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by Published on 2012-11-04 09:00 PM

Updated Undocumented 1.0.5 Patch Notes, Monk 1.0.5 Budget Guide, Stay Awhile And Listen Author Interview, Diablo 3 Wallpaper

Patch 5.1 - New Faction Rewards
Patch 5.1 will add two new factions, the Dominance Offensive and Operation: Shieldwall. These are the factions that are landing on the beach in Kasarang Wilds. Reputation for your faction is earned by completing the storyline quests and then doing daily quests afterwards.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
80Mount Grand Armored GryphonExalted
1Other Grand Commendation of Operation: ShieldwallRevered
496TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Shock-Charger MedallionRevered
496TrinketTankTrinket Vaporshield MedallionRevered
496TrinketMeleeTrinket Helmbreaker MedallionRevered
496TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Arrowflight MedallionRevered
496TrinketSpell SpiritTrinket Heartwarmer MedallionRevered
496FingerTankFinger Seal of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerMeleeFinger Circle of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Loop of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Signet of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Band of the ShieldwallHonored
Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
80Mount Grand Armored WyvernExalted
1Other Grand Commendation of the Dominance OffensiveRevered
496TrinketTrinket Static-Caster's MedallionRevered
496TrinketTankTrinket Medallion of Mystifying VaporsRevered
496TrinketMeleeTrinket Skullrender MedallionRevered
496TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Woundripper MedallionRevered
496TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Cutstitcher MedallionRevered
496FingerTankFinger Dominator's SealHonored
496FingerMeleeFinger Dominator's CircleHonored
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Dominator's LoopHonored
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Dominator's SignetHonored
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Dominator's BandHonored

Patch 5.1 - New Klaxxi and August Celestial Rewards
Another set of items that appeared in Patch 5.1 are these new item level 496 belts and shoes. They are currently assigned to The Klaxxi and The August Celestials, but keep in mind this is the test realm and things can change.

There are two almost identical versions of each item with race restrictions, making it possible they should be assigned to the Dominance Offensive and Operation: Shieldwall.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
496ClothSpell SpiritWaist Sash of SurehandednessRevered
496ClothSpell SpiritWaist Sash of Bouncing PowerRevered
496ClothSpell DPSWaist Bon-iy's Unbreakable CordRevered
496ClothSpell DPSWaist Chang's Changing CordRevered
496LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Bambrick's Striking StrapRevered
496LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Soothing StrapsRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Prevenge's Swashbuckling CinchRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Prevenge's Dagger-CarrierRevered
496MailPhysical DPSWaist Shigi's Chain of Cheerful SummonsRevered
496MailPhysical DPSWaist Chain of Flaming ArrowsRevered
496MailSpell DPSWaist Bloodbinder LinksRevered
496MailSpell DPSWaist Links of Bonded BloodRevered
496PlateTankWaist Waistplate of ImmobilityRevered
496PlateTankWaist Immovable WaistplateRevered
496PlateMeleeWaist Kwon's Crushing GirdleRevered
496PlateMeleeWaist Girdle of Crushing StrengthRevered
496PlateSpell DPSWaist Divide's Greatheart ClaspRevered
496PlateSpell DPSWaist Divide's Loyal ClaspRevered
Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
496ClothSpell SpiritFeet Shieldwarden SlippersRevered
496ClothSpell SpiritFeet Slippers of Soothing BalmRevered
496ClothSpell DPSFeet Sandals of Oiled SilkRevered
496ClothSpell DPSFeet Beach-Born SandalsRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSFeet Crab-Leather TabiRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSFeet Troll-Toe TabiRevered
496LeatherSpell DPSFeet Statue Summoner's TreadsRevered
496LeatherSpell DPSFeet Treads of Rejuvenating MistsRevered
496MailSpell SpiritFeet Boots of the Healing StreamRevered
496MailSpell SpiritFeet Totem-Binder BootsRevered
496MailPhysical DPSFeet Odlaw's EverwalkersRevered
496MailPhysical DPSFeet Greaves of Manifest DestinyRevered
496PlateTankFeet Sabatons of the Sullied ShoreRevered
496PlateTankFeet Groundbreaker SabatonsRevered
496PlateMeleeFeet Sea-Soaked SolleretsRevered
496PlateMeleeFeet Cragchewer SolleretsRevered
496PlateSpell SpiritFeet Scar Swallower GreatbootsRevered
496PlateSpell SpiritFeet Greatboots of Flashing LightRevered

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
LFR Rewards Visibility
Even if I don't get anything, I want to see what other's get. Not just NOTHING and some gold. I want the slight drama of who gets the high roll, etc.
What would that change other than creating drama as you mentioned? (and the kind of drama that doesn't really add anything to the community, I believe).

Under the new loot system, since you're not affected by what others get (your chance of getting a drop lies strictly on what your roll is against the system, no matter how many items might have been distributed already), there's no big loss to see if others were rewarded (besides mere curiosity and the potential of people starting to argue that this one player undeservedly got an item because of X). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Bonus Reputation for Alt Characters
As a matter of fact, now seems like a good time to follow-up with everyone with the latest information.

In my original message, reaching Revered with any particular faction on Pandaria would have triggered double reputation for all characters on the account with that same faction. After testing this internally, we felt the "trigger" wasn't obvious enough so we decided to create an item that players can purchase which, when used, grants the user's account with the bonus.

The changes to reputation gains are intended for Patch 5.1, but please do keep in mind that the patch is still in development. If there are any further changes, we'll let you know. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Forced to do LFR
After 2 weeks of raiding, we haven't killed the Stone Guards yet. This is not a problem in tanking position, low dps or bad healing. Its a gear only problem.
Stone Guards is mostly a coordination check between your tanks, the folks with Jasper Chains, and not much else. Certainly is not a DPS check (that would be, for some guilds, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder).

If you don't LFR (or you are a pro), you fail. So in certain mode, you are forcing us to get gear first from LFR and then go to normal mode to succeed.
Many players (not saying it's your case, of course) believe that they are on par with the skill level of players further ahead than them, and that the only thing separating them from players with more progression is just gear. More often than not, the issue lies on the skill side, either your group is not really making the most of their dps rotations, cooldown usage is not being proper, etcetera, or it may very well be that your group is still undergeared for that fight (as long as everyone is decked in blue heroic gear, you'll be fine).

