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by Published on 2012-11-09 07:11 AM

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Let’s Talk About Brawler’s Guild, Heart of Fear Progression, Heroic Zor'lok Hotfixes

Heart of Fear Heroic Progression Update
Method has picked up several 25 Man World First kills, the latest being Wind Lord Mel'jarak. Blood Legion is in second place with 4/6 bosses down.

DREAM Paragon is currently leading the 10 man guilds with 4/6 bosses down as well. They are the only 10 man guild to have killed Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. Seven other guilds have killed Blade Lord Ta'yak in 10 Man difficulty.

Even with the hotfixes live now, only 4 guilds have killed Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, while 11 have killed the second boss, Blade Lord Ta'yak.

Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Hotfixes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I thought I'd hop back in to this thread to share a few additional changes that we'll be hotfixing to this encounter today much as we did yesterday:

  • Zor'lok will now only summon one Echo for the entirety of the final phase of the fight on Heroic.
  • When Zor'lok uses a major ability in the final phase on Heroic, the Echo will now pause longer before using its major ability, and vice-versa.
  • Converted players will no longer take damage from Attenuation or Force & Verve while mind controlled.

As with any changes, we're continuing to keep an eye on how these will play out as well as ongoing constructive feedback. While we do take into account feedback during the beta, it may not always result in having a truly complete picture of any potential issues or challenges that may come up with a particular encounter when it goes live. We try to err on the side of caution for any mid-week/progression changes, but sometimes, the need may outweigh the caution.

I Hope a Blue poster will see this and let us know when the hotfix will happen so people don't keep banging their head to instant wipes at 25%.
Apologies for the delay on an answer, but went live as of yesterday afternoon shortly after the original post I made.

What happened to not nerfing any fights during progression because it will downplay the attempts made by guilds? While the first round of quality of life fixes were indeed that - fixes, the second round are just plain nerfs to bring the fight down to an easier level considering the next two are apparently easy as well.

Why is it so bad to leave heroic bosses unkilled for a week? Do you want your content to be wiped out in a week so all these hardcore top end guilds can just whine about lack of it?

This was already explained before. We don't necessarily like doing these changes like this, but sometimes we see a need for it based on what we think an acceptable rate of progression for an encounter should be. We still have the Terrace of Endless Spring on the way and these Raids aren't the end of what we have planned for Raiding during the expansion. We'll work to get you all a better update on developer design philosophy on how they feel progression should play out at some point in the near future.

I wasn't joking when I said I acknowledged the feedback that I've seen. It's understandable that for some, the changes are welcome, for others they are a source of some frustration. There's only so much we can do to minimize this. Ultimately, the question will always come back to, "Is the encounter more fun than frustrating or more frustrating than fun?"

Activision Blizzard Q3 2012 Earnings Call
We didn't get any new subscribers numbers this time around, as the report has the same number as the Mists of Pandaria sales announcement "over 10 million".

  • Blizzard All-Stars (DotA) is under development still. Currently it is undergoing internal testing.
  • Blizzard is pleased with the reception of Mists of Pandaria in China. There was an increase in engagement with 1 million players peak concurrency. This is in line with the previous 1 million peak during The Burning Crusade.
  • Blizzard is keeping engagement up with WoW by providing more frequent updates.
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has sold over 6 million copies to date
  • Diablo III was the top selling game year to date with Digital and Retail combined, including the Annual Pass, selling over 10 million copies.
  • There is a plan for Diablo expansions, but no timeline for an announcement yet.
  • Call of Duty Elite was made free to increase player engagement.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
At September 30, 2012, the worldwide subscriber* base for World of Warcraft was more than 10 million, compared to a subscriber base of 9.1 million at June 30, 2012, and 10.3 million at September 30, 2011.

The sequential increase in subscribers for the three month period ended September 30, 2012 was attributable to the launch of the latest expansion pack, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria , on September 25, 2012, which resulted in increases in both the East and the West (where the “East” includes China, Taiwan, and Korea, and the “West” includes North America, Europe and Latin America). Looking forward, Blizzard Entertainment expects to continue to deliver new game content in all regions that is intended to further appeal to the gaming community.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Excess Valor Point Conversion
We have some good news! Turns out that one of the proposed solutions on this thread was already planned and is currently being worked on by our dev team, they intend to implement a functionality that will convert excessive Valor Points into Justice Points in the near future.

Unfortunately this change won’t make it in time for the 5.1 patch but will be added with a future patch. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Cinder Kitten Fundraiser
I don't know why they don't just release it right away, the sooner its out the sooner people can get the help they need from this
Keep in mind we have to patch the game to get the pet added, which is what we're doing with Patch 5.1. Unfortunately, it's not at all a trivial process to build a "fast patch" to get the Cinder Kitten in the game before 5.1 is released.

That said, we were extremely anxious to get the announcement put up asap, as we recognize the time-sensitive nature of this charitable cause and wanted to make sure you all were at least made aware to expect it.

He's so adorable! Thank you all very much for your enthusiasm around adopting the little fella in the name of supporting the Red Cross, a truly remarkable organization helping to repair lives in the wake of Sandy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Brawler’s Guild Feedback
Please make them more than 1 per person. BrG'll be monopolized, and I think that might be the solution to it.
While that's something we're going to be keeping an eye on, it will be quite difficult to monopolize the invitations. The current plan is to furnish 10 new Bind on Pickup invites on the Black Market Auction House each day, so anyone trying to control all the invitations on a realm would have to have quite a fortune, and be willing to spend it all on nothing more than simply delaying, not stopping, other players from joining the Guild. Also, after players earn an invitation of their own to give out (these earned invites aren't bound, they're consumables that can be freely handed out, sold on the Auction House, etc.), they can do with that earned invite as they please.

What will the required rank be for inviting a player? Revered, Exalted, or will the guild work differently than a faction reputation?
Right now, a member can invite someone else to the Brawler's Guild after earning Rank 7. We expect achieving that rank to be reasonably challenging for most players.

