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by Published on 2014-05-04 07:58 PM

Fire Monk For Express Rifts, Tal'Rasha and Vyr Sets In Action, The Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing Available For Download

Warlords of Draenor - Developer Interviews
Today we are looking at an interview by Final Boss with Ion Hazzikostas and an interview by Blizzplanet with Kris Zierhut and Steve Burke.

FinalBoss Interview

  • Ion Hazzikostas uses "Watcher" because he needed a name for his character used to watch Ulduar raids on the PTR.
  • There is a big TV in the encounter design office where the team watches the current progression for any unintended strategies being used to hotfix.
  • Watcher worked on the Faction Champions boss in Trial of the Crusader.
  • Watcher wrote the "In the mountains" line used by Thorim and the "Suffer mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you" line used by Sindragosa.
  • Watcher did some class design and encounter creation in his earlier time at Blizzard, but now mostly oversees and guides the encounter design process.
  • Rhyolith is one of Watcher's least favorite fights, as the steering mechanic didn't work out well. It might have worked well for a dungeon, but with 10 or 25 people trying to steer it didn't work as well.
  • Amber-Shaper Un'sok is another, as it didn't give players a chance to test and practice the vehicle part of the fight.
  • There were multiple ways to deal with the molten elementals on Ragnaros in Firelands. Mechanics like this that have mulitple approaches are some of the more fun mechanics.

Mists of Pandaria
  • Week to week randomization on Stone Guard worked okay, but it is frustrating to come back the next week and have to relearn the fight. It isn't likely we will see much of that in the first tier of Warlords of Draenor.
  • Patch 5.1 daily quests with a story and the exploration of Timeless Isle both worked out well, and elements of them will appear in Warlords of Draenor.
  • If you want to log in every day there should be something for you to do, but you shouldn't feel like you have to log in every day to do something.
  • Originally Heroic Paragons was going to vary weekly, but that idea was discarded after seeing testing on the PTR. Having to relearn the fight every week would not have worked out well. It varied on pull on the PTR for testing purposes.
  • Tier 14 and Tier 15 could have gone on a little bit longer in order to reduce the amount of time that Siege of Orgrimmar was the current raid.

Warlords of Draenor Beta
  • Making an expansion is harder than making a patch, as expansions improve systems and add new features rather than just adding some new content. This usually takes longer than expected, which makes the timeline for release less predictable.
  • The Mists of Pandaria beta was different because so many people needed an invite from the Annual Pass. This time around, beta will be more limited and only used for testing and feedback.
  • Fourteen of the seventeen raid bosses have already been tested internally, and by the time guilds are invited all seventeen bosses will likely be ready for testing.
  • More people are being hired every expansion, but there is ramp up time for the new people. Having a larger team presents some challenges, but things should be better from Warlords on.

Warlords of Draenor Raids
  • No vehicle fights are planned for Warlords of Draenor.
  • There are no Mythic only bosses are planned for the first tier in Warlords of Draenor, as they usually fit better in a larger raid zone. This doesn't mean there won't be any in the future.
  • There are no plans to use limited attempts for the first tier of Warlords of Draenor right now. In Icecrown, the limited attempts encouraged raiders to use alt raids to learn the fights before using their main characters. It did work well on the Lich King, as alts couldn't get that far, so players had to use their main character.
  • Currently the team is still working on the intro experience, so they aren't ready to invite players yet. There is a lot of other content ready, but the intro experience is the first thing that players will test.
  • Flexible size raids will allow you to have anywhere from 10 to 30 players in a raid, provided client and server performance is okay.
  • Integration with the environment worked out well on Siegecrafter, so we might see more fights where the room is involved with the fight.
  • The Immortal achievement only worked because Naxx was relatively easy.
  • When testing Flex on the Patch 5.4 PTR, gear was initially scaled down too much. This resulted in the raid feeling more like normal than flex, which was a demonstration that scaling would work for normal too.
  • Patch 6.0 will be live for ~4-6 weeks to allow for testing of the changes.
  • LFR will no longer drop set pieces, but it will drop loot much more often, which will help to offset this change. Right now you have to run LFR for months to get all of the loot you want, which is not a fun experience.

Warlords of Draenor Raid Lockouts
  • For the first few weeks of Warlords of Draenor, people might be interested in running multiple raid difficulties, but after that one difficulty should be sufficient.
  • Having raids that are not linear will also allow groups to skip bosses that no one needs, which will reduce the amount of time that you do spend raiding if you want something from another difficulty.
  • Guilds won't be spending much more time than they do now raiding once things are on farm, it just may be slightly more repetitive.
  • Heroic does not need to be cleared before you start on Mythic, but Mythic will unlock one week after Heroic.
  • Normal and Heroic lockouts are loot based, so you can kill the same boss multiple times a week. Mythic lockouts will be the same as Heroic is today, with a single ID and no raid size scaling.
  • The multiple raids in the first Warlords of Draenor will open over time, with Blackrock Foundry opening a number of weeks after Highmaul.
  • Week 1 of Warlords will have no raids unlocked. Week 2 will have Normal and Heroic Highmaul unlocked. Week 3 will have Mythic unlocked.

Legendary Quest
  • The pacing of the legendary reward in Patch 5.2 worked out well, as Throne of Thunder was cleared before people got their legendary meta gems. The gem worked as a nice boost for guilds that were partially through the tier.
  • In Patch 5.4, players got the legendary on day 1, which didn't work out as well. A delay of a few weeks would work better.
  • Having to redo the grinding parts of the legendary quest chain again on alts also wasn't great, so in the future this would be something that you can skip on alts.

Challenge Modes
  • Challenge modes will still remain timer based in Warlords of Draenor.
  • The team couldn't make many changes without disrupting the leaderboards in Mists of Pandaria.
  • Crowd control might be more important in Warlords of Draenor challenge modes.

Warlords of Draenor Class Changes
  • Instant casts and the impact that moving during combat has on players is something the team has to take into account when designing an encounter. Instant cast heals were just too powerful late in Mists of Pandaria, making huge spikes of damage necessary to present any threat.
  • Making it take longer to top people off will allow for more depth in healing gameplay. Rather than spamming heals to get the most HPS, players will have to pick who to heal and which spell to use. Cataclysm healing didn't work as well due to how tight the mana constraints were.
  • Active mana regeneration is something for healers to do when they don't need to heal urgently and could use more mana.
  • Discipline priests have been on the stronger side for most of the expansion, as absorbs take away from the healing that other healers can do. This will be addressed in Warlords of Draenor.
  • Nerfing classes in the middle of a raid tier doesn't work well, as it would require changing encounters to make them slightly easier for groups that depend on that class. If a group didn't have any of that class, it makes it even easier for them.
  • Hunters aren't casters, so they will still be able to cast many things while moving. If there is a fight with no movement, Hunters won't do as well, but there aren't really many (or any) fights with no movement.
  • Casters have too many ways to cast while moving now, which made them too strong compared to melee DPS.
  • During Wrath of the Lich King, good casters minimized movement and used their time while moving as efficiently as possible.

Spell Visuals
  • Some classes have visuals that are disproportionally noisy, like Holy Word: Sanctuary and Moonfire. These will be adjusted.
  • Some visuals will have a toned down version that everyone other than the caster sees.
  • Every spell visual will have an internal priority that is used to determine what you see. If there is a lot going on in an encounter, lower priority visuals will be hidden. This should improve client performance in raids and make it easier to see what is going on. This can be turned off by players that want to see everything.
  • In Heroic 25 player raids, the client will be displaying roughly 50-70% fewer effects than before. (Celestalon)

Proving Grounds
  • Right now, Proving Grounds have a few problems with the gear downscaling, especially with healers and a few other specs. Other than that, Proving Grounds really do show some amount of the skill players have.
  • Right now Proving Grounds just proves and doesn't teach, but Warlords of Draenor will address this at some point.
  • Players are generally poor judges of their skill, as they don't recognize how much better the people in the top guilds are. They also don't recognize how many players exist that would have a hard time getting Bronze or Silver in Proving Grounds. These players don't really know what they are doing wrong, so Proving Grounds will give them a chance to learn how to do things right without other players yelling at them.

  • The team wants to let players scale down to an appropriate level to do older dungeons. They are still working on the structure and rewards, but they hope to do it at some point in the not too distant future. Initially this would just be for dungeons, not raids.

  • Having a garrison is mandatory, but what you do with it is up to you. It will work well with the story that you experience while leveling, but if you level with dungeons you can catch up on your garrison later.
  • Garrisons will offer a some normal raid quality any maybe a few heroic raid quality items towards the end of the raid tier.
  • Mythic raiders will be fine if they don't do anything with their garrison.
  • There will be some account level restrictions that ensure that you don't have to do everything with your garrison on every alt.

  • Orcs will come through the Dark Portal and take over Blackrock Mountain in the Warlords of Draenor world event.
  • The alliance will work with Velen, Akama, and Maraad in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Assaults on your garrison will happen repeatedly, and get harder as time goes on. You will keep upgrading the item level of your followers.
  • You will have to make many choices about the buildings in your garrison as you level through the zones.
  • After boosting to 90, all of the things in your bags will be mailed to you. The mail has an unlimited duration, so you can sort through those things whenever you want.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Can you please consider the over-simplifying you all are doing to the game. You will lose even more subscribers if you proceed.
A) Threatening sub loss got old a looong time ago. B) Read our reasoning in the patch notes; we're removing complexity, not depth. (Celestalon)
I would have to disagree. DoT Snapshotting was one of the only things that gave DPS depth, or skill for that matter.
We agree, in theory, but not in practice. In practice, an addon did it. That wasn't removed as part of ability pruning anyway. (Celestalon)
Weren't we told over and over again that snapshotting was going away? Was this idea reverted?
No...? (Celestalon)

Is the Gladiator's Resolve talent an experiment that might get expanded to other tank classes eventually? #BloodDPS
Possibly. Not for Warlords, but it is an experiment that we're eager to see the results of, so to speak. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
My concern is that very few top level death knights take RE. I'll admit I don't have data to back this up however.
It's more than you may think, but still not high. Overall, yes, this row is OK. All get some play, with RE being the least. And... (Celestalon)
...we think that will be improved a bit by having some spare GCDs in your rotation. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
WoD: Without Vengeance and changes to Arcane - Arcane AoE sounds like suicide. Comments?
Tanks will generate about as much threat as they do today under most circumstances; AoEing tanked mobs shouldn't be an issue. (WatcherDev)
And fights like Dark Shamans? This AoE change just screams death to me. :c
Which AoE change in particular do you mean, just so we're clear? (WatcherDev)

Have we seen everything in terms of new abilities/passives/perks (non-talent stuff) for mages?
Well Alpha isn't Release; things may still change. But no more new abilities currently planned. (Celestalon)
I see. Considered giving PoM to Fire so Combustion is more controllable burst like Arcane Power/IV? Or intentional difference?
Intentional difference. Don't want to have SO much of your damage concentrated into that one 10sec period. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Avengers Shield used to silence all targets struck. Seems it only does the initial target now. Will it go back in WoD?
No plans to, no. It's more power than is needed. (Celestalon)

You mentioned that H-Paladins would keep the 10% haste from SoI. Why opt for haste instead of just lowering cast times baseline?
Haste is more easily understood. We don't normally do faster cast times for specific specs often. Also, haste reduces the GCD too (Celestalon)
Is haste reducing gcd for all class/specs? If so are paladins getting something in place of this perk?
Haste has always reduced the GCD for spells, for everyone. (Celestalon)

Are we ever going to see 10man only raids like Karazhan and Zul'Aman again?
No current plans for fixed-side 10-player raids -- what is the appeal to you of a raid that allows 10, but not 11, 12, etc? (WatcherDev)

but it would be a lot more useful in LFR? why have it for dungeons and not lfr?
Heroic dungeons in particular will be more challenging than LFR, and one unprepared player can have a greater negative impact. (WatcherDev)

My nhc raid is just plain stuck at 14/14. We are old folks with jobs/kids etc. We will not improve our game much more.
If you can kill Garrosh, you absolutely should be able to do at least the first 8 on the next difficulty up. Have you tried? (WatcherDev)

Please give us bosses tuned around Garrosh NHC that we can progress on. Immerseus HC is too easy, anything beyond too hard.
Are you a 25-player or 10-player group? Fallen Protectors and Norushen should be well within reach if you've killed Garrosh. (WatcherDev)
thx for your reply. we are 25man. we spent some time on norushen, but even with quite aggressive healer/dps ratios...>
Fallen Protectors is probably a better next step on 25H; try making He and Sun transition simultaneously if you haven't been. (WatcherDev)
Thx again, we will try that. I read from your response that there are no zone buffs/debuffs planned for T16. Thx Digerati, too.
Correct, there's no zonewide aura planned. We're keeping an eye on overall progression rates in case targeted nerfs are needed (WatcherDev)

Disagree, I actually enjoy playing 2v2. Not as much as I did back in TBC, but I still have fun with it...
2v2 is more accessible. Less people to track. Feel like Dampening was important change for that bracket. (holinka)
I haven't played much post-dampening change tbh. But I'm curious, will dampening change in WoD?
We're pretty happy with Dampening. Starting at 5 minutes in 3s is still on the table. (holinka)

