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Warlords of Draenor - Developer Interviews
There were a few developer interviews recently, so today we are taking a look at an interview from BlizzPro with Holinka, Kris Zierhut, and Steve Burke.

Level 90 Boost and Proving Grounds
  • You won't be able to queue for Heroic Dungeons or LFR until you have a certain level of Proving Ground achievements.
  • In a patch after release, Proving Grounds will be made to do a better job of telling you what you are doing wrong, rather than just being a test.
  • Players that don't have Proving Ground achievements will still be able to go into normal dungeons.

  • The Jade Forest quests had a very clear story, but it also had a lot of side quests that could bog you down.
  • In Warlords of Draenor, your map will show you where to go to continue the main storyline, along with the locations of bonus objectives.
  • The bonus objectives no longer have any story text that go with them, just a list of objectives. Now when there is quest text, you will know that it is really worth reading.

  • After rescuing members of the Frostwolf Clan in the Warlords intro quest experience, Durotan will give you a plot of land. This is where you start building your garrison.
  • After you complete their quests, some questgivers will be available for you to recruit as a follower for your garrison.
  • You will be redirected to your garrison frequently throughout the leveling experience, as it is integrated into the zones and leveling experience. Every time you go back, you will see familiar faces from your questlines.
  • Garrisons offer lots of hard choices that give you nice rewards, such as the buildings you choose for your limited plots. Buildings and followers aren't a permanent choice though, so if you change your mind you can change things out.
  • As you go out and adventure in the world and irritate the enemies in Draenor, they will attack your garrison. You and your followers will need to fend off these attacks.

  • Ashran will have a big central battle that is pushing towards the other faction's base.
  • Around the outer edges of Ashran you can find some rares and other things similar to Timeless Isle, with greater rewards to be found on the opposite faction's side of the zone.

  • There are a lot of advantages to having a realm community, so there aren't any plans to allow players to join guilds on any realm.
  • When you log in to Warlords of Draenor, you should be able to play with your friends. Allowing cross realm raiding and the changes to raid locks are one way the team is working towards this goal.
  • The team is still talking about a good reward system for completing older content with scaling, but there aren't any announcements for now. The Level 90 boost allows you to play with your friends without needing to level through the older dungeons now, making it less urgent.

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - April 14
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar: Blackfuse Bombling should no longer be incorrectly awarded from the Spoils of Pandaria encounter.
  • Icecrown Citadel: Resolved an issue that could prevent players from being able to loot The Lich King if NPCs dealt fatal damage to him.
  • The Eye: Added additional safeguards to the Kael'thas Sunstrider encounter to address issues that could cause him to sometimes not grant loot if he's defeated too quickly.

  • Insane in the Membrane: Resolved an issue where Exalted status with the various Steamwheedle Cartel factions, as well as Honored status with the Bloodsail Buccaneers faction, were not properly being credited if those reputations subsequently decreased. Players should now be able to earn this achievement if they have ever brought those five reputations to the required levels.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Is there any difference for "melee range" for EnhShaman vs FeralDruid? Just my misperception? Shaman seems to hit from farther.
Nope. Same range. (Celestalon)

Wait, so if you have 100% uptime on your dot until the mob dies u never get the partial ticks?
You get the duration of it. Partial ticks are the 'remainder'. It's like saying you get 6.2 ticks per cast. If you just... (Celestalon)
...cast it once, you get 6 ticks and a 0.2 partial tick. If you chain 9 of them together, you get 55 ticks and a 0.8 partial (Celestalon)
or did I misread and the duration per cast just keeps increasing by the partial amount with ticks always at fixed intervals?
Duration per cast remains fixed; doesn't change with haste. That's the point. (Celestalon)
ok I think the part I was not getting was this extra damage is handled on refresh of the dot. Correct? Thank you for the replies
The extra damage is a constant thing. Haste makes your DoTs tick faster, but doesn't change their duration. (Celestalon)
And with enough clip-chaining will 'partial' ticks ever become an extra 'full' normal tick, or are they...
Perhaps this will help: don't think of DoTs as doing X ticks. Think of them ticking at Y rate for X sec. (Celestalon)

will channels have partial ticks too? (sorry if that got asked before)
No; channels get shorter with haste, just as before. Channels are more like cast times with partial credit. (Celestalon)

Is there going to be an update to the race dances? Aka. longer and smoother?
not longer, but with new rigging and animation clean up - dances should feel smoother. (artofcgrobinson)

You mean model? That is pretty much certain. There will be winged arakkoa, which already necessitates new one
new Arakkoa model for sure, not definite on Kaliri - it's on wish list right now. (artofcgrobinson)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Wait...does Multistrike not trigger on SEF hits? Like you would do it, but your clones wouldn't?
Your SEF clones can multistrike, independently from you. (Celestalon)
So we have 3x chance to multistrike, but for 1/3rd the damage. Evens out in long run.
Well, they're separate units. You could Blackout Kick, which your clone would mimic, and it may multistrike for clone, but not you. (Celestalon)
Okay: Clarify please: 5.4: SEF clones multistrike or not? (I understand they will in 6.0)
I don't believe they do, but should be easy for you to test. (Celestalon)

Do you think making Mulistrike a tank stat is going to be a problem? 25 people rolling on the same BIS Ring, Neck, Cloak =/= fun
There won't be 25 people rolling on the same Ring, Neck, or Cloak. Tanks want Bonus Armor and Healers want Spirit, for example. (Celestalon)

Your assumptions are wrong. It's not that skewed. Budget-wise, 0.3% Crit = 1.0% Multistrike. (Celestalon)
Also, while PvE/PvP crit 200/150 crit multi 160/130 balance w/ each other, PvP they devalue vs haste or readiness, no?
You're misunderstanding the PvP vs PvE difference of Multistrike. Same average, more consistent, in PvP. (Celestalon)
Well you'd know better than me so I'll take your word for it Any news on if/how Multistrike will interact with Healing??
It will, just as with damage. (Celestalon)