I think the problem is LFR is extremely easy and normal mode is a bit overtunned. Normal is a step above where it should be if you want an easy transition. That way probably, you shouldn't be forced to gear up in LFR and let it only for casuals who doesn't raid normal modes.
You're not supposed to transition from LFR to Normal. You're supposed to start on Normal (in fact, LFR opens a week after the normal mode of the raid has). So, if you want to get every possible drop to advance in your progression, yes, sure, you'll want to raid the LFR if you're not doing Heroics, but there're more areas than just gear where all raid groups should be looking at when having issues with a certain encounter. Most of the times, unless it's a dps race, it comes down to something else (bad strategy, for example).

There it is folks. Plain and simple. Blizzard will keep forcing Real raiders with the scrubs... i mean "casuals" so they dont wipe 4 hours on the first boss.
As he clearly said, there're benefits to having experienced raiders queuing up on LFR (shorter wait times, higher success rates, etc), and there's usually some benefit for level 90 players in there. Which still means you can skip it altogether if you're raiding Heroic (and that'll be particularly true moving forward since LFR gear from the following tier will have a lower ilvl than current Heroic gear).

But you still ran it for a chance to upgrade some slot and valor, correct? I won 2 lfr items last week and i replaced them in a matter of days, but i still ran it 3 times. The thing is a lot of us dont want to run it AT ALL.
Then don't. It's obvious that you are well beyond the skill level of any player posting here and that you'd rather not play with "mouthbreathers", as you so elegantly and politely put it in your previous post. So, by all means, open Vent, repeatedly tell your guildmates how awesome and uber skilled you are and run with them Normal and Heroic raids, but the attitude you display towards players running the Raid Finder is completely unacceptable and needs to go.

Blizzard is hiding from the fact that there are blockages in current Normal raiding progress. Every boss is tuned for maximum buffs and if you are missing one you will require extra item lvl to make up for it. And that is hard when you only have like 4 raid bosses to work with like is with Elegon. It is an overtuned fight atm for its gear lvl if you dont have all the buffs and the best way to beat that fight is to go LFR and get the 476 weapons on boss AFTER Elegon. The chance of getting 476 weapons in HCs is way to low and you can go for months and months and never get them.

I dare any person to go to World of logs and compare the bosses in Vaults. The success raid for Elegon is under 5% for 10 mans while beeing well over 10-15% for all other bosses - even the last one. That should be very obvious that its overtuned - and the best way to beat him is to get items from 6 bosses in LFR rather than wait once every week for the 4 bosses in normal.

Elegon is a very complex fight. There're many things to be aware of, experiment with and so on. But once you master them all, he goes down relatively quickly. It just takes time to adapt to all the mechanics that encounter has. Don't give up!

Having said that, the current buff system should allow most 10 player groups to get all the buffs (at least the important ones) as long as the composition isn't terribly strange. If that's not the case, I'd say please point it out and we'll let the developers know about. It might be that it is indeed an oversight or that in fact they don't expect raid groups to necessarily have that particular buff.

The thing you ask and pressure: It is not MANDATORY in order to beat the encounters, no. But, as I stated above, why on earth would you make it just so much complicated to you by not running those things and making it harder for the 24 or 9 other people who you run the raids with? That's just selfish and piss poor excuse for one who wants to complete all HC encounters, or even people who just want to clear normal and are in more "casual" environment.
If you are pursuing realm firsts or world firsts. I definitely understand you might feel you need to hit LFR for every possible gear upgrade to those 463 blues you're missing. But that's a playstyle choice. If you're playing at your own leisure and not too bothered by the competition, you don't need to hit LFR at all. The jump from 463 to 476 for a couple items is minimal. Of course, if you expect to be stuck on this one boss forever, you should definitely go and visit LFR. The fact is, under normal circumpstances, it's unlikely your guild will get stuck for any noticeable period of time if what you're aiming in fact is to clear Heroic modes.

If you're a newly formed guild that needs LFR, then I'd say more power to you, because that's a setting where the room for error is big enough that you can just focus on improving your coordination without fear or meeting enrage timers or wiping because someone still getting the hang of things.

You choose how to play the game. From a tuning point of view, the content isn't tuned accounting for LFR gear in every possible slot.

It's pretty much mandatory if you're doing heroic content.
That will be true only for so long. Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults gear is higher ilvl (502) than that of Normal Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring (496), and well above the Raid Finder of those two raids (483).

But in all reality, let's put things into perspective in that regard, anyways. Let's assume that you do take all your 25 raid members to the Raid Finder in order to clear it. And that you are a Heroic raiding guild at the top of progression. How long does that really take? A guild of a friend of mine, still scratching Heroic raiding, can clear the two halves in something like 40 minutes. So, I'd go and argue that a Heroic-level guild could clear the whole place in 30? minutes.

What else could you do in that time? You could do dailies for a particular faction, surely. You could harvest materials for your profession or trade. Or play some pet battles. Thirty minutes. Unless you raid for thirty minutes as well every week, that doesn't sound as a massive time investment to me. So, is it really as demanding as some of you seem to pretend to imply?

Some of us want to put in effort in order to kill bosses. we're not gonna let outselves slack behind on gear, when there's some easyly attainable for almost no effort. asking us not to do LFR if we dont want to do it, would be like telling us not to gem or enchant or gear.

we're not gonna let outselves slack behind on gear, when there's some easyly attainable for almost no effort.
And you wrote that back to back. The thing is, you are not forced to do it. Neither dailies for that matter. Dailies can be already considered obsolete gear wise because you can already get item level 496 gear from Heart of Fear.

It's a conscious choice you're making. You'd rather go through the LFR and pick that gear than wait until you get the appropriate drop from the normal/Heroic raid. That's alright, but it's your choice.

It's not a "choice". It is Mandatory. You have to do it if you want to be competative even if you are not in a realm first guild.
Please, by all means, define competitive. What is competitive when you're not pursuing a realm first that actually warrants running Raid Finder on every single reset? Because frankly, I can't see it. And it might be a perfect valid point. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Daily Random Dungeons
During cataclysm the dungeon system was changed to allow players to queue for dungeons/heroics, so that the first seven times we cleared it we got the extra rewards. Allowing players that don’t have enough time to log on each day to queue and knock them all out over a weekend etc. Why was this removed in MoP?
You now get Valor with every run, with a bonus for the first of the day. It's similar to the rested XP bonus while leveling up. We wanted a better catch up mechanism. More folks did dungeons/heroics when we had one a day than seven a week. The latter felt too much like a job. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Guildox - Popular Guild Names
Guildox went through their entire database to come up with the most popular guild names!