Finally, I'd appreciate if you expanded on what you mean by this, when you say that the Brawler's Guild: "A means of solo progression", yet simultaneously also say that it is: "A unique way to earn some solo PvE bragging rights"? Isn't there a bit of a contradiction here?
Sure! When we talk about progression, we're usually talking about increasing levels of player power. If you spend a decent amount of time raiding, doing organized PvP, etc. then you'll likely either earn items or some means of purchasing items that increase your character's ability to face tougher challenges over time.

Bragging rights are just that. While they can be very satisfying, they don't increase your character's effectiveness. So, the Brawler's Guild isn't a means of progression in the same way that dungeons, Raids, battlegrounds, arenas, scenarios etc., are.

But aside from some warlock-only stuff, a new Wrathion quest, and some more lore quests, this IS the patch.
Respectfully, I disagree. The Pandaren Campaign is much more than 'some lore quests', and, in combination with a slew of changes and improvements to everything from classes to Pet Battles, is quite possibly the biggest thing coming in Patch 5.1.

As I stated in the original post, the Brawler's Guild was never intended to be the big patch feature of 5.1, despite the excitement surrounding it. It really is a small feature that we've decided to try out. Since the announcement, it's become something much larger in players' minds since then, which is part of what I'm trying to address now.

Are you really that surprised? People have been asking for more solo-content for YEARS. Like for as long as I can remember. So here you are, finally delivering what purports to be challenging solo-content, and you've decided to limit access to wealth. And you're wondering why people are both excited for this feature and at the same time frustrated with the design choices you've made?
No, we're not surprised, but World of Warcraft hasn't traditionally been about solo content, either. Really, it still isn't - while you fight alone at the Brawler's Guild, you're surrounded by your peers. It's, at least in spirit, still social.

The whole thing is very much an experiment. I think it's also worth mentioning that the feedback we're receiving on this isn't being ignored, and that we're still considering alternate methods of distributing the invitations. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Crowd Control Feedback
trinket used: instant fear 7sec, poly 7sec, poly 4 sec, poly 2 sec, cyclone 7sec, cyclone 4sec, cyclone 2sec, 12sec breath, repeat until trinket is back up
That's some good communication from whichever team you are fighting, pulling off a successful crowd control chain where you effectively shut a single player down for 33 seconds is pretty impressive. Their whole team is wasting a lot of time and effort to keep you in CC like this, your team should try and take advantage of that by putting pressure onto them so that they cannot continue the chain so effectively. Your team could also try interrupting the CC chain through use of stuns, interrupts or even CC of your own.

If a team is so focused on keeping you in such an effective CC chain for so long, then their attention is focused on that and you should take full advantage of this fact. Right now however we are content with how crowd control abilities are working, especially when you consider the trade-offs that are involved in their use such as high costs, cooldowns, cast times as well as the focus and communication that is required to maintain a successful CC chain. A key point to make is that we do not feel diminishing returns have been communicated and explained well enough and this is something that we would like to work on.

"cast times"? Are we playing the same game?
Even if you consider the spells that are instant, you can still interrupt CC chains through the use of your own CC, as well as blanket silences.

When the rest of us are talking about overpowered unstoppable CC we're talking about something like this baby:

Fist of Justice
Mighty Bash whoever is close to pala and Repetance
Blinding Light
Instant cyclone
NS cyclone

You can counter this chain with CC of your own on either the Druid or Paladin. Using your own tactics to counter your opponent is something that you should be doing, be it through retaliating with pressure when their focus is elsewhere or performing counter-CC.

Sure there is a fair amount of crowd control and yes dispels now have an 8 second cooldown, this does not mean that all is lost and you will spend every game just sitting in CC. You have to take a step back and understand that the meta game has changed, bring new strategies to the table and evolve the style of play. You do not have to be set in your ways and never change, I am hoping to see even more new styles of play and strategies appearing in the future and am excited to start seeing players using those more. Pretty sure we will get to see a lot of this in the Battle.Net World Championship.

Those really needs to be removed, they do not promote skillful play. Why should you be rewarded with a blanket silence when you missed using your interrupt?
These are alternate uses of blanket silences, you mess up your interrupt and go "Oh damn, cannot let them cast that — blanket silence". This is fine, it just means that you wasted your interrupt and made a decision to use the blanket silence as well.

Don't forget though, blanket silences can be also be used tactfully. You can use blanket silences to strategically and pre-emptively shut another player down from using their instant cast spells. As with all crowd control, blanket silences have diminishing returns and we also try to give them healthy cooldowns to mellow them out. If you have some examples of skill-less play with silences, we would be glad to hear more about it.

I remember a time when only a few classes could CC, and u had to actually work for it, not just spam it since it has no cd or downside.
Some crowd controls have cooldowns and on top of that diminishing returns give them a downside which makes it impossible to recklessly spam because you will just burn out the DR's and your opponent will then be immune for a while.

Edit: And as Mirion already pointed out, your crappy new dispel system doesn't work because of the halfassed implementation.
Okay, I get understand that some of you are not that pleased with the Mists of Pandaria dispel system, that is fine. From what I read in Mírion's post, he does not mind the "think before you dispel" concept. So if you want to dispute that the 8 second cooldown system is not the best for gameplay, list ways in which you would like to see it work instead.

Blanket silences are skill-less, because you missed your interrupt but its no problem because you lockdown the player anyways. They're not fine.
And once again, that is a decision that you choose to make. If you mess up an interrupt and make a choice to not let a cast get off then that is your choice, you have simply burnt two cooldowns instead of just one. I already mentioned a couple of ways they can be used with planning and skill, stating that using them after missing an interrupt is skill-less is not entirely true as that is simply an on the spot decision made by a player, these decisions are regularly what decides the skill level of a play.

