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by Published on 2012-05-16 06:01 AM

Diablo 3 - Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contests

Monk Tier 14 Preview
The new video preview should be fairly representative of the set you will see in the final version of the game!

Tier 14 Sets Recap
Now is a good time to take a look at all of the Tier 14 sets we have seen so far.

Class Male Female Video
Mage Male Human Female Human Video
Monk Male Pandaren Female Pandaren Video
Monk Male Human Female Human Video
Paladin Male Human Female Human Video
Priest Male Human Female Human Video
Warlock Male Human Female Human Video
Warrior Male Human Female Human Video

Challenge Mode Sets Recap
Now is a good time to take a look at all of the Challenge Mode sets we have seen so far.

Class Male Female Video
Death Knight Male Human Female Human Video
Druid Male Human Female Human Video
Hunter Male Human Female Human Video
Mage Male Human Female Human Video
Monk Male Pandaren Female Pandaren Video
Monk Male Human Female Human
Paladin Male Human Female Human Video
Priest Male Human Female Human Video
Rogue Male Human Female Human Video
Shaman Male Human Female Human Video
Warrior Male Human Female Human Video

Misc Beta Changes
The last few patches have added a few small but interesting things to the game.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
New Titles
  • Zookeeper - Earn 335 pet battle achievement points.
  • The Fearless - Defeat the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring on Heroic difficulty.
  • The Beloved - Raise 60 reputations to Exalted.

New Currency
  • Elder Charm of Good Fortune

New Factions
  • Nat Pagle - The consumate fisherman and lover of fine alcohol from across the land, Nat's irascible exterior belies a love of teaching.
  • The Black Prince - Black Prince Wrathion is the last of the black dragons. He has been known to richly reward those who earn his trust and support his endeavors.

New Mail Templates
  • Congratulations! - On behalf of the Steamwheedle Fighting Circuit, we congratulate you for your successes in this arena season. In recognition of your skill and savagery, we hereby bestow upon you this Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake. May it serve you well.

LFD Scenarios

New Scenario Steps
  • [PH] Defeat Masters - [PH] Defeat the three masters.
  • Find Jaina - Find Jaina Proudmoore in the ruins of Theramore.
  • To the Waterline! - Rig powder barrels on all six ships.
  • The Blastmaster - Inform Blastmaster Sparkfuse of your success.
  • Gryphon, Down - Slay Baldruc and his gryphons.
  • Tanks for Nothing! - Destroy Big Bessa and sabotage any unmanned tanks.
  • Fly, Spy! - Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver from Foothold Citadel.
  • Cleansing the Filth - Destroy any remaining horde in the ruins of Theramore. (optional) Lay to rest the remains of any fallen Theramore citizens.
  • Destroy the Destroyer - Destroy the horde siege engine that yet remains in the ruins of Theramore.
  • One Last Request - Retrieve the banner of Theramore from the horde shaman.

LFR Sections
  • Terrace of Endless Spring - The Sha of Fear has fled to this tranquil haven to recover, corrupting the pure waters with its tainted blood.
  • Guardians of Mogu'shan - Long dormant, this ancient archive of the mogu has awakened, as have its protectors. Danger and mystery await within....
  • The Vault of Mysteries - Buried deep in the mountainside, the heart of the ancient Mogu repository holds a secret that may threaten all of Azeroth.
  • The Dread Approach - Spurred on by the Klaxxi, the time has come to assault the heart of the mantid empire.
  • Nightmare of Shek'zeer - The mantid Empress, consumed by paranoia and twisted by the Sha of Fear, rules from her seat deep within the Heart of Fear.

Mists of Pandaria Scenario Steps
  • Rescue all the Villagers - Rescue the villagers from the 6 nearby houses.
  • Defeat Vengeful Hui - Defeat Vengeful Hui
  • Escort Brewmaster Bo - Bring Brewmaster Bo to the Unga Ingoo Brewing Cauldron.
  • Fill the Brewing Cauldron - Bring 100 Unga Brew to the Brewing Cauldron.
  • Defeat Captain Ook - Defeat Captain Ook.
  • Cleansing the Crypt - Defeat the Shado-Pan Leader and cleanse the Pool of Life.
  • Stealing Power - Steal the Urn of Kings.
  • Save Greenstone Villagers - Defeat the monsters attacking the Greenstone villagers.
  • Defeat Vengeful Hui - Defeat Vengeful Hui.
  • Recover Burgled Barrels - Find burgled brew barrels in the forest and return them to the village dojo.
  • Complete the Temple of the Jade Serpent - Defeat the Sha corrupted forces inside the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
  • Complete the Stormstout Brewery - Defeat the forces creating chaos within the Stormstout Brewery.
  • Complete the Shado-Pan Monastery - Defeat the forces opposing you within the Shado-Pan Monastery.
  • Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun - Defeat the Mantid forces assaulting the Gate of the Setting Sun.
  • Complete the Siege of Niuzao Temple - Defeat the Mantid forces sieging the Niuzao Temple.
  • Complete Scholomance - Defeat the necromantic forces within Scholomance.
  • Complete the Scarlet Halls - Defeat the forces of the Scarlet Crusade.
  • Rescue Greenstone Masons - Travel to the Masons' Quarter and awaken the unconscious villagers.
  • Complete the Scarlet Monastery - Defeat the forces of the Scarlet Crusade inside their monastery.
  • Scar-Shell - Summon and defeat the mighty dragon turtle, Scar-Shell.
  • Jol'Grum - Summon and defeat the grummle-eating, snow-stalking horror, Jol'Grum.
  • Little Liuyang - Summon and defeat and defeat the playful fire spirit, Liuyang.
  • Chagan Firehoof - Summon and defeat the wandering yaungol warrior, Chagan Firehoof.
  • Cloudbender Kobo - Summon and defeat the monkey monk Cloudbender Kobo, and then claim your reward from Wodin.
  • The Brewmoon Festival! - Help Mayor Bramblestaff's assistants gather the ingredients for the Kun-Lai Kicker.
  • The Yaungol attack! - Stop the Bataari invasion on Binan Village.
  • Warbringer Qobi - Defeat Warbringer Qobi.
  • The Scouts Report. - Investigate the Yaungol sightings.
  • Make Boomer's Brew - Assist Blanche in Brewing her famous Boomer's Brew.
  • Road to Thunderpaw - Escort Blanche down Thunderpaw Road.
  • Save Thunderpaw Refuge - Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer.
  • Destroy the Sha - Destroy the Abomination of Anger.
  • Kill General Zhun - Defeat General Zhun, Herald of the Thunder King.
  • Guardian of Zan'vess - Cross the Briny Muck and destroy the guardian of Zan'vess.
  • The Gold Flows Freely - Weaken the mantid forces of Zan'vess and steal their amber.
  • The Secret Weapon - Eliminate the mantid's secret weapon, the venomsting matriarch.
  • Rescue the Golden Lotus - Rescue the captured Golden Lotus expedition.
  • Stop the Execution - Stop Loremaster Fu's execution.
  • Capture the Artifacts - Defeat the defenders of the four ancient Mogu artifacts.
  • [PH] Defeat Masters - [PH] Defeat the three masters.
  • Find Jaina - Find Jaina Proudmoore in the ruins of Theramore.
  • To the Waterline! - Rig powder barrels on all six ships.
  • The Blastmaster - Inform Blastmaster Sparkfuse of your success.
  • Gryphon, Down - Slay Baldruc and his gryphons.
  • Tanks for Nothing! - Destroy Big Bessa and sabotage any unmanned tanks.
  • Fly, Spy! - Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver from Foothold Citadel.
  • Cleansing the Filth - Destroy any remaining horde in the ruins of Theramore. (optional) Lay to rest the remains of any fallen Theramore citizens.
  • Destroy the Destroyer - Destroy the horde siege engine that yet remains in the ruins of Theramore.
  • One Last Request - Retrieve the banner of Theramore from the horde shaman.

