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Diablo 3 - Patch 1.0.3 Unofficial Changes

Heroic Siege of Niuzao Temple Video Guide
Siege of Niuzao Temple is a four boss heroic instance in Townlong Steppes. You can see the loot, maps, and quests associated with the dungeon on WoWDB!

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Niuzao Temple extends across two fortified islands far beyond a towering wall called the Serpent's Spine. For years, tenacious pandaren defenders have protected the narrow bridges connecting the isles, staving off any would-be invaders. Yet recently, the mantid created their own bridge--a massive tree root--and seized one of the islands by surprise. Now, these brutal insectoids are poised to assault Niuzao's remaining guardians.


Vizier Jin'bak
  • Sap Puddle - The Sap Puddle grows over time, inflicting 8,000 Nature damage over 1 sec to enemies who touch it. Touching the Sap Puddle also causes it to shrink in size.
    • Sap Residue - When a player touches the Sap Puddle, it causes the Residue to attach to them. Sap Residue inflicts 8,000 Nature damage over 1 sec. The effect stacks.
  • Summon Sap Globule - Vizier Jin'bak summons three Sap Globules from the tree.
    • Sap Globule - Sap Globules try to congeal with the Sap Puddle, increasing its size.
  • Detonate - The Resin Harvester attempts to detonate the Sap Puddle, inflicting damage based on the size of the Sap Puddle.
  • Heroic Difficulty - Siege of Niuzao Temple is only available on Heroic Difficulty.

Commander Vo'jak
  • The Escaped Prisoners - The mantid captured these three Pandaren during the initial attack on Niuzao Temple, but the prisoners were able to break free of their bindings and fight back. Now they stand ready to do whatever it takes to end the siege.
    • Caustic Tar - Escaped prisoners, Li and Lo Chu, will position and prepare mantid tar kegs for use in the battle. Players can throw the kegs of Caustic Tar onto the battlefield. Caustic Tar inflicts on any unit standing within the tar 23,750 Nature damage, reduces movement speed by 50%, and increases damage taken by 10%. This effect stacks. The Caustic Tar also removes any effect from the target that increases movement or attack speed.
  • Stage One: Bring It! - Commander Vo'jak orders his forces to attack the players.
    • Sik'thik Swarmer - Lightly armored and well trained, the Sik'thik Swarmers are a key part of the Vo'jak's forces.
    • Sik'thik Amberwing - The Sik'thik Amberwing flies to the top of the platform and bombards the players.
      • Bombard - The Sik'thik Amberwing fires a volley of explosives at random enemy locations every 1.5 sec. for 15 sec. Bombard inflicts 90,000 Fire damage to all creatures within 5 yards of the targeted location.
    • Sik'thik Demolisher - Quick and volatile, these mantid carry explosive charges.
      • Unstable Blast - The Sik'thik Demolisher carries unstable explosives and explodes when damaged or killed, inflicting 42,750 to all targets within 16 yards.
    • Sik'thik Warrior - Sik'thik Warriors slowly advance on the enemy position.
  • Stage Two: Your Defenses Did Not Stop Me! - Commander Vo'jak's enters the battle as his forces near defeat at the hands of the players.
    • Rising Speed - Commander Vo'jak focuses his will and determination, increasing his attack speed by 15% every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
    • Dashing Strike - Commander Vo'jak charges a random enemy player, inflicting 71,250 Physical damage to all enemies passed through. The Strike also knocks back his current target, inflicting an additional 190,000 Physical damage.
    • Thousand Blades - Immediately after using Dashing Strike, Commander Vo'jak begins to spin around and send blades outward, inflicting Physical damage to all targets within 8 yards. Thousand Blades also removes the Caustic Tar effect.
  • Heroic Difficulty - Siege of Niuzao Temple is only available on Heroic Difficulty.

General Pa'valak
  • Blade Rush - General Pa'valak throws his sword at a random player's location, inflicting 150,000 Physical damage to all players within 4 yards on impact. Once the sword lands General Pa'valak then charges to it, inflicting 300,000 Physical damage to all players within 4 yards and knocking them back.
  • Tempest - General Pa'valak unleashes a tempest, inflicting 90,000 Nature damage to all players within 60 yards and negating the next 45,000 points of healing on the target.
  • Call Reinforcements - When General Pa'valak reaches 65% and 35% remaining health, he shields himself in a Bulwark and summons reinforcements.
    • Bulwark - General Pa'valak surrounds himself in a shield, absorbing 1,500,000 damage.
    • Aerial Bombardment - General Pa'valak summons Sik'thik Amber-Sappers to bomb players.
      • Siege Explosive - Sik'thik Amber-Sappers drop Siege Explosives that arm themselves after 3 seconds. Then after an additional 3 seconds pass they explode for 300,000 Fire damage in a 7 yard radius. The explosion causes players to take 5% additional damage for 15 sec. This effect stacks.
      • Throw Explosive - Players may attempt to throw Siege Explosives back at enemy Mantid before they arm. Thrown Explosives inflict 300,000 Fire damage to all Mantid within 7 yards of the targeted area and increase their damage taken by 5% for 1.5 min. This effect stacks.
    • Ground Assault - General Pa'valak summons waves of Sik'thik Soldiers to defend him in battle.
      • Sik'thik Soldier
        • Serrated Blade - Sik'thik Soldiers slice a player, inflicting 7,500 Physical damage every 3 seconds for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Heroic Difficulty - Siege of Niuzao Temple is only available on Heroic Difficulty.

