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by Published on 2012-04-10 06:11 AM

Diablo 3 - Patch 16 Information and Official Patch Notes

Jewelcrafting Panther Preview
Last week's beta build brought us four new crafted panther mounts, which are used to craft the Jeweled Onyx Panther. Crafting it requires Dawnstone Panther, Emerald Panther, Ruby Panther, and the Sapphire Panther.

Spoilers Ahead! - The rest of the post contains many of the quests from Mists of Pandaria, so don't continue reading if you don't want to know what is going to happen!

Theramore Scenario
At this point is is very likely that we will see the previously mentioned Theramore Scenario at some point, as it was mentioned as a possible event for the pre Mists of Pandaria patch. We came across some of the quests related to the event, which reveal a few details.

Important - This scenario is not complete and will likely undergo significant changes before it is playable.

The Horde are attacking Theramore from their airship, The Fist of Garrosh, which is captained by Sky-Reaver Stormhowl. The Horde must first enter the Foothold Citadel and slay Captain Hedric Evencane for his key. This key allows you to free Thalen Songweaver, a Sunreaver mage who was spying for the Horde.

After the spy is free, you rig explosive barrels in the ships of the 7th Fleet while Captain Drok holds off the Alliance forces. Blastmaster Sparkfuse then detonates the explosives, disabling the ships and allowing the airship to move into the harbor.

Next you must slay Baldruc the Gryphon Master to prevent the airship from being attacked by gryphon riders. Once this is complete, you move on to the final obstacle, the steam tanks. These are destroyed by bombs or direct attacks on Big Bessa. Captain Drok of the Sea Wolf then will attempt to reduce Theramore Isle to rubble.

Name Level Zone
Fly, Spy!85The Battle for Theramore
To the Waterline!85The Battle for Theramore
The Blastmaster85The Battle for Theramore
Gryphon, Down85The Battle for Theramore
Tanks for Nothing!85The Battle for Theramore
Minimum Safe Distance85The Battle for Theramore

Name Description
Big Bessa's CannonDeals 80,000 physical & fire damage and stuns enemies within 6 yards for 1 sec.
Big Bessa's CannonDeals 80,000 physical & fire damage and stuns enemies within 6 yards for 1 sec.
Big Bessa's SightsBig Bessa fixates on a random target.
[DNT] Teleport: Battle for Theramore (Horde)
Battle for Theramore: Skybox Effect

Mists of Pandaria Quests
Work continues at a steady pace on WoWDB, with the addition of many of the Mists of Pandaria quests today. Each quest's page will show you any other quests in the chain, as well as the rewards from the new Dynamic Rewards system.

Important - The design for dynamic rewards is very temporary, but for now only bringing you the info as fast as possible matters!

Jade Forest
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
86Tipping the ScalesKill 12 Hozen Ravagers.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Flightmaster DownSpeak to Donovar Murall in Veridian Grove.4 9055,000
86Saving SnowpuffCollect 4 Gingerleaf for Snowpuff.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Grove StalkersKill 8 Grove Stalkers.9 80111,000
86Against the OddsFind the lost SI:7 agents.9 80111,000
86The Hardest TaskRevive 6 Wounded Crewmen in the Veridian Grove or on the Silken Shore. You can also use healing spells or bandages to revive Wounded Crewmen.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Mission ContinuesSpeak to Nodd at Sapphire's End in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
86Sunken JunkCollect 8 Waterlogged Scraps.9 80111,000
86The White PawnSearch the sunken ship for 4 clues about the White Pawn.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Explosive EvidencePlant 4 Makeshift Dynamite near the sunken ship at Sapphire's End. Makeshift Dynamite must be placed at least 10 yards apart.9 80111,000
86Without a TracePress the detonator to erase the remaining evidence.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Missing AdmiralFind Admiral Taylor.4 9055,000
86Thinning the HerdKill 8 Tideborne Cows or Tideborne Bulls.9 80111,000
86The Path of WarKill 12 Slingtail Treeleapers or Slingtail Mudseers.9 80111,000
86Freeing Our BrothersFree 6 Jinyu Prisoners or Alliance Prisoners.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Ancient PowerCollect 8 Ancient Hozen Skulls.9 80111,000
86Kung DinObtain the Slingtail Key by slaying Kung Din.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86JailbreakKill 10 Slingtail Fishrippers4 9055,000
86An Air of WorrySpeak with Shao the Defiant at Nectarbreeze Orchard.4 9055,000
86DefianceKill 8 Mogu Raiders and 8 Mogu Firestarters in Nectarbreeze Orchard.9 80111,000
86Rally the SurvivorsSpeak with 6 Nectarbreeze Farmers around Nectarbreeze Orchard and send them to the safehouse.9 80111,000
86Orchard-Supplied HardwareRetrieve 6 Orchard Tools from Nectarbreeze Orchard.9 80111,000
86Kill Mogu FirestartersKill 8 Mogu Firestarters in Nectarbreeze Orchard.9 80111,000
86The Splintered PathFollow the path of fallen trees from the northwest corner of Nectarbreeze Orchard and find the mogu raiders camp.9 80111,000
86UnboundSet 10 Captured Nectarbreeze Farmers free in Camp Gormal.9 80111,000
86SpitfireUse the Nectarbreeze Cider to put out 10 fires around Nectarbreeze Orchard.9 80111,000
85The General's EdgeBring Nazgrim's axe to General Nazgrim.Dynamic Rewards 7 1052,050
85Chun Tian MonasterySpeak with Lin Tenderpaw at the Chun Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.946,940
85The High ElderSpeak with High Elder Cloudfall at the Chun Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.946,940
85A Courteous GuestGather 8 Ripe Oranges from the orange groves south of Chun Tian Temple.9 4052,050
85The Great BanquetSpeak with High Elder Cloudfall at the banquet grounds in the Chun Tian Monastery.4 7034,700
85Your Training Starts NowReport to Instructor Xann at the Chun Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.946,940
85PerfectionPerform 12 practice strikes in the Monastery Training Arena by following the leader's example.9 4069,400
85AttentionDestroy 2 Training Bags. Follow Instructor Xann's instructions to determine which bags to attack.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Flying ColorsReport to High Elder Cloudfall at the Chun Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Groundskeeper WuReport to Groundskeeper Wu at the Chun Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.946,940
85A Proper WeaponObtain 6 Rattan Switches from the area around the market in the Chun Tian Monastery.

Purchase a vial Black Walnut Extract from June Whiteblossom.

Purchase 3 Triple-Bittered Ales from Brewmaster Lei Kanglei.
9 4069,400
85A Strong BackObtain a Boiling Cauldron from Mother Wu in the Waxwood Forest, then return to Groundskeeper Wu in the Chun Tian Monastery.9 4069,400
85A Steady HandObtain 80 vials of Blushleaf Extract from Blushleaf Clusters in the Waxwood Forest.9 4069,400
85And a Heavy FistSlay 10 Greenwood Tricksters in the Waxwood Forest.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Flying ColorsReport to High Elder Cloudfall at the Banquet Grounds in the Jade Forest.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Burning BrightSlay 6 Waxwood tigers.9 4069,400
85Becoming Battle-ReadyDefeat 8 Monastic Pupils in sparring matches at the Chun Tian Monastery.9 4069,400
85Zhi-Zhi, the DextrousDefeat Zhi-Zhi at the Chun Tian Monastery.9 4069,400
85Husshun, the WizenedChallenge and defeat Husshun at the Chun Tian Monastery.9 4069,400
85Xiao, the EaterChallenge and defeat Xiao at the Chun Tian Monastery.9 4069,400
85A Test of EnduranceReport to Instructor Myang on the western side of the Chun Tian Monastery.946,940
85The RumpusSet off the Monastery Fireworks in the Rumpus Pit, then survive the Rumpus for two minutes.18 8086,750
85Flying ColorsReport to High Elder Cloudfall at the Banquet Grounds in the Jade Forest.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
86Getting Down to BusinessKill Subjugator Gormal in Camp Gormal.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
85Higher GroundRescue Shademaster Kiryn, Rivett Clutchpop, Shokia, and Sergeant Gorrok at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85My Stars!Collect 30 of Kiryn's Throwing Stars from Devious Wood Sprites.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Forensic ScienceCollect 5 Viscous Chlorophyll from Lurching Orchids in Serenity Falls.9 4069,400
85Acid RainUsing the Goblin Recovery Drone, kill 50 Hozu Assailants and 50 Enraged Hozu.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85YoggtordKill Yoggtord.Dynamic Rewards 69,400
85Horde JusticeKill 15 Hozu Scavengers.69,400
85Standard ProtocolGather 8 Unstable Solenoids.9 4069,400
85Wet Work!Collect 5 Water Globules from Ethereal Lake and combine them with the Horde Barrel.86,750
85Sixteen Fluid Ounces of PreventionUse the Spirit-Touched Water Barrel to extinguish the four fires near the Zeppelin Wreckage.86,750
85The Witch in the WoodsFind An Windfur on the road north of the Jade Witch Hut.
85The Double Hozu DareInspect 7 Lifelike Jade Statues south of the Jade Witch Hut. 9 4069,400
85A Lesson in BraveryDefeat 8 Leafy Tricksters south of the Jade Witch Hut.
86The Double Hozu DareRescue 6 Scared Pandaren cubs.9 80111,000
85The Jade WitchSpeak with the Widow Greenpaw at the Jade Witch Hut.7 1052,050
86The Jade WitchDefeat the Jade Witch.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Down Kitty!Destroy 8 Jade Monsters in the Central Bamboo Forest.9 80111,000
85An OfferingWidow Greenpaw has asked for you to bring her a fish from the pool behind the Jade Witch's Hut in the Jade Forest.9 4069,400
85Burial at SeaBring 5 Hellscream's Vanguard Corpses to the Immobile Catapult at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.69,400
85SI:7 Report: Fire From the SkyListen to Sully's report.69,400
85SI:7 Report: Hostile NativesListen to Little Lu's report.69,400
85SI:7 Report: Take No PrisonersListen to Amber Kearnen's report.Dynamic Rewards 37 60104,100
85Scouting Report: Hostile NativesListen to Riko's report.69,400
85Scouting Report: On the Right TrackListen to Kiryn's report.69,400
85What Goes Down, Must Come Up!Use the Goblin Drone Dispenser near the Exposed Root to recover supplies.

NOTE: Each use will require one Cliff Glider Tail.
9 4069,400
86The Scouts ReturnSpeak to Rell Nightwind at the Glassfin Village in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
85SI:7 Report: Lost in the WoodsListen to Rell's report.69,400
85MonstrosityCollect sketches of each piece of the ancient statue.9 4069,400
86Some "Pupil of Nature"Investigate the Woods of the Lost, northeast of the Greenstone Quarry.4 9055,000
86The Sprites' PlightDestroy 6 Spiritbound Simulacra in the Woods of the Lost and discover their source.9 80111,000
86Breadcrumb Into RuinsHead into the Ruins of Gan Shi, northwest of the [JADE MINES].2 4528,000
86Break the CycleKill 8 Shan'ze Spiritbinders in the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86SimulacrumbleKick over 8 Vacant Simulacra in the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86An Urgent PleaInterrupt the ritual of conjuring in the center of the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86Vessels of the SpiritRecover 8 Spirit Bottles from Shan'ze Spiritclaws in the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86Ritual ArtifactsBring Pei-Zhi a Chipped Ritual Bowl, a Pungent Ritual Candle, and a Jade Cong from the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86The Wayward DeadUse the Staff of Pei-Zhi to absorb 10 Wayward Ancestors in the Ruins of Gan Shi.9 80111,000
86Back to NatureRelease 8 Beast Spirits by throwing Spirit Bottles on the ground in Tidemist Thicket.9 80111,000
86To Bridge Earth and SkyProtect Pei-Zhi during his ritual at the Ruins of Gan-Shi.9 80138,000
86Pei-BackConfront Shan Jitong at the Seat of the Spirit Waker in the Ruins of Gan Shi.Dynamic Rewards 19 60138,000
86A Humble OfferingGather 10 Tidemist Caps from Tidemist Thicket.9 80111,000
86Family HeirloomsCollect 8 Pearlfin Heirlooms from dead Pearlfin Villagers in Moonwater Retreat.9 80111,000
85Cryin' My Eyes OutCollect Zin'Jun's belongings from the Hozen Groundpounders.