Curse Weekly Roundup
Pico and the team are back with the Weekly Roundup. It has some, LoL, MechWarrior Online, and Minecraft news, along with the weekly Game Forecast!

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Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16257

Patch 5.1 PTR Notes Update - November 2
Only changed and new notes are below, see the full notes on the Blue Tracker.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Brawler's Guild
    • Entry into the brawler’s guild is by invitation only. Invitations can be found on the black market auction house or by invitation from somebody within the guild.

  • The durations of all Disarm effects have been reduced to 8 seconds.

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Damage received from players (or player-controlled sources) no longer counts towards increasing the healing done by Death Strike.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • A new passive ability has been added: Tooth and Claw. This ability causes autoattacks to have a chance to empower the Druid's next Maul. Empowered Maul reduce the damage dealt by the target's next autoattack. Guardian Druids obtain this ability at level 32.
  • Omen of Clarity now has a different visual effect for Feral Druids.
  • Glyphs
    • A new Minor Glyph has been added: Glyph of Focus. This glyph reduces the radius of Starfall by 50%.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Careful Aim now increases the critical strike chance of Steady Shot and Aimed Shot by 75% on targets who are above 80% health, down from 90%.
  • The duration of Steady Focus has been increased to 20 seconds, up from 10 seconds.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • The damage buff from Arcane Charge has been increased from 22% to 24%.
  • Rune of Power duration now shows in the UI, and no longer has a cooldown (was 6 seconds).
  • Ring of Frost now has a 45 second cooldown, up from 30 seconds, and can no longer affect more than 10 targets.
  • Pyroblast now has a 3 second cooldown. The cooldown on Pyroblast is affected by haste.
  • The mana cost of Spellsteal has been increased to 21% of base mana for Fire and Frost mages, up from 7%.
  • Glyphs

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • All healing spells which cost mana have had their mana cost increased by 10%.
  • The energy costs of Legacy of the Emperor, and Legacy of the White Tiger have been reduced to 20, down from 50.
  • The energy cost of Healing Sphere has been reduced to 40, down from 60.
  • The Tiger Power provided by Tiger Palm now reduces target armor by 30% with a single application and no longer stacks.
  • Stance of the Fierce Tiger now increases the Monk's movement speed by 10% in addition to its other effects. This movement speed increase stacks with other effects.
  • The healing provided by the Healing Sphere base spell has been increased by 20%.
  • The chance to generate 1 Chi while channeling Soothing Mist and Crackling Jade Lightning has increased to 35%, up from 25%.
  • The Power Strikes talent now grants the Power Strikes effect every 22 20 seconds, which causes the Monk's next attack to generate 1 additional Chi.
  • Mistweaver

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Holy Paladin: The 4 piece bonus now reduces Holy Shock cooldown by 2 seconds, up from 1 second.
  • Retribution Paladin: The 4 piece bonus now reduces Avenging Wrath’s cooldown by 65 seconds, down from 85 seconds.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Atonement healing range has been increased to 40 yards, up from 15.
  • Chakras now persist through death and zoning.
  • Discipline Priests can once again learn Focused Will. This ability is obtained at level 30.
  • Chakra: Chastise now increases the damage dealt by Shadow and Holy spells by 50% (was 15%), and reduces mana costs by 90% (was 75%) while the ability is in effect.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • The cooldown of Sprint has been reduced to 45 seconds, down from 1 minute.
  • The cooldown of Blind has been reduced to 90 seconds, down from 3 minutes.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning snare has been increased from 10% per stack to 15% per stack.
  • Removed the ranged Melee attack from Demonology Warlocks in Metamorphosis form, and increased the damage of Doom by 25% to compensate.
  • Destruction Warlocks have gained a new ability: Cataclysm. Cataclysm costs one Burning Ember. After a 3 second channeling period, Cataclysm will stun and knockback all burning targets within 10 yards of the caster. This ability has a 1 minute cooldown.
  • Demonic Gateway duration has been increased to 20 15 minutes, and it will no longer despawn if the Warlock moves too far away. In addition, this ability can no longer be used in any capital city.
  • Glyphs
    • A New Major Glyph has been added: Glyph of Supernova. This glyph will cause the Warlock to deal 10% of his maximum health to all targets within 5 yards for each Burning Ember he had when he was slain.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Avatar no longer grants immunity to movement impairing effects, and instead now instantly breaks movement impairing effects. This ability also no longer generates addiitonal Rage while active. Its duration has increased to 24 seconds (was 20 seconds).
  • The cooldown of Intimidating Shout has increased to 90 seconds, up from 60 seconds.

Pet Battles
  • Pet Battle music is now more appropriate for the type of match being fought.
  • Several new Pet Battle PvP areas have been added to the world.

Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios
  • The Tidal Shield cast by High Warlord Naj'entus now has a reduced duration.
  • Razorgore the Untamed no longer takes extra damage from Black Talon enemies, has more health, and can cast Destroy Egg more frequently.
  • Viscidus now requires significantly fewer hits to freeze and Shatter.

Bug Fixes
  • All spells that cause Forebearance can no longer be applied simultaneously.

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Halo Should now be more responsive.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Poisons should now be more responsive.
  • Revealing Strike should now be more responsive.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Pandemic no longer smooths the damage when extending dots with different amounts of spellpower.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Execute damage with high amounts of Vengeance is now capped at the Warrior's maximum health to prevent it from reaching excessive numbers.
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Patch 5.1 - Item Upgrades, HoF Progression, 5.0.5 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, MMO-Report

Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16257
A new build will be deployed on the PTR soon.

