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by Published on 2017-07-16 03:05 AM

DreamHack Valencia 2017 Results, Decks, and VODs

Upcoming Patch 7.3 Frost Death Knight Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The next PTR build should have a round of changes aimed at addressing various concerns with Frost. The major issues we're focused on are:

  • The spec is too dominated by Breath of Sindragosa (which has knock-on effects on talent choice throughout the tree).
  • Breath of Sindragosa, when you do use it, can be maintained for far too long. In addition to causing the talent/legendary lock-in around it, it means the demand for continuous time on target is very strict for extended periods of time.
  • The spec has many talents/legendaries that (individually or taken together) flood it with resources. Breath contributes to this by encouraging you to take all of them, but it's also a problem on its own.
  • Talent balance generally has to be reviewed, especially after addressing all of the time.
  • We're trying to limit the scope of the changes in the patch, to address the above without opening up the core rotation for changes.

We want to preserve the identity of Breath of Sindragosa, including the steady resource drain being the main limiting factor, and the expression of skill in optimizing around that. So in trying to avoid less natural solutions like capping the duration or redesigning how it works, we're trying to limit the talent/legendary synergies that cause huge variance in how long Breath can be maintained. And breaking the Breath of Sindragosa/Hungering Rune Weapon interaction, on its own, goes a very long way toward making Breath's duration more reasonable again. DPS adjustment for the change is being put mostly into the baseline spec rather than into the power of Breath, because it's currently so far ahead of other setups.

  • Murderous Efficiency (L56->L57), Frozen Pulse (L57->L90), and Runic Attenuation (L90->L56) swapped positions
  • Hungering Rune Weapon duration 12s (from 15s) and additionally grants 20% haste
  • Bugfix: Hungering Rune Weapon correctly generates a Rune every 1.5s instead of every 1s
  • Murderous Efficiency chance 50% (from 65%)
  • Horn of Winter cooldown 45s (from 30s)
  • Koltira’s Newfound Will generates 1 Rune (from 2) and now causes Obliterate to deal 10% extra damage

Using even a small subset of all of the above effects causes the rotation to be quite flooded. They are all being either weakened in power (with compensation to the baseline spec), or given non-resource-granting effects for part of their value. In addition, the two most egregious offenders (Murderous Efficiency and Horn of Winter) can no longer be taken together.

Overall, there should now be a much broader set of talent combinations that produce a good-feeling rotation in which there are resources to do something on most GCDs, but you're still able to spend them down. Including, for example, during Hungering Rune Weapon, which is overly hectic or frustrating right now when you can't spend all of its resources.

In addition, the talent rearrangement puts Frozen Pulse on a row with two predominantly AoE talents, which is a better home for it. The Frozen Pulse/Icy Talons ("machinegun") synergy is preserved, but can no longer be taken alongside Runic Attenuation as well.

NB: The Hungering Rune Weapon bug may be fixed on live shortly as well, after we test the fix and analyze the impact.

Minor talent rebalancing to match the above rearrangements and talent changes; numbers are likely to be updated as the rest of the changes settle into place.

EDIT: Added Frozen Pulse change which was missed when I copied changes into the post earlier. As with the other changes, this is meant to make Frozen Pulse balanced within its new row, and meant to be accounted for in the overall DPS increase above.

Breath can retain its role as a talent that encourages building around it to some degree (and its synergies with things like Runic Attenuation, Koltira's Newfound Will, and Seal of Necrofantasia are preserved). But without the overpowering Hungering Rune Weapon interaction, there is a lot more room for other builds to compete, and we've buffed the spec's baseline damage a great deal to shift the landscape towards all talents being closer together in DPS. As always, we'll continue to examine all of these changes based after people can start to test them on PTR.

Blizzard App Beta Update
The Blizzard App has been updated to add a collapsible sidebar with smaller game icons.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
ToS mechanic scaling for 10 man groups still doesnt feel right. Been a problem in ToV and NH too. Please re-evaluate this.
Hello! We do analyze results and watch for things like this. Can you point to any specific encounters or situations where it feels notable? (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Can you explain what the anti-combo anti-pattern is?
It’s when something the game is asking you to do interferes with another thing the game is asking you to do in a way that is really frustrating. Games are always asking you to make trade-offs (do you want more offense or more defense?), and those can be hard decisions, but that’s not really what the anti-combo issue is.

