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by Published on 2017-01-27 03:13 AM

Top 5 Barbarian Builds for Season 9

Whenever vs After - Design Philosophy Behind Triggered Abilities in Hearthstone

Mythic Nighthold Progression
Several guilds are now at 7/10!

Patch 7.2 - Druid Animations
Druids are getting some new spell animations in Patch 7.2!

Patch 7.1.5 Hotfixes - January 26
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dungeons and Raids
  • The Nighthold
    • High Botanist Tel’arn
      • High Botanist Tel'arn should now correctly obey loot settings on Mythic difficulty.

  • Artifact Power items now have a sell price.
  • Might of Krosus: Fixed a bug that caused Might of Krosus to deal less damage to its targets than intended

Patch 7.2 - Artifact Power
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As many of you have noted, Patch 7.2 will be introducing several new traits to Artifact Weapons. We'd like to clarify how these traits will unlock so that you can best prepare for them.

After Patch 7.2 is available, players who have an Artifact Weapon of at least rank 35 will be able to further empower that Artifact through a short quest chain. Completing this quest chain will consume any ranks beyond 35, increase the overall power of your Artifact Weapon (to ensure that losing ranks 35+ isn’t a downgrade), and unlock access to the new 7.2 traits. Any Artifact Power spent on traits beyond 35 will be refunded and you’ll immediately be able to spend that refunded Artifact Power on the new traits.

Note that any Artifact Power tokens acquired before Patch 7.2 will not be usable on an Artifact Weapon that has had its new traits unlocked. If you’ve already reached Rank 54, feel free to use any tokens you earn between now and then on alternate specs; there is no need to stockpile those tokens for Patch 7.2. We’re also planning to apply a hotfix in the near future that will allow the current Artifact Power tokens to be sold to vendors.

Please feel free to add any feedback, questions or thoughts to this thread.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 7.2 - New Artifact Traits
Yeah, the new traits aren't accessible yet. Hope is to have them available next week. There's a short quest chain involved to unlock them, which is currently disabled. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 7.2 - Honor Requirement for Prestige 1
Thanks for the post. To address one issue you mentioned, in 7.2, we're reducing the amount of honor it requires to go from Honor Level 1 to 50 before prestiging the first time (aka Prestige 0). It will take roughly half the amount of honor as it does now. Prestige ranks 1 and higher will remain the same.

Hopefully, this helps everyone gain access to their honor talents faster. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PSA: Be Careful with your Essences
Quick update here from the development team. The quest is currently working as intended, and any essences over the limit will continue to be reset, as is normal quest function.

It's worth noting that this quest was designed to be able to be completed without too much time spent on it, so we don't see it necessary to adjust the quest to account for min-maxing.

TL;DR: If you're worried about going over your 50/50 limit, keep an eye on your Essences going forward! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 7.2 - Invasion Quests
All good feedback and thank you for it!

Current thinking on iteration is to modify the requirements of the cover quest. I.E. "Do X of Y" and some of the objectives within the WQ's themselves.

Going to be modifying the uptime of these. They will be more rare and short duration so that they feel more special when they are up and itemization should make them lucrative and appealing.

Exploring the option of having these available to do on alts who are still leveling up in the Broken Isles. Would be a way to breakup the level up experience and hearken back to that aspect of the pre-launch events that folks enjoyed.

Misc. behind the scenes tweaks and tuning happening as well.

The real itemization/reward pass hasn't occurred yet (waiting for this feedback round to settle out) so that will help once it is done.

Thanks again for the feedback and look forward to more after some of the updates above make it out to PTR in the coming weeks. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 7.2 Artifact Trait Unlock Quest
There is no way currently as we have it deactivated at the moment. The goal is to have this out next week.

Just focusing on client/server stability and some backend services migration in these early weeks, alongside Demon Assaults. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Female Blood Elf Face Bug
This honestly just looks like case of no rigging in the faces themselves, you know, the same way a model could be in it's t-pose.
This is pretty close, actually. There was a bug in this build that prevented the Female Blood Elf's face from articulating properly. We'll be fixing it in a future build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Beast Mastery Hunter 2 Piece Bonus
One item we need Blizz to change is to change the 2pc Set piece bonus of EagleTalon Battlegear to include a buff for BM Hunters who uses Dire Frenzy talent instead of Stomp talent.
Agreed. We'll be doing this. I don't have specifics yet, but we'll be adding some sort of effect to the Tier 19 2-piece bonus that benefits Dire Frenzy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Frost Mage and Brain Freeze
This is an issue currently, which is made more prominent this patch because the proc rate of Brain Freeze has gotten rather high (probably higher than is ideal). We're hesitant to go straight to "Brain Freeze stacks 2 times." For one, we're just repeating Fingers of Frost at that point (which has gone from a proc to a sort of a pooled psuedo-resource). But also, this is how rampant power/complexity/pacing creep happens--always fixing a problem by adding a new mechanic that makes something a lot more powerful.

