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by Published on 2012-01-09 10:15 PM

Patch 4.3 Hotfixes - January 9
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Killing a boss in a guild group while using the random Heroic Dungeon Finder should now award guild reputation and experience.
  • Mobs that have been damaged by Shadowy Apparitions should again provide experience when defeated.
  • Darkmoon Tonk and Darkmoon Zeppelin should no longer become a horde balloon after performing a faction change from Alliance to Horde.

Dungeons and Raids
  • Hour of Twilight
    • Archbishop Benedictus
      • Thrall and Archbishop Benedictus should no longer fail to complete their roleplay introduction (preventing players from completing the instance).

  • Well of Eternity
    • Mannoroth
      • Starting the Mannoroth encounter should no longer remove Stealth effects.
  • Dragon Soul
    • Twilight Elite Dreadblades and Twilight Elite Slayers should now refrain from doing melee attacks while mounted, and always engage and melee players after landing on the gunship deck.
    • Ultraxion
      • All Fading Light debuffs and Aspect crystal buffs on players should now be cleared when the encounter ends.
    • The Madness of Deathwing
      • The Corrupted Parasite debuff is removed from a character who leaves the zone.
  • Darkmoon Faire
    • Players should now be able to complete the quests "The Captured Journal" and "The Enemy's Insignia" after having completed them in a previous month.

Quests and Creatures
  • Pelturas Whitemoon should no longer becomes unresponsive after a player completes the quest "All's Well".
by Published on 2012-01-09 02:16 AM

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Patch 4.3.2 PTR Notes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The first World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch of the year is in development and now available for testing on the Public Test Realms. This minor patch includes several updates that we were unable to apply via hotfixes, including the recently announced cross-realm raids, assorted class balance fixes, and more. If you'd like to help us test out this patch and provide feedback, you can start by copying your character over to a test realm. Once you've had a chance to try things out, be sure to visit our Public Test Realm forum to discuss the patch.

Classes: General
  • Vengeance is no longer triggered by receiving damage from other players.

Druid (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • The Tier 13 Balance Druid 4-piece bonus now also increases the damage of Starsurge by 10%, in addition to its current effect.

Hunter (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Aspect of the Hawk now grants roughly 35% more attack power.
  • Deterrence now also reduces damage taken by 30% while active.
  • Black Arrow now ticks every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, as opposed to every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The total damage dealt by the ability is unchanged.
  • Lock and Load no longer benefits Arcane Shot, nor is it consumed by Arcane Shot.

Mage (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Fireball damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
  • Pyroblast damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.

Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Holy Radiance now costs 40% of base mana, up from 35%.

Priest (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Mass Dispel should again prefer dispelling targets that have magic effects that can be dispelled.

Dungeons & Raids
  • You can now form same-faction raids with Real ID friends, allowing you to enter Raid Finder in groups larger than 5, run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds. You will not yet be able to run normal or heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm raids of Real ID friends.
  • Several typo fixes and clarified descriptions have been added to the Dungeon Journal entries for Dragon Soul.
  • Players can no longer win multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons and wins the first, will not be eligible for the second on that particular boss.

Patch 4.3.2 64-bit PTR Client
Another new PTR build went out recently, with no significant changes. However, it did add a 64-bit version of the client!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
A 64-bit client is now available for use with the 4.3.2 PTR. You can download it at the link below, unzip it into your PTR directory, and then run the executable to test it.

  • The 64-bit client is being distributed separately from the PTR as it is not yet supported for use with World of Warcraft.
  • This can only be used with the 4.3.2 PTR, it is not to be used with the live version of the game.
  • A Mac version is not available yet, though we are working on one and plan for it to be available in the near future.
  • The game’s built in voice chat does not currently work in the 64-bit client.


If you encounter any issues while using the 64-bit version, please report your findings in the PTR bug report forum (, and return to using the 32-bit executable.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Account Wide Ignore
This is something we'd like to add into the game in some capacity, particularly to compliment the upcoming BattleTag system. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Difficulty Too Low
We actively encourage feedback on things such as the LFR, because we want to make it fun for everyone. Fun isn't wiping over and over because you have people in the group who are new to the raiding environment, or perhaps aren't up to speed on the latest tactics as you might expect from someone attending, say, an organised guild run. As we've said on numerous occasions, this is why we've designed LFR to be easier than normal raids, to enable a range of players — including less-experienced people or those with less-powerful gear — to see the content and gear up a little before perhaps trying it on normal, then later possibly heroic difficulty.

