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Beta Week 3: Keys from Week 3 have been released! Check the status page to see if you won.

by Published on 2016-01-13 08:03 AM

Patch 2.4 Roundup

Designer Insights with Ben Brode: Content Updates

Greymane Out & Hero Spotlight, What Hero Comes Next?

Legion - Tyrande, Malfurion, and Elothir
We found some interesting references to Tyrande, Malfurion, and Elothir. These lines may be part of the Darkheart Thicket dungeon. Unfortunately there isn't much more than what is below yet. Keep in mind that this is just a reference in an alpha build of Legion, not something final or officially announced. Spoilers below!

The vision is chaotic, unfocused. I need to concentrate.
I will need to focus on the vision to understand its message. Guard me while I do this, $n.
Yes, Tyrande.
Do not let anything disturb my meditation. I must see through the chaos.
I see... swirling red mist. Gnashing teeth.
That is Malfurion's voice! He is livid and... in terrible agony.
Such malevolent laughter... who could be so cruel?
I only pray that we are not too late.
The corruption is getting worse. There is something across the bridge... Is that the Archdruid Elothir?
By Elune... what happened, Elothir? Have you seen my husband?
The Nightmare... claims me. Malfurion calls out in the darkness. I cannot see him...
You must help me find him! Is there anything I can do?
You may not, but perhaps... your mother moon can.
I will petition Elune. The Nightmare taint cannot be removed.... but perhaps we can hold it back.
Long enough... to seek him out... *Elothir groans* The trees whisper nonsense. I can almost understand...
Hold yourself on the edge of madness, Elothir! Mother moon will hold you as long as she can.
He approaches the heart of corruption! Quickly, Tyrande, to Shala'nir! There is no time!
I will go to him! Elothir?
The madness... claims me...
Elothir's form is unresponsive. The Nightmare has taken hold.
Elothir's inert form stares blankly into the distance.
Elothir appears completely unaware of his surroundings.
There is no time to lose. Elothir is beyond our reach now. Come with me.
Shala'nir is just ahead. When we arrive, you will search the buildings to the left. I will search those to the right. Shout if you find him.
I am coming Malfurion!
I hear a struggle by the gazebo! Malfurion?! Answer me!
Hah! Claim him if you can, Night Elf!

New Item Added to World of Warcraft: Legion Digital Deluxe Bonuses
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve added something new to the collection of goodies you get when you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of World of Warcraft: Legion. Take on the terrors of Diablo III in style with the Legion-inspired Demon Hunter helm transmog. Wear it with the Wings of the Betrayer, and you’ll truly look the part as you hunt demons across Sanctuary. Both of these items, along with everything else in the Digital Deluxe Edition, are available in-game now when you pre-purchase.

Don’t be caught unprepared for the Burning Legion’s assault on Azeroth beginning this summer. By pre-purchasing now, you’ll receive a level-100 character boost to use immediately, along with early access to the Demon Hunter hero class prior to the expansion’s release.*


World of Warcraft: Legion is filled with features and content that will transform Azeroth’s heroes into Legion-slaying avatars of vengeance, including:

  • New Hero Class: Demon Hunter—Unleash the demon within as an all-new melee hero class gifted with preternatural mobility—and the ability to metamorphose into hellish new forms.
  • New Feature: Artifact Weapons—Smite the Legion with class-specific weapons of lore. Unlock awesome abilities and traits, and customize your weapon to suit your needs.
  • New Continent: The Broken Isles—Discover the fate of a lost night elf civilization, confront twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare, and hunt agents of the Legion in all-new zones.
  • Boost to Level 100—Come fully prepared to battle the Legion with a level-100 character boost, and fight alongside your friends in this epic new chapter of World of Warcraft—available immediately upon pre-purchase*.
  • New Feature: Class Halls (aka Order Halls)—Unite fellow NPC members of your class’s order to carry out missions at your command.
  • New PvP Honor System—Fight for fame, glory, and a range of new PvP-specific powers as you face the opposing faction in Arenas and Battlegrounds.