Worth pointing out that "losing DPS" is a bit of a misnomer. Wasting a certain percentage of Brain Freeze procs (especially a very predictable percentage, as was pointed out) doesn't prohibit tuning the spec around that. That said, we get that it's a bad feeling to feel like you wasted one.

I can see exploring a solution like imperceptibly delaying the Brain Freeze proc. So that if you cast two Frostbolts and then an instant Flurry, the second Frostbolt's Brain Freeze proc will apply just after the Flurry. This is similar to the sort of invisible timing adjustment that happens around Hot Streak to make sure it works intuitively, which generally works well. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Upcoming Change to Group Finder Queues
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Since the launch of Legion, we've been keeping an eye on the challenges facing characters on Spanish realms when trying to enter Ashran. Some players have had trouble accessing the zone—due in most part to long queue times—and we've been monitoring the situation to find the best solution.

After considering our options, we feel that adding Spanish realms to the English queues for group content is the most appropriate fix. Not only should this get players into Ashran faster, it’ll also help with another minor but unpleasant problem—long queue times when using the Dungeon or Raid Finder tools.

So what does this mean for you? After maintenance on February 1, when a character from a Spanish realm queues for PVE (dungeons and raids) or PVP (battlegrounds, including Ashran) content using the Group Finder tool, they might be teamed up with players from both Spanish and English realms.

We understand that this solution may not appeal to everyone, but after strong consideration, we’re confident it’ll provide the most positive results.

We’d appreciate your thoughts on the change and welcome your feedback in this thread.

FinalBoss - Legion Hunters
FinalBoss took a look at Hunters this week!

by Published on 2017-01-25 07:29 PM

Update: Added tonight's hotfixes.

Patch 7.1.5 Hotfixes - January 25
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • "Pillars of Creation" now properly requires the completion of the quest "The Eye of Aman'thul" to satisfy the appropriate criteria.


Dungeons and Raids
  • Maw of Souls
    • Resolved an issue that caused the visual for Six Pound Barrel cast by Waterlogged Soul Guards to be smaller than intended.
  • The Nighthold
    • Spellblade Aluriel
      • Spellblade Aluriel's Fiery Enchantments should no longer gain Bound in Flame on Raid Finder and Normal difficulties.

  • Might of Krosus: Fixed an issue where Might of Krosus would not split its damage among affected targets.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue where the Eye of Gul'dan would sometimes not be able to be looted after killing Gul'dan in Nighthold for players on the quest “Nighthold: Darkness Calls”.

Patch 7.2 PTR - Build 23445
A new build is on the PTR!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With this week’s build, we’re still focusing largely on stability and the content that was added last week. We’re also opening the first of 7.2’s PvP Brawls – Southshore vs. Tarren Mill. If you were around for our 10th Anniversary Celebration a couple of years ago, you’ll recognize this brawl, but it could use some additional testing to make sure everything’s working properly in the 7.2 environment.

Assuming testing goes well this week, we’re hoping to open up a large amount of 7.2’s major content for testing next week, including:

  • The Broken Shore (you’re able to see a little bit of what we’re planning currently on the PTR, but there’s a lot more story and systems to come)
  • New World Quests
  • New Artifact Traits (including a short quest line to unlock them)
  • The Legionfall faction
  • New additions to the Order Hall campaign
  • Plus several other bits of open-world and/or solo play content

The new dungeon and raid will not be available for testing at that time – that will come later. We’ll share more details as PTR development continues.

New Icons

New Items
Lots of new items were added in this build, mostly placeholder items similar to the ones from Timeless Isle.

Level Type Name
25Glyph Glyph of Blood Grip
25Glyph Glyph of Frost Grip
25Glyph Glyph of the Fel Succubus
25Glyph Glyph of the Shadow Succubus
110Quest Legends of the Four Hammers
110Quest Legendary Blacksmithing Supplies
110Quest Legendary Wardenscale Supplies
110Quest Nights with the Nightborne
835None PH Vendor Bracers
835None PH Vendor Tunic
835None PH Vendor Treads
835None PH Vendor Gauntlets
835None PH Vendor Hood
835None PH Vendor Leggings
835None PH Vendor Spaulders
835None PH Vendor Girdle
835None PH Vendor Ring
835None PH Vendor Choker
835None PH Vendor Cloak
835None PH Vendor Trinket
800Neck PH Token Item - Neck 1
800Finger PH Token Item - Ring 1
1Tabard Black Apron - TEST
1Tabard Legionfall Tabard TEST
800Trinket PH Token Item - Trinket Str
800Trinket PH Token Item - Trinket Agi
800Trinket PH Token Item - Trinket Caster
800Back PH Token Item - Cape 1
800Cloth PH Token Item - Cloth Hood
800Leather PH Token Item - Leather Hood
800Mail PH Token Item - Mail Helm
800Plate PH Token Item - Plate Greathelm

