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The Nighthold - Raid Boss Strategy Guide and Loot
by Published on 2012-12-29 09:23 AM

Regarding PvP, Could Battlegrounds Work in Diablo 3?, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!, Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway

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MMO-Champion Giveaway - Cinder Kitten - Day 1
While we are waiting on the Patch 5.2 PTR to go live, it is time to begin the holiday giveaways! This time we are starting with 3 x Cinder Kittens. You can enter the contest only by commenting on this news post. Good luck!

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Paladin Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Pls reconsider Warlock tanks. I know "significant changes" are necessary, but would be a great addition. More tanks = better
Agree that more tanks = better. Not sure (based on DK, monk) that more tank classes gives you more tanks. (Source)

Pls do something about BM Kill Command, it cost more focus than arcane shot and does less damage, as bm main spell, FIX pls!
Arcane hits for like 30K and Kill Command for like 60K. What are you seeing? (Source)

On Twitter: Briefly Wades Into the Feral-vs.-Rogue Scrum (Put on Your Riot Gear)
I wasn't commenting on RvD, but on comparing one ability in a vacuum to another. R talents in 5.2 prob have the most changes. (Source)

So anyother Blanket healing nerf battle fatigue from 15% to 30%... Will ret paladins be compensated?
Your relative power to another healer will not change. (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Ghost, I've being playing DK since LK. Dont you think comparing to other calsse DK has low mobility and survival?
Mobility, yes, but you have Death Grip and ranged attacks. Survivability is low after CDs are burned. (Source)

No really, are you kidding? Because Blood Presence doesn't do crap for me but reduce my damage.
The context was not "Wow, Blood Pres make me immortal." The context was after blowing cooldowns, it can lower damage a little. (Source)

DKs have been screaming for qol changes for years. Then they screamed for the same changes on mop beta. Yup, ignored.
They screamed a lot before LK too and we listened a bit too well. (Source)

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Kinda like how feral charge has to have a stun or you wont end up at the target? Oh wait...
Wild Charge for bears does a root and for cats a snare. Should be close to the same result as far as ending up on target. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Blizz likes to say "bring the player, not the class". Give me a good reason to bring an MM hunter to an arena (rather than bm)
I promise a skilled dude on MM will beat a bad dude on BM. That was not true back when we came up with BTP and why we did. (Source)

Can you elaborate on the "hunters have too many buttons" thing? A lot of people enjoy it.. Do you intend to remove abilities?
But overall, we think hunters have too many situational abilities and cooldowns. # of rotational abilities is generally good. (Source)
I'm curious, whats your distinction between 1) situational abilities, 2) cooldowns and 3) rotational abilities?
Deterrence - situational. BW - cooldown. Arcane Shot - rotational. (Source)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Critical Mass now multiplies the critical strike by 1.3 was 1.25. This is nothing in comparison to the -10/15 % dps nerf u did
The nerf was intended to be a nerf.... (Source)

Make frostbolt benefit from Fingers of frost? Tone down lance dmg, and buffs frostbolt a bit?
Frostbolt does fine damage. It's just not instant. (Source)

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
can u pls answer me? i see u hotfix mages with buffs can u do the same with monks in pvp? 2months and still no team for my ww
We don't think it's a simple matter of adjusting numbers for PvP monks. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
(PvE 25 hc) Doing more healing as Disc spamming PoH then Holy using a lot of spells feels so wrong. Mana & DA/SS is the issue.
Disc mastery lets Spirit Shell turn PoH into a HPS increase rather than "just" a bubble. (Source)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
cancelled sub bc rogues werent fun (too slow big numbers doesn't =fun) seems like rogues are dying out
I don't think our numbers show a decline like that, but rogue popularity is lower than we'd like. (Source)

Do you feel Subtlety suffers the same as what happened with Mage? Not underpowered, but underplayed skewing the numbers?
Potentially. If you take Combat for any cleave fight, then Mutilate for the others, you don't have a spec left. (Source)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Just read some of your tweets regarding Shaman from last month. Stop being a dick to your players. They have real concerns.
I've tried to address those concerns, but I feel at this point many of them are only interested in us undoing the Silence change. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
since mages arcane brilliance gives spell power and critical strike, why doesn't warlocks dark intent give a second buff?
Because warlocks already have a second buff in Stamina. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Warriors choose Shockwave mostly out of fear of losing grip. Why not increase Charge stun & make it share DR w/Shockwave?
Charge needs to have a stun or you won't end up at the target. Having the Charge stun DR frequently kills Charge. (Source)

