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by Published on 2010-08-20 11:45 PM

Update 01:00AM PDT - Just for fun, here is a list of 8000 items datamined in this build. Most of them are dev/internal items, with a couple of Cataclysm goodies such as Essence of the Underworld (NYI), Reins of the Grey Riding Camel, Reins of the Drake of the North Wind etc ... at the end. The HTML file is quite big, you might want to use Chrome to open it if your browser struggles.

Update 11:30PM PDT - Ok, Soul Link is still here, it just doesn't show up in the spellbook before you train it, I guess I'll just hug the trainers for future beta builds, looks like spellbook "alerts" and spells are implemented separately. Also, the hunter dead zone is confirmed to be a bug.

Also, a couple of people reported a deadzone on ... Mind Sear, I'll just assume it's also a bug. (But this kind of stuff is impossible to confirm on my side, that's not misinformation, only Blizzard knows what's bugged and what isn't :/)
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)
To clear up a lot of misinformation...

Soul Link is a trainable ability.
Hunters still have a minimum range.
Demonic Rebirth has a significant cooldown.
Warlocks still have a cast time to summon demons, but can dismiss them instantly.
Hunters can summon pets instantly, but have a cast time to dismiss them. They cannot switch pets in combat.
Call Stabled Pet has been removed since hunters can call any of their 5 active pets.

Update 09:00PM PDT - Servers are up, updated Worgen creation screen, Rhumba is indeed gone.
Update - Removed Rhumba and Soul Link changes, might be a parsing bug. Will wait and see in-game.

Cataclysm Beta - Build 12803
A new build is being deployed on beta servers, stay tuned for more updates in the next hours.

Talent Calculator - Build 12803 has been updated to the latest beta build.

Worgen Creation Screen
The Worgen creation screen now displays both Worgens and Human appearances of your character. You cannot customize them separately (for the moment?).

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Raids & Dungeons




Spell Diffs
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment


Death Knight (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Blood Strike now deals an additional 10% damage for each of your diseases on the target. Down from 12.5%.


Druid (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Wild Mushroom changed, only 3 mushrooms can be placed at one time (Down from 5).
  • Cyclone cast time increased to 2 sec. Up from 1.5 sec.
  • Faerie Fire now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Insect Swarm now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Starfire now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Entangling Roots now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Thorns now lasts 20 sec, down from 10 minutes. Damage increased by 1400% (Deals 447 damage instead of 32)
  • Moonfire now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Wrath now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Moonkin Form now increases Nature and Arcane spell damage by 10%.
  • Starlight Wrath now reduces cast time by 0.15/0.25/0.5 sec. (Up from 0.1/0.2/0.3 sec)

  • Lacerate now stacks up to 3 times, down from 5 times.
  • Mangle (Bear) no longer has a cooldown.
  • Improved Feral Charge is now named Stampede
  • Heart of the Wild moved to Tier 1 restoration.
  • Furor is now a Feral Tier 1 talent - Gives you 33/66/100% chance to gain 10 Rage when you shapeshift into Bear Form, and you keep up to 33/66/100 of your Energy when you shapeshift into Cat Form, and increases your total Intellect by 2/4/6%.

  • Tranquility now heals every 2 sec, down from 5 sec. (Old tooltip bug?)
  • Rebirth now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Revive now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Empowered Rejuvenation (Tier 6) renamed to Swift Rejuvenation (Tier 5) and revamped - Reduces the global cooldown of your Rejuvenation by 0.25/0.5 sec.
  • Efflorescence now affects friendly targets within 4 yards, down from 15 yards.
  • Wild Growth mana cost reduced to 27% of base mana, down from 55% of base mana.
  • Fury of Stormrage moved from Tier 5 to Tier 4. Now also reduces the mana cost of your Wrath spell by 50/100%.
  • Gift of the Earthmother moved from Tier 5 to Tier 6. Rejuvenation spell instant heal increased from 3/6% to 5/10%.
  • Nature's Bounty now increases critical strike chance on Regrowth by 20/40/60% (Up from 10/20/30%) and now has a 33/66/100% chance to proc. (Up from 20/40/60%)
  • Empowered Touch now Increases the healing done by your Healing Touch and Nourish spells by 5/10%, and your Nourish spell has a 50/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Lifebloom on targets.
  • Naturalist moved from Tier 2 to Tier 1. Changed to 2-Ranks, down from 3-Ranks. Reduces the cast time of your Healing Touch and Nourish spells by 0.25/0.5 sec. (Up from 0.15/0.35/0.5 sec)
  • Natural Shapeshifter is now a 2 ranks talent, down from 3 Ranks.
  • Nature's Cure (Tier 5) *New* - Empowers your Remove Corruption spell to also remove a magic effect from a friendly target.
  • Heart of the Wild is now a Tier 1 Restoration talent - Increases your maximum mana by 5/10/15%. In addition, while in Bear Form your Stamina is increased by 3/7/10% and while in Cat Form your attack power is increased by 3/7/10%.