Will Rated battlegrounds get spectator mode as well?
Yes (holinka)
Awesome stuff. Although will people use to to cheat to check on rogue ambushes at nodes?
Spectator mode is geared towards people that want to broadcast tournaments. (holinka)

Ever considered doing a BG where the goal is within a certain time limit, most kills win?
you never know (holinka)

I'm a little worried about Engineering in WoD after interview. I'd love more info on this!
What in particular worries you about it? (WatcherDev)
it sounds like they're turning into enchants anyone can use, and are interchangeable with potions? I like that its unique to eng
Engineering will keep some personal toys and fun stuff. The main thing that's changing is just Nitro Boost. (WatcherDev)
so in effect, everyone gets a speed boost every 3 mins? not saying it's a bad thing, but will have an impact on button bloat.
The thought is to actually have that particular effect be on the potion cooldown. Intravenous Swiftness Potion, basically. (WatcherDev)

You think sharing with Synapse Springs would be more fitting? Both 'lore'-wise and to be dps forgiving. 3 mins is a long time
Synapse Springs are gone, as part of the general disarmament of passive/rotational DPS perks from professions. (WatcherDev)

Will MoP farming be coming in WoD somehow? I enjoy farming and don't want to see it die in Wod.
Your Draenor garrison has a farm plot, though your friends from Sunsong Ranch will remain there. (WatcherDev)

Dark Legacy Comics #438
DLC #438 has been released.

by Published on 2014-05-03 10:14 AM

Druin's Mechanics Workshop, TryHardEnmity's Cluster DH, Deadset Gaming's Torment VI Farming Stats

Funny and Lucky Moments, Common Misconceptions Clarified, End of Season 1 Qualifiers

New Score Screen Soon, Town Hall #11

Warlords of Draenor - Quest Preview
Today we are looking at some of the quests from Warlords of Draenor. Keep in mind these quests will likely change significantly before release and are not final. There is a good chance the quests are much further along in internal builds.

In addition to the quests below, there are also quest categories for the Circle of Blood, Shadowmoon Overlook, Spires of Arak, Teluuna Observatory, and Tanaan Jungle, but they all contain very few quests.

Warlords of Draenor also uses Treasure and Rare Spawn system that was added with Timeless Isle. For example, Frostfire Ridge has 33 rare spawns and 41 treasures in the zone, compared to the 33 rare spawns and 10 treasures on timeless isle. There are even a few group quests in some zones.

If you are interested in browsing through the quests, you can filter them by zone, part of a quest chain, starting the quest chain, or ending the quest chain on the WoWDB beta site. Be sure to share any interesting finds in the comments!

Each zone has a set of story quests, along with side quests and bonus objectives that are more optional. In the screenshot below, you can see the Bonus Objectives that pop up when you are in a relevant area of the zone.

Assault on the Dark Portal
These quests are part of the Warlords of Draenor intro experience.

Front of the Portal
  • Gul'dan will ask you for freedom, which you ignore. (The Dark Portal)
  • You plant your mana bomb but it doesn't work. (Onslaught's End)
  • Khadgar concedes and you kill felbreakers to free Gul'dan. (Gul'dan's Prison)
  • A noble NPC leads the distraction sacrifice troops while you and Khadgar escape 'round back. (The Cost of War)

Into the Jungle

The Altar

Training Grounds
  • After crossing the bridge, one of your friends blows up the bridge on a suicide mission. (The Chase is On)
  • Prisoners are being slaughtered in the pit, and Drek'Thar and Ga'nar are forced to listen. (The Gladiator Warlord)
  • The player causes trouble, which makes Kargath come out, and you leave. (To Even the Odds)

Prison Bunker
  • Once inside the cave, the door/cave closes behind you. (Into the Cave)
  • You kill guards here, and free prisoners.
  • Ner'zhul is here, and he chases you out of the cave.

Quarry and Forge
  • Prisoners are being forced to work here. Blackhand and Ner'zhul are here.
  • You gather materials for an explosive, and continue freeing prisoners.
  • Big battle where prisoners buy you time so you can set the bomb at the dam. (Hot Dam!)
  • The bomb explodes and the whole place floods.

The Battlefield
  • You see the remains of the army that bought your escape: they're all dead.
  • Orcs begin to charge, so you hop into a siege weapon and use it to mow down orcs in a shooting gallery.
  • You eventually use the weapon to blow up the portal.
  • Grommash himself starts to chase you.

The Chase
  • Grom and his army are chasing you.
  • Everything is exploding.

The Escape

Important Quest Lines
  • The Plight of the Worgen: In Shadowmoon Valley, Tess Greymane works to find a cure for an illness that has stricken some of her people, including the king.
  • Gul'dan shows up at least three times in the expansion. The first time is when the player frees him so that the Dark Portal will lose power. After that, both the Horde and the Alliance (Series 1 / Series 2) try to capture him. His fate after that isn't yet clear.
  • The Alliance attacks the Shadow Council in Talador in an attempt to destroy them: The Hero We Need
  • The Battle For Shattrath (Alliance) / (Horde): Later in Talador, both the Horde and the Alliance battle the Iron Horde for control of Shattrath. The Alliance quest's text implies that the two factions are working together in this battle against the Iron Horde.
  • 6.0 Invasion Opt-Out and 6.0 Invasion: Opted Out may be related to the events before the Warlords of Draenor Release.

Garrison Quests
Along with the previously mentioned attacks on your garrison, there will be a garrison campaign and some smaller quests for you to do.

Garrison Support

Garrison Campaign
  • Seismic Matters - You are sent to your garrison to investigate shaking of the earth. You find that the Iron Horde is using Dark Iron technology and use a Prototype Mole Machine to go and see Thaelin Darkanvil, who was kidnapped by the Iron Horde. Thaelin has you help him send his Mole Machines back to his workshop in Gorgrond, sabotage the tanks he was forced to build for the Iron Horde, and recover his notebook before leaving.
  • Independent Contractor - You are sent to Gazlowe to investigate a noise in Thunder Pass. Upon arrival, you find that it is a large drill, so you assist Gazlowe in sabotaging it. Gazlowe notices that most of the technology is basic, except for one piece of the drill. You protect him as he investigates and learn that Thaelin Darkanvil is behind the technology. After helping him escape, you help Gazlowe take out Overlord Blackhammer to collect the SI:7 bounty on his head, and then use some rocket chickens to return to your garrison.
  • The Totems That Bind - You are sent to kill Borgal Doomfist - Chieftain of the Bloodmaul
  • A Threat We Can't Ignore - You are sent to destroy a Supply Depot and some battleships that are docked in the Gorgrond harbor, as the Iron Horde here are a threat to Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Crows In The Field - Thisalee Crow has spotted an Iron Horde caravan carrying weapons and research equipment leaving the harbor in Gorgrond. You are sent to ambush them and gather their supplies. The caravan also was carrying Blackhand's orders to retrieve whatever was in the Belcher Cauldron and bring it to Blackrock Foundry.
  • The Descent - You are sent to investigate the Belcher Cauldron in Gorgrond, as the Iron Horde are interested in whatever is in it. It is possible that the Saberon are there as well. You make a narrow escape and return the heart to your Garrison in Frostfire Ridge.