Can an ele shaman's overload trigger a multistrike? Can a multistrike trigger an overload?
Yes. No. (Celestalon)
Do multistrikes get a visual spell animation like overloads do? Would be fun to be a lightning bolt machine gun
Yep. (Celestalon)

can multistrikes crit? and would getting A fireball crit followed by a Fireball Multistrike Crit proc Pyroblast!...?
Yes. No. (Celestalon)

Thanks for the answer. So would death strike MS trigger the effects twice?
Nope. (Celestalon)

How does multistrike appear in the combat log? As "Multistrike" or the spell that triggered it?
As the spell that triggered it:You Fireball Murloc for 100.You Fireball Murloc for 30. (Multistrike) (Celestalon)
How does multistrike interact with talents/passives that proc off abilities? Lava Surge, FDCL, Spell Reflected stuff?
Ones that can trigger from multistrikes will call it out specifically. (Celestalon)
Deathstrike won't heal twice off of MS? So what is the benefit to a blood dk? Seems bad.
There are other (better) benefits. It's not bad. (Celestalon)

Curious if devs feel WoW has become too difficult to play at endgame for the average player? A need to do "homework" to play.
We don't think so. No matter what we do, perfect performance will require extra effort. Takes less than before to do 90%. (Celestalon)

If healing won't be more difficult, how will more cast time on more heal not be more difficult. Like Thok HC?
Thok wouldn't exist in its current form. We design encounters to fit players' toolsets. (WatcherDev)

Does "no more dynamic difficulty swapping" mean no skipping mythic bosses by dropping down to heroic?
Yes, each difficulty will be a self-contained experience. But with less linear layouts, you can choose somewhat. (WatcherDev)
Depending on raid layout, understood. Still loot only once per lockout per boss at the Heroic/Mythic level?
Yeah, loot once per lockout. Heroic and Mythic are separate lockouts; Mythic is a fixed ID like Heroic is today. (WatcherDev)

flex N/H going live at WoD or 6.0? Roster realigns suddenly places us at needing to test how some ppl's PC can handle 20 man.
6.0. There will be a few weeks of 20-player Mythic SoO (along with flexible N/H) before Draenor unlocks. (WatcherDev)
You guys are fully retuning all of the current-tier raids to be compatible with class changes in 6.0? (Or only heroic/mythic?)
Siege of Orgrimmar, all difficulties. Prior zones aren't changing in structure or tuning, but they're trivialized by gear. (WatcherDev)

No loot from bosses in 8 weeks.. Hope you won't call me a liar after 10+. Is this your idea of loot progression in WoD?
No loot at all, or just not the specific items you need? We do have plans to limit the impact of bad luck streaks like that. (WatcherDev)

Leader can change loot option in combat when boss is low hp in order to take the loot to himself. Plans to stop this behavior?
Yes. (WatcherDev)

I get that, just thought old content would be added to the new system.
Old raids were built around the other system; not a trivial conversion, and the time is better spent on new content. (WatcherDev)

Why is that? Also, I've noticed old lockouts don't always work the new way, such as Kara. Intended?
That's how raid lockouts have worked literally since Molten Core. "Flexible" lockouts added in Cata, for Normal mode. (WatcherDev)
And the "Why" was more "why not include heroic in the new awesomeness?" Like, what made you (the team) hold back?
Flexible locks permit loot abuse by organized groups. System makes it easier to PUG, but that's not the audience MoP Heroic raids. (WatcherDev)

Any chance on revisiting KT in Tempest Keep? Perma-cc is pretty annoying. KT never heard of DR
There are mechanics in the fight to help with that. The goal isn't to make old fights trivial to solo; just doable. (WatcherDev)

What will happen to the CM teleport spells after they're removed?
Like other rewards, players who earned those teleport spells will retain them. (WatcherDev)

Why are realm first CM titles character specific instead of account-wide?
Because they reflect a skilled accomplishment with a specific class; same reason Gladiator titles aren't account-wide. (WatcherDev)

1. We'll keep an eye on the number of CC breaks in the game throughout beta. The widespread complaint was too much crowd control. (holinka)
If no one is dying because crowd control is ineffective, it's an issue. Often those breaks support a specific class kit. (holinka)
2. RBG cap is higher than arena cap. Source of major complaint and we aren't really happy with that system from a readability angle (holinka)
There are few things in the game as complicated as rating and conquest cap calculations. Should be simpler. (holinka)
3. Not really sure about what you mean by tremor totem + totem reset. Call of the Elements? (holinka)

ever thought about an underwater BG?
I think it would be awful and don't ever plan on making one. Floating combat is not fun. (holinka)
What if the game focuses on it? Aren't spaceship games (e.g. Wing Commander) basically floating combat?
But you're forced to always be moving forward. I do think those games suffer from everyone flying around in circles though. (holinka)
Well, many of them allow you to full-stop, but point taken. Sense of scale/movement/strategy is tricky in wide open 3D.
I think the average player can get very disoriented in a space game. It's helpful to have a horizon line. (holinka)

Wouldn't pvp be better if all the addons were disabled? I feel kind of cheated for not using them. Some maybe don't know them.
It depends on perspective but macros and addons have value. It's a way to tinker with your setup and improve performance. (holinka)

About Ashran, due to the limited players of RP-PVP servers, will we see people from PVP servers too? Please, don't want empty zone.
Possibly. We'll try to avoid it if possible. We'll see what the numbers look like. (holinka)

if eu has majority of players pvping as ally and the new nerf to horde and buffs to ally wont it mean horde are a dying breed n pvp
I doubt it. Globally the Horde is overrepresented. High end arena players just tend to all pick one side to be together. (holinka)