Wing Leader Ner'onok
  • Hurl Brick - Ner'onok throws rubble from the damaged bridge at his target, inflicting Physical damage equal to 100% of his weapon damage.
  • Caustic Pitch - Ner'onok throws a glob of Caustic Pitch at a random location. The glob inficts 40,000 Nature damage every 1 sec. and reduces the movement speed of players touching it by 50%.
  • Quick-Dry Resin - Ner'onok sprays a target with heated resin. As the resin hardens it inflicts 7,500 Fire damage every 1 sec. If this process completes the target becomes encased in resin and cannot move or act for 6 sec. Jumping counteracts this effect and if the target breaks free they become Invigorated, increasing casting and movement speeds by 15% for 30 sec.
  • Treacherous Winds - Twice during the fight Nero'nok lifts off and flies to the other end of the bridge. Upon landing he periodically channels Gusting Winds until interrupted.
    • Gusting Winds - Ner'onok beats his wings fiercely, creating a powerful gale that pushes enemies away from him at high speed.
  • Heroic Difficulty - Siege of Niuzao Temple is only available on Heroic Difficulty.

Faction Description Updates
Several of the NPCs which have friendship levels got new descriptions in this patch.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Jogu the Drunk - Jogu's easy to find - gazing into the bottom of a bottle of the cheapest Stormstout Brewery has to offer.
  • Ella - Ella aspires to be a great brewer, but she has a long road ahead of her!
  • Old Hillpaw - Old Hillpaw is the canniest chicken raiser around.
  • Chee Chee - If you've ever had a question about sheep, Chee Chee will know the answer.
  • Sho - A stout, proud defender of the farmlands, Sho is always there when you need a strong fist.
  • Haohan Mudclaw - The respected leader of the Tillers, Haohan Mudclaw is swamped with responsibilities.
  • Tina Mudclaw - Tina Mudclaw is fond of the delicate things in life.
  • Gina Mudclaw - Managing the Halfhill Market makes Gina Mudclaw one stressed lady!
  • Fish Fellreed - Fish Fellreed's found out more about the history of this land than the rest of the town's forgotten.

More Pet Battle Music
The latest beta patch added some more pet battle music!

New Pet Battle Skills
The past few beta patches have added a few new pet abilities as well!

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Build TurretMechanical04 rounds100%
CloneMagic0100 rounds100%
DamnedUndead11 round100%
FailsafeMechanical251 round100%
GM ReviveHumanoid10020 rounds100%
GM UnkillableHumanoid0100%
Mudslide [NYI]Critter03 rounds100%
RecoveryHumanoid51 round100%
Slippery IceElemental00%

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Troll Moonkin Model
Why did they change our Moonkin form's antlers to horns like Tauren Moonkin?
Antlers are back. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Rogue (Forums)
Rogue Class Design
Ghostcrawler, I know you probably won't make your way this deep in the thread, but I just wanted to say thanks for all of this great information and feedback. I really appreciate the openness you've shared with us in these posts. Kudos.
We read everything. We just can't always respond to it all. But if you make good points, I promise we will consider them.

GC, I’d say thanks for the posts you’ve made, but they confuse me. Not the content of the posts, but that you take the trouble to post them yet the content of them is generally dismissive.
I understand your point of view and I sympathize, but it is something of a no win scenario for us. If we agreed with any particular feedback and there weren't compelling reasons to not make a change, then we would do it. Everyone is happy. That happens sometimes. More often, we disagree or we agree but there is some other reason we aren't going to make a change. The way this comes across to players more often than not is that ideas were suggested and ignored or dismissed. They are never ignored or dismissed.

It would be great if it was possible for us to debate those issues every time they come up, but I don't know a reasonable way to do that. Sometimes I find a bit of spare time to make a forum post or a blog to try and explain our design intent so that at least you have some frame of reference, and the other developers and the community team do likewise.

As I said in one these recent posts, it often feels like the only kind of post from us that is going to be acceptable to some players is "Yes! You are spot on! Buffs and / or changes incoming!" But imagine what the game would be like if we did that every time a suggestion came up. Yes, we should only make the good changes and not the bad ones, but we have yet to find a litmus test to easily detect good from bad. (Let us know if you know of one!) Instead we use our judgment, which is a mix of gut instinct, experience and feedback.

Realize that some of the time we choose to post nothing at all it's because we want to avoid the "But you just dismissed all of our concerns" responses. It's a bummer for players to read a post that says "We disagree" or even worse, "we agree but we have a good reason not to make the change." I get that. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Games News Update
Pico is back with an update on the news in WoW, SC2, and D3!

by Published on 2012-06-15 05:18 AM

Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter - Inferno Diablo Build, Legendary Buffs, More Hotfixes, EU Account Security Alert: Riot Games, Blue Posts, Digital Strategy Guide

Pandaren Language
Even if you haven't listened to a Pandaren speak Pandaren, it might be familiar to you...

Beta PvP Gear Vendors
If you are one of the lucky players in Beta, you can now purchase ilevel 483 Gladiator's gear from the PvP vendors on top of the Gate of the Setting Sun! For a full lit of the PvP gear, including the Monk PvP gear, check out WoWDB! Wand spellpower values are accurate compared to what is displayed in game, but the value is very unlikely to be final.