Level Name Objective
90The Dark PortalPass through the Dark Portal into Draenor.
90Onslaught's EndPlace the three mana bombs near the Dark Portal.
90Gul'dan's PrisonDestroy the objects imprisoning Gul'dan, then set him free.
90The Cost of WarFollow Archmage Khadgar.
90Nothing But... Berserker FuelFree 15 Frostwolf Slaves from Bleeding Hollow Cages in Heartblood.
90The Bleeding AltarObtain a Bundle of Gazeleaf, some Milpus Caps, Boiled Ichor, and 9 vials of Fresh Orc Blood.
90Altar Altercation
90The Chase is On
90The Gladiator WarlordInvestigate the Kargathar Arena.
90To Even the OddsFind Shattered Hand weapons and give them to Battered Frostwolf Prisoners or Battered Karabor Prisoners.
90A Glimmer of HopeObtain the Drudgeboat Schedule and the Gift from the Shadowmoon.
90Into the Cave
90Masters of Shadow
90Bound By Shadow
90Snuff Them Out
90Find Yrel's Friend
90Find Ga'nar
90The Control Crystal
90The Chase Continues
90We'll Take That
90Take It 'til You Break It
90Taking a Breath
90Taking a Breath
90Hot Dam!
90Hightailing It
90A Taste of Iron
90The Home Stretch
90A Potential Ally
90Into the Jaws of the JungleSpeak with Archmage Khadgar, then move further into Heartblood.
Level Name Rewards Objective
255A Critical MomentTake flight with Brazen and Thrall.
100Ashes Of The PastMolthron within the Bloodmaul Territory wants you to bring him 10 Piles of Elemental Ash.
100Avenging The FallenSlay 15 Bloodmaul Brutes, 5 Bloodmaul Geomancers, and 1 Bloodmaul Pit Boss.
100Avoiding StarvationCollect 4 Battleboar Tenderloins for the Cooking Pot.
100Destroying Their SuppliesDestroy the Mining Supplies.
100Flames Of The EarthMolthron within the Bloodmaul Territory wants you to use the Flamewrought Jewel to free 10 Magma Elementals.
100Frostwolf ReinforcementsSpeak with Lokka in Frostfire Ridge.
100Grobok BattlebornKill Grobok Battleborn in the Bloodmaul Compound.
100Missing FrostwolvesSearch Bloodmaul for the missing Frostwolves.
100The Bloodmaul SchemeDeliver the Ogre Plans to Rogash.
100The Dead Have NamesDeliver 6 Bloodmaul Slave Collars to Rogash in Bloodmaul.
92A Child of FuryDefeat Sky-Singer Strag and Cindreck.
92A Clew of WormsKill 15 Wastes Rockworms.
92A Collection of CoilsGather 5 Coils of Sturdy Rope from Thunderlord Wranglers in the Bones of Agurak.
92A Collection of CoilsGather 5 Coils of Sturdy Rope from Thunderlord Wranglers in the Bones of Agurak.
92A Gift for Raa'laCollect a Baby Rylak for Raa'la in the Windswept Lowlands.
92A Proper Parting
Burn the corpses of dead Frostwolf Outriders.
92All is RevealedSpy on the Shadow Council.
92At the End of Your RopeUse the Barbed Harpoon to unseat and kill 5 Thunderlord Sky Riders.
92Burn Them DownBurn down the Thunderlord Rylak Incubators within Agurak's Fall.
92Desecration of the DeadKill 15 Necrophytes and Fel Wolves.
92EatercologyCollect 10 Motes of Frostfire.
92Eaters of the ElementsDefend Drek'thar as he performs his ritual.
92Eliminate the Shadow CouncilKill 12 Shadow Council members at the Ruins of Ata'gar.
92Eliminate the Shadow CouncilKill 12 Shadow Council members at the Ruins of Ata'gar.
92Enemies AboveSpeak with Scout Ruk'gan near the Bones of Agurak.
92Eye Need ThatCollect the All-Seeing Ring.
92Farseer's RockFind Draka and Drek'Thar at Farseer's Rock in Frostfire Ridge.
92Frosted FuryCollect 5 frostshards.
92Fury of FrostfireDefeat Anvillix.
92Getting the PointsGather 5 Thunderlord Spears within the Bones of Agurak.
92Getting the PointsGather 5 Barbed Thunderlord Spears within the Bones of Agurak.
92Gut Guttra
Slay Guttra Wolfchew.
92Have a HeartCollect the Heart of Fernus.
92In the Shadow of GiantsRescue Flamrog and Kindler.
92LurkersCollect 8 doses of Lurker Venom.
92Mission SuccessfulSpeak to Sergeant Gil'nath in Frostfire Ridge.
92Ours is the Fury
Pick one:
Speak with Durotan at the Muster Fields in Frostfire Ridge.
92PoulticideCollect 10 Frostbloom Leaves.
92Savage VengeanceKill 10 Iron Thunderguards within the Bones of Agurak in Frostfire Ridge.
92SmeltcraftUse Na'Shra's Mining Pick to collect 20 Fomic Ore.
92Stop the FlowDestroy 7 Summoning Circles.
92Tar Get of OpportunityGather 5 Globs of Sticky Tar from the Black Tar's in the Bones of Agurak
92The AscentBring Drek'Thar to Exurotus, the Fury of Frostfire.
92The Battle of Thunder PassComplete the Thunder Pass scenario.
92The Fel CrystalsDestroy the Fel Crystals.
92The Iron WolfEnter the Hall of the Great Hunt in Grom'gar and defeat the Iron Wolf.
92The Mark of DefianceUse the Battle-Worn Frostwolf Banner on the corpses of 6 Thunderlord Orcs in Agurak's Fall.
92The Real PreyCollect Massive Fur Pelt.
92The Sleeper Has AwakenedKill Shui Halad.
92Thunderlord for a Day
Build a Thunderlord Grapple.
92Thunderlord Invasion[PH] Defend Against the Thunderlord Invasion (TEMP: Talk to Durotan)
92To Capture Gul'danConfront Gul'dan.
92To Thunder PassSpeak with Durotan at Thunder Pass.
92Vouchsafe Our ArrivalMeet Cordana Felsong outside of Thom'var in the Frostwind Dunes of Frostfire Ridge.
92Vul'gaths EndKill General Vul'gath within Agurak's Fall.
92Wanted: Grondo's Bounty
3 players
Kill Grondo in the Smoking Flats.
92What Must Be DoneCollect the Mother of Wolf's Corpse and bury it at the graveyard outside of northern Throm'var.
91Armed and DangerousGive weapons to 8 Frostwolf Slaves
91Articles of the FallenRecover 10 Fallen Frostwolf Artifacts.
91Back to Bladespire FortressReturn to Durotan at Bladespire Fortress.
91Death of a TyrantDefeat Gorr'thog in Bladespire Fortress.
91Deeds Left UndoneCollect barrels of Frostwolf Oil and deliver it to Gol'kosh in the supply room.
91EnfiladeUse Blackrock Blasting Powder to destroy 5 Iron Horde Cannons in Grom'gar.
91Free Our Brothers and SistersFree 6 Frost Wolves or Wor'gol Villagers.
91Frostboar Frenzy
91Ga'nar's VengeanceFind Ga'nar near Daggermaw Ravine.
91Great Balls of Fire!Speak to Thrall in Bladespire Fortress.
91Grotto of the GronnRelease 3 Captive Gronn.
91Into the BoneslagSearch the Boneslag for the missing Frostwolf orcs.
91Karg UnchainedSlay 25 Thunderlord orcs in Grom'gar.
91Last StepsClimb the chain and Kill Gorr'thog
91Leave Nothing Behind!Kill Kur'ak the Binder, burn the Thunderlord Supplies, and destroy the Thunderlord Catapults.
91Let the Hunt Begin!Confront Grotan the Herald.
91Missing PackFind Shivertail near Wor'gol in Frostfire Ridge.
91Mopping UpSpeak with Igrim the Resolute at the Circle of Blood.
91Moving In
Pick one:
Meet Durotan at Bladespire Fortress
91Moving TargetCatch up with Lokra in the Icewind Drifts.
91Mulverick's Plight
Pick one:
Get the key from Slavemaster Turgall and find Mulverick's Axes.
91Of Fire and ThunderExamine the Siege Munitions and Heavy Plating in The Boneslag.
91Pool of Visions
Pick one:
Speak with Farseer Drek'Thar to begin the ritual of vision.
91Return to the PackSpeak with Durotan at your garrison.
91Saberon MatriarchSlay the Saberon Pridematron.
91Save Wolf HomeSave Wor'gol from the Thunderlord clan.
91Securing the SouthSpeak with Lokra at Stonefang Outpost.
91Shivertail's DenSearch for Shivertail's parents in Frostfire Ridge.
91Slavery and StrifeFree 5 Frostwolf Slaves from the Sootstained Mining Camp
91Slaying Slavers
Slay 12 Sootstained Ogres.
91Stolen AxesRecover 8 Stolen Frostwolf Axes.
91Storming the CitadelMark 3 Catapults for destruction at Bladespire Fortress.
91Task: Collect Ogre Queasine
91Task: Retrieve Scorpar Husk Fragments
91Task: Retrieve Thunderlord Insignias
91Task: Retrieve Wooly Clefthoof Pelts
91Task: Scorpid Stomp
91The Butcher of BladespireSlay Dorogg the Ruthless
91The Cost of ChaosFind Lorgosh in Bladespire Citadel
91The CureCure 5 Frostwolf Gladiators.
91The Eldest
Pick one:
Help Ga'nar win his vengeance.
91The Fall of the Warlord
Pick one:
Kill Warlord Bult
91The FarseerGet to the Pool of Visions and kill Warleader Gargrak.
91The Master SiegesmithSlay Master Siegesmith Uratok in Grom'gar.
91The Slavemaster's DemiseSpeak to Guse at Bladespire Citadel.
91The Strength of Our BondsFind Karg Bloodfury in Grom'gar.
91The Warlord's GuardGather the Head of Thunk, the Head of Gullok, and the Head of Splorg.
91These Colors Don't RunUse 8 Frostwolf Banners on Bladespire Ogre corpses.
91They Who Held FastSpeak with Karg Bloodfury in Stonefang Outpost.
91Thunderlord War-GronnSlay 6 Thunderlord Giantslayers or Thunderlord Gronnstalkers around Kron'mar.
91To the GarrisonMeet with Durotan in front of your garrison in Frostfire Ridge.
91To the SlaughterKill 10 ogres in Bladespire Fortress.
91Wanted: Gutsmash the Destroyer
3 players
Pick one:
Kill Gutsmash the Destroyer in Frostfire Ridge.
91Where's My Wolf?!Slay Beastmaster Torash and free Nerok in Grom'gar.
91Work CompleteTake the portal at Bladespire Fortress to your garrison.
91Young HeartsFind Orac and tell him to return home to his uncle.
90A Song of Frost and FireMeet Durotan
90Den of WolvesRide the rylak to Wor'gol
90Establish Your Garrison
90Establish Your Garrison
90For the Horde!Plant the Horde Banner to Establish your Garrison
90Gormaul WatchTake Gormaul Watch from the Bladespire ogres.
90Honor Has Its RewardsBloody your hands on the Rylak boss then go to the Shamanstone and receive a blessing.
90I Can't Fracking Believe ItPlace 3 Oil Pumps
90Lumber, I Hardly Even Knew 'ErKill 8 Lowland Saberon
90Of Wolves and WarriorsRide with Durotan
90Ore Not to BeKill Bodogodo
90Out of the Fire, Into the FrostSpeak with Drek'Thar at the Crash Site in Frostfire Ridge
90Rally the FrostwolvesAsk Draka to Sound the War Horn
90The Portal Home
Level Name Objective
100Engineering FailureRetrieve the Siege Engine Schematics from Siege Engineer Dakkor.
100Engineering FailureRetrieve the Siege Engine Schematics from Siege Engineer Dakkor.
100Grommar Forces
100Mutation StationAssist Grulk in destroying the Mutation Lab by administering the Mutation Serum to him.
100Mutation StationAssist Grulk in destroying the Mutation Lab by administering the Mutation Serum to him.
99Darktide Defender
99Dirty RatsUse the rats to destroy Unmanned Shredders on Darktide Roost.
99Downsizing the DarktideTakedown the Darktide leadership.
99Free their MindsUse the Rylak Mind Controller on Controlled Rylaks.
99Kill Thunderlord Masterxxxxx
99Releasing RylakFree the Caged Rylaks on Darktide Roost.
99Rylak RescueKill Razz Ricketroz at Darktide Roost.
93Taking Back What's OursKill Commander Krog and Retrieve the Power Core.
93This One Is Just RightRetrieve Mokrik's Tattered Journal, Rukah's Dusty Journal, and Gar's Well-Kept Journal.
93Two Birds, One Power CoreKill Mokrik Blackfingers, Rukah the Machinist, and Gar Steelcrush in the Second Meridian [PH].
92[NYI] The Righteous MarchEscort Karabor's army to Grommar by slaying all the orcs in the Iron March.
92[NYI] A Light in the DarkSpeak to Prophet Velen at Teluuna Observatory in Shadowmoon Valley.
92[NYI] The Defense of KaraborKill all the orcs in Grommar.
92[NYI]A Taint Upon the WoodsKill 15 fel-tainted creatures in the Tainted Woods.
92[NYI]Catching His EyeCapture the All-Seeing Eye.
92[NYI]Cleaning Up Gul'varKill 20 Shadow Council orcs at Gul'var.
92[NYI]Cleaning Up Gul'varKill 20 Shadow Council orcs at Gul'var.
92[NYI]Forging the Soul TrapForge Gul'dan's Soul Trap.
92[NYI]Hearts On FireCollect the Fiery Hearts.
92[NYI]Khadgar AwaitsHear Cordana Felsong's tale.
92[NYI]Ominous PortentsCompel the All-Seeing Eye.
92[NYI]ShadowmoonwellCollect a Chunk of Moon Rock.
92[NYI]Shrouding StonesDestroy the Southwestern, Central, and Northeastern Shrouding Stones.
92[NYI]Soul Shards of SummoningCollect Kurgoth's Shard, Grogal's Shard, and Hagra's Shard.
92[NYI]To Catch a ShadowUse Gul'dan's Soul Trap on Gul'dan.
92[NYI]West to the WardenSeek out Cordana Felsong at West Camp in Shadowmoon Valley.
91[NYI] Breaking the CitadelSpeak to Scout Tenemus at Arkaat Outpost in Shadowmoon Valley.
91[NYI] Chasing ShadowsSpeak to Rulkan at Palemoon Village.
91[NYI] Close PortalsPH
91[NYI] Collect RunesFind Master Artificer Romuul at Teluuna Observatory.
91[NYI] Harbingers of the VoidDestroy the Essence of Shadow, Essence of Darkness, and Essence of the Void.
91[NYI] On the OffensiveKill 15 Shadowmoon Darkcasters or Shadowmoon Voidclaws.
91[NYI] The Dark Side of the MoonFind Ner'zhul.
91[NYI] The Great SalvationFree 8 Draenei Prisoners from their cages.
91[NYI] The Names of Our AncestorsFind the Shadowmoon Codex.
91[NYI] Totemic DestructionDestroy 5 Umbral Totems.
91[NYI] Vision RitualSpeak to Prophet Velen at Teluuna Observatory in Shadowmoon Valley.
91A Grandmother's RemedyPlace Velen's Staff on the southern side of the arkonite crystal at the Whispering Fields.
91A Matter of Life and DeathFind Arekk, Diaani, and Zuulo in Bloodthorn Cave.
91Captured CrittersFree Captured Critters in Podlingpatch Forest.
91Clip King DeathbloomKill King Deathbloom.
91Closing InTrack down Hemma Beringer.
91Cooking With Unstable HerbsHelp Susanna Eyesley brew the elixir for the shadow rose in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Darkness in ShadowmoonSlay U'luut in Moonwillow Peak.
91Drogguk's RevengeAvenge Drogguk's death by slaying Recruiter Golzok in the Iron March.
91Ending the GloomPlace Velen's Staff near the arkonite crystal.
91Escape From Shaz'gulHelp Yrel escape from Shaz'gul.
91Fungal HeartCollect 3 Fungal Hearts.
91Gloomshade Game Hunter
91Going UndercoverPlant explosives at key locations in Shaz'gul.
91Keeping CalmFind Kaduz in the Cave of Spirits below Palemoon Village and rescue him from Ner'zhul's agent.
91Keeping CalmSpeak to Dulga in Palemoon Village.
91Keeping the BalanceKill Snapgrip in The Arbitum.
91Lifebloom OrchidsCollect 4 Lifebloom Orchids and bring them to Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Loss of ControlAdminister Princess Tess Greymane's potion to Hemma Beringer.
91Origin UnknownSlay 4 Voidborne Errants in Waning Crescent. Afterwards, shut down the portal in Waning Crescent.
91Prune the Podlings
91Swamplighter DustCollect 6 Swamplighter Dust.
91The Dark That Blinds UsTake chalk rubbings of the northern, northeastern, central, and southern Tribal Stones in the Whispering Fields.
91The Plight of the WorgenObtain 6 Soothpetal Flowers and 8 Frog Eyes and bring them to Tess Greymane in Twilight Glade.
91The Pursuit of JusticeSpeak to Prophet Velen at Twilight Glade in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Search For DroggukFind Drogguk in the Iron March.
91The Shadow RoseObtain the Shadow Rose from Shadowlash for Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Solution's A SolutionCollect 1 Riverbeast Heart,2 Sporebat Venom, 4 Poisonvine Fronds, and 6 Moonlit Herbs in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Survivalist's WayCollect 6 Glowworm Silk and 12 Razorfang Teeth in The Arbitum in Shadowmoon Valley.
91The Wayward HerbalistFind Susanna Eyesley in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Trouble to the SouthFind Captain Renault south of Pilgrim's Sojourn in Shadowmoon Valley.
91Wanted: Kliaa's Stinger
3 players
Kill Kliaa and bring its stinger to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
91Wanted: Kuu'rat's Tusks
3 players
Slay Kuu'rat and bring her tusks to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
91Wanted: Maa'run's Hoof
3 players
Kill Maa'run and bring his hoof to Eremor at Teluuna Observatory.
90A Pristine StarflowerCollect 1 Pristine Starflower.
90Build the Barracksxxxxxx
90Clearing out the Shadowsxxxxxx
90Collect Wolf Peltsxxxxxx
90Follow Velen
90Gather Lumberxxxxxx
90Kill Gorenxxxxxx
90Open the Portalxxxx
90Plant the Flagxxxxx
90Recruit a Followerxxxxx
Level Name Objective
95The Thing in the Cave
3 players
Slay the Thing in the Cave, then loot its Dreadful Heart.
95The Thing in the Cave
3 players
Slay the Thing in the Cave, then loot its Dreadful Heart.
94A Gronn IdeaSabotage 8 Gronn Armor Pistons.
94A Sign of Good FaithDisrupt the Gronn Harnessing Operation.
94Charges RemainingDestroy the three train engines inside the Smokebelcher Depot.
94Far From InvulnerableSkewer Weaponsmith Garloc, Blademaster Kroga, and Commander Rakish's corpses with their own weapons.
94Goc's Revenge
94Gronn Theft AutocannonKeep the Iron Horde at bay while Draka drives the gronn.
94Here Today, Gronn TomorrowDisrupt the Gronn Harnessing Operation.
94Metalworker's StrikeKill 10 Iron Horde Metalworkers.
94Our Gun's BiggerUse D'kaan's Flare to target the North and South Towers at Smokebelcher Depot.
94Preying on PredatorsRecover the weapons of Commander Rakish and Blademaster Kroga.
94Prime the PipeSlay Mokra Cindertusk.
94Smokebelcher DepotSpeak with Rangari D'kaan at Smokebelcher Depot in Gorgrond.
94The Binding TrenchFind Draka at the Warfuel Depot of Gorgrond.
94The Iron BeastInvestigate and sabotage the Iron Beast.
94The Warfuel DepotFind Durotan at the Warfuel Depot of Gorgrond.
94Three Course MealCollect Beakbreaker Surprise, Delicious Clefthoof Ribs, and Iron Tide Brew.
94Tribal KnowledgeDefeat 10 Iron Horde Metalworkers and Ironsmith Trask.
94Un-Safety FirstDisable 4 Safety Valves.
94Yrel Has a PlanSpeak with Yrel at Smokebelcher Depot in Gorgrond.
93Alliance of Skulls and WolvesLet Rokk know you are ready to leave.
93Attacks of OpportunityKill Drokin Ironsight, War Rider Skragg, and Makrish Irontusk.
93Beastly BeastmasterDefeat the Iron Beastmaster.
93Before We Can LeaveDestroy 3 Iron War Machines.
93Build Us A BackdoorHelp Nightstalker find a weak spot in the Stonemaul Slave Camp walls.
93Can I Keep It?Invite Rooter to join your party.
93Clear Us a PathDefeat 5 Iron Char-Specialists and 4 Iron Groundpounders.
93Cure for CrazyGive the cure to Helga.
93Find D'kaanFind Rangari D'kaan at Tailthrasher Basin in Gorgrond.
93Fog of War MachinesSabotage 7 war machines.
93Follow the TracksInvestigate the Ogre Corpses.
93Free BirdSearch the camp for hidden Saberon Guards.
93Free Yrel: Escape!Escape with Yrel from the Stonemaul Slave Camp.
93Free Yrel: Proving Your WorthKill Ripclaw.
93Free Yrel: Setting It UpReport to Slavemaster Broon.
93Free Yrel: Tracking Her DownQuestion slaves and do what they ask in order to track down Yrel.
93Game of ThornsKill Dirth Deathgonia, Peckle Deathgonia, and Prickle Deathgonia.
93General DisarraySlay Drokin Ironsight, War Rider Skragg, and Makrish Irontusk.
93Get the OgreCapture Slavemaster Ok'mok.
93Give Them A SmileSlay Commander Axegrim.
93Greblin FastfizzleInvite Greblin Fastfizzle to join the caravan.
93Hansel, ReportSpeak with Hansel Heavyhands at Bastion Rise in Gorgrond.
93Helga NesingwaryInvite Helga to join the caravan.
93Help the CowardSpeak with Thaelin Darkanvil at Bastion Rise in Gorgrond.
93King JagahariAsk King Jagahari to join your party.
93Let's Go!Start the Tank.
93Meeting RequestCapture and return Slavemaster Ok'mok.
93Muddy WatersFind nutritious mud in the Spinebloom Spires to revive Jagahari.
93Need More TeethCollect 30 Putrid Brown Ogre Teeth.
93Pale EyesCollect Pale Eyes to create a cure for Helga.
93Pimp My TankCollect 6 Spare War Machine Parts.
93Potion PreparationCollect live centipedes and return them to Y'kish.
93Psycho-ologyEquip and arm 15 Laughing Skull slaves.
93Punishing the PrideKill the Greatscar and find Skreek.
93Purging PodsBurn down the Deathgonia Podling Patches.
93Rooter the RavenousFind food for Rooter at Emberfall Lake in Gorgrond.
93Ruffled FeathersFollow the trail of feathers.
93Satchel ChargesHelp Thaelin collect 5 more Satchel Charges.
93Scouting CluesExamine the Abandoned Campsite.
93Self DestructionUse the Remote Firing Plunger.
