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by Published on 2011-10-21 04:58 PM

Blizzcon Opening Ceremony in 1 hour
The Blizzcon Opening Ceremony is now 1 hour away, we will finally know if "Mists of Pandaria" is a new WoW expansion or just a very clever name for a Blizzard themed deodorant.

by Published on 2011-10-21 05:51 AM

Blizzcon Day 1 Schedule

Note: all times are converted to the timezone your computer is currently in.

Thanks to Thoorium, Dinnerbone and Marlamin for putting these together!

Curse Party at Blizzcon 2011! Friday, October 21st from 8 PM to 2 AM - 2nd floor of the Hilton hotel
On Friday, October 21st from 8 PM to 2 AM on the 2nd floor of the Hilton hotel next to the Anaheim Convention Center, Curse will be celebrating BlizzCon with fellow gamers and VIPs. If you're attending Blizzcon make sure you drop by!

  • You have to be at least 21 year old to attend.
  • The party is on the 2nd floor of the Hilton hotel and will start at 8PM and finish at 2AM.
  • We will have an open bar, swag, a live DJ, giveaways, etc!
  • There will be several VIP’s in attendance including Felicia Day and several members from the cast of The Guild, several of your favorite WoW community members, bloggers, and more!

Blizzcon Day-0 - Pictures!
Blizzcon hasn't started yet but we have tons of people there getting ready for the big day. Our team got a couple of pictures of the convention center and a small preview of what you will be able to buy if you're actually there!

Blizzcon Day-0 - Goodies Bag!
I already posted a preview of the Goodies bag yesterday but for some reason it was missing the Thrall Figurine. It's also a nice occasion to introduce our video team with a mini video preview of the goodies bag!

20% Discount on MMO-Champion J!NX T-Shirts during Blizzcon!
During the entire Blizzcon weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) JINX is running a 20% BlizzCon weekend sale on our shirts! If you didn't grab one a few days ago, now might be the time!

  • Timeframe: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of BlizzCon.
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Discount Code: CursePromo

by Published on 2011-10-20 09:58 PM

Gold Selling Stance and Thoughts on the Guardian Cub
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’d like to thank everyone who’s provided feedback or questions on the Guardian Cub announcement and how allowing it to be traded relates to our stance against gold selling. Our hope today is to discuss our desire for a more secure and enjoyable game environment, and provide some clarity on how the Guardian Cub fits into that goal in its own small way.

To begin with, we need to reiterate what we know are the facts of third-party gold sales, and how they impact World of Warcraft players. We've been hard at work for years now thwarting gold farming tactics, and we know that only a very small percentage of gold is actually "farmed" these days. The vast majority of gold that third parties sell to players is obtained through account compromises. Your friend, guild mate, or family member who had their account hacked was specifically targeted for their gold so that it could be turned around and sold to another player looking to buy some.Having your account compromised is one of the most negative experiences a player can have, and dealing with hacked accounts makes up a significant portion of customer-support time on a day-to-day basis. These issues have serious and far-reaching consequences on our ability to continue delivering epic game experiences and high-quality support for our players.

We’ve gone to great lengths to educate, inform, and provide increased account security for players through devices like the mobile and physical Authenticator. We provide fun incentives for people to use those devices, and we continue to increase our efforts to educate players, block countless phishing and scamming attempts, improve our detection methods to stop account compromises before they begin, and take a harsher stance on third-party gold buying itself.

With all that in mind, we come to the new tradable Guardian Cub pet. By letting players trade this pet, we’re giving those who want to participate in the Pet Store without spending real money a way to buy the pet with gold instead. This also means that players can buy one for the purpose of trying to sell it in-game, creating the potential for players to exchange real money for gold in a way that does not lead to account compromises. Of course, all that comes with the pretty important caveat that demand for the pet will be finite, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a buyer.

While this one little pet can never come close to “solving” the above issues with third-party gold selling and account compromises, it may help us determine whether we’re able address these ongoing problems in a safe, creative way that ultimately has a positive impact on the game experience overall. Our hope is that through all of our increased efforts we can make World of Warcraft a safer, more secure, and more enjoyable game for all of our players.


by Published on 2011-10-20 08:45 PM

We have tons of people there and everything will be reported on MMO-Champion as it happens. Stay tuned, we're now less than 24H away from the opening ceremony.

by Published on 2011-10-20 05:20 AM

Dragon Soul PTR Testing - Madness of Deathwing
Exordium and Pillow Fort managed to unlock the Madness of Deathwing encounter on test realms and actually went through most of it! Obviously it's pretty spoilery and you shouldn't watch it if you don't want to (almost) see how the last fight of the expansion ends.

Keep in mind that this fight was not supposed to be tested and is still incredibly bugged and possibly very undertuned.

Description from Youtube (Spoilers)
Blizzard decided not to open this fight to testing because the jumping from platform to platform was extremely buggy, as you'll see at the end of the video. Basically what you have to do is kill the appendage that's on each platform after killing a big tentacle. Each aspect has their own platform, and when you destroy the appendage on that aspect's platform, you lose the buff they give you. This makes the fight harder as you destroy each platform.

Due to the bugs with jumping, we were forced to destroy the best platforms first, which made the fight harder (though it's still incredibly undertuned). Once we finally cleared all 4 platforms, deathwing slams his head on the middle platform with only 10 mil health, you get all the buffs back, and I assume it's just supposed to be like the last 10% of the Lich King, as it would have been a ridiculously easy burn if we could get over there.