Do you think Shockwave is too oppressive in PvP? IMO: Should cost 10 Rage, deal 0 damage and have a 30 Sec CD. Thoughts?
We're sensitive to nerfing an ability that Prot has had forever. We have an idea we're trying out though to accomplish both. (Source)

You tell DKs to pop blood pres to lower taken damage, while losing damage meanwhile warriors lose nothing in defensive stance.
They are intended to lose rage. It may be that Second Wind is providing too much. (Source)

Of all the new abilities in MoP, Second Wind has hurt my enjoyment of the game more than any other. Just sayin.
It ended up much more powerful (and the rage part too) than it appeared to be during beta. (Source)

What is your current view on Second Wind?
Pretty sure it's overpowered in both healing and rage, but want to see if the recent PvP healing nerf fixes it. (Source)
Does the healing nerf really apply to a set % health tick talent though? 3% is 3% regardless, else the talent lies.
The Battle Fatigue debuff applies to all healing, even % self heals like Recuperate and SW. We'll check to test for sure. (Source)

Have you realised that every Warrior ever is using Defensive Stance in PVP yet? 25% less damage taken is to good to pass up.
Trying to figure out how accurate that is. Warriors say they only do it when being tunneled. Looking into it. (Source)
What would be an acceptable range though? 50% of the time in Defensive Stance? Only during Second Wind?
Ideally, when you're being offensive you're in Battle and when you're being beat on, you go Defensive. (Source)

When Warriors are decent and Viable, players spam QQ threads till we get nerfed back to CATA style Warrior... wheelchair mode.
Having said that, we agree with folks who felt warriors were too strong. We do want to keep them viable and fun though, (Source)
I think there is a tendency that once the biggest offenders are fixed then the next offender in line looks big. (Source)

I get the impression that people take a lot of your tweets more literally than the “25 hours/day 8 days/week” sense intended.
My conversational style has a lot of sarcasm and exaggeration, which don't translate well to Twitter. I'll learn. (Source) your recent & helpful discussion with the podcasting community helped provide an added layer of feedback. Well done.
Interviews always convey more info than tweets or forum posts (and help out the community too). (Source)

Why were the fully raid buffed DPS dummies not implemented on live servers - only PTR? Intention behind this?
We don't want players to obsess with theoretical DPS. Who wins a target dummy doesn't actually mean anything. On PTR it's to help us. (Source)

I'm worried that you've reached the end of what you can do with this graphics engine. Can you beat MOP in another xpack?
Have you seen at the graphic improvements between Cat and MoP? The engine isn't a static thing. They improve it continually. (Source)

Don't forget about EU bro! Hotfixes gone live for days on US are not live on EU! Hey, hey!
Not ideal, but it just depends on whether the servers need to be restarted or not. For serious fixes, we do rolling restarts. (Source)

Yes please don't go back to old model when all you do was sit in a city and queue. A lot of people LOVE MoP, silently.
Players tend to communicate more when they're unhappy than happy. Indifferent folks don't post to say they're indifferent. (Source)

Are you convinced "going slow" was the right design philosophy to put to players?
We are convinced that letting players finish the expansion in a couple of weeks is not good for the game. (Source)

What is the most underrepresented race/class combo? My bet is on Dwarf Mage.
That one and tauren priest are probably most rare. Monks of some races rare too. (Source)

Fan Art
More of the nice Fan Art produced by the community!

by Published on 2012-12-28 08:58 AM

The PVP Blog Is Here

Monk Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Patch 5.2 Scenarios
Keep in mind that it is possible that all of these scenarios will not make it into Patch 5.2. They may be used for something other than a scenario, or might not be intended for Patch 5.2.