93Set Them FreeFree 15 Stonemaul Slaves.
93Slay Blackrock Orcs
93Stemming the TideKill 1 Iron Horde Grunts and 9 Iron Front Commander.
93Survey the BattlefieldUse Hansel's Spyglass.
93Take the PlungePress the plunger.
93TASK: Kill Ogre SlaversKill 12 Stonemaul ogres.
93The Big CannonPush the Big Cannon Button.
93The DoomhammerDefeat Orgrim Doomhammer.
93The Goliath CannonCollect Iron Horde Battle Orders.
93The Gorgrond ProblemSeek Vindicator Maraad at Bastion Rise in Gorgrond.
93The Heavyhanded WayKill Commander Axegrim.
93The Journey BeginsStart the Tank.
93The Laughing SkullFind Laughing Skull allies.
93The Pale GargantuanKill the Pale Gargantuan in The Forgotten Caves of Gorgrond.
93The Pale HunterHelp Helga reclaim her sanity.
93The Spider's VenomKill the Darksting Queen and collect her Venomous Secretion to cure Helga.
93They Love IronUse Kaz's Disturbing Crate to sabotage 5 war machines of Blackrock Outpost.
93Through the BarracadeTravel with the Horde Caravan through the Blackrock Outpost.
93To be KingKill Biolante.
93Vengeance For the DeadKill $oa Iron Horde Raiders.
93We Die Laughing!Collect 7 Laughing Skull Masks and the Skullchief's Mask.
93We Need Three ThingsRetrieve the Goliath Prototype Instruction Manual and a Remote Firing Plunger.
93We Need Three ThingsCollect the Goliath Prototype Instruction Manual, a Barrel of Blackrock Powder, and a Remote Firing Plunger.
93Where Next?Choose where Rokk will go next.
93Why Ogres?Investigate Ore Shipment, Slavers' Purse, and Orders from Smokebelcher Depot.
93Wreak HavocDestroy/kill any combination of 25 Iron Horde Crates, Black Powder Kegs, Iron Defenders, Iron Scarhides, Prototype Engineers, and Gorgrond Clefthoofs at the Prototype Proving Grounds.
93Wreak HavocDestroy/kill any combination of 25 Iron Horde Crates, Black Powder Kegs, Iron Defenders, Iron Scarhides, Prototype Engineers, and Gorgrond Clefthoofs at the Prototype Proving Grounds.
93Y'kish the WinglessAsk Y'kish to join your party.
93Zanky's RescueFind Zanky at The Forgotten Caves in Gorgrond.
92LumberstruckProtect your peasants as they gather 100 lumber.
92Task: Blook
Level Name Objective
100Arming the ArmoryFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100Arming the ArmoryFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100At Your CommandChoose which outpost structure to construct.
100At Your CommandChoose which outpost structure to construct.
100Hammer of the StarsFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100Mage Tower
100Mage Tower
100Prove Your WorthFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100Roughly HewnFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100Roughly HewnFind Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
100Tearing Up Talador
100Tearing Up Talador
100The Quarry QuandaryFind and speak to the notorious pirate Baron Longshore.
100The Quarry QuandarySpeak to Apprentice Miall at the Quarry in Talador.
100Their Eating Everything!Find Master Smith Ared at the Quarry in Talador.
97And the Elekk Too?!Return Ricky the Elekk to Caleb at the overturned cart.
97Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Learn Without 'EmRescue 8 Jorune Miners from within the Jorune Quarry.
97Collect Crystals [PH]Collect 10 Handfuls of Jorune Crystal Dust from within the Jorune Quarry
97Destroy Diggers [PH]Collect 6 Solidified Goren Spit Samples from the Jorune Quarry.
97Duskwing DustCollect 7 Handfuls of Duskwing Dust from the Duskwing moths on Duskfall Island.
97Goren Boss Kill and Collect
97Goren, Goren, Gone!Destroy 15 Goren Stonechewers and their leader, Pastrok within the Jorune Quarry.
97Goren, Goren, Gone!Destroy 15 Goren Stonechewers and their leader, Pastrok within the Jorune Quarry.
97Icky PickyCollect 60 Aruunem Berries from around Duskfall Island.
97Intro Tracking
97Just PeachickyRescue 7 Frightened Peachicks and return them to Caleb.
97No Miner Left BehindRescue 8 Jorune Miners from within the Jorune Quarry.
97Seek Out the Seer
97Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!Kill 8 Sharpfang Stalkers and Destroy Sher'khaan.
97The Memory Keeper's SonEnter the Spirit Realm and destroy the Memory of Arumel.
97Wanted: Hilaani
97Wanted: Hilaani
97Wanted: Kil'uun
97Wanted: Kil'uun
97Wanted: Ra'tok the Hammer
97Wanted: Ra'tok the Hammer
96AntiveninCollect 9 Deathweb Fangs in Deathweb Hollow.
96AntiveninCollect 9 Deathweb Fangs in Deathweb Hollow.
96Arkonite CrystalsGather 8 Arkonite Crystals at the Overload Mine in Talador.
96Book BurningObtain 3 Shadow Council Spellbooks and burn them in the fire by Kor'thos Dawnfury in Gul'rok.
96Changing the TideSpeak to Restalaan at Retribution Point.
96Destination: UnknownDestroy Zerus in the Ruins of Xandros.
96Destination: UnknownDestroy Zerus in the Ruins of Xandros.
96Disrupting the FlowDestroy 4 Burning Resonators in the Burning Front.
96FelbloodCollect 6 Felblood Samples by killing Stormreaver Fearmongers in the Court of Lights in Talador.
96Goldenwatch CampRide with Lady Liadrin to Goldenwatch Camp in Talador.
96Hiding In The ShadowsDestroy 3 shadow orbs in Gul'rok.
96Holding the LineSlay 10 demons in the Burning Front.
96Holding the LineSlay 10 demons in the Burning Front.
96Illona Is Missing!Find Illona at Sharptusk Lake.
96Insatiable SwarmsKill $oa Podlings at Kuuros Farm.
96Into the Heart of MadnessSpeak to Soulbinder Nyami at the Seat of Depravity in Gul'rok.
96Into the HollowKill Xanatos the Defiler in Deathweb Hollow and retrieve Sha'tari.
96Into the HollowKill Xanatos the Defiler in Deathweb Hollow and retrieve Sha'tari.
96Invasion of the Soul EatersUse torches from a forge to burn 1 body piles in Telmor.
96Kill Ango'rosh
96Killing Two Birds With One MineUse an Iron Mine to steal weapons from the Iron Horde caravan.
96Kuuros FarmFind Beldos at Kuuros Farm.
96Light's RestRide with Exarch Maladaar to Light's Rest in Talador.
96Light's RestMeet Exarch Maladaar at Light's Rest in Talador.
96Massacre at TelmorShut down the Stormreaver Portal at Telmor.
96Massacre at TelmorShut down the Stormreaver Portal at Telmor.
96Never ForgetRecover the Telmor Registry, the Auchenai Prayerbook, and Leafshadow in Telmor.
96Nightmare in the TombInvestigate the ritual in the Tomb of Souls.
96Not Past SavingKill Burning Priestesses to cleanse the corruption from the Town Square, the Stable, and the Graveyard.
96Not TodayKill Warbringer Trosk.
96Out of ControlDisrupt the Stormreaver Portal in Deathweb Hollow.
96Out of ControlDisrupt the Stormreaver Portal in Deathweb Hollow.
96PaybackRout 8 Shadow Council forces in Telmor.
96Piece of CakeStop the Iron Oiler from spewing oil into the lake.
96Powering the DefensesFind Soulbinder Tuulani in the Tomb of Lights.
96PurificationKill Burning Priestesses to cleanse the corruption from the Town Square, the Stable, and the Graveyard.
96Restalaan, Captain of the GuardFind Restalaan in Telmor.
96Retribution for the LightKill 15 demons in Gul'rok.
96REUSESlay Hurkan Skullsplinter in the Seat of Depravity.
96Right Hand of AuchKill Grandmaster Vorpil in the Stormreaver Compound.
96Right Hand of AuchKill Burning Priestesses to cleanse the corruption from the Town Square, the Stable, and the Graveyard.
96Rout Them OutKill 10 Iron Horde attacking Kuuros Farm.
96Save Auchenai CaretakersDirect 6 Auchenai Caretakers to safety in the Court of Lights in Talador.
96Scheduled PickupSpeak to Soulbinder Tuulani outside Telmor.
96Scheduled PickupSpeak to Soulbinder Tuulani outside Telmor.
96Sunsworn CampMeet Lady Liadrin at Sunsworn Camp in Talador.
96Taking Up ArmsEquip 5 refugees with Iron Horde weapons.
96Talbuk RoundupRescue 4 Talbuk at Kuuros Farm.
96Tempering VenomObtain the fang of the Talador Widow in Deathweb Hollow.
96That's No PodlingSlay Bloodthrasher.
96That's No PodlingSlay Bloodthrasher.
96The Final PieceTake Auch'naaru from Vorpil Ribcleaver in Telmor.
96The Heart of AuchindounDefeat O'mogg Blackheart and retrieve Karab'uun in the Burning Front.
96The Hero We NeedGather the Ango'rosh Spellbook and the Grimoire of Binding, then perform the ritual at the Altar of Ango'rosh in the Ango'rosh Ruins.
96Trigger Teron'gor Defense Spawns
96Twisted AncestorsSlay 5 Eredar Binders in the ruins.
96Twisted AncestorsKill 5 Eredar Binders in the ruins.
96Vile DefilersDestroy 5 defiling crystals in Deathweb Hollow.
96Vile DefilersDestroy 5 defiling crystals in Deathweb Hollow.
96Ward AttunementObtain the fang of The Talador Widow in Deathweb Hollow.
96We Must Construct Additional PylonsCollect 6 Arkonite Crystals and an Arkonite Pylon from the Tomb of Lights.
95A New ThreatSpeak with Crystal-Shaper Barum at the crossroads northwest of Aruuna.
95An Eye for a Spy[PH] Look through Gazlowe's Looking Glass.
95An Eye for a Spy[PH] Look through Thaelin's Observicopter.
95Barum's NotesTest the effects of a Honed Crystal, a Polished Crystal and a Harmonic Crystal in Aruuna.
95Burning SkySlay 10 Arakkoa Ashwings.
95Chop 'Em Down
95Creating the InkGather 32 pulsating pustules from sporebats and fungal giants in Zangar Crater.
95Decommissioned MissionFind the Decommissioned Iron Shredder in the nearby cave and take it from Engineer Drax.
95Decommissioned Mission[PH] Find the Decommissioned Iron Shredder
95Dying Wish[PH]
95Dying Wish[PH]
95Engineering Her Demise[PH] Defeat Ketya Shrediron.
95Engineering Her Demise[PH] Defeat Ketya Shrediron.
95Forbidden KnowledgeRecover 6 Shadow Tomes from Veil Shadar.
95Forming the ScrollRip 5 pieces of bark off of Slumbering Ancients in Zangar Crater.
95Fowl Play
95Gathering the SparkHarvest 3 arcane vortexes in Zangar Crater.
95In Short SupplyCollect 6 Iron Horde Explosives.
95In Short Supply[PH] Collect 6 Iron Horde Explosives.
95Iron Them Out[PH] Destroy 7 Iron Horde Siege Engines
95Iron Them Out[PH] Destroy 7 Iron Horde Siege Engines
95Kura's VengeanceSlay Wing-Guard Kuuan in Veil Shadar.
95Object of My AdvectionDestroy Gazlowe's Objectives
95Object of My Advection[PH] Destroy Thaelin's Objectives
95Pieces of UsRetrieve the Crystal-Shaper's Tools, Melani's Doll, and the Annals of Aruuna.
95PyrophobiaSlay Fire-Sage Itak in Aruuna.
95Shredding Bad[PH] Kill 1 Iron Horde in Tuurem using the Iron Shredder
95Shredding Bad[PH] Kill 1 Iron Horde in Tuurem using the Iron Shredder
95The Battle for ShattrathRepel the Iron Horde from Shattrath
95The Battle for ShattrathRepel the Iron Horde from Shattrath
95The Purge of Veil ShadarHelp 8 Arakkoa Outcasts evacuate from Veil Shadar.
95Through the Looking GlassLook through Gazlowe's Eye 'n' Ear
95Through the Looking Glass[PH] Look through Thaelin's Observicopter.
95Too Many Irons in the FireKill 14 Iron Horde orcs on Talador Beach
95Too Many Irons in the Fire[PH] Kill 14 Iron Horde orcs at the Logging Camp
95Vol. X Pages ?[PH] Find 20 Manual Pages on orcs at the bluff camp
95Vol. X Pages ?[PH] Find 20 Manual Pages on orcs at the bluff camp
95What the Draenei FoundExamine the Ancient Prism in the Aruuna Crystal Mine.
90The Iron of WinterBring the Frost Iron Ingot to Miall at the armory in Talador.
90The Iron of WinterBring the Frost Iron Ingot to Morketh at the armory in Talador.
Level Name Objective
99TEMP - Artifact AnnihilationSlay Reglakk at SE Ogre POI
99TEMP - Lowering the HighmaulKill 15 Ogres at SE Ogre POI.
99TEMP - Relic Rampage
99TEMP - Spying on the OgresGet scrolls from Crulgorosh and Thulgork at SE Ogre POI.
98Declawing The Competition
98Discarded Merchendise
98Goblin Merchents
98Where's Griswold?
Level Name Objective
100"Mole Machine, Go Home"Send 5 Mole Machines home from the Iron Siegeworks.
100A Fellow GearheadFind Thaelin Darkanvil in the Iron Siegeworks.
100A Gorger's FeastCollect 8 Engorged Stomachs and examine their contents.
100A Threat We Can't IgnorePlant the Underwater Explosives on the Iron Horde battleship.
100Ambushing the EnemyCollect 3 Caravan Shipments and Lieutenant O'rok's Head.
100And The Mole You Rode In OnBring Thaelin Darkanvil to Hansel Heavyhands in the Iron Siegeworks.
100Blackhand's OrdersDeliver Blackhand's Orders to Thisalee Crow at the Elemental Hollow in Gorgrond.
100Bombs, Bombs and More Bombs!Plant Explosive Bundles in key locations throughout Grommar.
100Cleansing the SoulsCleanse 15 Crazed Souls
100Cleansing the SoulsCleanse 15 Crazed Souls
100Crows In The FieldSpeak to Thisalee Crow at the Elemental Hollow in Gorgrond.
100Crows In The FieldSpeak to Thisalee Crow at the Elemental Hollow in Gorgrond.
100Final PreparationsRendezvous with Snap Togglespin.
100Flight of The DetonatorUse the Remote Detonator to detonate each of the Explosive Bundles.
100Four Finger DiscountSteal a Blackrock Cog, Condensed Geyser Gas, and a Carbonfrost Flamecore from the Iron Siegeworks.
100Gearing UpObtain Owynn's Dagger, Mace, and Gear.
100Gearing UpObtain Bwu'jas Garb, Glave, and Mask.
100Groundbreaking DataUse the Tremor-Tracker in your garrison.
100Heating UpUse Aren's Thermometer near the Hissing Geyser inside Belcher Cauldron.
100I Know The Drill!Help Gazlowe sabotage the Iron Stonegrinder.
100Independent ContractorDeliver Gazlowe's Payment to Gazlowe near Thunder Pass.
100MacGoyver's WayFind a way to destroy the Iron Horde supply building.
100Maker's MarkInspect 5 Siege Parts in the Iron Siegeworks.
100Missing In ActionSearch for Newt in the Grommar fortress.
100Oh Snap!Search for Snap Togglespin in the Grommar fortress.
100Out of the ChainsObtain the Bloodmaul Shackle Key and free Owynn Graddock.
100Out of the ChainsObtain the Bloodmaul Slave Key and free Shadow Hunter Bwu'ja.
100Parting GiftsPlace 4 Anti-Vehicle Mines in the Iron Siegeworks.
100Payment Due for Services RenderedBring Gazlowe to the roof of Overlord Blackhammer's fortress in the Iron Siegeworks.
100Privileged InformationLoot Thaelin's Notebook from Overlord Blackhammer in the Iron Siegeworks.
100Rendezvous With The TeamRendezvous with Adele Lyon inside Grommar.
100Seeking the TruthLocate Borgal Doomfist.
100Seeking the TruthLocate Borgal Doomfist.
100Seismic MattersSpeak with Surveyor Dorn at your garrison.
100SI:7 Delivery ServicePlant Explosive Bundles in key locations throughout Grommar.
100Soulgrinder SurvivorPlace Borgal's totems so that Orlana can begin the ritual, then kill Borgal.
100Soulgrinder SurvivorPlace Borgal's totems so that Orlana can begin the ritual, then kill Borgal.
100The Beating HeartDeliver the Stone Heart to Skylord Omnuron at your garrison.
100The Beating HeartDeliver the Stone Heart to Choluna at your garrison.
100The Captive EngineerFind Thaelin Darkanvil in the Iron Siegeworks.
100The DescentInvestigate Belcher Cauldron.
100The Giant CauldronSpeak to Choluna.
100The PrototypeUse the Prototype Mole Machine to look for Thaelin Darkanvil.
100The search for Owynn GraddockRescue slaves in the Bloodmaul Territory in order to gather clues to the location of Owynn Graddock.
100The search for Shadow Hunter Bwu'jaRescue slaves in the Bloodmaul Territory in order to gather clues to the location of Shadow Hunter Bwu'ja.
100The Shadow GateDefeat Grubnor Wargut and follow after Borgal.
100The Shadow GateDefeat Grubnor Wargut and follow after Borgal.
100The Totems That BindCollect 5 of Borgal's Totems.
100The Totems That BindCollect 5 of Borgal's Totems.
100The UltrabliteratorDestroy the Ultrabliterator using the control box in the Eastern Tower.
100The UltrabliteratorDestroy the Ultrabliterator using the control box in the Eastern Tower.
100These Look Familiar...Look for Thaelin Darkanvil at Thaelin's Workshop in Gorgrond.
100They'll Never Know What Hit 'emDetonate Ticker's Explosive Bundles.
100Wanted: Overlord BlackhammerSlay Overlord Blackhammer in the Iron Siegeworks.
100We're All Out of Bombs...Find a way to destroy the Iron Horde supply building.
100You Sunk My Battleship!Plant the Underwater Explosives on the Iron Horde boats.
99A Good DeathUse Rexxar's axe to kill Injured Rylaks at Darktide Roost.
99Shredder SuppressorDestroy Darktide Shredders on Darktide Roost.
100Break The SealsDisrupt 1 Demonic Runes.
100Demonic BarrierMeet Anchorite Raleen at Snowfall Alcove.
100Smash Blon'sky!Defeat Blon'sky.
100Temporal JuxtopositionAssist Chromie in completing her ritual.
100They Have My SonFind the Key to Corki's Cage and set him free.
100They Took My FatherCollect Anchorite Dolruu's three notes.
100To Cleanse an EredarDefeat Revaan.
98The V StaffBring the V Staff to Chromie at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.
95The V HatBring the V Slippers to Chromie at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.
92The V SlippersBring the V Slippers to Chromie at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.
90The V RingBring the V Ring to Chromie at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.
Level Name Rewards Objective
Elwynn Long Distance Practice
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Irongnome games camp.
Elwynn Forest RacingFind and speak to the Elwynn Race Official.
Elwynn Long Distance Trial: 25
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Elwynn South Distance Trial: 30
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Elwynn South Distance Practice
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Redridge Group Trial
Log description text.
New Course: South SprintGo to the South Race Official
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint Trial: 12
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
5Elwynn Run
Hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
5Retry Elwynn Run
Hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint Trial: 11
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint - REPEATABLE
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then purple, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Dash Practice
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint - 7
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Westfall Race 30
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Westfall Race Practice UNUSED
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, the red marker, the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Multiplayer Race
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, the red marker, the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint Practice
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Multiplayer Race
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, the red marker, the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Dash Practice
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
First Test Race: 2 Laps
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, the red marker, the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
First Test Race: 1 Lap
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, the red marker, the purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Dash 12
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Northshire Sprint Practice
Run through the arch, hit the blue marker, then the green marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
South Sprint Practice
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
Patron Showcase: Power Lasso!
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, purple marker, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
South Sprint 12
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then the purple, then return to the Ironelf games camp.
South Sprint 11
Run through the arch, hit the red marker, then purple, then return to the Ironelf games camp.