Digital Deluxe Edition – Pets, Mounts, and More
In addition to the Standard Edition, the new expansion is available in a Digital Deluxe Edition, which contains a cache of Legion-inspired in-game bonuses for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games (available upon or before the expansion’s launch), including:

  • World of Warcraft – Illidari Felstalker Mount and Nibbles Pet—Stalk the invading demonic forces atop one of the Burning Legion’s own twisted hounds of war, and summon a delightfully demented companion to keep you warm by the fel fire—both available immediately upon pre-purchase.
  • Heroes of the Storm – Felstalker Mount—Charge down the lanes of the Nexus and wreak havoc on the opposing team astride this fierce fanged terror.
  • StarCraft II – Fel Protoss Portraits—Take back Aiur in infernal style with psionic-infused StarCraft II portraits of Illidan and Gul’dan.
  • Diablo III – Wings of the Betrayer—Equip your hero with Illidan’s wings and strike terror into the hearts of Sanctuary’s demons.
  • NEW! Diablo III – Demon Hunter Helm Transmog—Complete your fel-infused look with the new Demon Hunter helm transmog. Just add wings and you’ll be the true terror of Sanctuary.

Visit the Shop to learn more about everything the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions have to offer.

*Players upgrading from World of Warcraft Starter Edition must wait for trial restrictions to be removed (up to 72 hours) before using character boost. Demon Hunter early access timing will be announced at a later date. Only one Demon Hunter per realm; requires at least one level 70 character on realm. Legion launch in summer 2016 (winter 2016 in regions in southern hemisphere).

Patch 6.2.3 Hotfixes - January 12
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Besides, how many people actually have "the Insane" in WoW? Pretty small percent, and that's pure dedication.
That one is, but I'd argue the prestige is pretty small. Now imagine it granted a legendary.... (OccupyGStreet)

Well, he also conceded that maybe it's not feasible.
Yeah. I think there is an expectation that only a few people can wield say Excalibur, but maybe not in an MMO (OccupyGStreet)

Heroes of the Storm - Greymane Released
Greymane has been released!

Dark Legacy Comics #521 -You've Got Mail
DLC #521 has been released!

by Published on 2016-01-12 12:46 PM

Update: Blizzard announced a transmog item for Diablo III players who pre-order Legion Digital Deluxe Edition.

Patch 2.4 Roundup

[EU] Lost Adventures and Cards, Deck Spotlight: Sigma's Demon Reno, Worlds Beyond Warcraft P1 Voting

Greymane Confirmed Tomorrow & No Balance Changes, Rotation for Jan. 12, 2016, Sales

Legion - Magni, Eitrigg, and The Ashbringer
We found some interesting conversations with important NPCs about Artifact weapons. One example is a conversation you can have with Magni or Eitrigg about The Ashbringer. Unfortunately there isn't much more than what is below yet. Keep in mind that this is just a reference in an alpha build of Legion, not something final or officially announced.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Magni Bronzebeard and The Ashbringer
Well if ain't the Highlord $Ghimself:herself;! I reckon' it's good for even the hardiest of us to take a moment and reflect now and again. I'm right fond of this spot.
Take a seat with me for a moment, won't ye?
The Ashbringer is a truly wondrous blade, ain't it? I remember forging it many years ago back in Ironforge - my finest work.
If ye don't mind an old dwarf talkin' yer ear off, I'd like to share a piece of advice with ye that I've carried with me since I was a lad.
We all come from the same earth and stone around us; Alliance and Horde, dwarf and gnome- as a leader, ye've got to see past the differences and unite yer people against the Legion. Azeroth depends on it.
I'll give ye some time alone. Just somethin' to think about in the days ahead.

Eitrigg and The Ashbringer
Throm-Ka, Highlord $p. I see we both value some peace and quiet now and again.
Sit with me if you would - just for a few moments.
Tirion was my brother by blood. We saved one another's lives many moons ago. He was a good man... an honorable man.
He always thought highly of you - from what I hear from others his trust has not been misplaced.
I have watched many lead their people down dark paths. Tirion often spoke of the Light that guided his hand and his people - let it guide you to greatness as well.
I am not one for conversation - much remains to be done. May our paths cross again, $p.