Female Pandaren Hair Updates
Female Pandaren got some new hair options in the latest beta build, along with some earrings! You can see a larger amount of the color in the new textures.

Account Security Alert: Riot Games / League of Legends
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As some of you may know, Riot Games recently announced that certain League of Legends player account information in European databases was compromised by an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into their network:

The data accessed included email addresses and encrypted account passwords, and they have determined that more than half of the passwords were simple enough to be at risk of easy cracking.

If you are a League of Legends player and happen to use the same password for your League of Legends account and your account, we strongly encourage you to reset your password at this time. To complete a password reset, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Password. You can also visit this page if you've forgotten or lost your password:

Additionally, if you used your email address to sign up with League of Legends, you may also wish to update your email address via Account Management as a general security precaution. To update your email address, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Email Address.

If you are unable to update your password or email address and believe your account might be compromised, please contact our customer support staff by using the Account Recovery Form:

For additional security tips and suggestions, be sure to check out the Account Security Awareness guide at

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Rogue (Forums)
Rogue Class Design
What annoying things have we had to deal with that you're fixing?
I'll just use one example because in our opinion it's the biggest. Layered ramping mechanics were the single biggest weakness rogues have in Cataclysm (and have had for some time). Some ramping is desirable, but too much can really hurt target switching, prohibit fast burst damage, etc. (Don't take this to extremes -- we don't need posts from every class pointing out situations in which they can't go from 0 to 60 when target switching and therefore arguing how they need to be redesigned.)

In Mists, we want combo points to be the ramping mechanic. Deadly Poison doesn't need to be a ramping mechanic. Bandit's Guile doesn't need to be a ramping mechanic. We changed the way both of those work.

You may not have thought it was a problem, but we did, and we heard about it a lot from rogue players, so we fixed it.

I sincerely want to know by what measure and according to what data you conclude rogues are "fine" in PvP right now.
What I meant was that we didn't see any crippling design flaws in rogues that needed overhauling in Mists. Sub rogues probably are too good in Cataclysm PvP, or at least 3v3 Arenas, which many players use as synonymous with PvP. It's hard to tell if Assassination and Combat are really weak, or if Sub is so strong that any sensible rogue just plays Sub. It's also entirely possible that it isn't even Sub that is too powerful but just Prep and Shadowstep. In any case, my comment was addressed towards the group of players that believe rogues have this giant list of issues that must be addressed, and at another (perhaps overlapping) group of players that just want us to change things up for the rogue because they're getting bored. Sorry for any confusion.

The combo points issue is a symbolic one, though. This is something a large number of rogues have wanted for a very long time, and the issue gets consistently ignored. I often feel as if there's no point in giving feedback at all when the devs can't even see eye-to-eye with players on how our resources should work.
The feedback doesn't get ignored. We just disagree, which we have to be allowed to do if we're actually going to design the game rather than just letting players vote on how every mechanic should work. We like the way combo points work (meaning on the target). I also suspect you're being a bit presumptuous assuming that all rogues want combo points on the rogue. Yes, rogues would be easier to play if you didn't have to worry about which target your combo points were on. Do rogues need to be easier to play? If so, are combo points the right change? We could eliminate combo points and just give Eviscerate a cooldown. Would that be easier? Would it be more fun? I'm not trying to be dismissive -- I think those questions are legitimately hard to answer.

A lot of people say killing spree is poorly designed because it doesn't work on those fights, but I firmly believe those situations are a failure of encounter design, not class design. Killing spree and backstab are fine; Blizz needs to learn to take them into account when they design bosses.
We do. But it is not our design intent that every spec can perform the exact same rotation on every fight. I'm certain that if we solved the backstab issue then the next complaint to come up (from some class) would be that every boss fight needs to have 3 targets, because multi-dotting works the best with 3 targets and their DPS will be lower when there is only one target. What do you think the DPS difference is among the 3 rogue specs on Ultraxion? (You can't just look at posted logs to answer that question, because mostly what those logs tell you are that most rogues (and presumably many of the best ones) go Combat for that fight.) What is an acceptable difference? 5%? 1%? 0%?

Obviously I don't have the numbers Blizzard does, but we do know that at least before the legendary daggers rogue was one of the least active classes. No matter if that remains true or not I think it says something when one of the, if not the best designed classes is also one of the least popular. It says that maybe it works great from a design standpoint, but how is that translating to the players?
We look at those numbers of course, but it's really hard to determine cause and effect there. Paladins are nearly always the most played class, but there are just as many paladin players demanding change as there are rogue players (actually, given the population sizes, probably more). So why are some classes more popular than others? It's probably a mix of need, power, kit, flexibility, visuals and a host of other objective and subjective criteria. The hybrid vs. pure issue plays into that a little bit, but it's not the whole answer by a long shot. I definitely don't think it's as simple as if we make a bunch of changes to rogue rotations, now more players will play rogues (consider for starters that we'd almost certainly lose some rogues as well).

I agree that this is how the design should be, but this raises the question of whether or not our finishers are powerful enough to warrant this design decision. Compared to the power we lost by having the crit bonuses of our primary abilities taken away, they just don't feel like they're as strong as they should be right now. There are fewer combo points flowing in due to generating talents being taken away, so the gaps between finishers feel unrewarding because the finishers themselves feel unrewarding.
I think it's safe to say that if we find we need to buff rogue damage for any of the specs that we'd look to finishers as a place to increase damage.