Nakatoir, just warning you in advance, but your posts WILL be quoted on Arena Junkies and completely taken the piss out of.
I am well aware of where my post is going to be quoted, that people may not agree with what I say as well as how much it will be broken down and analysed piece by piece. This does not stop me from posting as I am here to join in on the discussion, spur additional conversation and if my posts bring more intriguing, useful and beneficial feedback in places other than just here on the forums on top of what is already out there, then that's just dandy.

Your statement that it takes any skill whatsoever and that they're only focusing on CCing and thus does no damage shows a lack of understanding of the core issues that this game has. You have probably never played high rated arena to be able to see it clearly, but there's a very good reason why consensus among gladiator level players is that CC is completely out of control.
I never said that they were purely focused on their CC and no longer doing damage and/or healing. Their focus has been split especially if they are trying to weave a CC chain, even if it is only by a little, you can use that time to take advantage of the situation. This means that you may be able to counter-CC their team or take other actions to try and put yourself ahead. Understand though, I never said that we are not open to changes to CC, feel free to post your opinions of why you feel there is too much crowd control in the game and how it affects your gameplay. We are always more than happy to hear your opinion on these matters and that is why we read the forums and also discuss it with you. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Garalon Raid Finder Difficulty
Blizzard plz go to your internal data and look at Garalon failure rates and how it is causing people to not down a single boss due to the constant 2/3 queue times. We're all stuck here and I'd like to know if it is going to take a few weeks to fix or a few days.
A hotfix went in recently that re-tunes Garalon to be more appropriate for Raid Finder groups - he now has less health and Furious Swipe does less damage.

When did you last face him? The hotfix would have been applied yesterday evening (and will be noted in the next hotfix update blog). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator) / Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Warrior Feedback
I cannot say this enough, I am not defending TFB nor have we said at any point that this much damage coming from a single skill in PvP is fine. I actually posted that three times so far in this thread. I come here to add to the discussion that is already happening and hope to spur further conversation on the subject. As we always do, the feedback in this thread has been noted so please continue to discuss the topic.

Even though it is off-topic, Chaos Bolt damage is something that has been mentioned here a few times. Understand that mistakes in arena should be something that creates consequences for you. Allowing a three second cast like Chaos Bolt to finish is a mistake and as such the consequence is lots of incoming damage. The only time there is an exception to the three second cast is when Backdraft affects Chaos Bolt, which you can see coming from the Warlock having three Burning Embers. Awareness and good reactions helps preventing damage from this though. You can also force the Warlock into using their Burning Embers defensively on Ember Tap or other skills so they cannot cast as many Chaos Bolt. I recommend that you open up a separate thread to discuss Warlocks and Chaos Bolt, this topic is about Warrior damage and Taste for Blood.

Back on topic; we are going to be trying out a change on the PTR where Taste for Blood will only be able to stack to a maximum of three. As has been said earlier in the thread and by Ghostcrawler on Twitter, the chance of getting five stacks is so incredibly low that this will have very little balance implications. We do admit though, the lack of it continuing to occur after this will be a nice quality of life and balance change.

Please continue to give your feedback on TFB and Warrior burst, as well as constructive thoughts on how you think it could be changed, for example: (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

SWTOR Free to Play November 15
We finally have a date for SWTOR's new free to play option! The developers also released more details about the perks for subscribers and how Cartel Coins will work. Darthhater has all of the details.

The developers also mentioned two rules they put in to place when developing the free to play option:
  • Players can reach level 50 without paying a cent, if so desired.
  • Subscribers should not experience any degradation of their gameplay experience. In no way will subscribers feel the need to make purchases from the Cartel Market in order to be competitive in the game. (Subscribers will get a small amount of free Cartel Coins as a bonus!)

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Update: Guildox has recorded a World First 10 Man Heroic Garalon kill for Arctìca!

Cinder Kitten Charity Drive, Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes, Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16281

Let’s Talk About Brawler’s Guild
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Yes, we’re breaking the first rule of Brawler’s Guild.

For those of you that haven’t been following along, the Brawler’s Guild is a new feature being introduced to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria in patch 5.1. This new part of the World of Warcraft has generated a lot of excitement--not to mention a few questions--so we’re going to try to provide a clearer picture of what we’re hoping to accomplish with the Brawler’s Guild in this thread.

First, a little bit about what it is, and what it isn’t:

What Brawler’s Guild Is
  • A fun, but small diversion that could grow in time
  • A venue for a realm’s community to come together
  • A unique way to earn some solo PvE bragging rights
  • A cool place to hang out

What Brawler’s Guild Isn’t
  • A means of solo progression
  • A major patch feature accessible to everyone (at first)
  • A way to earn lots of in-game rewards
  • Proving Grounds where you can develop class skills (that’s a different feature arriving later on)

So, to sum up, we’re trying to give the Brawler’s Guild a tight knit, underground kind of feel, and we expect the Guild on each realm to slowly grow to encompass more and more of the population over time. Because invites will be so limited, it’s likely that a lot of the players that join the Brawler’s Guild will have had some kind of interaction with one or more existing members before they ever step into the ring. Finally, a smaller population will help keep the queues low for quite a while – since a big part of the Brawler’s Guild is watching other players fight their own battles, right now instancing arenas or using phasing isn’t an attractive option.

About Those Invites
Invites to the Guild will (at least initially) only be available for purchase on the Black Market Auction House. We’ve taken this approach both to control queue times, and also because the Brawler’s Guild is meant to be kind of a small, underground thing, and a way for players on a realm to come together. At first, that will happen because invites will go out from one player to another based on who buys those initial Black Market invites. After reaching a certain rank in the Brawler’s Guild, each of the new members can eventually earn one new invitation of their own to pass out to someone else on the same realm, so the Brawler’s Guilds on each realm should get progressively larger and larger over time. We may also investigate alternate methods of acquiring invitations or making them more plentiful.