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - May 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
Siege of Orgrimmar
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Garrosh Hellscream now only targets 2 players with Touch of Y'Shaarj and Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj regardless of raid size on Flexible difficulty. Previously, the number of players targeted by the ability scale from 2 to 4, resulting in a harsh breakpoint for groups with 17-18 players.
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Touch of Y'Shaarj and Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj cast times have been increased to 3.5 seconds (up from 2.5 seconds) on Flexible difficulty.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Battleground queues to report incorrect wait times.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Take less damage. Healers heal for more, you stay closer to topped off, resulting in more overheals. I admit I could be way off!
WoD healing is different. You're imagining that the tank gets knocked to 60%, and a healer heals him for 40%, and Shining... (Celestalon)
...Protector occasionally adds 12 extra, all overheal. In WoD, the healer'll heal him for 15%, and Shining Protector... (Celestalon)
...will *usually* heal an additional 4.5%. Think of it as "Shining Protector = X% Increased Healing Received". (Celestalon)
<3 Thank you for that explanation. Is tank damage coming in slow bursts? I.e 100% to 60%? If not, why not heal at 85% to topoff
It's not so much that the tank damage profile is changing, but rather that the healing profile is. Tank healing is no... (Celestalon)
...longer a game of "keep them completely topped off and quickly re-top them if they dip at all". Instead, it's more of... (Celestalon)
..."Keep them high enough to ensure they survive, and heal them efficiently as possible beyond that; try not to overheal." (Celestalon)

