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by Published on 2017-06-16 12:08 PM

Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes - June 15
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Chromie Scenario
  • The Timelord title is now account-wide.
  • Nezar'Azret should now only summon adds when in combat.

  • Corrected an issue where Mythic Keystone completion failed to award an additional piece of loot for beating the timer in some circumstances.

  • Tome of the Legionfall Magi should no longer notify group members when it is looted.
  • Mythic Keystones should now display properly when linked in chat.

  • Ilyssia of the Waters should no longer appear in Azsuna. She wasn't quite ready for her debut yet.

Player versus Player
  • The Gaze of Aman'thul debuff can no longer be removed by player spells.
  • Druid
    • Cyclone should now work correctly on all tamed Hunter pets.
    • Restoration
      • Template Intellect increased by 5%.

  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • The stun provided by Heavy-Handed Strikes now correctly matches the increased range of Fists of Fury.

  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Template Intellect increased by 2%.

  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Inner Renewal will no longer trigger twice for Shadow Covenant.
    • Holy
      • Template Intellect increased by 2%.

  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • Template Intellect increased by 2%.

  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Nightfall will correctly be consumed when casting Seed of Corruption
      • Unstable Affliction's dispel backlash can no longer be reflected or grounded.

  • Auctioneer Xifa should no longer evade attempted assassination for “Hiding in Plain Sight”.

  • Brawn (Tauren racial trait) and Might of the Mountain (Dwarf racial trait) now appear correctly in the spellbook.

2016 Blizzard Student Art Contest Winners
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The sixth annual Blizzard Student Art Contest has drawn to a close! Presented by Blizzard Entertainment’s university relations and World of Warcraft development teams, this contest called upon college and university students to create epic World of Warcraft-styled environments and characters and share their vision of Azeroth.

After deliberating over the many exceptional entries, our judges have chosen four outstanding pieces by two very talented artists. Check out the winning entries below.


Cody Harder- Character Contest Winner
Brigham Young University (BYU) – Idaho

Kate McKee-Environment Contest Winner
Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD)


Kate McKee- Character Contest Runner-Up
Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD)

Cody Harder- Environment Contest Runner-Up
Brigham Young University (BYU) – Idaho

Overwatch - Jeff Kaplan 15 Year Anniversary
Dinoflask made a video to celebrate Jeff Kaplan's 15 year anniversary at Blizzard!

by Published on 2017-06-15 08:39 PM

Brian Holinka Leaving World of Warcraft Team
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Five years ago, I received a phone call from Blizzard offering me the chance of a lifetime—a position on the World of Warcraft team.

Simply put, this is my favorite game of all time, and working on it these past five years has been a dream come true. I have learned so much from the women and men who make it and everyone who plays it. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a game that so many people around the world are so passionate about.

A few weeks ago, I was offered a new opportunity at Blizzard that I’m really excited about. Tomorrow is my last day working on World of Warcraft.

As a longtime player, I couldn't be more excited about what the future has in store for World of Warcraft. In particular, the PvP team remains hard at work on some incredible plans. I fully expect that the best years of World of Warcraft PvP are ahead of us.

Thank you to everyone involved with World of Warcraft, from the development team to the players, for letting me be a part of this game's community. I consider it a great privilege.

Brian Holinka
by Published on 2017-06-14 09:53 PM

Get Your Diablo 3 Wings by Playing Heroes of the Storm Now

Cart Crash at the Crossroads is This Week's Brawl!

Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes - June 14
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Chromie Scenario
  • Andorhal: Brother Grigory and Talessah Towhide should cast their full heal spell less often.
  • In Dragonblight, Chromie is now a very important NPC, well-marked on maps, and player-versus-player activities are forbidden in the area around her.

Class Halls
  • Artifact Research Notes work order shipments now have a duration of 3 hours and 36 minutes.
  • (Hotfix in testing) Blood of Sargeras can now be obtained from Class Hall vendors at a price of 5 Blood of Sargeras for 5,000 Order Resources.

  • (Hotfix in testing) Fixed a bug preventing Mythic Keystone information from displaying properly when linked in chat.
  • Unseen Predator's Cloak will now correctly increase the Critical Strike chance of Cobra Spit (Spitting Cobra talent) and the Critical Strike chance of the periodic damage from On The Trail (Artifact Trait).