Hunter (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Beast Mastery

  • Aimed Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Concussive Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Steady Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Arcane Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Auto Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Chimera Shot now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Marked for Death revamped - Your Arcane Shot and Chimera Shot have a 50/100% chance to automatically apply your Hunter's Mark ability instantly onto the target.
  • Bombardment no longer increases the critical strike chance of your Volley.
  • Silencing Shot no longer deals damage.


Mage (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

  • Polymorph now has a 2 sec cast time, up from 1.5 sec. (All forms of Polymorph affected)

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Healing Hands is now named Holy Radiance.
  • Denounce is now a Tier 3 talent, down from Tier 5.
  • Illumination is now a Tier 5 talent, up from Tier 3. Now 2 Ranks instead of 3 Ranks. you gain mana equal to 15/30% of the base cost of the spell. (Up from 10/20/30%)


Priest (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Renewed Hope now increases critical effect chance by 5/10%, up from 3/6%.

  • Holy Word: Chastise *New* - Chastise the target for 563.9 to 632.71 Holy damage, and Immobilizing them for 2 sec. 15% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast, 45 sec cooldown
  • Heavenly Voice is gone.
  • Binding Prayers is gone.
  • Holy Concentration moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3 and revamped - Increases the amount of mana regeneration while in combat by an additional 10/20%.
  • Serendipity now reduces cast time by 10/20% (up from 6/12%) and also reduces mana cost by 5/10%. Stacks up to 2 times, down from 3 times.
  • Surge of Light is gone.
  • Revelations (Tier 5) *New* - While in a Chakra state, your Holy Word: Chastise ability will transform into a different ability depending on which state you are in. Holy Word: Serenity (Heal) - Instantly heals the target for 3161.85 to 3730.47, and increases the critical effect chance of your healing spells on the target by 25% for until cancelled. 45 sec cooldown. Holy Word: Aspire (Renew) - Instantly heals the target for 2363.56 and another 4471.99 over until cancelled. 15 sec cooldown. Holy Word: Sanctuary (Prayer of Healing) - Blesses the ground with Divine light, healing all within it for 298.75 to 355.32 every 2 for 15 sec. Only one Sanctuary can be active at any one time.
  • Twirling Light (Tier 6) *New* - When you deal damage with Smite, Holy Fire, or Holy Word: Chastise your next Flash Heal is instant at 75% reduced mana cost, but heals for 30% of the amount. Lasts for 10 sec. When you deal damage with Smite, Holy Fire, or Holy Word: Chastise your next Flash Heal is instant at 75% reduced mana cost, but heals for 60% of the amount. Lasts for 10 sec.

  • Mind Spike now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Mind Sear now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Mind Control now has a 30 yards range, up from 20 yards. 2 sec cast time, down from 3 sec.
  • Devouring Plague now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Mind Flay now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Mind Blast now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Darkness now increases Spell haste by 1/2/3% instead of increasing Shadow damage by 2/4/6%.

Rogue (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Smoke Bomb now has a 8 yard radius, down from 10 yards.
  • Serrated Blades now has a 10/20% chance per combo point to proc. (Up from 6/12%)

Shaman (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Totemic Wrath is now a Tier 4 talent, down from Tier 5.
  • Unrelenting Storm is gone.
  • Fulmination (Tier 5) *New* - When you have more than 3 Lightning Shield charges active, your Earth Shock spell will consume any surplus charges, instantly dealing their total damage to the enemy target.
  • Rolling Thunder (Tier 4) *New* - When you deal damage with Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning while your Lightning Shield ability is active, you have a 30/60% chance to recover 1% of your mana and to generate an additional Lightning Shield charge, up to a maximum of 0/9 charges.

  • Elemental Weapons reworded - Increases the passive bonuses granted by your Flametongue Weapon and Earthliving Weapon abilities by 20/40%, the damage of your extra attacks from Windfury Weapon by 20/40%, and the effectiveness of the ongoing benefits of your Unleash Elements ability by 25/50%.

  • Totem of Tranquil Mind now causes party or raid members within 30 yards to lose 30% less casting or channeling time when damaged.

Warlock (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Seed of Corruption now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Curse of the Elements now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Curse of Tongues now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Drain Mana now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards. Now lasts 3 sec, down from 5 sec.
  • Bane of Doom now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Curse of Weakness now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Fear now has a 30 yards range, up from 20 yards. Cast time increased from 1.5 sec to 2 sec.
  • Bane of Agony now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Drain Soul now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Unstable Affliction now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Drain Life now has a 40 yards range, up from 35 yards.
  • Doom and Gloom now increases critical strike chance of Bane of Agony by 4/8% instead of increasing its damage by 5/10%.