Mists of Pandaria Dungeon Journal Descriptions
  • Ook-Ook - Even for a hozen, Ook-Ook has a reputation for being uncouth and raucous. The monstrous creature and his cronies recently broke into the Stormstout Brewery and cracked open its precious beer casks to throw the greatest party of all time: the Ookfest.
  • Hoptallus - Hoptallus is the bane of farmers throughout the Valley of the Four Winds-a virmen of mythic proportions that can consume entire fields of crops in a single night. Word has spread that the giant pest and his offspring have infested the brewery and begun devouring its stores of rice and barley.
  • Yan-Zhu the Uncasked - In a desperate attempt to save the family brewery, Uncle Gao set about concocting what he believed would be the ultimate ale, a full-bodied elixir of depthless flavor. Yet his bold experiment resulted in a bitter and extremely volatile alemental creature, dubbed Yan-Zhu the Uncasked.
  • Saboteur Kip'tilak - The mantid are no strangers to warfare, using technology to turn the tide of battle. The pandaren stand little chance against munitions experts such as Kip'tilak, who strike deep behind enemy lines and threaten to destroy the already weakening fortifications from within.
  • Striker Ga'dok - The strikers are an aerial component of the mantid empire's massive army. Among them are seasoned aces such as Ga'dok. Able to singlehandedly rain fiery devastation upon scores of enemies, Ga'dok and his minions seek to bring death from above to the gates' defenders.
  • Commander Ri'mok - Commander Ri'mok oversees the mantid ground forces relentlessly besieging the towering gates. Unimpressed by the defenders, Ri'mok calls upon countless reinforcements to vanquish those foolish enough to stand in his way.
  • Raigonn - This colossal mantid spearheads the assault against the gates. Acting as a living battering ram, Raigonn mercilessly hammers the pandaren defenses, seeking to decimate any and all obstacles barring the mantid's ruthless invasion of Pandaria.
  • Houndmaster Braun - The quickest and surest way to detect the undead is by the scent of rot they carry, and even the most veteran soldier cannot match the olfactory sense of a hound. Houndmaster Braun has bred and trained a savage pack of canines to aid the crusaders in hunting down their foe--living and undead.
  • Armsmaster Harlan - The weapons of the Scarlet Crusade are many, and new initiates must be indoctrinated in the use of blade, hammer, arrow, and shield--effective tools against the undead. Armsmaster Harlan has dedicated his life to the art of wielding these indelicate instruments, and he is pleased to provide a demonstration for the Crusade's blasphemous enemies.
  • Flameweaver Koegler - Flameweaver Koegler trains the Scarlet Crusade's more magically minded adepts in the subtle applications of the arcane. Fire is his specialty, and he has used his skills to burn the order's historical tomes, erasing the Crusade's past failures. Apart from books, Koegler's flames have rendered many--undead, students, and trespassers alike--into piles of smoking ash.
  • Gu Cloudstrike - Before the escape of the sha, Gu Cloudstrike was entrusted with training the elite Shado-pan spellcasters. Now this formerly gentle and reserved pandaren revels in unleashing his astounding powers, with devastating consequences. He has asserted control over the mystical Azure Serpent, and his students are helpless in the wake of Cloudstrike's lethal attacks.
  • Master Snowdrift - Master Snowdrift recognizes that the battles between the Horde and the Alliance have contributed to the monastery's dire state. Heroes seeking this wary pandaren's loyalty must first best his students. Only those who prevail can face Snowdrift himself, a paragon of martial arts who has dedicated his life to attaining perfection of body and mind.
  • Sha of Violence - Bloodthirsty, ruthless, and savage, the Sha of Violence is unfettered within the Shado-pan Monastery. Feeding on the Horde and Alliance's brutality, the entity gleefully ravages the monks who struggle to impede the monstrous onslaught.
  • Taran Zhu - The Sha of Hatred has tainted Taran Zhu, the Shado-pan's pragmatic and mighty leader. Once devoted to protecting his beloved home, Zhu now burns with seething hatred for all life, twisting his perception of everything--and everyone--around him.
  • Wise Mari - The revered jinyu waterspeaker Wise Mari has found knowledge and foresight countless times in the Fountain of the Everseeing. But when the Sha of Doubt corrupted the familiar currents, Mari was overwhelmed with limitless distrust and suspicion.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep - The Sha of Doubt's minions gleefully invaded the Temple of the Jade Serpent's library, creating twisted, destructive versions of heroes and other characters of pandaren lore. Despite his best efforts, Lorewalker Stonestep has been unable to restore these manifestations of the past to their uncorrupted forms.
  • Liu Flameheart - Since she was a cub, the priestess Liu Flameheart has studied the cycle of rebirth for the Jade Serpent, Yu'lon. When the Sha of Doubt attacked, Liu was the first to resist, but she was also the first to succumb to corruption. Now she is consumed with uncertainty, fearing she may not have the strength to ensure Yu'lon's rebirth.
  • Sha of Doubt - The physical manifestation of suspicion was trapped in the Jade Forest after Emperor Shao Hao defeated the entity 10,000 years ago. The Sha of Doubt then grew obsessed with the Jade Serpent--Yu'lon, the Spirit of Wisdom and Foresight--and now delights in the thought of corrupting her home.
  • Thalnos the Soulrender - Thalnos earned repute in the Scarlet Crusade for the brutal torture methods he used to purify" new recruits. Ultimately the sadistic mage contracted the plague of undeath and arose as a fearsome skeletal being. The vengeful Thalnos now prowls the monastery's graveyard commanding apparitions and zombified creatures to attack anyone who trespasses on his unholy domain."
  • Brother Korloff - Brother Korloff first learned of the monk's deadly arts from pandaren ambassadors as they journeyed through Azeroth. When the crusader demonstrated this martial style to his superiors, they unanimously ordered Korloff to train an entire generation of initiates in the ways of the monk.
  • High Inquisitor Whitemane - At a young age, Sally Whitemane witnessed her family succumb to the horrific plague of undeath as they were traveling through northern Lordaeron. She was then forced to destroy her parents and siblings when they rose as mindless Scourge minions, leaving her racked by guilt and rage. Ever since that day, the fearsome priestess has found fulfillment and pleasure in only one thing: the destruction of undead.
  • The Stone Guard - The first line of defense against those daring to enter the vaults is a stolid row of enchanted, bestial statues. Hard as granite and ceaseless in their vigil, the sentries of the Stone Guard present an insurmountable wall of flame, fangs, and claws.
  • Feng the Accursed - Long ago, Feng Shri was the Mogu'shan Vaults' caretaker, tasked with preserving the treasures kept within these shadowy halls. After years of faithful service, he was caught stealing from the shelves�although some say he was framed by a jealous underling�and the mogu ruler punished him with a fatal curse. The doomed spirit of Feng Shri has wandered the vaults ever since, communing with the shades of past mogu heroes and warlords.
