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by Published on 2012-12-22 05:38 AM

Patch 5.2 PTR - Build 16408

Patch 5.2 Soon on PTR!
The patch 5.2 unexpectedly hit Blizzard's servers tonight and should be available on test realms soon, although it wouldn't be surprising if it the PTRs were available to players only after the holidays. Among other things this patch has:

  • Throne of Thunder is the new 13 boss raid, with the last boss being Heroic Difficulty only.
  • Warlock will be able to unlock green fire spell effects through the quest line that starts with The Codex of Xerrath.
  • You can now purchase your farm, where several quality of life improvements have been made.
  • Wrathion is back once again and will reward you with a new head enchantment, Crown of the Heavens.
  • There are two new world bosses, both of which will be a more pleasant experience now that anyone from your faction can tag them and everyone will get loot!
  • The Isle of the Thunder King is the new daily questing zone, with the Kirin-Tor Offensive led by Jaina Proudmoore and the Sunreaver Onslaught led by Lor'themar Theron. Doing quests will unlock the powerful Lightning Forge, which will allow Blacksmiths to forge mighty raid-worthy items, as well as classic weapons from the past. Other features will also be unlocked by your realm's participation in the war effort.
  • Four new scenarios have also been added. (Unofficially)
  • New crafted Gladiator gear and heirlooms that scale to level 85 were among the new items added in Patch 5.2.
  • Additionally, a lot of Season 13 and Tier 15 armor sets are already in the game files!

Unofficial Notes
Don't miss our post of all of the changes that didn't make the official notes!

Tier 15 Armor Sets
These are all of the sets currently added, excluding the work in progress Warrior Set. The Shaman and Death Knight sets haven't been added yet.

Druid / Hunter

Mage / Monk

Paladin / Priest

Rogue / Warlock

Season 13 Armor Sets

Death Knight / Druid

Hunter / Mage

Monk / Paladin

Priest / Shaman

Warlock / Warrior

Patch 5.2 PTR Patch Note Preview
The most important note below: Warlocks finally get green fire!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The first World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch of 2013 is currently in development and this is your chance to see some of the things that are in the works. This patch will include a massive new raid dungeon, a multi-faceted new quest hub, Pet Battle improvements, new world bosses, significant class balance changes, brand new pets and mounts, assorted bug fixes, and more.

Note: The Patch 5.2 PTR is not yet available, but you can feast your eyes on the latest version of the PTR patch notes below. Please keep in mind that these changes are not final, and a great deal could change before the final patch 5.2 release. Look for the 5.2 PTR to become available in early January!

  • New Daily Quest Hub: The Isle of the Thunder King.
    • Here players can join the assault to conquer Emperor Lei Shen's island stronghold, unlock new questlines and daily quest hubs, participate in special events, earn the right to visit the fabled Treasure Room, lay claim an arsenal of powerful Mogu artifacts for their faction, and more.
    • Each faction's finest are spearheading the assault: the Kirin-Tor Offensive led by Jaina Proudmoore and the Sunreaver Onslaught led by Lor'themar Theron. Earning reputation with these new factions offers heroes the opportunity to receive new quests and reputation rewards, including powerful items and an intimidating new mount.
    • After both the Alliance and the Horde have eked out a foothold on the isle, players can choose to perform quests that are PvE or PvP focused. PvP quests will direct players against opposing faction NPCs, but slaying opposing players will grant credit as well.
    • As the heroes conquer the Isle, they will unlock the powerful Lightning Forge, which will allow Blacksmiths to forge mighty raid-worthy items, as well as classic weapons from the past.
    • Players on the PTR can teleport to the Isle of the Thunder King at their faction shrines in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. While the Isle of the Thunder King will be unlocked progressively by each realm based on participation in the war effort, initially only some of the Isle’s features will be unlocked. Future updates will include the Shipyard and the Main Courtyard. Some features, including the Treasure Room, will not yet be available.

  • New Raid: Throne of Thunder
    • Emperor Lei Shen, the Thunder King, has returned to wreak his vengeance on Pandaria. It falls to the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde to stop the newly resurrected tyrant and his Zandalari allies in the massive new raid: Throne of Thunder.
    • Throne of Thunder is a sprawling citadel housing 12 new raid encounters, and players that defeat Emperor Lei Shen in Heroic mode can earn the opportunity to face an additional 13th foe.
    • The Raid Finder version of the Throne of Thunder will be divided into 4 different wings.
    • Join the Shado-Pan Assault in their singular drive to see Lei Shen, The Thunder King defeated once and for all, and gain access to impressive Valor reward items. Reputation with this faction can be earned only within the Throne of Thunder raid dungeon.
    • Please note: During the 5.2 PTR, this raid dungeon will only be available during a limited testing window. Keep an eye on our PTR Discussion Forum for details.

  • The Legendary Quest Continues:
    • Wrathion must know the origin and source of Mogu power, and Azeroth's mightiest heroes will aid the Black Prince in finding out what it is. The search for information will take players into the depths of the Thunder King's Palace, and pit them against trials of perseverence and skill. Along the way, they'll unlock the secrets to a new headgear enchantment, the Crown of the Heavens.
    • Please note: Initially this quest is not available on the PTR, but will be coming soon.

  • New World Bosses: Nalak, the Storm Lord and Oondasta
    • Nalak, the Storm Lord
      • After the Isle of the Thunder King has been conquered, the gate guardian of the Thunder King's citadel will appear: Nalak, the Storm Lord. Players will frequently have the opportunity to test their mettle against him.
    • Oondasta
      • Found in a place that has been lost in time, the great devilsaur lord Oondasta has been outfitted for battle with weaponry and armor by the Zandalari, and awaits players brave enough (or foolhardy enough) to seek him out on the mysterious Isle of Giants found in the seas north of Kun-Lai Summit.

  • Buy The Farm
    • Players that have grown attached to working the land at Sunsong Ranch can now purchase the land from Farmer Yoon. Once the farm is owned by a player, it becomes a rest point like an Inn, where the player can bind and instantly log out. Work orders will pour in to the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work orders will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction.
    • Please note: The new Sunsong Ranch features are not available on the PTR, but will be coming soon.

  • New World Boss System
    • All world bosses are now Tap to Faction. This new system offers every eligible player of the same faction that engages a boss the chance to earn loot. Under the new system, players will only be able to earn loot from each world boss once per week, but bonus rolls apply. Bosses will now respawn more frequently as well.

  • Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Bestial Wrath may now be activated when there is no line of sight to the Hunter's pet.
    • Silencing Shot now has a 24 second cooldown (was 20).
    • Binding Shot no longer has a Focus cost.
    • Wyvern Sting no longer has a Focus cost, and its cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Glyph of Marked for Death has been removed, and its effects are now baseline.
    • New Glyph: Glyph of Liberation. This glyph now causes Disengage to heal the Hunter for 5% of maximum health when used.

  • Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Invocation now removes Evocation cooldown and reduces its channeling time and duration by 50%. A completed Evocation now grants 15% increased damage (was 25%) for 1 minute (was 40 seconds) after an Evocation is completed. Passive mana regeneration is reduced by 50% only while Invoker's Energy is active.
    • Greater Invisibility now has a 90 second cooldown (was 2.5 minutes).
    • Frostbolt cast by Mirror Image now deals 50% more damage.
    • Improved Counterspell has been removed.
    • Glyph of Fire Blast has been replaced with Glyph of Inferno Blast. Glyph of Inferno Blast causes damage over time effects spread by Inferno Blast to spread to 1 additional target.
    • Blazing Speed can now be triggered at will.
    • Cold Snap now heals the Mage for 15% of maximum health when used (was 30%).
    • Ice Floes now has a 45 second cooldown (was 1 minute).
    • Scorch now costs 3.5% of base mana (was 0.1%).
    • Arcane
      • Arcane Blast mana cost has been increased to 1.66667% of base mana (was 1.5%).
    • Frost
      • Frostbolt now deals 24% more damage, but its debuff no longer increases subsequent Frostbolt damage.
      • Water Elemental
        • Freeze no longer does damage, and only provides Fingers of Frost on a successful freeze.

  • Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • New Level 60 Talent: Ring of Peace
      • Ring of Peace forms a 8 yard Sanctuary around the target for 8 seconds, causing all enemies in the area of effect to be silenced and disarmed.
    • New Windwalker and Brewmaster ability added at level 30: Nimble Brew. Nimble Brew removes all stun, fear, and root effects, and reduces the duration of those effects if they are re-applied by 60% for 6 seconds. It has a 2 minute cooldown.
    • Chi Wave now does 100% more damage and healing, and no longer costs Chi, but now has a 15 second cooldown.
    • Zen Sphere now has a limit of 2 (was 1), now detonates when either the recipient reaches 35% health or the Zen Sphere is dispelled, and no longer costs Chi.
    • Chi Burst now does 100% more damage and healing, no longer costs Chi, and now has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Path of Blossoms has been removed.
    • Deadly Reach has been removed.
    • Paralysis is now a physical, non-magical effect, and can no longer be dispelled, grounded or reflected, and its base range has been increased to 20 yards.
    • Tiger's Lust and Touch of Karma no longer have a Chi cost.
    • Tiger's Lust can no longer be used on targets that have other temporary speed increases active.
    • Charging Ox Wave now has a 30 second cooldown (was 60 seconds).
    • Dampen Harm can now be used while stunned, and its cooldown will now begin when used, not when the effect ends.
    • Healing Elixirs now heals the Monk for 15% of maximum health (was 10%).
    • Chi Torpedo now deals 15% more damage.
    • Healing Sphere now have a duration of 1 minute. Healing Sphere generated by Mastery: Gift of the Serpent now have a duration of 30 seconds.
    • Mistweaver
      • Life Cocoon can no longer be dispelled.
      • Zen Focus, the 4-piece Mistweave set bonus, is now more responsive.
      • It is no longer possible to use Thunder Focus Tea while silenced.
      • Healing Sphere will now heal for 50% of their original value if they expire without being picked up. This healing will factor in relevant Mastery.
      • Xuen will now fixate on the Monk's original target.
    • Windwalker
      • New Level 75 Ability: Storm, Earth and Fire
        • The Windwalker can summon up to two elemental duplicates that mirror damaging abilities that the Monk uses while they are active. For each spirit summoned, the Monk's damage is reduced: 1 spirit causes the Monk and the spirit to deal 60% of the Monk's normal damage, while 2 spirits will cause the Monk and both active spirits to deal 40% of the Monk's normal damage. Each spirit lasts until the ability is canceled, or that spirit's target dies or otherwise becomes unavailable.
      • Combo Breaker is now a passive ability granted at level 15 that grants a 12% chance to make the Monk's next Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm cost no Chi.
      • New Mastery: Bottled Fury -- Increases the damage bonus provided by Tigereye Brew by .2% per Mastery per stack.
      • Tigereye Brew now increases damage by 1% per stack (was 2%), but is now improved by Bottled Fury.
      • Tigereye Brew now gains 1 charge after spending 2 Chi (was 4 Chi).
      • Tigereye Brew will now stack to 20, but only 10 charges can be consumed per activation.
      • A user interface alert now displays upon reaching 10 stacks of Tigereye Brew.
    • Brewmaster

  • Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Hand of Purity now reduces all incoming damage by 10% in addition to its other effects.
    • Eternal Flame periodic heal now provides 100% more healing when self-cast.
    • Judgment now costs 5% of base mana.
    • Protection
      • The base damage of Consecration has been increased by 789%, and it now scales less efficiently with attack power by approximately 11%.

  • Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Power Word: Solace has been redesigned.
      • Power Word: Solace replaces Holy Fire. It deals the same damage and interacts with other spells and abilities in the same manner, but is instant, costs no mana, and restores 1% of maximum mana on each cast.
    • Dominate Mind now has a 1.8 second cast time (was 2.5 seconds).
    • Angelic Feather now has a 6 second duration (was 4 seconds).
    • Body and Soul now has a 3 second duration (was 4 seconds).
    • Glyph of Holy Fire has been redesigned. It now increases the range of Holy Fire, Smite, and Power Word: Solace by 10 yards.
    • Discipline
      • Focused Will now reduces damage taken by 15% per stack, with a limit of 2 stacks.
      • Spirit Shell no longer benefits from Mastery, and now properly includes the benefits of Divine Aegis and critical effect chance.
      • Rapture now provides mana equal to 250% (was 200%) of the Priest's Spirit, but no longer benefits from Spirit provided by short duration bonuses.

  • Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Preparation is now a baseline ability learned at level 68.
    • Versatility has been removed.
    • New Level 90 Talent: Marked for Death
      • Marks a target and instantly generates 5 combo points. When that target dies, Marked for Death's cooldown is reset. This talent has a 1 minute cooldown.
    • New Level 60 Talent: Cloak and Dagger
    • Burst of Speed now costs 30 Energy (was 50 Energy), can be used in Stealth, and always grants increased movement speed in addition to breaking snare effects, but no longer breaks root effects.
    • Shuriken Toss now causes the Rogue to Throw shuriken instead of autoattacking for 10 seconds after Shuriken Toss is used.
    • Deadly Throw can now interrupt spellcasting when used at 3, 4, and 5 combo points, and upon interrupt prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4, 5 and 6 seconds respectively (was 5 combo points and 6 seconds).
    • Nerve Strike now reduces the effectiveness of healing provided by the target by 25%.
    • Shadow Focus now reduces ability energy costs by 75% while stealthed (was 100%).
    • PvP set bonuses have been changed:
      • Vigor is now the 4 piece set bonus and increases maximum energy by 50 (was 10).
      • Deadly Brew is now the 2 piece set bonus, and its effects remain unchanged.
    • Combat
    • Subtlety
      • Sanguinary Vein now increases the damage the target takes by 20% (was 16%).

  • Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • The Felhunter ability Spell Lock is now an interrupt, and no longer applies a 3 second blanket Silence.
    • Blood Fear has been redesigned. This ability is now cast on the Warlock, and causes melee attacks that strike within the next 60 seconds to Fear the attacker. When cast, the ability has 1 Charge, costs 20% health to activate, and has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing.
    • Sacrificial Pact now requires the pet to sacrifice 25% of its health to activate (was 50%).
    • Kil'jaeden's Cunning is now a passive talent, and its activated ability has been removed.
    • The passive damage from Archimonde's Vengeance no longer has a visual effect.
    • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 20% (was 25%) for Destruction, and 45% (was 50%) for Affliction.
    • Grimoire of Sacrifice now provides the spell Whiplash instead of Seduction when a Succubus is sacrificed.
    • Glyph of Burning Embers has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Destruction Warlocks.
    • Glyph of Soul Shards has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Affliction Warlocks.
    • New Glyph: Glyph of Ember Tap. This glyph increases the healing gained from Ember Tap by 50%.
    • New Glyph: Glyph of Drain Life. This glyph increases the healing gained from Drain Life by 30%.

  • Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Shockwave now has a 40 second cooldown (was 20 seconds), striking 3 or more targets will reduce its cooldown by 20 seconds.
    • Second Wind now causes a Warrior that has been reduced to 35% health or lower to regenerate 2% of their health per second (was 3%), and now generates 15 Rage over 10 seconds (was 20 Rage).
    • Warbringer now reduces the target's movement by 50% for 15 seconds (8 seconds in PvP) in addition to its other effects.
    • Shield Barrier now scales approximately 10% less efficiently with attack power.
    • Storm Bolt now deals 125% weapon damage (was 100%).
    • Enraged Regeneration now costs 30 Rage (was 60).
    • Glyph of Death from Above no longer increases the damage dealt by Heroic Leap.
    • Arms
      • Taste for Blood has been redesigned. It now causes the Warrior to gain 2 stacks of Overpower (maximum of 5 stacks) when Mortal Strike deals damage or the target dodges, and no longer interacts with Heroic Strike. It now requires level 20 (was level 50).
      • Slam now deals 220% weapon damage (was 190%).
    • Protection
      • The base damage of Shield Slam and Revenge has been increased by 150%, but these abilities now scale approximately 10% less efficiently with attack power.

  • Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Warlocks can now undertake a solo adventure that culminates with the ability to change the color of their Fire spells to appear Fel green. The quest begins for those Warlocks determined or fortunate enough to have laid their hands on teh fabled The Codex of Xerrath.

  • Zandalari forces have begun scouting the shores of Pandaria, searching for the perfect invasion point. The Zandalari can be found in Krasarang Wilds, Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, Jade Forest, and Kun-Lai Summit. Zandalari Scouts can be handled by 1 or 2 players, while elite Zandalari Warbringers will likely require a full party of 5 heroes. Defeat Warbringers to gain special drops, including crafting materials, reputation gains, an achievement, and even the chance to get one of three new rare mounts!
  • Galleon now respawns much more frequently, but players can only receive loot from him once per week.
  • Dire Horns have been added as a tameable species for Hunters that have learned the required skill. Aspiring Dire Horn owners should seek out clues regarding these auspicious beasts.

Pet Battles
  • Supercharge now provides a 125% damage bonus (was 150%), and its cooldown is now 4 rounds (was 3).
  • Sprite Darter Hatchling – Evanescence and Arcane Blast have swapped ability positions.
  • Nether Roach is now a real roach and can now survive the apocalypse.
  • Battle Pet Bandages now stack to 25 and are Bind to Account.
  • Battle-Stones now have a chance to be awarded from PVP Pet Battles.
  • Pets whose color schemes change each time they are summoned have returned. Older pets with this behavior now have it back, as well as some newcomers.
  • Pet levels will now only display on the map when pets are tracked.
  • Taming the World now lists its reward correctly in the Achievements pane.
  • Level capped players will now have a chance to each Lesser Charms of Good Fortune after winning a pet battle versus a Pet within 5 levels of the highest level pet on their team. Higher level pets will offer a better chance to earn a Charm.
  • Winning a pet battle versus a team within 5 levels of the player's highest level pet will now award player experience.
  • Fleeing a pet battle will no longer despawn the pet that was being battled, but doing so will now inflict some damage on the fleeing pet battle team.
  • Disconnecting from a pet battle will once again respawn the pets you were fighting.
  • Any pet that has been killed in a pet battle will now never respawn.
  • A number of new pets can be found on the Isle of Lightning, including Rare spawn drops, wild pets, and raid boss drops.
  • Elite Battle Pets have been added to the game world. These rare pets will spawn alone against an entire team. A new quest has been added to track progress as these new pets are hunted down, and defeating that quest will award the new Red Panda pet.
  • Please note: Many of these changes have not yet come to the PTR, but will be available soon.

  • PvP trinkets that clear loss of control effects will now also clear these effects from the player's pet as well.


Sunsong Ranch
  • Seed bags have been added, that allow planting of crops 4 plots at a time.
  • Yoon's Mailbox has been renamed to Sunsong Ranch Mailbox.
  • The yield from special crops has been improved to make farming them competitive with gathering these items out in the world.
  • Running the Master Plow across underground Virmen will cause them to pop out of the ground at 30% health and stunned.
  • Wild Crops will now occur less often.

Bug Fixes
  • Classes
    • Druid
      • It is no longer possible for a weaker application of Living Seed to overwrite a stronger one.
    • Paladin
      • It is no longer possible to refresh Inquisition to a lower duration.
    • Mage
      • The cooldown of Cauterize will now properly reset upon entering an Arena.
    • Warlock
      • Grimoire of Service now describes its special abilities on the tooltip.
by Published on 2012-12-22 01:26 AM

Patch 5.2 PTR - Build 16408
A new test build will be deployed on the PTR in January. We will be updating these notes frequently, so keep checking back!

New Models
These are just quick previews, we will update later with a nicer preview.

New Loading Screen

New Maps

New Items
You can see all of the new items on WoWDB, including the new Crafted Gladiator Gear!