  • Summon Felhunter, Summon Succubus, Summon Felguard, Summon Voidwalker, Summon Imp now have a 6 sec cast time. Down from 10 sec.
  • Demon Soul now costs 15% of base mana instead of 1 Soul Shard.
  • Demonic Aegis revamped - Increases the amount of health generated through spells and effects granted by your Demon Armor by 25/50%, and increases the amount of health regenerated by your Fel Armor by 50/100%.
  • Master Summoner now reduces casting time of summoning spells by 0.5/1 sec (down from 2/4 sec) and mana cost by 50/100%. (Up from 20/40%)
  • Demonic Rebirth (Tier 2) *New* - If your summoned demon dies, you gain the Demonic Rebirth effect reducing the cast time of your next summon demon spell by 50/100%. Lasts for 10 sec.
  • Fel Armor spell power bonus no longer scales with Spirit.

  • Fel Flame now has a 35 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Incinerate now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Soul Fire now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Shadow Bolt now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Bane of Havoc now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards.
  • Shadowburn now has a 35 yards range, up from 20 yards.

Warrior (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Nothing for you in this build it seems.
by Published on 2010-08-20 08:20 AM

Power Auras / Spell Procs in Cataclysm
The latest build introduced a VERY interesting feature to the game: a built-in PowerAuras. If you are unfamiliar with the mod, it is mostly used to watch and warn players when a spell proc is available and the game clearly reached the point where it's fairly hard (or just annoying) to play at high level without a mod like this.

Blizzard eventually agreed that watching your buff bar isn't really fun and a new icone appears on your character when situational spells such as Art of War are available, see the screenshot below.

Mages - Teleport/Portal Interface
Mages are getting an interface upgrade similar to Shaman's totems for their portals, you can now add a generic "Portal" and "Teleport" spell to your bar and pick a portal after clicking it.

Darnassus - The Howling Oak
A new sub-zone was added to Darnassus in the latest beta build - The Howling Oak, the area isn't populated yet but it looks like it will be the home of the worgens in Darnassus.

Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
Pop Up Image Pop Up Image

Reforging - Video and Screenshots
For some reasons I still get a lot of questions about reforging, this new feature is fairly simple: You talk to a NPC in capital cities to swap 40% of any of the secondary stats of an item (ratings / Spirit) for another secondary stat. TotalBiscuit released a video of Reforging in the current beta build, if you want to take a look at it.

Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Cataclysm Digital Download
If StarCraft II is any indicator you'll be able to download the client beforehand, and the the installer will unlock at 10AM pacific time. So, if you want it right at midnight (or a collector's edition), your best bet is probably a pre-order and midnight release at your local brick and mortar. But, this is all assuming things which we haven't release any information about.

I'd wait for more info... like... a release date. (Source)

Tol Barad Tunnel System
Those 3 micro dungeons will be closed off during the main battle. Anyone in them will be kicked out. They are there to support daily questing in the zone between battles. (Source)

Throne of the Tides portal on beta
The Throne of the Tides portal inside the instance was set to take you to Dalaran because for a while you couldn't get out of the cavern. In a future beta build, it will take you back to Vashj'ir. (Source)

24 Hour Maintenances
The 24 hour maintenances have all been related to large scale hardware upgrades. (Source)

Beta Feedback
This is a beta test, so generalized feedback about how and (vaguely) why healing is not fun -- when we haven't even reached the level cap in the test process -- doesn't give us actionable feedback.

There are a few things to consider here:

  • Healers don't play in beta quite like they do in Wrath of the Lich King. Yes, the system is designed to be less forgiving so that the heal you choose to cast, or how often you choose to heal your party or top off their health bars, should be a more meaningful decision.
  • Numbers are still being balanced, bugs are still being worked out with each new build, and we're still iterating upon individual spells and abilities.
  • The whole group could be approaching a dungeon like they do in Wrath, trying to pull as many packs of mobs as possible to charge through it. This isn't Wrath, nor are players or creatures balanced around Wrath numbers.
  • As an expansion of my first point, you might be making bad choices.