PvPers would most likely sacrafice a bit of lore for quicker same-faction BGs.
Just to be abundantly clear, same faction BGs is not on the table. (holinka)

What about allowing free, or half off, transfers from Horde to Alliance (only) to help the imbalance and queue times?
it's something we're exploring. It is A LOT more complicated than you'd think. (holinka)

Hey! Will it be possible to use [Alliance/Horde Battle Standard] in the new PvP zone Ashran?
There will be an Ashran specific version (holinka)

Any chance Spirits of Harmony ever become BoA or BoE? Don't see what the harm would be in making it so in 6.0.
No harm in 6.0? I agree. Maybe even a little earlier. (hwoome)

Reputation / Questing
Has to be TRULY different though, like leveling thru PvP vs LFD vs questing. Remember lesson from Golden Lotus dailies!
5.1-5.4 let us try out various things, 5.1 had great story unlock, 5.2 had epic treasure/raid fit, 5.4 gameplay/items (Muffinus)

And try to make rare mobs really rare, please. On TI, mainly, they are like the grass/ruppes on Zelda games.
Rarer mob can have higher drop chance, but less chance of you seeing it. What's ideal for you levelling/endgame? (Muffinus)

I noticed a "Dance Studio" on a picture of the garrison UI. Care to shed some light on its purpose? Moral?
Just the UI guys having a little fun Not to say that there won't be dancing with your troops... (Muffinus)

How mandatory will garrisons be? They do NOT interest me at all. I'm starting to worry they won't be optional content.
Do you consider the farm mandatory? Why or why not? (Muffinus)
Doesn't garrison have something to do with professions? Sounds more mandatory than farm's cooking items.
What elements of your professions are a "must do" for you? Does that change over the course of the expac? (Muffinus)

Can we rearrange buildings after we built it for garrisons?
Yep, this was in the Blizzcon Q+A (Muffinus)

Wowcraft - Episode 2: Quest for Tooth
The second episode of Wowcraft takes a look at collection quests.

by Published on 2014-04-14 07:58 AM

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PAX East Developer Interview, Top 5 Plays of the Week, Funny and Lucky Moments #37

Heroes of the Storm PAX East 2014 Recap: Interface Changes, New Heroes, New Hero Models and Skins, Developer Interview

Warlords of Draenor - Garrison and Zone Screenshots
Blizzard released a few new Warlords of Draenor screenshots at PAX. These include four garrison screenshots, along with one of Spires of Arak, Frostfire Ridge, and Shadowmoon Valley.

Warlords of Draenor Developer Interviews
There were a few developer interviews recently, so today we are taking a look at an interview from ConvertToRaid with Celestalon and Zarhym.

  • Blizzcon 2014 is something that everyone would really love to do. If there is more information, it will be be shared at some point in the near future.

Alpha and Beta
  • The expansion has been in internal alpha for "quite a while".
  • The alpha is currently an employee take home alpha. It will remain alpha when friends and family are invited, as well as when a small amount of players are invited. After that some opt-in players will be invited and it will be beta.
  • The ramp up of invites will be slower than Mists of Pandaria beta, as there is the new filesystem to test.
  • The Warlords of Draenor beta will also have a more limited number of people invited compared to the Mists of Pandaria beta. There is no Annual Pass this time, so Blizzard isn't obligated to invite more than a million players as fast as possible again.
  • The alpha announcement was made because the build had to be uploaded publicly to let employees play from home, which would allow datamining. The notes and announcement helped to provide context for some of the reported changes.
  • The alpha patch notes were delayed in order to not step on D3 and Hearthstone's news. The alpha builds being produced were also somewhat unstable.

Blog Posts and Patch Notes
  • There will be a blog post on Professions at some point.
  • Garrisons will have four blog posts, starting with an overview sometime in the next few weeks. Other blogs will talk about how you interact with your garrison as you level and at level 100.
  • There is more information coming, as the notes that went up originally were slightly dated, and significantly more information has been added to the notes since then.

  • Garrisons have come a long way since Blizzcon!
  • Garrisons will be part of the leveling experience.
  • NPCs in your garrison will actually notice you and walk around you, as to not bump into you when they are walking down the road to work.
  • NPCs in your garrison will also wave to each other and dance with you if you start dancing with them.

  • Velen is not the new male character model for the Draenei, as he is older and more distinguished than the average Draenei.
  • WoW already feels very responsive, but the team is working on a way for it to be even more responsive. This means things like heals will take effect faster, or if you cast a shield it will have less of a delay.
  • Scenarios and Challenge Modes worked out well, so there won't be major changes to them, just small refinements.
  • There are no plans to do anything with guild levels or rewards.

  • Vengeance in Mists of Pandaria worked out well as far as the defensive value goes, but the offensive value of it was problematic.
  • The defensive component of Vengeance is staying and is now called Resolve.
  • Tank damage varied significantly based on the situation and the mechanic encouraged tanks to take more damage so that they could do more damage.
  • Encouraging tanks to take extra damage made healers upset and tanks being able to beat DPS on many fights because of the damage they took made DPS upset. When tanks weren't taking a lot of damage, it made the tanks very low on the meters and upset them.
  • Everyone was upset at the offensive component of Vengeance at some point!
  • Tank damage will be balanced just like DPS is now, rather than having it vary based on the amount of damage they are taking. The new bonus armor may give tanks offensive power as well.
  • Tank swapping at X stacks was not a great thing to see on so many fights, so in Warlords of Draenor both tanks will be actively tanking much more often.
  • The Saber Lash mechanic from previous expansions was fairly boring, as one tank could just stand there and do nothing for most of the fight. However, in current encounters, the other tank would actually have to use their active mitigation skills to survive, making it a viable mechanic again.

