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Update on the F&F Beta Account Wipe, CE Wings Change, Paragon 2.0 Clarifications, What Would You Ask About Legendary Item Design

Hearthstone Beta Patch 4217 - BlizzCon Reward Card, Ranked Changes, Card Changes

Patch 5.4.2 - Raid Browser
Patch 5.4.2 updated the old Raid Browser interface to work across all realms for Ordos, Celestials, and Siege of Orgrimmar Flex wings. This has made finding a group much quicker, allowing you to list your character or your own group in the Browser, as well as a comment.

The Raid Browser also passes along other information that isn't displayed by the default UI, as well as allowing anyone to message anyone listed for a raid, which could allow for enterprising addon authors to create an alternative listing view that would allow other users of the addon to share information such as achievements, number of boss kills, and groups for other things by using hidden whispers. This could be done without requiring people to make a mess of their friends list with random battletags or impacting performance when not looking for a group.

Addon - LFRAdvanced
Using the additional information passed along by the game, LFRAdvanced will make the default Browser UI slightly more useful by displaying the item level of players looking for a group, the item level of players in a group, and the group item level. The item level is provided by the game, which uses your maximum item level, rather than equipped item level.

It also shows other stats that are passed along by the game, but not normally displayed in the window. If you want to disable those stats, you can do "/script LFRAdvancedOptions.ShowStats=false".

It will also add a button to open the Raid Browser to the frame used to queue for PvE activities. The addon is still rough around the edges, but is a nice improvement over the default listing UI.

Dampening Hotfix Incoming
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
No need for alarm – we’ll be hotfixing Dampening back to a 10-minute start time (with Arena matches ending at 20 minutes).

As you might be aware, the WoW Arena Invitational at BlizzCon was configured to have Dampening begin at 5 minutes, with a 15-minute round timer. Those changes were intended solely for BlizzCon, but made it over to live servers as part of the 5.4.2 patch. Again, this was unintentional, and we’ll be hotfixing things back to normal ASAP.

no, but saying "it will be reverted" (Lore) isn't the same as PLAINLY NOT SAYING it will be reverted when asked (Holinka) but rather saying "it's out there now, so gauging reaction".
I spoke with Brian immediately before posting. Since his tweet, we had continued to discuss internally, looked at the initial feedback, and decided the right thing to do was to put things back how they were. There is no contradiction here, only the passage of time.

Dismiss Pet and Arenas
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
This change was intentional. Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the patch notes.

Dismiss Pet was frequently being used to bypass cooldowns on certain pet abilities, such as Roar of Sacrifice, or to swap out a dangerously wounded pet for one at full health. Neither of those were intended behavior. Furthermore, our design is that choosing your pet should feel similar to choosing a glyph or talent during pre-match preparation.

With this change, Hunters are able to switch pets during the pre-match preparation period, but unable to dismiss them once the match has begun.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Upcoming Paragons Hotfix
This was an unintended side-effect of attempting to fix the occasional issue where a Paragon would melee a player from midair while jumping into battle. We're reverting the change ASAP (overnight restarts will probably be required), since the current state is clearly far worse. Apologies for the inconvenience. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Garrosh's Trial
Getting real sick of these books to be honest. I'd like to see all these story arcs in game, seeing as how Warcraft has always been a video game series first and foremost.
We try to fit in what we can. There are a variety of factors that go into deciding these things. Time, resources, and (of course) whether there's some compelling gameplay to go with it are all factors. We can also tell a much deeper story in the novel. That doesn't mean there can't be elements that you can experience or encounter to some extent within the game (story wise). These aren't always easy decisions for the designers, but they do what they can. Our Creative Development team also puts a lot of work into the novels to make sure we do a good job of filling in what doesn't make it into the game and the book is in good hands with Christie Golden.

I have to imagine this answer was unintentionally vague.
I was actually intentionally a bit vague since I'm not aware of what specific elements surrounding this will make it into the game and in what ways (at current). It's all in development and consists of many layers. At the same time, we've already announced the book and that it will cover the trial among other revelations. WoW Insider has a nice look at it -

A point worth noting in the interview is the following:

Is this going to tie into Warlords of Draenor, like Tides of War and The Shattering?