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Class Hall

Feats of Strength

Legion Raid
Dungeons & Raids
  • Five Course Seafood Buffet (New) Defeat Mistress Sass'zine in Tomb of Sargeras after feeding the following items to Sarukel on Normal difficulty or higher. 10 points.
  • Great Soul, Great Purpose (New) Defeat The Desolate Host in Tomb of Sargeras while keeping the Diminishing Soul from perishing on Normal difficulty or higher. 10 points.
  • Sky Walker (New) Defeat the Maiden of Vigilance in Tomb of Sargeras having captured every Titanic Anomaly on Normal difficulty or higher. 10 points.

Artifact Powers
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Death's Harbinger (Rank 1) Under Construction. Check Back Soon! Increases the damage of Apocalypse by 30% and causes it to grant 2 Runes upon use.

Demon Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Phoenix's Warmth (Rank 1) Phoenix Flames has a chance to grant 0% critical strike chance to you and the four nearest allies. allies.

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Winnowing (Rank 1) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 1)" to "Winnowing (Rank 1)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 2) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 2)" to "Winnowing (Rank 2)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 3) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 3)" to "Winnowing (Rank 3)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 4) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 4)" to "Winnowing (Rank 4)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 5) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 5)" to "Winnowing (Rank 5)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 6) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 6)" to "Winnowing (Rank 6)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 7) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 7)" to "Winnowing (Rank 7)".
  • Winnowing (Rank 8) Name changed from "Entropic Instability (Rank 8)" to "Winnowing (Rank 8)".

  • Cry Havoc (Rank 1) Chaos Bolt will bounce to your Havoc target for 0% of the initial damage. Under Construction. Check back soon!

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
  • Soul of the Slaughter (Rank 1) Name changed from "Retaliatory Blows (Rank 1)" to "Soul of the Slaughter (Rank 1)". Under Construction. Check Back Soon! Spending Rage has a 0.50% chance per rage spent to heal you for 10,000 per rage spent.

String Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • AUTO_ACCEPT_QUICK_JOIN_TEXT - Auto-accept Quick Join requests
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_REALMS_PREVIOUS (New) - Show previous realms...
  • BRAWL_TUTORIAL (New) - Experience crazy new ways to play in the PvP Brawl mode.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FINISH_TRIAL_BOOST_BUTTON_POPUP_TEXT (New) - Are you sure you want to unlock this trial character? You can't change your selection after this step.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_KRW_FINISH_TRIAL_BOOST_BUTTON_POPUP_TEXT (New) - Are you sure that you want to unlock this trial character? If you click the "Unlock!" button, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.
  • COMBATLOG_HONORGAIN - %s dies (Honorable Kill: %s). You gain %d Honor.
  • COMBATLOG_HONORGAIN_EXHAUSTION1 - %s dies (Honorable Kill: %s). You gain %d Honor (%s %s bonus).
  • COMBATLOG_HONORGAIN_NO_RANK - %s dies (Honorable Kill). You gain %d Honor.
  • EXALTED_PLUS_REPUTATION_TUTORIAL (New) - Continue earning reputation with Exalted factions to receive rewards.
  • RELIC_TOOLTIP_RANK_INCREASE_INACTIVE (New) - |cFFFF0000Inactive +%d |4Rank:Ranks;:|r %s
  • REPUTATION_EXALTED_PLUS_HELP (New) - Continue earning reputation with Exalted factions to receive rewards.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_331 (New) - The Sentinar is not patrolling this area.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_332 (New) - The Sentinar cannot open another portal right now.
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_FEATURE1_DESC (New) - Experience crazy new ways to play in this new PvP mode.
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_FEATURE2_DESC (New) - Collect and track all the appearance sets for your class.
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_FEATURE2_TITLE (New) - Transmogrification Sets
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_LABEL (New) - New in Patch 7.2!
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_RIGHT_DESC (New) - Return to the Broken Shore and end the Legion's invasion of Azeroth.
  • SPLASH_LEGION_NEW_7_2_RIGHT_TITLE (New) - Forge the Armies of Legionfall
  • STARTUP_STRINGSENUM_MSG_GX_FAIL_API_VERSION - World of Warcraft requires the latest version of the DirectX Runtime to be installed. The latest DirectX runtime can be installed through Windows Update or downloaded directly from Microsoft. For more information please see
  • TRANSMOG_JOURNAL_SETS_TAB_TUTORIAL (New) - View all the appearance sets you can collect for your class here.
  • TRANSMOG_REQUIRED_HOLIDAY (New) - Requires holiday: %s.
  • TRANSMOG_SETS_TAB_TUTORIAL (New) - View all the appearance sets you can collect for your class here.
  • TRANSMOG_SETS_VENDOR_TUTORIAL (New) - View and apply your completed appearance sets here.
  • VISITABLE_URL35 (New) -
  • VISITABLE_URL36 (New) -