The LFD tool currently has a Horde and Alliance version of Tear Down This Wall!, a Horde version of The Fall of Shan Bu, and faction neutral version of Infiltrating the Shipyard, Assault on Zeb'tula, and To the Skies!.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Tear Down This Wall!
  • Find the Lost Explosives - Find the Heavy Explosives.
  • Deliver the Explosives - Speak with Vereesa at the city wall.
  • Detonate Explosives - Use the plunger to detonate the explosives.
  • Kill War-God Al'chukla

Tear Down This Wall!
  • Find the lost explosives - Acquire the Heavy Explosives from the Deathknell Graves.
  • Deliver the explosives to Elsia - Speak to Elsia at the city wall.
  • Detonate explosives - Light the fuse on the Heavy Explosives.
  • Kill War-God Al'chukla

Infiltrating the Shipyard
  • Intercept the Zandalari Patrol - Ride the tame thunderwing and intercept the Zandalari patrol.
  • Neutralize the Guards and Sentry Totems - Use Sleeping Darts on Zandalari Overwatch and Smoke Bombs on Sentry Totems. Neutralize as many as possible in two passes over the shipyard.
  • Sabotage the Warship - Get Taoshi to the siege weapons at the front of the ship, then go below deck and assassinate the captain.
  • Cross the Shipyard - Escape the warship and reach the gate at the far end of the shipyard.
  • Defeat the Gatekeeper - Slay the gatekeeper.

Assault on Zeb'tula - Assault the troll town of Zeb'tula to gain a foothold on the Isle of the Thunder King.
  • Rendezvous with Scout Captain Elsia - Speak to Scout Captain Elsia and fly over the island.
  • Survive the Ambush
  • Destroy the Barricades
  • Kill Kresh the Ripper
  • Kill Arcanital Tula'chek and his Spirit Mask

To the Skies!
  • Taking Off... - Mount your Pterrorwing!
  • Intercepted! - The Zandalari have spotted you! Defeat your attackers!
  • Master the Beastmaster - Horaki has knocked you from your mount! Defeat him!
  • Into the Mines - Sneak (or fight!) your way past the Mogu in the mines, to the cave-in blocking the entrance.
  • Change of Plans... - Defeat Mine-Lord Korax.
  • Activate the Charge! - Activate your companion's Arcane Charge to blow open the entrance to the mine.

The Fall of Shan Bu
  • Preparations - Horde forces prepare to assault the courtyard.
  • The Courtyard - Make your way up to the courtyard and redezvous with Taran Zhu before the battle.
  • Defeat the Zandalari - Defeat the Zandalari guarding the gates.
  • Destroy the Gatekeepers - Defeat the Palace Gatekeepers to unlock the gates.
  • The Palace Gates - Join Taran Zhu beyond the gates.
  • Overwhelm the Defenders - Defeat the Zandalari defenders.
  • Defeat Shan Bu

Pursuing the Black Harvest
  • Note that this is not actually a scenario, but a Warlock class quest!
  • Enter the Black Temple - Avoid the guards and enter the Sanctuary of Shadows.
  • Search for Evidence of the Council's Presence - Find proof that the Council of the Black Harvest came to the temple.
  • Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls - Walk with Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls.
  • Uncover the Council's Plan - Investigate the Reliquary of Souls.
  • Defeat the Essence of Order - Claim the soul crystal left behind by the Council of the Black Harvest.
  • Escape the Shrine of Lost Souls - Fight off the demons unleashed by the Reliquary and return to Akama in the Halls of Anguish.
  • Purge or Plunder - Choose to save Akama's men in the Halls of Anguish or plunder the Den of Mortal delights in the chaos.
  • Head to the Temple Summit - Take the Empowered Soulcore to the Temple Summit.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Did devs take into consideration how cost prohibitive upgrading is? its next to impossible to fully upgrade your BiS slots.
One can argue maybe the game was better when everyone didn't have the expectation of BiS in every slot... (Source)

is it safe to say brawlers guild may promote gold buying as people who may not have time to farm gold would wanna try it out?
Gold farming sucks, but we can't be terrified about having a gold economy in the game. Gold having no value sucks too. (Source)

Do you think that the visual design of abilities and gear influences which classes are more popular and most played?
Absolutely. Maybe not for everyone but I believe it contributes a lot. (Source)

Getting a bit of gear is too complicated; enchant, gem, reforge (all of your gear) and now upgrade. Gem & Ench only was good.
We actually agree with this. Once upon a time you got to put on the gear that dropped when it dropped. (Source)
Amen. Please remove reforging. Also eliminates need to go to external sites to tell you how exactly to reforge.
We think reforging feels fine for everything except hit and expertise. (Source)
If you agree, why did you just bring in the upgrade system the other week?
You don't need to upgrade a piece to wear it. You do need to enchant, gem and reforge. Reforge may be the biggest problem. (Source)

last question, did you even consider letting people focus on whatever aspect they enjoy most to progress?
Within reason. E.g. you can't do achievement to progress. Also what you enjoy may be supported but may not be most efficient. (Source)