*the class, as you see it fit, not how we think would be fun to play
The problem is that what you may find 'terrible', others love. Players don't all agree on what they want. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Hi might be a question you get all the time but why is Gladiator Stance a thing will Blood DPS make a return in the same way?
It's something we'd certainly consider for the future. (Celestalon)

I notice Blood seems to be the only tank that gains resources from Multistrike Procs, whereas other tanks gain self heals. Why?
There's a variety. Bears get max health. Your Scent of Blood increases self-healing through Death Strike. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
1%. Tank is dead. DS. Disengage. Deterrance. FD MD pet. Kill shot! Kill shot! Win! That WAS a thing back in LK
But alas, Usso hasn't been able to taunta raid bosses for quite a long time now. (WatcherDev)

Since Hydras will be tameable, is there any chance Chimearon will be tameable as a Hydra? He can be the next Chromaggus!
.He is tameable... with some caveats. Delve into the Depths of Blackwing and find out for yourself in #warlordsofdraenor (Muffinus)
Some would characterize you an evil man for that kind of tease @Muffinus
.Can we get more evil than Deth'tilac? Yes, yes we can. #TheRealBeastMasteryStartsHere (Muffinus)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
with the planned removal of some mana regen spells for Mages, Will fire\frost Mages have any sort of resource management?
Not particularly. We don't intend for Fire/Frost to care about mana more than Ele/Shadow/Ret/Enh/Balance. Just for utility. (Celestalon)
Why is that? Why shouldn't mana be a management?
Because using Mana as a DPS resource requires some really heavy handed interactions with it to truly be a rotational resource. (Celestalon)

Will the blast wave, supernova, icenova talents be worth using on cd for dps value? It looks like util in dps tier.
Yes. (Celestalon)

Frost mages got some discussion about changes with alpha notes. Very little/nothing for Fire/Arcane. Anything to come next time?
The level 90 talent changes have significant implications for Arcane. Fire has gotten a little discussion, but is looking solid. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Nightly paladin question: Will Holy shield have an awesome graphic when it procs?
It's something that procs a lot, so in the interest of reduced visual clutter, it's not something I'd call AMAZING, but it has one. (Celestalon)
Along this line of questioning, with the tech. used for RJW et al. is it possible to see more procs that look good to user...
Yes, very much so. It's possible to push that "too far", but we know that the game being readable is extremely important. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Please, please, please, don't simplify Enh to Ele levels. I play Enh because I like the complex rotation.
We're not. The complexity difference between Ele/Enh is intended. Merging damage sources won't reduce gameplay. (Celestalon)

Why blizz scrapped the ideas of Shaman tanks? And why not make Demo Lock a viable spec for tanking? And the melee hunters?
Those are all interesting ideas for the future, but require a ton of work, and added complexity. (Celestalon)

Ghost Wolf is iconic - it just needs to be brought up to the level of mobility that other classes offer
Discussion: Other than wanting buffs, why do you feel that Ghost Wolf should grant the same mobility level as other classes? (Celestalon)

Does Dark Shaman xmog also have bad luck protection? Up to 28 H, 1 N, 20 flex kills now without getting one.
Nope. We want everyone who kills Garrosh to get an heirloom eventually. Shaman xmog set is a rare vanity item. (WatcherDev)
30+ kills on Gary and only 1 heirloom....RNG be poopy
Some confusion here. The point is to make sure you get your first, for your main spec. Others are bonus. (WatcherDev)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Struggling to find the intent behind gladiator stance. If the tanks wants to DPS, wont they swap to arms/fury spec?
Not necessarily. Different gear, different rotation, different aesthetics. (Celestalon)
So then its intended to make thanks able to be on-par melee DPS?
Yes, but they're not tanks if they're in Gladiator Stance. Can't tank in Gladiator Stance. (Celestalon)

Is Gladiator's Resolve meant to make Prot warriors competitive with other DPS or is it just there to help OTs when not tanking?
Competitive DPS. Can't be used by OTs; you can't swap in/out of Gladiator Stance in combat. (Celestalon)

Character / Items
Assuming protection is only for first one because I've only gotten spirit mace for boomkin - can't use spirit in WoD
.In 6.0, the Spirit on the Warmace has been replaced with another stat, for exactly that reason. (WatcherDev)

Garrosh Heirlooms - kinda wish 4 a "we hear you" on that. Low Droprate, some of is fear we will not even have one for WoD. News?
Garrosh heirlooms have "bad luck protection" - you should start to see more and more each week as you get more kills. (WatcherDev)
I have 22 kills of HC Garrosh and I have 2 heirlooms, so...are you sure?
2 is a number greater than 0, so yes, I'm certain. (WatcherDev)
The protection sounds unreasonably undertuned then. Only 2 in 22 kills (nearly half a year)... Yeesh.
Said this elsewhere, but the point is to make sure you get the first one, for your spec. The system works well for that. (WatcherDev)
So to clarify, the bad luck protection only applies to the first heirloom drop?
Yes. If you want a specific heirloom for a specific different alt, you're encouraged to kill Garrosh with that alt. (WatcherDev)

Could you guys initiate the flex version of SoO for norm/heroic? Player retention getting tough
If I could flip a switch and make it happen, I would. But it's a large overhaul and relies on Warlords code. So we can't before 6.0 (WatcherDev)

As UBRS and LBRS are (kind of in) the same dungeon, will both parts be reworked or is it strictly the upper one?
Just Upper. LBRS will remain as a level ~58 dungeon. (WatcherDev)

Most depressing part most of us at nearly BiS without warforged. isn't going to get easier. RNG wipes until we give up. Sad...
Sorry to hear that, but honestly Blackfuse is among the least random fights we've ever made. Nearly everything is controllable. (WatcherDev)

Will we see arena skirmises back into the game when WoD hits live? Pls answerrr!!
Yes, skirmishes will make their triumphant return in Warlords. (holinka)

any chance of having more choices for trinkets in wod?
Yes we'd like there to be more interesting PvP trinkets, most likely from Ashran. (holinka)
competitve or "fun" trinkets?
both (holinka)

Hi! Do you think upcoming changes on vengeance open the possibility for balanced tank specs in pvp? key word being balanced!
The thing that we'd need to achieve before being happy with tanks in PvP is it being fun to play *against* them. (Celestalon)
Why are healers exempt from this rule? They have caused more problems in PvP then tanks ever did.
I think you may find some disagreement about that amongst the community. (Celestalon)
I am sure I would find some disagreement about pretty much anything to do with WoW. Thank you though for the ninja-quick reply.
Of course, but I mean a much more prevalent one. (Celestalon)

Battle.Net - New Classic Games
A version of The Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing have been added to the Battle.Net download page for everyone!

Upcoming Dev Interview - Ion Hazzikostas
FinalBoss will have an interview with Ion Hazzikostas on Sunday, covering some of the changes coming to raiding in Warlords of Draenor!

TCG Art Update
Blizzard has updated the art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

by Published on 2014-05-02 08:56 AM

Mikhail's Daily Gambling Thread, Theorycraft Thursdays: ZiPS' Unholy Monk, WW Lightning Build For New Barbs

Season 2 is Live - Brave the Black Temple

Skin Spotlight: Lurkablo, Dailies, Cross-Team Chat, Snowballing, Reconnecting, Smartcasting

Warlords of Draenor - Quest Reward Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the two sets of quest reward armor. Keep in mind that this is an early preview, so there can be bugs or changes to the sets in the future!





Save 50% on World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Join the adventure now and save 50% on World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria. It’s the perfect time to expand your horizons and unlock tons of exciting new content. Hurry, though, because this sale ends May 6.

Flying in Warlords of Draenor
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Will flight be available at some point in warlords.
Ok, ok, being perfectly honest... we don't know. In the same way we have no idea what the gearing model for the final tier of the expansion could be, because it's going to be based on testing, and playing, and seeing how the expansion plays out up to that point. We're open and willing to change the game as we go to make it the best it can be.

We don't know because we're open to feedback, and making changes based on that feedback.

Our current focus is to get the expansion into a state where you guys can help us start testing it. That testing will inform many, many decisions, and how the game plays when it's launched will inform how the first content patch is designed, and how that patch plays out will inform the second content patch, etc. etc. We'd rather be unsure and make the correct decisions when they need to be made, than make the wrong decisions and be too stubborn to change them.

Warlords of Draenor PvE Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It's important not to skip over the Group Finder section! It'll help everyone, regardless of their current focus, be able to find and create groups for content:

Another central innovation in Warlords is our Group Finder feature, which will allow players to easily form and search for raid groups (among other activities) with players from their entire region. While this series of blogs has mostly focused on pre-existing social structures, pick-up groups continue to be tremendously important. Chance meetings in such groups have formed the basis for many a friendship, and recurring weekly pickup groups have given rise to more than a few guilds over the years. For players who want to take the next step beyond Raid Finder, or who want to find a weekend run for their alt, or who just need a last-minute tenth member for their raid, Group Finder will make that process easier than ever before.

To your concern: It took me a very long time to even be able to be considered for flex runs and whatnot on my server due to the super high standards every group leader seems to have.

One pretty cool factor of the Group Finder tool will be that people won't be able to start groups and require things of others they themselves have not achieved. Such as requiring an ilvl higher than what they themselves currently have.

The new Group Finder will be something everyone has access to, it'll allow all players within an entire region to easily find each other, which will make it a very active place to find groups, and we hope through some smart options and rules, getting into organized group content much, much easier for everyone.

Have you ever seen people this upset BEFORE AN EXPANSION WAS ACTUALLY RELEASED? Usually players are happy and excited for a new expansion!
I've been in Community for every World of Warcraft expansion, and yes, it's the same every single time.

People are always concerned with changes, and concern is fine, and we'll communicate our intent, and you'll tell us how well you think it'll work out, or if it seems like a good or bad idea for you and how you play the game, and we'll have a beta test where we figure all these things out, and we'll make adjustments, and decisions, and etc. etc.

It does tend to be a bit more upsetting before actual live testing begins. We announce changes, we put info out there, it's confusing, it's out of context a lot of the time, and it just is generally when our least productive feedback comes in. When testing actually begins and people can play the game and see how it's working, that's generally when things calm down, people see the results of these changes, there's context, and we can get into the nitty gritty testing and balancing.

But yes, I've seen people upset before every single expansion for the last 10 years. Mainly because saying "I'm so excited!" isn't much of a conversation starter. "This will ruin the game forever." tends to create more responses and threads.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Will you address things like blood presence and defensive stance in pvp. Having to sit in them to live is no fun in pvp
Those stances provide an interesting interaction between going offensive/defensive. (holinka)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
"Camouflage no longer breaks from dealing or taking damage."How can this possibly be a thing?
It can be! As with many other changes we're making, it's somewhat experimental, and we'll adjust if it's too strong. (Celestalon)
The 6 second in combat duration makes sense, but if you use it once before entering combat. 60 seconds of ranged immunity?
No, it'll drop to 6sec on entering combat. (Celestalon)

How many new hunter pets are there going to be in WoD? How many of them will be exotic?
3 new families, 1 of which is exotic, and many new models/skins for existing families. (Celestalon)

hey, any word on Careful Aim become a passive or active talent?
Sounds like some sort of misinterpretation. There's a couple Draenor Perks that massively increase the power of Careful Aim. (Celestalon)
It's stronger than many other classes' cooldowns. But it's staying a Passive, no intention to make it an Active. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
FoF glyph will be mandatory for raiding like RsK minor is now. Disagree w/fixing design flaws by restricting choice
My prediction: Some encounter will make 3 other glyphs particularly strong, and someone will begrudgingly try going without... (Celestalon)
...Floating Butterfly. And after learning that fight thoroughly, they'll start to recognize when they can FoF without having... (Celestalon)
...moving, and realize that "Huh... It's harder, but maybe we CAN do without this..." And it'll start to be used ~half the time. (Celestalon)

Will Path of Mist talent drop orbs when using Chi Torpedo? Can those orbs be used with detonate chi?
Yes. Yes. (Celestalon)

which class do you personally feel have had/needed the biggest rewamp, and why? Hard to decipher from a long list
Mistweavers, definitely. Talked about a lot in their section. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Any thoughts on the idea of making Colossus Smash a talent? There's so many of us that hate how it changes our rotation -_-
To make sure I understand, the concern is with feeling like you always need to pool resources and then unload during CSmash? (WatcherDev)