If you lose Zin'Jun, speak to him at the Ascent of Swirling Winds.
9 4069,400
85Seein' RedKill Konk.9 4069,400
85A Good StartKill 4 Hozen Mudflingers, 4 Hozen Skullthumpers, and 3 Hozen Fishcatchers9 4069,400
85Fish FryCollect 12 Mature Carp from Hozu Fishcatchers9 4069,400
85Save the CuddliesLasso 5 Drunk Red Pandas in Fox Grove and bring them to Apprentice Ji Alerage.9 4069,400
85Lethal HangoversKill 8 intoxicated foxes in the Fox Grove.9 4069,400
85Need a ChaserDefeat Orchid Chasers and obtain 15 of the Pollinated Orchids they spawn.9 4069,400
85Drunken TigersKill 9 rabid tigers in the Orchis Hollow.9 4069,400
85Fix the FlavorUse Cleansing Orchids near the lake water in the Valley of the Mad Brewer and defeat the resulting contaminations.9 4069,400
85Get a SampleObtain 8 Toxin Samples from smashed pandaren and bring them to Jian in the Valley of the Mad Brewer.9 4069,400
85The New MasterTravel to the Tasters' Arena and challenge Brewmaster Shadowpour to a tasters' duel.9 4069,400
85Thieving Little ChuckersCollect 7 Emergency Preparedness Kits from Serenity Falls.9 4069,400
85Scouting Report: The Friend of My EnemyListen to Riko's report.69,400
85Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a BarrelListen to Shokia's report.Dynamic Rewards 37 60138,800
85Sacred ScrollBring the Illegible Scroll to Lorewalker Cho.2 3517,350
85Lay of the LandExplore the region.946,940
85Seeking AnswersUse the candles to meditate at the Cairn of Blood.7 1052,050
85Cairn of BoneUse the Meditation Candle at the Cairn of Bone.4 7034,700
85Wisdom of the AgesSpeak to Ka Pao at the Cairn of Stone to practice meditation.9 4069,400
85One Hand ClappingMeditate at the Cairn of Scales.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Building a Better Hozen TrapCollect 8 Slickies and 8 Intact Pottery Jars from Lake Kittitata.69,400
85Catch and Release!Use Hozen Traps in Camp Nooka-Nooka, then break them to free 5 trapped Hozen.9 4069,400
85Chief Kah KahSpeak to Chief Kah Kah at Grookin.946,940
85Instant MessagingUse the Skyshark Signal Flare at Signal Point in Fort Grookin.Dynamic Rewards 7 1052,050
85Beyond the HorizonSpeak to Shokia, Sergeant Gorrok, Shademaster Kiryn, and Chief Kah Kah in Fort Grookin.7 1034,700
85Aunty Lin WindfurSpeak with Lin Windfur in Panda Town.9 4069,400
86The Silkwood RoadDefeat 8 Silkwood Stalkers.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Threads that StickGather 10 Pristine Silk Strands from the Silkwood.9 80111,000
85Swallowed WholeKill 7 Engorged Crocolisks at Lake Kittytata, freeing the Hozu within.69,400
86The Perfect ColorGather 8 freshly fallen petals for Inkmaster Glenzu.9 80111,000
86Quill of StingersGather 6 Wasp Stingers from Orchard Wasps.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Pearlfin SituationSpeak to Elder Lusshan, Pearlkeeper Fujin, Instructor Sharpfin, and Ot-Temmdo at Pearlfin Village.9 80111,000
86Road RationsCollect 6 Tortoise Flanks.9 80111,000
86Zen HealingCollect 6 Zen Lotus.9 80111,000
86The Elder's InstrumentsCollect the Waterspeaker's Staff, Ceremonial Robe, Jade Crown, and Rosewood Beads from Grimleer Pillagers.9 80111,000
86The Ancient MasterFind Lorewalker Cho at the Dreamer's Pavilion in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
86Borrowed BrewTaste the mouthwatering brew.4 9055,000
86Wisdom of the AgesMeditate with Lorewalker Cho at the pagoda at the Dreamer's Pavilion in the Jade Forest.9 80111,000
86PotencyKill Mist Creepers until a Mist Horror appears, then collect a Mist Horror Heart.9 80111,000
86BodyCollect 5 Pristine Crocolisk Eyes from Bog Crocolisks.9 80111,000
86HueCollect 8 AmberflyWings.9 80111,000
86Spirits of the WaterSpeak to Elder Lusshan and witness the waterspeaking ceremony.9 80111,000
86Trail of the White PawnShow the cloak to Admiral Taylor at the Glassfin Village in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
86No Such Thing As A Free LunchFind Sandra Emerella at the Veridian Grove in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
86Quillshootin'Collect 5 Quillshooter Steaks.9 80111,000
86Sacred WatersCollect healing waters from the four Sacred Bowls in the Den of Sorrow.9 80111,000
86Rest in PeaceKill 6 Tortured Spirits.9 80111,000
86The Vale of Eternal BlossomsRetrieve the Song of the Vale from the Den of Sorrow.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Anduin's DecisionTell Anduin that it is time to return home.9 80111,000
86A Perfect MatchSpeak to Pearlfin Adepts and arm them with the proper equipment.9 80111,000
86Bigger Fish to FryTrain the Pearlfin Adepts by killing 24 wildlife in the Bamboo Wilds.9 80111,000
86Let Them BurnKill 15 Grookin Reinforcements or Slingtail Recruits.19 60138,000
86Fighting the FlamesPut out 6 fires in Wayward Landing.9 80111,000
86Carp DiemKill Chief Gukgut.Dynamic Rewards 19 60138,000
86Find the BoySpeak with Peiji Goldendraft, Apprentice Yufi, and Toya in Dawn's Blossom.9 80111,000
86Shrine of the DawnSearch the Shrine of the Dawn for Syra Goldendraft.9 80111,000
86Getting PermissionChallenge and defeat Pandriarch Goldendraft, Pandriarch Windfur, and Pandriarch Bramblestaff.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86In Search of WisdomSpeak to Kitemaster Ot-Nam and get a ride to Dawn's Blossom.4 9055,000
86The Dream BrewDrink the Dream Brew at the Seer's Stone and find the White Pawn.Dynamic Rewards
85Kill Kher ShanKill Kher Shan in Tigers' Wood.9 4069,400
86All We Can SpareDeliver the Scavenged Jade to Lorewalker Cho at Emperor's Omen. Speak with Toya in Dawn's Blossom for a ride.2 4528,000
86Calamity JadeSlay 12 Greenstone Nibblers and 6 Greenstone Gorgers at the Greenstone Quarry.9 80111,000
86Mann's ManLocate Hao Mann at the Greenstone Quarry.7 4083,000
86Trapped!Free 8 Greenstone Miners in the Greenstone Quarry.9 80111,000
86What's Mined Is YoursBoard the jade cart and ride with Hao back to Emperor's Omen.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86I Have No Jade And I Must ScreamRecover 15 Chunks of Jade from Puckish Sprites around the Greenstone Mason's Quarter.9 80111,000
86The Serpent's SpineSpeak to Foreman Raike at the Serpent's Spine in the Jade Forest.4 9055,000
86Love's LaborDeliver the jade to Historian Dinh, Surveyor Sawa, Kitemaster Shoku, and Taskmaster Emi.9 80111,000
86The Temple of the Jade SerpentSpeak to Elder Sage Wind-Yi outside the entrance to the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
86The Scryer's DilemmaKill Water Fiends to recover Wise Mari's Staff.9 80111,000
86A New VisionSpeak to Elder Sage Rain-Zhu.4 9055,000
85The Bees' KneesCollect 8 Bug Legs from Fury Flies in Tigers' Wood.9 4069,400
85Furious FowlCollect 6 Fistfuls of Bird Guts from Bloodtalons in Dookin' Grounds.9 4069,400
85Easy PickingsUse the Gut Bombs at Murky Bank and collect 5 Exploded Slickies.9 4069,400
85Friends and FoesKill 7 Jinyu Skirmishers at the Slicky Stream.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Silly Wikket, Slickies are for HozuCollect 4 Snapper Steaks from the Murky Bank9 4069,400
85Guerrillas in our MidstKill 8 Alliance Infiltrators near the Scenic Overlook.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85Burning Down the HouseUse Nazgrim's Grog to destroy the Alliance Camp atop the Scenic Overlook.9 4069,400
85Dawn's BlossomBring Ka Pao's letter to Toya in Dawn's Blossom.

Speak to the flightmaster in Fort Grookin for passage.
4 7034,700
85Green-ish EnergyGather 7 Methane Deposits in the Dookin' Grounds9 4069,400
85Like Shooting Fish in a... Forest?Speak to Rivett east of Fort Grookin. Use his Methane Grenades to fend off the Jinyu attack.Dynamic Rewards 9 4069,400
85The Scouts ReturnSpeak with Shokia in Fort Grookin.946,940
86The Librarian's QuandarySpeak to Lorewalker Stonestep in the temple library.4 9055,000
86Moth-RiddenKill 8 Dappled Moths.9 80111,000
86Pages of HistorySearch through the library books for infestations, then squash 12 Bookworms.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Everything In Its PlaceSpeak to Elder Sage Rain-Zhu.4 9055,000
86The Rider's BindFind 4 Playful Serpents.9 80111,000
86Lighting Up the SkySet off 6 fireworks.9 80111,000
86The Jade SerpentListen to the Jade Serpent.Dynamic Rewards
86A Book By Its Cover9 80111,000
86Rapid Delivery
85Muster of Fort Grookin946,940
90A Perfect Storm for BrewingBrew the Lightning Lager. If the Fermentors catch on fire, fix them!
85Sufficient MotivationMotivate 10 Lazy Hozen.9 4069,400
86Gauging Our ProgressObtain status reports from Shademaster Kiryn, Rivett Clutchpop, Shokia, and Riko.9 80111,000
86Last Piece of the PuzzleTake Ka Pao's balloon to The Overlook and meditate at the Pao Family Shrine. 9 80111,000
86Overcoming DoubtsWeaken and defeat 5 Lingering Doubts.9 80111,000
86The Time For WarReport to Admiral Taylor in Glassfin Village.7 4083,000
86The Time For WarReturn to General Nazgrim in Fort Grookin.7 4083,000
86Emotional OverflowKill 10 Creeping Doubts.9 80111,000
86Peace From the PiecesBring Ka Pao 8 Chunks of Spirit-Primed Jade.9 80111,000
86An Unexpected AdvantageRetrieve the missing Water-Damaged Gears and Rusty Locking Bolts from the Hozen Ambushers to the East.9 80111,000
86Helping the CauseCheck in with Big Lusshan, Amber Kearnen, and Mishka. 9 80111,000
86Moving ForwardSpeak to the Jade Serpent and travel to Valley of the Four Winds. 7 4083,000
Krasarang Wilds
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
85Ken-KenFind Ken-Ken.946,940
86What's Eating Zhu's Bastion?Speak with the inhabitants in Zhu's Bastion and find someone willing to talk to you.9 80111,000
86Materia MedicaGather 4 Chunks of Honeycomb, 4 Slick Mudfish, and 4 Salty Cores from Zhu Province.9 80111,000
85Kang BramblestaffFind Kang Bramblestaff.946,940
85Kang BramblestaffFind Kang Bramblestaff.946,940
86Finding Yi-MoLook for Yi-Mo Longbrow somewhere northeast of Zhu's Bastion.7 4083,000
86Cheer Up, Yi-MoBring Yi-Mo Longbrow back to Zhu's Bastion.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Tears of PandariaKill 12 Weeping Horrors in Zhu Province.9 80111,000
86Securing the Province[PH] Kill 1 Lizardman Fighterbro and 1 Lizardman Shaman. They are known to inhabit a cave directly west of Zhu's Bastion.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86BorderlandsLight the Memorial Flame of Zhu, Memorial Flame of Rin, and Memorial Flame of Po along the southwest border of Zhu Province.9 80111,000
86Why So Serious?Collect 18 Huge Panther Fangs and 1 Jar of Pigment from the western border of Zhu Province.9 80111,000
86Apply Directly to the ForeheadUse Ken-Ken's Mask to cure 8 Despondent Wardens of Zhu in Zhu's Bastion.9 80111,000
86Zhu's DespairExorcise the Sha of Despair energy from Yi-Mo Longbrow in Zhu's Bastion.Dynamic Rewards 19 60138,000
86Labor for LaborGather 8 pieces of Fire Wood.9 80111,000
86Search PartySearch the Lost Dynasty for Chezin Farwalker.9 80111,000
86Poisoned!Gather 5 Mogu Poisoned Blades.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Skitterer StewGather 5 Intact Skitterer Glands.9 80111,000
86Blind Them!Kill the Sentinel Outrider.9 80111,000
86Profit MasteryObtain 12 Vials of Tiger Blood.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Crane MasteryKill 8 Carp Hunters.9 80111,000
