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by Published on 2012-11-25 11:06 AM

Paragon and Method Defeat Sha of Fear
DREAM Paragon and Method defeated Sha of Fear early this morning to be the first guilds to clear Terrace of Endless Spring. Congratulations to them! So far, 23 guilds have defeated Tsulong and 21 have defeated Lei Shi.

Patch 5.1 Release Date Hint
Last Tuesday someone asked Dave Kosak if the patch would be arriving two months after Mists of Pandaria was released, as is indicated by several quests. Keep in mind Mists of Pandaria was launched on September 25th, so the closest date is this week! There is also a blue post about it being very, very soon on the forums.

Patch 5.1 Music
One of the PTR builds added almost 45 minutes of music! Turn on annotations to use the menu in the video.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Why aren't bled affected by haste? It's really curious that they are the only dots that aren't affected.
Melee already get extra resources from haste because they get more swings. (Source)

The 5.1 class balance changes should be applied as a hotfix ASAP. Still a lot of this tier left!
5.1 isn't a new tier / season. We hotfix changes that are relatively safe to make. We can't hotfix everything. (Source)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Since your plan is to make heals coming from non heal specs less effective how will you compensate enhancment shaman in pvp?
It's intended to be a nerf not a balance agnostic change. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
What was the reasoning for removing Glyph of Supernova. the REAL reason, no the reasoning you gave for Cataclysm.
Knowing game rules is critical for PvP. Asking players to learn new rules (run from the dying lock!) in mid-season is harsh.
It's really not harsh. Harsh for morons, maybe. You have to stop patronizing your player base. We are smarter than you think.
Players can be smart and still overwhelmed with too much design churn. Being smart doesn't need to mean constantly relearning. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
You realize by nerfing Gag Order you forcing the pvp cookie cutter specs to return, I thought MoP meant more choice, not less!
Last I looked, most warriors in PvP are using Gag Order, Second Wind and Avatar. I expect we'll see more diversity now. (Source)

GC is absolutely right. Gag order is stupid and takes no skill. Juking casts?
I actually think Gag Order does take skill, but we just want warriors to be more about mobility and less about range.
If all Warriors pick the same talent, its not an indication that its too strong, its an indication other choices are too weak.
By that logic if one talent does 1M damage, we need to buff the others? Gross simplification, but DKs and paladin have less mobility but more ranged attacks.
If all Warriors pick the same talent, its not an indication that its too strong, its an indication other choices are too weak.
By that logic if one talent does 1M damage, we need to buff the others? (Source)

Rather than nerfing random various stuff, could you please look at cd-stacking and Taste for Blood instead?
TfB in PvP is very rare. However, bc it's so rare, nerfing it would have little balance impact but might stop flashy videos. (Source)

Are there plans to do more theorycraft discussions in the future, like the Beta TC thread?
We'd like to. It was really helpful for us as well. (Source)

Player model upgrades any time soon? Any news? No? OK, I thought so. That's really sad.
News hasn't changed. We're working on it. It's a huge project. We are as impatient as you. (Source)

Overall it seems that people welcome the honor point upgrading but nobody see the point about the CP. Is it just equality?
Currently, glads have more Conquest than they can spend. Others barely finish their gear. That's why we'll have to tweak #s. (Source)

You know, GC, you guys keep saying "slow down" and it's making me not want to play the game. This isn't fun.
It's in response to players saying "I have to do everything TODAY," when we put a lot of things into MoP. (Source)

Did you consider to add macro conditions?It's really annoying that drag a spell to action bars each time i changed my talent!
Considering only putting new spells on your bar while you're leveling, not at max level. (Source)

Hey GC, my friend keeps saying the cloud serpents arent dragons. Are they considered dragons in WoW lore?
We named them what we did to leave it nebulous. They aren't part of the whole Aspects scene. (Source)

Are you ever tempted to say things along the lines of "If you don't like the game, don't play" to the more stubborn naysayers?
That's not a great way to keep players. (Source)

Comics - Dark Legacy Comics #364
DLC #364 has been released.

by Published on 2012-11-24 10:42 AM

Demon Hunter 1.0.5 Guide, Diablo Statue on Sale Next Week, Mike Morhaime Awarded Technical Entrepreneur of the Year, Curse Client Now with Minecraft

Patch 5.1 - Pet Battle Updates
Patch 5.1 adds several new battle pets to the game, and people have been hunting them down on the PTR to provide locations for you!