If you'd like to give us constructive feedback we can take with us to the drawing board, give us scenarios. Tell us what rotations you're using, the group make-up, whether you're using CC or AoE, a play-by-play of specific pulls or boss fights, etc. We want to know what the specific cases are where you are being as conservative as possible and still finding it to be a struggle, or even just too frustrating. We can look into that type of data. (Source)

Priest (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
New Holy Spell
The new Holy level 10 spell is pretty simple, but it also has a lot of play with Chakra. I am just pointing this out, because many players never noticed the talent that made the old Holy level 10 (Desperate Prayer) into a tool that could heal others. (Source)
by Published on 2010-08-19 07:50 AM

Dark Phoenix Mount Video
It seems that the Dark Phoenix mount is fairly popular these days, here is a short video of how the model looks. As a reminder, the Dark Phoenix will be rewarded through the new Guild Achievement/Rewards system, you will have to unlock it via a Guild Achievement, have enough reputation with your guild to buy it, and of course, enough gold.

Archaeology Preview
There isn't much known about Archaeology at this point but a couple of spells and some extra information have been added to the game files. Even if Path of the Titans is gone it looks like the main idea behind Archaeology remains the same and you will have to hunt for artifacts throughout the world.

The only thing we know about Archaeology rewards is from the Press Tour 2 months ago, rewards are known to be "cosmetic only" like pets, or toys, but a few of them will have actual effects. We really don't know much more but a few people speculated that the Skeletal Raptor Mount and Skeletal Raptor Pet might be Archaeology rewards. It would make sense, with the "Fossil" research branch in the game files. (But again, this is pure speculation at this point)

Research Branch
It seems that the profession includes multiple research branches:

  • Dwarf
  • Draenei
  • Fossil
  • Night Elf
  • Nerubian
  • Orc
  • Tol'vir
  • Troll
  • Vrykul
  • Other

Research Sites
The known research sites are:

  • Stone Cairn Dig Site (Elwynn Forest)
  • Ironband's Excavation Site (Loch Modan)
  • Ironbeard's Tomb (Wetlands)
  • Whelgar's Excavation Site (Wetlands)
  • Greenwarden's Fossil Bank (Wetlands)
  • Circle of Inner Binding (Arathi Highlands)
  • Circle of West Binding (Arathi Highlands)
  • Circle of East Binding (Arathi Highlands)
  • Circle of Outer Binding (Arathi Highlands)
  • Witherbark Dig Site (Arathi Highlands)
  • Thandol Span (Arathi Highlands/Wetlands)
  • Dun Garok Dig Site (Hillsbrad Foothills)
  • Shindra'Alor Dig Site (Hinterlands)
  • Altar of Zul Dig Site (Hinterlands)
  • Jintha'Alor Lower City Dig Site (Hinterlands)
  • Jintha'Alor Upper City Dig Site (Hinterlands)
  • Agol'watha Dig Site (Hinterlands)

It looks like only the Dwarf branch of archeology is implemented for the moment, and it's most likely not complete.

Of course.

These spells are part of the Archaeology profession.

  Spell Level Description
Bone Gaming Dice
30 100 Dwarves love gold and dwarves love drinking, so gaming seemed like a natural fit for both. These dice appear to have been carved from sheep bones.
Ceramic Funeral Urn
30 100 Some dwarves sealed their deceased in tombs. Clans that had more interaction with the Scourge tended to burn their dead.
Silver Drinking Cup
30 100 If there's one thing dwarves love, it's drinking. And fighting. Two things.
This cup may have belonged to a minor noble or wealthy merchant. Any gems have long since been lost or stolen.

Silver Neck Torc
30 100 Dwarves are famous metalsmiths. While they produce many implements of war, they are adept at working with softer metals as well.
Stone Gryphon
30 100 Gryphons have long been allies of the Wildhammer dwarves, who brought their noble steeds to the rest of the Alliance.
Worn Hunting Knife
30 100 Some dwarves spend most of their lives underground, but others welcome a chance to step out into the sunlight to add a bit of meat to their diet.
1 1 Allows an archaeologist to find artifact fragments and complete artifacts up to a maximum potential skill of 75.
Searching for Artifacts
1 1 Allows an archaeologist to collect fragments and complete artifacts up to a potential skill of 75. Requires fragments from archaological dig sites or ruins.
5 yd range
1 1 Survey for archaeology fragments within a dig site. Each survey will direct you closer to the location of the fragments.
40 yd range, 4 sec cooldown

Blue Posts
It won't take long today.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Holy Changes
We removed the prereq chain from Divine Illumination to Aura Mastery and Light of Dawn. We had the prerq in there to make sure paladins didn't skip over a powerful group utility talent in a perhaps selfish attempt to enhance their personal healing per second, but we do acknowledge that it is far less useful in say 5-player dungeons. (Source)

Fan Arts
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 5 new piece of fan artwork.

by Published on 2010-08-18 07:01 AM

The Day Deathwing Came Spoiler
The Day that Deathwing Came is one of the ridiculously awesome quest introduced to the game with Cataclysm, I had a LOT of requests to post this video over the last month and it gives you a pretty good idea of why you should be excited about a few things in Cataclysm.