86Threat from DojanKill 6 Dojani Reclaimers and 10 Dojani Scouts.9 80111,000
86The Mogu AgendaRecover the Dojani Orders.9 80111,000
86The Pools of YouthRecover water from the Pools of Youth.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86LifeSpeak with Dezco, and wait the newborn.9 80111,000
87Going WestFind the Sunwalker Scout near the Crane Temple.1 212,900
87Going WestTravel to Farwalker Refuge.1 212,900
87For the TribeRescue 8 Farwalker Captives.10 20129,000
86Herbal RemediesFind 20 Imperial Lotus Leaves.9 80111,000
86Into the WildsLocate the missing Zhu's Bastion Courier in the northern area of the Dojani River, then continue on to the Temple of the Red Crane and speak with Koro Mistwalker.9 80111,000
87The Stoneplow ConvoyUse Imperial Lotus Poultice on 7 Stoneplow Envoys.10 20129,000
87For FamilySearch for Doza Farwalker in the Ruins of Korja.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Thieving RaidersRecover 5 pieces of Pillaged Jinyu Loot.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Raid Leader SlovanKill Slovan.10 20129,000
87The MantidKill 10 Ik'Thallik Precursors. Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
86Into the WildsLocate the missing Zhu's Bastion Courier in the southern area of the Dojani River, then continue on to the Temple of the Red Crane and speak with Koro Mistwalker.9 80111,000
87The Greater DangerKill 8 Korjani Reclaimers.10 20129,000
87Re-ReclaimRecover 10 Mogu Artifacts.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87The MurksweatsGather 6 Murkscale Heads from Murkscale Strikers in Krasarang River.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Unsafe PassageHelp Koro Mistwalker escort a group of refugees from the Temple of the Red Crane to Redwing Refuge. Speak with Koro first to begin.10 20129,000
87Blinding the RiverbladesKill 8 Riverblade Scouts in the areas surrounding Redwing Refuge.10 20129,000
87Sha Can AweHead south from Redwing Refuge to the Temple of the Red Crane. Kill sha near 6 Hopeless Redwing Monks or Acolytes to inspire them.10 20129,000
87Striking the RainKill 18 Haunts of Despair at the Temple of the Red Crane.10 20129,000
87Ahead on the WayKill the Maw of Despair in both the eastern and western pagodas at the Temple of the Red Crane.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87In the House of the Red CraneEnter the basement of the Temple of the Red Crane and defeat the Sha of Despair.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87The Arcanic OublietteFind and disable the 3 Oubliette Shackles.10 20129,000
87The Lost DynastyObtain 6 Dynastic Tablets.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
86Poisoned!Gather 5 Mogu Poisoned Blades from Mogu Reavers in the Lost Dynasty.9 80111,000
87Where is the PoolObtain the Dojani Orders.10 20129,000
86Walking on SunwalkersKill 3 Sunwalker Infiltrators.9 80111,000
87The Pools of YouthObtain some of the Water of Youth.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Immortality?Observe Vaeldrin as he tests the water of youth.10 20129,000
87Threat from DojanKill 6 Dojani Archivists and 10 Dojani Scouts.10 20129,000
87Squirmy DelightGather 5 Intact Skitterer Glands.10 20129,000
87Lotus TeaGather 20 Imperial Lotus Leaves.10 20129,000
87Crane MasteryKill 8 Carp Hunters.10 20129,000
87Profit MasteryObtain 12 Vials of Tiger Blood.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Going on the OffensiveGet Incursion Sentinel's Report.1 212,900
87Going on the OffensiveSpeak with Lyalia at the Sentinel Basecamp in the Krasarang Wilds.1 212,900
87No Sister Left BehindRescue 8 captives of the mogu.10 20129,000
87Sever Their Supply LineKill 8 Korjan Reclaimers.10 20129,000
87The Lord ReclaimerFind the Captured Strikers and kill Groundbreaker Brojai.10 20129,000
87The Waters of YouthGive Vaeldrin's message to Lyalia.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Re-ReclaimRecover 10 Mogu Artifacts.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87The Stoneplow ConvoyUse Imperial Lotus Poultice on 7 Stoneplow Envoys.10 20129,000
88The MantidKill 10 Ik'Thallik Precursors. Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
87Sea SnakesGather 6 Murkscale Heads from Murkscale Strikers in Krasarang River.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Blind Them!Kill the Sunwalker Scout.10 20129,000
86Into the WildsLocate Koro Mistwalker near the Temple of the Red Crane at the southern end of Krasarang River.9 80111,000
86Into the WildsLocate Koro Mistwalker near the Temple of the Red Crane at the southern end of Krasarang River.9 80111,000
87Sudden, Unexpected Crocolisk AggressionSlay 8 Mortbreath crocolisks at Kea Krak.Dynamic Rewards 10 20129,000
87Build Your Own RaftObtain 4 Spare Planks and some Tough Kelp.1 232,000
87The Lorewalker on the LakeBoard your raft, then report to Wise Ana Wu in the middle of Nayeli Lagoon.1 212,900
87Wisdom Has A PriceObtain 5 Shark Fillets.10 20129,000
87Particular PlumageObtain 6 Emerald Tailfeathers, 6 Crimson Tailfeathers, and 6 Dusky Tailfeathers.10 20129,000
87BalanceSlay 10 Unga Fish-Getters.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87Balance Without ViolenceThrow 6 Flailing Carp into Nayeli Lagoon.129,000
87Buried Hozen TreasureFind the Buried Hozen Treasure.129,000
87Shuttle Service
87MiseryPut Nahassa out his misery.193,000
87Tread LightlyUse "Scrutiny" to set off 10 Riverblade Spike Traps from a safe distance.10 20129,000
90Chasing HopeTouch 3 Spirits of the Crane.11 40236,000
90Gifts of the Great CraneObtain 10 Gifts of the Great Crane.11 40236,000
90Students of Chi-JiDuel 10 Students of Chi-Ji.11 40236,000
90Ellia RavenmaneDefeat Ellia Ravenmane at the Angkhal Pavilion.22 80294,000
90Minh Do-TanDefeat Minh Do-Tan.22 80294,000
90Ellia Ravenmane: RematchDefeat Ellia Ravenmane near the base of the Pedestal of Hope.22 80294,000
90Fat Long-FatDefeat Fat Long-Fat at the top of Angkhal Pavilion.22 80294,000
90Julia BatesDefeat Julia Bates.22 80294,000
90Dextrous IzisshaDefeat Dextrous Izissha.22 80294,000
90Kuo-Na QuillpawDefeat Kuo-Na Quillpaw.22 80294,000
90Ellia Ravenmane: RevengeDefeat Ellia Ravenmane at Dome Balrissa.22 80294,000
90Tukka-TukDefeat Tukka-Tuk.22 80294,000
90Huck WheelbarrowDefeat Huck Wheelbarrow.22 80294,000
90Mindel SunspeakerDefeat Mindel Sunspeaker.22 80294,000
90Yan QuillpawDefeat Yan Quillpaw at the Pedestal of Hope.22 80294,000
90Fat Long-Fat: RematchDefeat Fat Long-Fat atop Dome Belrissa.22 80294,000
90TheloniusDefeat Thelonius.22 80294,000
90Ellia Ravenmane: RedemptionDefeat Ellia Ravenmane atop the Pedestal of Hope.22 80294,000
90Champion of Chi-JiDefeat a Champion of Chi-Ji.22 80294,000
Valley of the Four Winds
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
85Clever AshyoFind Clever Ashyo.94 (or 0 if completed at level 90)
86Ashyo's VisionSpeak with Ashyo at the Pools of Purity and observe his ritual.9 80111,000
86The Golden DreamBring a Sprig of Dreamleaf to Yan in New Cifera.9 80111,000
86Spawns of ZitKill 20 Spawns of Zit at the Pools of Purity.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86BottletoadsScoop toad eggs from 8 Gurgling Toadspawn on the top level of the Pools of Purity.9 80111,000
86This is ZitSpeak with Zhang Yue at the Pools of Purity.9 80111,000
85Lin TenderpawFind Lin Tenderpaw.946,940
86Stemming the SwarmSlay 14 Ik'thallik mantid in Stoneplow.9 80111,000
86A Poor Grasp of the BasicsUnearth 7 pieces of farm equipment.9 80111,000
86Chen and Li LiFollow Chen Stormstout to Pang's Stead.9811,100
86A Seemingly Endless NuisanceSlay 10 Virmen Scouts, Virmen Ranchers, or Virmen Troublemakers.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Low Turnip TurnoutFind Ang Thunderfoot.9811,100
86Taking a CropObtain 5 Stolen Turnips and 5 Stolen Watermelons.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Practically Perfect ProduceBring the Crate of Fresh Crops to Pang Thunderfoot.
86The Fabulous Miss FannyBring Ang's Giant Pink Turnip, Ang's Summer Watermelon, and Pang's Extra-Spicy Tofu to Miss Fanny, and ask her to deliver them. The food must land on Thunderfoot Ranch.7 4083,000
86Rampaging RodentsMove 6 Plump Marmots off of Thunderfoot Farm, and fill in 6 Marmot Holes.9 80111,000
86The Meat They'll EatObtain 6 Mushan Steaks and 6 Toad Bellies.9 80111,000
86Back to the StyFind Jian, Ling, and Smelly.9 80111,000
86A Neighbor's DutyBring the Wayward Lamb to Francis the Shepherd Boy.9811,100
86Piercing Talons and Slavering JawsKill 5 Thieving Plainshawks and 6 Thieving Wolves.7 4083,000
86LupelloSlay Lupello.9 80111,000
86A Lesson in BraveryUse the Rancher's Lariat to lasso and defeat a Great White Plainshawk.Dynamic Rewards 19 60138,000
86Great Minds Drink AlikeEscort Chen Stormstout and Li Li to the brewery in the southwest.4 9055,000
86Leaders Among BreedersSlay Aiyu the Skillet, Jinanya the Clawblade, and Frenzyhop.9 80111,000
86The Warren-MotherDefeat Chufa.9 80138,000
86LegacyHave a drink with Chen, Li Li, and Mudmug.9828,000
86Li Li's Day OffBring Li Li to the Silkmasters, New Cifera, and Huangtze Falls.9 80111,000
86Yellow and Red Make OrangeObtain 10 Meadow Marigolds and 40 Vials of Animal Blood.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Crouching Carrot, Hidden TurnipToss Orange-Colored Turnips in front of 12 Virmen Hoarders.9 80111,000
86Thieves to the CoreRecover 6 Stolen Sacks of Hopsfrom the Twisted Warren.9 80111,000
86Muddy WaterUse Mudmug's Vial to gather muddy water.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Broken DreamsSpeak with Chen Stormstout and listen to his story.Dynamic Rewards 19 60138,000
86Evacuation OrdersEvacuate the Blacksoil Family, the Spadepaw Family, the Greentiller Family, and the Marlfur Family.9 80111,000
86The Hidden MasterFind Master Bruised Paw in the Valley of the Four Winds.9811,100
86Unyielding Fists: Trial of BambooSpeak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Bamboo Reeds 3 times.9 80111,000
86They Will Be MistSlay 12 Mist Incarnations.9 80111,000
86Fog WardsLight the Northern Fog Ward, the Western Fog Ward, and the Southern Fog Ward.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Unyielding Fists: Trial of WoodSpeak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Wooden Blocks 4 times.9 80111,000
86A Taste For EggsObtain 10 Emperor Tern Eggs, 4 Whitefisher Crane Eggs, and 1 Hornbill Strider Egg.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Unyielding Fists: Trial of StoneSpeak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Stone Blocks 5 times.19 60138,000
86Training and DisciplineReport to Watch-Commander Loon Mai at Stoneplow in the Valley of the Four Winds.9811,100
86Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By ReputationGather 18 Jademoon Leaves.9 80111,000
86A Breach in the Wall
86Running Out of Options
86Grain RecoveryBring 6 Sacks of Grain to Grainlord Kai.9 80111,000
86Wee Little ShenanigansKill 8 Tricky Maizers.9 80111,000
86Doesn't Hold WaterSpeak with Mudmug at the Gilded Fan in the Valley of the Four Winds.9811,100
86The Quest for Better BarleyFind the Malted Cave Barley at the base of the Cliffs of Despair.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Great Water HuntGuide Mudmug to Swirling Pools within the Gilded Fan, and help him collect 30 pawfuls of Gladewater.