Several of the pets drop from old world bosses in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and Naxxramas. The others come from Achievements, the Blizzard Store, Tailoring, Quests, the Darkmoon Faire, or the Brawler's Guild.

New battle stones have been added to allow you to upgrade pets. It will cost you 1000 Justice points or a rare drop after a battle with a wild pet to upgrade to uncommon. Rare stones can also be obtained as a rare drop after defeating a wild pet, or from the Sack of Pet Supplies that are rewarded by Pet Battle quests.

The Pet Journal also has several updates, with better filtering, searching, and the rarity of each pet being shown without any addons. There are several other smaller changes being made, such as an increase to a cap of 650 pets or pet quality being displayed in battles. Read the full notes to see the full list of changes and check out the screenshots below for the UI improvements!

Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring Videos
Minor progression changes today with another seven guilds defeating Lei Shi. This brings us to fourteen 25 man guilds and three 10 man guilds still working on Sha of Fear. Blood Legion released videos of Tsulong and Lei Shi today!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I...don't understand. You cant make up VP from a prior week. There's no increase for missing a prior week, right?
But you get valor *every* run now. Now the bonus is just a bonus, not the only way to earn valor.
No matter what's a bonus and what isn't, the dailies + heroic VP changes make you feel mandated to play every single day.
It's more efficient because of the bonuses, but not the only way to earn Valor. I tweeted previously about possible vs. optimal.
You dont see a problem Greg with people with less time having to do thing in less eficient ways? 7 a week was fine
Our data suggests fewer players completed 7/week than 1/day. Worse, players who wanted to do more than 7 had nothing to do. (Source)

What lead to the decision to make an epic two handed weapon so difficult to obtain? The one is Palace is under 1% drop rate.
Epics from dungeons intended to be rare. Elegon drops one in Raid Finder. 2H is a huge dps for Str users, so we're careful. (Source)

The second half of normal HoF really has no business being harder mechanically than heroic MSV. Casuals are gonna get stomped.
Second half of MSV has more mechanics than first half, and Raid Finder groups are figuring it out. (Source)

13 pages and counting. Peoples' opinion is clear. Now it's your turn! I'd appreciate reading, atleast OP.
I read that forum regularly. Ultimately, we want WoW PvP to be about skill and gear and not just skill. We can tweak numbers but we like the feature. (Source)

On AJ in Top 10 3v3 there are four priests, all with Discipline as one of their specs. One ONLY has Disc.
It depends a lot on which stats you look at. Just 3s? Just US? Just certain Battlegroups? Top 10? Top 100? All?
Those graphs speak popularity, not performance or even spec. And no, popularity != performance.
Yep. We see the same phenomenon with raid logs. (Source)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Resilience and duration of Crowd Control mechanics
That is quite an interesting concept, but it appears to take something that is and should be quite simple, then makes it incredibly complex. It would be quite difficult to know how long you will be CC'd or CC'ing for in a match because it would vary from player to player.

There would be other issues with such a system too, what if a player had more PvP power than the other person had Resilience? Say a Human Warrior (purely theoretical) that stacks PvP power and is using Titan's Grip, they can get approximately 53% PvP power and they face someone just getting into PvP having only 40% resilience. They will be stunned by any of the Warriors CC for 13% longer.

You could change the "8 second cap" to be "capped at skills base PvP duration", but other issues could possibly arise too. Maybe there would be technical limitations on such a system or Resilience may out scale PvP power making CC almost useless and vice versa.

We have said previously that we are content with the current state of crowd control, but it is really cool to see more on how you would all like to see CC function in PvP. Just because we are okay with how CC works right now doesn't mean we are not open to feedback from the community on the subject, so feel free to add your thoughts in this topic.

Yeah, prepare to get flamed. The current state of crowd control is making people quit left and right. It's really sucked the fun right out of this game.
I will say something that was said last time we mentioned that we are content with the current state of CC to try and prevent this. It is something I already touched on in the last post.