Patch 6.2.3 Hotfixes - January 11
Two hotfixes were not listed in the notes:

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The following items obtained from Timewalking should now have Spell Power.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Will Rogues have the ability to mog their artifact weapons into other stuff?This being outlaws with axes and fist weps
You can transmogrify your artifact into other weapons within the current, existing transmogrification weapon-type rules. (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Prestige based on luck has no real value. Give me prestige based on skill and/or dedication.
Neither skill nor dedication will provide an item that only a few players will own. (OccupyGStreet)
Maybe having a super rare item like that just isn't feasible. (OccupyGStreet)

Why in Cata post mortem you said Legendaries should not be like a reputation grind and Mists had 3 Rep grinds for Legendary?
Different legendaries. Cataclysm model was 1-2 per guild raid. Mists legendaries were for virtually everyone. (OccupyGStreet)
This is relevant to the discussion of rarity we've been having on twitter lately. (OccupyGStreet)
Say as a designer you want 1% of players to have an item for prestige or bragging purposes. (OccupyGStreet)
RNG is about the only tool in your box. along grind doesn't limit number of players, only the rate they acquire them. (OccupyGStreet)
Skill means the world first guilds have them and nobody else. (OccupyGStreet)
Systems to deliver rare rewards in the absence of low RNg-based drop rates are *very* hard to design. (OccupyGStreet)

Diablo III - Patch 2.4 Roundup
Patch 2.4 has lots of changes and new features, so be sure to check out all of the details on Diablofans!

by Published on 2016-01-11 01:41 AM

PTR 2.4 Going Offline, Extra Stash Clarification

Deck Spotlight: LOKShadow's OTK Combo Warrior, Feugen & Stalagg Need Friends

Stunlock Meta Discussion, Town Hall Heroes Ep. 91

Legion - Vol'jin
We found some interesting references to a conversation involving Vol'jin. Unfortunately there isn't much more than what is below yet. Keep in mind that this is just a reference in an alpha build of Legion, not something final or officially announced. Spoilers below!

When de time comes, you be ready to fight?
If dis only de beginning, ain't gonna be easy. If we fight, everyone gonna be makin' sacrifices.
All your instinct be true. Innocent lives be valued, indeed, but dem magics... Demons we ain't been seein' before. I be fearin' dis only be de beginnin'.
Warchief, I understand, but we cannot afford to send everything we have at the Legion. Some of our people are not ready for a war. It is -
It is unfortunate... for all of us, but the time has come to defend our people - all of our people.
Good. Now we all be seein'... united as one, but we also be need'n an old knowledge. Someone who understand dem fel magics from long ago. Someone ta help understand de fight dey be bringin. Helpin' us prepare... for war.
Warchief, even with the might of the Horde behind us, the Legion's power continues to grow. We know neither their numbers nor their true power, but as you said, we know their intentions.
Yes... and we ain't gone be fightin' de Legion alone. It be time we be reachin' out. I be goin' to visit an old friend.
Dem serious times. Tell your people it's time to be gettin' ready. Everybody gettin' ready.
And what of my guards, Warchief? We cannot afford to leave the city in its state. The Legion is threat enough, and the Alliance - the Alliance will surely strike when our guard is down.
Leave 'em. Dem guards be remindin' us of those we lost. They be remindin' us we be one Horde. And dey be remindin' us - ain't nobody be sittin' down when war be upon us.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character / Items
We have some special-handling in mind for sheathing for things like the fist weapons. They won't be invisible
Please tell me this hasnt been cut
Not cut, still in progress. You will see all artifacts during normal play. (craig_amai)
Temporarily next alpha build it will not be sheathable at all, which is not the final solution. (craig_amai)