  • Healer's mana regeneration abilities are being nerfed and removed because they didn't add any gameplay value. For example, Innervate was just a button to press when it was off of cooldown. Base mana regeneration and mana costs were rebalanced to compensate.
  • Active mana regeneration mechanics are still being considered.
  • All of the challenging to heal parts of fights in Mists of Pandaria were handled by having the DPS use defensive cooldowns. Healing should be the healer's job, so the team wants to tone down the amount of stackable raid utility that DPS and tanks bring so that the healers are there to handle the challenging to heal moments.
  • Having a DPS using Healing Tide or Tranquility to heal the raid to full doesn't feel good for the healers.
  • A raid shouldn't feel like they need to bring a Warlock for Healthstones, which is why Healing Potions and Healthstones will share a cooldown and only be usable once per fight. DPS potions are not on the same cooldown as Healing Potions.
  • Caring about the efficiency of a spell or minimizing overhealing can be done without making healers run out of mana all of the time. For example, baseline mana regeneration is being significantly increased so that you have decent heals you can cast with just that base regen.
  • Mana regen will scale less over the course of the expansion than it did before, but the gain will be worth more as you will have more expensive and powerful heals to cast.
  • For example, Paladins will start the expansion being able to cast Holy Light as their slow and efficient big heal, similar to Divine Light now, and filling with a few Flash of Lights. By the end of the expansion, they will be able to cast a lot more Flash of Lights and fill with Holy Lights.
  • The point isn't to make healing harder, just less one dimensional.
  • If you can currently heal Flex raids fine, you should be able to continue to do so with the same level of success in Warlords of Draenor.
  • Thok would never exist in his current form with the new healing model.
  • Someone dying to a huge spike of damage before you can even react is not fun and these changes should help to avoid that.

  • Perks are intended to make leveling feel rewarding again. They are a mixture of static power increases and tweaks to your rotation that you earn in a random order as you level from 90 to 100.
  • Readiness won't affect all abilities and the current build's tooltips aren't updated yet.
  • Secondary stats will be closer in value to each other than they have been in the past.

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Army of the Dead might come back for all specs as an instant cast rather than a channel.
  • Blood Death Knights will get some more active mitigation tools. Rune Tap as a big absorb and Rune Strike's small shields are two examples.
  • Dual Wield is going to remain Frost Death Knights only, as it doesn't fit the Unholy theme.
  • Frost might see Cinderglacier being the more attractive Runeforge in the future.

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Symbiosis was a cool spell, but it was hard to understand and added a ton of button bloat.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Hunters have different specs that don't feel very different. Their rotation was very similar between the specs, so some abilities are being removed from each spec to help with differentiation.
  • Marksmanship is going put more emphasis on higher damage cast time spells.
  • Survival is going to put more emphasis on DoTs, multidotting, and traps.

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Prismatic Crystal will hopefully be targeted automatically when summoned. When you attack it, damage you do to it is replicated to nearby enemies, but stronger.
  • Fire mages didn't scale well, so the team tried to solve that with Inferno Blast. That ended up not being enough, so the Enhanced Fireball perk was added to help when you have a lower level of crit.

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Mistweaver Monks needed some significant changes that couldn't be done mid expansion, so the changes were delayed until Warlords of Draenor.
  • Spirit isn't valuable to Mistweavers right now, as the majority of their healing is cheap.
  • Fistweaving is intended to be a split between damage and healing. It is intended for when you don't need all of your healing throughput and could use some extra damage.
  • Renewing Mist and Expel Harm will give you a nice baseline Chi generation.
  • Surging Mist and Spinning Crane Kick will give you more Chi generation as you get more Spirit. Surging Mist will be improved in Warlords of Draenor, it won't be as bad as it is now.
  • Rushing Jade Wind won't work with the Empowered Spinning Crane Kick perk.
  • Touch of Death doesn't work well in raiding, which is why they made it easier to use.

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Retribution is in a good place design wise, but their numbers are a little low. This will be addressed in a later tuning pass.
  • Shining Protector will give Protection Paladins extra healing.

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Shadow Priests won't need completely different sets of gear for single target and AoE fights. They could swap out a few slots of gear to use for a single target fight though.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Rogue specs are somewhat similar now, but not as bad as Hunters.
  • The team is removing some skills from each spec to make them more distinct.
  • Positional requirements were relaxed somewhat as a quality of life change. You still have a 3% chance to be parried from the front, so you still want to stand behind the boss.
  • Leeching Poison isn't planned to be a lethal poison.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Mana Regeneration is being significantly increased to compensate for the removal of Healing Wave.
  • Enhancement Shamans should have some ramp up time for their AoE, but after the ramp up time it will be strong. The Tier 16 4pc bonus worked out well to help with this. Tuning of Enhancement AoE in the past wasn't great, but the team is going to be sure it is done right this time.
  • Crit will be improved for Elemental Shamans.
  • Lightning Bolt no longer being castable on the move is a big change, but it was done to make movement reduce the damage that ranged DPS does. There are other spells that you can cast while moving, such as Shocks and Unleash Weapon.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Warlock Gateways were too strong this expansion, so the range is being reduced and cooldown increased.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Berserker Rage doesn't Enrage you anymore, but the team is considering changing that, as well as changes to Berserker Stance.
  • Arms originally had Overpower removed, but it didn't work out well.

  • Celestalon has been at Blizzard for ~3 years.
  • Zarhym has been at Blizzard for ~9 years.
  • The WoW CM team has 9 members.
  • Celestalon works on the team that works on different systems of the game, including classes, perks, combat mechanics, and other things.