Zileas called it “anti-combo” because it feels like you are being asked to take steps which actively move you away from your desired result. Imagine a fighting game combo, ABC, where A adds 10% damage, and C adds 20% damage, but B removes 10% damage. Sad trombone sound.

An example we talk about all the time is the vanilla WoW rage model for tanks. You need to take damage to earn rage to do stuff. One of your core rotational buttons was Revenge, which stuns the target. A stunned target isn’t attacking and so isn’t giving you rage. Likewise, warrior tanks stacked dodge and parry, which meant you weren’t taking hits and generating rage. The better you got as a tank by improving your avoidance, the worse you became as a tank by decreasing your rage. (Source)

StarCrafts - Season 5 Ep22: The Duel
Another episode of StarCrafts has been released!

by Published on 2017-07-14 08:20 AM

2.6.0 Hotfixes, Legendary Gem Level Rollback, Double XP Event this Weekend!

Winter Is Coming

Tomb of Sargeras Progression
Several other guilds are now at 8/9 in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras! Method is also doing coverage of the race!

Mythic Fallen Avatar Kill Video
Method has released their Fallen Avatar kill video!

Patch 7.3 - Lightforged Warframe
Patch 7.3 adds the Lightforged Warframe mount.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
if we only have 1 wk to do TW BT, (so 1 loot lockout,) if we don't get the glaives on our DH in that *one* shot are we SoL?
Black Temple Timewalking will return every time the Burning Crusade Timewalking event is active. (WarcraftDevs)

AskMrRobot - DPS Boss Simulation
AskMrRobot has been working on creating realistic boss scripts for Tomb of Sargeras simulations!

FinalBossTV #147 - Retribution Paladins
FinalBossTV focuses on Ret Paladins this week!

by Published on 2017-07-13 08:16 AM

Frozen Throne, Shanghai, Spirit Singer Umbra - Value Town #129

Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes - July 12
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Bonus Event
  • [With realm restarts in each region] Players who have obtained different raid lockouts are now able to group together and queue for Black Temple Timewalking.

Dungeons and Raids
  • The Tomb of Sargeras
    • World Quest
      • Dresanoth is no longer invisible and can be engaged while his World Quest is active.
    • Mistress Sassz'ine
      • Fixed a bug that caused the loot window to prematurely close itself.
    • Sisters of the Moon
      • Moontalon is now spawned less often on all difficulties.
    • Fallen Avatar
      • Frost Mages’ Comet Storm should no longer fail to deal full damage when cast on Fallen Avatar.
    • Kil’jaeden
      • Wailing Reflections created from Guardian Druids will no longer dual wield.

Player versus Player

  • The Wyrmtongue Disguise from Lingering Wyrmtongue Essence should no longer break when leaving combat.

San Diego Comic Con - New Blizzard Gear
This year most of the items at San Diego Comic Con will be available either at other Blizzard events, on the Blizzard Gear store, or at Retailers. You can watch the full reveal on Facebook in Part 1 and Part 2.

Convention Exclusives
  • Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne Key Art
  • Overwatch Art
  • 5 x Overwatch Uprising Posters
  • Golden Solider 76 figure
  • WoW / Overwatch bag

Blizzard Exclusives (Blizzard Gear Store or Conventions)
  • Carbon Fiber D.Va Funko Pop
  • Oversized Overwatch Logo Pin

Convention Premiere (Blizzard Gear Store, Blizzard Events, or Retail)
  • Colossal Cute but Deadly Bastion and Arthas (Larger figures that light up)
  • Fitted Overwatch Hat
  • Doomfist Shirt
  • Light Up Overwatch D.Va Keychain
  • Overwatch Shirt
  • Overwatch Hat
  • Overwatch Notebook
  • Overwatch Bag

SDCC Exclusive
  • Overwatch Character Pins

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Forum Mods
Learning time about Blizzard Community teams! There's a difference between Community Managers and Forum Moderators.

CMs are part of the regional Community teams, and are generally here as a representative to and from the development team, etc.

Forum Moderators are part of our Customer Support team, and are generally here to moderate the forums, delete threads, edit posts, etc.

Just for some clarity: I'm the Community Manager for WoW in North America - and there are a number of moderators in the shadows at all times, just like our in-game GMs!