If you become separated from Mudmug, you can find him next to the giant banana in the Gilded Fan.
Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86The Chen Taste TestReturn to Chen Stormstout.9 80111,000
86Barreling AlongLead Mudmug back to Halfhill.

If you become separated from Mudmug, you can find him next to the giant banana in the Gilded Fan.
87The EmperorStand by and help Chen Stormstout with his brew.1 212,900
87Knocking on the DoorMeet up with Chen Stormstout at the entrance of the Stormstout Brewery.1 212,900
86Out of SpriteDefeat Cornan the Barley Barbarian.9 80111,000
86Li Li and the GrainSpeak with Li Li at the Grand Granary in the Valley of the Four Winds.9811,100
86Taste TestTaste the Aged Grain, Light Grain, Fresh Grain, and Malted Grain. 9 80111,000
86Chen's ResolutionMeet up with Chen Stormstout at Halfhill.9811,100
86A Pandaren Man and a Watering CanListen to Farmer Fung's orders and water 100 of his vegetables.

You can water plants while mounted.
Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Weed WarPull 100 weeds from Gai Lan's field.

You can pull weeds while mounted.
9 80111,000
86Hop HuntingAsk Farmer Fung, Gai Lan, and Haohan Mudclaw for hops.9 80111,000
86Stormstout's HopsReturn to Chen Stormstout in Halfhill.9 80111,000
86Enough is Ookin' EnoughObtain 100 Virmen Teeth.9 80111,000
86The Farmer's DaughterFind Mina Mudclaw.9 80111,000
86Seeing OrangeBring Mina Mudclaw back home to her father.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Mothran!Bait and defeat Mothran.9 80111,000
86The Moth RebellionKill 8 Silkspawn.9 80111,000
86Where Silk Comes FromObtain Mulberry Leaves, feed 5 Silkworm Larvae, and get Raw Silk.9 80111,000
87Clear the WaySlay 10 Ale-Addled Hozen or Mischievous Virmen.10 20129,000
87Cleaning HouseDefeat Eddy, Jooga, and the Fizzy Yellow Alemental.Dynamic Rewards 30 60193,000
87Stoneplow ThirstsDeliver a cask of The Emperor to Watch-Commander Loon Mai at Stoneplow in the Valley of the Four Winds.1 212,900
87The Fanciest WaterObtain 3 Spritewater Essences.10 20129,000
87Barrels, ManFree 7 Barreled Pandaren.10 20129,000
87Into the Brewery
85The Search for the Hidden MasterListen to Xiao and his companions.6,940
85FLAG - Kung Fu IntroListen to Xiao and his companions.6,940
90A Ruby Shard for Ella
87Warn StoneplowTravel to Stoneplow Village in Valley of the Four Winds.1 212,900
86Mushan MasteryKill 15 Dustback Mushans.9 80111,000
86Mushan Mastery: DarkhideObtain Darkhide's Head.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Toad MasteryGather 5 Ripe Toad Carcasses.9 80111,000
86Parental MasteryDestroy Torjar's Bane.Dynamic Rewards 9 80111,000
86Wolf MasteryKill 15 Gorge Stalkers.9 80111,000
86Fox MasteryKill 15 Shadow Foxes.9 80111,000
90A Lovely Apple for Ella × 1
90A Helping HandDestroy 8 Unbudging Rocks.
90The Family FarmJoin Farmer Yoon.
90Learn and Grow I: SeedsSpeak with Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market and acquire a Packet of Green Cabbage Seeds.11 40236,000
90Learn and Grow II: Tilling and PlantingTill 2 plots of Untilled Soil to create Tilled Soil. Then, use the EZ-Gro Green Cabbage Seeds on 2 plots of Tilled Soil.11 40236,000
90Learn and Grow III: Tending CropsUse the Rusty Watering Can to water 2 Parched EZ-Gro Green Cabbages at Sunsong Ranch.11 40236,000
90Learn and Grow IV: HarvestingHarvest 2 EZ-Gro Green Cabbages from your field and bring them to Farmer Yoon in Sunsong Ranch.
90Halfhill MarketCollect the Marsh Lotus underneath Farmer Yoon's house and give it to Gina Mudclaw.
90Mung Mung's VoteSpeak to Mung-Mung at Haohan Mudclaw's House in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90Rotten to the Core Collect 8 Partially Chewed Carrots.
90Growing the Farm ISpeak to Gai Lan at the Fruited Fields in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90A Little ProblemGather 6 Spideroot for Gai Lan.
86Watery WoesObtain 10 Glade Glimmers and 5 Spindly Bloodfeathers.9 80111,000
87Hope Springs Eternal7 7097,000
86A Crocolisk TaleBring the Enormous Crocolisk Tail to Yan at New Cifera in the Valley of the Four Winds.9 80111,000
90[NYI] Water, Water Everywhere
90Chasing the ChickenPick up Hillpaw's Chickens until you find his Prize-Winning Chicken.11 40236,000
90Pest ProblemsSpeak with Wika-Wika, then stomp on 25 Black-Nose Marmots.11 40236,000
90Weed War IISpeak to Gai Lan, then pick 100 Weeds on his farm. You can pick Weeds while mounted.11 40236,000
90Money MattersObtain Spicemaster Jin Jao's Payment, Trader Jambeezi's Payment, Innkeeper Lei Lan's Payment, and Lolo Lio's payment.11 40236,000
90They Don't Even Wear ThemObtain a Stolen Circlet, a Ransacked Ring, and a Burglarized Bracelet.11 40236,000
90Not in Chee-Chee's BackyardKill 8 members of the Kunzen tribe in the Kunzen Village.11 40236,000
90Where It CountsThrow 8 Kunzen Ritual Candles, kick 4 Blazing Embers, and slay 1 Kunzen Ritualist.11 40236,000
90The Kunzen Legend-ChiefObtain a Kunzen Legend-Book from a Kunzen Legend-Chief.11 40236,000
90You Have to Burn the RopesBurn 6 Kunzen Ropes.11 40236,000
90The Lesser of Two EvilsSlay the Springtail Warren-Mother.11 40236,000
90Stealing is Bad... Re-Stealing is OKRe-steal 16 Stolen Vegetables.11 40236,000
90Stalling the RavageSlay 12 Kunzen Hozen.11 40236,000
90The Kunzen Hunter-ChiefSlay the Kunzen Hunter-Chief.11 40236,000
90Simian SabotageUse the Barrel of Fireworks near the Pile of Stolen Weapons, the Pile of Stolen Tools, the Pile of Stolen Beer, and the Pile of Stolen Grain.11 40236,000
87Warn StoneplowTravel to Stoneplow Village in Valley of the Four Winds.1 212,900
90A Ruby Shard for Gina
90A Lovely Apple for Gina
90A Jade Cat for Ella
90A Blue Feather for Ella
90A Marsh Lily for Ella
90A Dish for Ella
90A Jade Cat for Gina
90A Blue Feather for Gina
90A Marsh Lily for Gina
90A Dish for Gina
90A Ruby Shard for Old Hillpaw
90A Lovely Apple for Old Hillpaw
90A Jade Cat for Old Hillpaw
90A Blue Feather for Old Hillpaw
90A Marsh Lily for Old Hillpaw
90A Dish for Old Hillpaw
90A Ruby Shard for Chee Chee
90A Lovely Apple for Chee Chee
90A Jade Cat for Chee Chee
90A Blue Feather for Chee Chee
90A Marsh Lily for Chee Chee
90A Dish for Chee Chee
90A Ruby Shard for Sho
90A Lovely Apple for Sho
90A Jade Cat for Sho
90A Blue Feather for Sho
90A Marsh Lily for Sho
90A Dish for Sho
90A Ruby Shard for Haohan
90A Lovely Apple for Haohan
90A Jade Cat for Haohan
90A Blue Feather for Haohan
90A Marsh Lily for Haohan
90A Dish for Haohan
90A Ruby Shard for Chee Chee
90A Ruby Shard for Farmer Fung
90A Lovely Apple for Farmer Fung
90A Jade Cat for Farmer Fung
90A Blue Feather for Farmer Fung
90A Marsh Lily for Farmer Fung
90A Dish for Farmer Fung
90A Ruby Shard for Fish
90A Lovely Apple for Fish
90A Jade Cat for Fish
90A Blue Feather for Fish
90A Marsh Lily for Fish
90A Dish for Fish
90A Ruby Shard for Tina
90A Lovely Apple for Tina
90A Jade Cat for Tina
90A Blue Feather for Tina
90A Marsh Lily for Tina
90A Dish for Tina
90A Ruby Shard for Jogu
90A Lovely Apple for Jogu
90A Jade Cat for Jogu
90A Blue Feather for Jogu
90A Marsh Lily for Jogu
90A Dish for Jogu
90A Gift For TinaObtain an Uncut Chrysoberyl.11 40236,000
90A Gift For Chee CheeObtain an Authentic Hozen Stir Fry.11 40236,000
90A Gift For ShoObtain a bowl of Yu-Ping Soup.11 40236,000
90A Gift For FishObtain a Yak Statuette from the inside of a Kunzen hozen hut.11 40236,000
90A Gift For EllaObtain Spicy Shrimp Dumplings.11 40236,000
90A Gift For FungObtain a Bloody Plainshawk Leg from a Monstrous Plainshawk, and then bring it to Kol Ironpaw in the Halfhill Market.11 40236,000
90A Gift For Old HillpawFind a Blue Freshwater Pearl.11 40236,000
90A Gift For HaohanObtain an Enormous Cattail Grouper Tooth.11 40236,000
90A Gift For JoguObtain 8 of Yoon's Apples and 50 of Yoon's Craneberries, then bring them to Bobo Ironpaw to brew into Apple-Berry Hooch.11 40236,000
90A Gift For GinaObtain a Goldenfire Orchid.11 40236,000
90Farmer Fung's VoteSpeak to Farmer Fung at the Fruited Fields or the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90On the Loose [CURRENTLY BROKEN]Return 5 Escaped Buckskins to Farmer Fung's horse pen at the very north end of the Verdant Belt.
90Gina's VoteSpeak to Gina Mudclaw at the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90Tummy TroublePurchase Gooseberries from Gina Mudclaw, then use them to cure sick Halfhill Villagers.
90Haohan's VoteSpeak to Haohan Mudclaw at the Fruited Fields or at Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90The Real CulpritsInvestigate 8 Suspicious Footprints.
90Growing the Farm IISpeak to Fish Fellreed at Cattail Lake or the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90Knock on WoodCollect 100 Waxed Planks.
90Pure PoisonCollect 1 Bloodbloom, 1 Cave Lily, 1 Ghostcap, and 1 Violet Lichen.
90Lost and LonelyCollect 20 Sungraze T-Bone from the Sungraze Mushan in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90The Melon FelonSteal 4 Pink Melon in the Fruited Fields.
90Chief Yip-YipKill Chief Yip-Yip at Kunzen Cave to the northwest.
90Growing the Farm IIISpeak to Haohan Mudclaw in the Fruited Fields or at Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.
90A Second HandSpeak to one of your best friends and ask them to work on Yoon's Farm.
85FLAG - Weed War TrainingListen to Xiao and his companions.6,940
85FLAG - Pest Problems TrainingListen to Xiao and his companions.6,940
87The Swarm BeginsSlay 15 Ik'thallik Storm Troopers or Ik'thallik Infestors.10 20129,000
87Students No MoreFind the martial arts students, then help them defeat an Ik'thallik Bloodrager, Egg-Matron, Tendon-Slicer, and Fearmonger.20 40161,000
87Retreat!Report to Watch Commander Loon Mai at Stoneplow in the Valley of the Four Winds.1 212,900
87The MantidoteUse Ken-Ken's Mask on 5 Fear-Driven Brutes, then defeat the Manifestations of Fear that come out.161,000
87It Does You No Good In The KegBring beer to Zhu's Wardens, the Redwing Priests, the Shado-Pan, and the night elf settlers.161,000
87The Savior of StoneplowSpeak with Miss Fanny at Stoneplow. Then, with her help, defeat the Mantid Colossus.30 60193,000
85The Gratitude of StoneplowFind the Commander's Cache and collect your reward.Dynamic Rewards 28 206,940
85FLAG - Player Began FinaleListen to Xiao and his companions.6,940
87It Does You No Good In The KegBring beer to Zhu's Wardens, the Redwing Priests, the Shado-Pan, and the night elf settlers.161,000
Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
90Kill Wood Sprites
90Construction Materials from Sprites
90Stamping Out Fires From Braziers By Sprites
90Gainly GazelleRetrieve 10 slabs of Fairlands Gazelle Meat.11 40236,000
90Ferocious FeralmawKill 8 Feralmaw Wolves.11 40236,000
90Blooming BlossomsCollect 10 Eternal Blossoms.11 40236,000
90Gather Mushrooms in Graveyard
90Cart RideRide a delivery cart to XXX Village.5 70118,000
90Kill SpidersKill 8 Ashweb Spiders.11 40236,000
90Destroy Spider PodsKill 20 Ashweb Spiderlings. Use Kun's torch to burn them inside their pods.11 40236,000
90Recover Artifact Game w/ Sprites
90Recover Impedded Runestones in Ruin Walls
90Kill Spider MatriarchKill the Ashweb Matriarch.22 80294,000
90Kill Quilin GuardianKill the Ancient Quilin Guardian.22 80294,000
90Kill Wood SpritesKill 8 Stonebark Tricksters.11 40236,000
90Pomfruit PickupGather 12 Pomfruit.11 40236,000
90Kill Owls
90Kill Named WolfKill Feralmaw.11 40236,000
90Kill Named CrocodileKill Vicejaw and return Ren's Longstaff.11 40236,000
90Subdue Named Water Spirit
90Subdue Named Air Spirit
90The Pandaren Uprising RelivedKill 8 Ancient Mogu Spirits.11 40236,000
90Return to RestHonor 6 Pandaren Gravestones.11 40236,000
90Kill Named Mogu Spirit
90Survival Ring: FireEnter the Survival Ring and survive for 90 seconds without leaving.11 40236,000
90Survive Attackers For Time
90Oil Off the WallUse a Great Wall Hot Oil Bucket to kill 30 mantid near the Great Wall.11 40236,000
90Mantid Through The GatesKill 10 Mantid in the Great Wall Courtyard.11 40236,000
90Kill Tank Bug that Burrowed ThroughKill the Tank Bug.22 80294,000
90In Enemy HandsRecover 3 Shadowpan Scout reports.11 40236,000
90One Step AheadKill Wild Mogu Leader.22 80294,000
90Kill Mantid on top of the WallKill 10 mantid on top of the Great Wall.11 40236,000
90Rolling Course: Golden Valley11 40236,000
90Survive Mounted Assault
90Kill Named Mantid On Top of WallKill the Named Flying Mantid.22 80294,000
90Rolling Course: Great Wall
90Mantid Bombing RunUse a Shadowpan Sky Serpent to kill 60 mantid.11 40236,000
90Recover Gems from Statue EyesRecover 8 Shining Rubies.11 40236,000
90Mantid Aerial Shooting Gallery
90Gate Opening
90Meet the Golden Lotus
90Mogu at the Gates
90War in the Vale
90Kill MoguKill 8 Mogu Soulstealers at Whitepetal Lake.11 40236,000
90Kill Spiritbinder/Possessed Lizard Man OR Spiritbinder/ThrongKill Torg Mindbender and retrieve his spirit beads.22 80294,000
90Burn Mogu BannersBurn 6 Mogu Banners.11 40236,000
90Stop Mogu RitualDestroy 10 Mogu Ritual Objects.11 40236,000
90Kill Swarm FishKill 20 Knifetooth Swarmers.11 40236,000
90Recover Precious ItemsRecover 8 precious items for the Whitefall Villagers.11 40236,000
90Rescue Cornered VillagersRescue 6 Cornered Mistfall Villagers.11 40236,000
90Kill MoguKill 8 mogu attackers in Mistfall Village.11 40236,000
90Put Out Fires
90Possessed Villagers to Low HealthSubdue 6 Possessed Mistfall Villagers.11 40236,000
90Kill QuilinKill 8 Stonebound Quilin.11 40236,000
90Recover Stunned Fish from Ren's "Fishing"Collect 12 In-tact Whitepetal Fish.11 40236,000
90Kill Possesed Lizard Men (Day type)Kill 8 Possessed Lizard Men.11 40236,000
90Beat Down Possessed Defenders (Day type)Beat 6 Possessed Whitepetal Defenders until they're freed of mogu possession. (OR DISPEL THEM!)11 40236,000
90Prevent Spirits from being pulled from corpsesRead the Rite of Release at the bodies of 6 Fallen Golden Lotus Defenders.11 40236,000
1Turn-in Quest Test Case210
90Kill Named Mogu Spirit BinderKill Named Mogu Warrior Leader.22 80294,000
90Kill Named Mogu Warrior LeaderKill Named Mogu Warrior Leader.22 80294,000
90Kill Mogu
90Kill Mogu StatuesDestroy 6 Living Mogu Statues.11 40236,000
90Rescue PrisonersFree 6 Golden Lotus Prisoners.11 40236,000
90Burn Mogu Tents/Encampments
90Kill Name Mogu Warrior Leader
90Kill Name Mogu Hybrid Leader
90Destroy Mogu Statues (some come to life)Destroy 6 Mogu Statues.11 40236,000
90Lure Mogu Ruins Traps set by HeLure mogu into 6 traps in the Guo Lai Ruins.11 40236,000
90The Battle RingDefeated 20 Shadowpan Trainees in the Battle Ring.11 40236,000
90Kill Quilin
90Kill Mogu (Day type)Kill 8 mogu attackers near the Twin Monoliths.11 40236,000
90Kill Mogu Statues (Day type)Destroy 6 Mogu Effigies near the Twin Monoliths.11 40236,000
90Kill Possessed Sky Serpent (Day type)Kill a Subjugated Serpent.11 40236,000
90Raise Fallen Standards (buffs nearby allies)Erect 6 Golden Lotus Standards.8 60236,000
90Heal Wounded DefendersHeal 10 Wounded Golden Lotus Defenders.11 40236,000
90Kill Fog Creatures (Day type)Kill 8 Fog Creatures.11 40236,000
90Kill Lizard Men (Day type)Kill 8 Lizard Men.11 40236,000
1Normal Quest Test CaseGive me stuff.420
90Recover Spent Arrows
90Enter Spirit Vortex, Kill Loose SpiritsEnter Spirit Vortexes and free 30 pandaren spirits inside.11 40236,000
90Recover ArtifactsRecover 8 Whitepetal Artifacts.11 40236,000
90Gather Bait from Dirt
90Gather Reeds Along River For Fishing Poles
90Kill Stealthed Mogu Scouts (Day type)Kill 6 Mogu Scouts.11 40236,000
90Kill CrocodilesKill 8 Stillwater Crocodiles.11 40236,000
90Training Grounds BreadcrumbSpeak to Angi Autumnlight at the XXX Training Camp.5 70118,000
90No Rest for the OppressorsKill 8 mogu near Wulan's Grasp.11 40236,000
90Recover Runestones (also drop from Mogu!)Collect 12 Guo Lai Runestones.11 40236,000
87Into the ValeSpeak to Zhi the Harmonious at the Twin Monoliths in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.5 1064,000
87The Golden LotusFind Kuru the Light-Hearted, Sinan the Just, and Jaluu the Generous in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.10 20129,000
90The Guo Lai RuinsSpeak to Anji Autumnlight at the Guo Lai Ruins in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.5 70118,000
90Out with the ScoutsKill 8 Mogu Scouts.
90Killing the QuilinKill 9 Stone Guardians.11 40236,000
90Barring EntrySpeak to He Softfoot at the entrance to Ruins Rise and follow him up the trail. Then, plant the Explosive Keg at the Ruins Rise Cave Entrance.
90Stones of PowerCollect 7 Revelite Crystals.11 40236,000
90The Guo Lai DepthsInvestigate the mogu presence in the Guo Lai Depths.11 40236,000
90Leaving an OpeningSpeak to Leven Dawnblade at the Twin Monoliths in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.5 70118,000
90PH-Unlocking the Door - Honored
90Battle Spear of the Thunder KingRetrieve the Battle Spear of the Thunder King.11 40236,000
90Battle Helm of the Thunder KingRetrieve the Battle Helm of the Thunder King.11 40236,000
90Battle Axe of the Thunder KingRetrieve the Battle Axe of the Thunder King.11 40236,000
90The Mogu's MessageSpeak to Zhi the Harmonious at The Silent Sanctuary in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.5 70118,000
90What Comes to PassSpeak to Sun Tenderheart at the Twin Monoliths in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.5 70118,000
90The Might of ThreeSlay 100 mogu invaders at the Summer Fields in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.11 40236,000
90The Final PowerKill Warlord [Kamu Stormfist].22 80294,000
87The Golden LotusFind Mokimo the Strong, Sinan the Just, and Jaluu the Generous in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.10 20129,000
90The Guo Lai DepthsInvestigate the mogu presence in the Guo Lai Depths.11 40236,000
90The Lorewalkers1 1423,600
90Your Private Collection1 1423,600
90The Humble Grummle11 40236,000
Dread Wastes
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
90Dread SpaceSpeak with Bowmistress Li Tsz-Wai on the Pandaren Wall overlooking the Dread Wastes.
90Falling DownUse the Shado-Pan Rope to descend into the [SPIDER RUINS] and search for the fallen Shado-Pan marksman.11 40236,000
90NopeUse the Shado-Pan Dragon Gun to destroy 20 Dreadspinner Eggs in the [SPIDER RUINS].11 40236,000
90Psycho MantidInvestigate Marksman Lann's report of mantid infighting at the [SPIDER RUINS].
90Spider Ruins 04
90Spider Ruins 05
90Spider Ruins 06
90Spider Ruins 07
90Spider Ruins 08
90Spider Ruins 09
90Spider Ruins 10
90The Final ParagonPH
90BreadcrumbSpeak to [Paragon 1] at Dreadwater Lake in the Dread Wastes.
90Feeding HabitsCollect 6 Digested Food Parts from Coldbite Crocolisks.11 40236,000
90Within the AmberCollect 8 Amber Fragments.11 40236,000
90SavageryKill 12 Dreadwater Savages.11 40236,000
90Relics of the SwarmCollect 8 Mantid Relics.11 40236,000
90A Suitable OfferingCollect 8 Fox Haunches.11 40236,000
90A Taste For BloodCollect 50 Blood Lilies.11 40236,000
90Gu'jawKill Gu'jaw.
90Paragon 5Kill Gu'jaw.
Townlong Steppes
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
89My Husband...Meet up with Suna Silentstrike at Longying Outpost in the Townlong Steppes.5 5098,000
89A Foot in the DoorKill 8 Osul Chargers.11196,000
89First AssaultKill 12 Osul Sharphorns.11196,000
89Seeing RedKill 12 Osul Spearguards.11196,000
89Running RampantScare 8 Long-Haired Yaks or Steppebeasts.11196,000
89Pitching InCollect 8 Dark Pitch.11196,000
89ShaftedUse Ban's Bow to destroy 6 Osul Ballistas.11196,000
89Ranger RescueUnlock Drystone Cages to save 4 Longying Rangers and Lin Silentstrike.11196,000
89The ExileKill Urang, Ku-Tong, and Battat.11196,000
89Jung DukPlant the Shado-Pan Banner on the Ceremonial Pile, then kill Jung Duk.22245,000
89In Search of SunaRide the Shado-Pan Caravan. Speak to Ban Bearheart after arriving at Palewind Village.5 5098,000
89Dust to DustUse the Shado-Pan Torch on 8 Palewind Villagers.11196,000
89Slaying the ScavengersKill 12 Ashfang Hyenas.11196,000
89Totemic ResearchCollect 9 Palewind Totems.11196,000
89What Lies BeneathSpeak to Yalia Sagewhisper to begin the ceremony.