PAX Beta Key Redemption Issue
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
At PAX East in Boston this weekend we’re handing out Beta keys to those who wait in line and play the Warlords of Draenor demo at the show. As the expansion is still in an internal Alpha, the keys we’re handing out are inactive, with the intention that they are redeemable for a future test phase. However, yesterday we discovered that a small amount of people were actually able to claim their keys and log in to the Alpha.

We’ve resolved the key claim issue and no further key claims should be possible. Those who were able to claim a key will need to redeem it again once the proper Beta phase begins.

We’re not looking to take action against accounts or content involved in this unintended access. We know everyone is excited to play Warlords of Draenor, is looking forward to additional information about the expansion, and we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen thus far—keeping in mind, of course, that we are still at an early testing phase.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How do you feel about warriors/pallies/bears being able to tank by just macroing in SD or Shield Block/Barrier/of the righteous?
It's probably a little too good to do that, but not much. However, simultaneously, I wouldn't say that the difference between an unskilled tank and a skilled tank is the wrong size. It's big, but that's good. (Celestalon)

with haste breakpoints being removed why would aff locks want any haste?
You probably misunderstood what removing haste breakpoints means. It still makes DoTs tick faster and spells cast faster. (Celestalon)
That confuses me, so we still get extra dot ticks?
Yes, absolutely. It's just smooth, not with breakpoints. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
wondered why DKs haven't been designed like monks for DW vs 2h
You mean having different rotations/priorities/strengths/weaknesses, but still balanced, like Frost DKs? Just different classes. (Celestalon)
Frost DKs having two different subspecs was an evolutionary thing. Masterfrost was an accident, but cool, so we formalized it. (Celestalon)
He was probably talking abt basing abilities on wpn DPS rather than dmg so 2H/DW are balanced and play identically.
We want 2H vs DW monks to play identically. We *don't* want 2H vs DW Frost DKs to play identically. (Celestalon)
How can you say that? One of the two will always be inferior. Historically, that is usually 2H Frost.
How inferior and in what situation? There have been many times they've balanced enough that it varies by fight/gear (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Is there a chance seal of faith will make it into the game? Was looking forward to paladin melee healing
Maybe at some later point. It's on our "Shelf of Ideas That Have Potential But Aren't Ready Yet". (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
outside of Divine Insight, is there a way for Shadow Orb generation to scale with haste? Only resource not to, seems off.
Haste already has high value for you, and you get more value per orb with more haste (haste = more DP ticks). (Celestalon)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Are you concerned that without enough Readiness to get in an extra CD usage, Readiness Rating is wasted for the most part?
It'll effect more that just 3min CDs, and CDs earlier are always better. There'll be breakpoints, but they'll be really soft. (Celestalon)
(But to more directly answer, yes, it's a concern, but it's one we think we can mitigate and handle) (Celestalon)
Are you worried about people gearing around encounter specific breakpoints? For example-major CD for every belt.
It's a concern, sure, like I said. We actually don't mind if you end up in a situation where you keep a few (FEW, not 30)... (Celestalon)
...pieces of alternate gear around, and swap based on the encounter. (Celestalon)

Hey, are there going to be some 1-2 boss raids like in tbc? or did you scrap that concept? (or onyxia etc.)
None is planned for 6.0 - I wouldn't say we've scrapped the concept, though. (WatcherDev)

Thoughts on Tarren Mill vs Southshore BG?
certainly an idea we've tossed around a number of times. (holinka)

Well, in the interest of crafting having a more prevalent role. Instead of items primarily being on rep or currency vendors.
What would you want the role of rep/currency items to be in that world? (hwoome)
Perhaps reputation accesses content and narrative, instead of another item faucet?
You'd prefer no item rewards from reputation? (hwoome)

Reputation / Questing
WoD will have quests that "pop up" when you're around, will these scale up/down like we've seen with Public Quests in other games?
Rare spawns on IoT/TI scale with # of attackers, improving this in WoD so they don't blow up so fast. (Muffinus)

I disagree. I see “farm on 11 chars per day” as negative. Most players would agree. Doesn’t make your opinion invalid.
When doing things on an alt is a fun/different experience, it's good repeat gameplay. When it's not, questionable. (Muffinus)

Dark Legacy Comics - #436
DLC #436 reminds us that tax season is almost over!

by Published on 2014-04-12 07:20 AM

Diablo 3 Character Optimizer, Diablo 3 Available On PS4 At PAX East, Joebo's Pet Doctor Build

Pax Announcements: Curse of Naxxramas - Adventure Mode, iPad Rollout Very Soon

PAX East: New Heroes, Updated Hero Models, New Skins

Warlords of Draenor Beta Invites at PAX
It looks like everyone that went to PAX and tested Warlords of Draenor was able to score an invite to Closed Beta.

Launcher Update - Warlords of Draenor Alpha
Previously the Battle.Net Launcher listed Warlords of Draenor as a Beta, but a recent update renamed it to Alpha.

Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons
Warlords of Draenor is adding Garrisons, which are WoW's version of Player Housing. Rather than decorating a house, you are able to build and upgrade a base, as well as collecting followers. Blizzard has previously shown off some Garrison artwork, as well as sharing some information at Blizzcon during the World of Warcraft: What's Next panel and the World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More panel.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Garrison Levels
Right now there are two different locations with plots in the files, one of which doesn't include the fishing hut.
  • Level 1 - 2 Small Plots, 1 Medium Plot, 1 Large Plot, Mine, Farm, and Fishing Hut
  • Level 2 - 3 Small Plots, 2 Medium Plots, 2 Large Plots, Mine, Farm, and Fishing Hut
  • Level 3 - 4 Small Plots, 3 Medium Plots, 3 Large Plots, Mine, Farm, and Fishing Hut

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
A garrison is made up of plots, which are filled by buildings.