My big problem right now is that I feel very similar to feral druids and Windwalker monks, without the added benefit of being able to radically change my gameplay on a spec switch. I don't need that radical change, I suppose, being a pure DPS. In PvP it's not a problem as I feel very much like a rogue there, but it's hard to translate into PvE and I end up feeling like a warrior in leather that attacks a bit faster.
I hope Windwalkers feel different. Cat druids were designed from the outset to play like rogues, the same way Bears were designed to play just like warriors. We've eroded that a bit over time, but the bones of it remain.

As far as the pure vs. hybrid thing goes, that is a really tricky problem to solve. We could turn all classes into hybrids of course, though I'm also not sure every player would rejoice at such a change. It has been very challenging to make pure specs play fundamentally differently. If the Mists warlocks work out well, then they may feel pretty different (of course they also run the risk I mentioned before of feeling like 3 separate classes and not like warlocks). Some players in this thread mentioned that mages play totally differently, but I think to be fair they feel more different than they really play because fire vs. frost vs. arcane is such a strong theme. It's harder for "I'm an assassination" to have a completely different feel from "I'm a swasbuckler" or "I'm a sneaky guy." We've had the same challenge with hunters. Presumably Marksman hunters are great at using ranged weapons. Okay, what does that mean for Survival? They use traps? Melee? Poison?

Also, a lot of our skills are kind of boring and could use just an aesthetic change. Edit: Oh, the actual question is: Is updating rogue animations and making them more unique especially across specs on the table?
I think that's a totally fair criticism, especially of rogues and to a lesser extent warriors. Melee classes just have fewer opportunities for very showy visuals. We could add them anyway, but then the classes feel like they're casting spells and aren't doing melee attacks with weapons. That said, we have tried to give rogues a few great-looking visual effects in Mists. Longer term (meaning it's unlikely for Mists) we'd like to do more with character animation so that all rogue attacks aren't using the same one-handed stab motion (Mutilate at least has its own animation). Historically, player animations have taken us a very long time, and that time only gets worse as we add races. However, for Mists we have some new techniques that let the animators apply the animation from one model more easily to another. It still takes a great amount of time -- just less than it did before. It is most easy to see the benefits of this advance in all of the new animations for the monk class. It's too early to call that technique a success, but assuming it is, we could do the same thing for rogues and warriors and have a lot more variety in the attack animations. (Animation in this sense has a very specific jargony term, which is the movement of the model itself. All of the spell effects are a different system generally handled by a different team of artists.)

Then why did you make changes to rogue rotations? This is what people are complaining about. Go play Assassination on live and then go play it on beta at 85, then come back and tell us that Assassination is more fun without Puncturing Wounds and Ruthlessness.
Puncturing Wounds is just crit. We can add more crit if we need too (like we recently did for warriors), but it also risks making crit unattractive at high gear levels. "Why did those stupid designers put crit on rogue gear? Don't they know we don't value it?"

Puncturing Wounds (through Seal Fate) and Ruthlessness can deliver more CPs, but also contribute a lot to getting stuck at 4 CPs, which is something rogues have complained to us about, because it means you need to do a weak finisher or risk overflowing CPs on your next Mutilate. In Mists, Assassination does fewer finishers, but at the same time we introduced the Blindside proc to help the rotation from feeling too static.

To use one of my soon to be patented bad analogies; I feel like every expansion is kind of like Winterveil (to not alienate anyone) and all the classes are opening their gifts to see what this expansion is going to bring them. Some are getting entire new mechanics, some are getting new flashy spells and skills, but rogues are getting Auntie Maven's sweater for the 5th time. Sure it's gonna keep you warm and get you by, but you kinda knew you were going to get it and it's certainly not flashy or exciting.
I honestly believe this is one of those grass is greener deals though. As someone who receives class feedback from both barrels (not that I'm complaining), nearly every class argues that they got a lump of coal and the other guy got something awesome. You'll see a few players saying some new ability or talent is awesome, though they'll do so quietly for fear that we think they are content. In fact, I would challenge you to name those classes and specs (not counting monk) that you think got a really good deal in Mists. They'll be here in a second defending their argument that a new spell might appear flashy or sexy but it has Serious Issues or the Real Issues Have Not Been Addressed.

That probably sounds cynical, and I'm honestly not a cynical guy, but it's also what we've come to expect. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

SWTOR Going Free to Play?
It definitely isn't set in stone yet, but SWTOR might be going free to play in the future! After announcing that the game will be free to play until level 15 and allowing free server transfers, lead designer Emmanuel Lusinchi had some interesting things to say in an interview!

Originally Posted by SWTOR
I think it’s more than the free-to-play model – it’s more that there is a lot of competitive offers. If it was just free-to-play games and they weren’t very good it wouldn’t even be a question but there are definitely good games out there and good games coming out, so of course all of this competition impacts your plan with what you want to do.

Asked whether it would be feasible to adapt The Old Republic to a free-to-play model, Lusinchi coyly suggests that the wheels may be in motion for a drastic change.
The MMO market is very dynamic and we need to be dynamic as well. Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations. So we are looking at free-to-play but I can’t tell you in much detail. We have to be flexible and adapt to what is going on.
by Published on 2012-06-14 06:52 AM

Diablo 3 - EU RMAH Not Released, Enrage Timers, RMAH, Blue Posts, J!NX, Fan Art

Black Market Auction House Update
During the past few beta builds, unknown items appeared on the BMAH that turned out to be epic quality ilvl 509 Heroic items. It also seems that some items are sold on the BMAH that are available from trainers currently, such as the Pattern: Royal Satchel for the new 24 slot bag.