However, feedback in the form of threads like this is not what we are looking for, nor does it tell us anything useful. If you find LFR lacks challenge to the point where you feel you can leave your computer during an encounter, I'd suggest, like others here have done, that you join a raid on normal or heroic difficulty, which should test your skills sufficiently. Insulting the people LFR is aimed at will not be tolerated. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Year, New Permanent Price Cuts!
Great news for all Blizzard fans! From today, our latest games are available at retail and on the Blizzard Store at new, permanently low prices. You can now get Wrath of the Lich King for a mere €19.99 and Cataclysm for just €29.99. There’s never been a better time to grab the games you might have missed out on before. Just click here and celebrate the New Year by taking advantage of our new reduced prices. Still don´t have World of Warcraft? Now you can get the full game and all expansions for cheaper than ever before.

Want to check out StarCraft II? If you haven’t yet taken advantage of our great new price for StarCraft II, you can click here to get yours right away! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The Daily Blink - Chris’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions
The Daily Blink shares some New Year's Resolutions with us today. I'm not sure I can get on board with #1!

by Published on 2012-01-07 02:22 AM

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Coming in Patch 4.3.2 - Cross-Realm Raids
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We previously introduced the ability to form cross-realm parties with Real ID friends, and now with Patch 4.3.2, we're adding the ability for players to use that same functionality to form raids to run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds!

This will allow you to join up with your Real ID friends from other realms and:
  • Form a cross-realm raid and use Raid Finder
  • Jump in to any classic dungeon or raid and be automatically placed in the same instance
  • Join forces and dominate the Battlegrounds

Please note, you will not yet be able to run normal or Heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm Real ID raids.

As we look forward to the BattleTag system, it’s a very exciting time for World of Warcraft. No matter what realm you and your friends are on you’ll be able to team up and take on group content throughout the game.

Darkmoon Faire - Known Issues
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve identified a number of issues with the Darkmoon Faire this month, and they should be resolved for the February faire. Specifically, we found problems with:

  • Attempting to turn in the Adventurer's Journal and Captured Insignia which are associated with these quests “The Captured Journal” and “The Enemy's Insignia”. If you are having difficulty turning in these items, please contact our customer service department at and they will be able to provide you with 5 Darkmoon Prize Tickets per item.
  • Unfortunately, “The Darkmoon Faire” quest cannot be made available for characters that previously completed the quest. This is due to the fact that this quest is not a new quest, but reuses the old quest ID. We realize this was an error and will be taking steps to not repeat it for future quests, but it does mean that characters that completed it before will not be able to complete the new version with the ticket reward.
  • The reset of monthly achievement progress experienced by some is unfortunately unable to be reinstated. We apologize for this error and have taken steps to ensure it does not occur again.

1. Anything on the drop changes that affect getting dungeon items from low level dungeons for 4/5 of the dungeon artifacts.
This was a bug that is being hotfixed. A character that is not level-appropriate for a dungeon should not get Monstrous Egg, Mysterious Grimoire, Imbued Crystal, or Ornate Weapon drops. This is irrespective of whether or not the character has a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in her bags.

2. Or a bug where the item would cease to exist or not spawn if someone without a guide was first to loot the bosses? Or people without a guide able to roll on it if someone with a guide does loot first?
We previously had an issue where Grisly Trophy was only going to the player who recorded the killing blow. They are now distributed randomly. Furthermore, there were previously cases where all of the artifacts listed above could be rolled Need. That has been hotfixed and they are all now flagged Greed-only.

3. As well as the ridiculously low drop rates of said items where even myself who tries to do at least 4 treatise runs a day sees 0 drops. I will end this fair without one despite putting forth literally hours into looking for one.
Regarding drop rates, these items are dropping as-intended. They are rare, and the quests and achievements that depend on them are intended to take some time to complete. They're comparable to the Darkmoon decks and cards. We made them tradeable, so that players who experience a run of bad luck can still acquire what they're after by trading with friends or buying them on the auction house.