  • You can't have every building at once, as you are limited by the number of plots.
  • Each building has a base level and two possible upgrades.
  • There are buildings for almost every profession, which allow you to gather reagents daily and make some of that profession's items.
  • The base level profession building only can hold one day's worth of reagents, so you have to collect them every day. As you upgrade, the building can hold two and then four days worth of reagent batches.
  • Each building has specializations, which gives you some kind of perk, such as portals, more reagents, or buffs to followers.
  • Each building sits on a different plot size, with Profession buildings requiring small plots. The Mine, Fishing Hut, Farm, and Pet Menagerie are listed as unique plot types.

Alchemy Lab (Small)
The Alchemy Lab creates a variety of reagents and interesting Alchemical wonders.
  • GarrBuilding #76 - Generates a batch of Alchemy reagents daily, and allows production of Alchemical items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #119 - Alchemy Lab - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Alchemy reagents.
  • GarrBuilding #120 - Alchemy Lab - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Armory (Large)
The Armory stores and maintains the armaments used by the Garrison's inhabitants.
  • GarrBuilding #10 - Armory - Unlocks Specializations.
  • GarrBuilding #8 - Armory - Increases the item level of all followers by 1 and grants access to new defense missions.
  • GarrBuilding #9 - Armory - Provides access to Upgrade! Mission bonus.

Barn (Medium)
The Barn houses the animals that provide the Garrison with leather, meat, and cloth.
  • GarrBuilding #24 - Produces leather, meat, cloth, and grants access to new provision missions.
  • GarrBuilding #25 - Now stores up to two days of agricultural goods.
  • GarrBuilding #133 - Unlocks Specializations, and capacity increases to four days of agricultural goods.

Barracks (Large)
The Barracks houses your garrison's military forces and followers.
  • GarrBuilding #26 - Increases maximum number of followers and unlocks new patrol missions.
  • GarrBuilding #27 - Increases maximum number of followers, and provides access to Leadership mission bonus.
  • GarrBuilding #28 - Increases maximum number of Followers, and unlocks Specializations.

Enchanter's Study (Small)
The Enchanter's Study creates both the magical precursors that form an enchantment, as well as completed and usable item enchantments.
  • GarrBuilding #93 - Generates a batch of Enchanting components daily, and allows production of Enchantments. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #125 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Enchanting components.
  • GarrBuilding #126 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Engineering Works (Small)
The Engineering Works produces a host of useful gizmos and parts for the intepid tinkerer, and also creates wondrous mechanical devices.
  • GarrBuilding #91 - Generates a batch of Engineering parts daily, and allows production of mechanical items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #123 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Engineering parts.
  • GarrBuilding #124 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Fishing Shack
The Fishing Shack provides bait, tackle, and support to those looking for their next big catch.
  • GarrBuilding #64 - Provides a Fishing merchant and access to new daily Fishing quests.
  • GarrBuilding #134 - Increases the number of daily Fishing quests to 3.
  • GarrBuilding #135 - Increases the number of daily Fishing quests to 5.

Gem Boutique (Small)
Generates a batch of Jewelcrafting components daily, and allows production of Jewelry.
  • GarrBuilding #96 - The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #131 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Jewelcrafting components.
  • GarrBuilding #132 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Herb Garden (Farm)
A bountiful garden for the planting and harvesting of Draenor herbs.
  • GarrBuilding #29 - Grow and harvest useful herbs in a small garden.
  • GarrBuilding #136 - Grow more herbs within an expanded garden.
  • GarrBuilding #137 - Grow even more herbs with the largest garden possible within the Garrison.

Inn (Medium)
The Inn attracts all manners of talented individuals looking for work from across Draenor.
  • GarrBuilding #34 - Recruit new followers and grants access to new recruiting missions.
  • GarrBuilding #35 - Provides access to the Kitchen with a Cooking tradeskill merchant.
  • GarrBuilding #36 - Unlocks Specializations.

Lumber Mill (Medium)
The Lumber Mill provides Material to assist with the building and upgrading of the Garrison.
  • GarrBuilding #40 - Generates a daily shipment of Material, but the Mill can store at most one shipment at a time. New shipments are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #41 - Now stores up to two shipments of Material.
  • GarrBuilding #138 - Unlocks Specializations, and Material capacity increases to a maximum of four daily shipments.

Mage Tower (Large)
The Mage Tower's arcane researchers search across Draenor for new useful magic for the Garrison.
  • GarrBuilding #37 - Provides access to new mission bonuses and research missions.
  • GarrBuilding #38 - Provides access to more new mission bonuses.
  • GarrBuilding #39 - Unlocks Specializations.

The Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet retinue.
  • GarrBuilding #42 -Provides new pet options and unlocks pet missions

Mine (Mine)
The Mine was once abandoned, but there are still underground riches ready to be discovered.
  • GarrBuilding #61 - Creates a shipment of ore once per day and Mining Nodes are available inside.
  • GarrBuilding #62 - A new mineshaft allows access to additional mining nodes, and the Mine can now store a maximum of two daily ore shipments.
  • GarrBuilding #63 - A final mineshaft allows access to rich mining nodes, and ore storage capacity expands to a maximum of four daily ore shipments.

Salvage Yard (Small)
The Salvage Yard turns other people's trash into your treasure.
  • GarrBuilding #52 - Transmutes Salvage into Material, and enables new Salvage missions.
  • GarrBuilding #140 - Enables transmutation of Material to Gold.
  • GarrBuilding #141 - Unlocks Specializations.