Blizzcon 2011 Goody Bag
s1fizik on Squidoo seems to have gotten his hands on a Blizzcon Goody bag a little bit early, check the full post for pictures of all of the items. It contains the regular promo items and ads, as well as:

  • Diablo 3 Tyrael Collector's Statue
  • Limited Edition Diablo 3 Authenticator
  • Loot Card
  • Promo Deck for World of Warcraft Card Game
  • Diablo 3 bookmark with Brady Games Quest

Patch 4.3: Fangs of the Father
Killars from vodka spent some of his free time on test realms going through the legendary quest and came back with a few fun pictures! The stats for the first epic version of the daggers are now known, and it also seems that you will need to spend 10,000 gold at some point during the questline.

by Published on 2011-10-19 04:07 AM

BlizzCon Schedule
BlizzCon is coming up later this week, and we have whipped up some fancy countdowns for you to stare at while you wait! The schedule is entirely dynamic and will automatically update the panel times according to your timezone! For those of you who want to speculate on the potential next WoW expansion, there are only 2 things that might point to what's going to happen at Blizzcon:

That's all we know for the moment! Pinky swear.

Blizzcon Schedule

Note: all times are converted to the timezone your computer is currently in.

Thanks to Thoorium, Dinnerbone and Marlamin for putting these together!

Dragon Soul PTR Testing - Ultraxion, Blackhorn, and Spine of Deathwing
More of the Dragon Soul raid was tested recently and n1kftw was once again kind enough to upload videos of the encounters on Youtube for us.

It also seems that some guilds were able to reach the Madness of Deathwing, even if the testing wasn't available. This is a nice first peek at the last raid encounter of the Cataclysm expansion!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Number of Changes in Patch 4.3
As we mentioned in the Rate of Change blog not long ago, we feel like we have reached a point where too many changes can do as much damage as not enough changes. It shouldn’t be too surprising to see lots of requests (or demands!) here on the forums for balance changes, whether those are small numbers tweaks or larger ability redesigns. The risk of the echo chamber effect can be strong though. A great majority of players don’t participate in forum discussions at all, and even among those who do, it tends to be those with a grievance who make a post. Indifferent players don’t often post to say they are indifferent, and many players won’t expend the effort to publicly state that they disagree with your idea. (When they do, they also risk igniting some exhausting flame wars.) But you have to remember that even if it seems like “everyone” is rallying for a certain change, you’re not seeing the majority and you have no idea if they would agree with the necessity of the change.

When asked directly, they might not even disagree with the their character getting buffed or a mechanic smoothed out. But over time these seemingly “no brainer” changes can build up into an intimidating list. Class changes, especially in between expansions, and especially when hotfixed in between two patches, can be exhausting for many players. They don’t want to have to figure out if their rotation or gear strategies have changed overnight. They don’t want to have to devour all the latest theorycrafting and wonder if they’re supposed to respec every time they log in. That sort of thing may be fun for a lot of you guys – the active forum community. Heck, it’s fun for the kind of people that end up being game developers. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for the game. We have to weigh very carefully whether a seemingly innocuous change is worth making, because those changes are not “free” in the sense that they do burn some political capital with players. We have definitely been getting the message lately that the design churn in the last few patches has been too great, so we’re trying to be more cautious.

It's the kind of topic that is worth discussing though. It may be that small changes to passive abilities, like the hunter, warlock and DK tweaks in 4.3, are small enough not to bother people. On the other hand, it could be that some players may be still living under a fear of change and we haven’t scaled back enough.

We didn’t say we weren’t going to make balance changes when we feel they are justified, and we have made many for 4.3 already. We just wanted to point out that too many changes, even with the noblest of goals, can be as unhealthy for the game as failing to make changes that are necessary. We don’t want to hit either extreme. Some players seem to be looking for near constant balance adjustments (weekly or more often), and while the designers would be thrilled to do it, they also believe it would have severe long-term consequences. You may not know the kinds of players who get weary of constant design noodling, because they might not post on the forums, but there are a lot of them out there. Our strategy will continue to be: make most changes in expansions, some changes with patches, and the occasional change via hotfix. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Is Cataclysm the final expansion?
Cataclysm is absolutely not the last expansion. We have plenty of vigor left in us yet. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
No Word of Glory through Beacon?
Word of Glory definitely triggers BoL. That was an oversight in the patch notes posted 90 minutes ago. We apologize for the confusion. We have updated the notes to read:

Beacon of Light is triggered by Word of Glory, Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Divine Light and Light of Dawn at 50% transference and Holy Light at 100% transference. It does not transfer Holy Radiance, Protector of the Innocent or other sources of healing. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PTR: Holy Paladin Changes
The 4.3 design is that Holy Radiance generates Holy Power if you have the Tower of Radiance talent. This is the only way it has ever worked for 4.3. In a nutshell, we did not want Ret and Prot paladins using Holy Radiance on cooldown just for the Holy Power benefit. It looks like some bad data-mining may have led to the belief that Holy Radiance would always generate Holy Power even without Tower of Radiance, but that was never the intent. The quote “Holy Radiance no longer grants a charge of Holy Power,” [post 1] is likewise incorrect and confusing. Before 4.3 there was no connection between Holy Radiance and Holy Power. After 4.3, the Tower of Radiance talent provides the Holy Power. We will let you know if the design changes again, but do not anticipate that being the case. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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