It's more of a bridge. It'll take us from one place to the other.

Dave Kosak has said as well that we want to tie in what we can tie in, but I couldn't say how much we'll be able to do or how currently. I also disdain being the bearer of spoilers when I can avoid it (which is sometimes more difficult that you might think.)

I understand the concerns and this has been a good thread to read. I just wouldn't get too caught up in what is or what won't be. The expansion is in development and there's a lot of ground we'll be covering including a lot of great new story arcs and experiences. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 5.4.2 In-Game Store
When you go to purchase in game, you click the "Buy Now" option (after selecting the pet or mount you want) and an additional window will open saying you're being connected to the Shop. You'll then get another confirmation window that explains how you'll be charged. (I believe if you want to change this, you have to change that in your Account options on the site.) The transaction should only finalize when you click the "Buy Now" button again.

I didnt even see what it was charging it too? Is that what the confirmation window does?

Because i pressed to buy now buttons 1 was in the window with all the pets, the 2nd one with the individual pets and then all my UI disappeared and a blue boarder came up and i got the mount..?

In the second window that pops up it will say : "This will be charged to your: [payment method ]" right within the Shop Confirmation (above where the price is).

We'll keep an eye on things to see if there are issues with it, but it should be working properly. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shop for Pets and Mounts In-Game! - 50% off Most Pets and Mounts
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
You can now browse and purchase a bevy of mounts and pets* from directly within World of Warcraft through our newly added Shop interface. Just click the Shop icon on the menu bar once you’ve logged in to a character, and you’ll be able to pick out a new friend to add to your collection and start your adventures together right away. By combining the best of cutting-edge goblin and gnomish technology, we’ve also made it possible for you to receive your new pal right in your inventory (or via mail if your inventory is full).

We want to make sure these cuddly creatures and loyal mounts find a good home, so for a limited time, you’ll be able to purchase select pets and mounts friend for 50%** off the regular price either through the new in-game interface or via the web-based Shop. Read more details about the sale here.

Here are the available mounts and pets for purchase within the in-game Blizzard Shop:

*Wyvern and Gryphon plushies, Guardian Cubpet and Moonkin Hatchling pet are not available for purchase within the Blizzard Shop.

**The Enchanted Fey Dragon mount, Alterac Brew Pup pet, and Blossoming Ancient pet are not available at a discounted price. In addition, Charity Bundle pricing is not available within the in-game Blizzard Shop.
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RoS Hardcore and PTR Clarifications, No Christmas Events in Diablo, Jaetch's RoS Multielementalist Wizard Build

HearthPwn and ManaGrind Team Up, Changes Next Patch, Eric Dodds on ManaCast

Patch 5.4.2 Live This Week
Patch 5.4.2 is going live this week, with most of the changes being small fixes or assets for future use. The two bigger changes are the addition of cross-realm listing to the Raid Browser and cross-realm mailing of Account Bound items. The Karazhan changes are still reverted as of the latest build.

In-Game Store
The In-Game Store will allow you to purchase items from the Battle.Net Shop. It isn't clear if this will be active when the patch goes live, as the last PTR build removed all of the pets and mounts from the store again.

New Items
Keep in mind that Iron Skyreaver appeared in Warlords of Draenor at Blizzcon, so it isn't likely to be appearing in game tomorrow.

Level Type Name
20Companion Pets Treasure Goblin's Pack
20Companion Pets Moonkin Hatchling
1Other Bipsi's Bobbing Berg
20Mount Iron Skyreaver