  • Gara'jal the Spiritbinder - Leader of the Zandalar trolls' assault on the vaults, Gara'jal is determined to crack open this trove of ancient mystery and bring back whatever arcane power and knowledge he can find. Gifted with dark talents and surrounded by a loyal cadre of Zandalar mystics, he has broken through the outer walls and will not rest until the vaults belong to him.
  • Elegon - Dedicated to the advancement of their empire, the mogu salvaged and repurposed titan technology to generate untold power in the depths of this ancient complex. Why these energies have been focused into the cold will of a celestial dragon is a mystery that lies at the very heart of the vaults.
  • Will of the Emperor - The core chamber of the vaults is protected by stone soldiers who have been motionless for centuries. They are row upon row of warriors, statues armed for a battle that never began. What treasures do they guard? And what is their tie to the titanic power buried with them here in the shadows?
  • Protectors of the Endless - When the Sha of Fear invaded the Terrace of Endless Spring, three venerated jinyu protectors were corrupted, and they betrayed the other mortal sentinels, slaying them all. The twisted guardians have now turned their attention to any intruders who might interrupt the sha's attack on the area's last defenses.
  • Tsulong - Legends speak of a spiraling, golden serpent that can sometimes be seen high in the sky, basking in the sunlight above the clouds. The few who claim to have observed it themselves say the creature is fiercely protective of the terrace.
  • Lei Shi - For countless years, this friendly water spirit frolicked in the Fountains of Endless Spring with childlike wonder and glee. When fighting suddenly broke out in this peaceful place, Lei Shi saw the crystal-clear water turn cloudy and murky, and terror fell over her mind.
  • Sha of Fear - The Sha of Fear is the physical manifestation of terror in Pandaria. Imprisoned by the legendary pandaren emperor Shao Hao long ago, the entity has been newly strengthened by rising conflict across the island.
  • Trial of the King - Ming the Cunning, Kuai the Brute, and Haiyan the Unstoppable have journeyed to the palace with their clans, vying to prove their worth to their king. Yet these mogu factions are plagued with bitter rivalries. Violence threatens to flood the palatial grounds unless the bickering clans can find a way to test their strength without coming to blows with one another.
  • Gekkan - As the mogu clans battle for supremacy, the cunning Gekkan leads his fearsome saurok raiding party into the palace's fabled treasure caches. Loyalty is not usually ascribed to these ruthless reptilian beings, but Gekkan's courage and tactical brilliance inspire a sense of honor in his soldiers.
  • Xin the Weaponmaster - The title of weaponmaster has many definitions among Azeroth's inhabitants. To Xin, it means that mogu weaponry obeys his every command. The king is more than willing to demonstrate his deadly skills to anyone who questions his right to rule Pandaria.
  • Sha of Anger - The Sha of Anger, the physical manifestation of rage, has escaped from the Shado-pan Monastery in Kun-Lai Summit. Amid the brutal conflicts gripping Pandaria, the dark entity has grown ever more powerful. Recently, the sha has been seen wandering Kun-Lai, using negative energies to corrupt everything the being encounters.
  • Salyis's Warband - The ruthless saurok roam Pandaria, stealing what they can and harassing the island's other inhabitants. The most infamous of these reptilian pillagers are Chief Salyis and his warband. For years, the saurok commander and his raiders have stormed through the Valley of the Four Winds atop Galleon, a colossal and well-armed mushan that is more a moving fortress than a simple mount.
  • Vizier Jin'bak - Vizier Jin'bak roams just beyond the mantid's natural bridge, collecting the tree root's precious sap. Using his vast alchemical knowledge, this formidable being is transforming the substance into weapons and other tools that will help advance the siege on Niuzao Temple.
  • Commander Vo'jak - What Commander Vo'jak lacks in strategic brilliance, he makes up for with raw ferocity. His devastating strikes were crucial to the mantid's exploitation of their insidious bridge, allowing them to infiltrate the island. Yet devising battle plans is for the mantid general; Vo'jak craves only blood.
  • General Pa'valak - The pragmatic General Pa'valak does not fear the pandaren or their allies, and he does not differentiate between using his own might and that of his mantid armies to defeat his enemies. Victory is the only honor he seeks, and Pa'valak will not tolerate failure should his minions fall short of their goal.
  • Wing Leader Ner'onok - Wing Leader Ner'onok's decisive blows have won a hundred battles. The small gains General Pa'valak has made are nothing compared to the victory Ner'onok believes he could achieve if he were in command. Although his aerial attacks have thus far devastated the temple's guardians, the winged terror still longs for a chance to prove his superiority over the general.
  • Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - Zor'lok shrieks his proclamations so they're heard throughout the sprawling mantid palace. He is the Voice of the Empress, and his words alone inspire the insectoid race's warriors to give their lives without question. Unwaveringly loyal, Zor'lok will stop at nothing to defend his beloved matriarch, regardless of the corruption within her.
  • Blade Lord Ta'yak - Ta'yak is known for his patience and intelligence. In battle, he is a master at discovering his opponent's weaknesses and awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike. Ta'yak's skill with a blade is unmatched, and he cherishes imparting his martial knowledge on young mantid warriors.
  • Garalon - It may be time to reconsider stepping on bugs. Don't make fun of this hulking behemoth's tiny wings; that'll just make him angry.
  • Wind Lord Mel'jarak - Wind Lord Mel'jarak commands the mantid's numerous aerial forces. Although he exudes arrogance, the cunning insectoid is fiercely protective of his soldiers and enjoys fighting at their side. Mel'jarak believes the mantid are superior to all other races, convinced that his kind cannot be defeated.
  • Amber-Shaper Un'sok - Eager to please his empress, Un'sok has produced several innovative concoctions. Yet this brilliant young alchemist's proximity to the mantid queen has allowed the sha's negative energies to take root in his mind. Now, Un'sok's overwhelming fear of failure drives him to create increasingly deadlier weapons.
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer - The ancient Klaxxi order has come to a mournful decision: the tainted grand empress Shek'zeer must be deposed. Traditionally, mantid rulers are displaced in their old age by a carefully chosen successor. However, Shek'zeer's intended replacement is still too young and weak to unseat her, leaving the Klaxxi with no choice but to kill the current empress. If action is not taken against her soon, all of Pandaria may crumble before the mantid's ravenous swarms.

