothing is finalized yet and things are subject to change before and after the feature has been released. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

So, about that button to disable transmogrification
The Transmogrify feature will allow players to customize the look of their character within reason. We've already stated that it's likely certain items will not be available to transmogrify, including fish as weapons, and other items such as frying pans, for this very reason. As you know, armor types will also be locked, preventing tanks in cloth dresses for example.

The rules will be tweaked as time goes on, but we're keen to keep the outlandish outfits to a minimum. What players wear while socialising in cities is up to them, exactly the same as now. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

by Published on 2011-08-23 02:37 AM

Gamescom Interviews
Now that Gamescom is over the last few interviews are popping up with a few interesting details. (via Digitalspy, GameInformer, Allvatar, and JudgeHype)

Patch 4.3+
  • The new 5 man dungeons will help to introduce the Deathwing Raid.
  • The current plan with the Deathwing raid is to have it all available immediately upon release.
  • The Deathwing raid will be smaller than Ulduar with many phases or encounters with Deathwing.
  • Patch 4.4 will bring a world event before the next expansion.
  • The next expansion should be released with a "meaningful difference" in the release timeline compared to previous expansions.

Future Changes and Features
  • Paid Guild Transfers are still in the works.
  • account wide achievements are still in the works.
  • Armor dyes are unlikely to be included in the game, but mount customization is a possibility.
  • Class Quests are unlikely to return due to the amount of time it takes to design and implement them.
  • No gold sinks are coming soon because of the large variance in the amount of gold players have.
  • A real money Auction House is not planned for WoW.

Other Notes
  • RealID LFD grouping was originally going to be paid because of the similarity to Paid Character Transfers, but they decided it was the right thing for the game to offer it for free.
  • Cross realm RealID grouping is going to be expanded to cover Battlegrounds as well. Depending on how well that works it could be expanded to raids and rated battlegrounds.
  • There has been a drop in gold farming because phishing and hacking accounts is more profitable.
  • New players are still having trouble with the first 30 minutes and five levels of the game, more hand holding is coming for very basic concepts like moving, questing, fighting, and looting.
  • Blizzard did a lot to save time while getting Cataclysm finished, but ended up happy with the final result.
  • The shared 10 and 25 man lockout has had both positive and negative effects, it solved the need to do both every week but removed some extra content that could be done every week. Some changes will be made in the future to make everyone happier with the solution.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Transmogrification of Heirlooms
I'd like to provide an update on this statement I made. It turns out that Heirlooms will be eligible targets for Transmogrification. Also (and this applies to all Transmogrified items), trading, mailing, auctioning or depositing an item in a guild bank will remove the Transmogrified art, returning the item in question to its original artwork. So, while you won't have to stare at the same old Heirlooms the whole time you're leveling, you won't be able to send a set of Heirlooms that have been Transmogrified with tier 13 art to your level 10 alt.

[...] Mainhand can only be applied to mainhand, and offhand can only be applied to offhand. This is partially due to the restrictions on certain types of weapon art.

Again, these are our first tentative steps with Transmogrification, and there's room for modifying the rules later on after the system is introduced, and we see how things shake out. Heck, the rules aren't even quite set in stone right now, and might change further before the system is introduced. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Transmogrification as a Gold Sink
The gold cost for Transmogrification hasn't been set in stone, but it's likely to be very similar to Reforging, meaning it'd scale with item level (probably the level of the item actually equipped). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Transmogrification Options
The gear also still has to have stats aside from armor on it. That means that there are a lot of white or grey items that might not be available initially when Transmogrification goes live.

As an aside, a lot of people have been asking about hiding shoulders, belts, etc. For now, it's looking pretty unlikely that we'll offer the option to hide anything aside from helm and cloak. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fan Art Update
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

Dark Legacy Comics #302 and Teh Gladiators #264 + #265 are available!

by Published on 2011-08-21 06:51 PM

Moderator Recruitment Notice - We will probably open moderator recruitment this week, if you want to apply you might want to start thinking about it.