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Feats of Strength

New Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ADVANCED_COMBAT_LOGGING - Advanced Combat Logging
  • BLIZZARD_CHALLENGE_SCREEN_EXPLANATION - Only an authentic information request from Blizzard will create the blue screen effect with white outlines!
  • BLIZZARD_CHALLENGE_DENIED_DESCRIPTION - [PH] You have entered your information incorrectly too many times.
  • BLIZZARD_CHALLENGE_ERROR_DESCRIPTION - The Shop has encountered an error.|nPlease try again later.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_ERROR_MESSAGE_ALREADY_OWNED - You already have this product!
  • BROWSER_CACHE_CLEARED - Your cache has been cleared.
  • BROWSER_COOKIES_DELETED - Your cookies have been deleted.
  • CHAR_LOGIN_ERROR_21827 - Error 21827
  • ERR_AUTH_CHALLENGE_UI_INVALID - [PH] Action cannot be completed at this time.|nPlease disable your addons and try again.
  • MAC_OPEN_UNIVERSAL_ACCESS1090 - In order to use this option, you must grant access to %s in Security & Privacy preferences, located in System Preferences. Would you like to open System Preferences now?
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_ADVANCED_COMBAT_LOGGING - Enables extra logging data when writing the combat log to a text file. This may cause additional network lag when using the "combatlog" chat command.
  • PVP_ARENA_NEED_LESS - Your group needs %d less players; to join this arena.
  • PVP_ARENA_NEED_MORE - Your group needs %d more players to join this arena.
  • RAF_REWARD_SUPPRESSED - You have earned %d |4reward:rewards;, but already have every possible choice. Check back again when there are new choices available!
  • RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_FACTION_PANDAREN_ALLIANCE - Your friend plays for the Alliance faction. Join the Alliance if you want to play together.
  • RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_FACTION_PANDAREN_HORDE - Your friend plays for the Horde faction. Join the Horde if you want to play together.

Iron Skyreaver Mount
Keep in mind that Iron Skyreaver appeared in Warlords of Draenor at Blizzcon, so it isn't likely to be appearing in game tomorrow.

Treasure Goblin
The Treasure Goblin will be rewarded from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition.

Upcoming Changes to Flex Mechanic Scaling
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
At BlizzCon, we'd discussed some improvements to our Flexible scaling system that would minimize the existence and impact of any real or perceived "breakpoints." Our design goal has always been for the system to be neutral with respect to group size. Specifically, you should never feel encouraged to turn away interested players whose skill/gear level matches the rest of the group's, basic role composition constraints notwithstanding. But at the same time, you shouldn't feel like you need to go out and grab warm bodies if you have a perfectly serviceable raid already assembled. Clearly we have not yet fully realized those goals.

In general, the existing healing/damage scaling slightly favors larger groups, since boss health and damage scale up more slowly than does raid throughput. To use a specific example, an 18-player raid with 12 damage-dealers will kill a boss slightly faster than a 10-player raid with 6 damage-dealers (assuming equal skill/gear between the two groups). But it is true that currently some specific abilities exhibit breakpoints, where adding an extra player causes an extra add to spawn, or an ability to strike an additional target.

To help smooth out difficulty scaling as you add or remove players from your Flexible raid, we will be implementing one of our planned Warlords changes to the scaling system ahead of schedule. In the near future, several boss abilities that target more players as the size of a Flex raid increases will use weighted randomization rather than strict breakpoints.

An example to illustrate what I mean:

Today, Sun Tenderheart's Shadow Word: Bane ability afflicts 2 targets if your raid size is between 10 and 14, but begins to hit a third target at 15.

Once our upcoming change is in place, if you have a 13-player raid, there will be a 60% chance for each cast of the ability to hit 3 targets, and a 40% chance for it to hit 2. If you add an extra player, and thus have 14, there will now be an 80% chance for 3 debuffs to go out, and a 20% chance for only 2.

In short, with respect to this particular ability, adding an extra player will always give you an average of 0.2 extra Bane debuffs. No more breakpoints!

There will be a handful of exceptions where breakpoints remain necessary. Imprison on Sha of Pride is probably the most notable such example, where you really want to pre-plan who will cover which prisons, and having a random number of targets each cast would cause frustrating unpredictability.

There's nothing wrong with 14-player groups -- 14 players is a great size for a raid. But so is 15. And 19. And 12. And 22. We just want to help make sure that good players aren't being turned away from groups because of the notion that their presence will make things harder for everyone.

A pity, Sha prisons are one of the biggest reasons people go for 14. I want to know how Malkorok void zone spawning area expands as people add, currently that seems to be 10-15 you get half the room, 16-25 the whole room.
That's interesting, since currently the "magic number" for getting a third Imprison target is 18 players.

The way Malkorok Implosions should work is that with 14+ players (yes, 14) you get a fourth spawning, and then an additional one for each 3 players past that. If you're seeing a huge jump in the number of Implosions spawning based on a small change in raid size, that sounds like a bug, and I'd love to hear more so that we can investigate the issue.