Without Recklessness and Execute Perk (50%) are Gladiator Stance Warriors going to be tuned to keep up with Arms/Fury?
Yes. (Celestalon)

How come we haven't seen 3D armor like that(like boots) for players yet?What was the reason?Is it possible for WoD?
Items for players are different, and need to fit on every race. With NPC armor, it's literally part of his geometry. (WatcherDev)
I see, thanks for that. Was wondering if it's possible to add more geosets, or even see anchored armor cheers
It's something out art team (and engine team) are working towards, since we agree it'd be awesome. Not yet, though. (WatcherDev)

Character / Items
what about timeless coins? i seem to have a ton but have bought everything i wanted from vendors
Coins are staying island-fresh. Spend them on gliders, masks, and pug hats! (Muffinus)
How about rep? No chance of it going the way of the troll rep when raid was converted ?
Staying around, you can always go back and kill more Ordon (or kill FOR the Ordon) (Muffinus)

Just to make sure, all four CM Phoenixes can't be obtained on a single character, right? I'd need to do silver on 3 alts?
Incorrect -- in 6.0 if any character has earned one, your entire account will get all 4. (WatcherDev)

any word on what the reforge mount will become? Thanks
The leading contender is transmog. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Hey, you might not be the right person, but I was curious - for the stat squish, how much of it is a manual process for Blizz?
Most of it was done programatically. We do need to manually adjust a number of creature spells, though - that work is ongoing. (WatcherDev)

Will there be any stepping nerfs to SoO like in previous final tiers?
Not planned in light of multiple difficulties, item upgrades, and a smooth tuning curve. Is there a boss you think needs a nerf? (WatcherDev)

Cool. Have you figured out a way to add dungeons in patches? You spoke about it at Blizzcon but didn't have any set plans yet.
Still something we want to do. Focused on making 6.0 awesome first, then we'll turn to patch content. (WatcherDev)

hey long ago there was pic of dota1 map for BG can you say if it will come in WoD?
It will not come in Warlords. (holinka)

Is there any plans to give voices there own slider in audio.1/2 the time i can't here what the npcs r saying over the spell spam
It's something we'd like to do, hopefully for 6.0 but if not, then soon after. (WatcherDev)

Warcraft Movie Filming Nearly Complete
There are only 3 more weeks left of filming for the Warcraft movie!

Flying in Ashran
It looks like priests will be doing a little bit of flying in Ashran if they are lucky!

Fan Concept - Mount System Revamp
Mojo Risin posted a fun mount system concept on the forum this week!

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Azeroth Choppers Episode 3 - Now Live

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This week on Azeroth Choppers, the crews at Paul Jr. Designs get down to business on fabrication while the Horde and Alliance teams at Blizzard look forward to a call from Paul Jr. to get a first look at the work in progress bikes.

Keep up to date on all of the latest episodes at, and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.
by Published on 2014-04-30 05:03 PM

Dev Watercooler: Raiding Azeroth Part 3—Warlords of Draenor
Other than what we already have seen at Blizzcon, there are a few new details in this final blog post!

  • LFR will have even higher drop rates for loot, but will no longer drop tier gear and specific trinkets. Instead, it will have a different loot table with different art.
  • There will be less incentive to cap Valor every week.
  • The devs think that these changes will be enough to prevent most people from feeling that they need to do every raid difficulty every week.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Over the course of WoW’s nearly 10-year history, raiding has probably undergone more iteration and change than any other game system. To put the upcoming Warlords of Draenor raid changes into proper context, this three-part blog series will attempt to retrace the twists and turns of our raid design philosophy from Molten Core through Siege of Orgrimmar.

In this final entry, Lead Game Designer Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas wraps things up by taking a look at the raiding philosophy and design changes coming in Warlords of Draenor (Warlords).

Warlords of Draenor (2014)

As we announced at BlizzCon, we’re excited about the opportunity to extend our Flexible Raid tech to address some of the long-standing problems we’ve been grappling with as a design team for over 5 years now. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the new system works: We’re relabeling Flexible Raid mode Normal, and it will serve as the new baseline point of entry to organized raiding. We’re also combining the current 10-player and 25-player Normal modes into a single Heroic difficulty. Finally, we’re consolidating 10-player and 25-player Heroic into a new fixed-size 20-player Mythic difficulty.

This system will allow the vast majority of players to raid with a wide variety of possible raid sizes, and reap the benefits of that structure. One of the major upsides of a 13-player raid is that you don’t have to worry about canceling if one or two people aren’t able to make it; you also don’t have to worry about asking someone to sit out if everyone shows up. This, in turn, means that raiding in an organized group is possible without the same feeling of obligation, and that such groups will be much more resilient in practice.

While we’ve made significant strides in tuning 10-player and 25-player Normal modes to be comparable in difficulty over the course of Mists of Pandaria (Mists), precise 10 vs. 25 Heroic tuning has continued to be a major challenge, especially on important fights such as Lei Shen (easier with 10) and Garrosh (easier with 25). Consolidating to a single raid size for Mythic will allow us to focus on delivering the best possible experience for our competitive hardcore raiders, while the flexible nature of Normal and Heroic mode provides an avenue for smaller groups to organically grow and continue raiding if they want to give Mythic a try.

Group Finder

Another central innovation in Warlords is our Group Finder feature, which will allow players to easily form and search for raid groups (among other activities) with players from their entire region. While this series of blogs has mostly focused on pre-existing social structures, pick-up groups continue to be tremendously important. Chance meetings in such groups have formed the basis for many a friendship, and recurring weekly pickup groups have given rise to more than a few guilds over the years. For players who want to take the next step beyond Raid Finder, or who want to find a weekend run for their alt, or who just need a last-minute tenth member for their raid, Group Finder will make that process easier than ever before.

Raid Finder

Raid Finder still has an important place within the new Warlords raid structure. Many players cannot or simply do not want to commit to a fixed group. And no matter how convenient we make organized raiding through Group Finder, it’ll never be something you can jump in and do for 45 minutes during your downtime on a busy day, the way you might do a Raid Finder wing.

However, we’ve also learned other lessons from our experience with Raid Finder over the past two and a half years. Raiding a single zone with a guild or group of friends can stay engaging for months, and one of the core reasons for that is the pacing of progression through a zone. A raid group might start out learning a new boss or two each week; that pace slows as the raid reaches the later bosses near the end of a zone, and more time each week is spent re-clearing “farm content” to gear up further. This keeps the experience varied, and even if you don’t get the specific loot you were hoping for in a given week, you’re seeing your friends and guildmates progress and get stronger, and you’re feeling the impact of those upgrades as you kill bosses faster and faster.

Raid Finder offers none of that. Your ninth clear of the Underhold section of Siege of Orgrimmar is likely no faster than your second (and might even be slower); you aren’t experiencing anything new or different. So how can we make Raid Finder a more compelling and enjoyable experience? A decent first step is to make it significantly more generous than it has been in the past, nearly doubling the rate of reward to better match the overall pacing of the content.

Our intent is for Raid Finder to allow players to experience our raid content, see the conclusion of major storylines, and witness the epic environments that our artists create without needing to commit to an organized raid group. We’d like to focus on that purity of purpose, and minimize the elements that have made guild raiders feel like they needed to do Raid Finder each week as part of their core progression. Accordingly, while loot will be awarded more frequently, Raid Finder in Warlords will have different loot tables than the Normal, Heroic, or Mythic versions of the raids, along with different item art. The gear will fall in between dungeon loot and Normal mode raid loot in terms of power, as it does today, but without the set bonuses and specific trinkets that tend to make raiders feel like they need to run Raid Finder alongside their weekly guild raids today.

After a player gets quickly geared up through Raid Finder and starts thinking about venturing into Normal mode for better rewards, their Raid Finder loot and combat experience should prepare them to take that next step—and Group Finder will make the process easier than ever before.

Raid Lockouts

In Warlords, each raid difficulty will have its own weekly lockout. We gave careful consideration to how the lockout system should work, and which difficulties (if any) would share lockouts. Having seen how Flex works today, it’s clear there are many benefits to having our raid difficulties on separate lockouts: Players might currently raid Normal or Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar with their guilds on a set schedule, but then join real-life friends on another server for weekend Flex runs and a chance to grab some off-spec loot. Players who are regularly clearing Normal, let alone Heroic, Siege of Orgrimmar quickly find that they don’t need much main-spec loot from Flex. Most players who are doing Siege in multiple difficulties each week are doing so with different social groups, and we’d like to preserve players’ freedom to do so.

As for Heroic and Mythic, having those difficulties share a lockout would present a number of technical as well as logistical challenges: Heroic is a flexible-size loot-based lockout; Mythic is a fixed-size boss-based lockout, limited to a single realm, with a static ID. The two simply aren’t congruent. Having these on a separate lockout also simplifies some things for high-end guilds that are trying to manage progress on a limited schedule, and currently have to carefully budget enough time at the end of each week to re-kill remaining bosses on Normal difficulty for loot. In Warlords, those groups will be able to frontload their farming for the week and then work on Mythic progression for the rest of the week without worry.

Reflecting on the “Trial of the Crusader problem” in Patch 3.2, much of the issue there stemmed from the way Emblems worked at the time. Badges obtained from raid bosses and dungeons were necessary just to buy set pieces, and so guilds felt obligated to keep clearing something like 10-player Normal Trial of the Crusader, even if they needed none of the loot, just for the extra Emblems. In Warlords, we are scaling back Valor, along with the incentive to cap Valor weekly. Less linear layouts and shortcuts that allow experienced groups to skip to certain bosses should let raiders target the specific content that interests them. In general, we’re erring on the side of giving players choice and freedom, and we feel that our character progression systems are better structured now and will not encourage excessive repetition of the same content.

Raiding Draenor

The raiding system we’re introducing in Warlords draws upon ten years of experience and all of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. We feel this system will provide the best possible raid experience to as many players as possible, regardless of their play style, and we’re excited for you all to try it. We’ll be paying close attention to your constructive feedback, and watching carefully once raid testing begins in our upcoming beta.
by Published on 2014-04-30 01:04 AM

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Warlords of Draenor: Equipping for Battle
You can see the Warlords of Draenor PvP weapon models by visiting their pages on the WoWDB beta site and clicking View in 3D!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
War looms on the horizon, and although the Iron Horde poses a substantial threat to all of Azeroth, old grudges between the Alliance and the Horde are not so easily set aside. As Warlords of Draenor development continues, we wanted to share some exciting changes coming to PvP gear and how you’ll earn it in the expansion.

I’ve Got the Power!
In Mists of Pandaria we introduced the PvP Power stat, which allowed PvP gear to be functionally superior to raid and dungeon gear in PvP combat without exceeding the value of its equivalent PvE gear in PvE content. That was largely a success in instanced PvP Arenas and Battlegrounds, but we think we can do better—while also granting players those same benefits in outdoor world PvP. So, in Warlords of Draenor, we’re taking a different approach.

PvP gear in Warlords will no longer have PvP-specific stats. Instead, it will scale up to a higher item level as soon as you enter a designated PvP area, such as an Arena or Battleground, or as soon as you enter PvP combat anywhere else in the world. If you’re out questing with PvP gear, your items’ base item level will be used while fighting back the Iron Horde, but the second that raiding Druid tries to gank you, your higher PvP item level kicks in and you’ll have the upper hand. Each piece of PvP gear will have its PvP item level displayed clearly on its tooltip, so there’s no guesswork involved.

On top of that, all gear—even gear found in PvE content—will be scaled up to a certain minimum item level in any designated PvP area. That minimum is still lower than any of the actual PvP gear, but a fresh level-100 character who’s just wearing some dungeon gear, or even whatever they picked up while questing, will not be at quite as severe a disadvantage should they choose to step into a Skirmish or Random Battleground.

One added benefit of this new system is that most PvE gear will no longer need to be downscaled in PvP areas, as the equivalent PvP gear is already a higher item level in PvP situations. Instead of making players wearing PvE gear feel weaker in PvP, this makes it so players wearing PvP gear feel stronger. The only exception is Mythic raid gear. Mythic’s PvE item level and Conquest’s PvP item level are very close, so we’ll be downscaling Mythic gear slightly in designated PvP areas just to make sure that Conquest gear remains the best available for PvP.

What’s In the Box?!
The Warlords of Draenor expansion will also bring some major improvements to the way PvP gear is earned. For starters, we’re vastly improving the bonus rewards you can earn from doing Random or Call to Arms Battlegrounds. At the end of a match, you’ll earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Strongbox—or possibly all three. Which Strongboxes you earn depends on how well your team did in the match, but you can still earn them even if your team doesn’t win.

Take Warsong Gulch,for example. If your faction captured at least one flag before the game ended, you’ll get the Bronze Strongbox. Capture a second, and you’ll earn both the Bronze and Silver. And if you capture all three, not only do you win the game, but you’ll also earn all three Strongboxes. We’ll be restructuring the scoring of other Battlegrounds slightly (such as changing Arathi Basin to end at 1,500 points) so it’s easy to figure out what you need for each Strongbox.