How is the new race models going along? It's the only thing that is gonna get me back. Anything more than Dwarf and Orc done?
We're excited about them but it's hard to say much more without every word getting over-analyzed. (Source)
OMG, GC said new models will be amazing and perfect and are almost done!!! /sarcasm
Exactly. (Source)

.What makes it worse is talents actually at 0% use because either one talent was to well designed or others suck.
Warrior talent diversity isn't actually bad, with a couple of exceptions like Second Wind. Mage talent diversity is too low. (Source)
the only pve fight that any competitive fury warrior will use storm bolt for is garalon. Balanced?
No, we think it's a little weak in both PvE and PvP. (Source)

Just curious as to why we have the mechanic that sets mana to zero when switching specs?
If the switching cost is too low then it feels like you are supposed to do so every pull, especially for healers. (Source)

Opinion on double healer comps in 3v3? Should they be viable? Saw 2600 double healer frost mage before today's Frost Bomb nerf
We are generally fine with non-standard comps as long as they are somewhat uncommon. (Source)

Greg, It looks like you are giving burst classes more advantages than dot classes with the mass PvP Power and 1 min trinket
More frequent small bursts is generally a nerf to burst strategies. (Source)
you explain the nerf part, Please ?
It is generally easier to counter being hit twice for 200K with a short break in between than one hit for 400K. (Source)

Wondering if you're aware of the current talk in arena: feral is OP, frost mage is dead, and healers are too weak; comment?
Feral does seem to be at the top of everyone's hit list now that mage, warrior and hunter are toned down. (Source)

I love how Druids can vanish and ShStep BETTER than rogues and about 6x more often... kudos man. you are a master of balance.
One ability compared to another ability doesn't scale to one class' comparison to another. It's about the whole package. (Source)

do u think melee damage is out of control atm? specifically feral/dk/warrior... esp w/ healing debuff its just unhealable...
Feral, maybe. DK no. Warriors have been nerfed a ton lately. (Source)

prot warrior stands and lets me get him to 35%, kills me (rogue). Having a fantastic time. What class do you want me to play?
Tanks aren't designed to be killed. That's why we don't push them into Arenas. (Source)

me and a lot of healers need to be talked off a ledge. I'm sure there's a reason behind the changes we just aren't seeing.
Strategically, burst and perma CC are the only options when healers can keep everyone up. (Source)
Disc priest anyone? Oh nevermind, they dont exist in arena anymore thanks to lazy blanket nerfs.
When healing is too powerful overall, the solution is not to let some specs still have healing that is too powerful. (Source)

UI / Addons
hey - is there some sort of UI notice to tell you *if* you bought the extra rep for a faction?
There is not, but we agree that we need to add one. (Source)

the issue isn't mods changing talents, its the ui becoming broken because of unrelated taint (caused by blizzard ui bugs)
I'll say again, taint = accessing something we want protected. We can decide to make it !protected, but that does take some work. (Source)
- The problem is it can be reproduced without any mod's. Which should be addressed. Global variable is tainting.
There isn't much technical distinction between mods and macros. You're still trying to access something we want to protect. (Source)

Please stop being so restrictive about the Glyph/Talent UI. It's driving people nuts, I loathe the moment I have to change!
Philosophically, we don't want automating talent or glyph swaps. Once it's easy to reglyph every pull, players feel like they must. (Source)

He's Lead Systems Designer. A lot of people take for granted exactly what "systems" entails in game design.
Balance is a pretty small portion of what I do. It's just one many forum posters / twitter users care a lot about. (Source)
What's the big portion of what you do?
Future planning, UI, and then just pure people management take the biggest portion. (Source)
For UI, do you work on the backend of making things work, user end experience, or something else?
I design UI from the PoV of features and goals. We have actual graphic designers also and then engineers to hook it all up. (Source)
Do you sometimes feel that WoW's UI is getting over-complicated? I often can't find stuff after 7 years...
Yes, I do. (Source)

Icy Veins Christmas Contest
Icy Veins is holding a screenshot contest with some nice prizes, including a signed Collector's Edition of Mists of Pandaria, mounts, pets, AskMrRobot / Curse premium, and more!