Level Type Slot Name
1Junk Dark Portal
20Companion Pets Gusting Grimoire
20Companion Pets Red Panda
60Mount Ghastly Charger's Skull
80Mount Armored Riding Pteradactyl
90Mount Spawn of Horridon
1Key Rusty Prison Key
1Quest Sunreaver Scout Report
1Quest Kirin Tor Agent's Badge
1Quest Sunreaver Agent's Badge
1Quest Sunreaver Torch
90Parts Lightning Steel Ingot
90Parts Lightning Steel Capacitor
1HeadHead Darkmoon Fishing Cap
90Purple Gem Tense Serpent's Eye
90Purple Gem Assassin's Serpent's Eye
90Purple Gem Mysterious Serpent's Eye
90Green Gem Nimble Wild Jade
87Green Gem Nimble Alexandrite
88Green Gem Perfect Nimble Alexandrite
90Green Gem Nimble Adventurine
90Orange Gem Resplendent Serpent's Eye
90Orange Gem Lucent Serpent's Eye
90Orange Gem Willful Serpent's Eye
1Other Darkmoon Game Prize
1Other Darkmoon Top Hat
1TrinketTrinket Forceful Hand of Justice
1TrinketTrinket Piercing Eye of the Beast
1TrinketTrinket Bequeathed Insignia of the Horde
1TrinketTrinket Bequeathed Insignia of the Alliance
1TrinketTrinket Inherited Mark of Tyranny
1Off HandHeld In Off-hand Musty Tome of the Lost
1ClothShoulders Bloodstained Dreadmist Mantle
1ClothShoulders Prestigious Sunderseer Mantle
1ClothChest Bloodstained Dreadmist Robe
1LeatherShoulders Supple Shadowcraft Spaulders
1LeatherShoulders Majestic Ironfeather Shoulders
1LeatherShoulders Wild Feralheart Spaulders
1LeatherShoulders Superior Stormshroud Shoulders
1LeatherChest Majestic Ironfeather Breastplate
1LeatherChest Supple Shadowcraft Tunic
1MailShoulders Awakened Pauldrons of Elements
1MailShoulders Venerated Pauldrons of The Five Thunders
1MailShoulders Adorned Beastmaster's Mantle
1MailShoulders Grand Champion Herod's Shoulder
1MailChest Furious Deathdealer Breastplate
1MailChest Awakened Vest of Elements
1PlateShoulders Brushed Pauldrons of Might
1PlateShoulders Immaculate Lightforge Spaulders
1PlateShoulders Reinforced Stockade Pauldrons
1PlateShoulders Gleaming Spaulders of Valor
1PlateChest Gleaming Breastplate of Valor
1PlateChest Brushed Breastplate of Might
1ShieldOff Hand Flamescarred Draconian Deflector
1ShieldOff Hand Weathered Observer's Shield
1Two-handed AxeTwo Hand Hardened Arcanite Reaper
1BowRanged War-Torn Ancient Bone Bow
1GunRanged Smoothbore Dwarven Hand Cannon
1One-handed MaceOne Hand Crushing Mass of McGowan
1One-handed MaceOne Hand The Sanctified Hammer of Grace
1One-handed MaceOne Hand Pious Aurastone Hammer
1Two-handed MaceTwo Hand Re-Engineered Lava Dredger
1One-handed SwordOne Hand Noble Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge
1One-handed SwordOne Hand Battle-Hardened Thrash Blade
1One-handed SwordOne Hand Gore-Steeped Skullforge Reaver
1Two-handed SwordTwo Hand Battle-Forged Truesilver Champion
1StaffTwo Hand Elder Staff of Jordan
1StaffTwo Hand Refinished Warden Staff
1StaffTwo Hand Scholarly Headmaster's Charge
1Fist WeaponOne Hand Brawler's Bladed Claws
1DaggerOne Hand Vengeful Heartseeker
1DaggerOne Hand Deadly Scarlet Kris

New Client Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • BONUS_BATTLEGROUNDS = "Bonus Battlegrounds"
  • ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_XP_GAIN = "Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party have the same XP gain setting."
  • ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_ADDED_S = "%s has joined the instance group."
  • ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_REMOVED_S = "%s has left the instance group."
  • ERR_LFG_REMOVED_FACTION_CHANGE = "You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has selected a faction."
  • ERR_LFG_REMOVED_LEVELUP = "You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has gained a level."
  • ERR_LFG_REMOVED_XP_TOGGLE = "You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has toggled experience gain."
  • ERR_NO_LOOT_IN_CHALLENGE_MODE = "You can't loot items while in a Challenge Mode Dungeon"
  • ERR_SOLO_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_S = "You have joined the queue for %s."
  • FACTION_STANDING_INCREASED_REFER_PART = "(+%.1f Refer-A-Friend bonus)"
  • NEXT_BATTLE_LABEL = "Next Battle"
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_STATUS_TEXT_DISPLAY = "Diplay status text as numbers, percentage, or both."
  • POWER_TYPE_ANIMA = "Anima"
  • POWER_TYPE_FURY = "Fury"
  • POWER_TYPE_MOLTEN_ENERGY = "Molten Energy"
  • POWER_TYPE_MUTATION_LEVEL = "Mutation Level"
  • PVP_TAB_CONQUEST = "Conquest"
  • PVP_TAB_HONOR = "Honor"
  • RANDOM_BATTLEGROUNDS = "Random Battlegrounds"
  • RETRIEVING_TRADESKILL_INFO = "Retrieving information"
  • SPECIFIC_BATTLEGROUNDS = "Specific Battlegrounds"
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_183 = "Requires the Darkmoon Faire to be open."
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_184 = "Already at Valor cap"
  • STATUS_TEXT_VALUE = "Numeric Value"
  • UNLOCKS_AT_LABEL = "Unlocks at"
  • WORLD_BATTLES = "World Battles"

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
World Events


Pandaria Raid
Dungeons & Raids

Pet Battles

Player vs. Player
  • Khan (New) Complete the battleground achievements listed below.
  • Khan (New) Complete the battleground achievements listed below.

Spell Changes
Keep in mind that these are not official notes and will include several tooltip updates from all of the Patch 5.1 Hotfixes.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Armored Riding Pteradactyl (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Armored Riding Pteradactyl. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Corrupted Hippogryph now changes depending on your Riding skill and location
  • Ghastly Charger (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Ghastly Charger. This is a flying mount. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.



Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Plague Strike now also infects the target with Frost Fever for Unholy Death Knights.

  • Conversion now costs 10 Runic Power, plus 5 per sec, down from 10 per sec.
  • Death Siphon now heals the Death Knight for 150% of damage dealt, up from 100%.

  • Ebon Plaguebringer now also causes your Plague Strike to also apply Frost Fever.
  • Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power. Now does Plague damage rather than Nature damage.

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator)

  • Cenarion Ward healing and SP scaling doubled.
  • Displacer Beast no longer activates Prowl. Instead increases movement speed by 50% for 4 sec.
  • Force of Nature's tooltip now explains what the treants do for each spec.
  • Mass Entanglement now has a 30 sec cooldown, down from 2 min.
  • Nature's Vigil now has a 1.5 min cooldown, down from 3 min. Now increases all damage and healing done by 10% for 30 sec, down from 20%.
  • Soul of the Forest now grants double the Solar and Lunar energy, 3 Rage rather than 2 Rage, and 75% haste rather than 50%.
  • Typhoon now has a 20 sec cooldown, down from 30 sec.



Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 15%, up from 10%.
  • Focused Aim now reduces pushback by 10%, down from 70%.
  • Hunter's Mark is now automatically applied by Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot, Kill Command, and Explosive Shot.
  • Serpent Sting damage and AP scaling doubled.


  • Improved Serpent Sting now causes Serpent Sting to also deal instant damage equal to 15% of its total periodic effect, down from 30%.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Liberation replaces Glyph of Marked for Death. When you Disengage, you are healed for 5% of your total health.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Deep Freeze is broken by spells which benefit from Shatter.
  • Frost Bomb now explodes after 4 sec, down from 6.
  • Frostbolt healing to Water Elemental increased by 7%.

  • Blazing Speed no longer has a restriction on activation.
  • Cold Snap now heals you for 15% of your maximum health, down from 30%.
  • Frost Bomb now explodes after 4 sec, down from 6.
  • Greater Invisibility now has a 1.5 min cooldown, down from 2.5 min.
  • Ice Floes now has a 45 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.
  • Rune of Power now your mana regeneration is increased by 75% when standing in the rune, down from 100%.
  • Scorch now costs 3.5% of Base Mana, up from .1%.

  • Arcane Blast now costs 1.67% of Base Mana, up from 1.5%. Mana cost is increased by 75% per Arcane Charge, down from 125%.
  • Arcane Charge now grants 25% increased damage per charge, up from 24%.

  • Critical Mass now multiplies the critical strike chance of your Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Pyroblast, and Scorch by 1.3, down from 1.5.
  • Inferno Blast now spreads DoTs to 3 nearby targets, up from 2.
  • Mastery: Ignite now only does damaged based on your direct damage, not all damage.