Scribe's Quarters (Small)
The Scribe's Office produces all manners of magical inks, pigments, and paper, and can also create Glyphs and other magical items.
  • GarrBuilding #95 - Generates a batch of Inscription reagents daily, and allows production of Glyphs and other inscribed items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #129 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Inscription reagents.
  • GarrBuilding #130 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Sparring Arena (Medium)
  • GarrBuilding #159 - Sparring Arena
  • GarrBuilding #160 - Sparring Arena
  • GarrBuilding #161 - Sparring Arena

Stables (Large)
The Stables provide for the care of mounts and pack animals, which are used to help travel across Draenor.
  • GarrBuilding #65 - Reduces mission travel time by 25% and grants access to new exploration missions.
  • GarrBuilding #66 - Increase player mounted speed in Draenor and provides access to Pack Animal Mission bonus.
  • GarrBuilding #67 - Unlocks Specializations.

Storehouse (Small)
The Storehouse has room to keep your and the garrison's items safe and secure.
  • GarrBuilding #51 - Enables new Logistics missions, and increases the storage of daily batches or shipments on every other Garrison building by 1.
  • GarrBuilding #142 - Enables access to your personal bank, and increases the storage of daily batches or shipments on every other Garrison building by 2.
  • GarrBuilding #143 - Unlocks Specializations, and increases the storage of daily batches or shipments on every other Garrison building by 3.

Tailoring Emporium (Small)
  • GarrBuilding #94 - Generates a batch of Tailoring components daily, and allows production of tailored items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #127 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Tailoring components.
  • GarrBuilding #128 -Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

The Forge (Small)
The Forge produces both basic components for use by Blacksmiths, as well as armor and weapons ready for battle.
  • GarrBuilding #60 - Generates a batch of Blacksmithing components daily, and allows production of forged items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #117 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Blacksmithing components.
  • GarrBuilding #118 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

The Tannery (Small)
  • GarrBuilding #90 - Generates a batch of Leatherworking components daily, and allows production of leatherworked items. The building can store at most one batch at a time, and new batches are only produced if free storage space is available.
  • GarrBuilding #121 - Now stores up to two daily batches worth of Leatherworking components.
  • GarrBuilding #122 - Unlocks Specializations, and ingredient capacity increases to a maximum of four daily batches.

Trading Post (Medium)
The Trading Post is the Garrison's center of commerce with the natives of Draenor.
  • GarrBuilding #111 - Opens a new trading route and grants access to new trading missions.
  • GarrBuilding #144 - Opens an additional trade route.
  • GarrBuilding #145 - Unlocks Specializations.

Workshop (Large)
  • GarrBuilding #162 - Workshop
  • GarrBuilding #163 - Workshop
  • GarrBuilding #164 - Workshop

Building Specializations
  • GarrSpecialization #11 - Blackrock Mining Cart - Grants a chance to discover Blackrock Mining Carts full of extra ore.
  • GarrSpecialization #12 - Orchard - Plant an orchard in your garrison that will produce rare fruit.
  • GarrSpecialization #13 - Exquisite Skinning Knife - Increases the hourly skin gathering rate by 10%.
  • GarrSpecialization #2 - Show Posts - Enables you to stable five more mounts at the stable for public display.
  • GarrSpecialization #22 - Gemfinding - Mining nodes in your garrison mine have a chance to produce rare gems.
  • GarrSpecialization #23 - Mass Teleport - Removes travel time for the first misison every day that requres 5 followers.
  • GarrSpecialization #24 - City Travel - Provides access to portals that grant transport to cities other than Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
  • GarrSpecialization #25 - Mechanical Picker - Automates harvesting of herbs from the garden.
  • GarrSpecialization #3 - Mount Trader - A rare mount trader has taken up shop at your garrison stables building.
  • GarrSpecialization #7 - Recall Portal - Allows you to abort a current mission and immediately bring followers back.
  • GarrSpecialization #8 - Headhunter - Recruit a random follower with a specific Trait, Ability or Role for 10 Material.
  • GarrSpecialization #9 - Blackrock Chef - Enables access to garrison cooking dailies.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Many of these may be test followers.
  • GarrFollower #15 - Orc Male - Draenei Male - Abilities: Mountain Goat
  • GarrFollower #16 - Goblin Female - Human Male - Abilities: Dragonbane, Leap of Faith
  • GarrFollower #18 - Blood Elf Female - Gnome Female - Abilities: Dragonbane, Leap of Faith, Health Grenade
  • GarrFollower #19 - Troll Male - Pandaren Male - Abilities: Orcbane, Explosions!, Human Shield
  • GarrFollower #20 - NPC 66430 - Great Chef Woo - Abilities: Orcbane, Mountain Goat, Yeti
  • GarrFollower #21 - NPC 78007 - Hansel Heavyhands - Abilities: Orcbane, Explosions!, Human Shield, Mountain Goat, Yeti, Dragonbane, Leap of Faith, Health Grenade
  • GarrFollower #6 - NPC 8664 - Highlord Bolvar Fordragon - Abilities: Orcbane, Human Shield
  • GarrFollower #7 - NPC 45675 - Rytama - Abilities: Explosions!, Mountain Goat, Dragonbane
  • GarrFollower #8 - NPC 13155 - Genn Greymane - Abilities: Yeti, Leap of Faith, Health Grenade

Follower Abilities
Many of these may be test abilities.
  • GarrAbility #10 - Leap of Faith - Move faster than the holy ghost.
  • GarrAbility #11 - Health Grenade - Bombs party with bandages.
  • GarrAbility #4 - Orcbane - Irks orcs named Bane.
  • GarrAbility #5 - Explosions! - Shrapnel everywhere!
  • GarrAbility #6 - Human Shield - Such blocking. Very WoW.
  • GarrAbility #7 - Mountain Goat - Combat bonus when fighting near precipices.
  • GarrAbility #8 - Yeti - Combat bonus in snow.
  • GarrAbility #9 - Dragonbane - Irritates dragons.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Any indication of what a mythic roster looks like, role-wise? An inkling would sure help me go from 10-man to mythic.
2-3 tanks (mostly 2), 4-6 healers (mostly 5), ~13 DPS. (WatcherDev)