Legends - Part one: The Gathering
It's been a while since the last time we saw a huge machinima project (the last one was probably Tales of the Past). "Legends" is a machinima created by Lucas Cedergren, the first part is 1 hour long (split in 5 Youtube Videos) and is the result of months of work in cooperation with a lot of people from the machinima scene, see the description below for more information!

After centuries of conflict the world of Azeroth has found, at long last, sense of peace and well being. New generations rise and new allegiances are forged in a brave and exciting new world with hope of an even brighter tomorrow - but in these times there are those who would seek to crush hope and extinguish the light. Minds dark and twisted, focused only on spreading the darkness that clings to their very being. Unaware of this rising darkness Azeroth continues, in blissful ignorance, to enjoy new-found freedoms, unknowingly walking towards their demise. But there are remnants of wars past. Heroes of old... Some would say... Legends. Brave warriors who selflessly sacrificed themselves to protect their people. But that was long ago, things have changed and the heroes of old have been scattered and forgotten, un-needed, until now. Maybe if they could be found in time.. Maybe the course of this dark destruction could be averted.

All hope now rests on the shoulders of two young, fresh faced Warriors, as they rush to save Azeroth and reunite these heroes so that they can once more restore peace to the world.

Quick Note From Lucas "Lima" Cedergren
Most movies are made in Modelviewer. But this is recorded 90% in-game. We've had the help of some of the best voice actors in the machinima community, additional sound design by Glenn Xaydin Govan and special effects by Johan Vågstedt I think we have created something to be proud of. I very much hope that all of the viewers will enjoy it! This is the first part of three. We are currently writing the script for the second one and we are sure that it won't take 4 years to complete it this time. This movie is more of a prologue for the upcoming 2 that will contain a lot more action and delve deeper into the plot. If you want more information about the movie and our upcoming ones please visit

Guild Leveling and Rewards - Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Dark Phoenix Mount Reward
The guild rewards you guys are seeing in game are not hooked up yet. Guild rewards have 3 requirements that must be be met before you can use them. First and foremost, they must be unlocked via a guild achievement. Let's just say, that for example, you need to complete the new guild achievement "We are Legendary" in order to unlock the Dark Phoenix. That achievement requires the guild to gain access to all 6 legendary weapons currently available in the game. (note that all guild achievements start on Cataclysm launch, so anything you have now will not matter, it must be done with your guild after launch)

So, let's say that your guild get's this achievement and thereby unlocks the Dark Phoenix on the guild vendor. At this point anyone in the guild can see the item on the vendor, but they will need a specific amount of guild faction to be able to purchase it. In this case, let's say exalted. Now, once you have the guild faction, you can purchase the item for its gold price. (prices will vary based on the reward)

I am using the Dark Phoenix and the We are Legendary guild achievement as examples here but you should get the idea. Don't worry, we wont be handing out all the goodies so easily. =)

Guild Heirlooms
The heirlooms on the guild vendor are just like other heirlooms in the game except that these must be unlocked via a guild achievement and you must have the required guild faction to purchase them. After that, you can use them just like normal heirloom items.

We did have thoughts of making these items guild bound a long time ago but we came to the conclusion that that was just too limiting of a design. Imagine leaving a guild and losing all the guild rewards that you worked so hard to get? Taking items away from players is something that we would like to avoid at all costs. (Source)

Guild Leveling
Guild experience can be earned in any of four ways:

1. Completing quests / daily quests that reward experience
2. Killing any dungeon / raid boss with a guild group/raid
3. Winning a rated battleground with a guild group/raid
4. Earning a guild achievement (these are nice, fat chunks of experience so they feel great when you get em)

A guild group/raid is 4/5, 8/10, 12/15 or 20/25 members of the group/raid being guild members. (Source)

Guild Reputation
Any quest that rewards experience to you will also reward guild experience. The amount of guild reputation earned is based on the amount of guild experience rewarded. Note that daily quests will also reward guild experience.

All guild reputation is gained as a factor of guild experience. (Source)

[...] As I mentioned in the other post, anything that grants guild xp will also grant guild facton. So that means that winning a rated BG with your guild or completing specific guild achievments will reward faction as well as completing quests or killing instance bosses. (Source)

Guilds Q&A (Source)
1.) No matter how hard you work at your own guild rep, even if you farm it like a psyco, can a GM just "Deny" you of the guild rep rewards.
1. GM's have no control over the guild rewards. As long as your guild has unlocked the item via the achievement and you have the required guild rep, you can purchase the item.