New Items
A couple of items added in this patch, mostly updated rewards for Love is in the Air and Akama's Seal of Courage from the Black Temple Scenario/Warlock Questline.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
80Mount Grand Gryphon
80Mount Grand Wyvern
480NeckTankNeck Shard of Pirouetting Happiness
480NeckMeleeNeck Choker of the Pure Heart
480NeckSpell SpiritNeck Winking Eye of Love
480NeckPhysical DPSNeck Sweet Perfume Broach
480NeckSpell DPSNeck Heartbreak Charm
489FingerSpell DPSFinger Akama's Seal of Courage

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Notable Item Changes

New Loading Screen

Client Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • CHAT_INSTANCE_CHAT_GET - |Hchannel:INSTANCE_CHAT|h[Instance]|h %s:\32
  • CHAT_INSTANCE_CHAT_LEADER_GET - |Hchannel:INSTANCE_CHAT|h[Instance Leader]|h %s:\32
  • CHAT_INSTANCE_CHAT_SEND - Instance:\32
  • DELETE_GOOD_QUEST_ITEM - Do you want to destroy %s?\nDestroying this item will also abandon any related quests.\n\nType "DELETE" into the field to confirm.
  • ERR_NOT_IN_INSTANCE_GROUP - You aren't in an instance group.
  • INSTANCE_CHAT - Instance
  • INSTANCE_CHAT_LEADER - Instance Leader
  • PET_BATTLE_COMBAT_LOG_CAST - %s %s cast %s.
  • SLASH_INSTANCE_CHAT3 - /instance
  • SLASH_INSTANCE_CHAT4 - /instance
  • SLASH_INSTANCE_CHAT6 - /battleground
  • SLASH_INSTANCE_CHAT8 - /battleground
  • SLASH_INSTANCE_CHAT9 - /instance_chat

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Brawler's Guild
World Events

Feats of Strength


  • Wakener (New) Become an honorary Klaxxi Paragon by completing the achievements listed below. Title Reward: the Wakener. 10 points.

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Grand Gryphon (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Grand Gryphon mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Grand Wyvern (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Grand Wyvern mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.

Hunter (Forums)
  • Careful Aim now requires target to be above 80% health, down from 90%.

  • Clench disarm now lasts 8 sec, down from 10.

Mage (Forums)
  • Invocation changes have been reverted, now identical to live.


Monk (Forums)

  • Chi Burst healing reduced by 25%.
  • Chi Wave healing reduced by 25%.
  • Power Strikes now gives a bonus every 20 sec, down from every 22.
  • Zen Sphere healing from repeat cast causing a detonate reduced by 25%.

  • Brewmaster Training Tiger Palm bonus now increases the amount of your next Guard by 15%, up from 5%.



Priest (Forums)
  • Halo had a tooltip fix, now reads 33,694 + 325.0% of SP healing. This is a 66% increase from live. SP scaling is 325.0%, up from 195% of SP on live.
  • Halo had a tooltip fix, now reads 33,694 + 325.0% of SP healing. This is a 66% increase from live. SP scaling is

  • Halo had a tooltip fix, now reads 33,694 + 325.0% of SP healing. This is a 66% increase from live. SP scaling is


Warlock (Forums)



  • Pursuit now does 100% weapon damage, down from 150%.
  • Pursuit now does 100% weapon damage, down from 150%.

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Eerie Skull The Sha throws a skull at a player's location, inflicting 41,250 42,900 Shadow damage to enemies within 0 yards of the impact point. Unlimited range. Instant.
  • Get Away! Lei channels, pushing players away and inflicting 49,500 50,000 periodic Shadow damage. Players who fight the current take half damage. Lasts 30 sec or until Lei takes 4% of her max health in damage. Instant.
  • Get Away! Lei channels, pushing players away and inflicting 49,500 50,000 periodic Shadow damage. Players who fight the current take half damage. Lasts 30 sec or until Lei takes 4% of her max health in damage. Unlimited range. 30 sec cast (Channeled).
  • Penetrating Bolt Hurls a bolt of Sha energy at a player's location, inflicting 46,750 48,618 Shadow damage to enemies within 0 yards of the impact point. Affected enemies take 25% increased Shadow damage for 15 sec. Unlimited range. Instant.
  • Scary Fog Coalesced Sha energy surrounds you, inflicting 6,000 6,900 Shadow damage every 1 sec. In addition, players and enemies near you take 10% more damage from all sources. Lasts 35 sec. Stacks. A target may only be afflicted by one Scary Fog at a time. Instant.
  • Spray Water bursts from the ground at an enemy's feet, inflicting 135,000 155,250 Frost damage to all enemies within 2.5 yds and increasing their Frost damage taken by 12% for 10 sec. Unlimited range. 2 sec cast.
  • Wind Step Inflicts 156,000 damage every 3 Inflicts 150,000 damage every 2 secs for 30 sec. Instant.
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Molten And Desecrator, Service Outage Information - 11/1/12, Blue Posts, Halloween At Blizzard, Diablo Halloween Costumes

Patch 5.1: Item Upgrades
Patch 5.1 will finally implement the item upgrade system that first appeared in beta. The same frame is being used now, with a background that matches the other Ethereal frames, making it likely that this will be another function performed by our Ethereal friends. The window title still says Valor Upgrade, but the game has support for Valor, Conquest, Justice, and Honor points upgrades.

It appears all items that are upgradeable can be upgraded by 8 item levels, but Conquest and Valor points will do it in two steps rather than all at once. The currency used to upgrade an item is set per item, so you cannot use Honor to upgrade Valor Points gear or any other type than what is set for the item.

Important: There are a lot of details missing about how the system works, it is not intended to be tested yet, and the values are not final!

Upgrade Costs

Currency Cost Item Level Upgrade Max Number of Upgrades
Valor Points750 × 4 Item Levels2
Conquest Points750 × 4 Item Levels2
Justice Points1500 × 8 Item Levels1
Honor Points1500 × 8 Item Levels1

Upgrade Examples

Heart of Fear Progression
After a few days of progression, there are now 72 guilds that have cleared the Heart of Fear raid on Normal difficulty, with Duality (US-Zul'jin) grabbing the first clear. Heroic progression starts next week, along with the first half of LFR.

Wowprogress shows 32 guilds have completed it in 10 man difficulty, and 40 guilds in 25 man difficulty.

Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes - Nov 1
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Stampede Pets summoned into the Arena, Rated Battlegrounds, and Wargames will now do the correct amount of damage.

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Shaman Searing Totem will no longer break on Heroic Elegon due to the line of sight restrictions while the energy vortex is active.