January's Darkmoon Faire will come to a conclusion on Saturday, Jan. 7 at midnight. The faire will return again on Feb. 5, as planned. We apologize for the inconveniences some players have encountered with these issues. Thank you for your patience and feedback.
by Published on 2012-01-06 04:02 AM

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Patch 4.3.2: Trading Card Game Items
The three new items were added in Patch 4.3.2 are found on the TCG Loot vendor in Booty Bay. They are part of the Timewalkers: War of the Ancients expansion. (Feldrake, Eye of the Legion, and Demon Hunter's Aspect)

Italian Localization
Mentions of an Italian localization popped up in the Patch 4.3.2 files, but the actual localization is not in game yet. This does not confirm for sure that the Italian localization will be added, just hints that it might be. Let's just wait to see if there is anything official about it in the future before getting excited.

4.3.2 PTR and New File Optimization Tech
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the 4.3.2 patch we’ll be testing some new file optimization tech. As you may be aware, with previous major expansion patches (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc.) we’ve carried out a time-consuming process to reorganize the game files currently installed on your hard drive to integrate all previous patch files, essentially ‘cleaning up’ what’s on your computer and reducing the full installation size. This process used to require an amount of free hard drive space double that of the entire installation size to complete, which is why we’ve reserved them for large expansion-sized patches.

The new tech we’re testing with the 4.3.2 PTR will process these cleanups with no additional hard drive space required beyond what the patch is adding. Because of that you may see them appear more frequently with patches.

While the cleanup is occurring you’ll see a specific message on the launcher informing you the process is currently taking place. If you encounter any issues with the new process please be sure to visit our support site at

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
LFR Loot Rules
We know this information. The item designers have plenty of spreadsheets too. If you're saying creating said spreadsheet takes an equivalent amount of time as coding a system in the game whereby item distribution accounts for the spec you're fulfilling in a dungeon, you're wrong.

We're not that naive. We knew from the start of designing the Raid Finder system that we'd need to build a smarter loot distribution system to regulate fair play. It was also really important to us to get Raid Finder working and implemented with the Dragon Soul raid. We had to be realists about it.

The loot system will be improved in upcoming updates -- including in patch 4.3.2, where it'll no longer be possible to win two of the same item for a single boss kill. But we're really happy with the implementation of Raid Finder and feel it's a great new feature for the game, and one we'll continue refining over time.

Money isn't nearly the overarching, limiting factor people love to claim it is. And the common argument I see in response to the above quote is "hire more people then." But I think it's pretty easy to understand that looking for the perfect fit for a position is not always a quick process, nor is the training of new employees. This is particularly true when one is speaking about development studios generating creative media. Expertise, design philosophy, synergy, etc. are very important to the success of a project, not sheer headcount.

Our development teams are quite modest in size compared to a lot of studios, but it's because we genuinely feel it's not always good to have so many hands on a project. If that means we have to make tough decisions about how and when to release a product or feature, so be it.

That said, we do still have plenty of positions we're looking to fill. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Balance Issues
There are several things that we want to follow-up on and clarify:

  • We noticed Retribution DPS was higher than we expected. We investigated and realized Gurthalak was the cause. We further realized (and several players independently discovered) that the weapon proc was activating twice as often for Retribution as intended.
  • Retribution was getting more than twice as many proc chances than we intended. This was caused by the application of Censure, not the dot itself ticking.
  • This was not an accidental bug fix of some sort. The proc was happening more often than we expected and desired, leading to damage higher than we expected and desired, so we took steps to fix it.
  • We changed the duration of Gurthalak’s proc some time ago. The 4.3.2 tooltip change simply acknowledges this fix. The weapon’s damage should not change in 4.3.2.
  • Gurthalak is still a fantastic weapon for Retribution paladins and any other two-handed DPS plate-wearers. The average DPS reduction is lower than the 10% figure some have quoted. The sword’s damage can be quite variable, and there are isolated cases where it may have briefly contributed 20% or more of someone’s damage, but those are statistical outliers.
  • Being nerfed is never fun. We get that. The increased proc chance was our mistake, as always, and we apologize for not catching it sooner. Retribution paladin damage for players without Gurthalak is where we intended it to be. We expect Retribution damage with this change to also end up where we intend it to be. If damage falls unacceptably low for some reason, we will certainly consider taking additional measures.

Again, thank you very much for all of the useful feedback. We pay close attention to these things. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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