All you have to do is take a nice screenshot of your character for the Feast of Winter Veil category, Best Scenery category, or Best Action Shot category. The contest runs until Dec 31st and submissions will be judged over the next few days.

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2012 Soundtrack
ArenaNet recently released the Wintersday music on Soundcloud!

by Published on 2012-12-27 08:41 AM

Archon Guide for Solo Farming, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!, Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway

Mage Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Patch 5.2 - No New Dungeons
Zarhym has confirmed that there are no new 5 player dungeons planned for Patch 5.2.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Whose idea was it to remove "Random Normals" at max level?, and could you fire them?
Not many players ran them. Most jumped into heroics as soon as they could. Why did you like them? Gearing up for heroic? (Source)

LFR loot system is beyond terrible.Such a way extending content artificially by making no loot to drop.Pathetic..Just pathetic
The drop rate is the same as it was in 4.3. Just a different mechanic. Gearing is intended to take some time and effort. (Source

Suggestion: For raid lockouts, just lock out rolls for loot, let people run as many raids as they want otherwise.
Here's our concern: "Main tank, I know you won't get loot but can you run the raid with us for the third time this week?" (Source)

Do the devs think all offtanks really want to dps? I die a little inside with every new 1 tank fight.
We offer mostly 2 tank fights, but with so many bosses in the game, it's going to get repetitive if they all must be. (Source)

Is the plan in Mists to have raiders go through each raid and let the new ones pile up or use LFR to leapfrog tiers?
Want to err on the side of the former. If you want to do 5.2 raid, you can gear up in 5.0 LFR. (Source)

Any thoughts to being able to pass the ability to receive loot in LFR if you don't want/need to give others a chance at a roll
That gets around the point of it being personal. Now players could beg you again. Begging was super awkward. (Source)

Are you happy with tank balance in challenge modes? Most groups seem to strongly prefer a DK tank.
Death Grip is really good. Shockwave is too though. (Source)

any reason why every weapon in terrace but Regail's Crackling Dagger is sha touched?
The dagger is intended to be hard to get. (Source)

Do you think shamans could get CD reset on reincarnation on raid wipes? Or at least shorter cd? QoL changes? :P
Not sure we like the idea of shaman being able to die on every single attempt. (Source)

In ramping up the difficulty on 10N, you now have some guilds used to clearing it for 4 years that now can't. That is not fun.
You're saying that the current raid tier feels too hard on 10 normal? What bosses are problematic for your group? (Source)

Alliance get 25% buff when they control the tower in dominance offensive, but horde only get 1%. It is ridiculous.
That is based on the H:A ratio of your particular server. (Source)

on a general note if you can`t burst down a healer and you can`t oom a healer what are you supposed to do?
You should be able to oom a healer. Our plan remains to nerf PvP healing once we feel like burst is solved. (Source)

I hope you arent planning on leaving war/mage nerfs till 5.2 after hotfixing demo... would be incredibly annoying
We are concerned that trinket nerfs were not sufficient in curbing mage and warrior burst. Discussing options. (Source)
The nerf to PvP trinkets was pointless. You just nerfed those that didn't need it and kept burst still OP for those who did.
A trinket with 5000 stats can be 20% dps during the window. That is probably too high for anyone. (Source)
This was quiet dumb, 10% cooldown? Lets just go get a pve trinket. Also, you only shaved 2 - 3k off damage that still globals.
You lose a lot of PvP Power (5% DPS maybe) to get the PvE trinkets, but we will take steps if those show up in PvP a lot. (Source)

Just your fault for genius scaling. Why would you grants stats still anyway? Whats pvp power for?
PvP trinks designed years ago back when 1-2 classes had timers. Now everyone does. Burst trinkets are fine. Numbers just too high (Source)
Doesn't make sense, fine but "to high". Fine is how they were before. Just admit you didnt want to effect pve.
The concept of clicky trinkets in PvP is fine. The tuning of PvP trinkets giving 5000 stats is not. (Source)

Seeing mixed feedback about whether all PvP damage is too high or just a few overpowered spec or abilities still. Discuss if interested. (Source)
I'm not sure how to fix it...but hey, I bet I could if I was getting paid for it!
Fixing it is easy. Fixing it in the right way is not. It's really unfun in our opinions when you can't kill anyone. (Source)