New Epic Items
The latest update tonight brought us some new epic items, along with several other items that were missing from our database. For the full list of over 600 new items, check out WoWDB!

Level Type Slot Name
476One-handed AxeMeleeOne HandInelava, Spirit of Inebriation
476One-handed MaceSpell SpiritMain HandJe'lyu, Spirit of the Serpent
509StaffSpell DPSTwo HandJin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker
509ArmorSpell DPSBackCloak of Overwhelming Corruption
509ArmorMeleeTrinketDarkmist Vortex
509ArmorPhysical DPSTrinketTerror in the Mists
509ArmorTankFingerVizier's Ruby Signet
502ArmorSpell SpiritNeckZian's Choker of Coalesced Shadow
500ClothSpell SpiritChestRobe of Eternal Rule
500ClothSpell SpiritChestLegacy of the Emperor
476ClothSpell SpiritChestRobes of Creation
509ClothSpell SpiritWaistHealer's Belt of Final Winter
509ClothSpell SpiritWristsCuffs of the Corrupted Waters
476ClothSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Creation
500ClothSpell SpiritHandsImperial Silk Gloves
500ClothSpell SpiritHandsTouch of the Light
509ClothSpell DPSHeadHood of the Burning Scroll
509ClothSpell DPSShouldersMantle of the Burning Scroll
509ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of the Burning Scroll
476ClothSpell DPSChestSpelltwister's Grand Robe
509ClothSpell DPSWaistSorcerer's Belt of Final Winter
509ClothSpell DPSLegsLeggings of the Burning Scroll
509ClothSpell DPSWristsAttenuating Bracers
476ClothSpell DPSHandsSpelltwister's Gloves
509ClothSpell DPSHandsGloves of the Burning Scroll
509LeatherMeleeWristsSmooth Beetle Wristbands
476LeatherSpell SpiritChestNightfire Robe
476LeatherSpell SpiritChestWildblood Vest
476LeatherSpell SpiritHandsLiferuned Leather Gloves
476LeatherSpell SpiritHandsWildblood Gloves
476LeatherPhysical DPSChestChestguard of Nemeses
476LeatherPhysical DPSChestGreyshadow Chestguard
476LeatherPhysical DPSHandsGreyshadow Gloves
476LeatherPhysical DPSHandsMurderer's Gloves
509MailMeleeWaistRanger's Chain of Unending Summer
476MailSpell SpiritChestLifekeeper's Robe
509MailSpell SpiritFeetLightning Prisoner's Boots
509MailSpell SpiritWristsLuminescent Firefly Wristguards
476MailSpell SpiritHandsLifekeeper's Gloves
476MailPhysical DPSChestChestguard of Earthen Harmony
476MailPhysical DPSChestRaiment of Blood and Bone
476MailPhysical DPSHandsRaven Lord's Gloves
476MailPhysical DPSHandsGloves of Earthen Harmony
476MailSpell DPSChestStormbreaker Chestguard
476MailSpell DPSHandsFists of Lightning
509PlateTankWristsSerrated Wasp Bracers
476PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of Ancient Steel
476PlateSpell SpiritChestLiving Steel Breastplate
476PlateSpell SpiritHandsLiving Steel Gauntlets

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Why is the Dragon Soul Entrance in the Caverns of Time?
Why is Dragon Soul in the Caverns of Time when the raid takes place at Wyrmrest Temple?
It's not quite as much for story reasons as it is for logistical ones. The raid starts in present day Dragonblight, heads over the Great Seas, and ends at the Maelstrom. The issue is that, unlike most raid instances, these are locations players can go visit in the world at any time. So we had to create instanced versions of them as settings for the raid. Because of this, we needed to put an instance portal somewhere. And due to the fact that the Caverns of Time locale fits with the rest of the story of the patch 4.3 dungeons, it seemed appropriate to put all the portals in the same place. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Regular Dungeons at Level 90
There are no level 90 regular dungeons.

The Mists of Pandaria heroic dungeons are easier than the Cataclysm heroic dungeons.* Once we made that decision, we thought that having two versions of the level 90 dungeons (normal and heroic) didn't make sense because they would be very similar in difficulty and offer similar loot. We thought about calling them something besides "heroic," since heroic tends to mean hard to a lot of players, but we also needed to call them something, because some dungeons like Temple of the Jade Serpent have a lower-level and a level 90 version. We thought about calling them "level 90 versions" but figured "heroic" required less explanation. (We also could have dispensed with lower level dungeons, or made lower level versions of the level 90 dungeons, but we felt like both solutions were just to make the nomenclature of "heroic" more clear, which seemed like bad reasons.)

TLDR: Some Mists of Pandaria dungeons have lower level and level 90 versions. Others just have level 90 versions. In both cases, the level 90 versions are called "heroic."

* - If you like very difficult dungeons, Challenge Modes are targeted at you.

But what about queuing for the lower level version at 90? I should be able to join a group of friends of lower levels and have the queue work, like it did in Wrath.
If the leader of the group meets the requirements (meaning is below level 90 in this case), I believe they can still queue you, especially if your group is completely premade. I'd have to check this though. We went back and forth on it. In any case, you can always just show up at the entrance to the dungeon the old-fashioned way and zone in.