Will we be able to transmog our Artifacts? The artifacts for fury warrior don't really fit my current transmog.
Yes. You will be able to transmogrify your artifacts within the confines of the existing transmog weapon rules. (WarcraftDevs)
Will this include transmogging from one artifact to another, I.E. Titanstrike to the bow IF you have the appearances unlocked?
No. Artifact appearances are NOT available as transmogrification options for other weapons or artifacts. (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
"Entitlement risk" is a bizarre phrase to use for non-RNG (the lack of RNG undermining the concept of "risk").
Yeah I hesitated to use it but it Twitter isn't great for nuance. (OccupyGStreet)
"Entitlement" can carry connotations for being a spoiled brat, which isn't at all the context I intended. (OccupyGStreet)
But when a reward is not very RNG or too tied to very high skill, you can cause players to expect they WILL earn it. (OccupyGStreet)
Extreme case: play 10,000 games to win something. The intention may be that makes the reward rare. (OccupyGStreet)
Bit the reality may be that you strongly encourage many players to go engage in something that really isn't that fun. (OccupyGStreet)
By contrast most players won't farm a 0.001% drop chance. They don't have the expectation that they WILL get the item. (OccupyGStreet)
Why is it bad to be able to work reliably toward a goal?
Actual skill challenge or RNG make things rare. Long grinds can make players hate their lives (and you). (OccupyGStreet)
The goal may be for a small percent of players to achieve a goal or reward, which is also fine. (OccupyGStreet)
The risk is if devs naively say "We will make this rare by making it super grindy." (OccupyGStreet)
Long term achievable goals can be fun but excessive length to promote scarcity usually doesn't feel good. (OccupyGStreet)

Hey GC, what are your thoughts as a Dev on SWTORs level-sync system? Frankly, I LOVE it. I can play any "zone" at any level!
The risk of level sync is if players feel no sense of accomplishment. "Oh, I am level 15 now but so are those rats." (OccupyGStreet)
Not saying SWTOR has this problem and it's not an Achilles' heel problem, just a consideration. (OccupyGStreet)

Computers - Setup of the Month
Each month or so we will post a couple of hardware setups for those of you who are thinking of upgrading their computer!

This month
The current SSD prices are fairly flat right now, with most SSDs under $0.50 per gigabyte when on sale. New GPUs may be coming towards the middle of this year

Depending on how much you want to overclock, you may need to spend a bit more for a better CPU cooler like the NH-D15.

Unless you are doing a lot of video rendering or streaming, you do not need the 6700K and should spend that money elsewhere.

Make sure to keep your AMD and Nvidia drivers up to date. Don't forget to visit the Computer Forum for any extra questions!

ComponentPuppy Dolphin
MonitorASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Monitor - $100ASUS VS248H-P 24-Inch Monitor - $140
KeyboardKensington Pro Fit Media Keyboard - $24Cyborg V.5 - $58
MouseLogitech G402 - $45Razer DeathAdder - $57
SpeakersCreative A250 2.1 Speaker System - $28Logitech Z313 Speaker System - $35
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
MonitorDell U2414H Monitor - $240Dell U2715H Monitor - $480
KeyboardLogitech G710+ - $92Corsair K70 - $110
MouseLogitech G502 - $66Razer Naga 2014 - $63
SpeakersLogitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System - $50Logitech Speaker System Z523 - $80

Puppy and Dolphin
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Puppy and Dolphin.
ComponentPuppy Dolphin
CaseNZXT Source 210 - $45NZXT Source 210 - $45
Power SupplyEVGA 600B - $60EVGA 600B - $60
CPUAMD FX-6300 - $100AMD FX-8320 - $143
HeatsinkCooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $30Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $30
MotherboardASUS M5A97 R2.0 - $94ASUS M5A99FX PRO - $120
MemoryKingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866 - $418GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 - $46
Graphics CardGigabyte R7 370 - $125R9 380 / GTX 960 - $180 / $170
Hard DriveWestern Digital Caviar Black 1TB - $90Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB - $90
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$606$725 - 735

Narwhal and Unicorn
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Narwhal and Unicorn.
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
CaseCooler Master HAF 912 - $91Corsair Air 540 - $125
Power SupplyEVGA G2 650W - $100EVGA G2 650W - $100
CPUIntel 6600K - $264Intel 6600K - $264
HeatsinkScythe Mugen 4 - $55Noctua 6 NH-D15 - $90
MotherboardASUS Z170-A - $157ASUS Z170-A - $157
Memory16GB Kingston HyperX FURY Black - $8416GB Kingston HyperX FURY Black - $84
Graphics CardXFX R9 380 - $180Gigabyte R9 390 OR GTX 970 - $280 / $320
Hard DriveWestern Digital 2TB Caviar Black - $138Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black - $138
SSDCrucial BX100 250GB (Review) - $84
SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB (Review) - $90
SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB (Review) - $124
SAMSUNG 850 Pro 256GB (Review) - $120
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$1174 - 1214$1343 - 1423