Patch 5.4.2 PTR Patch Notes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Patch 5.4.2 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR)! Participating on the Public Test Realms lets you test patches before it has been released.

If you'd like to help test and provide feedback, you can start by copying your character and downloading the PTR client. Once you've had a chance to try things out, be sure to visit our PTR Discussion forum to discuss the patch, and the PTR Bug Report forum to report any issues or errors.

  • Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Talents
      • Temporal Shield's healing should now correctly modified by effects that affect healing (Battle Fatigue, Mortal Strike, Dampening).
  • Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • General
      • Intervene no longer removes movement-impairing effects on use. The talent Safeguard will continue to remove movement-impairing effects.
      • Improved checks on pathing for Intervene and Safeguard to address situations where Warriors may wind up under the terrain.

  • Catch and Carry: Druids can no longer attempt to catch Sacks of Grain while in flight form.
  • Lost Treasure: Resolved an issue where players may be unable to open Cache of the Legion.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Cross-Realm raid browser now has new categories for Mists of Pandaria World Bosses (Celestials and Ordos) and Flexible raid difficulty for Siege of Orgrimmar.
    • The cross-realm raid browser is accessed through the 'Social Pane' (bound to the O key by default) and look for the 'Raid' tab on the bottom right.
    • From there you can set the character as looking to join a raid or browse players that are forming up for a raid.
    • For more information on this change, please see the thread titled Cross-Realm Raid Browser on the PTR Discussion forum.
  • Players are now able to place raid markers in the world even while dead.
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Norushen
      • Resolved a situation where Quarantine Measures may sometimes fail to destroy all life within the Quarantine Zone.
    • Galakras
      • Resolved a situation that may cause demolition NPCs to stop opening the door to one of the towers.
    • Paragons of the Klaxxi
      • Resolved an issue where players may fail to gain Hisek the Swarmkeeper's special ability if they were in the middle of casting a spell while interacting with his corpse.

  • Players are now able to mail account-bound items to other characters that reside on a different realm on the same account. To send cross-realm mail: enter the character's name, followed by a hyphen "-", followed by the realm name. Note that cross-realm mail can only send account-bound items, not other items or gold.
    • Additional information and testing discussion for this cross-realm mail can be found in this thread on the PTR Discussion forum.
  • Crashin' Thrashin' Flyers should now be able to damage each other while in a sanctuary area.
  • MiniZeps should now be able to damage each other while in a sanctuary area.

  • The Customer Support button has moved. Customer support can now be reached in-game by selecting Help option through the Game Menu (Game Menu is bound to the Escape key by default).

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue that caused players to not receive credit towards the Drop It! and Drop It Now! achievements.

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Survey
Blizzard sent out a survey for Blizzcon Virtual Ticket viewers today with an interesting question:

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Update: Patch 5.4.2 is going live this week.

Reaper of Souls Highlights: Nephalem Rift Pylons, Blizzard Wants Feedback on Endgame, Curse Weekly Roundup

Armory Stats - Character Item Level Distribution
Today we are taking a look at the item level distribution of Level 90 characters. There are 5.5 million characters and 2 million accounts that were active after November 1, 2013 that make up this sample. Main character is defined as the highest item level character on an account. The All Characters category has been scaled down to 37% of its true value to be easier to compare to Main Characters.

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!
Addon - Timeless Answers
If you are still doing the lore question daily quest (A Timeless Question) on Timeless Isle, the Timeless Answers addon may be helpful. It will automatically select the correct answer for you!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I'm so sad you are leaving. However unbalanced things are,I must thank you for making my paladin viable after TBC's horror.
Things are pretty balanced. It's fine for players to like BC class design, but it wasn't balance they liked. (Source)
things are not balanced at all what even
They are balanced enough. You can play any spec and progress meaningfully in PvE or PvP. (Source)
it's true but you have to walk a fine line between balanced and unique I felt classes lost a lot of unique sadly
We do too, and that's one of the advantages of a larger mythic raid size. (Source)
The alternative was some specs were just never going to get brought to a group, esp. a 10 player raid. Maybe would be better? (Source)