  • Frostbolt damage increased by 25%, but stacking debuff no longer increases subsequent Frostbolt damage.
  • Summon Water Elemental Frostbolt healing to Water Elemental increased by 7%.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Inferno Blast replaces Glyph of Fire Blast. Your Inferno Blast spell spreads Pyroblast, Ignite, and Combustion to 1 additional target.

Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Chi Burst damage, AP scaling, and healing have been doubled.
  • Chi Torpedo damage and AP scaling increased by 15%.
  • Crackling Jade Lightning mana cost slightly increased. Now grants a 30% chance to generate 1 Chi, down from 35%.
  • Enveloping Mist healing and SP scaling reduced by 35%.
  • Gift of the Serpent creates Healing Spheres that last 60 seconds, down from 3 min.
  • Healing Elixirs causes your next Brew or Tea to also heal you for 15% of your total health, up from 10%.
  • Jab now costs 3.9% of Base Mana, up from 3%.
  • Paralysis now has a 20 yd range, up from melee.
  • Renewing Mist now heals any friendly target, not just raid or party members.
  • Spinning Crane Kick (Brewmaster) now costs 7.15% of Base Mana, up from 5.5%.
  • Zen Sphere now allows for two Zen Spheres to be summoned at any one time. If the target of the Zen Sphere reaches 35% or lower health or if the Zen Sphere is dispelled it will detonate.

  • Charging Ox Wave now has a 30 second cooldown, down from 60 sec.
  • Chi Burst no longer costs Chi. Damage, healing, and AP scaling doubled.
  • Chi Torpedo damage and AP scaling increased by 15%.
  • Chi Wave no longer costs Chi. Now has a 15 sec cooldown, up from 8 sec. AP scaling doubled.
  • Dampen Harm now can be cast while stunned.
  • Healing Elixirs causes your next Brew or Tea to also heal you for 15% of your total health, up from 10%.
  • Ring of Peace (New) is a level 60 talent. Forms a sanctuary around the target for 8 sec, causing all enemies to be silenced and disarmed within 8 yards. 40 yd range. 1.5 min cooldown.
  • Tiger's Lust no longer costs Chi.


Brewmaster & Windwalker
  • Nimble Brew (New) Clears you of all root, stun and fear effects and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60% for 6 sec. Nimble Brew can be cast while stunned or feared.

  • Enveloping Mist healing and SP scaling reduced by 35%.
  • Life Cocoon base absorb doubled.
  • Mastery: Gift of the Serpent generated Healing Spheres now last 30 sec, down from 60. If the Healing Sphere expires before being used, an ally nearby within 6 yards of the sphere will be healed for 50% of the effect.
  • Renewing Mist now costs 6.5% of Base Mana, up from 5%. Now will heal any friendly target, rather than just raid and party members.
  • Soothing Mist mana cost slightly increased. Now grants a 30% chance to generate 1 Chi, down from 35%.

  • Brewing: Tigereye Brew has been revamped: For each 2 Chi you consume through use of abilities and attacks, you gain a charge of Tigereye Brew. Use Tigereye Brew to consume the charges, granting you 2.60% increased damage for 15 sec. Tigereye Brew can stack up to 20 times, but can only consume up to 10 stacks at a time for 26.00% increased damage.
  • Combo Breaker (New) You have a 12% chance when you Jab to cause your next Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick to cost no Chi within 15 sec.
  • Mastery: Bottled Fury replaces Mastery: Combo Breaker. Grants an additional 1.60% damage per Tigereye Brew stack.
  • Tigereye Brew now increases damage more and has been revamped. See tooltip.
  • Touch of Karma no longer costs Chi.

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Censure now does 80% less damage for Protection Paladins.
  • Consecration now does 787% more base damage and scales with 8% of AP, down from 9%.
  • Judgment now costs 5% of Base Mana, down from 5.9%.
  • Sanctity of Battle (Protection) now also works with Shield of the Righteous, and Hammer of Wrath for Protection Paladins.
  • Seal of Truth now causes melee attacks to deal 12% additional weapon damage as Holy.
  • Seal of Truth now does 80% less damage for Protection Paladins.
  • Word of Glory (New) Consumes up to 3 Holy Power to heal a friendly target for (5,077 + 49.0% of SP) per charge of Holy Power.



  • Consecration now does 787% more base damage and scales with 8% of AP, down from 9%.

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Divine Star damage and SP scaling increased by 40% and healing and SP scaling increased by 133%.

  • Angelic Feather now grants increased movement speed for 6 sec, up from 4.
  • Body and Soul now grants increased movement speed for 3 sec, down from 4.
  • Divine Star damage and SP scaling increased by 40% and healing and SP scaling increased by 133%.
  • Power Word: Solace now has a shorter range, cooldown, no cast time, less direct damage, a DoT component, and replaces Holy Fire.

  • Divine Aegis now absorbs 50% of the amount healed, up from 30%.
  • Rapture mana bonus proc now excludes short-duration Spirit bonuses.

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Holy Fire now increases the range of your Holy Fire, Smite, and Power Word: Solace spells by 10 yards.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Detect Traps now has a 1.5 sec cooldown.
  • Preparation is no longer a level 60 talent. It is a baseline skill learned at level 68.

  • Burst of Speed no longer grants immunity to movement impairing effects being reapplied.
  • Deadly Throw can now interrupt spellcasting when used at 3, 4, and 5 combo points, and upon interrupt prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4, 5 and 6 seconds respectively (was 5 combo points and 6 seconds).
  • Hit and Run (New) Immediately teleport to a targeted location, leaving a shadow of yourself behind. Upon activating the effect a second time, or after 10 sec, you will return to your shadow's location.
  • Marked for Death (New) Mark the target, instantly generating 5 combo points on them. When the target dies, Marked for Death's cooldown is reset.
  • Nerve Strike now also reduces healing done by the target by 25%.
  • Shadow Focus now reduces Energy cost by 75% rather than removing it.
  • Shuriken Toss - If the enemy is farther than 10 yards away, this damage is doubled and your autoattacks will be replaced with shuriken for the next 10 sec, granting them a 30 yd range.

  • Blade Flurry now cleaves for 25% of normal damage, down from 100%.
  • Vitality now increases your Attack Power by 30%, up from 25%.

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator)


Elemental & Enhancement

Major Glyphs
  • Flame Shock - When you Flame Shock deals damage, it heals you for 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Glyph of Purge - Your Purge dispels 1 additional Magic effect but has a 6,000/1,000 sec cooldown.

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator)

  • Blood Fear now costs 20% of Total Health. Now has a 30 sec cooldown, up from 10. While active, any time an enemy melee attack deals damage to the caster they will become afflicted by Fear. 1 charge. Lasts 60 sec. No longer replaces Fear.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 20% (was 25%) for Destruction, and 45% (was 50%) for Affliction.
  • Grimoire of Service - The demon will instantly use one of their special abilities when summoned
  • Harvest Life now scales with 17.5% of Spell Power, down from 42.5%.
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning (New) You can cast and channel while moving, but each cast reduces your movement speed by 15% for 6 sec, stacking up to 2 times.
  • Sacrificial Pact now costs 25% of health, rather than 50%.
  • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing.



Major Glyphs

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Second Wind now causes you to regenerate 2% health per second, down from 3%.
  • Skull Banner now has a 40 yd range, up from 30.