Just because we are okay with how CC works right now doesn't mean we are not open to feedback from the community on the subject, so feel free to add your thoughts in this topic.
So we are not against making changes to how CC works in PvP right now, we are simply content with how it works at the moment. We fully understand that there are some players that are frustrated by CC right now and if you have thoughts or feedback on the topic, feel free to discuss it here. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mists of Pandaria and WoW Art Style
The quest areas are awesome, I am not only finding them fun but loving the theme and atmosphere. The same goes for the dungeons as well I really love the designs and the attention to detail. Excuse my rant its just been so long since I have enjoyed this game and it really feels like Blizzard have really well made this expansion.
I’m glad you’re enjoying MoP so much, I couldn’t agree more with you when it comes to attention to detail regarding design.
Sometimes I see players complaining about an out-dated graphics engine based solely on technical details, like the new API functions that usually come with each new generation of video cards that software engines can take advantage of, but I think that most of the times they forget about the most important thing, the design of the game itself.

World of Warcraft is quite cartoonish, that’s obvious and it’s on purpose, it’s a design decision and I think it’s a really good one, it adds a lot to the longevity of the game, and it also makes it possible to play on low-settings and still have the game looking good.
Also I have to say that engines aren’t something static, sometimes I think players forget about that, our engine is made in-house and so of course technical details are not as well spread on the internet as the ones from other engines, but as most players probably noticed, for example, the game now supports DirectX 11, and 64-bit OS’s. There have been a ton of changes made under the hood along these years; some of them are even visually unnoticeable since they are only performance improvements, but these are very important updates, raiding in a 25-man environment with addons and the like can actually be extremely CPU-intensive. I think those that have tried Sha of Anger in a 40-man raid with other raids around them “helping out”, understand the importance of having an efficient game engine.

The amount of care that is put into design is quite impressive, there are lots of things that players don’t consciously notice and just take for granted, but after questing or raiding on a certain area, they will probably notice in the end that there was something special on that scenery that they just couldn’t quite put their finger on what it was. The design ends up being extremely appealing and I think most players would be surprised to know the amount of attention and resources that are spent on fine-tuning very small details.

I’ve played other games with the latest generation graphics engines and I must say that while some like to take advantage of showing off the engine capabilities, and try to impress players with technicalities, like using extremely high resolution textures and latest vertex shaders, most of them fail in delivering superb design, and by that I mean the amount of care and artistic talent that is put into real 3d modelling of in-game objects, of quest design, raid encounters and whatnot, that requires real work and artistic talent. I’ve seen some of the latest games using super simple 3d models and just applying some high resolution texture over it with stuff like tessellation and displacement mapping as a fast but impressive way to create surface relief and give it some finer 3d details.
When seen independently this kind of things can look impressive, but are they memorable? I don’t think so; good design is not based on simply using the latest technology, good design should have an intrinsic value in itself and be able to persist through time.

For example, the style of architecture that is used throughout Pandaria is consistent, fits like a glove into the environment and actually follows a lot of rules, grabbing inspiration and giving proper respect to old-eastern culture and architecture.
Of course this is done in a way that fits into the already well-established and respected WoW culture and design.

I would bet that most players would correctly recognize a 3d architecture model from WoW faster than they would from most other games. There is some “artistic glue” that connects it all together in World of Warcraft and makes everything look consistent, thus easily persisting in our memories as WoW or even as “Blizzard style”.

Multi-core optimization to get use out of 4 CPU cores instead of current 2, would help a lot in the FPS side during Raids
This is a problem that many games face and it's a hard one to tackle, new and possibly better OS's also play a big role in this area as they can control which threads go to each core.

But I agree, this would be a major improvement as CPU's seem to be evolving into more and more cores, instead of the number of transistors in each one, eventually things get so small that technology might hit a physical limitation. We’ll just have to wait and see, maybe some new scientific discovery will change this and we get back to single core CPUs (Hello quantum!)

Optimization for 2+ CPUs would be great, but I don’t know how feasible it is, I suspect it would take major resources to do any kind of major improvement on this, resources that might be better spent somewhere else since the game runs just fine on current CPUs.