PVP Power is only marginally better than regular main stats. Thats why it wont stop PVE trinkets in this case.
But look at the PvE trinkets. Your'e giving up passive PvP Power for expertise. Or you can have clicky secondaries. (Source)

Another Xpac which Casters R extremely dominant + warriors. They hv bttr cc, surv, damage vs. dks/rogues/rets. Caster > melee
In PvP? Most complaints these days are mage and warrior. (Source)

Honestly though, why do you feel like mages/locks should have both blanket+interrupt in one ability? Makes no sense at all.
Those two abilities are on our list as well. (Source)
I'm getting slightly interested in that list. If you can post a blog on some primary PvP balance concerns, awesome!
Yeah, probably good water cooler fodder. I still owe y'all one on alts as well. So busy... (Source)

The problem is blanket silences. With the amount of burst and silences, you die before you can cast anything.
Let's break that down more. Counterspell? Spell Lock? Silence? Anything else? (Source)

i was wondering how you feel about removing Hard CC from the game completely.. Would it cause balance issues?
We think it would cause fun issues. Knowing when to use the right CC feels smart. (Yes you can take it to extremes.) (Source)

What if CC worked so that there is a cast time for targets at range, but targets within melee brings it down to instant cast?
We'd like to shift more CCs to cast time overall. Instant anything should be rare and we've let it get too common. (Source)

Don't you think removing PVP Power would address many issues players have? Like burst and huge gap in gear between players?
Players would just use the PvE weapons which have about the same DPS potential. (Source)

I saw Blizzard apologise this morning. You guys need to read more ^^
Yep. I'll apologize right now that we have overpowered specs in PvP when MoP launched. (Source)
Mistakes happen; but beta feedback was ignored. You're still not even acting on PvP balance concerns!
Sure we are. We nerfed Chaos Wave just the other day. Look at the 5.1 patch notes, and I'd bet most of them are PvP nerfs. (Source)

Community is even making surveys for you ! Just make abilities do diff in PvP/PvE game fixed
Never understood the laser focus on this. Abilities do work differently between PvE and PvP -- just look at CC durations. (Source)

Please admit removing skrimish was a mistake as well and bring it back soonish :>
I do wish we had not removed it. As I said, not many players used it, but it's clear those players miss it dearly. (Source)

That's the PVE way of thinking. No serious PVPer will ever say that it should be gear=skill let alone gear>skill.
WoW is an RPG and rewards that improve your character are an RPG staple. Gear is normalized for tournaments where it makes sense. (Source)

Twitter: PVP is ^%^ - No, it doesn't. Forums: - no response. Seems you tweet, because you cant forum.
Not sure my posting in the forums worked. Players expected a detailed analysis of any passionate post and I don't have that time (Source)

hey there you ever going to do anything about the bots in pvp. oh wait you might avoid this question or give us the usual BS
It's something we take seriously, but the solutions aren't simple. Do you have suggestions of how to catch more of them? (Source)

what are your honest quick thoughts of why people think Disc pvp is weak?
Because they see mostly Resto shaman. (Source)

Upgradeable gear is okay for honor gear, but it shouldn't be for Conquest, as it'll take months to catch up. Thoughts?
Problem with catch up (PvE or PvP) is it encourages everyone to play less. We like playing more to feel like it's worth it. (Source)

Blizzard Christmas Gift and 20 Year Gift
Nick Carpenter recently shared pictures of this year's Christmas gift (Treasure Goblin Statue) and 20 year service gift (Crown / Mask) on Twitter. There is a short writeup about the 20 year gift on Weta's site.

by Published on 2012-12-26 06:15 AM

Archon Guide for Solo Farming, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!, Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway

Hunter Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Mailing Heirlooms to Other Realms
Ok so hierlooms(think thats how you spell it)can not be sent to other servers now the idea behinde these is to help people lv new chars faster right so why cant you send these to other realms,seriously blizz most ppl would like to be able to send them to other realms.This is a small issue that would make a massive difference to alot of people
So, in case we can put this topic to rest...

Regarding the ability to send heirlooms cross-realms, please be aware that it's highly unlikely it'll be implemented during Mists of Pandaria as there're numerous technical hurdles that need to be overcome first in order to happen. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Brawler's Guild Cooldowns
We are happy with the way cooldowns currently work for abilities in the Brawler’s Guild. Most of them should reset by the time the next fight begins (Yes, not all do but most fall into this category). Right now we don’t want to expand what types of content are given the free temporary respec and cooldown resets. Adding these to an element of PvE might lead to a slippery slope.