WowCraft Ep 25 - Illdone (the Burning Crusade)
Another episode of WowCraft has been released!

by Published on 2016-01-09 10:42 PM

PTR 2.4 Going Offline, Extra Stash Clarification

Deck Spotlight: LOKShadow's OTK Combo Warrior, Feugen & Stalagg Need Friends

Stunlock Meta Discussion, Town Hall Heroes Ep. 91

Legion - Thrall and Doomhammer
We found some interesting references to Thrall and Doomhammer. Unfortunately there isn't much more than what is below yet. Keep in mind that this is just a reference in an alpha build of Legion, not something final or officially announced. Spoilers below!

Keep your eyes on Thrall. He's wounded. He's like to kill himself down here and I don't want to be the one to tell his wife!
Doomhammer... it was like a dead weight in my hands. The elements were silent. It has been this way since I used it to slay Garrosh.

Spirits... hear my call...
Are you the so-called "World Shaman?" Hah! You fight like a crippled pig.

Hear me, elements of Azeroth.
Once, we walked as one. I abused your powers for my own personal vendetta.
Take back the Doomhammer! Grant it to one who is worthy.
Teach me, and again I will be your servant.

Legion - Shaman Artifact Intro
A little piece of the Shaman Artifact intro was also found, likely from the ending that takes place in your Class Hall.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
We stand at the precipice of oblivion, but we do not stand alone. Come forward, shaman.
Take your place among the circle, Farseer. The Earthen Ring is forged anew, and with it, we rekindle hope for this world.
You are the chosen defender of Azeroth! May your wisdom guide this circle to victory, and may the power of your artifact crush those who would bring chaos to this land.

The elements have chosen you as their champion, $n. The artifact you wield is proof.
It is your destiny to lead the Earthen Ring against the Burning Legion. We need you. Do you accept this burden?
Yes. I will be your Farseer!

From this map you may dispatch members of the Earthen Ring throughout the Broken Isles. Lead us to victory, Farseer!
This Astral Portal will return you to Dalaran whenever you wish, Farseer. I will keep it open so that you may return here any time.

Legion - Artifact Weapon Previews
Today we have the Elemental Shaman Artifact The Fist of Ra-Den. Several of the shields are missing still, so look for them after a new build.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
How is Cheap Shot part of a rotation, surely its only a utility, stun button?
For CC purposes, it can be used as on a rotational basis. It’s not maximum DPS, but still commonly worth it for things like PvP. (WarcraftDevs)

Wtf do you mean blind is gone? Why?? It's my fave Cc! It feels so cocky just to blind a mob. Like "No! Wait your turn!" :'(
That was referring to Subtlety specifically. Different Rogue specs have different ways to CC. For example, you may like Parley. (Celestalon)

Legion Shadow Dance is a letdown to some pvpers. Maybe let an active/passive effect? Passive is negated while on CD, thoughts?
I'd love to hear more about this feedback. People giving it: What frequency are you imagining for the proposed version? (Celestalon)
No sane PvP'er wants to lose the ability to make plays like we can with Shadow Dance. Its just a bad idea.
Again, that's why I'm asking these questions. How are you imagining it will play out? There's clearly a difference. (Celestalon)
The downside is not being able to do stuff on-demand, and positioning not mattering due to Shadowstrike.
So you're saying that you don't expect the proposed version will feel controllable? That's useful feedback. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
If there are no weapon drops in Legion, where will a enhancement shaman get his off hand weapon from?
Doomhammer grants shamans the power to form a second weapon from the elements! No need for any lesser weapon drops. (WarcraftDevs)
Is it like a copy of Doomhammer or something else?
Here's an image of it next to Doomhammer! It's also on the Artifact blog here: (WarcraftDevs)

Will we be able to transmog over the Elemental weapons?
The weapons formed by your elemental powers will behave like normal weapons. You will be able to transmog over them. (WarcraftDevs)

Will honor kills acquired out in the world contribute to prestige levels? Any support in legion for out of instance PVP?
Honorable kills in the world will reward Honor and can increase your Honor level. (WarcraftDevs)

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