  • The quest "In Battle's Shadow" now only requires the appropriate faction to take and no longer requires a quest prerequisite.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Updated the Dungeon Finder matchmaking system to properly identify Monk classes and their available roles.
  • Heart of Fear
    • Garalon now mends his injured legs more frequently in Normal mode.
    • Garalon will now take longer before he casts Massive Crush.
    • Players will now be able to zone back to Ta’yak’s room once he’s been killed.
  • Mogu'shan Vaults
    • Jasper Chains now casts less frequently in both Normal and Heroic 10-player difficulty.
    • A few indirect spells will no longer trigger the Spirit Kings’ shields on Heroic Difficulty.

  • One-hand melee weapons will now show the correct Conquest cost.
  • The Dreadful Gladiator’s Emblem now displays the proper stats: +809 Spirit, +293 PvP Power, +293 PvP Resilience, +40,673 health for 15s on use

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Battle Spear of the Thunder King in which the quest could not be properly completed due to the spear object not being visible to the player.
  • Fixed an issue in which classes were sometimes receiving select inappropriate loot items.
  • Fixed an issue in which players would sometimes be disconnected from the game when knocked off of an elevator.
  • Fixed an issue in which Ashweb Weavers for the Golden Lotus dailies would sometimes evade.
  • Fixed an issue in which Captain Doren would evade during the quest, “The Darkness Within” if the player died while he was transforming into his Sha form.
  • The Ancient Guo-Lai Cache will now properly despawn after being closed.

Heart of Fear Now Live & Raid Schedule
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The latest Normal difficulty Mists of Pandaria Raid Dungeon is now available: Heart of Fear. Raid Finder and Heroic difficulties will be available Wednesday, November 7.

Raid Finder will unlock bosses in Heart of Fear over time, and all Heart of Fear bosses will be unlocked and available Wednesday, November 14. To access the new Raid Finder dungeons, you will need a minimum item level (ilevel) requirement of 470.

Here is the current schedule for these Raid releases:

  • Wednesday, October 31 – Normal Heart of Fear
  • Wednesday, November 7 – Heroic Heart of Fear and first half of Heart of Fear on Raid Finder
  • Wednesday,November 14 – Second half of Heart of Fear on Raid Finder and Normal Terrace of Endless Spring
  • Wednesday, November 21 - Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring and Terrace of Endless Spring on Raid Finder

All raids/difficulties will still be fully accessible by November 21, as we had always intended, but we’re staggering the release a bit more.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Hotfix Timing
The hotfix list posted covers a pretty large window of time (October 26 - Nov 1, as stated). The Jasper Chains change on Stone Guard was made at the end of last week, and corrected the fact that the ability was being cast with roughly the same frequency on 10-player as on 25-player mode. This meant that an entire 10-player raid could quickly find themselves chained to each other, while a majority of a 25-player group would still have been unfettered after the same amount of time. That was never our intent.

Now, as for the Garalon hotfixes, the Mend Leg hotfix was made on Tuesday afternoon, before more than a few dozen people in the world had seen the encounter at all, and certainly before any guilds had defeated it. The berserk hotfix was enacted the following morning. Ultimately, both of these hotfixes were intended to bring the DPS requirement down to an appropriate level for a Normal mode encounter halfway through the zone. Normal mode encounters should be reasonably beatable using available Normal mode gear; we were seeing Heroic-caliber guilds with a significant number of ilvl 502 items (from Heroic Mogu’shan, and more powerful than the handful of 496 epics available from the first two bosses of Heart of Fear) struggling to meet the berserk timer on the fight. We made an adjustment accordingly, and we feel that Garalon remains a step up in difficulty from the prior two encounters in the zone.

Our rationale regarding avoiding midweek hotfixes that make a fight easier only applies to Heroic encounters: When a guild encounters a Heroic boss that seems excessively difficult, they may opt to defeat it on Normal and move on. If we make the fight easier midweek, they don’t have the option to go back and fight that easier version, and that can be frustrating and seem unfair. A Normal mode brick wall is a brick wall regardless, so there is no such potential unfairness. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Reins of the Raven Lord Drop Rate
If you are still looking for Reins of the Raven Lord Lord it's still in the game. Got it as a drop a few days ago.

Could be a bug if the mount is not listed as a drop on the Dungeon Journal. It should be reported to our Bug Report forum. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Account-Wide Cloud Serpent Riding
Some account-wide mounts have restrictions based on profession, faction, or class. In this instance, cloud serpents have a factional requirement. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Feedback
You are gimping your raid group by not running it. I'm sick of feeling that I have to suffer through the mess that is LFR each and every week. Blizzard made 10 and 25s share a lockout because 25 man guilds were "forced" into running the lower skilled 10s for extra gear each week. This new system is no different but 100x worse due to the nature of LFR.
Actually, the new system is quite a bit different than the 10- and 25-player lockout situation. A much greater percentage of the population will experience each new raid using Raid Finder, compared to normal and (especially) Heroic difficulties. The loot system is vastly different in Raid Finder to account for matchmade players, the dungeons are often split up differently for LFR (i.e. Dragon Soul in two parts), and the quality of loot that drops is lower. Given all of this, the cons largely outweigh the pros in your suggestion to make all difficulties of a raid dungeon share lockouts.

But let's discuss the issue you raise: "I run raid content in an organized group. I don't want to do LFR on top of my normal raiding, but I feel like I have to if I want to gear up as fast as possible."

The statement might be true for some, but I have a lot of follow-ups.

  • Are you in a guild that has success with Heroic raid progression? This one's pretty important, as any guild that's good enough to be farming, or at least killing several bosses in, Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear by the time Terrace of Endless Spring opens via LFR, will not likely need a single piece of gear from LFR. Terrace of Endless Spring LFR items won't be as good as your Heroic raid gear.
  • Is your guild demanding that you run LFR every week for the chance at some upgrades you haven't made via normal difficulty yet? In your post you say we're forcing you into LFR, but that's not true. I won't argue semantics, but if you're min/maxing your character for every competitive edge possible, that's a playstyle choice.
  • How badly are you really hurting your raid by not running LFR? Is your progression in normal difficulty such that upgrading from a piece of ilvl 463 gear to 476 gear is "make or break" for the entire raid? With stat inflation, the difference between these item levels is almost negligible, unless you're comparing full sets. But in the amount of time it might take you to get several upgrades via LFR, you should be getting several upgrades via normal difficulty -- and you get a head start on normal difficulty with Raid Finder always releasing at least a week later.