Um, most 5+ minute cooldowns as well as all battle rez's reset after a raid boss dies or wipes you, as well as killing a boss clearing sated. Its already in PvE. And frankly for a good reason, sitting around waiting for cooldowns isn't fun nor does it add anything
With short queues, it's understandable that this can be frustrating. As it populates though, you shouldn't really notice it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

No Dec 25th Maintenance
Right now there are no plans for maintenance tomorrow. Obviously if something comes up, that could change. If that happens, we'll post something here on the forums. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Players quick to assume balance drives class %s. After looking at 8 years of data, we don't think it's a major factor. (Source)

One of the reasons they have a hard time being objective is that switching costs to another class are very high.
Agree that switching to a new class is tough. Swapping specs is less so and IMO players often overestimate the need to. (Source)

You mentioned in the recent pod cast that There are more ret pallies than rogues. Does that mean Rogue buffs or Ret nerfs?
We think kit, fun, visuals, doing something special and flexibility are probably bigger drivers. (Source)
Then what does your data say about the Lock, Mage, War population right now?
None have changed appreciably since MoP launch. (Source)

i just want to let you know that i stopped playing wow from now because frost dk are op
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to be fair that's not one I hear a lot lately. (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Hey GC, is the Blood DK Tier 14 4 Piece bonus not supposed to boost blood shield, or is that a bug? Thanks.
It is intended to (in this case, not for every +heal). Should have been fixed in 5.1. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
You say you want talent options for PvP, yet every Hunter has Silencing Shot, Blink Strike, and Glaive Toss.
Silencing is too good vs. the alternatives. The Glaive Toss problem is that Power Shot isn't reliable enough. Can fix both. (Source)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
How you feel about firemages losing there raid spots after recent hotfixes
Haven't seen it happen. Some mages are able to try Arcane and Frost now though. (Source)

You said "come back in a week and we will see how mages are", and yes, firemages are bottom :P
Not seeing Fire on bottom. Happy where Fire is so far. Many mages trying Arcane and Frost, skewing results of sites like raidbots. (Source)
10 man normal: 45,366 parses for Fire, 12,702 for Arcane, 9,776 for Frost. 22,478 are the only good mages?
That's size not bias. Bias is Frost jumping 10K or whatever with no buffs. That means the # for Frost before was not accurate. (Source)

Tweetered you a few days ago, (not nagging but...) please take another look at combustion, it's hardly worth casting anymore.
Off the GCD + free damage... hmmm. (Source)

change to onuse trinket CD will allow mages with 2 on use trinkets to have 1 available for every single deep freeze. intended?
Smaller burst every 30s is easier to survive than a larger burst every 60s. Humans have to give up the not-nerfed proc trinket. (Source)
honestly think mages would be fine if you got rid of the glyph that let them explode their own frost bombs
Yeah, also on the list. Risk might be that Frost Bomb never does damage. (Source)
BTW, why does Frost Bomb have special dispel rules, when other class DoTs such as Devouring Plague do not? Hypocrisy.
Having variety in spells isn't the typical definition of hypocrisy. (Source)

After almost a full weeks raiding do you feel fire mage damage is where it should be or have they been hit a bit too hard?
We're happy with it at the high end. Looking to make sure less geared Fire mages didn't drop too much. (Source)

This week (since the hotfix) fire has twice as many parses than Frost and Arcane combined, how would that skew the results?
Look at Arcane's curve leap skyward. Now considered they were not buffed. (Source)
Your reply implies that min/max moved to Arcane. Those outliers alone don't explain why median numbers for Fire fell so much.
We def nerfed Fire. That was the intent. Just trying to explain that 22nd out of 24 is hyperbole or not reading data well. (Source)
Does this look like hyperbole to you? the sudden dropoff dec 4
Change that chart to just Fire and Frost. (Source)
Why not be transparent and make a reporting site w/ your data? Arguments can actually be solved with fact
Data isn't the problem. Raidbots, World of Logs etc have tons. Analysis is the challenge. (Source)
Do you know what "median" means?
Yes. I also know what sampling bias means. (Source)
thus ANY change on RaidBots is exaggerated due to sampling bias and not always reflective of expected performance
Yes. It doesn't mean the data are useless. It just means you need to be careful. Raidbots site even states that down below. (Source)

