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by Published on 2011-12-23 07:42 AM

Diablo 3 - Web Content Manager, RMAH and Regions, and Peripherals

Dragon Soul 25 Progression Rankings
There are now 37 guilds still at 6/8 in 25 man, so another Spine 25 kill could come any day now.

1즐거*공격대 (25)KR-Kargath8/8 (H)45000.00
2Stars (25 r)TW-Crystalpine Stinger7/8 (H)9207.22
3DREAM Paragon (10/25 r)EU-Lightning's Blade7/8 (H)9077.77
4Blood Legion (25 r)US-Illidan6/8 (H)6300.00
5vodka (25 r)US-Alterac Mountains6/8 (H)6291.11

Dragon Soul 10 Progression Rankings
There are now 112 guilds still at 6/8 in 10 man, with In extremis picking up World First in 10 man, and Silent in second place.

1Silent (10)EU-Illidan7/8 (H)9278.89
2In extremis (10)KR-Norgannon7/8 (H)9276.67
3Exodus (10)US-Cho'gall6/8 (H)6300.00
4DREAM Paragon (10/25 r)EU-Lightning's Blade6/8 (H)6300.00
5Экзорсус (10 r)EU-Свежеватель Душ6/8 (H)6292.78

Stars Spine of Deathwing 25 DPS
Stars recently shared their DPS meter from the Spine of Deathwing fight, which you can see below. Unlike the KIN Raiders meter, it does not show just the tendons.

RIFT / Trion Worlds Database Compromise
If you ever played RIFT or made a Trion Worlds account, you should change your passwords!

We recently discovered that unauthorized intruders gained access to a Trion Worlds account database. The database in question contained information including user names, encrypted passwords, dates of birth, email addresses, billing addresses, and the first and last four digits and expiration dates of customer credit cards.

There is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full credit card information was accessed or compromised in any way. We have already taken further action to strengthen our systems, even as we, with external security experts, continue to research the extent of the unauthorized access.

You will notice on your next log in to our website that you will be required to change your password, and existing Mobile Authenticator users will also need to reconnect their Authenticator. When you log in, you will be prompted to provide a new password, security questions and answers, and be given the option to connect your account to our Mobile Authenticator to enhance your account’s security.

If you have used your username and password for other accounts, especially financial accounts or accounts with personal information, we suggest you change your passwords on those accounts as well. We recommend that you carefully review your statements, account activity, and credit reports to help protect the security of those accounts. If you need information on how to obtain your credit report or believe any such accounts have been breached, please see below for more information.

Nevertheless, if you own the RIFT game, you will be granted three (3) days of complimentary RIFT game time once you update your password and security questions. Additionally, once you update your account and set a new password, your account will be granted a Moneybags’ Purse, which increases your looted coin by 10%, even if you have not yet purchased RIFT.

Real ID / BattleTag and Real Names
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
To be clear - BattleTag does not display your real name to anyone. It's an anonymous nickname system. The entire point of BattleTag is to be a unified, anonymous nickname you'll use across all Blizzard games.

The Real ID system, of course, does display your real first and last name. But you have to choose to be mutual Real ID friends with someone, and only then will you both see each other's real first and last names.

Real ID and BattleTag are separate systems, and they don't intersect. The intent with BattleTag is specifically to offer all the great features we've been able to offer with Real ID (cross game chat, etc.) but with an anonymous nickname.

The game displaying your own real first and last name to you, I understand, is a concern for some, and we appreciate that feedback. It is not, however, displayed to anyone else, or part of the BattleTag system. The only way someone else can see your real name is if you've both mutually agreed to become Real ID friends.

The current implementation of BattleTags in the Diablo III beta is of course a first go, and we've already read a lot of feedback and are aware of a number of issues. Keep it coming, though.

Happy Holidays from the Community Team
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Community team will have a reduced presence on the forums, Twitter and Facebook over the holidays while we unwrap Winterveil presents and ring in a new year with friends and loved ones. We resolve to be back the first week of January. In the meantime, whether in Sanctuary, Azeroth, Mar Sara or beyond, we hope that you and yours share in the warmth of the season… and may all your loot be epic.

Remember that Greatfather Winter and the Mod Squad are still watching, so be sure to stay on your best behavior. See you next year!

LFM: Illustrious Engineers for Blizzard
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
If you're a qualified software engineer and have been looking for your path toward supporting some of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry, we have just the position for you. We're anxiously seeking out a senior software engineer to join our Battle.net team in Irvine, CA.