World First?
We’ve also decided that attaching a realm first style achievement to the Brawler’s Guild isn’t necessarily the right move. Rest assured that there will be other achievements to earn in the ring though.

We know you’ve got questions, so ask away, and we’ll try to clarify where things are hazy.

Heart of Fear Heroic Progression Update
Manaflask has been keeping track of progression in Heart of Fear, or lack thereof, on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. Arctìca (EU-Chromaggus) decided to skip that boss and killed Blade Lord Ta'yak for World First 10 Man. Congratulations to them!

Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Hotfixes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Heroic Zor'lok encounter is currently more difficult than intended. While we prefer to avoid changes to encounters in the midst of progression, we would like to fix a few quality of life issues and make some targeted balance changes that do not invalidate the efforts that guilds have put into learning the encounter so far. Later today a hotfix will make the following adjustments:

  • Zor'lok's Echoes will pause briefly before beginning to cast Song of the Empress.
  • Zor'lok's berserk timer has been increased slightly.
  • Zor'lok will no longer summon Echoes of Force and Verve during the final phase of the encounter.
by Published on 2012-11-08 02:23 AM

Cinder Kitten Charity Drive for Superstorm Sandy Coming Soon
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Support the Red Cross’s Superstorm Sandy Response relief efforts and adopt a Cinder Kitten when this fiery feline arrives in the Blizzard Store later this year. Your support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to survivors of disasters like Superstorm Sandy with 100% of the $10 USD adoption fee during this charity drive going toward this worthy cause.

Details about when and how you can purchase the pet will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! To learn more about the Pet Store, please visit the Pet Store FAQ.

Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes - Nov 6
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • The base healing of Chi Torpedo has been increased, but it now scales less efficiently with attack power.
  • Keg Smash now deals progressively less damage when it strikes more than 5 targets.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Rapture now returns mana equal to 200% of the Priest's total Spirit (was 150%).
  • The shield generated by Divine Aegis now absorbs 50% of the amount healed (was 30%).



Dungeons & Raids
Heart of Fear
  • The Raid Finder version of Garalon is now tuned more appropriately for Raid Finder groups. His health has been significantly reduced, and Furious Swipe now deals significantly less damage.
  • Wind Lord Mel'jarak's health has been reduced slightly in the 10 player normal mode version of this encounter.
  • The Sha of Fear's Ominous Cackle will no longer sometimes send players to the same platform twice in a row.
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer will no longer become confused about what phase of the battle she's in.
  • Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
    • Visions of Demise now inflicts damage immediately once cast.
    • The Imperial Vizier can no longer be attacked until all the foes in the Oratorium are slain.
    • Zealous Bug will no longer spawn in the Raid Finder version of this encounter.
  • Amber-Shaper Un'sok
    • Volatile Amber pools will now properly eject more bolts of Volatile Amber in the 25 player versions of this encounter.
    • The health of Amber-Shaper Un'sok, Living Amber, and Amber Monstrosities has been increased in Heroic mode.
    • The Amber Explosion cast by transformed players now does the correct amount of damage when striking more than 10 targets.
Mogu'shan Vaults
  • Elegon's Total Annihilation will no longer penetrate immunity effects in the normal mode version of this encounter.

Bug Fixes
  • Wiping on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok or defeating the enemies preceding him in the Oratorium will no longer sometimes cause players to become raid locked to the Heart of Fear.
  • Tooltips for Crystallized Dread, Crystallized Horror, and Crystallized Terror have been updated.
  • The speed increase provided by the Druid ability Stampeding Roar no longer stacks with the speed increases provided by Cat Form or Travel Form.
  • Battleground speed power ups will no longer sometimes incorrectly stack with player movement speed increases.
  • Mana Tea channeling will no longer sometimes be interrupted when friendly players consume the Monk's Healing Spheres.

Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16281
A new PTR build will be deployed soon.

New Items

Level Type Slot Name
90Junk Stolen Present
90Consumable Honorable Commendation of the Dominance Offensive
90Consumable Honorable Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall
90Item Enhancement Eye of the Black Prince

New Loading Screen

New Icons

Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_PARTY - You are in both a party and an instance group. You may communicate with your party with "/p" and with your instance group with "/i".
  • ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_RAID - You are in both a raid and an instance group. You may communicate with your raid with "/ra" and with your instance group with "/i".
  • MAX_DAMAGE - Max Damage
  • MEMBER_COUNT_IN_RAID_LIST - %d |4Member:Members; in Raid
  • MEMBERS_IN_PARTY_LIST - Members in Party: %s
  • MIN_DAMAGE - Min Damage
  • PLAYER_IN_MULTI_GROUP_PARTY_MESSAGE - You are in both a party (/p) and an instance group (/i).
  • PLAYER_IN_MULTI_GROUP_RAID_MESSAGE - You are in both a raid (/ra) and an instance group (/i).
  • TOOLTIP_ITEM_COMPARE_FORMAT - |c%1$s%2$c%3$s|r %4$s
  • TOOLTIP_ITEM_STAT_FORMAT - %1$c%2$s %3$s

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Brawler's Guild
World Events


Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Guild Perks
  • The Quick and the Dead now increases movement speed while dead by 10%, down from 100%. This is a tooltip fix, as this change is already live.

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)


Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Arcane Charge now increases damage by 24% per charge, up from 22%.

Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)


Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Mind Sear damage increased by 22%. Now scales with 30.0% of SP, up from 24.5% of SP.

  • Cascade can no longer be cast in Spirit of Redemption form.
  • Divine Star can no longer be cast in Spirit of Redemption form.
  • Power Infusion no longer has a defined range.

  • Rapture - when your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled you are instantly energized with mana equal to 200% of your Spirit, up from 150%.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Kick now costs 10 energy, down from 15.