Then, activate the Totem of Kindness, the Totem of Love, and the Totem of Serenity.
89Last Toll of the YaungolTake Xiao Tu to the smoke trails in Palewind Village.11196,000
89Spiteful SpiritsKill 15 Spiteful Spirits.11196,000
89Hatred Becomes UsUse the Totem of Harmony to exorcize sha spirits from 10 Crazed Shado-Pan Rangers. Defeat the Seething Hatreds to purify your allies.11196,000
89The Point of No ReturnFind Suna Silentstrike.11196,000
89PH - South PostSpeak to Lord Taran Zhu at [South Post] in the Townlong Steppes.5 5098,000
89A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My SoulSlay Dmong Naruuk, the shaman who holds Orbiss hostage.11196,000
89The TorchesObtain 6 Mist-Shaman's Torches.11196,000
89GolgossSummon Golgoss by planting the Mist-Shaman's Torches into the Peat Clump in the Upper Sumprushes.11196,000
89ArconissSummon Arconiss by planting the Mist-Shaman's Torches into the Peat Mound in the Upper Sumprushes.11196,000
89The Death of MeRemove the spear from Orbiss.1 1019,600
89Golgoss HungersObtain 10 Snarlvines.11196,000
89Arconiss ThirstsObtain 4 Clotted Rodent's Blood.11196,000
89Orbiss FadesObtain 8 Gushing Mists by walking through mist geysers in the Upper Sumprushes.11196,000
89Mists' OpportunitySlay Jahesh of Osul.22245,000
89Behind the BlockadeMeet with Taoshi at Dampsoil Burrow.2 7549,000
89Unwelcome IntrudersKill 12 Sik'thik Deep-scouts with Taoshi's help.11196,000
89Breach in the DefensesUse the Shado-Pan Flare to aid in killing 10 Mantid Scent-layers.11196,000
89The Restless WatchDeliver return orders to Scout Wei-chin, Scout Long, Scout Ying, and Scout Jai-gan.11196,000
89Returning from the PassReport in to Teran Zhu at the Gao-ran Blockade.2 7549,000
89The Endless SwarmKill 12 Sik'thik Attackers at the Gao-ran Blockade.11196,000
89Improvised AmmunitionRecover 12 Globe Seeds from the Widening Deep.11196,000
89Cutting the SwarmUse a Dragon Launcher to kill 80 swaming mantid.11196,000
89Trap SettingRearm 8 Shado-Pan Spike Traps.11196,000
89Treatment for the TroopsCollect 10 Violet Citron.11196,000
89Back on Their FeetHeal 8 Injured Shado-Pan Blackguards.11196,000
89Rumaging Through the RemainsRecover 18 Sik'thik Limbs.11196,000
89Thieves and TroublemakersKill 10 Agitated Root Sprites.11196,000
89In the Wrong HandsRecover Initiate Chao's Sword.11196,000
89Rearm archers at aerial landing11196,000
89On Top of the Beast11196,000
89Start the Sha Hunt11196,000
89The Motives of the MantidSlay mantid in Kri'vess so Tai Ho can look for clues on their bodies.11196,000
89Set the Mantid BackUse Gunpowder Casks to explode the Kri'thik Weapons and the Kri'thik Supplies in Kri'vess.11196,000
89The Wisdom of NiuzaoSpeak with Tai Ho at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.11196,000
89Niuzao Requires Proof11196,000
89Natural AntisepticObtain 800 units of Mushan Saliva.11196,000
89The Truth11196,000
89Give Them Peace11196,000
89Scum and Filth11196,000
89Bad YakHelp Bluesaddle replace his defective yak.5 5098,000
89Pick a YakUse the Yak Lasso on Wild Townlong Yaks, then fight against them to see if they are suitable for Bluesaddle.196,000
89My Father's CrossbowObtain Ku-Yao's Crossbow.11196,000
89Father's Footsteps11196,000
90The Unending SiegeDefeat 12 Sri'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple.22 80294,000
90Fallen SentinelsHeal 8 Wounded Niuzao Sentinels above 50% health. You may use the Yak's Milk Flasks or your own healing spells and abilities.11 40236,000
90A Blade is a BladeObtain 10 Sri'thik Weapons.11 40236,000
90Paying TributeObtain 10 [NIUZAO FOOD].11 40236,000
90The Siege SwellsDefeat 25 Sri'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple.22 80294,000
90The Overwhelming SwarmDefeat 4 Sri'thik Kunchong.11 40236,000
90In Battle's ShadowThrow 10 Loose Stones up to Niuzao Stonemasons.11 40236,000
90The Big GunsDestroy 3 Sri'thik War Wagons.11 40236,000
89The Field ArmorerObtain 120 Rankbite Shell Fragments.11196,000
89A Proper PoulticeObtain 11 Mao-Willows.11196,000
89Imprison Sha of Hatred11196,000
89Kill Sha-infested Wildlife11196,000
89Gather arrows11196,000
89Meet Teran at Bridge11196,000
89Kill Mantid Attackers11196,000
89Throw tankards to troops11196,000
89Fight beside Lao-chen on far side of bridge11196,000
89Travel to crossroads11196,000
89Kill mantid that have landed11196,000
89Shoot down flyers over gap (with personal big flyer at end)11196,000
89Go into gap with hero-boy to finish off big thing11196,000
89Return to crossroads to see named guys gathered11196,000
89Hunt down named mantid with named Shado-Pan11196,000
Kun-Lai Summit
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
87Call Out Their LeaderSlay 10 yaungol in the Kun-Lai Pass until the Yaungol War Leader appears. Then kill him.20 40161,000
87All of the ArrowsCollect 12 Arrows for Commander Hsieh.10 20129,000
87Hit MedicineUse the Dit Da Jow or your own healing to aid 8 Injured Binan Warriors.10 20129,000
87General Nazgrim has AwakenedSpeak with General Nazgrim at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87General Nazgrim has AwakenedSpeak with General Nazgrim at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87General Nazgrim has AwakenedSpeak with General Nazgrim at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Scout it OutInteract with the Gravestone at Easterly Rest in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Challenge AcceptedSet the Yaungol Banner ablaze to summon and defeat Ur-Bataar.161,000
87My Son...Find Wu-Peng.5 1064,000
87Enraged VengeanceKill 15 Enraged Inkgill Jinyu.10 20129,000
87ReposesssionCollect 8 Stolen Supplies.10 20129,000
87The Waterspeaker's StaffRecover Waterspeaker Gorai's Stolen Inkgill Ritual Staff from Orachi in Inkgill Mere.20 40161,000
87Free the DissentersRescue the Inkgill Dissenters in Inkgill Mere.10 20129,000
87The RitualComplete the Ritual.10 20129,000
87Cleansing the MerePoint out Pools of Corruption in Inkgill Mere to Waterspeaker Gorai to let him know you are ready to defend him while he completes the cleansing ritual.10 20129,000
87The Fall of Shai HuDefeat Shai Hu by killing Explosive Hatreds near him.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
88Comin' Round the MountainEscort the cart and guides safely up Neverrest Mountain. 10 60162,000
88The Missing MuskpawFind Muskpaw Jr. in Pranksters' Hollow.10 60162,000
88At the Yak WashBring 3 Plains Yaks to the Wash Entrance at Grumblepaw & Son's Yak Anointers.10 60162,000
88Back in YakBring the Washed Yaks to Eightcoins at the Grummle Bazaar in Kun-Lai Summit. Return to Muskpaw Jr. if you loose your yaks.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88A Grummle's LuckFind 6 Stolen Luckydos from the Wanes of Ruqin.10 60162,000
88Fresh Needle ScentGather 20 Pungent Sprite Needles.10 60162,000
88Yakity YakKill 9 Pillaging Hiyakkers at the Grumblepaw Ranch.10 60162,000
87Admiral Taylor has AwakenedSpeak with Admiral Taylor at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Admiral Taylor has AwakenedSpeak with Admiral Taylor at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Admiral Taylor has AwakenedSpeak with Admiral Taylor at Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Scout it OutInteract with the Gravestone at Westerly Rest in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Challenge AcceptedSet the Yaungol Banner ablaze to summon and defeat Ur-Bataar.161,000
87Trouble on the FarmsteadSpeak with Farmer Chow at the Chow Farmstead in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Trouble on the FarmsteadSpeak with Farmer Chow at the Chow Farmstead in Kun-Lai Summit.12,900
87Farmhand FreedomFree 12 Farmstead Slaves by killing Yaungol Overseers.10 20129,000
87Round 'Em UpRoundup 3 of Farmer Chow's Yaks.10 20129,000
87... and the Pot, Too!Collect 8 Root Vegetables and 1 Cook Pot.10 20129,000
87Stew Needs Meat!Collect 6 Kun-Lai Meat.10 20129,000
88The Late Mrs. MuskpawBring the Muskpaw Keepsake to Lao Muskpaw.10 60162,000
88The War YakKill the War Yak.10 60162,000
88Yakity YakKill 9 Pillaging Hiyakkers at the Grumblepaw Ranch.10 60162,000
88The Burlap Trail: To Burlap WaystationProtect a group of grummles to the Burlap Waystation. At least one grummle must survive.

If you lose your grummles, you can search the Burlap Trial or return to Neverrest Basecamp and wait for the next group to leave.
10 60162,000
88The Burlap Trail: To Kota BasecampProtect a group of grummles from the Burlap Waystation to the Kota Basecamp. At least one grummle must survive.