Apply now: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company...tml?id=10000A0

  • Mastery of C++
  • Networking experience in TCP and UDP protocols
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Protocol design / optimization experience
  • Security considerations (encryption, denial of service) experience
  • Architecture (cloud, client / server) experience
  • Knowledge of network and server security issues
  • Experience with code optimization
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent experience
  • A passion for video games

Blizzard Careers
If software engineering isn't your cup of tea and you'd still love to join the Blizzard family, be sure to check out all of our latest career listings here: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/careers/.

Follow our recruiting team on Twitter for regular updates on job openings: http://twitter.com/BlizzardCareers

The Daily Blink - A Reinforcement of Stereotypes
The Daily Blink notes the loss of yet another game to the Koreans.

by Published on 2011-12-22 09:30 AM

KIN Raiders Heroic Spine of Deathwing Video
Now that Stars has defeated Heroic Spine of Deathwing 25, KIN Raiders has released their video of the kill.

KIN Raiders Raid Composition / Damage Meters
KIN Raiders defeated Heroic Spine of Deathwing 25 utilizing lots of high burst DPS classes. You can see their damage meters from the Spine fight (only the tendons) and raid composition for both Madness and Spine below!

KIN Raiders Spine of Deathwing Raid Composition

KIN Raiders Madness of Deathwing Raid Composition

KIN Raiders Post Spine of Deathwing Interview
Playforum interviewed KIN Raiders after their Spine of Deathwing kill, and Utsusemi was nice enough to translate the interesting questions.

Q: How did you farm and prepare to clear DS?
A: As many people know, US & EU had some troubles involving LFR. As for us, we brought 3 mains that did not overlap with each others' tier drops and 23 alts that have already done LFR, which facilitated the gearing of our mains. All in all, each member has gone through LFR about 26 times.

During the first week of the patch, in normal mode DS, we formed 6 teams - each consisting of 8-9 mains + alt fill-ins. We also had 1 team farming 10 man mode. When hard mode became available, we focused on gearing up the guild as a whole rather than prioritizing loot based on ranks. We formed 3 teams mixing mains and alts - and consistently farmed for progression. This has helped a lot in the latter half of DS.

Q: What did you feel the 'best' DPS class was for this raid?
A: In all circumstances, a class with good survivability and DPS can be considered the best. In this dungeon, a class that can survive well while providing great burst was the best DPS class. And we think Mage and Rogue were the two classes that best fit that criteria.

For Rogues, subtlety tree was buffed (great survivability and burst) so they were very viable. And for Mages, arcane provided better burst than any other class while fire gave better survivability. However, it's impossible to defeat the latter half the encounters with just these two classes. It is critical that other classes provide support/utility for them.

Q: Can you provide the raid comp for Spine and Madness of Deathwing encounters? Also, the number of attempts for them as well?
A: Regarding the raid composition, you can check that through armory. According to our DBM log, we gave about 300 attempts for the Spine. And for the last encounter, we downed it on our 108th attempt.

Q: A lot of people are speculating about the 4 shamans involved in the Spine encounter. Can you clear things up for us?
A: For the Spine, we had 3 restoration shamans and 1 elemental shaman. Two of the resto shamans were alts. Also one of those two alts' main spec was elemental.

As a side joke, one of our elemental shamans (Detonator is the name) had to be benched for 3 hrs because he could not pull the DPS needed. He had to practice DPS on dummy before getting pulled back in lol.

Q: In US & EU, many people are claiming that you used an exploit using SLT, which allegedly negates a debuff that lowers your health.
A: Regarding that, we have received personal apologies from MMO-Champion and Paragon website (From the people that made such claims). At that time, I wasn't too concerned about it because I was focused on the next encounter. But when we finally release the video of our kill, all of the suspicions will go away.

Q: The time you spent on Madness, compared to Spine, was rather short. How would you compare the difficulty between the two?
A: Spine was harder. It was as if a huge wall was blocking your way. Every time you first encounter a difficult boss, you can naturally feel that way. For Madness, it was like "hey, this isn't so bad". As for the Spine, it was more like "we don't wanna repeat this next week..." But no matter what, the members that had to be on stand-by had to go through the most stress by far.

Q: When will you be releasing a kill video of the last two encounters?
A: Once another guild has achieved a kill, we'll be releasing the video.