I know correlation isn't causation, but when came in, Frost was relegated to PvP, and as he leaves it's strong in PvE.
It was a philosophy change. Early on some specs were intended for PvP or PvE. I have no real objections to that model either. (Source)

I never understood after dual spec was added why you guys didn't stop trying to balance pve and pvp and just have a pvp spec
Some Frost mages and Sub rogues want to PvE with that spec. Not saying that's the best design, but that was the motivation. (Source)

I thought it was added because bosses were winding up with some needing 2 heal and some needing 3.
Dual spec was added because at the time, tanks and healers were terrible solo. That is less true today. (Source)

Is it possible for stacked CDs give diminishing returns, so that stacking CDs has higher burst, but lower dps? Unintuitive?
That is one solution. Another is just shared cooldowns. (Source)

Real question, so don't laugh. You think they will ever let hunters/locks gear pets, example collars with stats ?
Would there be sufficient gameplay there though? Wouldn't you just stack haste or int or your best stat? (Source)

Making some classes deliberately subpar was not a great thing, but some old mechanics were better
We're always happy to discuss old mechanics that you miss. I don't think it's e.g. short term blessings or Shadowbolt spam. (Source)

Why is this argument acceptable for some things and unacceptable for others? The issue of ability bloat, for instance.
Well for example, we changed talents and lost some players who preferred the old model. Same would be true of a large spell purge. (Source)
Yes, but, in theory if the change was actually better for the game you'd recoup any subscriber losses with gains, correct?
Theoretically. But hard to argue that cutting 20% of abilities (for example) would directly lead to many new or returning players. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Mana was never a issue and MoP hunter model was the worst yet. I think the LK/Cata hunter was much more fun
I prefer the MoP hunter, but obviously it's subjective. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
I made a twitter account just to ask one question: do you not see a problem btwn Holy vs Disc. HPriest here.
Disc is too versatile, esp. in 10s, and Atonement is too good at healing for no real mana cost. I've said that for awhile. (Source)

Dear Greg.. buddy... from Hpriest to another Hpriest, let's do something about our mana regen
I think it feels about right TBH. Mistweavers and Disc can get away with too little regen. (Source)

g/f keeps telling me holy is terribad compared to disc. what makes you stick to holy? ps. armory link?
Holy is fine. CoH and Divine Hymn can do things that Disc can't. I would agree Disc is too versatile, esp. in 10s. (Source)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
not sure this is your dept but why are rogue combo points still unique to the target and not the rogue like pally holy power
Target switching was always seen as a skill test for the rogue. You can argue it's archaic, but that was the design. (Source)

UI / Addons
along with millions of others, thanks! One if the best game additions ever.
Transmog needs a better UI and collection mechanic, but it will get one eventually. (Source)

Have you considered making "fire" in raids easier to see like static neon circles/boxes where it would/is happening?
Putting too many UI elements right in the world takes away from the world itself. It can look ugly. (Source)

Any plans in WoD for improving the endgame for people who don't like organized raiding?
It's something we discuss a lot but coming up with something fun and challenging has proven difficult. (Source)

Currently its raid or die.. while there is a lot more the game should be about. Low level content was abandoned too early
You mean like someone would go play a new level 40 dungeon? Or that leveling should be slower and less focused on finishing? (Source)

Have Blizzard ever thought about releasing a sequel to an expansion? Like 'Wrath of the Lich King 2' ?
It's always a balance between revisiting things players remember fondly and avoiding that rehashed feeling. (Source)

Dark Legacy Comics - #418
DLC #418 has been released!

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[12/6] Friends & Family Beta Test Hotfixes, New Features Not Likely To Be Added During Beta, Design a Legendary - Part 3

MLG/ManaGrind Tournaments This Weekend, Top 100 Hearthstone Player Rankings - Week 6

WoWSocial Addon (China Only)
A nice new Group Finder feature is coming in Warlords of Draenor, but NetEase has come up with a solution for Chinese players to use today. Players in China are currently testing an addon that allows for group chats, creating groups, and scheduled events with cross realm players.

Unfortunately the addon won't work on US/EU servers in its current state, as it relies on passing messages between servers via officially run characters that serve as message passing proxies.