Misc Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Battle Masters
  • Packed House (New) - Brawl. Level: 110-110. Players: 15. Rated players: 5. Maps: Ashamane's Fall, Black Rook Hold Arena, Blade's Edge Arena, Dalaran Sewers, Nagrand Arena, Ruins of Lordaeron, The Tiger's Peak, Tol'Viron Arena.

World Map Areas
The Assault on Broken Shore
  • Assault on Broken Shore (New)

Throne of the Four Winds - Shaman Class Mounts
  • Throne of the Four Winds (New)
by Published on 2017-01-25 04:39 AM

PTR Build, Nighthold, Soultakers, Battleground Event, Elite PvP Gear, PvP Rewards

WoW Token Temporarily Disabled
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We've encountered a brief technical issue with the WoW Token system which has resulted in it temporarily being disabled in the Americas, Oceanic, and European regions. We're hard at work to restore functionality and will have it back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

But the ones we have in our inventory will still function properly, yeah? We just can't purchase them?

Patch 7.2 PTR - Build 23445 Delayed
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Brief update: we've encountered an issue with this build which is preventing us from actually pushing it to the PTR. We're still hoping to get it out this week, but it'll be tomorrow at the earliest.

Patch 7.1.5 Hotfixes - January 24
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dungeons and Raids
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeons
    • Players who complete a Mythic Keystone dungeon at level 13, 14, or 15 will receive items of the following item levels from the chest at the end of the dungeon:
      • Mythic 13 – 875
      • Mythic 14 – 880
      • Mythic 15 – 885
    • Items from the weekly Grand Challenger's Bounty will be of the following item levels:
      • Mythic 13 – 890
      • Mythic 14 – 895
      • Mythic 15 – 900

  • Aluriel's Mirror: Healing-over-time effectiveness increased by 140%. Area of effect healing detonation effectiveness reduced by 35%.
    • Developers’ Notes: Aluriel’s Mirror’s detonation effect is strong when it activates, but hard to rely on. We’re increasing the heal-over-time effect significantly to improve the up-front value of this trinket, and reducing the detonation effect slightly to compensate.
  • Animated Exoskeleton: Absorb amount increased by 33%.
  • Arcanogolem Digit: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Convergence of Fates:
    • (Frost Death Knight) Proc rate increased by 10% with Empower Rune Weapon, decreased by 23% with Hungering Rune Weapon.
    • (Unholy Death Knight) Proc rate increased by 68% with Summon Gargoyle, and no change with Dark Arbiter.
    • (Feral Druid) Fixed a bug that prevented Incarnation from working properly with Convergence, and no change with Berserk.
    • (Windwalker Monk) Proc rate decreased by 62% with Storm, Earth, and Fire, and decreased by 75% with Serenity.
    • (Retribution Paladin) Proc rate increased by 250% with Avenging Wrath, and increased by 25% with Crusade.
  • Draught of Souls: The Use effect of this trinket now respects the global cooldown. The damage of this trinket is now reduced by 30% for Unholy Death Knights (was reduced by 40%).
    • Developers’ Notes: Since Draught of Souls deals Shadow Damage, it’s increased by Unholy’s Mastery, which means we needed to reduce its base damage to keep its overall value similar to other classes. It’s currently a little too low, however, so we’re increasing the damage it deals for Unholy.
  • Entwined Elemental Foci: The amount of Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste granted by this item has been increased by 5%.
  • Etraeus' Celestial Map: The amount of Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste granted by this item has been increased by 5%.
  • Fury of the Burning Sky: Damage increased by 40%.
  • Icon of Rot: Damage increased by 40%.
  • Might of Krosus: Damage reduced by 25%, but is now always a critical strike. Also, fixed a bug where the cooldown was incorrectly being reduced if Might of Krosus damaged at least 3 targets. The tooltip for Might of Krosus will display the amount of damage that will result from the critical hit, not the base damage.
  • Perfectly Preserved Cake: Absorb amount increased by 140%.
  • Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire: Damage increased by 85%.
  • Star Gate: Damage increased by 30%.