Certainly there's a psychology to hunting down every advantage you can, and the endgame is largely about that. But there are a lot of nuances in the raid progression system to ensure that:

  • A) Raid Finder has a healthy pool of players from which to choose
  • B) Organized raiders who regularly tackle Heroic difficulty will have virtually no need to run Raid Finder much at all this expansion (since a new tier's LFR ilvl won't outdo the previous tier's Heroic ilvl)
  • C) Organized raiders who make progress each week on normal difficulty shouldn't hit any pass/fail gear checks and lose because they're not running LFR every week.
  • D) You're not forced by the game (AT ALL) to keep running LFR each week for gear if you want to be successful in the higher difficulties.

I asked a lot of questions because you're demanding a very dramatic change to the game, but you've shared almost no details regarding why this change is completely necessary for everyone, and you're posting on an account that gives me absolutely no insight into your level-90 progression.

My point is that everyone including you has now said there is no need to run LFR and Normal each week, so why would any normal mode raider care that they could only do normal modes over LFR difficulties each week?
Mmm.. That's not quite what people are arguing -- at least that's not what I'm arguing.

Yes, I'm saying the game isn't set up so that you'll fail in normal/Heroic raids, if you're not running LFR every lockout as well. But now it sounds like your argument is: "If LFR isn't required for normal progression, no one should care if they share lockouts."

That's very flawed.

You first said we're literally forcing you to do LFR to progress. I pointed out that you're not actually forced to do it, in that you shouldn't hit a brick wall in progression because you didn't collect enough LFR gear. Now you're saying you want us to force everyone to choose between LFR and normal difficulty each week, just because it's not mandatory to run both.

I don't understand the value in asserting that we're forcing you, by design, to make certain raid progression choices -- when we're actually not -- and then arguing we should more directly force everyone to make certain raid progression choices.

How badly are you really hurting your raid by not running LFR?

That's subjective as there is no true way to find out. Let's just assume a raid group of ten people each person has two pieces of LFR gear, that's a lot of extra stats across the raid and def helps against something like a elegon fight with tight enrages.[/i]
Right. So it's a choice you're making for every advantage in the game. Do you want every advantage possible in the game? 'Cause you have to put in extra effort for that.

That was in response to your second post in the thread Z, and ya buddy you knew what you were doing with it and got the responses you wanted of the 11/10 and lolol Zarhym owned that guy blah blah blah. It was rude and not an open dialogue.
You're making big assertions and suggesting (to put it mildly) that we change the lockout system for everyone. If you're serious about this change at all -- and not just trolling -- I reserve the right to review your reasoning in context in order to formulate an answer to your suggestion. In other words, regardless of what you think my job entails, I'd certainly be of less use if I can't even point out logical fallacies in design suggestions, for fear that that'd be rude.

If you'd rather me placate you and say "thanks for the suggestion," sorry. This is a discussion forum. The dialog goes both ways.

1) LFR will remain relevant through this particular tier because it is the first one.
LFR is relevant right now. For sure. My guild for an example is 3/6 H, and 25 man (so we get bonus loots), and at least a third of my raid could still use an upgrade from LFR just due to RNG. We're still going in there! And, when you release HOF and Terrace LFR, I will certainly be in there tons to grab my tier. I have to plan all these LFRs into my week. I know this is a unique situation right now because it is the very beginning of the expansion. I am hoping that you guys' plans to devalue LFR for raiders kick in in a couple tiers with the ilvl changes; however, at this very moment, you should really believe that raiders of ALL flavors are running it.

You're correct. That's why I said in my original post that I didn't want to argue semantics over, "Blizzard is forcing me to do this." Raid Finder absolutely provides a strategic advantage for progression raiders looking to increase their character power as quickly as possible, fill out set bonuses, etc. But yes, over the course of this expansion's lifecycle that should be diminished, particularly for Heroic raiders. The need to regularly run (meaning over the course of several weeks) the Raid Finder versions of upcoming Mists of Pandaria raids should feel far less crucial, if not nonexistent, for dedicated raid guilds.

2) Valor Points.
LFR represents a larger quantity of VP than even raiding. VP is important now for gear, and will be important in the future for our upgrade paths; the cap is pretty far away by design. As long as that holds true, and as long as LFR rewards so much VP, we'll all be running LFR.

Assuming we're talking about an above-average, organized guild, Challenge dungeons are mathematically the fastest path to the VP cap. Of course the difficulty isn't comparable between LFR and Challenge Modes, but a serious raiding guild can go into an organized five-player setting and get to the VP cap faster, as opposed to gambling with a random LFR queue or facerolling LFR with a full guild clear.

You don't even have to be anywhere near a record-breaking time to be getting more VP/minute than in LFR.

3) Not every HM raider hits a new tier in Best in Slot.
You guys are opening instances very quickly. I appreciate that we are being provided with lots of raids, but you must understand that there are tons of times when LFR - at that single moment in time - represents an upgrade path for a given raider even if they are clearing a lot of heroic mode bosses.

Absolutely, and that's okay sometimes. In my first post I said that one of our goals is to ensure that Raid Finder has a healthy pool of players from which to choose. Our goal isn't to make sure progression raiders never want or need to run LFR. Having experienced raiders queuing up is usually going to be a net gain for everyone (in terms of wait times, success rates, etc.). There is usually some benefit to most level-90 players running Raid Finder, but that's obviously very different from "forced content."

It kind of depends on your goals, your guild's goals, and what you want to get out of the game. I'll still assert that Raid Finder isn't a progression roadblock for those who prefer to stick with normal/Heroic raiding.

4) Procs and tier bonuses will be devalued, but once in a while there might come one that's OP.
You also assume that the ilvl change will completely devalue LFR gear. I hope this will be true, but I suspect the devs - who try as hard as they can - will still occasionally throw in a very op set bonus or trinket proc. These things just happen.

I definitely see your point, and even I've been involved in several discussions with the developers about this concept, so I know they discuss the itemization/progression model quite a bit in their daily lives.

Of note, we recently spoke about the Sigils for the legendary gem. Even in that case, they're watching closely and expect the LFR runs simply for more shots at the Sigils will tail off. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The MMO Report is back with the Dust 514 trailer, MechWarrior Online news, Age of Wushu screenshots, and more!