If you lose your grummles, you can search the Burlap Trial or return to the Burlap Waystation and wait for the next group to leave.
Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
87Deanimate the ReanimatedDestroy any 10 Terracotta Warriors or Terracotta Guardians.129,000
87A Zandalari Troll?Kill the Zandalari Soulraiser.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87A Zandalari Troll?Kill the Zandalari Soulraiser.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87Pandaren PrisonersFree 8 Pandaren Prisoners.10 20129,000
87Deanimate the ReanimatedDestroy any 10 Terracotta Warriors or Terracotta Guardians.129,000
87A Zandalari Troll?Kill the Zandalari Soulraiser.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87A Zandalari Troll?Kill the Zandalari Soulraiser.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87Pandaren PrisonersFree 8 Pandaren Prisoners.10 20129,000
87Profiting off of the PastCollect 12 Mogu Relics.10 20129,000
88Traffic IssuesDefeat 8 Yaungols of the Wane of Ruqin.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Roadside AssistanceLight 8 Lucky Burning Burlap Incense sticks along the road to Neverrest Basecamp.10 60162,000
88The RabbitsfootRescue the Brother Rabbitsfoot from the Broketooth Outpost.10 60162,000
88The Broketooth RavageRetrieve Rabbitsfoot's Luckydo from Mo Mo.10 60162,000
88A Monkey IdolUse the Corpses of Tak Tak, Dak Dak, and Ko Ko on their respective altars.10 60162,000
88No Pack Left BehindRecover 8 Grummlepacks from Camp Broketooth or The Deeper.10 60162,000
88Breaking BroketoothKill 8 Broketooth Chargers and 6 Broketooth Tossers.10 60162,000
88Bros before HozenRescue Brother Yakshoe.10 60162,000
88Hozen Love Their KeysGet the Yeti Shackle Key and release Old Poot Poot.10 60162,000
88The SnackrificeRescue 5 Imprisoned Grummles by cutting them down or releasing them from cages.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Grummle! Grummle! Grummle!Lead 5 Packless Grummles to Supply Crates near the Dooker Dome.10 60162,000
88Path Less TraveledSpeak to Uncle Cloverleaf in Onekeg.5 3081,000
88Instant CourageInspire 3 Hiding Guides to help you. 10 60162,000
88Silverback PaybackSlay 8 Silverback Smashers or Slingers at Fort Silverback.10 60162,000
88Unleash The Yeti!Kill 4 Cagemasters.10 60162,000
88The Leader HozenEnrage Chomp Chomp and then defeat the Big Chief Silverback.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Exit Strategy
88Oil StopFill the Empty Oil Vial at a Yongol Windmill in the Wane of Ruqin.10 60162,000
88Resupplying OnekegRecover 12 Stolen Supplies from Sprite Cave [PH].10 60162,000
88They Stole My Luck!Return Ji-Lu Highbrow's Lucky Vermin's Foot, Yak Shoe, Four Winds Clover, and Gold Coin.10 60162,000
87Barrels of FunUse Explosive Barrels found in Ordo Ragemesa to destroy the West, South, and East Oil Rigs.10 20129,000
87In Tents ChannelingKill Jilvici Blaze, Jilvici Ember, Jilvici Inferno, and Jilvici Pyre.161,000
87Chief of the RagemesaKill Chief Ragemesa.Dynamic Rewards 30 60161,000
87Barrels of FunUse Explosive Barrels found in Ordo Ragemesa to destroy the East, South, and West Oil Rigs.10 20129,000
87In Tents ChannelingKill Jilvici Blaze, Jilvici Ember, Jilvici Inferno, and Jilvici Pyre.161,000
87Chief of the RagemesaKill Chief Ragemesa.Dynamic Rewards 30 60161,000
87Chief of the RagemesaKill Chief Ragemesa.Dynamic Rewards 30 60161,000
87Chief of the RagemesaKill Chief Ragemesa.Dynamic Rewards 30 60161,000
87The Defense of Shado-Pan RetreatKill 15 Sha-Infested Yaungol.10 20129,000
87TurnaboutCollect 5 Blind Rage Essences from Blind Rages in Firebough Nook.10 20129,000
87Unmasking the YaungolLure Kobai Khan into the Blinding Rage Trap, steal the Mask of Malevolent Fury from him, and then defeat Malevolent Fury.20 40161,000
88To the Gate of Winter's BlossomSpeak with Scout Hsieh at the Gate of Winter's Blossom in Kun-Lai Summit.16,200
87Holed UpRescue Jin Warmkeg, Ya Firebough, Old Lady Fung, and Sya Zhong.10 20129,000
87Holed UpRescue Jin Warmkeg, Ya Firebough, Old Lady Fung, and Sya Zhong.10 20129,000
87Holed UpRescue Jin Warmkeg, Ya Firebough, Old Lady Fung, and Sya Zhong.10 20129,000
87Holed UpRescue Jin Warmkeg, Ya Firebough, Old Lady Fung, and Sya Zhong.10 20129,000
88Gaining InsightInvestigate the Mogu Ambusher outside of Neverrest Basecamp.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Seeker's FollyBrave the path of Seeker's Folly to find Lorewalker Cho, stopping to reflect at the three shrines along the way.10 60162,000
88The Tongue of Ba-ShonAssist Lorekeeper Cho in performing the Binding of Ba-Shon.10 60162,000
88Staying ConnectedUse the Tongue of Ba-Shon in the Valley of Emperors. 10 60162,000
88Breaking the CycleDestroy 8 Tormented Spirits.10 60162,000
87Provoking the TrollsKill 10 Zandalari Stalkers and 5 Zandalari Hexers10 20129,000
88A Line UnbrokenLay Shado-Master Zhiyao, Liu of the Thousand Blows and Shiya Boldblade to rest.10 60162,000
88Honor, Even in DeathKill 12 Kun-Lai Scavengers.10 60162,000
88To the Wall!Speak to Kite Master Len to take a kite up to the Gate of Winter's Blossom. Once there, speak to Suna Silentstrike.1 616,200
88Send a MessageKill 6 Yaungol Fire Archers.16,200
87Shut it DownKill 12 Kafa-Crazed Mountain Goats on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Gourmet KafaMark 10 Kafa'goot "Deposits" on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Kota BlendCollect 100 Kafa'kota Berries from Kota Peak. They can be found in bushes growing on the mountainside or piled up in the yeti caves.10 20129,000
87Kota BlendCollect 100 Kafa'kota Berries from Kota Peak. They can be found in bushes growing on the mountainside or piled up in the yeti caves.10 20129,000
87A Fair TradeBring the Bundle of Kafa'kota Berries to the Lair of Kota Kon, near the top of Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Trouble BrewingKill 8 Kafa-Crazed Yetis in the caves on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87The Burlap GrindFeed the Flask of Kafa to Kota Kon at Kota Basecamp, then kill 100 Hozen along The Burlap Trail.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
88Regaining HonorRetrieve Zhen's Banner.21 20203,000
88An Unconventional ApproachGather 4 Barrels of Yaungol Fire Oil.16,200
88Unbelievable!Speak to the Shado-Pan Monastery Guard to gain entrance to the Shado-Pan Monastery.Dynamic Rewards 21 20203,000
87Profiting off of the PastCollect 11 more Mogu Relics.10 20129,000
87Emergency CareHeal Xiao Li Po and escort him back to the Village. You can find a healing draught in his hut, or use a healing spell.64,000
87JusticeKill Captain Ripflesh and 6 South Sea Mercenaries.129,000
88It Was Almost AliveTear a page from the open book to give to Lorewalker Cho.10 60162,000
88The Tomb of ShadowsCollect a rubbing of the Shen Dynasty Tablet, the Wai Dynasty Tablet, and the Qiang Dynasty Tablet in the Tomb of Shadows.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Breaking the Emperor's ShieldStop the Spiritbinding Ritual in the Tomb of Secrets.10 60162,000
88The Thunder Down UnderFind the Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet and restore the Tablet of Thunder. 10 60162,000
88Chasing the StormRead the Tablet of Thunder.10 60162,000
88In PursuitFind the Blood-Revealed Map on an Zandalari Bruiser.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Fisherman's TailSpeak with Mishi to travel to Zouchin Village.10 60162,000
87The Scent of LifeGather 9 Pristine Water-Strider Antennae, 1 Opalescent Blue Crab Shell and 8 Stolen Pandaren Spices.10 20129,000
87By the Falls, For the FallenGather 10 Waterfall-polished Stones.10 20129,000
87Checking InCheck on Li Po at the Fishing Camp.1 212,900
87Preparing the RemainsReturn to Li Hai and tell him about the funeral.
87Honoring the DeadAttend the funeral and light the Incense of Life.Dynamic Rewards 20 40161,000
87The Burlap GrindSpeak with Kota Kon at Kota Basecamp to ride her, then kill 100 Hozen along The Burlap Trail.10 20129,000
87Shut it DownKill 12 Kafa-Crazed Mountain Goats on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Gourmet KafaMark 10 Kafa'goot "Deposits" on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Trouble BrewingKill 8 Kafa-Crazed Yetis in the caves on Kota Peak.10 20129,000
87Father and Child ReunionReturn to Merchant Shi and Wu-Peng at the southeastern shore of Inkgill Mere.20 40129,000
90Round 1: Brewmaster ChaniDefeat Brewmaster Chani.11 40236,000
90Round 2: Clever Ashyo & Ken-KenDefeat Clever Ashyo and Ken-Ken.11 40236,000
90Round 3: The WrestlerDefeat The Wrestler.11 40236,000
90Round 4: The P.U.G.Defeat Hackiss, Healiss and Tankiss.11 40236,000
90Round 1: The StreetfighterDefeat the Streetfighter.11 40236,000
90Round 2: Kang BramblestaffDefeat Kang Bramblestaff.11 40236,000
90Round 3: Master Boom BoomDefeat Master Boom Boom.11 40236,000
90Round 4: Master WindfurDefeat Master Windfur.11 40236,000
88Defending Zouchin VillageAssist Shu, the Wisened and Steelbender Doshu in preparing Zouchin Village for battle.10 60162,000
88Make A Fighter Out of MeKill 10 Forest Prowlers in the Kang-Shi Ruins.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
88Mother's TearsBring Shu, the Wisened 50 Mother's Tears Flowers.10 60162,000
88It Takes A VillageAdminister the Pungent Draught to 5 Wounded Villagers.10 60162,000
88What's Yours Is MineRetrieve 8 Stolen Weapons from the Zandalari Invaders.
88Prophet Azil'kulDefeat Prophet Azil'kul and find the remains of the Thunder King.Dynamic Rewards 10 60162,000
90Herding CatsCollect 8 Litters of Xuen.11 40236,000
88Zouchin Must Not Fall

Dungeons / Other Zones

Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
85The Art of WarSpeak to General Nazgrim in Grommash Hold946,940
85The Art of WarSpeak to General Nazgrim in Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.946,940
85Over the Deep BlueFind the missing transport ship, Sky Shark.946,940
85Claiming KalimdorReport to General Nazgrim at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.69,400
85Where Are Those Ships?Speak to Overseer Moxx at Zoram'gar Outpost in Ashenvale and kill 6 Night Elf Raiders on the ships outside the town.69,400
85Spies in Our MidstUncover and eliminate 6 Night Elf Spies by questioning Suspicious Citizens.69,400
85Captain CartheronSpeak with Captain Cartheron at Ratchet in the Northern Barrens and offer him 100 gold as a down payment for his crew's service.69,400
85The Third Captain
10Joining the HordeSpeak with Garrosh Hellscream in Orgrimmar.3585
10The Horde WayWalk with Garrosh Hellscream.3585
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
86The King's CommandFind Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth in the war room at Stormwind Keep in Stormwind City.9 80111,000
86The MissionBoard the SI:7 seaplane at Stormwind Harbor and locate the missing ship and crew.9 80111,000
85Terror on the High SeasSpeak to Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth in the throne room of Stormwind Keep.6,940
85Gathering EvidenceVisit Stormwind Harbor and speak with Sentinel Eloria, Lumian Starwhisper, Nayeth Frostmoon, and Finelar Mistwalker.69,400
85The Merchants' PlightSpeak to Angry Merchants around Stormwind Harbor and gather 7 Merchant's Petitions.69,400
85Captain Rufus HardwickPurchase Diluted Lime Sulfur, Dogwood Extract, and Soothing Shampoo from the Alchemy shop in the Mage Quarter, then speak with Captain Rufus Hardwick.69,400
85Gunner BlastbarrelTravel to Ironforge, speak with Ardan Blastbarrel, and then help him gather 6 of his crew members from around Ironforge.69,400
85They Call Him SwifthandsSpeak to Captain "Swifthands" Sutton and persuade him to join you by defeating First Mate Williams.69,400
10Joining the AllianceSpeak with King Varian Wrynn at Stormwind Keep.3585
10The Alliance WayWalk with King Varian Wrynn.3585
10An Old Pit FighterSpar with King Varian Wrynn.3585
10Hellscream's GiftComplete Garrosh's test by defeating Oggax, Gadoon, and Frozengore.3585
Jade Temple Grounds
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
90The Darkness Around UsKill 15 sha invaders.11 40236,000
90Behind the MasksCollect 12 Masks of Doubt.11 40236,000
90Saving the SutrasCollect 10 Ancient Sutras.11 40236,000
90Arrows of FortuneCollect 10 Defender's Arrows.11 40236,000
90Hidden PowerDeliver Ancient Mantras to 8 Temple Guardians, Temple Adepts, or Serpent Riders.11 40236,000
90The Shadow of DoubtDefeat the Shadow of Doubt.11 40236,000
90Flames of the VoidFly your War Serpent near Pure Water Springs, then douse 6 Void Flames with the water carried in its mouth.11 40236,000
90From the Rift
90Daily 09
90Wild ThingsFind Scholar Roanlark on Windless Isle in the Jade Forest.5 70118,000
90Beating the OddsKill 8 Deepscale Poachers.11 40236,000
90Empty NestsLeash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.11 40236,000
90Egg CollectionCollect 9 Serpent's Eggs.11 40236,000
90Choosing the OneChoose one egg. Choose One: 5 70118,000
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.5 70118,000
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.5 70118,000
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.5 70118,000
90It's a...Watch your egg hatch.5 70118,000
90They Grow Like WeedsSpeak to Instructor Windblade at The Arboretum.5 70118,000
90Flight Training: Ring Round-UpFly through 10 cloud rings while riding your war serpent.11 40236,000
90Flight Training: Full Speed AheadFollow Instructor Windblade.11 40236,000
90Snack TimeFish 10 Sugar Minnow from the fishing pools in the Jade Forest.11 40236,000
90Fragments of the PastVisit archaeology dig sites around Pandaria and use your survey ability to retrieve 12 Serpentrider Relics.11 40236,000
90Just a Flesh WoundUse Windwool Bandages, Heavy Windwool Bandages, or Dense Windwool Bandages to heal 8 Injured Hatchlings at Windless Isle.11 40236,000
90PH - A Feast for the Senses (Waiting on Cooking Profession)Cook 5 [TBD DISH NAME].11 40236,000
90Sweet as HoneyCollect 8 Honeycomb from the beehives in The Arboretum.11 40236,000
90Catch!Use the Bouncy Ball to throw it. Then, catch and return the ball 10 times.11 40236,000
90The Sky RaceComplete the Sky Race by gathering 10 Race Flags, then passing underneath the Finish Line at The Arboretum.11 40236,000
90Full Speed AheadFollow Instructor Windblade.11 40236,000
90Proper GroomingCollect 10 Osprey Quills from Dampnet Ospreys and combine them to make an Osprey Quill Brush.11 40236,000
90Restoring the BalanceKill 8 Deepscale Poachers.11 40236,000
90Feeding TimeFeed 6 Saltback Meat to your serpent. Saltback Meat Scraps can be combined to make Saltback Meat.11 40236,000
90Emptier NestsLeash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.11 40236,000
90Disarming the EnemyCollect 8 Poacher's Harpoons.11 40236,000
90PreservationCollect 6 Stolen Eggs from Deepscale Poachers.11 40236,000
90Riding the SkiesJoin the Serpent Riders.5 70118,000
Shado-Pan Monastery
Level Name Objective Item Rewards Money Rewards XP
89Into the Mouth of HatredSpeak with Initiate Kia at the Cloudstrike Dojo inside the Shado-Pan Monastery.19,600
89Lord of the Shado-PanRid Taran Zhu of his Hatred Sha possession.44392,000
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Diablo 3 - Easter Eggs

Stormstout Brewery Preview
Important - The dungeon is incomplete and not intended to be played through yet. This preview represents unfinished work and will see significant changes the future.