I'd say that an unwritten law is that if an encounter is designed for X healers, top guilds will X-1 heal at least
It may be nearly unavoidable at the very cutting edge. It's a problem when people are still underhealing months later. (WatcherDev)
When you're undergeared the first weeks, better to wipe 90% of the time to lacking heals than 100% of the time to lacking DPS (WatcherDev)

Do you consider the fact that most raids 'reset' Dark Shamans so they spawn outside the room a design mistake?
Not ideal; was a band-aid late in the PTR cycle for the fact that pulling them out to begin the pull was awkward. (WatcherDev)

WHY do you enable cross realm on heroic mode when there are still realm first on the table??
Realm Firsts aren't removed by this. You still need a guild group to achieve a realm first. (Celestalon)
But 3 people can get to our server and help kill garrosh and the guild get the realm first?
Yes, you could have 3 xrealm people help your 25man group kill Garrosh. That's still 22 players from the guild; they earn it. (Celestalon)
In my opinion that's not fair at all I have been fighting to get to the top guild... to some random people come and take it away
But that's the point; it wouldn't be some random people coming to take it away. They can't do that. (Celestalon)
Some people (and we have proff) are selling us the kill of garrosh with our accounts. Ofcourse we didn't accept it...
That's totally against our ToS, and we are staunchly against that. And, it's completely unrelated to this change. (Celestalon)
For a ToS clarification, what sort of kill/achievement sales go against it? (Obviously playing other accounts would).
I believe can answer that. I was just immediately responding to the "playing others' accounts" part, which is obvious (Celestalon)

Any eta on when heroic/normal no longer shares a lockout. AKA can we do both a normal and a heroic run in the same week?
The pre-Warlords patch 6.0. That's a much more fundamental change to how raids are structured. (WatcherDev)

Also, what would it do if the printed to file combat log saw EVERYTHING. Including things in other phases (like Norushen).
Working on getting the combat log to do exactly that - couple of issues to sort out but nothing insurmountable. (WatcherDev)

did you ever test 4v4 arena games? I feel 5v5 is too much of a zerg fest, curious about how 4v4 would feel...
2 healers 2 dps is not fun (holinka)
I was thinking of it as a 2heals+2dps and 1heal+3dps mix, kinda like 2s with heal+dps and double dps...
We could always enforce role compositions but that feels very heavy handed. Better when a meta emerges. (holinka)

Any plans on allowing Vicious Skeletal Warhorse (and other Vicious Saddle mounts) account-wide ?
Nope. They are character bound to encourage repeat accomplishment. (holinka)

do you think removing 2v2 could improve pool and focus of arenas more?
tricky question. I think it would improve 3v3 participation but reduce arena participation overall. (holinka)

Any chance to make cross-spec gearing for Hybrids easier? Currently you're stuck with one spec until the near end of season.
In warlords, the primary stat on gear changes based in your spec. Lots of info out there about it. (holinka)

Heartbleed Account Security Notice
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Many news sites are reporting a vulnerability (dubbed the Heartbleed bug) discovered in OpenSSL, an encryption technology used by a majority of websites and online services—including banks, email providers, and social media sites—to protect sensitive data as it’s transmitted from users to web services.

We want to emphasize that’s encryption was not affected by this vulnerability. However, if you use the same password on that you use elsewhere, your account could be at risk if those sites were affected by this bug.
If the above situation applies to you, we recommend changing your password to a new, unique password. As always, we recommend that you maintain separate login credentials for each online service you use. Using the same email or password across multiple services greatly increases the potential impact of any compromise.

More information about the Heartbleed vulnerability can be found at, and you can find additional information on how to protect your accounts at

Hearthstone Adventure Mode - Curse of Naxxramas
Blizzard announced the first Adventure Mode for Hearthstone today at PAX, the Curse of Naxxramas! It brings 30 new cards, a new game board, and class specific challenges. The first wing is free, but the four after that must be purchased with gold or real currency.

Heroes of the Storm - New Heroes, Skins, And More!
Blizzard had an entire panel on Heroes at PAX, announcing four new heroes, many new skins, and some model updates.

OpenRaid - Challenge Mode Medal Mania
Our friends over at OpenRaid are helping everyone to get their challenge mode rewards before they disappear! This weekend finishes up Bronze week, which means that none of the events can require you to have any challenge mode experience. You can pick up a nice title and get ready for next week, when Silver runs begin!

by Published on 2014-04-10 07:58 PM

Update: Added a post with additional details.

Introducing Azeroth Choppers

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Earlier today, we announced the Azeroth Choppers head-to-head match-up between the Horde and Alliance, and we’re very excited to share the upcoming episodes and final bike creations with you. We saw a few questions following the announcement and wanted to take a moment to clarify things.

First, we want to make it clear that players globally will be able to vote for their favorite faction bike—either Alliance or Horde. Second, the bike that receives the most votes will then be made into a faction-specific-only mount and be available FREE to all players (usable when playing characters of the winning faction, of course). Your vote will be very important and could just be the one that lands your favorite faction a shiny new mount. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here and stay tuned to for more details!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Led by legendary chopper builder Paul Jr., Team Horde will face off against Team Alliance to determine which epic custom-built bike will come out on top in the ultimate showdown. When the dust settles and the final designs are revealed it will be YOUR vote that decides which of these mechanical marvels will be recreated as an in-game mount.

Meet the Blizzard Teams

  • Sam Didier
  • Jason Hutchins
  • Gary Platner

  • Chris Metzen
  • Terran Gregory
  • Monte Krol

Don’t miss out on all of the action! Azeroth Choppers premieres 4.17.14 on

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