In general, we don't want players using Dungeon Finder to queue for lower level content that is much too easy for them because then players who want to run the content at the appropriate level are faced with overpowered players who trivialize the experience, or pull aggro off a lower level tank, etc. We have no problem with you running lower level dungeons, provided other players aren't adversely affected.

Are Challenge mode dungeons going to offer more than just speed runs and a flat ilvl? I love the idea but I hopes it's more than just racing against a clock in an easy dungeon in the gear it's meant to be ran in.
At the Bronze level, you'll do good to just complete the dungeon in a reasonable amount of time, but you'll probably need to take it slow and stop and plan. It isn't just a test of who has the fastest movement speed. At the Gold level, you'll need to up your game even more and play smart as well as quick, taking risks where appropriate. The Bronze level is more like Heroic Arcatraz, Shadow Labyrinth or Shattered Halls when they were new. Gold level is more like a Zul Aman bear run when you didn't overgear the content.

That's the intent anyway. Nobody outside these walls has seen them yet so you'll have to let us know how they feel.

Are they actually tuned harder or is it the ilevel lock on them that is suppose to make them hard?
They are tuned harder. There are even some additional pulls and mechanics when necessary. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Rogue (Forums)
Rogue Class Design
Rogues are in a pretty good place in Cataclysm in both PvE and PvP. We don't see a lot of huge glaring problems that need to be fixed. I realize there are several players out there asking for change just because they're getting bored of the same class or at the very least wanting to spice it up, and that is a totally valid way to feel. But you also have to consider the risk we'd take for all of the rogues out there who are totally happy with the way their class is playing now, thank you very much.

As an example, we changed paladins in Cataclysm because we thought they needed a resource mechanic to make their gameplay more interesting. Overall we're happy with the way that has played out, and it's even better in Mists, but it's also very easy to find "please remove Holy Power" posts regularly. While we disagree with those players, the fact remains that we made the class worse for them.

To use a second example, we are changing warlocks pretty extensively for Mists because we thought they had several fundamental problems. Is every warlock going to like those changes? Of course not. Are there going to lots of players who beg us to revert the changes? Absolutely.

(And this is all ignoring the risk that even changing a mechanic from an acknowledged bad design to a good design still risks frustrating or annoying many players just because they have to relearn something.)

We are trying to fix some of the annoying things rogues have had to deal with and we are trying to offer some options in talents and glyphs that can help spice up the gameplay for someone who has been loyally Sinister Striking for these eight years. But we also don't want to fix what isn't broken. We try really hard not to change classes for the sake of change. It's hard. But we try.

I'd go as far to say that most of the class team would probably agree (and I didn't poll them, so I may be sticking my neck out) that the rogue is the best designed class. And much of that design was in place before virtually any of us started working on classes, so we can't even really take credit for it. The rogue has the best resource system (energy), a strong kit, a good toolbox, and a clear role in PvP and PvE, yet it still has disadvantages to go along with the advantages and can't just do everything flawlessly all the time. It's a good design, again in our humble opinions, which is why you see so few changes to the class overall. But please don't over-read that as my stating that we won't fix bugs, add polish, balance numbers, undo bone-headed design flaws when the need arises, or yes, add a little bit of newness once in awhile just to keep things shiny. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Highlighting Some Major Issues
Homogenization - to a large extent, this is fallout from the decision to make spec choice one about rotation and move utility into talents or the class as a whole. We felt like we had been moving in the direction of having 30 classes (which would be 34 in Mists) and wanted to get back to our roots a bit and have a rogue feel like a rogue. I realize that isn't going to sit well with a player who wants Combat to play wildly different from Subtlety. If you feel like the combat rotations of the 3 rogue specs play too similarly, then that is useful feedback for us, but realize that it's going to be fairly subjective.

Play speed - the real issue here is the game design that requires us to reset player power to a large extent every expansion. I'll go ahead and call it a design flaw, because I think it is, but it's also a really difficult one to address and have WoW still feel like WoW. Our reward system is structured around continually offering more powerful gear, yet our combat mechanics begin to break down when say your crit chance approaches 100% and your haste becomes so high that you can fill every GCD. It's fine if say crit chance is 70% at the final tier of content, but that means we have to start every expansion with small crit chances (or have lame upgrades). It absolutely sucks though to see your combat ratings plummet when you gain a level (which is supposed to be a fun, exciting thing that you want to do). We'd love to come up with a solution where you feel more powerful at 86 than you did at 85, but math works against us. The only silver lining is that when you get to level 90 and accrue some good gear, you'll start to feel like your old self again. We'll keep trying to come up with something better.

Passive damage - there are advantages and disadvantages of passive damage. One of the big ones, for us, is it ensures that the best players can never move too far ahead of the worst players. It's fine if good players can do much higher damage than bad players. It makes our lives very difficult if the best players do say ten times the damage of bad players, given similar gear and everything else. We also like the differentiation we get from having classes with a larger or smaller percentage of passive damage. As long as you can still improve your performance as your skill and gear increase, and you can with rouges, we think the system will work.