  • Enraged Regeneration now costs 30 rage, down from 60.
  • Second Wind now causes you to regenerate 2% health per second, down from 3%. Now generates 15 Rage over 10 sec from being stunned, down from 20 Rage.
  • Shockwave (Arms) now has a 40 sec cooldown, up from 20. Causing damage to 3 or more targets lowers the cooldown of the next Shockwave by 20 sec.
  • Storm Bolt now causes 125% weapon damage, up from 100% and an additional 375% weapon damage, up from 300%.
  • Warbringer now also reduces movement speed by 50% for 15 sec.

  • Overpower is activated by Taste for Blood.
  • Taste for Blood (New) When your Mortal Strike deals damage or your target dodges any of your attacks you gain 2 uses of Overpower. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

  • Titan's Grip cannot be combined with wielding staves or polearms.


Major Glyphs

  • Zen Alchemist Stone (New) When making this potion, you have a chance to learn other Pandaria alchemy recipes. Discovered recipes can also reveal additional recipes when created.


Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Acidic Explosion (New) Inflicts 100,000 Nature damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the target.
  • Arcane Blast Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the damage of all Arcane spells is increased by 24% 25% and mana cost of Arcane Blast is increased by 125%. 75%.
  • Bestial Cry (New) Unleash a savage cry, inflicting 100,000 Physical damage to all enemies and increasing damage done by the caster by 25%.
  • Blazing Sunlight (New) Inflicts 50,000 Fire damage instantly and 10,000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 30 sec.
  • Blue Rays (New) Inflicts 800,000 Damage divided amongst all targets in the Blue Rays. This damage is increased by 1% each time the victim is hit by this effect. The increased damage taken effect lasts 3 min.
  • Bright Light (New) Inflicts 800,000 Damage divided amongst all targets in the Bright Light. This damage is increased by 1% each time the victim is hit by this effect. The increased damage taken effect lasts 3 min.
  • Caustic Gas (New) Inflicts 1,350,000 Nature damage split evenly between all enemies within a 18 yard cone.
  • Chain Lightning (New) Inflicts 60,000 Nature damage and jumps to another target within 5 yards. Affects 3 total targets, increasing damage by 50% per jump.
  • Deadly Plague (New) Inflicts 10,000 Shadow damage every 3 sec. for 5 min.
  • Disorienting Roar (New) Horridon emits a powerful roar, inflicting 250,000 Physical damage and disorienting all enemies for 6 sec.
  • Double Swipe (New) Inflicts 200,000 Physical damage to targets in a 35-yard cone in front of and behind the caster.
  • Double Swipe (New) Inflicts 200,000 Physical damage to targets in a 35-yard cone in front of and behind the caster.
  • Feed Young (New)
  • Fireball (New) Inflicts 50,000 Fire damage.
  • Frozen Bolt (New) Shoots a bolt of frost at a nearby enemy target every 0.5 sec. dealing 100,000 Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 20% for 2 sec.
  • Hex of Confusion (New) You hit yourself in your confusion, inflicting 50,000 Physical damage.
  • Infrared Light (New) Inflicts 800,000 Damage divided amongst all targets in the Infrared Light. This damage is increased by 1% each time the victim is hit by this effect. The increased damage taken effect lasts 3 min.
  • Lightning Nova (New) Emits a pulse of lightning, inflicting 300,000 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards every 3 sec.
  • Living Poison (New) Inflicts 100,000 Nature damage to enemies within 4 yards every 0.5 sec.
  • Malformed Blood (New) The target's blood becomes malformed, inflicting 20,000 Nature damage every 3 sec. and causing melee attacks to Congeal Blood, inflicting 20,000 additional damage to Living Fluids and Viscous Horrors.
  • Mortal Strike (New) Inflicts 200% weapon damage and leaves the target wounded, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 8 sec.
  • Mutation (New)
  • Necrotic Plague If this effect is dispeled dispelled, it will lose a stack and jump to a nearby unit.
  • Ooze Explosion (New) Inflicts 50,000 Nature damage to all enemies within 20 yards.
  • Primordial Strike (New) Inflicts 600,000 Physical damage in a cone in front of the caster.
  • Pustule Eruption (New) Inflicts 150,000 Nature damage to enemies within 3 yards of the impact.
  • Quake Stomp (New) Tortos performs a massive stomp that inflicts Physical damage to all enemies equal to 50% of their maximum health and increases the frequency of Rockfalls for 9 sec.
  • Rampage (New) Horridon goes on a rampage after seeing his master fall, increasing damage dealt by 100% and attack speed by 50%.
  • Rending Charge (New) Charge the opponent and strike them, causing them to bleed for 30,000 Physical damage every 1 sec. for 6 sec.
  • Sand Trap (New) A Sand Trap deals 100,000 Nature damage to nearby enemies and grows over time.
  • Scorched (New) Increases Fire damage taken by 20%.
  • Slashing Talons (New) Inflicts 95,000 Physical damage to an enemy every 1 sec. for 12 sec.
  • Sonic Screech (New) A Sonic Shockwave that deals 100,000 Physical damage and silences all enemies in the area for 4 sec.
  • Swipe (New) Inflicts 50,000 Physical damage to targets in a 5-yard cone in front of the caster.
  • Triple Puncture (New) Inflicts 400,000 Physical damage and increases the damage taken from Triple Puncture by 10% for 1.5 min. This effect stacks.
  • Venom Bolt Volley (New) Inflicts 20,000 Nature damage to all enemies instantly, and 10,000 Nature damage every 3 sec. for 60 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Ventral Sacs (New) Sacs located around the frill will periodically erupt, inflicting 15,000 Nature damage to all enemies every 1 sec.
  • Volatile Pathogen (New) Inflicts 100,000 Nature damage to the target every 1 sec. and summons a Living Fluid.

New Icons

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Update: Another screenshot with a wider angle and no text was released.

Patch 5.2 PTR Early January - The Thunder King is Risen
The Blizzard CM team just sent us this with the following message: Happy Holidays from the World of Warcraft team! Here’s a small present to tide you over until the new year.

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Restored Items in TW Region Now BoA, Fan Made Battle.net Screens, Blue Posts, Poll: Favorite Act IV Environment, HotS Beta Key Giveaway

Patch 5.2 Tweets
More Patch 5.2 info appeared on Twitter today!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Are you happy with the burst damage in PVP? What changes can we expect? You nerf items, are you still going to nerf spells too?ty
It's prolly still too high. We're def looking at specific abilities/cooldowns. You'll likely see 5.2 changes to major outliers. (Source)

How about a stacking buff for your farm that reduces pests the more consecutive days you plant/till?
Been brainstorming w/ @DaveKosak & @mumper flavorful ways to make farmers more efficient at tending w/ time. (Source)

Are there any plans to buff Unholy Death Knights? It's really sad how underpowered this spec is right now.
You'll likely see some love in 5.2. Unrelated, my current main is Unholy. (Source)

Can this mount collector expect to see some new mounts in 5.2? (Still hoping for 200+ mount achievement!)
New mounts not a bad thing to hope for, I reckon. (Source)

Lor'themar assemblies the troops after the Purge of Dal. Is that to attack Ally or Garrosh or to take to Pandaria?
Lor'themar's plans will be clear once 5.2 starts! (Source)