Q: It seems like more alts were part of the raid than mains for this dungeon. Is this correct?
A: Yes, it is. For the Spine, 3 of the Mages were alts and 2 of the resto Shamans were alts. We wanted to prepare for the unexpected. So since FL, we consistently farmed for alts.

Q: Is there a reason why you did that?
A: Every patch, we as a guild, had problems with limited roster. However, we feel that composition is far more important than the number of raiders. Say we have 25 people online. If those 25 people have access to most of the classes, creating a fitting raid composition becomes very easy.

For DS, each member had 2-4 classes ready for progression.

Q: For this raid, class specs seemed very critical. Can you give us a word on that?
A: For tanks, Paladins were far inferior to DKs and Druids. Thus, prot Paladins were benched. Also, enhancement Shamans and Hunters had to be benched for Madness encounter as the pets weren't attacking tendons. For healers, holy Paladins and resto Shamans were good. Other healing classes had to be on stand-by. And for caster DPS, boomkins had to be benched most of the time. I want to thank all of them for sticking around for the entire duration of the fights.

Q: Would you like to say a word to other guilds that are attempting to clear DS?
A: Never give up! It is imperative to stick together and have faith that you can do it. Every guild wants to give up at one point or another. But nothing can be achieved with one big shot. If you take it one step at a time, you will be rewarded for your effort.

Q: Any shout outs to the fans?
A: Thank you for your supports. We want to be remembered as raiders that always enjoy raiding. Thank you.

@BlizzardCS Diablo III Beta Twitter Sweepstakes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
@BlizzardCS is giving away 500 keys for the exclusive Diablo III beta test over the next five weeks. If you want to lead the charge against the minions of the Burning Hells before the game’s official release – follow the instructions below and enter the drawing for your chance to win.

Starting December 20, 2011, we’ll be randomly selecting 100 winners each week to receive a key to our exclusive Diablo III beta test. Drawings will occur at the end of every Tuesday for five (5) weeks for the total 500 keys.

What you need to know:

How to Enter:
  1. Have an active Battle.net® account
  2. Be a registered user of Twitter®
  3. During the Contest period become a follower of BlizzardCS® by visiting http://twitter.com/BlizzardCS and clicking “Follow;”
  4. Use the hashtag #DiabloBeta and @BlizzardCS in a Tweet
  5. Send an email of the tweet to [email protected]. With a link to your tweet.

If you have not registered a Battle.net account, visit http://www.battle.net to register for a Battle.net account at no cost to you; and if you are not a registered user of Twitter®, simply visit http://twitter.com/signup to register at no cost to you.

Sweepstakes Starts
December 20, 2011 @ 1:00 pm (PST)
Sweepstakes Ends
January 23, 2012 @ 11:59 pm (PST)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Daily Quests and Boredom
Dailies and grinding. You want X, you have to perform Y dailies for Z period of time. You grind rep and gold and then you get what you want. This is what I explained. "But that's just like a job. I already have a job. When can we do something fun?"

It's easy to design a better system than dailies, pump out infinite amounts of content, it's just not feasible to pull off. Some people want to spend more time in the game than others, maybe even every day, and we want to make sure they have something to do. While we'd love for that to be fresh and unique content every time, it's simply not feasible. Thus, dailies. Give people something to do each time they log in (if they choose to do so every day).

Not to toot the Mists of Pandaria horn too hard, but I think our general zone design, daily, and scenario approach is pretty solid. Part of what makes dailies a bit tedious, aside from being tedious, is the rewards are desired but may not always quite fit the time investment. I see quite a bit of that being solved and making sure if you're logging in to do some dailies or scenarios, you feel like you made a good chunk of progress toward advancing your character.

It's not going to be a revolution or anything, don't get me wrong, but I think it'll at least feel better. No one likes being the guy on the assembly line putting the left index finger on the doll 250 times a day, 5 days a week. They might not mind it as much though if they're paid $100k a year. Right? (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
by Published on 2011-12-20 06:27 PM

Update - Urgent Realm Maintenance - 12/21
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ll be performing urgent rolling restarts on all realms beginning at 10:00 a.m. PST, with an additional hour of downtime for the realms listed below. The rolling restarts are expected to impact each realm for approximately 15 minutes once they begin, and the realms below are expected to be available again by approximately 11:00 a.m. PST. We apologize for the short notice and appreciate your patience.