NPCs to Befriend
  • Farmer Fung considers you a %s. Farmer Fung likes Marsh Lilies and Forest Pheasant Roast.
  • Chee Chee considers you a %s. Chee Chee likes Blue Feathers and Hozen Stir Fry.
  • Ella considers you a %s. Ella likes Jade Cats and Shrimp Dumplings.
  • Fish Felreed considers you a %s. Fish likes Jade Cats and Twin Fish Platters.
  • Gina Mudclaw considers you a %s. Gina likes Marsh Lilies and Swirling Mist Soup.
  • Haohan Mudclaw considers you a %s. Haohan likes Ruby Shards and Charbroiled Tiger Steak.
  • Jogu the Drunk considers you a %s. Jogu likes Lovely Apples and Jade Forest Fried Rice.
  • Old Hillpaw considers you a %s. Old Hillpaw likes Blue Feathers and Braised Wolf.
  • Sho considers you a %s. Sho likes Lovely Apples and Eternal Blossom Fish.
  • Tina Mudclaw considers you a %s. Tina likes Ruby Shards and Fire Spirit Hot Pot.
  • Nat considers you a %s. Nat likes to drink. Maybe if you find him some more rare fish, he'll share!

Friendship Levels
  • Stranger
  • Acquaintance
  • Buddy
  • Friend
  • Good Friend
  • Best Friend
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Bro
  • Dog
  • Homie
  • Playa

New Loading Screen Tips
  • The Cooking trainers in Pandaria are located in the Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds.
  • The Archaeology trainers in Pandaria are located in the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • The Inscription trainers in Pandaria are located in the library in the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
  • There are many activities you can do at max level, such as improving your reputation with various factions, improving your professions, daily quests, scenarios, dungeons, raids, or battlegrounds.
  • You can drag ability icons from the spec page, talent page or core ability page down onto your action bars.
  • You make a new character to try out a different race, class or faction. Many players call these characters alts.
  • The tank role focuses on controlling enemy creatures during group play. Tanks sacrifice high damage for high survivability.
  • The healer role focuses on keeping themselves and other members of the group alive.
  • The damage role (sometimes called DPS) focuses on defeating the enemy. Damage dealers are supported by tanks and healers.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Reasoning for the New Vendor Filtering?
Some of the vendors have so many items that they literally would not fit in the current UI. There is a max page size that is something reasonable. Now we could expand the number of pages a vendor shows, but honestly that doesn't seem like the best answer just so you could scroll through 22 pages of BoP gear to reach the plate armor that you can actually use.

It is intended that BoE or BoA items are always visible regardless of class. It sounds like that just isn't implemented yet.

We also need to do some additional polish to make sure the vendor remembers what your current filter settings were, at least for the current vendor or play session or something that will feel intuitive. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight (Forums)
Death Knight Feedback FAQ
As promised, here are some responses to some of the more common DK questions we have seen. There are several threads on the topic, and I don't mean to suggest anything by posting here instead of somewhere else. It's also not possible to address every single (often contradictory) point brought up by every player, but hopefully this will give you some idea of where we are coming from.

Every DK is going to take talent X.
We haven't been convinced yet that that is the case. Please keep providing feedback on talents you like and don't like and we'll consider it.

Blood's AE threat is too weak.
Blood's AE threat should be comparable to other tanks and we'll make sure that that is the case. Remember that AE tank threat is intended to hold aggro against AE DPS threat. That is to say, if you have a DPS going to town on a single-target, your AE buttons are probably not sufficient to hold threat in those cases (otherwise there would be not distinction between a tank single-target and AE rotation). We don't want to buff Death and Decay for all DKs, but we could for Blood if needed.

I don't want to stance dance.
You shouldn't have to. Our intent with the Glyph of Shifting Presences is largely to make it easier for a DPS DK to go Blood to "turtle up." We don't want Frost and Unholy DKs to shift a lot between Frost and Unholy Presence. If you feel like the right thing to do is swap frequently between the two, that's not intended and something we'd want to fix.

What Presences should Frost and Unholy use then?
Dual-wield Frost should use Frost Presence. 2H Frost and all Unholy DKs should use Unholy Presence. Our thinking goes that a DK using a 2H will be flooded with more resources than they can spend unless they are in Unholy.

Unholy DKs lack burst AE.
There are numbers we worry about and there are numbers we don't. We want all specs to have comparable AE damage (and single target damage too). AE damage in particular is very sensitive to combat length. Different specs do better on short AE cycles than long AE cycles, and we're okay with that. If you aren't AE'ing for very long, then Frost DPS will probably beat Unholy. We're okay with that. We aren't trying to guarantee DPS to be identical in all situations, or else the classes and specs really start to blend together. Overall, Unholy's damage is designed around lots of abilities, including managing diseases, so none of those abilities are going to hit super hard on their own.

Why doesn't the Gargoyle scale with mastery?
Because it ultimately doesn't need to. We want mastery to affect portions of damage (or healing) and not just be a +10% damage stat that scales perfectly no matter what you do. If the Gargoyle does more damage for DKs with comparatively low mastery, we don't think that's a problem. Now if the Gargoyle damage isn't high enough across the board (especially in PvE -- it's still useful in PvP) then we can buff it.

I don't like that Killing Machine devalues crit and that I can waste it on Frost Strike instead of Obliterate.
We make abilities guarantee crit when they hit for really hard damage. The alternative is their damage is unpredictable, which can cause balance problems especially in PvP. We think there are plenty of tuning knobs to make sure crit (and haste and mastery) are all relatively valuable for Frost. As far as Obliterate goes, using KM the most efficient way is one of those mechanics we put in to elevate some players or rotations over others. The most interesting rotations (for any class) carry some risk of failure (and by “failure” I mean inefficiency not a total collapse of your DPS). There are times when you may want to Frost Strike on a Killing Machine. If you really want to Obliterate instead, you can hold the attack for a second or two. If you “fail” and “waste” a KM on the occasional Frost Strike, your DPS won't drop that much.

Soul Reaper needs to do Shadowfrost damage.
We made a couple of talents do Shadowfrost damage because we want them to be of relatively equal value for both Frost and Unholy. That's not necessary of core abilities, because there is no risk of a given player not taking the ability. We're fine with Shadow doing more damage in execute-range, so long as Frost's damage is higher the rest of the time to make up for it.

Army of the Dead feels weak.
That's entirely possible. It's on a long cooldown so there's no reason it should feel wimpy. There is probably plenty of room to buff it.

Runeforging is boring.
We agree that this feature has not lived up to its potential. We still have plans to address it, though it's not on our "must fix" list for Mists. The current system works fine and we'd rather not monkey with it unless we have a system that we are certain will be an improvement. We don't want to cause a lot of confusion about which runeforges various DKs are supposed to use.

I hate casting Unholy Frenzy on Fury warriors.
I'm not quite sure I understand the issues with this concern. Unholy Frenzy is haste (not attack speed, but actual resource-generating haste). There should be plenty of classes who like haste. Even today we see a lot of guilds just use it on their highest DPS player, which often is not the Fury warrior. We'd like to keep the design as a buff you can put on someone else, just because that's what it was back in the Warcraft RTS days.

Why is Plague Leech a dps increase compared to the other talents?
It isn't intended to be. All of those talents are rune conservation talents. Roiling Blood gives you free Pestilence. Unholy Blight likewise saves you disease runes.