Arcane received a buff (Mana cost reduction and boost to damage per stack) Made haste>mastery until high iLevel
That was in 5.1. Arcane jumped since the Fire nerf. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
I enjoy being kiled in 2 sec on my ret paladin,ty for the nerfs they were needed, rets was completely out of control in pvp...
You probably lost 20% max on heals. Was that really what was keeping you alive? (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Divine Star seems to be an unpopular talent for priests, maybe you should change the mechanic in a way starfall works
We buffed it recently. Want to see what players do with the new numbers. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
why did you guys remove cataclysm warlock spell since its a good utility, not OP and on top its a dps loss...just curious
It wasn't actually good utility. Melee just stepped away from it until the effect ended. Maybe useful in PvE, but wasn't the goal. (Source)

with the "bring the player, not the class" standing why are warlocks still the only class with health stones? Thanks.
We don't think there is much risk of locks being mandatory just for stones. Some differences are good for the game. (Source)

I did 10 million less damage this week on H Will from chaos wave. Is there anything to compensate this nerf for PVE?
Just curious - why didn't you use Hand of Gul'dan in those instances? (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Charge has 2 charges, only the 1st one seems to grant 20 rage. Nothing about it in the tooltip. Intended ?
Yes. We wanted the talent to be about movement not rage gain. (Source)

Reputation / Questing
~ Even putting some gear for gold on Honored and Revered would be fine with most people, I believe.
We moved some pieces down quickly after launch. Would have been interesting to see if response if we had done more. (Source)

do you like heirlooms or were they something that was necessary?
We think heirlooms are fun. We don't think they are the only solution to leveling subsequent characters more quickly. (Source)

Can we get a little star on the Reputations tab beside Reputations that have been boosted with Grand Commendations?
We want to do something like that. (Source)

you keep saying that the old way to gain rep is gone most likely forever. Are we going to see meaningful rep gains anywhere?
Yes, it's possible we will experiment with some - just not chain running dungeons to be done in a day or two. (Source)

is there any point in forcing people to be revered with golden lotus to do shado pan dailies?
Didn't want fresh 90s to have to do GL and K and AC and SP and go crazy, then finish in a month and have nothing to do. (Source)

Do you want people to be entertained or do you want people to grind? For many the two are mutually exclusive.
Big challenge to MMO dev: players say they want quality but may also unsubscribe if they don't have enough quantity. (Source)

Hey Greg, what about brining back tabards, and have all the rep you gain from any/all dailies go towards said faction.
What's the goal there? Just speeding rep up or letting you skip quests you don't like? (Source)

The Daily Blink Winter Veil Wallpaper
The Daily Blink met their donation target early and released the Winter Veil Wallpaper for all!

by Published on 2012-12-25 07:22 AM

Happy Holidays From Blizzard and the DiabloFans team!, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!, Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway

Merry Christmas! - The Pigskin and Foot Ball Christmas Gifts
The Christmas gifts are now available in-game in some regions and you might want to log in to grab this year's gifts: Foot Ball and The Pigskin! If you missed out on the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater last year, you can purchase it from various Smokywood Pastures vendors.

Patch 5.2 - Throne of Thunder Encounters
Take a look at the upcoming boss fights through the encounter journal entries for Throne of Thunder!

Thanks and Praises to the WoW Community
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As we’re about to take a little break for the holidays to spend time with our friends and loved ones, perhaps by the fire with ardent spirits filling our goblets, and frankincense and myrrh nipping at our noses—or really just getting in some much desired game time—we want to wish all of you a very merry journey into the new year!

In a most festive (and potentially damning) fashion, we put together this picture of the North American World of Warcraft community team for you.

Back (from left): Crithto, Bornakk, Zarhym, Rygarius
Front (from left): Brennvin, Daxxarri, Nethaera, Bashiok

If that doesn’t provide you with sufficient joy, here are some unedited individual shots of us. I can’t tell you how ill-advised it would be of me to suggest that you manipulate these images as you see fit. It would be especially inappropriate to then ask that you send your strange interpretations to us on Twitter. That seems quite absurd!

It’s truly been a pleasure for us to represent Blizzard and the World of Warcraft community to each other this past year. We’re anxious to hit the ground running in January, and we look forward to sharing in the adventure with you. Have a lovely holiday, all!

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