2.) Are all the standard guild control functions staying the same? (GBank control, inv and remove settings, ect)
2. Yes, most all of the guild control functions are remaining the same. We are however introducing a new ui for guild ranks that will allow you much more control.

3.) I understand there is going to be an exp cap per day, but as per reward and ability, will this at least be the determining factor that a 10 and 25 guild are not equals. (its an mmo ppl, go make friends)
3. The experience cap is in place to help balance out the experience curve between large and small guilds. We tuned the cap to be be high enough that in most cases, you will never hit it. (when I say most, I mean average size guilds which make up the majority of wow's guilds)

Guild Ranks system overhaul
The entire guild rank system in the process of being overhauled. The new interface for this will be much better and allow you to actually move ranks up and down as well as copy an existing ranks permissions into a new one.

Sorry for the inconvenience on this right now but it will be fixed up in an upcoming build. (Source)

Guild UI
A lot of the UI for the guild advancement system is in progress. The "at war" box will be removed from the guild faction at some point in the future. (Source)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Beta Servers - Characters stuck in Moonglade
We've investigated this issue and believe we've determined a fix to be released in the near future. I'm unable to say for sure in what build the fix will appear, or when that build will be released.

I have a character stuck as well. (Source)

Guild Leveling Speed
We are looking for as much feedback as we can get on the guild advancement leveling speed and experience gain. Please use this thread to report any feedback you have. As much info as you can give on the size of the guild, active members and what you were doing to earn the guild experience would be extremely helpful.

We know that not all of the ways to earn guild experience are active yet (rated bg's for example), but they will be soon. The feedback on how it feels with just quests / bosses now would still be useful.

We will be tuning the values to get where we need to be until they feel right. Your input on this is greatly appreciated. =)

Thanks! (Source)

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Hammer of the Righteous
I think if Hammer of the Righteous went back to its old design of hitting 3 targets, you'd see the forums swarming with paladins in a few weeks demanding some way to AE, such as... removing the cooldown on Consecrate again. There is no way to change the Prot paladin rotation up without changing some core abilities, and we are committed to changing the Prot rotation up.

We have some room to experiment with the proc rates for Grand Crusader, but remember that the more often it procs, the weaker it has to hit. (Source)

Shaman (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Elemental Changes
In the next beta build (or the one after that), you will see two important changes to Elemental shaman. First, you will use Lightning Shield (for damage!) instead of Water Shield. Second, you will want to use Earthquake for AE over Fire Nova. These changes, especially the former, will provide Elemental shaman with a bit of an upgrade in the rotation over what you're used to in LK.

I don't want to oversell it, because players have a tendency to imagine herds of glittering ponies when left to their own imaginations, but it should be a fun change. (Source)
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Update - The wrong pet is definitely a mistake in the press release, Lil' Deathwing is the one I posted.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition Announced
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
IRVINE, Calif., Aug 17, 2010 -- Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced plans for a limited-release Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft(R): Cataclysm(TM), the third expansion for the world's most popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game,* World of Warcraft. The special Collector's Edition package, which will only be available at retail stores, will include the following exclusive bonus items in addition to the game disc:

-- Art of the Cataclysm art book, featuring 176 pages of never-before-seen images from the archives of the Blizzard Entertainment cinematics department and the World of Warcraft development team, as well as progressive visuals from multiple stages of development.

-- Exclusive in-game pet: he may not be a breaker of worlds just yet, but Lil' Deathwing will still proudly accompany heroes on their struggle to save Azeroth from his much, much larger counterpart.

-- Behind-the-scenes DVD with over an hour of developer interviews and commentaries, as well as a special Warcraft(R) retrospective examining the rich gaming history of the Warcraft universe.

-- Soundtrack featuring 10 epic new tracks from Cataclysm, including exclusive bonus tracks.

-- Special-edition mouse pad depicting Deathwing menacing the ravaged continents of Azeroth.

-- World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards, including a 60-card starter deck from the Wrathgate series, two extended-art cards, and two Collector's Edition-exclusive hero cards, marking the first appearance of goblin and worgen heroes in the TCG.

The first two World of Warcraft expansions, The Burning Crusade(R) and Wrath of the Lich King(R), each shattered PC game sales records upon their release. In Cataclysm, the face of Azeroth will be forever altered by the return of the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing. Players will explore once-familiar areas of the world that have now been reshaped by the devastation and filled with new adventures. In an effort to survive the planet-shattering cataclysm, two new playable races -- worgen and goblins -- will join the struggle between the Alliance and the Horde. As players journey to the new level cap of 85, they'll discover newly revealed locations, acquire new levels of power, and come face to face with Deathwing in a battle to determine the fate of the world.