Also Unholy Frenzy isn't that useful when it's optimal for the class to stack Haste already, plus Fury gets the large Mastery bonus from it being an Enrage.
Hmm, that's not intended. Enrage means an awful lot of warriors for now. It's probably not necessary that Unholy Frenzy needs to be dispelled in PvP anyway so we can just make it not an Enrage. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The MMO Report is back with information about PlanetSide 2, Diablo III, and Defiance.

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Diablo 3 - Diablo III - Live Around the Word, Important Templar Bug, Blizzard Looking out for Fans, Cake

Diablo 3 is live, don't forget to check out Diablofans for updates and make sure you check our guides!

Cloud Serpent Quest Lines
The Windless Isle has been updated and new quests added in the Cloud Serpent quest line!

Many of the daily quests below will likely be repeated until you have enough reputation to take place in further training. This training ultimately leads to a final race, before you join the Serpent Riders. There is a Cooking, Fishing, First Aid, and Archaeology daily quest for those of you who love the secondary professions as well!

Level Name Objective
90The Order of the Cloud SerpentSpeak to Instructor Skythorn at The Arboretum in The Jade Forest.
90Wild ThingsFind Instructor Tong at Windless Isle in the Jade Forest.
90Beating the OddsKill 8 Slitherblade saurok.
90Empty NestsLeash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.
90Egg CollectionCollect 9 Serpent Eggs.
90Choosing the OneChoose one egg.
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.
90It's a...Watch your egg hatch.
90Sweet as HoneyCollect 8 Honeycomb from the beehives in The Arboretum.
90Catch!Use the Bouncy Ball to throw it. Then, catch and return the ball 10 times.
90Emptier NestsLeash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.
90Full Speed AheadFollow Instructor Windblade.
90Proper GroomingCollect 200 Saber Teeth and 100 Glider Sinew.
90Restoring the BalanceKill 8 Slitherblade Rippers or Slitherblade Eggdrinkers.
90Feeding TimeFeed 6 Saltback Meat to your serpent. Saltback Meat Scraps can be combined to make Saltback Meat.
90Disarming the EnemyCollect 8 Slitherblade Harpoons.
90PreservationCollect 8 Stolen Eggs from Deepscale Poachers.
90Slitherblade SuppressionKill the Slitherblade Scale-Lord.
90Snack TimeFish 10 Sugar Minnow from salt or fresh water in the Jade Forest.
90Fragments of the PastVisit archaeology dig sites around Pandaria and use your survey ability to retrieve 12 Serpentrider Relics.
90Just a Flesh WoundUse Windwool Bandages, Heavy Windwool Bandages, or Dense Windwool Bandages to heal 8 Injured Hatchlings at Windless Isle.
90A Feast for the SensesCollect 5 Pandaren Meat Balls.
90They Grow Like WeedsSpeak to Instructor Windblade at The Arboretum.
90Flight Training: Ring Round-UpFly through 10 cloud rings while riding your war serpent.
90Flight Training: Full Speed AheadFollow Instructor Windblade.
90Flight Training: In Due CourseCollect 10 Race Flags from the Checkpoints floating above the Jadespire Sea.
90The Sky RaceComplete the Sky Race by gathering 10 Race Flags, then passing underneath the Finish Line at The Arboretum.
90Riding the SkiesJoin the Serpent Riders.

Cross Realm Zones
Cross realm zones appear to work similar to phasing, with no loading screen required! You can even duel your friends from other realms.

Valve and Blizzard Reach DotA Trademark Agreement
Some time ago we mentioned the ongoing battle between Blizzard and Valve over the DotA trademark. This was finally resolved recently with an agreement that allows Valve to use the DotA trademark commercially and Blizzard to use the trademark only for noncommercial use. This means that they could no longer use the name Blizzard DotA and have now renamed the game to Blizzard All-Stars.

In a press release, Rob Pardo said that the new name "better reflects the design of our game" and that Blizzard will go into more detail on that in the future. Gabe Newell expressed his pleasure at coming to an agreement without making things messy, saying that "We both want to focus on the things our fans care about, creating and shipping great games for our communities."

The companies do not plan to discuss the terms of the agreement beyond today's announcement, but we now know that the DotA name will still be safe for the community to use! Riot has not officially commented on this agreement and the status of their dispute remains unchanged on the USPTO website.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Quest Rewards Lack Spirit
Note that I have about 10K spellpower and a little over 7K mana regen. When I think about it, 10K spellpower is what I had in epic 85 gear with about 6K mana regen. Taking into account the huge mana pool increase at 89 (250K versus my ~132K live at 85), this is quite troubling.
I'm looking at the Townlong quest rewards, just because that's what I happen to have in front of me, and it looks like you would get about 1800 Spirit from the ilevel 429 gear in that zone. How much Spirit do you have at the moment?

I'm wondering if part of what is going on is that mana pool and spell costs jump instantly when you level, but regen requires you to gear back up to that level. It's the same phenomenon that happens with say crit or haste but it may feel worse with Spirit.

Like Tiriel, I cringe when I queue for Mogo'shan. I'm thinking that place is overtuned versus the gear we have. I can only cover so many player mistakes. (Yeah, I know. They need to get out of the fire and all that.)
Entirely possible. We ran it the other day, and the final boss did way too much damage from traps. The mechanics have changed a little bit because of that, and of course it's hard for me to remember which version of the dungeon you have without just jumping into beta myself and doing the dungeon.

Again, level up dungeons have to be easy because of the simple fact that if you die much at all, you're just going to run the quests instead, given that even the best rewards from a level up dungeon won't last more than a few hours. If dungeons are inefficient, players will just skip them. At max level it's a different story obviously.

That is exactly what it should be balanced around, healing in that gear when you have crap regen with crap quest gear. So you should be able to heal brewery in 333 gear that you get in Twilight Highlands because that's the previous step right? Without basically any enchants and anything really going for you. If that's the case, which it is, obviously the dungeons are going to have to take a small step down in their difficulty scale.
Exactly. If you can't heal those dungeons yet, then there is a problem on our end. Some of you are acting like the system is fundamentally flawed and can't be fixed. It can be, fairly easily.

It would be helpful to hear a few numbers from you guys, such as character level, average ilevel and current Spirit. It doesn't need to be super precise.

This is a very good question. Having to swap specs every time you turn in a quest to game your rewards would be very cumbersome.
1) You shouldn't need a lot of Spirit to heal a level up dungeon. A Ret paladin with a lot of Strength gear who swaps Holy should still be a tolerable healer.

2) There are several redundant quest rewards. If you already have the shoulders for your primary spec, take the ones for your off-spec. This is particularly true of Four Winds - Krasarang which are the same level, and Townlong - Dread Wastes, which are the same level.

3) We offer choices in gear (say healer vs. nuker) for many quests, typically end-cappers, blue rewards, weapons and trinkets. In the final zones, there are even more of those since we figure players who level as DPS may start thinking about their end-game healer or tanking gear at that time.

4) If all else fails, there are vendors scattered about with decent green gear. If you have been leveling as Enhance and want to try Resto, you can get a good enough head start by hitting the vendors. Again, the leveling up content where you would want to heal should not feel dangerous at all, especially once you've seen the bosses once.