From the CM side: You may occasionally see Lore or Kaivax popping in and out, especially on the PTR and Class Development forums, as they are handling some more broad-scope, less region-specific Community operations now. And I have Aeridel and Rythmor assisting me here on the forums if I'm ever out of the office, but they handle Social Media and Relationships, respectively, as their main functions. (Official Forums)

Heroes of the Storm - Stukov Patch
Stukov was added to Heroes of the Storm in the latest patch, along with other changes, buxfixes, bundles, and skins.

Dark Legacy Comics #589
DLC #589 has been released.

by Published on 2017-07-11 10:07 PM

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World of Warcraft esports is expanding into the fast-paced, highly competitive world of Mythic Keystone dungeons with the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. We’re looking for the best of the best from around the world to battle it out for a share of $100,000.

Great Expectations, Great Rewards
We’re looking for the best players in the world, but first you need to show us you have the right stuff to compete. Teams aspiring to battle on the global stage must first push themselves through a gauntlet of Mythic Keystone dungeons, taking on increasingly difficult Mythic Keystones and earning the best scores on the Proving Grounds.

Top scoring contenders will be invited to join as one of 32 outstanding teams from around the world, competing for a share of the $100,000 prize pool—and ultimately claiming bragging rights of the #1 spot. Once chosen, 8 teams from the Americas, 8 from Europe, 8 from China, and 8 from Asia-Pacific will be tapped to face the challenge, proving they have what it takes to go all the way to the finals.

The Proving Grounds [July 25–August 8]
From July 25 to August 8 , teams aiming to secure an invitation to the top 32 will be challenged to push their way through Mythic Keystone dungeons to achieve their best scores. At the end of the two weeks, they’ll need to submit their top score using this form. Note that any entries received prior to the end of the Proving Grounds period (August 8) will not be considered.

Remember, to be truly competitive among the World of Warcraft elite, your team must master multiple dungeons. We’ll be judging performance across the 5 dungeons in which the team achieves the highest Keystone Level during those two weeks.

  • The Proving Grounds run from July 25–August 8
  • Players will need to run a string of Mythic Keystone dungeons, increasing their Keystones Levels as high as they can. Performance will be evaluated across the five dungeons in which the team achieves the highest Keystone Level during those two weeks.
  • No sign-ups required: all players are welcome to form up a five-player group and compete during the Proving Grounds period.
  • At the end of the two-week Proving Grounds period, players will need to submit their top score [see blog for link]
  • Based on scores from the Proving Grounds period, 32 teams will be invited to the playoffs: eight each from the Americas, Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific.

The Big Showdown
Beginning in September, the invited contenders will compete in the Mythic Keystone Dungeon Invitational for their share of the prize pool. Each region’s contenders will be a part of a single-day broadcast in which they will face a series of elimination rounds until just 2 are left standing to represent their region on the global stage.

  • The Regional Playoffs will take place over two weekends, with each region having its own single-day broadcast streamed on the Warcraft Twitch channel:
    • September 16: China
    • September 17: Asia-Pacific
    • September 23: Europe
    • September 24: Americas
  • In the head-to-head competition, teams will execute a dungeon speed run; the first to finish will be declared the winner. All Keystones and affixes will be determined by Blizzard at the start of the match.
  • The top eight teams from the regions will face off in a single-elimination bracket, facing each opposing team in a best of three series, until just two are left standing to represent their region on the global stage.
  • Global Bracket: The top eight teams from the Regional Playoffs will advance to the final weekend of competition taking place on September 30 and October 1.
  • Teams will continue to compete in a head-to-head single elimination bracket, only this time the battles will be cross-region.
  • The top eight teams will earn their share of the $100,000 (USD) prize pool, broken down as follows:
    • 1st – $50,000
    • 2nd – $20,000
    • 3rd & 4th – $10,000
    • 5th – 8th – $2,500

Rules of Engagement
  • Keystone levels and affixes will be determined by Blizzard
  • The first match of each series will take place in a dungeon pre-determined by Blizzard.
  • Once the final 8 regional teams have been determined, they’ll move on to a single-elimination bracket where they’ll go head-to-head.

Where to Watch
If you’re an esports fan, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can catch the action on the Warcraft Twitch channel. Keep an eye on here or on the official World of Warcraft Esports site for more details!

The race for glory starts here. Are you and your crew skilled enough to take on the rest of the world?

Armory Stats - Mythic+ Dungeons
Today we are looking at the percentage of players that have completed at least one Mythic+ dungeon within the time limit. The data used includes a total of 1.8 million US and EU accounts that were active in the last month.

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

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