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator)


Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Arcane Blast Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the damage of all Arcane spells is increased by 22% 24% and mana cost of Arcane Blast is increased by 125%.
  • Expelled Corruption A mass of corruption inflicts 175,000 192,500 Shadow damage to all players within 30 yards every 1.5 sec.
  • Lightning Bolt Hurls a bolt of lightning at an enemy, inflicting 125,000 Nature damage. 137,500 Nature damage.
  • Lightning Prison Stuns a target in a field of lightning, causing them to inflict 50,000 55,000 Nature damage to all nearby players.
  • Lightning Storm A Lightning Storm forms around the caster, inflicting 350,000 385,000 Nature damage to all players caught in the lightning strikes.
  • Lightning Storm A Lightning Storm forms around the caster, inflicting 350,000 385,000 Nature damage to all players caught in the lightning strikes.
  • Lightning Storm A Lightning Storm forms around the caster, inflicting 350,000 385,000 Nature damage to all players caught in the lightning strikes.
  • Lightning Storm A Lightning Storm forms around the caster, inflicting 350,000 385,000 Nature damage to all players caught in the lightning strikes.
  • Lightning Storm A Lightning Storm forms around the caster, inflicting 350,000 385,000 Nature damage to all players caught in the lightning strikes.
  • Overwhelming Corruption The Sha's corruption overwhelms the Protector, inflicting 20,000 22,000 Shadow damage to all players every 3 sec.
  • Touch of Sha Fills an enemy with the Sha's corruption, inflicting 25,000 38,500 Shadow damage every 3 seconds.
  • Water Bolt Hurls a bolt of water at an enemy, inflicting 95,000 105,000 Nature damage to them and all enemies within 3 yards.
by Published on 2012-11-07 07:54 AM

Wizard With 3.3 Million DPS, Does Blizzard Care About Feedback?, Poll: What Monster Power Level Do You Prefer?, Rolling Restarts - 11/07/2012

Patch 5.1 - Operation: Shieldwall
Today we take a look at the start of the Alliance quest line in Patch 5.1. This line involves the new Operation: Shieldwall faction.

Patch 5.1 Proc Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In 5.1, we’re migrating four additional procs over to the Real PPM system. Dancing Steel and Jade Spirit are 2 Real PPM, River's Song is 4 Real PPM, and Colossus is 6 Real PPM.

Patch 5.1 - Wrathion Audio
One of the recent PTR builds added audio for the lines we previously posted about for the new Wrathion quest line.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Mote of Harmony
Yeah trading them for items is good I guess but for me I don't need money and mainly like the idea of using them for pretty purple items haha. It would be good to have the choice that's all.
When selecting two gathering professions, there is going to be some understanding that you won't be making gold from crafting, at least not on that character. Making them BoP is a good way of showing others that, you as a crafter, have made an awesome item for yourself. If you plan on selling the crafted item, it allows you to raise the value and demand even more of a profit.

As others have mentioned though, there is always a chance they'll become BoA or BoE in the future but no promises. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Conquest Point Cap Increase
UPDATE: We're aware not all players received the updated Conquest caps with today's maintenance, and we're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Low Difficulty Level of Dungeons
The ability to get in quickly and easily by being automatically matched with other players has a ton of great benefits, including just being able to get in and do dungeons without needing to spend time coordinating a group or spamming chat channels. Plus it has the whole Set It and Forget It benefit of being able to go do stuff while you're in queue. But the ease of entry has a downside in that tolerance goes down, and the fact of a random group is a lack of consistency from run to run. Random players being matched together injects a ton of inconsistency, but if it goes bad you can just jump back into queue and are probably not much worse for the wear.

Cataclysm dungeons tended to require things like CC, and in general a fairly in-sync and coordinated group to be consistently successful (at least until enough people outgeared them). The problem comes when matching random players together that there is no consistency. While you may go in with a group and all learn something, that a specific mob needs to be CC'd, or a certain boss behavior to avoid a wipe, those lessons are more than likely out the window with the next group you're matched with. While you may have some knowledge, maybe no one else does, and most people don't want to spend every run waiting for everyone else to learn all those same lessons. That can just be a frustrating experience. So instead of trying to force a group of strangers to be so heavily coordinated (maybe even having to jump into voice chat) just to complete the first steps of progression, we reduce the complexity to a point where the random groups that are being put together can most of the time be successful without needing to be hyper-organized or educated on each pull. Instead, that organization is far more important for the organized content where random people aren't matched together: normal and Heroic raids.

Of course there are players that want every piece of content to be very challenging, even going so far as wanting hard questing and daily quests, but the breadth of types of people playing World of Warcraft mean that we need to have a wide variety of content, and a wide variety of difficulty, to try to appeal to a variety of tastes. Obviously it's not an exact science, as you'll see from expansion to expansion, or even patch to patch, we may change difficulty to suit what we believe will achieve the best results for the people attempting that content. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warrior Damage in PvP
So this video has been getting around a lot lately, showing up in many different threads so let us just make this the main one for its discussion

Yeah, because clearly you should be expecting a 200k+ HC strike. I'm sorry, but there's no way you can anticipate this kind of damage as it's completely RNG and you're dead before you can react.
Actually, in a way you can. If you monitor the Warriors buffs, you will be able to see the number of Taste for Blood (TFB) stacks that are building up and this is can indicate when the cooldowns are going to be popped and the big damage is incoming. So this allows you to be prepared for when they jump onto you and you can use your defensive cooldowns. Please understand that we are in no way saying that this damage is fine, but it does take a lot of work for a Warrior to do this and can be predicted.

I know that the theory is not the same as in practice and keeping constant tabs on the Warriors TFB stacks is not always possible. The main point that needs to be mentioned though is that the cooldowns you can see being blown in this video on their own, while a major damage increase, is not substantial enough to global a player unless used in conjunction with several stacks of TFB to create a HUGE Heroic Strike critical.