Antonidas, Anub'arak, Blackwater Raiders, Bladefist, Borean Tundra, Cairne, Cenarion Circle, Cenarius Darrowmere, Drak'Tharon, Drenden, Echo Isles, Farstriders, Fenris, Garrosh, Hydraxis, Hyjal, Korialstrasz, Lightbringer, Maiev, Misha, Mok'Nathal, Moon Guard, Nazgrel, Nesingwary, Nordrassil, Quel'dorei, Ravenholdt, Rivendare, ShandrisShu'halo
Sisters of Elune, The Forgotten Coast, , Tortheldrin, Uther, Vashj, Winterhoof, Wyrmrest Accord

Patch 4.3 Hotfixes - December 20 - ZA and ZG Nerfed
Blizzard just published a new list of hotfixes and it looks like Zul'aman and Zul'gurub are getting nerfed today.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Algaefin Rockfish no longer swim in schools, and schools of Deepsea Sagefish have taken their place along many coastlines.

Hunter (Forums / Talent Calculator)
  • Multi-Shot, modified by the talent Serpent Spread, should now properly spread Serpent Sting to other targets that are within range when a nearby player is affected by Serpent Sting.

Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator)
  • Horde Paladins should find that Judgement of Truth now properly triggers item procs that it is intended to trigger.

Dungeons and Raids
  • Helix Gearbreaker's Stickybomb should no longer break Stealth.
  • Vanessa VanCleef's Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator achievement should no longer break Stealth.

Vortex Pinnacle
  • Minister of Air
    • The knockback for Lightning Nova has been reduced from roughly 12 yards to 8 yards on normal difficulty, and from18 yards to 12 yards on Heroic difficulty.

Well of Eternity
  • Mannoroth
    • Felhounds, Doomguard Devestators, and Felguards are no longer capable of dealing critical hits.

  • Amani'shi Warbringer's damage has been reduced by 12%.
  • Amani'shi Medicine Man's summoned Protective Ward health has been reduced by 60%.
  • When an Amani'shi Scout is alerted, he now idles for 1 second before running to summon reinforcement.
  • Amani'shi Reinforcement's damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • Amani'shi Flame Casters' Fireball Volley now inflicts less damage.
  • Jana'lai's Flame Breath ability now inflicts less persistent fire damage.
  • In Dragonhawk form, Daakara's Flame Whirl spell increases fire damage taken by a lesser amount.
  • Daakara's Creeping Paralysis now inflicts less damage.

  • Berserking Boulder Roller's Boulders now inflict less damage.
  • Bloodlord Mandokir's Decapitate cooldown has been increased by 5 seconds.
  • Gurubashi Shadow Hunters are now immune to Disarm.
  • Gurubashi Shadow Hunter's Shadowed Shot ability now inflicts less damage.
  • Gurubashi Blood Drinker's Blood Leech ability now inflicts less damage.
  • Lesser Priest of Bethekk's Shadowflame ability now inflicts less periodic damage.
  • High Priestess Kilnara's Wave of Agony now deals less damage.
  • Jin'do's Twisted Spirit health has been reduced.
  • Jin'do's Twisted Spirit damage has been reduced.
  • Jin'do's Shadows of Hakkar now inflicts less damage.

Dragon Soul
  • Morchok
    • Double Stomp damage should now only come down on the heads of the two players closest to the boss.
  • Hagara
    • Ice Waves will not spawn until Hagara finishes casting Frozen Tempest.
    • Spell immunity mechanics such as Ice Block and Divine Shield should now temporarily block damage from Watery Entrenchment, but should not remove the debuff.
    • Ice Tomb can no longer be avoided by a raid of players all standing within a smokebomb.
  • Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
    • Yor'sahj now deals triple melee damage to player-controlled pets and targets them with Void Bolt.
    • The Firebloom heal triggered by the Druid tier-12 should no longer cause Deep Corruption.
    • Yor'sahj's health and damage have been reduced by up to 10% on 25-player Heroic difficulty, bringing the difficulty of the encounter closer to that of 10-player Heroic difficulty.
  • Spine of Deathwing
    • A Safe Fall aura has been added to the start of the encounter, preventing players from taking falling damage, should their parachutes end early.
    • Corrupted Bloods now use Burst regardless of crowd control conditions, including silence.
  • Madness of Deathwing
    • Deathwing should no longer fire two Elementium Meteors when a limb tentacle is destroyed at the same time that Deathwing is casting Elementium Meteor.

  • Timepiece of the Bronze Flight has been given an additional red socket.