Maybe you guys have not noticed how op Fluxfire Feline is. Wind-Up with Supercharge damage 1800+
Yup, changes on this combo are coming in 5.2.0. (Source)

Please roll bandages and upgrade stones into the battle pet journal UI or make them acct. bound so we can mule them. Bag space
Bandages stack up to 25 in 5.2.0. We intend for players to use stones, not stockpile. Hence the low stack size.
Can they at least become boa? cutting the many stacks we have basically in half doesn't really help much.
Battle Pet Bandages bind to Battle.net accounts in 5.2.0 as well. It's like we read your mind! (Source)

Is it intended that the "Nether Roach" does not count as cockroach, so its Apocalypse ability kills itself?
This is fixed in 5.2.0 (Source)

Also, does this mean being pulled out of a battle due to PVP/PVE agro will also despawn the pet?
We have some plans in regards to making this all smoother in 5.2.0, we will share info soon. PVP interaction was not changed. (Source)

Do you know why battle pets don't show up in my auctions on mobile app?
We hope to have pet cages working on the Mobile AH in an update early next year. (Source)

Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament
The Yaspresents PvP guild on Stormscale - EU is organizing 2nd Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament with a prize of $9,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $2,000 for third place. The teams must have one healer and no class stacking.

Eight teams and two teams that qualify will play in a best of five round robin tournament. The qualifier rounds are on January 13th, the group round robin rounds are on January 18th and 19th, and the finals are on January 20th. If you are interested in qualifying, please PM Another on ArenaJunkies.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Changes to Tillers Farm
I love my farm. I love that I have all of my best friends to help me with my farm. But wouldn't it be nice if...

You could jump onto Miss Fifi and stamp all the vermin out of your occupied soil.
Your dog would chase away the birds from your alluring veggies.
The chickens would lay eggs.
The pigs would...fertilize...a crop or two....

While some of this has to do with tuning, we are considering some improvements to the farm and in this area. We might need to adjust the numbers a bit to reduce, say, Alluring over time. But we do want to make you feel that you need to tend to things regularly, even if you become more efficient in handling it. Though, perhaps we can consider allowing more crops to randomly grow without any obstacles or challenges, especially after you’ve proven your farming savvy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PvP Balance Feedback
Would you agree its more balanced than it was from the start of the season up to the new patch?

I think it is, but there is still alot of tweaks you could say that need to be worked out.

I agree that it has gotten better, but we know that there's more ground to cover and we're always working to improve. In light of that, there are still many more changes coming in patch 5.2.

I can't talk about them just yet, but keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Elder Charms Mandatory?
charm are mandatory if you want to be up to par, if you're lucky you get 3 extra items per week
They aren't mandatory though. You can raid just fine without them. Yes, you won't gear as fast (assuming you get items from them relatively often), but it's not going to impact your character in a negative way, other than *perhaps* missing an upgrade (since you don't even have the guarantee you'll get one through the charms). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Elder Charms in LFR
On Raid Finder you can use the coin on bosses you've already killed that week. And every time you'll have the same chance of getting loot. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Loot System Feedback
Actually it won't make a difference. Under the old system, a boss would drop 4 or 5 items that would be split among 25 people. With the current system, everyone has an individual chance for loot which means that 3 shamans and 4 paladins may very well each get that shield they need. It is also mathematically possible that all 25 people in the raid get an item from one boss and that the next boss has no loot for anyone.
Exactly this.

With the old system, you not only had to hope that the item you needed dropped in the first place, you also had to roll against many people to get it. We were hearing a lot of feedback that the need/greed system was being used incorrectly by people that didn't actually need items, but pressed Need anyway. This new system takes that factor out of the equation completely.

Yes, it does mean that you will occasionally get an item you already have—think of this as winning something that no one needed with a Greed roll—but it also means you'll never lose an item you need to someone who doesn't need it, as happened previously. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Archaeology Feedback
Archaeology is also a secondary profession, which kind of implies it should not provide better items or improvements than primary professions. Of course on the other hand, being a secondary profession makes it possible for everyone to have it which makes it a somewhat nice profession since it sort of implies equality between players.

The truth is, archaeology is not for everyone, although we have cut down on the necessary travel time to find dig sites by having 6 dig locations per site instead of 3, and added some extra surprise dig sites in Pandaria, there’s still players who won’t go for it, and that’s perfectly fine, there’s a lot of different content in MoP that was made to appeal to different kinds of players.

Keep in mind that we’re still in the very early stages of MoP, we have said that we wanted to keep updating the game and adding patches more frequently with this expansion, chances are, professions might also get some love with some of those patches, so don’t despair, it’s still only the beginning.

Whenever we have some news regarding updates to any of the professions we'll make sure to let you know. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
yeah said that a while back. Did the mode spawn rate increase, maybe?
We felt that at the 1:3 conversion that Spirits were simply a GL delivery mechanism and not used for other things. (Source)

Any chance we will see a new alchemy cauldron for future MoP raids?
We like the group being able to provide food but players being responsible for their own flasks. (Source)

why the change to daily/acct for Blingtron? It was just a fun prize... I don't see harm in it being per character
Felt like a chore to log in every alt to get gold and maximize chance for good stuff. (Source)

What's the thinking for tailoring putting new, larger bag recipe behind 2 rep grinds? Was 12 daily crafts per bag not enough?
Making Imperial Silk takes a commitment of logging in for 2 min a day. Not much gameplay there. (Source)

Have you guys considered something cooperative like the AQ gates war effort to get people out and about? Was a great event.
Yeah it was. Just need a model that doesn't force everyone to one spot and crash the servers. (Source)

into a reality for the future of wow?
Challenge for us is providing enough content for players who want to play a lot without alienating those who can't. (Source)

with all the success of wow what 3 things do you think blizzard could improve upon?
If you mean WRT WoW, I'd say 1) Faster content, 2) More direction at max level, 3) easier for returning players to ease back in. (Source)

SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion
Bioware announced the first expansion to SWTOR this week, Rise of the Hutt Cartel! It will arrive in Spring 2013 and cost $20 for free to play users and $10 for subscribers. The level cap will be increased to 55, there is a new story on the Hutt Cartel, new planet Makeb, new skills in each skill tree, faction-specific storylines, new Heroic missions and bosses, repeatable mission series, and new Datacrons. Dread Guard gear won't be replaced with leveling gear either!

The Daily Blink - Got Any Change for a Justice Point?
The Daily Blink proposes a new rollover plan for rewards.

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Diablo III Players Banned for Botting, Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable, Blue Posts, Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway

Patch 5.2 - Reputation, Lesser Charm, and Pet Battle Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I really don't want to do dailies every day.
I guess you might like this... The developers are currently planning to include bonus reputation that can be earned via scenarios and dungeons. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll be through tabards and in the exact same way as back in the days, but sounds close enough to what you want!

I really don't want to do dailies for coins either, why can't we just get them from HC's as well?
Actually, not from heroics, but the developers are planning to let you have a chance to earn Lesser Charms of Good Fortune through Pet Battles. Basically, if you win, you'll have a chance of receiving charms based on your pet level.

And if a player is below level 90, they'll get experience equal to defeating a yellow creature.