You can see the translated FAQ and translated screenshots below, but keep in mind that things can be lost in translation. Thanks to ngacnlcq for the translation!

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Why can't I click this addon while it keeps flashing after I log in the game?
You need to wait for the end of addon flashing to enable it.

How do I apply to join a group?
You can apply for a group by clicking "Search Group", selecting corresponding group characteristics and activity time, and clicking "Apply to join".

Why can't I join a group after I apply to join that group?
After you apply to join a group, you need to wait for the group administrator's approval. If the group administrator refuse your application, you can't join it, and the addon will not notify you.

How do I leave a group?
Click "My group", right click the group you want to quit, and select "Quit".

How do I view group information?
Click "My group", right click the group you want to view, and select "View Group Information".

How can I chat in the group?
Click "My group" and double click the group in which you want to chat.

Can I view previous chat log?
You can't view the overwritten chat log at the moment.

Can I chat in multiple groups at the same time?
Yes, you can double click multiple groups in "My Group" to open multiple chat boxes.

How many groups can I join?
You can join multiple groups without any limitation.

How to create a group?
There is a button called "Create Group" in the bottom right corner of the addon. Click "Create Group", select group characteristics and activity time to create it. Please note that if you don't select any group characteristics or activity time, other players are not able to find this group.

How many groups can I create?
Each character can create 3 groups at the moment.

How can I modify the group portrait?
Right click the group you created, select "View Profile", left click the portrait, choose a new one, click okay and save.

How can I disband a group?
Only group creator can disband group. In "My group", select the group you want to disband, right click "View Profile" and click "Disband".

How can I invite others after I create a group?
If some players apply for joining your group, the addon will be flashing in the minimap and you can click it to view the information. If you accept the application, tick it, or you can cross it if you refuse. You can also right click the group you created in "My Group" to "View Profile" to view the application.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Professions
We're actually hoping to do a bunch of work with crafting in Warlords. Nothing I can share any concrete details on yet, but we're talking about it a lot. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Raid Finder and Group Browser
So my question becomes are they seriously doing away with the current LFD/LFR system that is in place for WoD, or am I totally misunderstanding this.
We're not getting rid of LFR or LFD. We're just creating an easier way for players who want to do content without random matchmaking to find other players. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Indirect Flight Paths
Ok Blizzard. Please create direct flight paths. Seriously stop wasting our time with connecting flights and slow flight path speeds. This isn't real life, you aren't losing money every time a flight path takes off half empty... PLEASE PLEASE just make direct flights and speed this [fluffy bunny] up. Your just wasting our time on these 5 min flights. That is why people stop playing, poor customer design and input.
We've said it in the past, but I'll repeat it here. If there are bad flight paths that just don't make sense, let us know. We can always take a look at them. We also plan to make sure the flight paths and transportation in Warlords of Draenor is as convenient as possible as well. We don't plan to remove the feeling of traveling feeling like traveling still though. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Ghostcrawler's Tweets
Today was Ghostcrawler's last day at Blizzard, but he can still be found on Twitter at OccupyGStreet.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Ghostcrawler's Departure
I'm not surprised the internet doesn't actually understand what my job was. I am surprised it is so certain in its bad assumptions. (Source)
To be fair you've not done a whole lot to help dispell the myths.
Really? I am always careful to say "we" when describing a new feature or game change that the design team is going to make. (Source)
We've always assumed it was the royal "we"
Lol. No wonder MMOC posters think I'm arrogant. (Source)

HOnestly, I think the number of people happy he left are greatly exaggerated. Most people think it's a sore loss.
I think that is true as well. In my experience the folks who feel they aren't being heard feel the need to yell louder. (Source)
Doubt most players know who GC is and most do not know he is now gone. Not ment as disrespect btw.
None taken, and I agree completely. Most players have no idea who I am, and many that do have no idea what I do. Just read MMOC. (Source)

To be clear. I've always said Chilton should be the focus of more peoples praise and ire than he's been.
It is telling that the folks who communicate less are also less controversial. Don't reinforce that, internet! (Source)

I like this analogy. You acted as a lightning rod/tank as a direct public voice. I hope someone takes this up.
I remember before I worked here the frustration of not understanding why design decisions were made. It was my goal to fix that. (Source)
I knew a consequence of that would be some players not agreeing with the design, but figured that was better than not knowing. (Source)