Patch 4.2.2 - Build 14534 (Release)
The latest build deployed on Patch 4.2.2 PTRs is a release candidate, which means that Blizzard is now done with that bugfix patch and it will be deployed on live realms soon, but not necessarily this week.

This patch doesn't really have anything interesting for players, it's mostly a bug fixes patch with a way to consolidate most of the Patch 4.2 hotfixes into the game files to display them properly in game.

It also means that the next step after that will be Patch 4.3 on PTRs, hurray!

Computers - Setup of the Month (by chaud)
Each month or every 2 months, depending on the hardware evolutions, the lovely chaud will work on a couple of hardware setups for those of you who are thinking of upgrading their computer!

This month
New SSDs are here and are finally priced reasonably. The Intel 320 8MB bug has a firmware fix coming soon and should be a decent choice once again. Now is a good time to buy, as the next generation is a good while away and the current prices are reasonable. New AMD CPUs will be here in September or October at the earliest, no solid confirmed information on them so far. The supply of 6970s seems to have dried up, so you may be waiting a few weeks if you want to purchase one.

Make sure to keep your AMD and Nvidia drivers up to date.

Don't hesitate to post any feedback in the comments of that news post, and don't forget to visit the Computer Forum for any extra questions!


ComponentPuppy Dolphin
MonitorASUS VW224U 22-Inch Widescreen - $143ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen - $189
KeyboardMicrosoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 - $25Cyborg V.5 - $39
MouseLogitech G400 - $39Logitech G500 - $50
SpeakersLogitech S220 2.1 Speaker System - $23Logitech Z313 Speaker System - $40
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
MonitorASUS VE276Q 27-Inch - $287Dell UltraSharp U2410 24-inch (IPS Panel) - $505
KeyboardLogitech G110 - $55Razer BlackWidow (Backlit)- $75 ($112)
MouseRazer Deathadder - $48Razer Naga (Buttons on the Side) - $70
SpeakersCreative Inspire T3130 2.1 Speaker System - $50Logitech Speaker System Z523 - $75

Puppy and Dolphin

ComponentPuppy Dolphin
CaseNZXT GAMMA Classic - $36NZXT GAMMA Classic - $36
Power SupplyCorsair CX500 V2 - $60Corsair CX600 V2 - $64
CPUAMD Athlon II X4 640 AM3 - $100AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition - $120
HeatsinkCooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - $28Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - $28
MotherboardASUS M4A88TD-V EVO AM3 - AMD 880G - $118Asus AM3+ 880G M5A88-V EVO - $130
Memory4GB PNY Optima DDR3 10600 - $284GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3 4GB 12800 DDR3 - $44
Graphics CardXFX 6770 - $129XFX 6850 or EVGA GTX 460 - $157 / $172
Hard DriveSAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB - $60SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB - $60
DVDLite-On 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Lite-On 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$580$660 / $675

Narwhal and Unicorn
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Narwhal and Unicorn. SSDs are always optional.
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
CaseCooler Master HAF 912 - $55Cooler Master HAF932 - $143
Power SupplyCorsair 650TX V2 - $93Corsair 750HX (7 Year Warranty) - $144
CPUIntel i5-2500k - $220Intel i7-2600k - $315
HeatsinkThermaltake Frio - $58Noctua 6 NH-D14 - $85
MotherboardGigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 - $129ASUS Z68 P8Z68-V PRO - $195
Memory4GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3 4GB 12800 DDR3 - $448GB G.Skill DDR3 12800 - $77
Graphics CardXFX 6950 1GB OR EVGA GTX 560 Ti- $238 / $250XFX 6970 OR EVGA GTX 570 - $??? / $340
Hard DriveWestern Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $80Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $80
SSDCrucial 128 GB m4 (Review) - $212
OCZ 120 GB Agility 3 (Review) - $182
Intel 510 Series 120 GB (Review) - $278
OCZ 120 GB Vertex 3 (Review) - $220
DVDLite-On 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Lite-On 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$938 - $1162$1620 - $1678

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