Player versus Player

  • Obliterum Ash rewards from Patch 7.2.5 crafted items are now similar to rewards from Patch 7.2.0 and earlier.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Item Level 970 Legendary Items
Will ilvl 970 leggys drop since 7.2.5 or since ToS opening?
ToS opening.
(The new legendaries can still drop on the first week of the patch but at ilvl 940)

Cant we start upgrading legendaries tomorrow? Do we also have to wait until ToS opens?
The new quest to upgrade legendaries to ilvl 970 will become available when ToS opens next week. (Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character / Items
Do you continue to gain stamina per point past 52 in concordance?
Yes, your health increases at a reduced rate compared to prior points. However, tank + healer bonus damage doesn't increase after point 52. (WarcraftDevs)

could we get an explanation on why s3 pvp elite appearance is being released at the end of s4
The ensembles become available when those appearances can no longer be obtained in rated PvP. Legion Seasons 3&4 share an armor appearance. (WarcraftDevs)

does anyone know if u account change a char if u have to do 150 wins all over again?
No, transferring a character to another account does not reset the number of wins-- only a faction transfer resets the number of wins. (WarcraftDevs)

Could you guys take a look at southshore vs. Tarren Mill again? Particularly at the balance, for the alliance. Thanks.
We learned a great deal from this first run of Southshore vs. Tarren Mill, and we’ll make adjustments for next time. (WarcraftDevs)

is Concordance capped at 52(first pt) in rated pvp?
There is no cap. (WarcraftDevs)

Can you verify that you need 150 wins on a toon to get Gladiator Legion Season 3 or just for R1?
Both Gladiator and Cruel Gladiator require 150 wins. All other titles require 50 wins. (WarcraftDevs)

WIll saved up pvp tokens (Echoes) go away with the end of season? Or will they persist through season end?
They are converted to gold at end of season. (holinka)

Muff man! where is Varimithras the best dreadlord ever its not a secret is it?
No one knows, but one thing's for sure: Sargeras probably isn't too happy with him. (Muffinus)

The murloc demon hunter in Stormheim during invasions - is he canon? If yes, how did he come to be?
He mmmmrgrgrlgled everything! What have you mmmmrgrgrlgled? (Alex_Afrasiabi)

FinalBossTV #143 - Legion Holy Paladins
FinalBossTV focused on Holy Paladins this week!

by Published on 2017-06-13 11:11 PM

Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes - June 13
Reminder: Blizzard is still planning another round of class tuning for later this week.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dungeons and Raids
  • The Nighthold
    • Krosus
      • Searing Brand damage reduced by 15%.
    • Star Augur Etraeus
      • Fel Burst, Starburst, and Iceburst damage reduced by 15%.
    • Gul’dan
      • Fel Scythe damage reduced by 15%.
      • Gul’dan’s health decreased by 3% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

  • Draught of Souls damage is reduced by 15% for Fury Warriors (was 40%).
  • Draught of Souls damage is reduced by 20% for Arms Warriors (was 40%).
  • Corrected an issue where Siege of Orgrimmar Heirlooms appeared to be usable at level 1 after being upgraded.
  • The Elemental Shaman Embrace of the Living Mountain 2-piece set bonus now has a 10% chance to refund Maelstrom spent on Earth Shock (was a 45% chance).
  • The Fury Warrior Battlegear of Iron Wrath 4-piece set bonus now provides a 2 second reduction to Battle Cry (was 10 seconds).

Player versus Player
  • Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Crypt Fever will no longer consume Festering Wounds when it procs.

  • Demon Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Havoc
      • Template Agility increased from 80% to 85%.
      • Template Haste reduced from 130% to 110%.
      • Template Versatility increased from 100% to 120%.
      • Chaos Blades increases damage dealt by 20% (was 30%) in PvP situations.
      • Fel Barrage damage reduced by 30% in PvP situations.
      • Nemesis durations increased to 30 seconds in PvP situation (was 15 seconds).
      • Nemesis now increases damage by 15% (was 25%).

  • Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Beast Mastery
      • Template Agility decreased from 80% to 70%.
      • Template Armor decreased from 120% to 100%.
      • Template Critical Strike increased from 70% to 100%.
      • Template Mastery decreased from 75% to 45%.
      • Dire Beast: Basilisk is now immune to snares and roots.
      • Dire Beast: Basilisk's damage has been increased by 50%.
    • Marksmanship
      • Template Agility decreased from 105% to 100%.
      • Template Critical Strike increased from 50% to 80%.
      • Template Haste decreased from 150% to 120%.
      • Sniper Shot no longer increases its own range.
      • Sniper Shot's duration increased to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds).
      • Sniper Shot's range is increased to 55 yards (was 40 yards).

  • Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Mistweaver
      • Way of the Crane causes Spinning Crane Kick to heal for 100% of damage dealt (was 200%).
      • Way of the Crane now heals based on absorbed damage.
      • Way of the Crane now costs 8% of base mana.
    • Windwalker
      • Template Versatility increased from 100% to 120%.
      • Template Haste increased from 175% to 200%.
      • Tigereye Brew should now correctly grant stacks for all Chi-consuming abilities.

  • Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Holy
      • Template Intellect increased from 135% to 145%.
      • Avenging Crusader's mana cost has increased by 30%.
      • Avenging Crusader's cooldown recovery rate on Judgment and Crusader Strike decreased to 30% (was 50%).
      • Avenging Crusader's bonus damage decreased to 30% (was 50%).
    • Protection
      • Hand of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%).
      • Light of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%).
      • Luminesence now heals for 20% of healing taken (was 30%).
      • Mana regeneration reduced by 25%.
    • Retribution
      • Template Strength reduced from 85% to 80%.
      • Blessing of Sanctuary's cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 30 seconds).
      • Lawbringer's duration increased to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds).
      • Divine Punisher now grants 3 Holy Power (was 2).
      • Luminesence now heals for 20% of healing taken (was 30%).
      • Templar's Verdict now deals full damage in PvP situations (was a 30% reduction).

  • Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Discipline
      • Overloaded with Light increases Light's Wrath damage by 200% in PvP situations (was 500%).
      • Power Word: Fortitude can now be active on 3 targets.
      • Power Word: Fortitude's mana cost has been reduced by 80%.
      • Power Word: Shield's absorption amount is increased by 10% in PvP situations (was 25%).
      • Purified Resolve now provides a 5% maximum health shield (was 8%).
      • Strength of Soul decreases physical damage taken by 20% (was 30%).
      • Strength of Soul's heal has been increased by 75%.
    • Holy
      • Template Damage dealt decreased from 75% to 65%.
      • Template Haste increased from 100% to 125%.
      • Template Intellect increased from 135% to 145%.
      • Template Mastery reduced from 100% to 75%.
      • Divine Attendant now reduces cooldown by 2.5 minutes (was 2 minutes). Tooltip will be inaccurate till a followup hotfix.
      • Greater Fade's duration has been reduced to 4 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Ray of Hope's bonus healing has been reduced to 50% (was 100%).
      • Renew's periodic healing has been increased by 100% in PvP situations.
      • Spirit of the Redeemer now has a 3 minute cooldown (was 5 minutes).
      • Spirit of the Redeemer now has a 7 second duration (was 10 seconds).
    • Shadow
      • Mind Blast damage increased by 30% in PvP situations.
      • Mind Flay damage increased by 40% in PvP situations.
      • Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 20% in PvP situations.
      • Shadow Word: Void damage increased by 20% in PvP situations.
      • Shadowform reduces physical damage taken by 20% in PvP situations (was 10%).
      • Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 15% in PvP situations
      • Void Torrent no longer deals decreased damage in PvP situations, (was 20% less.

  • Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Purifying Waters healing reduced by 40%.
    • The Healing Surge cast by Swelling Waves now heals for half its regular amount.
    • Enhancement
      • Gathering Storms no longer counts pets and guardians in PvP situations when increasing the damage of your next Stormstrike.
    • Restoration
      • Template Critical Strike increased from 50% to 120%.
      • Template Versatility increased from 130 to 140%.
      • Earth Shield will now heal when an attacker takes 4% of their max health in damage (was 8%).
      • Earth Shield now has 4 charges (was 3).
      • Healing Stream Totem now heals for an additional 40% in PvP situations (was 10%).
      • Riptide heals for an additional 30% in PvP situations.
      • Healing Wave heals for an additional 50% in PvP situations (was an additional 100%).

  • Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Soul Shards should now be set to 3 during Arena Preparation

  • Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Fury
      • Template Stamina decreased from 100% to 95%.
      • Bloodthirst's heal is reduced by 25% in PvP situations.

  • The item level of most Legion crafted gear is now 850, and can now be increased up to 900 with Obliterum.
    • Existing gear below item level 850 will not have its item level changed, and will display "Obliterum: 0/10", but it will be brought up to item level 855 with one application of Obliterum.
  • Attempting to apply Obliterum to Skullblasters will no longer consume the Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras.
  • Crates of Bobbers should no longer drop if you already know the toy that they teach.

Tier 20 Tuning, pre-Tomb of Sargeras
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Along with the launch of Patch 7.2.5 we are making tuning adjustments to a number of soon-to-be-available Tier 20 set bonuses. The target is as usual, relative power balance between Tier 20 set bonuses of different classes/specs and with the previous tier's set bonuses.

Note that this is the round of Tier 20 tuning we're doing before Tomb opens, and we may make further adjustments as needed once Tomb opens and we have more live data.

Death Knight - Frost
  • 2pc: Requires 60 Runic Power (up from 40) spent per 1 sec of duration increase to Pillar of Frost.

Druid - Balance
  • 4pc: Total buff duration increased to 20 sec (up from 15 sec).

Druid - Feral
  • 2pc: Rip generates 1 Energy (down from 2) when it deals damage.
  • 4pc: Rip deals 10% (down from 15%) increased damage and lasts 4 sec (down from 8 sec) longer.

Mage - Frost
  • 2pc: Critical strike damage bonus granted reduced to 20% (down from 30%).

Hunter - Marksmanship
  • 4pc: Aimed Shot reduces the cast time and focus cost of your next Aimed Shot by 8% (down from 15%). Buff duration reduced to 6 sec (down from 12 sec).

Monk - Windwalker
  • 2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: Rising Sun critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury by 3 sec (up from 2 sec).
  • 4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "When Fists of Fury ends, the critical strike chance of Rising Sun Kick is increased by 65% (up from 50%) for 5 sec."

Paladin - Retribution
  • 2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: "Judgment increases Blade of justice damage by 15% for 8 sec."
  • 4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "Blade of Justice generates 1 additional Holy Power."

Priest - Shadow
  • 4pc: Insanity drains 10% slower (down from 15%) while in Voidform. Insanity drains 5% slower (down from 10%) while in Voidform if you have Surrender to Madness talent.

Rogue - Assassination
  • 2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: "Garrote costs 25 less Energy and has 12 sec reduced cooldown."
  • 4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "Garrote deals 60% (up from 30%) increased damage."

Rogue - Outlaw
  • 2pc: Free Pistol Shots increase your critical strike chance by 5% (down from 10%) for 8 sec.
  • 4pc: Half-power Adrenaline Rush duration reduced to 8 sec (down from 10 sec).

Shaman - Elemental
  • 2pc: Swapped with the 4pc and is now: "Reduce the cooldown of Fire Elemental by 3 sec (Storm Elemental by 1.5 sec) when Flame Shock periodic damage deals a critical strike. This effect may occur once every 1 sec."
  • 4pc: Swapped with the 2pc and is now: "While Fire Elemental [or Storm Elemental] is active, your Flame Shock deals 40% increased damage over time and always critically strikes."

Warlock - Affliction
  • 2pc: Soul Shards generated from Corruption damage reduced to 0.65+Haste per minute (down from 1.2+Haste per minute).

Warrior - Arms
  • 4pc: Now casts a total of 3 (down from 6) Mortal Strikes during Bladestorm and a total of 2 (down from 4) Mortal Strikes during Ravager.

Havoc Discussions - 7.2.5 Mechanics and Feel
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Thank you for all the feedback, and apologies for the delayed response.