Obviously I didn't do it all alone. It took a large team to handle all the systems work. I just cleared roadblocks for them. (Source)
Systems design = classes, items, professions, PvP, encounters, UI, combat & major features. I spent most of my time on features (Source)

I figure that any kind of 'lead' is akin to 'coach' or Scrum master supporting the team and freeing them up to do their jobs?
Exactly. I try to remove impediments that keep my team from being able to of their job. (Source)

How much power does a Lead system designer have? example: guy 1 in ur team comes with an idea, can u then just turn it down?
That's not a great way to foster good morale. Typically you should give them pros and cons of their idea and see what they think. (Source)
Our feedback and playtesting processes are usually good enough to catch bad ideas before they go live. (Source)

will you keep the twitter account, or will it be deleted?
It's my personal account so I imagine I will keep it. I might change the name. We'll see. I certainly won't use it to discuss WoW. (Source)

Are you going to become a backseat driver, er, designer for wow then? Calling and telling them they're all wrong?
I'll be ranting on the forums with all you guys. (Source)

Well ghost crawler if you are leaving I hope you have had a great time working blizzard
I did. Blizzard is very much like a family. I made many friends that I will have for life. (Source)

If you're rly leaving...can I have your gold? Srsly though, thank you for years of hard work helping make WoW a great game.
You wouldn't want my gold. Like all of you, we have to earn everything we get in game. (Source)

If you were playing a horde character, what race would you prefer?
I'm partial to the older-looking orcs for melee or female trolls for casters. Female undead tanks are cool too. (Source)

The real question is what race/gender?
Human female. I'm not judging, but I personally have trouble looking at a dude's butt for so long. (Source)

are you healing hc raids without addons ? I can't live without mouseover macros for all heal spells at the very least
I try to heal without addons to get the experience and figure out what changes we need, but I certainly recognize their value. (Source)
Now that you're no longer a dev, do you think you'll be more likely to use addons?
Probably. (Source)

BC class design was a ways off. I hated not being able to tank raids with my Pally which was supposed to be a tank too
I played a Prot warrior at the time, and my guild only ran Heroic Shattered Halls with a pally tank and 3 mages. Not fun. (Source)

shattered halls wasnt that big of a problem. The big problems with cc started in magisters terrace.
I could tank MT fine, but by then we likely outgeared it. SH was an issue because we didn't have epics yet. (Source)

Just resubbed after 2 years because Warlords got me so excited, sad to hear you're leaving, best of luck to you
I'm pretty excited about Warlords. I have high hopes. (Source)

the real question is are you still gonna play? And what are you gonna insta level to 90?
Yes, and I am thinking of leveling the Prot warrior who tanked vanilla or the hunter that was my first character. (Source)

what will you miss the most?
The meetings where I was just sure there was no good solution, and somehow we come out of it with a great idea. (Source)

: What was your proudest moment at Blizz?
Seeing a designer I really respect get a promotion. (Source)
I'm not sure there is design related moment. The experience tends to be more humbling than prideful. (Source)

so was "you can't have both good gameplay and good story" blizzard's company line or your own opinion?
I don't think I ever said that. I said "Gameplay first," which is a Blizzard corporate value. (Source)
Other studios value story first, or world first or social first. (Source)

Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data (Source)
i've canceled my sub and the data you ask the person to provide is very VAGUE. too vague for ur supposed data
But what if we looked at player history before they quit? What if we could that tell they used to PvP then stopped and when? (Source)
Granted correlation is not causation, but with large enough data sets, you can still detect trends and form hypotheses. (Source)

in your time at blizz what was your biggest idea/feature that never happened?
I think it will still happen, so I can't talk about it. (Source)

Any chance you can talk more about the "big unannounced feature" now?
No, because I still want them to do it! (Source)
but you can talk about titan project?
I guess they can't strictly fire me, but it would be in extremely poor taste. (Source)
so other question are you was on the team of this game (developing)?
I was only ever on WoW at Blizzard. I made very small contributions to other games when I could. (Source)

One of my favorite aspects of your job, was the writing of those tips at the bottom of loading screens. True story.
I admit to writing the Alleria and Turalyon one. (Source)