For a Warrior to build up enough stacks to global a player like seen in this video, they need a incredible amounts of up time to make sure the stacks of TFB do not fall off before getting a new one. To make it clearer, in 15 seconds they need to get a new stack of TFB and then repeat that, hoping their stacks do not fall off before the buff expires. Four or five TFB stacks are generally needed to pull off the Heroic Strike damage you see in the video on a well geared player and because of the changes in 5.1 these stacks while still possible to build, will not be as easy to get as they are now.

The main change that does this is the one to Avatar, which removes movement impairing effects rather than making you immune to them, this is because your up-time will not be nearly as high. This means that while you may very rarely still see a large Heroic Strike like this because someone is good enough or the Warrior is facing someone who is struggling to keep their distance, they will be less common. If a Warrior is good enough to build those stacks though, you can anticipate the incoming damage by watching their TFB stacks.

So this change to Avatar lowers two key issues with Warriors, mobility and burst and the Gag Order change helps with their control. Do not think that these change makes Warriors too controllable or weak in Arena, they will simply no longer be able to stick to a target constantly and build up TFB stacks, then afterwards global a player.

''Warriors – We don’t think Warrior burst is out of control'' - Ghostcrawler. What do you mean? Ghostcrawler told us that Warrior burst is fine! How dare you go against his divine will!
I never said that Warrior burst was not fine. I just said that the 230K crit you see here is a lot of damage and that we are not implying that this much damage from one skill is fine.

If you pop all defenses possible as healer on yourself the thing that a warrior does is switching target and hitting the other person full in the face.
The Warrior only has one chance with their TFB. What I meant was that if you see those TFB stacks and the Warrior pops his cooldowns, if your reactions are good you can make him waste the TFB stacks. If they use up those TFB stacks on someone with their defensive cooldowns, the switch they make after is not all that scary.

Not taking your words out of context here, but a warrior takes a lot of work to get TFB stacks to 5? That's like doing the lottery and winning, saying it's "a lot of work".

It's RNG, simple as that, and to win games off of the back of RNG and RNG alone, is not something that should have even made it live, seeing as it's an intended mechanic and not a bug that was overshadowed on the Beta.

As we're keeping this to one thread, to prove my point at just how quick a warrior can get 5 stacks of TFB and end a match instantly, watch the following:

That fight lasts about 30seconds, maye a little more? So difficult to prevent! So easy to anticipate! Just stop the warrior...

I never denied the fact that it was RNG and yes, there can be times where this happens. While you are strongly suggesting that it makes it easy to get, I would argue with. If luck is in your favor you can indeed get the stacks on your first try five times in a row, but the chance of that happening is 0.243% so I would consider the clip you linked a freak occurrence. In general though, it is something that requires you to be stuck to your target and trying many times to get to several stacks of TFB. And again, while not always possible but can help, monitoring the warriors buffs can let you know when this damage is incoming and the changes in patch 5.1 will make it harder for a Warrior to stick to a target and get those TFB stacks. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Feedback
What an enormous spit in the face of every guild that tries their best but just isn't world first material. To hear this from a Blizzard employee...You heard it people, Blizzard doesn't consider you competitive unless you're Paragon or Method.

What about competition on a realm? Competition between guilds of similar amount of raiding days/raid philosophy? Between people in a guild? Competition between players of the same class on a realm? Competition on WoL? Are they less important because it's not about world firsts?

There are varying levels of competitiveness. The folks playing at a local club are competitive. But on a different level (of skill, most often) than professional players. This is kind of the same, there are competitive guilds out there that just can't perform at the level of world first guilds. Are they less important? No.

But coming here and saying that you need to do all this because you are competitive and complaining about it's just weird. That's why it's called competition. You need to edge your opposition one way or the other. There are many ways to gear up these days, and you don't need to use them all, but of course, if you do, you'll gear up quicker.

Asking, in consequence, to shut down those things you don't want to do (and therefore reduce the quality of this game) just because you don't want to use those venues cannot be seen as a benefit (especially by the players that do use those).

Of course, in a world where you compete against other guilds, folks using those venues will most likely progress faster than you in the same timeframe, that's competition. And that's part of choosing which playstyle you want to pursue. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Gearing up an Offspec
Is there still quests to get at 90 that give gear, or is it only dailies from now on? Should I just run through dungeons and hope that no one needs the gear for their main spec?
First of all, there's a gear vendor at Townlong Steppes that may come in handy: Supplier Xin (at Longying outpost) sells green 408 items for gold, so if you have DPS gear that's still below that, you can go and pick upgrades there.

Following that, you can queue on scenarios. These can reward a 463 item usable by your class. And of course, if you meet the item level requirements, both heroic dungeons and LFR are great sources to get more gear for it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Activision Blizzard Q3 2012 Earnings Call on November 7
The Q3 2012 Earnings call will take place on November 7, at 1:30 PM PST, which brings us an update on subscriber numbers for the third quarter of 2012. The Mists of Pandaria Launch Press release from a few days after Q3 ended stated that they were back over 10 million subscribers again, a gain of 900,000 since Q2.

Warcraft Elections
Blizzard is held their own elections today for new faction leaders!

by Published on 2012-11-06 07:48 AM

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Patch 5.1 - Brawler's Guild Invites
The new Brawler's Guild being added Patch 5.1 will require you to purchase an invite from the Black Market Auction House. If you aren't able to purchase an invite, someone else who is already in the Brawler's Guild can invite you. On the PTR there are currently 10 invites with a starting bid of a few thousand gold.
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)
Why put Brawler's Guild pass on the BMAH? Now I'll just never see it because I hate the BMAH.
The experience won't be good if 1000 players hit the brawls when the patch drops. We need to ramp up slowly, but we'll ramp up.

From what I have seen its not instanced. You literally have to wait in line for your turn.Hope I'm wrong
It is not instanced. We have plenty of instanced content. We want these to have spectators.

Seems like a design failure. Shouldn't have to bow and scrape to the 1% in game to see content. Not a good feels.
I expect everyone who wants to brawl will be able to. Just not the day the patch goes live. Slow down, as the Pandaren say.

