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by Published on 2011-09-08 08:40 PM

Dragonwrath Questline - Smoldering Essences Updated Changes
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
That's another issue, though it has less to do with drop rates and more to do with how the quest can reasonably be completed. We came up with a "parallelization" concept where a player could be on phase 3 of making Dragonwrath, while another raider in the same group could be on phase 2. We thought that would feel better for the players involved, and it did, but more because they were getting their staves faster than for any other reason. The real problem with this idea is that it made it very difficult to balance the time investment it takes to create a staff. The first staff might take x amount of time to create, but then subsequent staves could potentially come out the door a lot faster.

Legendaries aren't very legendary if 20% of the raiding population is carrying them -- never mind the ripple effects that their presence can have on game balance in PvE and PvP. Ultimately, 'parallelization' made a too powerful item, too easy to get, too quickly. In short, it was a mistake that we regret, and one we won't be repeating in the future. It also left us with a situation that we needed to address, though, which is why we nerfed the quest item drop rates to begin with.

All of that is merely by way of explaining how we arrived at this point. The heart of the issue for many of you has been 10-player raid drop rates and I’d like to take a moment to thank those of you who provided clear, constructive feedback in these threads and elsewhere. It’s been really valuable during our deliberations and helped us arrive at a decision that we think will address our concerns and yours.

We’ve decided to revert the drop rate change for 10-player heroic Firelands completely. We’ll also be slightly buffing the drop rates in 10-player normal. In the end, we should get the following results:

  • 25-player heroic has 44% lower drop rates in phase 3 relative to 4.2 launch.
  • 25-player normal remains unchanged from 4.2 launch.
  • 10-player heroic remains unchanged from 4.2 launch.
  • 10-player normal has 33% higher drop rates in phase 3 relative to 4.2 launch.

We plan to hotfix the new rates into place as soon as possible, and we should see them in-place pre-raid this evening barring unforeseen complications.
by Published on 2011-09-07 06:26 PM

Update - Daxxarri wrote a short post on the subject, but it looks like we won't get anything more than that.
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We didn't particularly want a lot of these items in circulation, so that's partially intended. We really do want to keep legendary weapons legendary, and Dragonwrath ended up being more readily available than we were comfortable with.

Nonetheless, we should have recognized that the completion rate was faster than we wanted, and taken action, sooner.

Legendary Staff - Smoldering Essence Droprate Stealth Nerf Confirmed
One of the many stealth nerf deployed yesterday on live realms was a nerf of the questline to obtain Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, but not in a good way.

The droprate of Smoldering Essences required for the Heart of the Flame quest has been considerably lowered, you will now get about 50% less essences than before the nerf.

  • For example, you will now get 9 or 10 essences from bosses in 25-Man Heroic mode instead of 17-19.
  • Players in 10-Man Heroic mode will only get 3 or 4 instead of an average of 7.

This change is surprising and might not be a good news for players, if Blizzard suddenly wants some parts of the game to last longer before the next patch.

Just like any of yesterday's nerf to the firelands raid bosses, we don't have any comment or information from Blizzard at this point and the only comment is from a Blizzard QA poster who confirmed that this is indeed an intentional change.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This was an intentional change, not a bug.
by Published on 2011-09-07 03:52 AM

Heroic: Ragnaros Nerf
The Heroic version of Ragnaros in the Firelands has been hotfixed and considerably nerfed a few minutes ago.

  • The 25-man version of Ragnaros now has 246M HP, down from 290M.
  • The 10-man version of Ragnaros now has 74M HP.

There are also various reports of the fight feeling easier overall, and a couple of other fights in the Firelands raid seems to have been changed as well. Hopefully this wasn't a stealth nerf and we'll hear from Blizzard soon.

Diablo III Data Flowing In
Diablo 3 data has been appearing on the web, so we have mostly Diablo III related news for you today. Diablofans has additional information on their site and forums.

General Info
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Raw Data
Male/Female Titles
  • Level 10: Sir / Dame
  • Level 15: Baron / Baroness
  • Level 20: Count / Countess
  • Level 25: Duke / Duchess
  • Level 30: Lord / Lady
  • Level 40: King / Queen
  • Level 50: Defender
  • Level 60: Champion
  • Level 70: Guardian
  • Level 80: Conqueror
  • Level 90: Destroyer
  • Level 100: Avenger
  • Level Max: Patriarch / Matriarch

Corrupted Titles
  • Wanderer
  • Local Hero
  • Demon's Bane
  • Tempted
  • Fallen Hero
  • Tainted
  • Villian
  • Rotten
  • Scourge of Tristram