We agree that there are moments of frustration with the live version of Demon Blades, and are continuing to look into how to address them, but also think that a smooth resource income is not the best solution.

For Havoc, we wanted to create a style of play that used fewer core abilities in favor of having deeper gameplay in other areas (e.g. a higher reliance on movement and battlefield awareness, and higher variation in resource generation). Part of what makes Demon's Bite, a spammable resource generator, work for Havoc is that its interaction with Chaos Strike is not static. You need to monitor how much Fury it generates, and react with Chaos Strike when appropriate.

We tried out having Demon Blades at 100% on the PTR mostly as a quality of life change, and to reduce the periods of time where players running Demon Blades found themselves unable to use any abilities. However, in practice, that change took an already simplified rotation and made it almost completely predictable. Though effective, it made the spec very dull to play. Reacting to your Fury bar is a core aspect of Havoc gameplay, and we don't want to lose that gameplay with Demon Blades.

All that said, we still agree that the current version of Demon Blades is not perfect, and we will continue to iterate. The version we tried on the 7.2.5 PTR was just not the right direction for Havoc.
by Published on 2017-06-13 06:45 PM

Update: The Gul'dan hotfix is live!

Get Your Diablo 3 Wings by Playing Heroes of the Storm Now

The Hearthstone Global Games - Week 10

Gul'dan Hotfixes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This is now live - Gul'dan's health has been reduced by 3% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
Additionally, the damage of Gul'dan's Fel Scythe, Krosus' Searing Brand, and several of Star Augur's abilities has been reduced by 15%.

Upcoming Artifact Knowledge Research Hotfix
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re currently working on a hotfix intended to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the Artifact Knowledge cap of 40, in order to allow returning players to catch up more quickly.

Specifically, this hotfix will reduce the time it takes to research ranks of Artifact Knowledge between 26 and 40 to approximately 4 hours each. We hope to make this retroactive to any work orders already in progress when the hotfix is applied. Once these changes are live, a returning player should be able to reach the maximum level of Artifact Knowledge in only a few days.

This hotfix will require extensive testing, but our goal is to apply it within the next day or so.

World Boss - Ana-Mouz
Be sure to kill Ana-Mouz in Suramar for chance at item level 860 items and a Fel Relic.

Legendary Upgrade - Stabilized Titan Essence Consumed on Use
Stabilized Titan Essence will be consumed on use, just as the previous version was. Keep in mind that you can't start on upgrades until next week.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Hi! This item is practically identical to the one that upgraded a legendary from 910 to 940. It is definitely consumed on use.

Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
Mists of Pandaria timewalking is back! It offers rewards such as Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade

Brawl - Packed House
The Packed House brawl is now available!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Up to 30 players clash in this packed Arena match

Crafted Item Scaling
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Crafted items seem to be scaling to 900 ilvl instead of 885 like the patch notes say - intended?
Correct. We'll have a complete hotfixes update later today with new hotfixes such as this one.

Legion PvP Season 4 Begins!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Legion PvP season 4 is here, and the Arenas and Battlegrounds await the clash and clamor of weaponry and magic once more.

Season 3 Rewards Reminder
If you participated in Season 3, please keep the following in mind to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due:

  • Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 3 rewards have been distributed.
  • Legion Season 3 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends.

Faction-Based Rewards
Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Cruel Gladiator.

The Arenas and Battlegrounds await!

Artifact Power Reward Changes
The official notes were updated with some additional artifact power changes.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Legion Raid bosses now have a new Artifact Power item that drops 100% of the time, once per week, on all difficulties except Raid Finder. Bosses in the newest Raid drop more Artifact Power than older Raids.
  • On Raid Finder difficulty, bosses no longer drop Artifact Power items. Artifact Power is now rewarded once per week at the completion of each Raid Finder wing.

Order Hall Mission Bonus Reputation Rewards
Scuuuu on Reddit noticed that missions now reward Greater tokens, such as Greater Tribute of the Broken Isles, that award 1500 reputation. Nightfallen and Legionfall award 750.

The Deaths of Chromie Scenario
Chromie needs your help to stop her death! In this solo scenario, you will defeat eight different attacks on Chromie throughout time before it is too late. Head to Khadgar in Dalaran to get started.

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