Category Name Points
Pandaria DungeonHeroic: Stormstout Brewery
Defeat Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery on Heroic Difficulty.
Pandaria DungeonHow Did He Get Up There?
Find a way to get the Hozen Clinger to let go in Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty.
Pandaria DungeonI Am the Hopocalypse!
Smash 100 vermen with a single hammer swing in Stormstout Brewery on Heroic Difficulty.
Pandaria DungeonKeep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Kill Ook-Ook after assaulting him with 20 Rolling Brew Barrels in Stormstout Brewery on Heroic Difficulty.
Pandaria DungeonLing-Ting's Herbal Journey
Collect all 30 Golden Hoplings hidden around the Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty.
Pandaria DungeonStormstout Brewery
Defeat Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery.
Normal Loot
Level Type Slot Name
425MiscellaneousSpell DPSOff HandLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Int Versatile Offhand
425ClothSpell SpiritWaistLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Cloth Int Spirit Waist
425ClothSpell DPSWristsLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Cloth Int Versatile Bracer
425LeatherPhysical DPSShouldersLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Leather Agi Shoulder
425LeatherPhysical DPSChestLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Leather Agi Chest
425MailSpell SpiritChestLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Mail Int Spirit Chest
425MailPhysical DPSLegsLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Mail Agi Legs
425PlateTankWristsLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Plate Str Tank Bracer
425PlateSpell SpiritLegsLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Plate Int Spirit Legs
425GunPhysical DPSRangedLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Agi Gun
425MacePhysical DPSOne HandLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Agi Melee Mace1H
425SwordMeleeOne HandLevelup - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Str Hybrid Sword1H
Heroic Loot
Level Type Slot Name
463MiscellaneousTankFingerHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - STR Tank Ring 2
463MiscellaneousMeleeTrinketHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - STR DPS Trinket
463MiscellaneousSpell DPSFingerHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Int Versatile Ring
463MiscellaneousSpell DPSTrinketHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Int Spirit Trinket
463MiscellaneousSpell DPSOff HandHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Int Versatile Offhand
463ClothSpell SpiritWaistHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Cloth Int Spirit Waist
463ClothSpell SpiritBackHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Int Spirit Cloak
463ClothSpell DPSWristsHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Cloth Int Versatile Bracer
463LeatherMeleeWaistHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Leather Agi Belt
463LeatherPhysical DPSShouldersHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Leather Agi Shoulder
463LeatherPhysical DPSChestHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Leather Agi Chest
463MailSpell SpiritChestHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Mail Int Spirit Chest
463MailPhysical DPSLegsHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Mail Agi Legs
463PlateTankWristsHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 2 Loot 1 - Plate Str Tank Bracer
463PlateSpell SpiritLegsHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Plate Int Spirit Legs
463PlateSpell SpiritFeetHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Plate Int Spirit Boots
463GunPhysical DPSRangedHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Agi Gun
463MacePhysical DPSOne HandHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 1 - Agi Melee Mace1H
463SwordMeleeOne HandHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 1 Loot 1 - Str Hybrid Sword1H
463StaffSpell DPSTwo HandHeroic - Stormstout Brewery - Boss 3 Loot 2 - Int Hit Staff

Valley of the Four Winds Zone Preview
Important - The zone is incomplete and not intended to be played through yet. This preview represents unfinished work and will see significant changes the future. There are many placeholders and missing mobs in the zone.

One of the more interesting NPCs that we came across was Farmer Fung, who may be associated with the new Tillers daily quest farm. Jogu the drunk appears to sell tips on tomorrow's crops for 10 gold. We even came across Hemet Nesingwary and Hemet Nesingwary Jr!

New Quest Icons
Mists of Pandaria brought us some small improvements to make questing less frustrating. Quests which require you to speak to an NPC or interact with an object now have nice icons above them and on the minimap, making them easier to spot.

Quest icons also appear on both the Zone Map and World Map in a limted radius around you, making it easier for you to find the next quest. This will be especially helpful for those of you who want to complete The Loremaster achievements!

New Pandaren Premade Characters
Following up to the level 85 Monk premade characters added recently, we now have level 85 Pandaren premades for various classes.

by Published on 2012-04-07 07:54 AM

Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor Patch 15 Skills, Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise. Mini Site FAQ, Beta Screenshots

Beta Build 15544 Misc Changes
  • Call to Arms: Silvershard Mine - The profiteering Venture Co. has managed to sell the Silvershard Mine rights to both the Alliance and Horde! Even now, mercenaries hired by rival mining operations from Ironforge and Bilgewater Bay clash over the precious resources...
  • Call to Arms: Temple of Katmogu - Golden Lotus operatives discovered an ancient and powerful artifact in the long-sealed Temple of Katmogu. Tushui and Huojin monks battle over the mysterious device to this day, enlisting whatever allies they can from the Alliance and Horde.
  • Heart of the Nightwing - New mail template. Grasped tightly and clutched to one's breast, this enchanted heart of volcanic glass can transform the bearer into an Obsidian Nightwing.
  • A new title was added: Farmer %s.
  • Maps were added for Kun-Lai Summit and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

  • New Scenario - Black Ox Temple
  • New Scenario Objectives - Rescue all the Villagers and Defeat Vengeful Hui.
  • Valley Of Power Scenario renamed to Temple of Katmogu.
  • Panda Fishing Village Scenario renamed to Greenstone Village.
Pet Battles
  • Textures for different weather states were added.
  • BATTLE_PET_FAVORITE - Set Favorite
  • BATTLE_PET_UNFAVORITE - Remove Favorite
  • CORE_ABILITIES - Core Abilities
  • MAX_BATTLE_PET_TEXT - Pets: %d/500
  • PET_BATTLE_SELECT_A_PET - Select a pet!

Noblegarden Comes to Azeroth
Noblegarden begins on April 8th this year and will run until April 15th. This year brings a brand new reward, the Swift Springstrider, which can be purchased for Noblegarden Chocolate x 500. The mount is also very rarely found inside the Brightly Colored Eggs.

This year hasn't brought any changes to finding Brightly Colored Eggs. Horde players can find them in Brill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, and Razor Hill. Alliance players can find eggs in Kharanos, Goldshire, Dolanaar, and Azure Watch. Don't forget to equip your Egg Basket to speed up collection!

All of the Noblegarden items can be found in one of the eggs, except for the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit and Noblegarden Egg. Don't forget to collect all of them items that you need to complete Noble Gardener if you are going for the What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been achievement!

You can purchase the same items as previous years, as well as the new mount:

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Hunter (Forums)
Hunter Pet Skills
Since the system is currently a little hard to ascertain in beta, I'll try and summarize the basics. Hopefully we'll have this working in a build or two.
  • Every pet has 3 specs: Ferocity, Tenacity and Cunning. These work much like class specs, with a similar UI.
  • Pets come with the spec you'd expect (Ferocity for kitties) but you can change it. If you want a tanking cat or a DPS crab, you can. If you have a favorite pet, you can just always use that one and swap the spec around.
  • I hope to see A LOT of DPS crabs.
  • Each spec comes with 2-3 active and 2-3 passive abilities. We took a careful look at what pet talents most hunters were taking and tried to take the best of those. Things like Roar of Sacrifice, Last Stand and Heart of the Phoenix made the cut.
  • We didn't think we were getting a ton of gameplay out of the pet talents on live -- players interacted with them even less than the class talents -- and we didn't think pets needed the full tiered system like the Mists talent implementation, so we decided the best way to offer pet customization is to let hunters choose their pet mostly because of how it looks (and its one special ability) and not from its role.
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Monk (Forums)
Monk Animations for all Races
All monks will have special animations. The animators started with the pandaren, since they had so many pandaren animations to create in the first place, but we are slowly getting them added to the existing races. More animations should show up each beta build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Brewmaster feedback
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Monks are a new class, and we will be iterating on them quite a bit and often we change mechanics a lot faster than we make beta builds. With that in mind, we wanted to clarify our design intent on some of the abilities:

Dizzying Haze -- We increased the threat and lowered the energy. We're not crazy about making it do damage because then it risks competing with other Brewmaster abilities. We really don't want Dizzying Haze used rotationaly on single-targets. We also run into whether or not the ability should break CC if it does damage.

AE tanking -- We agree that monks need a little more ability to cleave.

Missing Jabs -- It isn't intended to lose all Energy on a miss. We will fix that.
  • Our intent for Brewmasters is to use Guard, Purifying Brew and Shuffle as reactive and proactive abilities that you want to use to react or prevent damage spikes. We're not there yet with the cooldowns, durations and costs, which are the kinds of numbers we tune constantly after tests and playtests. Mechanically we think the pieces of the puzzle are there, but they don't fit together quite right yet.
  • We agree that Chi generation is too slow for Brewmasters. Expel Harm is one possible Chi generator. Also keep in mind that there is currently a miss penalty on Energy and Chi that we plan on removing.
  • We also agree that the Brewmaster procs still need a bit more spice.
  • Free Tiger Palm is probably too strong.
  • In our current builds, Brewmasters have a big health bonus, currently higher than any other tank. We're actively iterating on tanking numbers for all specs, but we need to consider a lot of different situations (single boss, groups, healers spamming, damage over long periods, different gear levels, etc.)
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mistweaver Feedback
  • Mana regeneration and healing throughput is something that is still being tuned, so that will feel a bit off for a while longer.
  • We had to tone down Mistweaver DPS. In our raid tests, they were contributing too much damage while still being effective healers.
  • Chi Wave is something we're still tuning. The cooldown is now around 8 seconds, which may be too short. At the moment it accounts for half of the healing in raid situations.
  • Jab and other DPS abilities scale with your weapon, and also with AP. The damage is normalized in such a way that any weapon choice is equal to the other, so weapons are an aesthetic choice. We'll probably have the DPS abilities scale with SP, as long as they're balanced.
  • We've changed Mistweavers to also have a 1 second GCD as with the other two specializations.
  • Can you explain more about the problem with a longer Soothing Mists? The mana per second is the same whether it's a short or long channel. Do you feel compelled to complete the channel? Clipping it should not incur a mana penalty.
  • Cherry Mana Tea is intended to be "sipped" during break periods. Good Mistweavers will end a fight with as low mana as possible and as low Cherry Mana Tea stacks as possible. There are periods where you can't afford any breaks, but those vary by encounter. It should no longer break on taking damage. Stacks is something we are still iterating upon.
  • We've changed Jasmine Tea to an upfront mana cost that will generate Chi over time (think "Chi Tap"). We're still iterating a lot on this design though. The intent is that the Mistweaver has an edge on precision healing, while the Windwalker has less control but can gain Chi quickly.
  • Expel Harm only does damage if you "effectively" healed. If it's all overheal, no damage will happen. We intend for all monks to use the ability. Windwalkers can heal themselves.
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Priest (Forums)
Priest Feedback
Did you realize you can take the individual buttons out of a "pop out" like Chakra and put them anywhere on your bar that you would like? We'll consider the stance bar implementation, but we want to get more players trying it first.

What is the reason behind the increased mana cost for certain spells? Particularly holy word: chastise which on live costs about 7.8k but in beta it's around 15k. Also, mass dispell's mana cost shot up to 45k, which is almost half of the finite mana pool that priests now have.
Chastise is probably an oversight. Off the top of my head, I can't imagine why it would need to be more expensive. Mass Dispel is expensive because under the new dispel model, it is very powerful. We want priests to use normal dispel some instead of letting Mass solve every problem.

Also, would you consider removing the mana cost for power infusion? Most of the newer priest talents (save the top tier talents) like void shift, etc. use cooldowns rather than mana.
Power Infusion probably doesn't need a cost. I'll discuss it with the team.

P.S. I should add that we completed a big audit of heals (for all classes) recently, and concluded that the mana costs were reasonable for the most part but that the heals were much too small for the Mists health pools. We buffed all of the heals quite a bit. We want mana to be less painful than it was at the start of Cataclysm, but we want it to matter more than it did at the end of Cataclysm. We want the slope of the line to be less steep -- your higher throughput and regen in later patches will still make heals more efficient overall, just less so than they became in Dragon Soul. The static mana pool helps a lot with that. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shaman (Forums)
Enhancement Damage
It is worth pointing out that one of our goals is for nobody's damage to drop when you convert your Cataclysm level 85 character to a Mists level 85 character. The sources of your damage may change as rotations change somewhat, but once you're comfortable with those new rotations, your damage should be similar.

Also remember that number tuning is one of the last things we do. There is no point in spending hours testing numbers if we decide that a particular ability or mechanic was a boneheaded idea and needs to be redesigned. We try to keep the numbers sane enough that players still feel like they can give feedback though. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warrior (Forums) / Rogue (Forums)
Ranged Attack for Melee Classes
Rogues and warriors will have a baseline "Throw" attack, that does a tiny bit of damage but mostly serves just to get a creature's attention. This attack will not require a ranged weapon. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warrior (Forums) - Paladin (Forums) - Druid (Forums) - Death Knight (Forums)
Tanks and Expertise
We want tanks to care about hit and expertise as mitigation stats, because hitting a boss leads to resources, which leads to higher survival. We could make gear with just parry, dodge and mastery (and just dodge and mastery for some tanks) but we think that gets boring. You might not necessarily need to cap hit and expertise, depending on how much avoidance or mastery you'd be talking about sacrificing. That's not the kind of tuning we have completed yet. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Protection Feedback
There is always a risk of jumping into a thread like this to only touch on a couple of points that it will derail what is a pretty interesting discussion. However, I did want to respond to a few things.

1) We still think the overall design of tanks attacking in order to build up resources for defenses is a sound one. In a world where threat isn't hard to maintain beyond the first few seconds, we believe tanks would quickly grow uninterested in their rotation if it wasn't tied to defense. (The reasons we don't think managing threat is fun gameplay after the first few seconds is something I've gone into before, so I won't belabor the point here.)

2) We agree with the feedback that warriors, and to a lesser extent paladins, aren't getting enough out of their block abilities (Shield Block and SotR). We erred on the side of making them forgiving so that tanks wouldn't worry about splatting if they failed to use one of those attacks, but we think now we were too conservative, to the point that they don't feel (to use a word many posters have used) visceral. You should notice a change in incoming damage when you use these abilities. So we are trying the following changes. Let us know how they feel.

  • The next iteration of Shield Block we are going to try is that it blocks ALL attacks for 6 sec. Furthermore, those blocks have a chance to become critical blocks, which keeps mastery relevant.
  • We think Shield of the Righteous needs less tweaking since it already has a damage component; it is noticeable when it gets used. However, to make sure it also provides survivability, the initial automatic block will reduce 75% of damage while any subsequent blocks during the 6 sec duration will block for 50% of damage. (A normal block is 30%.) Those numbers are subject to iteration, but again the idea is that mastery will still affect SotR's mitigation.
  • We also agree that the Guardian druid combination of mastery and Savage Defense feels too passive in comparison with the plate tanks. We are going to change Savage Defense to a chance to avoid damage, which gives it more parity with say the warrior. The warrior has a reliable block, but a more random mastery, while the druid has a reliable mastery, with a more random "block." To partially offset this change, Frenzied Regen will do all of its healing instantly.
3) We understand that as players, you want to minimize the randomness of tanking. That makes you good tanks. But as designers, we have to make sure that randomness has its place. Randomness is one of the challenges in the game -- by design -- that you need to overcome. Tanking with randomness eliminated would be static and repetitive. You wouldn't have "oh snap" moments where you or a healer had to use a cooldown. You could probably predict from that first boss swing whether you'd win or lose the fight, since every swing would feel about the same way. Of course we don't want tanking to be brutally frustrating, but we don't want it to be effective yet boring either.

4) We also understand that long-term Protection warriors aren't yet feeling that frenetic, button mashy playstyle with which they have become familiar. We are experimenting with a new proc, currently called Ultimatum, in which Devastate has a chance to make the next Heroic Strike or Cleave free. We don't want to return Devastate to Sword and Board however. Shield Slam (and therefore Sword and Board) provide rage, which is a mitigation resource now. Having Devastate lead to better mitigation would mean you had to prioritize the no-cooldown Devastate above other attacks such as Storm Bolt. Hopefully the Ultimatum implementation will deliver that "fish for procs" feeling of the old Sword and Board, while giving offtanks a more dynamic rotation (since they can't rely on Revenge).