There are also many constraints software wise that make this something very hard to accomplish with such a complex game, I suspect that some optimizations can be done but the game will continue to use some cores more than others, simply because some threads will be under a heavier workload than others and you can’t easily split them into multiple ones, some calculations require one thread and don’t run well in parallel, any kind of major change on this I suspect would probably require an almost complete rewrite of the game code or some special compiling, but this is mostly speculation on my part, maybe devs can tell us otherwise one of these days. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The Daily Blink - Black Friday at the Black Market
The Daily Blink put out their own Black Friday ad this week!

by Published on 2012-11-23 11:06 AM

Demon Hunter Budget Guide, Quadboxing Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards

Item Upgrade Preview
Today we take a look at the Item Upgrade function in game. Don't forget to cap your Valor Points so that you can upgrade some items as soon as the patch is released!

Upgrade Interface / New Tooltips

Upgrade Examples

Upgrade Costs

Currency Cost Item Level Upgrade Max Number of Upgrades
Valor Points750 × 4 Item Levels2
Conquest Points750 × 4 Item Levels2
Justice Points1500 × 8 Item Levels1
Honor Points1500 × 8 Item Levels1

Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring Progression Update
Sha of Fear is still holding out, with no guild being able to defeat him yet. Four more guilds have now defeated heroic Lei Shi, bringing us to a total of ten working on Sha of Fear. Nine of them are doing it on 25 man and DREAM Paragon is doing it on 10 man.

Blood Legion has released a video of the first encounter, Protectors of the Endless.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
What does it mean in patch notes for 5.1 when it says stuff like "be more responsive", like poisons or revealing strike?
There should be less of a delay between when you expect to happen and when it happens. Usually the proc just feels "slow." (Source)

Will you be nerfing Pure self heals as well? Some pures can heal for the same amount as Hybrids at the moment.
Well, pures should out-heal hybrids. We will increased the PvP healing debuff if necessary once burst is toned down.
Isn't hybrid healing the whole point of being a hybrid? to heal little more than the pures?
Sorry, thought you meant pure healers (e.g. Resto). It should go healer > off-healer > not a healer. The first part was off. (Source)

Intervening Touch of Death, unintended to hit for 100% of your Health Bar, should only hit for the 10% in PVP. Correct? Fix ?
It's one of those Irresistible Force - Immovable Object deals. Not sure it's broken.

So any updates on the wand bug? it's the greatest hindrance to dps, and with the only Caster Weapon we can use as a wand it sucks
Yes, working on a fix for Demo + wands. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Just wondering, what was the reasoning behind making Avenger's Shield only Silence the primary target?
Multi Silence is very good and you don't often need to pull many casters (and still can with LoS). (Source)

Grand Empress Shek'zeer has a 2 second swing timer. As a prot pally, I found myself micromanaging SotR as a result.
A fair complaint, but she also doesn't hit that hard (with her melee attacks). (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Will Spriests ever get an Aoe buff? Their Aoe is really bad atm compared to Elemental and Balance. Multidotting is boring.
If you don't like multidotting you might be playing the wrong class... (Source)

Ok im really curious when you will fix disc priests in pvp we are completely broken mana, healing, and so on.
Talking about it. I think we've finally been convinced that Disc is a little low (in PvP and PvE).
In what way do you think disc is low GC?
We're looking at Rapture mana and Divine Aegis as Disc-oriented ways to give them across the board buffs. (Source - Nov 3)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
I saw that Chaos Bolt damage is getting nerfed with GoSac in 5.1. Is it the only nerf to Chaos Bolt ?
At the moment. Need to see how 5.1 shakes out. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Why you nerf my 1.4M executes? Sadly, without those executes, i feel we'll no longer be competitive dps wise with other tanks
It's pretty hard to justify a million point Execute for a tank... (Source)

Now you give a much bigger advantage that requires a much bigger grind (i am talking about the dailies grind). I dont get it
There was no alternative to the head enchant. There are plenty of alternatives to valor gear. (Source)

Why does trash respawn in 2hrs, from both a gameplay and making sense perspective? We killed it and didn't reset!
Traditionally: added pressure to not wipe / gave groups a chance to call the raid. In 2012, we're not sure it serves a purpose. (Source)

Any spell with a base cooldown of >5 minutes is reset after a boss, right? Do Void Shift and Hymn of Hope qualify?
Yes, and the data says they both work correctly. Are they not? (Source)