Nobody is arguing that healers need a lot of Spirit to function. It is our intention that you want a lot of Spirit and can get a lot of Spirit. You should not need Spirit in every slot.

Feedback is very mixed in this thread, so trying to distill it down to one of the following would be more useful than more posts of "I need Spirit," which doesn't give us much information. What we are trying to ascertain is which of the following is true:

1) You have Spirit on nearly every piece and still can't function.
2) You want more Spirit but can't find any.
3) You don't have Spirit on every piece, so you want more.
4) You want so much Spirit that you never run OOM.

Points 1 and 2 are of the most concern to us, but it's still important to distinguish which problem is occurring. Is the problem acquiring Spirit, or is the problem that even with Spirit on many pieces, you run out of mana too frequently?

In this case, it's probably also more relevant how many heals you can cast before running out of mana just standing around alone somewhere, because when healing a dungeon, we can't easily extract from your feedback alone whether the encounters cause too much damage or whether the damage is appropriate and it's the HPS or longevity that are low.

After reading more of this feedback and looking at the zones, we're concerned that there aren't enough quest rewards with Spirit on them. We are leaning towards offering more, as choices, so that players who feel like their Spirit is low can choose to have more. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The Black Market AH Only Caters to the 1%
Once there is more information about how this all works, we'll provide more insight into it.

When we can share more about what we're going for and how it will all work, we will. It's not a deeply shrouded mystery, and you get the general gist, but as it's still in testing to begin with, it's hard to go into details about something that we don't have details for aside from what we think we want to try out. (And we don't plan to share that currently. We prefer to test and see first. ) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Infuriated by the Black Market
It's worth noting that since we're in beta, we're still looking into what our philosophies are for what should and what shouldn't be on the Black Market. We're also trying to discern the frequency/rarity of what shows up there as well.

Again, I want to reinforce that we are in beta and the most helpful sorts of discussions everyone can have is simply in sharing constructive feedback about what you're experiencing with the new features and what you'd like to see or not see. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Male Pandaren Dance Changed?
We're looking into this. Most likely there was some erroneous data pushed. It's being investigated however. When we do another beta push, this should be corrected again. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Inactive Guild Master Replacement
The idea of this feature is that in many cases, a guild leader will leave for a time and there's no contingency for someone else to be able to handle the guild if that guild leader chooses not to return (or whatever other issues may occur). Many guild members who experienced missing guild leaders made it clear that they wanted a means by which they could gain control of a guild if the guild leader went missing or was gone for a long while.

We've adjusted the length of time until this occurs as well as changed the eligibility for this to get passed along both. You can see the details in the following post:

If you're on vacation for a few months, the update gives you 90 days now instead of the original 30 days. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Regarding GAME Australia Diablo III Preorders
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We're aware that some Australian GAME customers have been left out in the cold on what should be the hottest night of the year -- the launch of Diablo III. To help with this situation and get these players into the game as soon as possible, we've put the following process in place.

Australian GAME customers with a valid preorder/prepurchase receipt dated before May 15, 2012 can do the following:

1. Purchase the digital version of Diablo III from now or anytime before May 21, 2012.

2. Download and start playing when the servers go live!

3. Submit your GAME Australia preorder/prepurchase receipt to us before June 30, 2012.

4. Receive a credit from Blizzard, for the amount you paid in advance to GAME Australia for Diablo III. This credit will be applied to the payment method used for the digital purchase.

We'll post further details here on how to submit your GAME Australia receipt to our customer service team as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you in the Burning Hells!

The Daily Blink - The Black Market We’d Like to See
The Daily Blink created an improved version of the Black Market.

by Published on 2012-05-13 08:57 PM

Black Market Auction House Items
As a followup to yesterday's post, these are the items we have come across on the Black Market Auction House so far. Mounts seem to start at 20,000 gold, Armor at 10,000 gold, Pets at 10,000 gold, and Misc items at 10,000 - 15,000 gold.

The auctions last for 24 hours or more and the current bid cap is 214,748 gold. This cap could be increased in the future, just like the gold limit was increased. After winning, another item is not added to the auction house immediately. The number of items that are up for auction is not the same across all servers. There is no way to tell if these are placeholder items or not, so please wait for an official announcement before providing feedback!

Diablo III Information Recap
With a little over one day to go, now is the best time to catch up on all the information out there about Diablo III that you might have missed! Our friends over at Diablofans have been hard at work putting this massive recap together. Even if you know all about the game, there can easily be Blizzcon videos, trailers, pictures or many other things you may not have seen or have forgotten about!

Keep in mind this could be a bit of a spoiler to some. For example the final boss of the game was announced last year in an official interview. Information like that is placed without spoiler warnings. Monster Affixes is also listed in the Monster section. Other than that, any spoilers require you to click on a picture to see.

Diablo III - The Classes
Diablo III has only one returning class type - the Barbarian. The other four are new to Diablo III. Click the pictures below to get loads of information on each, such as facts, lore, rune skills, and other videos!

Diablo III - The Followers
The Followers are companions to the player which help him in combat with different skills and buffs. In their article you can find details about their stats, equipment, dialogue and videos for each.

Diablo III - The World
Same as the previous game, Diablo III will have 4 acts. The worlds are randomized just as Diablo II was with the exception of towns and major quest locations. Clicking on the areas will give you information on acts, locations, and level generation. Monsters will give you what we currently know about monsters, affixes and bosses. Quests will explain Blizzard's intentions with the questing system and give a summery of all known quests so far.

Diablo III - Items and the Auction House
Diablo III introduces a feature which hasn't been explored much in the gaming world - a Real Money Auction house, where you can buy and sell items from the game for real currency. Apart from that is a standard Gold Auction House. They have also included a huge summary of information about the Items in the game.

Diablo III - Game systems and Modes
Diablo III has many core changes from Diablo II. Skill and Runes particularly have had many changes made quite recently, which might have confused a lot of people. This can be fixed in the Skill and Runes article. Crafting is almost entirely new to the franchise. Magic Find includes lots of information about the popular stat and the new buff called Nephalem Valor. There is also major info on Multiplayer, PvP, Difficulties and the Hardcore mode.

Diablo III - Story and Achievements
There is also a small summary of the Diablo's storyline so far, plus lots of videos of all cinematics and information about books involved with the game. Also an important note, unlike the other articles the achievements is not so much a recap, as it is a FULL LIST, so SPOILER WARNING

by Published on 2012-05-12 07:28 PM

Update: It seems that the Black Market Auction House is not enabled in this build.

Mists of Pandaria Beta - Build 15689
Two patches in a week is not enough, so how about a third? If you are tired of taking part in PvP on certain maps, it looks like there is now a solution for you! ERR_PVP_BLACKLIST_CAP indicates that players will be able to blacklist maps when queuing for some type of PvP.

Black Market Auction House
The Black Market Auction House allows players to bid on special items that are not normally sold by NPCs. For example, Mei Francis normally sells mounts in Dalaran, but in this case she is auctioning Ashes of Al'ar!