The beta test for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is currently underway. To set up a account and sign up for a chance to participate, please visit the official website at

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition will be available on DVD-ROM for Windows(R) XP/Windows Vista(R)/Windows(R) 7 and Macintosh(R) at a suggested retail price of $79.99. The release date and other details for the game will be announced in the months ahead. For more information on World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, please visit the official website at

Lil'Deathwing is confirmed as the collector pet.

Update - Also found the box arts on Kotaku

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Cataclysm Beta - Build 12759 Achievements
The latest beta build added a couple of achievements to the game, mostly guild ones. (And Dungeons & Raids rewards!)
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Raids & Dungeons

Guild Achievements


We finally have the name of the first mounts rewarded for the Raids & Dungeons achievements! The mount currently use the models below but they might change in the future, apparently the color of the Storm Drake is scheduled to change, and the Volcanic Stone Drake uses the regular Deepholm Dragon model, this might or might not be intended. (= Don't yell at me if something changes in the future, it's mean)

Wrath of the Lich King released in China - Censorship
Blizzard finally got the authorization to deploy Wrath of the Lich King on chinese servers, their version of the game is censored because of cultural reasons and has a nice collection of screenshots to compare the original and the chinese expansion.

WoWTal - Build 12759 Update is finally updated to the latest beta build.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Beta - Recent Mount Hyjal Changes
In the last patch we made some major changes to the way that Hyjal flows.

The Good News: As you progress through the zone, you’ll no longer need to keep flying back and forth to the World Tree to notify Ysera of your progress.

The Bad News: Beta players who were halfway through the quest chain when the patch hit will not have received proper credit for earlier quests, and won’t be able to progress.

We’re sorry for the trouble but it’s all in the name of making a better game. (Source)

Northrend leveling way too hard on beta
Are we? Because I'm pretty sure nobody ever stated that as being the claim and I don't personally appreciate the comparison. Welcome to beta, where things you don't like happen with great frequency.

As has been stated in the main thread, combat numbers are continuing to be evaluated. Feedback on Outland and Northrend are actually very much appreciated as the new numbers do reflect on those areas as well. It is highly likely that we will be bumping up experience gains in Northrend to match the increase(s) we made in Outland when Northrend launched. (Source)

31 Points Talent
We want you to get your 31 point talent and most of the time that's what players want too. When they skip that talent they feel, as you seem to express, that something is wrong with the talent, not that there is a really fun choice in another tree. So once it's a given that we want you to spend 31 points in the main tree, then spending points in another tree as you level is just going to force you to eventually respec to get that 31st point anyway. (Technically, you don't need the bottom-most talent -- you just need 31. But we still consider it a problem when you don't want that bottom talent for some reason.) (Source)

Druid (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
We have actually swapped Furor (now in Feral) and Heart of the Wild (now in Resto). (Source)

Restoration in raid
Your buttons: Rejuv, Regrowth, Lifebloom, Nourish, Healing Touch, Wild Growth.
Buttons you probably push in a raid: Rejuv, Wild Growth.*

Solution 1: We add Regorge and Rejuke as new heals. You push Rejuv and Wild Growth.
Solution 2: We get you to push Rejuv, Regrowth, Lifebloom, Nourish, Healing Touch and Wild Growth.

In Solution 1, you get new heals and still only use 2. In Solution 2 you use 6 heals. I suppose we could posit a Solution 3, where you get 2 new heals and use 8 buttons, but since we can't even get you to Solution 2 yet, that seems quite ambitious.

All of this belies the fact that there *are* new mechanics in your tree, even if there aren't new action buttons. Tree of Life and Efflorescence do things for which there is no current comparison.

* - every time I say this, druids will respond "Check my logs! I push all my buttons!" The sad truth is you likely don't need to. You can be a very good druid with those two buttons. (Source)

Restoration in Icecrown Citadel
We just don't think the data bear that out. I'm looking at a random parse for a heroic Icecrown 25 druid who healed 80% of his or her damage with Rejuv, 17.5% with Wild Growth and 2.3% with Swiftmend. That is literally 99% of healing, though I suppose you could be charitable and assume the Swiftmends did something with Regrowth. This result is very typical. Presumably this healer is no slouch, since he or she is handling the most challenging content in the game. You could argue I suppose that he or she would have been an even better healer with more buttons, but the fact is, the raid cleared the instance. This healer is not doing anything wrong. This healer figured out that ignoring those other buttons didn't really slow the group down much. We think that is a design flaw. If we saw, say the two-button druid healing Vault of Archavon and Marrowgar and the five-button druid healing heroic Sindragosa and Lich King, then it probably wouldn't be the kind of thing we were so aggro about. (Source)

But I don't like it when someone, especially as knowledgeable as Ghostcrawler, calls people bad for using a small number of abilities.
I think some of you misinterpreted what I was saying.