Game Types
  • Cooperative
  • Diablo III
  • DotA
  • Arena
  • Team Deathmatch

Game Zones
  • Act 1: Tristram Tristram
  • Act 1: The Cathedral
  • Act 1: The Cemetery
  • Act 1: The Fields
  • Act 1: The Highlands
  • Act 1: The Halls of Agony
  • Act 2: Caldeum
  • Act 2: Stinging Winds
  • Act 2: Dahlgur Oasis
  • Act 2: Desolate Sands
  • Act 2: Archives of Zoltun Kulle
  • Act 3: Depths of the Keep
  • Act 3: Bastion's Keep
  • Act 3: Fields of Slaughter
  • Act 3: Arreat Crater
  • Act 4: Gardens of Hope
  • Act 4: Silver Spire
  • Act 4: Bastion's Keep

Runestone Effects

Secret Level - The Pinnacle of Ponies
Don't forget that this is only datamining, not confirmed info.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Battle For Ponies
  • The battle for ponies is about to begin.
  • The Pinnacle of Ponies Event
  • Ponies_HopePrison - Hope's Prison
  • PoniesPurificationTimer - Purification Timer
  • Bridle_Ponies - Bridle

  • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_MonkReward - Magic Fist Weapon
  • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_DHReward - Magic Hand Crossbow
  • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_BarbReward - Magic Weapon
  • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WDReward - Ceremonial Dagger
  • Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WizReward - Magic Wand

  • TentacleHorse - Rainbow Western
  • Unique_TentacleHorse_A - Midnight Sparkle
  • TentacleHorse_B_Unique - Nightmarity
  • Unique_TentacleHorse_A - Nightmare is Magic
  • Unique_TentacleHorse_B - Generosity in Death



Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

by Published on 2011-09-06 04:14 AM

Stats: Character Leveling Speed in Cataclysm
There were no blue posts today because of the Labor Day holiday, Blizzard posters will probably be back tomorrow with more news!

It has been too long since we posted some stats and this time we took a look at how many characters reached Level 85 each day since Cataclysm was released. This only includes data from the US Realms to keep the dates simpler. This does not include all of the level 85 characters in the US, only a sample of 1.1 million. Interested in seeing some other statistics? Let us know in the comments!

  • You can see that a very large number of people reached Level 85 in the first week after release, thousands even the first day.
  • It seems that people enjoy leveling during the weekend with a spike on Saturday and an even larger spike on Sunday.
  • You can see where Patch 4.1 and Patch 4.2 came out, decreasing the amount of leveling briefly.

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Poll: How many characters have you leveled to 85?
While we were working on these stats, we figured it was a good time to ask how many characters you have leveled to 85. Let us know in the poll below!

Dark Legacy Comics #303 and Teh Gladiators #268 + #269 are available!

by Published on 2011-09-05 02:44 AM

Patch 4.3 Previews Recap
Patch 4.2.2 is finally on live servers and there has been a lot of information posted recently about Patch 4.3, more is likely coming and we can finally hope for a Patch 4.3 PTR "soon". Time for a recap!

Patch 4.3 - Misc / Class Changes

Patch 4.3 - New Features

Patch 4.3 - Developers Interviews

Addon Review: GTFO
GTFO is an addon that will be useful to anyone who does PvE, especially those of you that play with Spell Detail level turned down. It will warn you when you are standing in something that you shouldn't be, even in content from Vanilla to Firelands. The alert is just audio currently, but it does expand functionality when used with a few other addons. If you play with sounds off, it can unmute sounds to give you the alert as well.

The warnings come in four different categories, including High/Low for damage amounts, Failure for when you stood in the fire for too long, and Friendly Fire for when you need to get away from someone in the raid who is doing damage to you.

It has the option to turn off the alert for easy content and integrates with Recount/Skada to save statistics and see who is failing the most. The damage amounts will not be fully accurate in all cases, but the counters should be.

It also works with Power Auras Classic to provide a visual indicator when you are standing in something! Adding this alert just takes a few steps that are clearly outlined on the download page. Doing "/gtfo test", "/gtfo test2", "/gtfo test3", "/gtfo test4" will let you trigger a test of the damage alerts to ensure the volume and graphic are working as you intended.

Be sure that you don't use LUI with it, as there are some incompatibility issues in the current version. If you are already using it you need to remove the Recount data from your WTF folder for each character. "/gtfo options" will get you right into the options screen. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

What better way to start off your week than with another episode of The MMO Report!

The Daily Blink - In This Strip, Baine Switches to Decaf
The Daily Blink doesn't disappoint!

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