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Google Alert when visiting MMO-Champion - Final Update
Earlier today MMO-Champion got flagged as "unsafe" by Google, resulting in a big ass warning message every time you tried to access the site explaining that MMO-Champion will eat your soul. Well good news, MMO-Champion doesn't eat souls!

This is what happened in a nutshell.
  • In the morning an ad network got compromised and ended up serving a malware. (This is a pretty popular/high-end ad network and I'm not sure if I can give away the name without getting my ass kicked. I'll let them do their own communication)
  • We disabled ads as soon as the first warning appeared.
  • MMO-Champion or any of our infrastructure wasn't compromised, this was entirely 3rd party.
  • Since it's 3rd party and it's always better to be safe than sorry, take this as an opportunity to run a good old Malwarebytes Anti Malware scan on your computer.

Obviously we apologize for the inconvenience.
by Published on 2012-10-31 04:30 PM

Day of the Dead is today, and Icy-Veins has a short guide!

Dev Watercooler: Mists of Pandaria PvP
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Now that Mists of Pandaria has been out a few weeks, we wanted to let you all know what we consider working well in PvP, what we want to improve, and what’s coming down the pike. I’m going to split this up into three parts: a discussion of Matchmaking Rating (MMR), class balance concerns, and a sneak peek at some of our PvP plans.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the intent behind MMR is to match players by skill. This is accomplished by comparing an assigned number (MMR) that adjusts based on the relative MMR of the opponents you win or lose to. Matching players by their effectiveness or performance helps make sure that less experienced players aren’t always getting stomped by expert players, and that competitors at all levels are earning their victories by battling players of roughly equivalent ability. MMR isn’t intended to be a “PvP score”—its primary function is in matchmaking. We’ve seen a lot of players asking for an MMR reset, and to be fair, we had originally planned on doing one (and even announced it beforehand). Some of you may be concerned that high-ranking players won’t have a reason to play and will be able to just sit on their high ratings, perhaps even earning Gladiator without having to fight opponents. While we think there’s some legitimacy to the concern, we don’t think resetting MMR is the right way to address it.

Because MMR is a measure of your performance as a player, we don’t think it makes a lot of sense to reset MMR at the end of a season or expansion. It’s unlikely your skill atrophied significantly more than that of your competition between seasons, so there isn’t a lot of benefit in measuring it again. If we did reset MMR then what you’d likely see is a handful of mismatched games, where experienced players rock weaker players until MMR is calibrated again. That’s a lot of pain for relatively little gain since the MMRs will likely settle back into the same places anyway. It is important to remember that the Conquest point cap, Elite rewards and Gladiator titles are all tied to Team Rating and not MMR. Your Team Rating increases and decreases as you win and lose, and your Team Rating is really the most important number when it comes to Arena PvP.

However, we took a hard look at the way we measure Team Rating, and came to the conclusion that our formula doesn’t do a good enough job of measuring the potential for improvement over the course of a season. While your skill may not necessarily improve over the course of a season, your gear definitely does, and that should have an effect on the relative power of your team. We’re currently working on a change to allow Team Ratings to grow faster over time, as long as you keep playing. We don’t have any specifics to share yet, but this correction will have the added benefit that players who continue playing will be capable of reaching higher Team Ratings, and therefore potential access to rewards, than someone who stops playing and sits on their rating.

As a potential example let’s say the Fatty Goat Steaks have a Team Rating of 2700 and the Mushan Tongues have a Team Rating of 2500. The Fatty Goat Steaks decide their Team Rating is high enough that they’re going to sit out the rest of the season. The Mushan Tongues keep playing each week, their gear gradually improves, and they continue to win many of their matches. Because of the new inflation component, their Team Rating rises, let’s say, 300 additional points to 2800. They are now higher ranked than the Fatty Goat Steaks. If the Fatty Goat Steaks decide to jump back into Arena matches, they can benefit from the inflation as well, but they’re going to have to play and win to catch up. It’s not going to be a system where you have to play every day just to defend your rating, but certainly one where you can’t sit at the top doing nothing and collect your rewards at the end. We’ll have more details on exactly how this system will work as we get closer to its implementation.

We believe this adjustment to the Team Rating formula will have a similar benefit to the “rating decay” that some of you have been asking for, but will feel more positive – rather than feeling like you must keep running just to stay in place (i.e. keep your current score), players that continue participating will be rewarded with higher Team Ratings. As a season wears on, this should also make upper brackets more active as well.

To support this change we’re going to expand the 5.1 feature of improving the item level of your raid armor and weapons using Valor to now include Justice, Honor, and Conquest points as well. A Gladiator who has purchased a full set of Conquest gear will now have a compelling motivation to keep playing in patch 5.1, since they’ll be able to improve that set by spending Conquest points.

Class Balance Concerns
We have 34 class specializations in the game now, and the intention here isn’t to go through every one to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Instead, I’m going to address the ones that players seem to be most concerned about. That’s inherently a subjective call on my part, so I apologize if you think we missed something. Also, simply because something isn’t mentioned here doesn’t mean it’s being ignored. You can see some of the specific changes we are trying out in the 5.1 patch notes.

Beastmastery Hunters – We agree that stacking too many cooldowns to blow someone up is not interesting, skillful, or fair. (I also want to be clear that with all of these issues, we’re not blaming players for using the tools that we gave them; we’re blaming ourselves.) We’re taking a hard look at the various Hunter cooldowns with the intention of reducing their burst. Hunters are receiving a buff in that they will no longer need to swap between Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Fox. We also hope these changes help result in higher representation of Survival and Marksman Hunters.

Update - We have just discovered a bug in which the debuff that makes Stampede pets weaker than normal pets was not being applied in Arenas. This helps explain why hunters could cause so much damage in Arenas but not in (say) the outdoor world or a dungeon environment.

Warriors – We don’t think Warrior burst is out of control the way Hunter burst is. It’s possible that the combination of Warrior control and burst are too hard to counter, though. The changes we’re looking at are reducing both burst and control. The Glyph of Gag Order in particular is just too powerful for PvP. We think that if you manage to keep a Warrior from you, you should be allowed to get off a cast (and if you’re a Warrior who just can’t stand the thought of that, you can still spec into Storm Bolt.) Shockwave, Avatar, and Recklessness are also mentioned a lot, and we’re looking at them as well.