Inside those Strongboxes could be any number of rewards: Honor points, Conquest points—even gear. Better Strongboxes can have better rewards, so even if your team is behind in the match, it’s worth keeping up the fight to try to earn the best reward you can.

Of course, Skirmishes (the unranked Arenas we announced a little while back) will have rewards as well. We’re still discussing exactly how we want to hand them out, but you’ll be able to earn gear and Honor by playing Skirmishes if you’d prefer.

A Veteran’s Honor
Another issue on our radar is the ever-increasing item level gap between the gear you can purchase with Honor and Conquest points. To help bridge that gap, in Warlords we’re going to have three separate tiers of PvP gear.

It starts with an introductory set of a quality similar to today’s Honor gear, except you’ll earn it much, much faster. That set comes primarily through the Strongboxes, and you’ve got a high chance of getting a piece in each Strongbox you earn. After that starter gear comes a new set: Veteran’s gear. There’s a small chance to find a piece of Veteran’s gear in a Silver or Gold Strongbox, but you can also purchase Veteran’s gear with Honor points. That gear’s PvP item level will be halfway between the starter gear and Gladiator’s gear.

Adding the Veteran’s tier accomplishes a lot of things for us. First, it helps make sure that someone who wants to step into rated PvP later on in the season isn’t nearly as far behind their opponents in gear. Second, since the basic gear is earned so quickly, that helps ensure players get those important set bonuses, trinkets, and so on without too much trouble, and helps put everyone on a decent baseline in their ability to compete. For players who enjoy PvP but aren’t really interested in jumping into rated competition, earning Veteran’s gear will feel a lot more rewarding.

As for Gladiator’s gear, we’ve been pretty happy with how Conquest points have worked in Season 15, but we are making one small change: Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas will have the same base Conquest cap. That cap can then be increased by your rating in either Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds (whichever is higher). Instead of giving you extra Conquest points, winning a Rated Battleground will allow you to use a bonus roll token for a shot at a piece of Gladiator’s gear, similar to the Celestial world bosses on the Timeless Isle. This tweak makes the weekly Conquest cap easier to understand, while still providing an extra incentive for running Rated Battlegrounds and letting you use your bonus rolls on PvP gear through PvP.

The Island
While these changes will bring some pretty exciting changes to World of Warcraft PvP, there’s still another major piece to this puzzle: Ashran. We’ll be sharing more details on what you can earn from Ashran soon. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Warlords of Draenor - Crafted Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the crafted armor sets. Keep in mind that this is an early preview, so there can be bugs or changes to the sets in the future!





Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - April 28
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Elder Lin and Elder Liao now have significantly more health.
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Elder Lin and Elder Liao will now respawn much more quickly.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • The Fallen Protectors
      • Resolved an issue where movement-freeing abilities incorrectly forced Mark of Anguish to transfer to another player.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • During the Garrosh Hellscream encounter, Eternal Flame no longer generates threat during stages 2 and 3 to address an issue that was making the encounter more difficult than intended for raid groups with Protection Paladin tanks.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Matchmaking Ratings for Rated Battlegrounds has been increased by 100 for all players. Additional details for the change could be found in the forum thread titled: Rated Battleground MMR Hotfix.

  • Resolved an issue where players continue to be listed on the Raid Browser after accepting an invite from someone in a Flexible difficulty raid.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Battlegrounds and Healers
Our matchmaking system does its best to even out healers between teams in Random Battlegrounds. So if one team has 3 healers, it will do its best to match up them up against a team with a similar number. Maybe it's 2 or 4 instead of 3, but it's still relatively even in the grand scope of things.

When we see cases like the OP describes where one team has a much higher number of healers than the other, that's almost always due to players misusing the queue system. See, when you queue for a BG, the system assumes you intend to play the role you've queued for (or if you've selected both, that you'll play whatever role it assigns you). As we've investigated these cases of heavy healer imbalance, we've discovered that's not always the case.

Sometimes, a player will queue as both roles, but not play the one they're assigned (either because they didn't notice it, or simply chose to ignore it). Some players queue as healer with the intention of playing as DPS, under the (incorrect) assumption that it will speed up their queue times. In some extreme cases, players will specifically queue as DPS with the intention of playing healer and causing an imbalance.

To alleviate this and help ensure that groups have equal numbers of healers, we plan to lock players into specs that align with the role they were assigned when the queue popped. So, for example, a Shaman who only selects the Damage Dealer option when queuing will be forced to play as either Enhancement or Elemental once they're in the battleground. A Priest who selects Healer can choose to play as either Holy or Discipline, but not Shadow. And a Monk who selects both Healer and Damage Dealer and is assigned to heal will be forced to play Mistweaver.

Keep in mind that the system doesn't look for a set number of healers when it's setting up games -- all it's doing is trying to match up teams with roughly the same number. The goal isn't necessarily to ensure that every single game has 3 healers, it's just to make sure that it doesn't match a team with 4 healers up against a team who only has 1. When everyone's playing the roles they're expected to, it can be much more successful.

Hopefully this doesn't mean having to be in spec while waiting for BGs.
It doesn't.

I seldom think to see what role I'm told I'm playing currently...I may be a bit cranky if I find my side has no heals while the other side has two, and I'm not allowed to switch spec to healing.
The first part is something a lot of people do, and it directly leads to the issue in the second part. Quite regularly, the reason your side has no heals and the other side has two is that someone on your team was assigned the Healer role and just didn't notice. It's probably not even malicious most of the time -- they just didn't notice the healer icon before they clicked the button. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warlords of Draenor Healing and PvP
15 seconds to top someone off is a bit long of an estimate, unless you're purposefully choosing to use weaker heals in an effort to conserve mana. Our goal is that you can still top someone off in a hurry if you choose to do so, but it'll be expensive. Skilled healers will recognize when they need to spend that extra mana, or when it's okay to leave their teammate hovering around 50% or so and just sustain.

Burst windows will still be a thing. Creating opportunities via CC will still be a thing. Those are all important parts of Arena gameplay, we're just trying to get away from "if I don't keep the Shaman at 100% he might die." (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Interrupted Through Unending Resolve
To clarify, since it's kind of a confusing issue: when a Druid activates Unending Resolve gained through Symbiosis, they should be immune to all Interrupt effects, but not Silence effects. That's different from the Warlock version of the spell, which grants immunity to both.

The issue we're potentially seeing here is that the Interrupt portion of spells that also have Silence effects attached (such as Counterspell) is still going through, which is unintended. Silences will still interrupt casting, but the Druid should only have to wait for the Silence effect to wear off, and never be affected by the spell lockout from the Interrupt effect. That's the issue we're currently investigating. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
What about Gorefiend's Grasp? Similar to gateway in situational strength.
Seems like a good example of utility to me. Not everything has to be a numerical % cooldown (WatcherDev)
If gateway is a problem then by extension seems like Gorefiend's is a problem as well.
And we're keeping Gateway in a form that's quite powerful. The goal isn't to water down all unique effects. (WatcherDev)

Will there be more of those class specific questline for a spell effect like for example Warlock in the future?
Ah, this was a question that we had hoped to get to, but didn't have time for in either interview... Class questlines are... (Celestalon)
...really cool. Hard to justify doing a lot of, because it's a lot of content to develop for a small audience, but... (Celestalon)
...some of the best content for that small audience. A lot of pros/cons. I don't have anything to announce quite yet, and there... (Celestalon)
...almost certainly will not be any in 6.0, but it's something we're strongly considering for patch content in the future. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
dk horn runic power gain plugs a hole in dk rotation to stop being rune locked. worried about downtime
We do not see having a few empty GCDs per minute as a problem. (WatcherDev)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
new druid glyph,Glyph of Ursol’s Defense, looks mandatory for bear tanks. Will there be other choices like +HP or +dodge?
That glyph is only available to Feral, Balance, and Restoration. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
.Yup, these are the three new hunter families (with TONS of additions to older families) (Muffinus)
.Still no clefthoof/talbuk though, considering it for the future, we'll see how things shake out during beta. (Muffinus)

the new beast models look really, really cool, are the hippo's considered ''riverbeasts'' for taming? also those sporebats wow <3
Yep! That's a Riverbeast, the sporebats also have cool glowy bits/particles (it's hard to tell in screenies) (Muffinus)
and I assume some of those new boars will be tameable, correct?
Yep, lots of new and savage skins for the older families #teamsavage (Muffinus)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
will improved guard mean i can do it twice every min, or twice every 30 secs? Recharge time 15 or 30sec per charge?
Still 30sec recharge time, just let's you pool up to 2 charges. (Like how Roll works) (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Divine Purpose, while a fun, doesnt compete with the other talents in the tier. Any chance it'll be improved or made baseline?
Balancing/tuning talents like that will come much later in the process. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
I'm checking WoWDB atm and I'm actually seeing alot of nerfs to Enhancement. Mana cost with Maelstrom and WF at 70%/swing?
We already have mana issues in PvP alot of times, and if our spells are going to cost mana w. Maelstrom, we're in real trouble.
Relax, you're not in real trouble. (Celestalon)
..when I say that we'd rather have it stay as-is. Rather have it be powerful on one hand than on 2, but weak on 1 so to speak.
The point is to remove haste breakpoints, not to nerf. Still not intended to be used on both hands. (Celestalon)
Yeah I read them, but take Stormstrike for example, WoWDB says that it's 180% in WoD, when its 380% on live, also bad datamine?
Those are ~equal, actually. 1% WD in WoD isn't the same as 1% WD in MoP. There were major changes to the way AP converts to WD. (Celestalon)

any plans to buff ele single target in wod since our cleave got nerfed also searing totem is boring when is that being removed
Yes. Not removing Searing Totem because it's iconic, useful, is movement DPS, and acts as a platform for totem gameplay. (Celestalon)

Character / Items
any chance for a fix to Druid tree minor glyph? You have it at the start but you revert back to human when in bear or cat.
Actually, yes, we're working on a system to let you retain cosmetic transforms after shifting in/out of form. (WatcherDev)
Will this mean i can retain Mr smite/skymirror/etc even after moonkin/bear/cat/travel shift in/out?
Yep! (WatcherDev)
Eeeee, does this include special-use items like potions, costumes, etc?
That's the plan. You'd turn into an Ascendant, than back into your transform when it ends. (WatcherDev)
Yes. Use Noggenfogger, turn into skeleton. Shift into cat. Now you're a cat. Shift out. Back to skeleton. (WatcherDev)
Why not skeleton all the time, like being a goblin (while in cat form) in that scenario?
Combat shapeshifts convey important information that matters for gameplay, which we don't want to conceal. (WatcherDev)

for WoD Challenge modes will Socket gear still give a little more than other gear? I know its not needed for gold but balance..
No, actually. The new design for sockets (bonus property on items) means that they can be disabled in WoD normalized content. (WatcherDev)
Will pre-WoD items retain their current sockets?
Yes. But you won't be able to put Draenor gems in those sockets (which is standard for a new expansion). (WatcherDev)

hello. Are we going to have tabards account wide in WoD expansion? please replay
It's on our list of things we want to add, but probably not for 6.0. Heirlooms and toys first. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Will y'all be squishing the ilvl numbers as well? Or is WoD ilvl drops still say "606" for example?
ilvl stays the same. Timeless Isle gear is still 496/535, for example. But we flattened the power curve from ilvl 1-463. (WatcherDev)

Will all existing reforges revert to original stats at 6.0?
Yes. (Celestalon)

do you feel the SoO meta and drake mount reward worked well?
Yes. In the past the Glory of the Raider achievements often got completed during later tiers, even by Heroic-clearing guilds. (WatcherDev)
This way people who care about achievements can go do them, instead of having others potentially give up a shot at loot to do them. (WatcherDev)

Will some encounters be altered in 6.0 release patch that require interrupts?
Which are you most concerned about? We'll tweak Garrosh heart phases, certainly. We'll also have SoO open for testing in beta. (WatcherDev)

Can you make some fights in warlords like Fathom lord in SSC? it felt awesome (and now we are not limited cuz of 10man)
There's at least one fight in the Blackrock Foundry raid that I think will have a similar feel. (WatcherDev)

Really hope it's not true about Nerzhul being a friggin 5 man boss. You guys regretted doing that to an epic guy like Anubarak
Yes, Ner'zhul is the final boss of the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. There is no lack of epic Warlords still left to fight in raids. (WatcherDev)

Can you describe to me with the number squash for WOD how we are still able to solo old content?
Those creatures are all getting scaled down as well, and you do more and take less damage from lower level creatures. (Celestalon)

What's the functional difference between Normal and Heroic next expansion? They're both flex, seems redundant
One is about 30% harder than the other and rewards better loot? Same as the difference between a 10-player Flex group and 10N today (WatcherDev)

A large part of your playerbase are casual players so don't have a high tech rig. How demanding will WoD be for family PCs?
Final specs not yet announced, but we're mindful of the importance of keeping our game playable on a wide range of hardware. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor - Ashran Screenshot
Chris Kaleiki shared a screenshot from Ashran tonight on Twitter. Lore let us know that they won't get all of your things, just Ashran things.

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