The items for auction vary by server, as other servers are able to bid on Reins of the Blazing Drake, Swift White Hawkstrider, or Riding Turtle.

Armored Druid Bear Forms
Incarnation brings us yet another set of armored druid forms!

New Items
For the full list of new items, check out WoWDB!

Level Type Slot Name
1JunkN/ASky Crystal
1JunkN/ABag of Helpful Things
1JunkN/ANat's Fishing Chair
1PetN/AAqua Strider
1OtherN/ABattle Horn
500OtherN/ASigil of Power
500OtherN/ASigil of Wisdom
513OtherN/AChimera of Fear
513OtherN/ABreath of the Black Prince
80CookingN/AApprentice Cookbook
80CookingN/AExpert Cookbook
80CookingN/AArtisan Cookbook
80CookingN/AMaster Cookbook
80CookingN/AGrand Master Cookbook
30CookingN/ATest Cookbook
85ClothHandsForager's Gloves
90Item EnhancementN/ALiving Steel Weapon Chain
90Item EnhancementN/AGhost Iron Shield Spike

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Pet Battles


Pandaria Raid
  • Sorry, Were You Looking for This? New: Successfully activate the Ancient Mogu Artifact during the Gara'jal the Spiritbinder encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults on Normal or Heroic difficulty.

Temple of Kotmogu

  • A Brewing Storm New: Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer in A Brewing Storm.
  • Beat the Heat New: Defeat Little Liuyang without taking damage from a Flame Wall in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.
  • Big Beach Brew Bash New: Defeat Captain Ook in the Big Beach Brew Bash.
  • Burgled Brew New: Defeat Vengeful Hui in the Burgled Brew scenario.
  • Don't Shake the Keg New: Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer in A Brewing Storm without getting hit by his Swamp Smash.
  • Fancy Footwork New: Complete the Crypt of Forgotten Kings scenario without anyone taking damage from a Cloud of Hatred.
  • For Display Only New: Defeat General Zhu without using any of the artifact orbs in the Temple of Kotmogu scenario.
  • It's a Trap! New: Step on a floor trap in the Crypt of Forgotten Kings scenario.
  • Monkey in the Middle New: Defeat Captain Ook without him getting the orange.
  • Monkey See, Monkey Kill New: Defeat all bosses of the Big Beach Brew Bash.
  • Mucking Around New: Find and kill the Muckscale King during the Assault on Zan'vess scenario.
  • Party of Six New: Finish A Brewing Storm with all six Thunderpaw Guardians still alive.
  • Perfect Delivery New: Return six stolen kegs without any being damaged in the Burgled Brew scenario.
  • Save it for Later New: Complete the Burgled Brew scenario without using any Volatile Greenstone Brew.
  • Spill No Evil New: Complete Stage 2 of the Big Beach Brew Bash without any brew being stolen.
  • Stay Off the Grass New: Don't aggro any Zhun'ji Maulers or Ancestral Horrors in the Temple of Kotmogu scenario.
  • The Arena of Annihilation New: Complete the Arena of Annihilation scenario.
  • The Eye of the Tiger New: Defeat all final bosses - Cloudbender Kobo, Maki Waterblade, and Satay Byu - in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.
  • The Keg Runner New: Complete Stage 2 of the Big Beach Brew Bash before the third wave of hozen pirates arrives.
  • The Perfect Pour New: Brew the Boomer Brew without anyone in your party being hit by Lightning during A Brewing Storm.
  • The Temple of Kotmogu New: Defeat General Zhun in the Temple of Kotmogu scenario.
  • Zero Bug Count New: Kill each type of mantid in the Assault on Zan'vess scenario.


Silvershard Mines
  • End of the Line New: Seize control of a mine cart that is controlled by the opposing team within 20 yards of the depot, and then capture it.
  • Escort Service New: Capture 100 mine carts in Silvershard Mines.
  • Greed is Good New: Gain both the Berserking and Restoration buffs at the same time in Silvershard Mines.
  • Master of Silvershard Mines New: Complete the Silvershard Mines achievements listed below.
  • Mine Cart Courier New: Capture a mine cart using each of the 5 sets of tracks in a single Silvershard Mines match.
  • Mine Mine Mine! New: Kill 100 enemies trying to take control of the mine cart you are defending.
  • My Diamonds and Your Rust New: Win a Silvershard Mines battle without letting the enemy team capture a minecart.
  • The Long Riders New: Capture and escort a minecart from its spawn to a depot without losing control.
  • Three for Three New: Capture 3 mine carts in a single Silvershard Mines battle without dying.

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Misc Spells
  • Master Forager Allows faster gathering of resources in Pandaria.
  • Huojin Champion - You champion the cause of Huojin Pandaren. All reputation gains while in dungeons will be applied to your standing with them. Instant.
  • Tushui Champion You champion the cause of Tushui Pandaren. All reputation gains while in dungeons will be applied to your standing with them. Instant.
  • Item - Proc Dodge Your attacks have a chance to grant you 3,386 dodge for 15 sec.
  • Item - Proc Intellect Your healing spells have a chance to grant 3,386 Intellect for 10 sec.
  • Confession compels a friendly target to confess a secret. Or maybe it's just subtle mind control. 40 yd range, Instant, 30 min cooldown.
  • 5.0 Rare Item Spawn - Hammer of Ten Thunders Your melee attacks have a chance to blast your enemy with 13,500 nature damage.
  • 5.0 Rare Item Spawn - Jade Infused Blade Your melee attacks have a chance to encase your enemy in jade, stunning them for 3 sec. Only works on creatures level 90 and below. Does not work on players.
  • 5.0 Rare Item Spawn - Yaungol Fire Your melee attacks have a chance to set your enemies ablaze, dealing 882 damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

Professions - Engineering
  • Cloak Tinker: Goblin Glider Permanently attaches a specialized folding assembly to a cloak, allowing you to deploy a goblin glider and fall slowly for 30 sec. Additionally, the glider has periodic forward thrust and usually won't catch fire. The cloak can only be used once every two minutes and requires an Engineering skill of at least 500 to operate. 5 sec cast. Reagents: Strong Flux (3)

Druid (Forums)
  • Feline Grace New: Reduces damage from falling while in Cat Form.

  • Cenarion Ward now costs 14.8% of Base Mana, down from 22.4%.
  • Dream of Cenarius now proc increase healing done by your next healing spell by 70%, up from 30%. Tranquility is not affected..
  • Nature's Vigil now increases all damage and healing done by 20% for 30 sec, down from 30%. Single target spells now damage or heal a nearby target for 25% of the damage/healing done, down from 50%.

  • Rip now has a duration increased by Ravage as well.

Hunter (Forums)

Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of Marking Your Hunter's Mark ability now places a bullseye on your target instead of its usual visual.
  • Glyph of Direction Causes your Misdirection target to appear larger.

  • Eternal Guardian New: Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 20% health and 20% mana. 20 yd range, 2 sec cast, 10 min cooldown.
  • Fearless Roar New: The quilen lets out a fearless roar, increasing the critical strike chance of all party and raid members by 5%. Instant, 45 sec cooldown.