Wait. Was Transmog you? Do I have to find you and hug you now?
Everything we do is a group effort, but transmog was something on which I worked a lot. (Source)
I had that feeling for some reason, which is why I think we won't get a Transmog Storage revamp now that you're leaving
Nah, there is a ton of support for it on the team, which is usually what counts. (Source)

Was it you who was responsible for the LFD? Even though it had its negatives, I found it to be one of the best additions!
Many of us worked on LFD. I remember the development fondly though because I worked really closely with on it. (Source)

Is there any idea you regret you supported to get implemented into the game?
I wish we had done flex before Raid Finder. Flex still feels like raiding. (Source)
was flex on thw radar when developing lfr?
We've thought about it for years. Balance was always the sticking point, which we finally solved by excluding the hardest level. (Source)

so how much of the ToC patch in wrath was your idea?
IDK. None of it? The raid was an attempt to see if good bosses could carry lack of new art. I feel like that was answered. (Source)
Heh it was Daelo's first raid after he took over from Tigole right? He needs to come back to WoW already also !(Tigole)
Your time frame isn't quite right. Daelo was the lead encounter designer for years and still contributes to WoW. (Source)

How long have you been playing WoW? And do you have any rare mounts or mini-pets that you're particularly proud of obtaining?
I started playing in the Mauradon patch. I'm not much of a collector but there are a few rare drakes that I ride. (Source)

I think he is going to design EverquestNext? Seems like the only big game in development thats worth leaving blizz.
Not sure I'd want to work on an MMO again. Anything would feel anticlimactic after WoW. (Source)

Game designers must adopt the values of their studio to some extent. Somewhere else I would design differently. (Source)
will we see you in the game designer position again?
Yes, but my impression is less in the trenches work and more guidance. We shall see. (Source)

Will you still attend Blizzcon?
Probably as a guest, if I didn't feel it would detract from the actual developers. (Source)

u can finally stop pretend everything is wonderful and perfect now! Gratz, Blizz can finally get someone serious
I think you will find WoW design philosophy comes from the team and not any one individual. Don't expect many changes. (Source)
I'm just waiting for the rage posts, "this happened because ghostcrawler left!"
Those tweets will come from me though, perhaps lessening the effect. (Source)

with you being gone from the dev team, what kind of changes do you see might happen in wow down the road.
Nothing drastic. Radical change probably isn't a good strategy for a 9-year-old game. (Source)

Is someone going to get a post of Lead System Desinger?
Not for me to say, but I suspect they will structure things a little differently for the time being. (Source)

I wouldn't want to take credit for MoP if I was you either, it's far from a masterpiece.
We're pretty happy with it. Still the fact remains that our game development isn't like a kitchen with some all powerful head chef. (Source)

How important do you thing esports will be for a game to maintain longevity in the future? (esp they get more visibility)
Depends on the game. Minecraft had no real esport. (Source)
Minecraft didn't have much of a game to be frank. Still esports and the tight balance needed hurt variety in WoW.
Not sure it was esport per say. Arena was easier to balance when we only cared about RMP. That didn't sit well with everyone else. (Source)

Try to stay involved with the game community in your new job. I know it sucks a ton of time from design but it is appreciated.
I love interacting with the community. I wouldn't want to give that up. (Source)

Do you feel that with your comunication, you kinda spoiled the gaming comunity and set the bar too high for other companies?
I don't know how much of that is on me, but if it encourages more dev communication with players, then it's well worth it. (Source)

Do you think your Twitter "experiment" was a success? I think so! Thank you for taking your time to talk and hear to us.
I think so overall. It has let me communicate with a lot more players in more regions than forum posts did. (Source)
It forces players (and developers!) to be concise in discussions and nobody has the expectation of long diatribes. (Source)
On the con side, I lose the ability to add caveats like "the system isn't perfect" or "I see where you're coming from." (Source)
And I think that leads to our answers sounding curt or trite or more certain than we ever really are. (Source)

I hope you saved that tag for someone or to retire it! Would suck to see someone take it and say stupid internet things.
Blizzard has the account name, and it will indeed be retired... at least until the inevitable reboot. (Source)

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