Reminder: Heroic and Raid Finder Difficulty Heart of Fear Opens This Week
Don't forget that Heroic and Raid Finder (part 1) difficulty Heart of Fear is opening this week! The second half of Raid Finder difficulty and Normal difficulty Terrace of Endless Spring will open next week.

So far 555 guilds, or 2.08% of the guilds tracked by WoWProgress have completed normal difficulty.

Conquest Point Cap Increase
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
To help everyone keep up with the upcoming system in 5.1 that will allow you to upgrade your Conquest gear with Conquest Points, a hotfix is being implemented very soon that will raise the Conquest Point caps:

At 1500 rating, the Arena Conquest Cap will now be 1800 (up from 1350), while the Rated Battleground Conquest cap will be 2200 (up from 1650). As always, when your rating increases, so will your cap.

Plan accordingly! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
The BMAH is boring
The Black Market Auction House features a wide variety of items. One week it might have something like an Enchanted Broom, the next week Ashes of Al'ar. It's completely random, and varies per realm. Certainly there have been items up on a few realms that people hit the bid cap on.

Just keep watching, it's bound to have something you want sooner or later. Only trick is, it'll probably be desirable to other people too. Good luck! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Daily Quests and the Grind
Is the only way to get the Elder Charm Coins is by doing dailys by getting 90 of the good coins and turning them into 3 elder...? that sort of forces u into dailys if so.. because u know people want that extra chance in Raid to get the gear so your know there going do dailys to get a silly coin that doesnt even help one bit gg..
"Gear drops in raids like it always has."
"I like gear like I always have."
"But I want bonus chances at that gear."
"I have to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear?!"
"I don't want to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear!"
"That thing I don't want to do that would earn me bonus chances at that gear, doesn't earn me bonus chances at that gear!"

Let me know if that's an accurate summary, as well as what you're talking about. o.O

Lol ok the point is everyone dont wanna do dailys all day every dam day : ) kk thanks. i dont mind grinding rep dont get me wrong gives me something to do... but having to do dailys to gain the rep is load of crap. tabard ftw.. gg.
Sounds good. I suggest not doing dailies all day everyday if you don't want to, then. I don't want to either. If I want to have additional pulls of the slot machine when I'm in a raid though, I'll decide if the cost is worth it, or if I'll just take my standard one shot at a boss's loot table per week.

Do I want a tabard that allows me to get credit for doing one type of content, while actually doing another (which, by itself, earns me gold and chances at loot)? It'd save me time, sure. There are so many things about endgame progression that could be changed to save me time, enough so that I wouldn't have to worry about enjoying actually playing the game to improve my character and earn things.

"Sounds good. I suggest not doing dailies all day everyday if you don't want to, then. I don't want to either."

Zarhym admits he/she doesn't want to do dailies. What can we infer out of this? Devs admit they aren't fun. Which they aren't. Maybe once. Maybe twice. Heck, I'll even go three times. But past that? Pfffffft.

I don't like it when my words are twisted. I put sentences together to convey a cohesive thought, so I'd prefer if you read them in context.

I said I don't want to do dailies all day everyday either. I do dailies. I enjoy being able to earn my reputation. I appreciate that the system is designed to allow me to do a little bit of whatever I want to do each week without feeling overwhelmed. As soon as I capped Valor this week, I stopped running dailies and focused on other things. I'll wait until the weekly reset to pick up where I left off to get the full reward of completing each daily. Those factions aren't going anywhere. I log into the game everyday, and I never log out feeling like I made no progress. I can't say the same about my time in Cataclysm.

"I appreciate that the system is designed to allow me to do a little bit of whatever I want to do each week without feeling overwhelmed"

Except it is overwhelming. Every day I don't finish all of my dailies, I feel like I've missed out. That I'm now behind where I could be. And how do I catch up? I don't. I'll never catch up, I'll always be behind. This puts an overwhelming burden on completing every daily every day. And each day I don't meet these goals set by the game, it's demotivating. Why keep trying since I'll never catch up?

My valor is capped for the week, my charms are capped for the next several weeks, and every post I make or read I'm feeling more and more behind schedule. But I've fallen so far behind now, that I don't want to try and catch up.

Just like with all other games I play, I don't choose to measure how my time is spent in the game -- or whether or not I'm enjoying it -- against the players in STARS, Vodka, Blood Legion, or any of the other hardcore guilds out there, or the people who can devote hours upon hours more time to this game than me.

I don't think you should either. Sure, I know people have commitments to friends and guilds. There are social expectations and demands put on players to be at a certain progression point, or completing X/Y/Z every week in order to be included in raids.

If the goal is to be entertained by playing a game and you're not meeting that goal, it's totally fair to reassess things -- whether that means looking at what kind of stresses you impose on yourself, who you're playing with, what you're doing with your time in the game, and maybe even your time spent with the game itself.

But, from your post, it sounds like the pressure you feel comes from within. And I honestly have to wonder why. I don't mean to be a downer, but you'll likely never be on the cutting edge of clearing content as soon as it's possible to do so. And by the way, these endgame progression systems weren't modeled around that being the assumed standard way the general population plays the game. Spoiler: It's not how the general population plays the game.

Leading up to Mists, we talked a lot about having as many options as possible for players to play how they want to. That means you have a lot of choices, and some of them will provide you with extra advantages in other pieces of content (bonus rolls, VP loot from factions, etc.). Regardless of your opinion on our delivery, I think it's fair to say we really did give people a lot of choices. But if the standard mentality is, "I must do ALL THE THINGS if I can," rather than, "I must do all the things I find fun that will progress my character, time permitting" you'll surely feel overwhelmed.