  • Paralyzing Quill New: Fires paralyzing quills around the porcupine, incapacitating all enemies for 2 sec. 0.5 sec cast, 60 sec cooldown.
  • Rest New: You command your pet Porcupine to take a rest. Instant.

  • Trample New: Your goat tramples the enemy, kicking up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 10 yards to have their melee and ranged attack speed reduced by 20% for 30 sec. Melee range, Instant, 25 sec cooldown.

Water Strider
  • Still Water New: Infuses all party and raid members within vision with still water, increasing their spell power by 10% and their critical strike chance by 5% for 60 min. Instant.
  • Surface Trot New: Allows the Hunter and the Water Strider to walk across water for 10 min. Any damage will cancel the effect. Unlimited range, Instant.

  • Lullaby New: Puts the target to sleep for 4 sec. 20 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown.
  • Trick New: You command your Crane to do a trick. Instant.

  • Petrifying Gaze New: Turns the target into stone for 3 sec, causing them to be invulnerable. 20 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown.

Mage (Forums)
  • Frostbolt now also can be cast on your Water Elemental to heal it for (1,442 + 189.2% of SP).

Monk (Forums)


  • Desperate Measures New: While at or below 35% health, your Expel Harm has no cooldown.
  • Purifying Brew now has a 1 sec cooldown.
  • Summon Black Ox Statue has been reworked: Sancturary of the Ox (Passive) -Everytime the Monk deals damage equal to 50% of their health, the Black Ox statue will cast Guard on an injured party or raid member within 40 yards absorbing 14,232 damage lasting 30 sec. This effect cannot be cast onto the Monk.

  • Stance of the Wise Serpent now grants hit and expertise equal to 50% Spirit gained from items or effects, down from any Spirit gained. Now heals for 50% of non-auto attack damage, rather than all damage.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue now heals based on non-auto attack damage, rather than all damage.

Minor Glyphs

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Leer of the Ox New: Teaches you the spell Leer of the Ox: Your Ox Statue stirs hatred in the target, reducing their movement speed by 50% and causing them to attack your Black Ox Statue for 8 sec. The statue must be within 40 yards of the target. Requires Black Ox Statue to be active.
  • Glyph of Path of Blossoms now increases the number of Fire Blossoms you create by 1, down from 10.

Paladin (Forums)
  • Consecration base damage has been reduced by 24%.
  • Holy Wrath damage has been reduced to 408 and AP scaling reduced to 35.7%, down from 59.5%.
  • Shield of the Righteous base damage has been reduced by 85%. AP scaling has been reduced to 54%, down from 60%.

Priest (Forums / Talent Calculator)
  • Glyph of Confession New: Teaches you the ability Confession. Compels a friendly target to confess a secret.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Lightspring New: Transforms your Lightwell into a Lightspring: Creates a Holy Lightspring. Every 5 sec the Lightspring will attempt to heal party and raid members lower than 50% health for (5,735 + 55.3% of SP) over 6 sec. Attacks done to the target equal to 30% of your total health will cancel the effect. Lightspring lasts for 3 min or until 15 heals are expended.


Shaman (Forums)
Minor Glyphs

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Chain Heal has been renamed to Glyph of Unstable Earth. Causes your Earthquake spell to also reduce the movement speed of affected targets by 40% for 3 sec.
  • Glyph of Telluric Currents has been reworked: Causes your Lightning Bolt to restore 10% of your mana when it strikes an enemy.
  • Glyph of Totemic Recall now returns the full mana cost of any recalled totems, rather than 50%.

Warlock (Forums)
  • Dark Intent now costs 4% of Base Mana, down from 26% of Base Mana.
  • Imp Swarm's cooldown is reduced by spell haste.


  • Drain Soul now causes damage every 2 sec and rewards a Soul Shard after dealing damage twice.
  • Soulburn now has a 1.5 sec cooldown.

Major Glyphs

Warrior (Forums)
  • Deadly Calm New: You enter a battle trance, reducing the cost of your next 3 Heroic Strike or Cleave attacks by 10 Rage. Instant, 60 sec cooldown.

  • Bloodsurge now has a 20% proc rate, down from 30%.

  • Taste for Blood now each additional Overpower will hit for an additional 30% damage, up from 20%.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Incite has been reworked: Using Devastate during Deadly Clam reduces the cost of Heroic Strike and Cleave by an additional 20 Rage.

New Maps

Client Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_DEATHKNELL12 - Night Web's Hollow
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUNMOROGH11 - Gol'Bolar Quarry
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUROTAR10 - Tiragarde Keep
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUROTAR19 - Dustwind Cave
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUROTAR8 - Burning Blade Coven
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_ELWYNN1 - Fargodeep Mine
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_GILNEAS1 - Emberstone Mine
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_HEARTOFFEAR1 - Oratorium of the Voice
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_KEZAN5 - Kaja'Mine Gold
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_KEZAN6 - Kaja'Mine Silver
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_KEZAN7 - Kaja'Mine Copper
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_MOGUSHANPALACE1 - The Crimson Assembly Hall
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_MOGUSHANPALACE3 - Throne of Ancient Conquerors
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_MOGUSHANVAULTS3 - Forge of the Endless
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_MULGORE6 - Palemane Rock
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_MULGORE7 - The Venture Co. Mine
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_SCHOLOMANCE4 - The Headmaster's Study
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_SEARINGGORGE15 - Blackrock Caverns
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_SHADOWGLEN2 - Shadowthread Cave
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_SILITHUS13 - Twilights Run
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TANARIS15 - The Noxious Lair
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TANARIS16 - The Gaping Chasm
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TANARIS17 - Timeless Tunnel
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TANARIS18 - Caverns of Time
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TIRISFAL13 - Scarlet Monastery Entrance
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_TYRIVESS1 - Assault on Zan'Vess
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_UNGOROCRATER14 - The Slithering Scar
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_WESTFALL4 - Gold Coast Quarry
  • DUNGEON_FLOOR_WESTFALL5 - Jangolode Mine
  • ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_ITEM_TOO_LOW_LEVEL - Item must be level 375 or higher
  • ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_MORE_UPGRADES - This item is fully upgraded
  • ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_PATH - Item cannot be upgraded
  • ERR_PETBATTLE_ALL_PETS_DEAD - All pets in your battle slots are dead.
  • ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_PETS_IN_SLOTS - Must have a pet in battle slot.
  • ERR_PVP_BLACKLIST_CAP - You have already blacklisted the maximum number of maps.
  • ERR_PVP_MAP_NOT_FOUND - Blacklisted map not set.
  • ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_MORE_UPGRADES - This item cannot be upgraded anymore.
  • PRIEST_HOLY_CORE_ABILITY_6 - Use to switch from single-target healing to area healing or damage.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_145 - Wait until the Onyx Serpent is overhead directly overhead.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_164 - You must obtain a Flight Master's License before using this spell.
  • WHC_DK_2 - Presences have changed. Frost Presence now doubles runic power generation.
  • WHC_DRUID_2 - Feral specialization has been split into Feral, a Cat-based damage specialization and Guardian, a Bear-based tanking specialization.
  • WHC_TITLE_DK_2 - Presences

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