  • Players on the quest Patricide can no longer receive the Fragment of Deathwing's Jaw while in a Raid Finder group.
  • Graham Van Talen should no longer incorrectly offer Gnome Engineering and Goblin Engineering once the player has sufficient Engineering skill level.
  • Pelturas Whitemoon should now be quite willing to complete the quest Orendil's Cure for multiple players.
  • Players are now able to complete the quest Trial of the Naaru: Mercy by beating the 55-minute timer.

Curse - Weekly News Round Up

by Published on 2011-12-20 03:16 PM

Madness of Deathwing Heroic World First Kill by KIN Raiders
The Korean guild KIN Raiders (즐거*공격대) from KR-Kargath was the first guild in the world to defeat the second part of the Deathwing encounter in the Heroic version of the Dragon Soul raid instance, congratulations to them!

by Published on 2011-12-20 06:38 AM

Diablo 3 - New Diablofans Site Theme, Blue Posts, Blizzard Artworks

MMO-Champion Holiday Giveaway - Signed Artwork and 10 x Winged Guardian Mount
It wouldn't be the holidays without gifts, so Pico is here to tell you about what we are bringing you this year. You can enter the contest only by commenting on this news post. Please only enter once, multiple entries will disqualify you. We have two types of prizes for you this year:

  • A Sindragosa artwork signed by its author, Glowei / Wei Wang from Blizzard - Open to US residents only
  • We're also offering Winged Guardian flying mounts x 10 - Open to everyone
  • To enter the contest, just post a reply in this news post, you have until Wednesday December 21st @ 2:00PM EST to enter the contest, this thread will be closed and winners will be selected randomly.
  • Entering more than once is useless and will get you disqualified. There will be no 2nd chance for people posting more than one comment in this thread, you have been warned. (We will also of course check for double accounts, etc)

Good luck to everyone, and you should probably expect more contests during the holidays season!

MMO-Champion Forums Moderator Recruitment
Good news everyone! We're recruiting moderators for the forums again! The amount of users and posts keeps increasing at a very fast pace and we reached the point where we need some help before the trolls take over and play Whack-a-Mod in the new Darkmoon Faire. I know it sounds fun, but I'm going to assume we don't want that.

This time around we especially need people to mods for our forums for other games such as the SWTOR forums. We are always up for adding nice new mods though, so feel free to apply for the other forums as well.

A Day in the Life of a Web Content Manager
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
His bicycle tires don't run flat; they explode. When news breaks, he fixes it. His collection of vintage Blizzard memorabilia could fill a garage... and it does. They made a Diablo creature in his honor, but it was deemed too frightening to include in the game. The people of Orgrimmar love him, even though he plays Alliance. He is the most interesting web content manager in the world. He doesn't always like to be in the spotlight, but when he does, Geoff prefers to be featured in a Day in the Life article.

Read the article about a day in the life of Web Content Manager Geoff Fraizer now!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Deathwing should not have been in LFR
I don't agree at all with a couple months. I think maybe it could have maybe been delayed to the week after Heroic and still been pretty awesome though.

There's a lot of prestige and reward that goes with the Heroic kills that simply just aren't matched by any kills in the Raid Finder version. If someone is comparing the two or getting confused by the kills between them then I think their opinion is already flawed.

Kills happened in Normal before Raid Finder. You could argue those were "real" kills.

Our goal with Raid Finder is not to hold people back for months just to make sure the Heroic kills feel even more elite and special than they already do. Those players were probably already responsible for world or server first Normal kills, and then the rewards from Heroic speak for themselves as being fairly substantial.

In any case, as a first go with the Raid Finder I think we learned a lot and we'll be taking feedback to future raids. Overall though we've found Raid Finder to be very successful, the amount of people able to experience the content is huge, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope to only continue forward with that momentum. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Druid Gear in Shapshifted Forms
Just coming back to this briefly; There are some big technical limitations preventing us from allowing gear to show on Feral/Moonkin druid forms, and currently we have no immediate plans of working to overcome them. However, we could potentially start with something like the shoulders. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Four Specs for Other Classes?
I just wanted to pop in and say that the reason that we gave a fourth spec to druids was simply because it always felt as though they had four specs, but two of them were built into the one tree. This change was made to make the tank spec into a tree of its own instead of in a tree with their DPS build.

At this current point, we do not plan to implement a fourth spec for other classes because no other class feels like it has four specializations already. You can always be hopeful that this could change, but for now we appreciate the awesome feedback that you have given [...] (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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