I said: We think druids are too effective when they only use a couple of spells. Several players called me on that saying they used all of their tools and only "bad druids" used two spells. I called them on that, saying that these so called "bad druids" were clearing every boss in the game, on heroic mode, using only two spells. So if they are truly the bad druids, there isn't enough separation between good and bad. More than likely, I think there aren't many bad druids beating LK 25 heroic, and that some druids are giving too much credit to the size of their toolbox when only a few tools are doing all the work.

It doesn't really matter though, because if you like using more tools, you should like Cataclysm healing. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Long Arm of the Law / Pursuit of Justice stacking
We generally don't stack movement speed increases and PoJ explicitly says that it doesn't stack, but the 30% is a very conservative number so we left ourselves room to bring that up. It's 45% in our current builds.

Even if they don't stack, I think PoJ will be useful in a variety of situations and won't feel like a wasted talent. (Source)

Shaman (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Tier 1 Enhancement
Right. The problem with tier 1 Enhancement is you have Focused Strikes, which clearly is for Enhance and nobody else. Then you're left with Elemental Weapons, a good talent for all 3 specs, and Improved Shields, a good talent for Enhance and Resto. That leaves Elemental with only 3 points they want to spend in tier 1 and a strong desire to get to tier 2. But, as I said above, if Elemental did care about shields, then presumably they could care about Improved Shields. (Source)

Making Shaman fun
Fun is obviously very important to us, but it's also a really difficult thing to talk about. I read these forums constantly, and it's pretty typical to see the class who had exciting changes a few weeks ago now bored of those and eager for new changes. The grass is greener mindset is huge around here, perhaps understandably since it's hard to stay in touch with the changes going on for all classes at once. When you drill down sometimes on what players are looking for to make their class fun for them, you often get a list of ideas that would be terribly overpowered or just not work in our game, or both. That doesn't mean it's not a goal. It just means that delivering what is fun for one player means something very different than what is fun for another player. (Source)

Fire Nova
We'd like to downplay Fire Nova in lieu of Earthquake (in addition to Chain Lightning of course). We also agree that Fire Nova should be used for true AE situations and not against single targets. (Source)

Elemental Rotation
We didn't set out with the goal of change for the sake of change though. Most of the new rotational abilities we've added were to fix problems with the class. Prot warriors for example are going to be hitting the same buttons they hit in LK because we think that works. Elemental is getting Unleashed Weapon (and Earthquake), and beyond that we think you have the right number of buttons to hit, so we're hesitant to cram a new button in there. Nor are we excited about giving you "Super Duper Lightning Bolt" that lets you take Lightning Bolt off your bar just for the sake of having a new button. I'd characterize the Elemental playstyle as closer to a mage, who isn't managing a ton of different nukes, but does have to react to what is happening in terms of procs, short cooldowns and movement. Lava Surge, Elemental Mastery and Unleashed Weapon are examples of those respectively.

We'll definitely take the feedback under advisement though. (Source)

Feral Spirit Scaling
Feral Spirit should scale like all pets. (It doesn't yet). Losing Parry was a consequence of losing Spirit Weapons, but we'll give it back somewhere. (Source)

I agree that Enhancement's choice at level 10 is transformative. I disagree that Resto similarly plays very differently at level 10. I also think you're downplaying Thunderstorm. Now you can Lightning Bolt and when a target gets closer to you, Thunderstorm them back and then Lightning Bolt them again. (Source)

Unleash Weapon
Elemental's range talent needs to affect Unleash Weapon too. (Source)

US - Select 24 Hour Maintenance – 08/17
Originally Posted by Lylirra (Blue Tracker)
The realms listed below will be undergoing a 24-hour extended maintenance to prepare them for the upcoming expansion. Maintenance will begin at 12:01 AM PDT on Tuesday, August 17, and will conclude at approximately 12:01 AM PDT on Wednesday, August 18.

All realms not listed below will undergo standard scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, August 17, at 5:00 AM PDT and will be back up at approximately 11:00 AM PDT. During this time, all realms and many web services will be unavailable.

Antonidas, Anub'arak, Blackwater Raiders, Bladefist, Borean Tundra, Cairne, Cenarion Circle, Cenarius, Darrowmere, Drak'Tharon, Drenden, Echo Isles, Farstriders, Fenris, Garrosh, Hydraxis, Hyjal, Korialstrasz, Lightbringer, Maiev, Misha, Mok'Nathal, Moon Guard, Nazgrel, Nordrassil, Quel'dorei, Ravenholdt, Rivendare, Shandris, Shu'halo, Sisters of Elune, The Forgotten Coast, Tortheldrin, Uther, Vashj, Winterhoof, Wyrmrest Accord

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