PvP talents - I feel like we have addressed this concern extensively. If you are never called upon to snare adds, move quickly, hit something at range, pop a survival cooldow, crowd control a dangerous creature, or interrupt a dangerous cast, then you're doing relatively easy content. Talents aren't going to be as interesting in that situation, but then again neither are gear, skill, group comp, and all of those other things that can make the difference between success and failure when the latter is a possibility. Most classes still have a few talents that are more damage or healing though. We did take a few abilities for various classes and move them into the talent trees, but we felt we had to in order to make the talents powerful. We can make a CC potent when you have to choose one. It would have to be weak if you were able to layer it along with other forms of CC. The way we figured, if there was an ability you really wanted, you still had access to it, but you could also choose to give it up for another ability that is (hopefully) just as good but a little different.

Breaking the rules - I regret a little making that comment, because I feel like it's the kind of thing that gets lawyered. "GC said the theme was breaking the rules. If we can prove that the rules aren't being broken, then they will be forced to redesign the talents." Yes, your class, like every class, has some inherent disadvantages. Yes, it would be easier to play your class if we removed those limitations. (Rogue target switching would be much easier if cps were on the rogue.) But part of mastering your class is being able to overcome those challenges. An analogy I use a lot is that racing games would be easier without curves. Those tracks would also be pretty boring. It's also the argument you used above about passive damage - if there are no limitations to overcome, then it's harder to distinguish yourself.

I realize I didn't say "yep we agree and here is how we're going to buff you," but you have to realize that isn't going to happen very often. If we thought a class mechanic needed changing, we would go ahead and change it. We wouldn't wait for a request to change it. I try to avoid responses like this because it can bum players out if they don't see a bunch of incoming buffs, but the alternative is not many posts from us, which can also bum players out. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mists of Pandaria Talent Page Updated
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve updated the Mists of Pandaria talent page with all of the latest improvements you’ll find when you dive into the game’s next expansion. Take a look at the wide range of skills and talents that your new monk heroes will unleash on their foes, add glyphs to your skills, and link to and discuss your builds on the forums with your fellow theorycrafters.

Check out the newly updated Talent page to start exploring.

Talent data as of build 15752 and may not reflect more recent changes.

Mobile Gaming Survey
Mobile devices are an essential part of our everyday lives and smartphones and tablets are becoming viable gaming platforms alongside gaming specific handheld devices. We want to know how you use mobile devices to augment or play games.

Do you own a smartphone or tablet? Do you play games on it? Which types of mobile games do you play? We have created a short survey to learn more about your mobile gaming habits. Please take 3 minutes to fill out this survey and let us know how Curse can improve you mobile gaming experience.

Fan Art
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with three new pieces of fan artwork by Breathing2004.

by Published on 2012-06-12 10:08 PM

Diablo 3 - Real Money Auction House is Live

Mists of Pandaria Beta - Build 15762
A new beta build will be deployed on beta realms soon.

Legendary Weapon Icons
The new legendary icons may have something to do with Wrathion's quest line. Don't miss the audio that goes with the quests.

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Legendary Axe Legendary Fist Weapon Legendary Gun Legendary Knife
Legendary Mace Legendary Shield Legendary Staff Legendary Sword

New Models
It looks like Jaina got a little makeover in this build!

New Loading Screen

New and Changed Maps

New Icons

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Dungeons & Raids

Feats of Strength

Silvershard Mines
Player vs. Player
  • Mine Mine Mine!: Kill 250 (was 100) enemies while you are defending a mine cart.

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion



Death Knight (Forums)
  • Frost Presence now increases Runic Power generation by 20%, down from 100%. Now also reduces the duration of effects that remove control of your character by 20%. No longer increases your maximum Runic Power by 30. Also reduces the cost of your Frost Strike by 0 for Frost specialization Death Knights.
  • Unholy Presence no longer reduces the global cooldown on your abilities by 0.5 sec.

  • Improved Frost Presence (New) While in Frost Presence, your Frost Strike ability costs 15 less Runic Power. Death Knight - Frost Spec.
  • Might of the Frozen Wastes no longer allows your autoattacks to generate 15 Runic Power. Now also allows your Obliterate to deal 50% more damage.
  • Obliterate had weapon damage increased to 250% from 200% and base damage increased by 56%.

  • Improved Unholy Presence (New) While in Unholy Presence, your attack speed and rune regeneration are increased by an additional 10%. Death Knight - Unholy Spec.

Unholy & Frost
  • Improved Icy Talons was renamed to Unholy Aura. Increases the melee and ranged attack speed of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 10%. Death Knight - Unholy & Frost Spec.

Druid (Forums)


Hunter (Forums)
  • Glaive Toss now the primary target will take 8 times as much damage from each strike, up from 4.
  • Kill Shot now does 300% weapon damage, rather than 85% weapon damage plus (45% of RAP + 512).

  • A Murder of Crows: If used on a target below 20% health, the cooldown is reduced to 15 seconds, rather than reset.
  • Binding Shot now requires a Ranged Weapon.
  • Narrow Escape now lasts 8 sec, rather than until canceled.
  • Posthaste has been reworked: Your Disengage frees you from one movement impairing effect and increases your movement speed by 60% for 8 sec.


Mage (Forums)
  • Rune of Power now increases your spell damage by 12%, up from 10%.

  • Frostbolt damage has been reduced by 7%.
  • Mastery: Frostburn: All your spells deal 16% (was 12%) increased damage against Frozen targets. Increases the damage done by your Water Elemental by 16% (was 12%).