The whole "coin" thing is fine but I know have 274 lesser charm of good fortune and 9 elder charm of good fortune! WTH am I gonna do with all these lesser ones? Can't trade them in, not yet geared enough for raids(spending way too much time doing dailies with no time left for heroics!)!!!! So what good are they other then taking up space(2slots) in my bag?!?!?!
Lesser Charms are being moved out of your bags and turned into a currency in 5.1. Think a little further down the road when you're not doing dailies as often and you're raiding more. A stockpile of Lesser Charms is absolutely what you'll want. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Feedback
So then, please answer this for me. Lets say everyone else in my raidteam makes the choice to do LFR, because better gear obviously helps progression. I choose not to do LFR, simply because i do not want to do it. Now can you honestly with a straight face tell me that i am not holding my teams progress back? Thats right, you cant.
I can. Your kill will be slowed by a fraction of time (seconds). But by no stretch of the imagination your team will be meeting enrage timers unless you're just undergeared. Once you're at the point to which the content is tuned for, the only thing preventing your raid from killing the boss is perfecting the execution. The very tight dps races are on Heroic (Gara'jal Heroic comes to mind as an example) and in that setting unless you're at the very top of progression, LFR gear will do you no good (it's very likely you'll need a fair amount of normal gear to take him down).

You don't need to use LFR to clear normal (this is evident). However to say that LFR wasn't required to clear heroic (all of the top guilds ran LFR as a group for in-guild drops) is a bit ridiculous. It might not be needed when everyone is decked in 489 gear, but when the gear inflation between heroic blues (463) and the first tier (489) is so large because of LFR (476) there is an obvious problem. This wasn't a problem that existed in Cataclysm.
And it's a problem that won't happen past Mogu'shan Vaults Raid Finder. Heroic Gear from this tier will be higher item level than gear from the Raid Finder of the next tier, therefore heroic raiders won't feel obligated to enter it for gearing purposes.

We aren't supposed to, Yet the majority of players do. It's badly designed imo, and I was hoping to see it rectified in early MoP. Are players supposed to be able to clear normal in a week before LFR is released?
Players have certainly cleared MV before LFR was opened. Of course, that takes a level of skill and coordination that not necessarily all raid groups have.

So there's why doing LFR - or dailies - isn't a choice. We've got the option of better gear, then we'll do it. We need it. I was in big need for a weapon until yesterday, so I'd run every opportunity to get one (Gate of the Setting Sun and LFR). I needed the upgrades certain factions offered on hitting exalted, so I did the dailies. The only choice involved here is my choice for raiding, and this includes pressure to not waste the time of my fellow raiders by not pulling the maximum of my char. We raid because we want to progress, not because we like to wipe to enrage timers and gear dependent mechanics. Of course competition is part of raiding, even on server level, but this isn't the sole reason why a raid wants to advance quickly. So yes - almost anything that improves performance will be felt mandatory not only by hardcore, but also semi hardcore raider folks.
And that's part of what implies picking that particular play style. If you aim to be hardcore/semi hardcore, of course, you'll need (and want) every possible gear upgrade you can get. Because that's what you've chosen to do. You want to be at the top of your game. So it makes sense you'll go out of your way to pick every possible upgrade lying ahead in hopes of edging your competition.

That's precisely what competition is about. Getting the upper hand over everyone else. And for that, I'd argue it's just logical you'll go and do everything that's available. For Heroic raiders, though, LFR will slowly fade away as you replace your gear with Heroic gear. Because come the next tier, you won't have a reason to go there. On this tier you'll experience the same already with Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring LFRs. For those slots you've got gear from normal Mogu'shan Vaults, there'll be no reason to go and visit HoF and TES LFRs (when those are open), since it'll still be higher item level than that of LFR.

I find it rather mind-boggling that the idea of competitiveness coming from blue posts can't get beyond getting realm/world firsts. For one thing, there are lots of things people would probably consider as 'realm firsts' that aren't recognised as such. For example, the vast majority of world/realm first kills are going to come from hardcore guilds running 16-20+ hours per week. Guilds running 2 or 3 3-4 hour raids per week may well consider themselves in a separate bracket with others with similar time limits.
By this definition, I should be able to walk up to Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant, Sebastian Vettel, Roger Federer... (you get the idea, I guess) and tell them I'm being super competitive in their respective sports because I'm competing in a local league putting a fraction of the time they are. The thing is, when looking at the grand scheme, I'm not. Not even close. There's a reason why the world first quality guilds usually get world firsts, and it's not just skill, there's also commitment, coordination and a myriad of factors.

Of course, if we start removing factors that we can't or don't want to meet, even playing rock-paper-scissors with your friend on the middle of Times Square is competitive, but the moment the discussion goes down that path, it's very unlikely we'll reach any kind of agreement on what's being discussed.

However, for people with less ability to perform DPS/other roles, it makes no doubt to me that they are indeed having trouble on enrage timers and such, or at the very least be close enough that they'll absolutely want any possible upgrade.

When we raided during the first week with raids full of 463~ ilvl geared characters enrage timers felt quite tight, and we're a world-class guild. I can safely assume that a raid of players that perform sub-par, despite their much higher ilvl, will not be dishing out much more DPS/healing than our raids back in 463 gear, and will probably encounter a lot of trouble with enrage timers or other numbers-related issues rather than mechanics issues.

Isn't this another reason why it'd do good to those players that feel they need the gear to instead improve their dps rotations, talents, gearing choices, etc, so that they can make the most benefit of their class rather than relying on getting higher gear? (I'm talking about those encounters that aren't dps checks, of course, at some point the developers expect the raid to be at a certain treshold of gear, and if that's not the case it's very likely you just won't be able to move forward until you get more upgrades)

Of course, not everyone can play at the 100% of their spec, but the jump those players may see from wearing all 463 to 476 compared to the jump from perfecting their rotations (working on them, or whichever area they might be failing in) would probably yield a greater result, and one that will outlast gear replacements in the long run; you're not likely to lose skill once you've acquired it after all. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

TCG Art Update
Blizzard has updated the Trading Card Game art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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