Rogues – We think that Rogue damage in PvP is appropriate—the damage that some other classes are dealing is too high, and we want to adjust those cases before we do any tinkering elsewhere. We still like the Rogue suite of tools and abilities, but we feel like some of these mechanics might have been eclipsed by newer, shinier versions. We are looking at improving Rogue mobility and control in conservative ways.

Mages – We are going to tone down Mage burst and control. We had hoped moving more of their control to talents would force some exclusivity in crowd control options, but it wasn’t sufficient. We increased the cost of Spellsteal significantly to promote its use strategically instead of stealing everything available. We’ve also been trying out changes to Deep Freeze, Frost Bomb, and Pyroblast to reduce burst and control.

Monks – We know some players are concerned about Windwalker viability in Arenas. The Monk class has a high skill cap and they come with a learning curve. The Windwalker PvP bonuses are quite powerful and players aren’t really taking advantage of them yet. We absolutely want the newest class to be popular, but we’re also trying to be conservative and not recreate the situation where the Death Knight dominated PvP and PvE when it first launched. We do want to give the Monk a few more weeks and see where it stands, but we are keeping a close eye on how things develop.

Healing – We agree that off-spec healers are too competitive with dedicated healers. Specs such as Shadow, Elemental, and Balance are supposed to be able to provide some healing—that’s one of their perks—but they shouldn’t be able to substitute for a dedicated healer. The change we are going to try here is to have PvP Power benefit either your damage or healing depending on spec. We are concerned that healing may be too high even for dedicated healers, especially for Restoration Shaman and Holy Paladins, who are incredibly strong in PvP at the moment. After we tone down some of the burst damage coming from Hunters, Warriors, and Mages, we may try the PvP healing debuff at 30% instead of the current 15%, but that won’t happen until after we’ve resolved the damage issues.

Crowd Control – At the moment, we’re satisfied with the state of crowd control. We tried to not add new stackable forms of crowd control to any given spec, but because players have so many crowd control options (say, choosing a stun vs. a snare via talents) the overall number of crowd control spells that a PvP player needs to learn has grown. The pool just became deeper. We know that some of you have concerns, and we’ll keep an eye on it.

Burst – Aside from Hunters, and possibly Warriors and Mages, we don’t think burst is out of control. Other specs that get mentioned by players are Destruction Warlocks, Frost Death Knights, and Shadow Priests. Those are definitely on our radar, but we don’t have any changes to announce at the moment.

PvP Sneak Peek
We have a lot of irons in the fire on the development team, and we’re usually reluctant to discuss ideas that aren’t fully implemented in the game yet. Despite all of our caveats, ideas that we delay or cancel tend to get turned into “broken promises.” With that in mind, please understand that you may not see some of these ideas in the next patch, or the patch after that, or any time soon. These are just ideas we’re bouncing around:

Loss of Control UI – This is a feature we’ve wanted to build for a long time, and it’s finally close. If you’re feared, you probably realize you’re feared because your character runs around crazy with a big chattering skull over your head. However, if you’re stunned or silenced or disarmed, you don’t often realize it immediately and push your buttons which don’t do anything and as a result the game feels unresponsive. The loss of control UI makes sure you know when something prevents you from using your abilities. It has benefits for solo or instance play as well, but it’s largely a PvP-driven feature.

Rated Battleground Participation Rewards – If you’ve PvPed for any length of time, you’ve been in one of those matches where the final score is so close that victory was a breath away. When we do our jobs right and give you one of those really close matches, it’s sad to not get any reward for participating, so we want to give out some kind of small reward. The rewards will be based on the final score to discourage exploitation.

Battleground and Arena Maps in Dungeon Journal – While veteran PvP players already know all of the Arena and Battleground maps, we think Dungeon Journal is a good way to introduce the basic objectives and map overlay so newer competitors don’t have to learn to swim while drowning.

Improved Scoreboard – It might seem silly to some, but we think small touches matter. Right now, the entire way we end a Battleground hasn’t changed much: it feels a little archaic and isn’t very exciting. We want to have an actual “You win!” toast, followed by a more exciting scoreboard.

Smoother Battleground Brackets – We have technology now to scale down player items for Challenge Modes, and you might be aware that we scaled up player items during our beta raid testing. We’d like to use the same mechanic to scale up players within the lower level PvP brackets. For example, in the level 15 to 19 bracket, we could make all characters behave as if they were level 19 for purposes of the Battleground. If this idea works well, we could potentially condense lower level brackets and maybe reduce queue times.

Matchmaking – Our Battleground matchmaking system hasn’t changed much since it debuted and doesn’t yet benefit from many of the advances we developed for Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder. The original Battleground queuing system was designed for speed because it only had a single realm of candidates. By incorporating more of the new tech we’ve since developed, we can help ensure that there are a certain number of healers per team or at least a good class distribution.

Honor and Conquest Item Upgrades – We’ve talked about how we’re going to allow players to upgrade raid items with Valor. As mentioned above, we are going to let PvP players increase the item level of their Honor or Conquest gear by spending Honor or Conquest, respectively.

Small Groups joining Rated Battlegrounds – We still don’t want to let solo players queue for Rated Battlegrounds because it would undermine the intent of coordinated group PvP, and then they really just become normal Battlegrounds that reward better gear. However, we’ve heard your concerns that getting even 10 players together to queue for a Rated Battleground can be challenging. Our idea is to let a group of 5 players queue together, which we would then match with another group of 5 players. We think this can still provide a relatively balanced and viable team. One of the crazier ideas on the table would be to convert some of our smaller Battlegrounds, such as Gilneas, to have a 5v5 option.

Tol Barad and Wintergrasp – We are discussing making level 90 versions of these PvP zones that players could queue for to earn bonus honor.
As I said, this is a brain dump of a lot of ideas that a lot of different developers are working on. This is not a list of patch notes and not all of these may come to pass. Please let us know what you think, if we’re on the right track, or if you think we missed a big PvP issue. PvP balance is always going to be really subjective, and while balance is desirable, continual buffs and nerfs that don’t actually solve problems have the potential to be worse than the imbalances they’re trying to fix.

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft. He has NEVER impersonated a female in the game in order to get loot.

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