Monk (Forums)
  • Blackout Kick damage was increased. Windwalkers gained an additional effect: If behind the target, you deal an additional 20% damage over 4 sec. If in front of the target, you are instantly healed for 20% of the damage done.
  • Expel Harm healing was changed to (3.15 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP - 1)) to (3.15 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP + 1)).
  • Resuscitate now costs 20% of Base Mana / 50 Energy, down from 67% Base Mana / 100 Energy.


  • Adaptation: Your chance to dodge is increased by 25% for 5 sec rather than 1% until cancelled.
  • Combat Conditioning (New) Your Blackout Kick now also deals an additional 20% damage over 4 sec if behind the target or heals you for 20% of the damage done if if front of the target. Monk - Windwalker Spec.

Paladin (Forums)

Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Exorcism has been renamed Glyph of Templar's Verdict. You take 10% less damage for 10 sec after dealing damage with Templar's Verdict.

Priest (Forums)
  • Confession now has a 60 sec cooldown, down from 30 min.

  • Devouring Plague now ticks every 1 sec for 6 sec, rather than every 5 sec for 6 sec.

Major Glyphs

Shaman (Forums)
  • Ancestral Guidance now works with up to 3 nearby injured party or raid members, rather than just 1.
  • Conductivity now also works with Lightning Bolt. If your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Earth Shock, or Stormstrike damages an enemy standing in your Healing Rain, allies within the Healing Rain share healing equal to 50% of the initial damage done.

Warlock (Forums)

  • Agony damage has been increased by 75%.
  • Haunt debuff now increases all damage done by your spells on the target by 20% for 8 sec, down from 40%.



Major Glyphs

Warrior (Forums)

  • Overpower (Arms) now has a 60% increased chance to be a critical strike. (Tooltip fix)

  • Disenchant now has a 1.5 sec cast time, down from 3 sec.



New Items
For the full list of new items, check out WoWDB!

Level Type Slot Name
10MiscellaneousHeadNat's Hat
85OtherN/AVegetron 4000
85OtherN/AFlippable Table
85OtherN/AFoxicopter Controller
440ArmorTankBackCarapace Inlaid Drape
440ArmorMeleeBackCloak of the Unending Swarm
440ArmorSpell SpiritBackCloak of Collective Thought
440ArmorPhysical DPSBackMantid Exterminator's Cloak
440ArmorSpell DPSBackDrape of the Burning Signal
440ArmorTankNeckBadge of the Amber Siege
440ArmorMeleeNeckBridge Breaker Medallion
440ArmorPhysical DPSNeckSaboteur's Locket
440ArmorSpell DPSNeckHardened Resin Pendant
440ArmorSpell DPSNeckMantid Eye Amulet
440ClothSpell SpiritWaistCord of Bloody Evangelism
440ClothSpell SpiritHandsScarlet Visionary Gloves
440ClothSpell DPSChestDarkmaster's Spare Robe
440ClothSpell DPSChestEmpowered Necropile Robe
440ClothSpell DPSWaistScholarly Cord
440ClothSpell DPSHandsGloves of Fiery Purification
440LeatherSpell SpiritHandsBeneficent Gloves
440LeatherPhysical DPSChestFoul Cadaverous Armor
440LeatherPhysical DPSWaistLoksey's Lost Belt
440LeatherPhysical DPSHandsCrimson Monk Handwraps
440LeatherSpell DPSChestGhoulskin Vestments
440LeatherSpell DPSWaistBucket Tosser's Girdle
440MailMeleeChestInscribed Bloodmail Hauberk
440MailSpell SpiritWaistBelt of Singed Shame
440MailSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Sanctity
440MailPhysical DPSWaistScarlet Archer's Links
440MailPhysical DPSHandsGauntlets of Bloody Judgment
440MailSpell DPSChestPatchwork Flesh Armor
440PlateTankChestRuned Deathbone Chestplate
440PlateTankWaistWaistguard of the Phalanx
440PlateTankHandsMartial Purification Gauntlets
440PlateMeleeChestCarver's Bloodsplattered Chestpiece
440PlateMeleeWaistScarlet Champion's Belt
440PlateMeleeHandsGauntlets of Righteous Conviction
440PlateSpell SpiritChestColdforge Carapace
440PlateSpell DPSWaistVerdone's Chewed Waistplate
440PlateSpell DPSHandsZealous Fervor Handguards

Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ACCOUNT_WIDE_ACHIEVEMENT_COMPLETED - All of your characters have credit for earning this achievement.
  • ADD_CHARACTER_FRIEND - Add Character Friend
  • BURNING_EMBERS_POWER - Burning Ember:Burning Embers
  • CATCH_PET_CONDITION - You must have a level 3 battle pet.
  • CR_RANGED_EXPERTISE_TOOLTIP - Reduces chance to be dodged by %s\nExpertise %s (+%.2F%% expertise)
  • ERR_BONUS_ROLL_EMPTY - You were not eligible to receive any loot from this boss. You have not been charged for your bonus roll.
  • ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_ACCOUNT_LOCK - Pet Journal Is Locked by another user on this account
  • FAVORITES_FILTER - Only Favorites
  • MAIN_HELP_BUTTON_TOOLTIP - Click this to toggle on/off the help system for this frame.
  • PET_ABILITY_NO_SECOND_ABILITY - No second ability
  • SHADOW_ORBS_POWER - Shadow Orb:Shadow Orbs
  • VRN_WINDOWS_32BIT - Requires a 64 bit version of Windows.

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