Patch 5.2 - New World Boss
Previously the developers have mentioned that they learned a lot from the new Mists of Pandaria world bosses and would add more in a future patch. It seems we may see a new one in Patch 5.2!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Item Upgrades and Item Level
Items that have been upgraded do count and contribute towards increasing your character's overall average item level. However, keep in mind that with 15-16 item slots; increasing a single item's level by +4/8 may not be sufficient to make an immediate impact. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

WoW Graphics
Bad technical graphics just means fewer pixels, fewer polygons, fewer details, fewer decals, shorter draw distance, etc.

Maybe I didn't express myself very clearly. Here's the full quote:
Also, bad graphics is very subjective, if you mean it in technical terms, everything will always end up having bad graphics, it’s only a matter of time. If you mean the art itself is bad, then that’s a valuable opinion, but opinions are highly subjective, and I have to say I strongly disagree.

What I meant to say is that in technical terms, it's simply a matter of time until any kind of graphics is considered bad/out dated. But graphics as in the “artwork” is something quite different; it has an intrinsic value that doesn’t degrade over time. That's why lots of people still play Mario, Puzzle Bobble, Pac-Man... and they still love the artwork and gameplay.

Lately it seems that quite a lot of games tend to be all about who has the biggest textures and latest shaders, that's an illusion that usually manages to hide the lack of innovation and real gameplay value.

Now, of course, graphics are also important and that's why we upgrade our engine from time to time, especially if it will make it more efficient and give players a better performance, but I'd still like to think that what players value the most is the gameplay, originality and innovation.

There is also an issue with changing something that is considered classic, and in my opinion, WoW verges on that. A lot of players would dislike major changes to the artwork, so when we upgrade our graphics engine, we need to be careful to make sure it doesn’t change the classic visuals that much. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Character Models
Actually... the development team is working on new character models for the vanilla races. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate yet on when they'll be available. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Taste for Blood Nerf
No one likes to see nerfs being done to their class, unfortunately it’s one of those things that a game like WoW is always subject to, and there are just too many variables, limited resources and schedules to keep.
So sometimes we have to hotfix stuff, the problem is that players will always get used to the “overpowered” abilities, and when the nerf comes the disappointment is inevitable.

As you can imagine this is definitely not in our interest, we want our players to have fun; this is a game after all.

The problem is that when someone is “having fun” due to having an overpowered ability or class/spec, that usually comes at the cost of someone else feeling miserable when they realize that there’s nothing that they can do to counter such class/spec/ability.

So ideally we would like to have a perfectly balanced game without having to hotfix anything at all, this way no one would have to miss being overpowered and then feel mad after being nerfed, there would also be no need for anyone to ever feel underpowered as well. Sadly this is too idealistic, but it’s a noble goal that we always like to have in the back of our minds when we design our games.

Let’s get to the point, Taste for Blood wasn’t overpowered in itself, yes it hit very hard, but like you said, Chaos Bolt hits very hard as well, so why the nerf? Well TfB is tied to Heroic Strike and that makes it particularly dangerous because it’s out of the CGD.

If you’re casting a Chaos Bolt you can be interrupted, you have to stand still, you can lose LoS and it has a somewhat long casting time.

Now if you’re a warrior and the stars align, you can have 5 stacks of TfB, Mortal Strike + Heroic Strike + Auto Attack + mastery proc all in the very same instant, that can literally be a 1-shot and that is something that we don’t want to see happening in PvP, it’s just not acceptable.

Taking out 50% of HP from someone can be ok as long as you can’t take 50% of HP followed by an equivalent powerful attack from the same source, the enemy needs to have enough time to land a heal or recover is some other way before you take the rest of his HP, this is where skill comes in, if you’re able to stop that player from recovering during that time, then well played!

I’m not saying that PvP is perfectly tuned right now, I’m sure that we will have more hotfixes coming in the near future, devs are constantly analysing data and listening to your feedback and they will keep trying to bring the game closer to a state of perfect balance as best and as fast as they possibly can.

If Taste for Blood capping at 1 stack proves to be an excessively strong nerf, you can be sure that devs will catch it when they analyse fresh new data, if that happens they can always change TfB again directly or make up for the nerf in some other way, like buffing some other ability or indirectly by bringing the other classes that might be too powerful to the same level as the warrior. In the end the goal is simply balance, and there is an infinite number of ways to get there.

I guess my question is, why do developers say they're content with something and defend their decision not to change it, then suddenly find it 'unacceptable' and change it?
There’s a saying in my country that says “only fools never change their minds”.

Developers are not machines, they do their very best at trying to design the game as balanced as possible, it’s true that some opinions can be very strong sometimes, but the values that are initially attributed to constants and variables in the formulas for most abilities are not simply made up on the spot, there’s extensive math involved there and sometimes it’s only natural that one can trust the math a bit too strongly, the problem is that sometimes math doesn’t directly translate to a live gaming environment, so an ability/spell can look absolutely perfect on paper and in a simulation but still end up being horribly tuned for certain PvP situations because simulating 11 classes, 34 specs, talents, glyphs, and human behaviour all at the same time is never easy.

This game is incredibly vast and we need a lot of resources, proper data, and a good amount of samples to be able to really check out all the facts, constant data analysis and listening to reliable feedback can have a tremendous effect in catalysing and accelerating changes being applied to the game because it can point devs in the right direction, thus saving our most precious asset, time.

If you look at the rate of constant hotfixes and patches that we release, you can’t really say that devs are stubborn, if anything, WoW must be one of the most iterated games of all time, it’s in a permanent state of change, constantly adapting to the needs and requirements of the present time, that means that devs are quite open minded and are always ready to listen to facts and the opinions of others, also remember that most of them are also players so they have the same experience that you do, they want to make this game the best that it can possibly be, both as players and as developers, and that’s a tough combination to beat if you ask me.

Almost no one can have a grasp over everything in WoW, it’s simply that vast. This game is a beast.

If we ever appear to be locked into some fixed idea it’s because there must be a very strong reason for it, and also because applying changes always takes time, quality control is particularly important, we want to avoid applying changes and then going back and forth regretting about them later on, so time for proper testing is extremely important for assuring reliability. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

EU Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
From December 17 2012, physical products including Battle.net Authenticators will be temporarily unavailable on the Blizzard Online Store in Europe. This is in preparation for a revamp of the store which will take place during 2013. In the meantime, many items can be found on the US Blizzard Store.

Players wishing to acquire a Battle.net Authenticator have several options. The Battle.net Mobile Authenticator is available for many types of smartphone, and you can find out more about it here. For many people, this is the easiest and cheapest option!

If you prefer to have a physical Battle.net Authenticator, you can get hold of one from several sources including the online retailers and high-street stores listed here.

Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok Burn Strategy
Manaflask pointed out a clever strategy used by Check Please to kill Amber-Shaper Un'sok. It is likely this is not intended and will be fixed soon if it isn't already.

They spent a lot of time in Phase 1 having the Mutated Construct cast Amber Strike to apply the Destabilize debuff. This is apparently allowed to stack up to 255 times, greatly increasing the amount of damage the boss takes.

During the short period of time at the start of Phase 2 before the Amber Monstrosity arrives and shields the boss with Amber Carapace, you can do a very high amount of damage and kill the boss, skipping the rest of the fight.

The Daily Blink - I Don’t Wanna Get Off On a Rant Here...
The Daily Blink responds to some recent posts about World PvP. The full comic is too long to embed here, click it to see the entire thing!

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