Why is bonus VP still only 1/day for random heroic dungeons?! When will it go back to 7/week as it was prior to patch 5?
It's bonus for the first but valor for *every* run after. With the 7 that's all you got and there was no catch up.
7 was enough to cap before however. We still have the cap. I don't understand what you mean there was no catch up
Say you went on vacation for a week. You could never make that lost valor up. Now you can run 15 dungeons to make up for it.
So, 7/week felt like a job? What feels like a job is being pressured to log on every day to progress. Bye flexibility.
If you want to earn all your valor on one day, you still can, it's just not the most efficient way. We can try and make the rules flexible enough to let you play how you want. That doesn't mean the way you want will be the most efficient. (Source)

PVP blog post was great but It left 1 question for me. There was no DoTA style BG in future features. Is it canceled?
No, hasn't been cancelled. We always have a lot of pots on the stove. (Source)

Whats the reason that you dont ban all pve gear from arena and rated bg?
We want PvE gear to be acceptable until you get a lot of Conquest gear. Conversely, Honor gear should be fine to get you into LFR. (Source)

Do think (in the foreseeable future) you'll ever rebuild WoW on a newer engine?
We improve the engine every expansion. I'm not sure what we'd benefit by just starting over. (Source)

I think there's a bug with the valor buff (50% boost after capping) where after you log in after cap resets, you keep the buff
Yeah, it fades on leaving the world instead of entering. We'll get it fixed. (Source)

Any chance we'll see a few severely low population server AHs combined? Economy is ruined on many servers.
Definitely want to fix the low pop economy problem. Not 100% sure yet that cross realm AH is the right solution. (Source)

You guys just did it with the Lesser Charms, so... Could we have Halaa Research/Battle Tokens stored as Currencies?
Our concern was that there is no way to ever get rid of them as currency. With items, you can sell or delete them. (Source)

Why isnt possible just to change character skin by updating them like the yaungol to tauren?look the same.. just new skin..
The armors and animations aren't designed to work with those models. It's possible to do of course, but not simply. (Source)

What is your favorite weapon model out of everything in the game?
I still love the original Quel'serrar. Maybe Ashkandi too. One of our item designers would say Lionheart Executioner. (Source)

You really think Rogues are fine? Right now I think you have a brain tumor. Let's hope both of our opinions change soon.
Your opinion would kill me. Mine would mean your video game character is slightly underpowered. Hmmm. (Source)

Black Friday Sale List
We put together a thread with some of the better Black Friday Computer Component sales which will be updated until the end of Cyber Monday sales. If you are looking to grab some parts or build an entire computer, take a look! (Latest Setup of the Month)

Curse Client Minecraft Upgrades
If you play Minecraft, you may be interested in the new features added to the Curse Client to help you back up, restore, and manage your save games, as well as the ability to store worlds and access them from anywhere.

  • Saved Worlds: Each world on your computer can be locally backed up for safe keeping! In addition to showing when a world was last backed up, the "More Info" tab will show you your health, level, and the number of items in your inventory, as well as give you the ability to share your world's seed with a simple click to copy option. Any saves listed on this screen can be restored.
  • Quicksave: At regular intervals or at your choosing, the Client will create a quicksave of any given world. If you manage to fall into some lava, have a creeper destroy all your hard work, or just want to go on an NPC rampage without there being consequences, the Quick Saves will have you covered. Just click to restore the world back to its previous state!
  • Saved World Sync: Any Curse Premium member will additionally have the ability to sync any world to the cloud, allowing you to download your world to any PC without the hassle!

Any user who uploads their creations to Curse via either Bukkit (for Minecraft) or CurseForge (for any other game) and receives 1,000 or more downloads will be granted a FREE Curse Premium subscription in appreciation for your contribution to our community.

If you want to test out World Syncing, Curse is going to be opening up the premium Minecraft features of the Curse Client to everyone from Friday to Sunday.

MMO-Report Finale
The MMO Report is back for their final show.

by Published on 2012-11-22 09:56 AM

Diablo 3 Not Aiming For E-Sports, More on Bots, Blue Posts, Happy Thanksgiving from Blizzard

Assault on Zan'vess Scenario
Today we are taking a look at another one of the new scenarios in Patch 5.1, Assault on Zan'vess (Horde). You can see the Alliance version of it here.

Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring Progression Update
The EU has had some time to progress now, allowing DREAM Paragon, Method, Экзорсус, and Envy to all clear the first 3 bosses. There are now 6 guilds that have killed the first 3 bosses and only 16 that have killed the first.

Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes - Nov 20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Ancestral Healing and Conductivity no longer benefit twice from increased healing multipliers.
  • Warlock

  • Galleon's abilities now correctly ignore line of sight.
  • Galleon will no longer sometimes spawn too quickly.
  • Milau's Lightning Sweep now correctly obeys range restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Alani to despawn after being pulled with a Sky Crystal.



Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios
  • Terrace of Endless Spring
    • The Sha of Fear
      • The Chimera of Fear for the legendary quest "Fear Itself" can now be properly looted by multiple players, and can no longer be traded.
      • Players will now always be transported to the correct platform.

    • Protectors of Endless Spring
      • Defeating Protector Kaolan last will now yield the correct items.

    • Tsulong
      • Tsulong can no longer become berserk during his Day phase.
      • Tsulong can no longer benefit from Rallying Cry during his Day phase, and no longer suffers damage from Unholy Frenzy.

  • Heart of Fear
    • Wind Lord Mel'jarak
      • Mel'jarak now deals less area of effect damage in the Raid Finder version of this encounter.

    • Grand Empress Shek'zeer
      • The Raid Finder version of this encounter has been adjusted to be more appropriate for its intended difficulty.
      • The non-boss creatures preceding Shek'zeer now have less health in the Raid Finder version of this raid.

    • Amber-shaper Un'sok
      • Smash and Amber Strike no longer affect players.
      • The Raid Finder version of this encounter has been adjusted to be more appropriate for its intended difficulty.

    • Garalon
      • Pheromone Burst now deals the correct damage in 25-player versions of this encounter.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Community Team!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Community team will have a reduced presence on the forums while we are spending time with our loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. The forums will still be moderated while we are gone and it will be back to business as usual on Monday, November 26. We hope you enjoy your time in Azeroth and we look forward to talking about World of Warcraft with you all when we return.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
What's an average Pandaren lifespan? Roughly humanlike? 100s? 200s?
Roughly human...

Any Plans to ever make secondary skills account wide? Leveling fishing on an Alt is horrible.
Have you tried Cooking in MoP? It has a good catch up mechanism. We'd rather do catch ups than just never have to do it again.

What Fishing Catch-Up? 3 dailies a day, each giving 1 fishing point isnt much of a "catch-up". And book is 900g.
There is no fishing catch up. My example was applying the cooking catch up to other professions.

Are you guys going to (eventually) allow Blacksmiths to repair their own equipment or carry a portable anvil?
The risk with repair costs is it's one of our largest gold sinks in the game. They might could be cheaper?

How did you guys come up with The Klaxxi?
The mantid are cool and we wanted them to have more depth and not feel like silithids. Also needed a good Dread Wastes hook.

I just faction changed, and was sad to learn that we no longer get the equivalent of opposite-faction mounts. Why the change?
Account level mounts had some side effects. We are working on a plan for how faction change should work with account-level stuff.

Do you think that needing to be exalted with Klaxxi is a little steep for 363 weapons? Most will have better before then.
Klaxxi weapons are intended primarily for transmog not as awesome weapons.

Can you go into details about what we can spend the charms on?
For now just bonus rolls. We might add to that, but we like that you can "cap" charms in a reasonable time so it's risky. (Source)

Are the developers talking about inventory space issues at the moment? Would love a Dev Watercooler on the subject.
Our inventory system feels outdated. But, we don't want the solution to be that you just hoard every thing you ever find.

Is there a design constraint on why Prospecting doesn't allow queuing like making bolts of cloth?
Because the game doesn't know which minerals in your bag to consume. Would need a new UI.

You guys always blame addons for player problems.. why don't you rule some of them out by programming them yourselves?
We do if we think specific UI functionality is necessary enough to make it default. But we like allowing additional customization.

I thought Daelo was the lead encounter designer? What happened?
Scott Mercer (Daelo) is still with Blizzard, contributed a great deal to Mists, and currently working on other things.

Black Friday Sale List
We put together a thread with some of the better Black Friday Computer Component sales which will be updated until the end of Cyber Monday sales. If you are looking to grab some parts or build an entire computer, take a look! (Latest Setup of the Month)

Fan Art - The Stonecore
Praetus shared a nice rendition High Priestess Azil's room in the Stonecore with us. There is a thread on Polycount that may give you an idea of the amount of effort it takes to create new art.

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