5) We don't think it's critical that all tanks have the same number and character of cooldowns. In fact, we think doing so would make all of the tanks play too similarly when what we actually want to do is give them each their own character, provided each can still tank any content in the game with a reasonably similar amount of effort. We give everyone a Last Stand and Shield Wall equivalent and try to have another option or two. It's okay that Blood DKs have a lot of cooldowns -- that has always been a DK thing -- as long as they aren't much more effective than other tanks.

While I agree with the idea, its a little extreme. Druids have a full 7 CDs and SD, DK's still have a ton. Warriors are stuck with SW, and Rallying Cry, which normally gets raid priority.
Rallying Cry and Last Stand no longer share a cooldown. You can use Rallying Cry to help the raid or to help yourself as a mini Last Stand.

This brings Druids and Warriors closer together, but Paladins will be left in the dust with this change. Warriors will be block capped while still having a chance to block for more than Paladins (other than the initial block after using SotR). I really like the concept of shield tanks block capping with their active mitigation up, but Paladins need to get similar treatment.
We're only talking about 6 sec though. That's not many boss attacks. The optimal situation for the warrior is around 3 attacks that do 60% less damage, while for the paladin it is 1 attack at 75% and 2 attacks at 50%. The worst situation for the warrior will be 3 attacks at 30% and the worst situation for the paladin will be 1 attack at 75%. The chance of the paladin having the worst case situation should be lower though, and if two unblocked attacks back to back can kill you, then the encounter is probably overtuned (because what happens when you don't have Shield of the Righteous available?)

In addition, paladins have a potent self-heal in Word of Glory and a paladin at 5 Holy Power can probably generate a new Holy Power for a second cooldown (5 - 3 + 1 = 3) faster than a warrior at 100 rage can generate 20 rage for a second cooldown (100 - 60 + 20 = 60). The numbers may not be perfect yet, but they seem within the realm of tuning.

And there's the not impossible chance that when all is said and done, the RNG is being unkind and you're plumb out of buttons to hit. Then what? You die and get told it's "fun"?
RNG is often unkind, but you should always have sufficient tools (as a group) to handle it. The application of those tools to the problem at hand is one of the things that separates good guilds from great ones. If you are dependent on the tank getting lucky to survive then you're probably doing content too difficult for your group (which you can often solve by improving your gear) or we screwed up the encounter tuning somewhere along the way (which you can often solve by going to the forums).

So.. instead of automatically randomly procing Savage Defense, I must hit a button so that maybe I will have a Savage Defense proc? Huh?
In a nutshell, but that's really the equivalent of the warrior hitting Shield Block and hoping that all of that mastery gives her a critical block, while your armor from mastery is always reliable.

Part of the reason the druid mechanics worked out as they did is that we needed to make haste and crit reasonable survival stats, since they appear on druid gear.

Again, don't confuse "As a player, I want to minimize RNG to make myself a better tank" with "The designers should minimize RNG because that makes me a better tank." I'd wager you'd be bored if combat was that predictable. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fan Art Book Poster
A poster for a fan art book by Chinese artists was posted recently and it is worth a look!

by Published on 2012-04-06 09:12 AM

Mists of Pandaria Beta - Beta Patch Build 15544
A new patch should hit the Mists of Pandaria beta servers before the end of the week, changes below!

Flying Panther Mount
A new Flying Panther Mount has been added to the game files!

We also got a few more details on the Jeweled Onyx Panther from spells added in this patch.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


  • Dawnstone Panther Summons and dismisses a Dawnstone Panther. 1.5 sec cast
  • Emerald Panther Summons and dismisses an Emerald Panther. 1.5 sec cast
  • Ruby Panther Summons and dismisses a Ruby Panther. 1.5 sec cast
  • Sapphire Panther Summons and dismisses a Sapphire Panther. 1.5 sec cast
  • Obsidian Nightwing Transforms you into a Obsidian Nightwing, allowing you to fly very fast and carry an ally on your back. This is a flying mount. 1.5 sec cast
  • RAF Mount III Summons and dismisses a RAF Mount III. This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location. 1.5 sec cast

Item Additions
Only a few items added with this patch, I only kept the most interesting ones!

Level Type Slot Name
90MountNotEquippableRuby Panther
90MountNotEquippableEmerald Panther
90MountNotEquippableDawnstone Panther
90MountNotEquippableSapphire Panther
60MountNotEquippableHeart of the Nightwing
90QuestNotEquippableTiger Fang Inscription
90QuestNotEquippableTiger Claw Inscription
70YellowNotEquippableSomething Expensive
1JunkNotEquippableLegacy of the Masters
1MiscellaneousTabardTushui Tabard
1MiscellaneousTabardHoujin Tabard

Spell Changes
Spell changes are here and as usual keep in mind that:

  • This is a beta, everything can change.
  • Those changes are not official, they're the result of datamining.
  • It's the beginning of the beta and shit is changing so fast that it's a miracle that everything doesn't explode in our face. A few things look weird, we'll try to figure them out over the next few hours to make sure we didn't do anything stupid!
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Death Knight (Forums)


Druid (Forums)
Baseline (Lots of funny weird changes there, take them with a grain of salt, could be bugs on our side)
  • Heart of the Wild had a couple of wording changes and clarifications. For example the extra agility and armor for Balance druids now only works in Bear Form.
  • Lacerate (Bear) base damage has been increased by 250%.
  • Mangle (Bear) damage has been increased by 250%.
  • Maul now deals 100% weapon damage plus 1931 instead of [ 35 + 19% of AP ] damage
  • Ravage! (Stampede) now causes 650% damage, down from 750%.
  • Swipe (Bear) damage has been increased 250%
  • Thrash (Bear) damage has been increased by 250%.

  • Ironbark now shares a cooldown with Barkskin.

  • Inscription: Glyph of Claw replaced with Glyph of Infected Wounds - Your Shred, Ravage, Maul, and Mangle attacks cause an Infected Wound in the target. The Infected Wound reduces the movement speed of the target by 50%. Lasts 12 sec.

Hunter (Forums)
Beast Mastery
  • Frenzy now lasts 30 sec, up from 20 sec.

Mage (Forums)

Monk (Forums))
Designer Notes
  • Known Bugs (In Progress)
    • Flying Serpent Kick AOE effect not syncing with visual dest
    • Fortifying Brew not making you immune to healing
    • Tooltip scaling values and/or lack of scaling
    • Chi Wave not bouncing if target dies
    • Fists of Fury arms are not textured, NYI for most races
    • Healing Sphere healing multiple targets if triggered on multiple targets
  • FYI
    • Lot of art/icons/sound not final
    • Windwalker "rotation" WIP

  • Blackout Kick now costs 1 Chi, down from 2 Chi. No longer refunds Chi if the target is killed. Can now be used regardless of the target's health, but the target suffers an additional 1328 damage over 8 sec if it's below 50% health.
  • Jab no longer costs energy. (Might be a data bug on our side)
  • Touch of Death now costs 3 Chi, down from 4 Chi.

  • Breath of Fire now has a 15 sec cooldown.
  • Brewmaster Training now makes your Tiger Palm no longer costs Chi, and when you deal damage with Tiger Palm the amount of your next Guard is increased by 5%. Lasts 30 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Dizzying Haze now costs 10 Energy, down from 40.
  • Keg Smash *New* You swing a keg of brew, dealing 1666 damage to the target and two nearby enemies and causing their next attack to Missfire within 8 sec, dealing 821 damage to themselves instead of you. 5 yd range, 1 Chi, 8 sec cooldown, Instant

  • Chi Wave now has a 6 sec cooldown, down from 15 secs.
  • Jasmine Force Tea now costs 3% of base mana and is instant instead of channeled.
  • Renewing Mists now costs 3% of base mana, up from 2%. Base Healing increased by 70% and now heals every 2 seconds instead of every 3 seconds.
  • Soothing Mists healing reduced by 43%. Now has a 15% chance to regenerate 1 Chi, down from 25%.

  • Afterlife - Enemies who die from Blackout Kick have a 50% chance to summon a Chi Sphere.
    • Chi Sphere - A sphere of energy forms from the wake of the fallen enemy. Walking through your Chi Sphere will restore 1 Chi. Lasts for 2 min.
  • Exploding Jade Blossom is now Fire Blossom. Now has a 50 yards range, up from 30 yards. Damage increased by 15%.

Uncategorized/Test Skill?
  • Death Cocoon Encases the target in a harmful cocoon of Chi energy, dealing 5 damage every 1 sec and causing any healing recieved to be damage instead.While in the Cocoon, the target moves at -50% reduced speed and is unable to attack or cast spells. 40 yd range, 2 Chi, 2 min cooldown, Instant

Paladin (Forums)
  • Emancipate *New* Unshackles your spirit, freeing you from one movement impairing effect. 25% of base mana, Instant

  • Daybreak now heals for an amount equal to the original healing done, divided evenly among all targets.


Priest (Forums)
  • Feathers From Heaven: New. Place Heavenly Feathers at the target location. Each Heavenly Feather causes a single nearby friendly target to gain 60% movement speed for 4 sec. Only 3 Feathers can be placed at one time. Accumulates an additional charge once every 10 sec.
  • Levitate no longer requires Light Feather.



Rogue (Forums)
  • Crimson Tempest Finishing move consumes combo points on any nearby target to slash at the flesh of all enemies within 8 yards, dealing Physical damage and causing victims to bleed and suffer an additional 30% of the initial damage over 12 sec:   1 point : [445 + 2.5 + 2.8% of AP + 148 + 2.5 + 1.4% of AP] damage   2 points: [445 + 5 + 5.6% of AP + 148 + 5 + 4.2% of AP] damage   3 points: [445 + 7.5 + 16.5% of AP + 148 + 7.5 + 7% of AP] damage   4 points: [445 + 10 + 22% of AP + 148 + 10 + 22% of AP] damage   5 points: [445 + 12.5 + 27.5% of AP + 148 + 12.5 + 27.5% of AP] damage 5 yd range, 35 Energy, Instant
  • Fan of Knives now generates 1 combo point if it strikes your current combo target.
  • Shadow Blades *New* Draw upon the surrounding shadows to empower your weapons, causing your auto-attacks to deal pure Shadow damage and your combo-point-generating abilties to generate an additional combo point when used. Lasts 12 sec. 3 min cooldown, Instant
  • Throw *New* Hurl a dagger at an enemy target. 30 yd range, 0.5 sec cast


Shaman (Forums)

  • Lava Lash now spreads your Flame Shock from the target to up to four enemies within 12 yards.


Warlock (Forums)

  • Nether Plating now increases Armor Contribution from items by 250% in Demon Form, down from 400%. The duration of stun and snare effects is reduced by 35%, up from 20%.

  • Flames of A'lar now has an extra effect - If your demon is still alive, it will be instantly killed and grant you a Burning Ember.

Pet Abilities


Warrior (Forums)
  • Heroic Leap now has a 45 sec cooldown, down from 1 min.

  • Devastate now deals 180% weapon damage, up from 75% weapon damage. Additional damage increased by 40%.
  • Revenge now has a 6 sec cooldown, down from 9 sec. Damage increased by 200%.
  • Shield Slam damage increased by 100%.
  • Thunder Clap damage has been increased by 75%.

  • Raging Blow now costs 10 Rage, down from 30 Rage. Now deals 150% Weapon Damage, up from 85%.
by Published on 2012-04-05 05:49 AM

Diablo 3 - The Real Box, More on Inferno, Dyes, Poisons, GDC Panel Video, PAX East Party

Alcaz Island Scenario
As always, this is an early version of the area, previewed through unofficial means. This is absolutely not representative of the final version, it's just a preview.

Premade Monks Now Active
With tonight's beta invite wave premade monks are active once again!

WoWDB Pet Pages
Work continues at a steady pace on WoWDB, with the addition of more information for Pets. We now have dedicated pages for all of the Battle Pets and a list of all of the Battle Pet abilities.

Important - The Pet List only lists the companion pets fully implemented in the game files, we'll have to wait for future beta patches to get data on all the other pets. However, there's already a lot of Pet Abilities implemented, check them out!

The pages for individual abilities will show you which pets the attack is strong against, and which pets the attack is weak against. Each pet's page will show you which other pets it is resistant against and which pets it is most vulnerable to. We will continue to add features as the system is fully implemented in the beta.

We're starting to have a lot of background work done on WoWDB and you can expect more visible updates very soon (Including filters and anything to make browsing less painful). We also have a few surprises coming this week if everything goes really well.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
SM and Scholomance Armor Models
We discussed this topic with the developers last week a bit. I don't have any conclusive information for you, but they recognize there are a lot of cool items in SM and Scholomance, and they want to try and preserve those in Mists. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PvP in Mists of Pandaria: 3v3 Arena
I have already commented in your Arena system needs to evolve thread and it was a very good read, so I will move onto your other points. About the “Roller Coaster” feel that you commented on, there will always be nerfs and buffs and that is because we want to achieve the best balance possible among the classes. However, we do our utmost to limit actual spell/ability changes that effect rotations to expansions only, and that is only if we feel it will greatly improve the class.

The new talent system should make constant changes less necessary too, especially with regard to forced respecs since the talents are now more utility-based. In my own personal opinion about changing classes because of a nerf, I feel that I will play what I enjoy the most and right now, as it has been in the past is my warrior. But because in some parts of arena he may struggle does not make me want to play it less.

Your portion about instant CC, healing and damage is very well structured and thought out, the same goes for your comments on self-healing and blanket silences. This is a great thread Rasen, that we can see you have dedicated a lot of time to writing and we hope to see more excellent feedback like this coming from everyone on the forums. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New J!NX Shirts - Darth Hater
J!NX has finally released their line of Curse brand T-shirts, including two Darth Hater shirts. They include a black basic men's tee and a gray premium tee. Using the code "CURSEGEAR" at checkout will get customers 20% off any Curse J!NX products.

If you want the discount you'll have to hurry as the deal ends 4/8/12. If you prefer MMO-Champion shirts, both the premium and basic shirts are still available.

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

by Published on 2012-04-05 12:52 AM

Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites - Wave 4
Blizzard is still working hard to make everyone happy and sent another wave of 250,000 Beta Invites, bringing the total to 550,000 Annual Pass Invites since the initial wave of beta testing!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
That’s right -- we’re in the process of sending 250,000 additional beta-test invites to Annual Pass holders. Keep an eye on your email and account for an invitation to come test Mists of Pandaria with us.

As with previous waves, it’s going to take a while for the invites to process, so we recommend checking your games list in Account Management to see whether yours has arrived yet. Once it does, you’ll see the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download from there. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and we’re working hard to get you into the beta. We know you’re excited to explore Pandaria and test the new content, and we’ll keep you posted here in the forums when we’re ready to send out another wave.

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