Player versus Player
by Published on 2017-01-24 09:37 PM

The Trinity Series - A Hearthstone Team League - Week 2

For Honor Interview: Overseeing the Battlefield as a Ubisoft Community Developer

PTR Build Deploy 1/24/2017
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Greetings friends,
PTR will be coming down for a bit today in order to deploy a new 7.2.0 build. No ETA for the push, but I'll ping this thread if things look like they're going to take longer than usual after realms go offline.

Leaving this thread open for general discussion so long as posts remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines.

Thanks all!

Mythic and Raid Finder Nighthold Opens This Week
Nighthold Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1 open this week! The cap on Mythic+ rewards has also been increased.


Skorpyron Guide - The Nighthold Chronomatic Anomaly Guide - The Nighthold
Trilliax Guide - The Nighthold Aluriel Guide - The Nighthold
Tichondrius Guide - The Nighthold Krosus Guide - The Nighthold
Telarn Guide - The Nighthold Etraeus Guide - The Nighthold
Elisande Guide - The Nighthold Gul'dan Guide - The Nighthold

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raid Schedule:
  • Tuesday, January 24: Nighthold Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open.
  • Tuesday, February 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens.
  • Tuesday, February 21: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens.
  • Tuesday, March 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens.

World Boss - The Soultakers
This week the World Boss is The Soultakers! Players have a chance to win item level 860 loot and a Storm Relic. Death Knights also can get the hidden appearance for their Frost Spec.

Elite PvP Gear Transmog
Please be sure to read the entire post below. The sets will not be made available.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Honest question. What's so special about pvp elite gear that it needs to be kept from buying once it's severely outdated? Mythic/heroic gear in pve can be farmed usually 2 expansions after it happens. I don't know why pvp gear should be any different, but I might just not understand. I mean most players don't even know it's elite gear anyway, so it's not like it's being shown off for bragging rights.
Over the years, we've received a lot of requests to make the Elite sets from past seasons available. As you said, the PvE versions of these sets can be obtained through Legacy raids.

We're considering making Elite transmog ensembles available for purchase with Marks of Honor if your Current Rating in 2v2, 3v3 or RBGs is above some threshold (for illustrative purposes, let's say 2200). We would love to hear your thoughts about this idea.

I'd like to clarify one point: we totally hear that you'd like a rating restricted tabard and illusion back. We're adding a new tabard for Season 3 that will have a rating requirement. We're debating whether to add a new illusion however. Illusions do not work on artifact weapons and offering a reward that requires you to transmog your weapon feels problematic. But, we get that you really like the illusion. We may settle back on that idea or try to develop something else.

As for the elite sets, our motivation for doing this isn't to replace other reward systems. We've received a lot of requests to re-add these sets to the game somehow. We thought current rating and a marks of honor cost would be a reasonable gating mechanism for purchase. But the community's impression on prestige items like this is important. We appreciate all of your feedback on the idea. But we wanted to make it clear that adding these sets does not mean we won't be adding other rating rewards as well.

Thanks for the feedback. We have decided to not make these sets available.

Weekly Bonus Event - Battlegrounds
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
A new weekly quest and rewards are here—steel yourself for Battleground combat!

Seven Days on the Battlegrounds
All this week, heading to the Battlegrounds will net you some extra Honor along with bonus loot for completing this week’s quest. To enter the fray, open Group Finder (default hotkey: I) and then select the Player vs. Player tab. Next choose Casual, select Random Battlegrounds, and hit the Join Battle button—you’ll be matched up with other players and sent to one of the 11 battlegrounds.

Weekly Quest
Before you get started, Archmage Timear near Violet Hold in Dalaran has a quest for you. Win four random Battlegrounds, and you’ll be rewarded with 5 Marks of Honor, a Badge of Honor (1000 Honor), and a Glory of the Melee Artifact Power token (base 500 AP).

Battleground Buff
This week you gain 50% more Honor in Battlegrounds.

A New Event Every Week
The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Convergence of Fate (and other trinkets)
Draught of Souls unchanged for DPS warriors but reduced by 30% for UH DKS? Guess doing this damage is intended:
The damage reduction on Draught of Souls has already been in place for Unholy DK's. Like I said, it was intended to counteract the fact that Unholy's Mastery increases Shadow damage (and prevent Draught of Souls from being far and away the most overpowered trinket available to Unholy). This hotfix isn't reducing Draught's damage, it's actually increasing it by about 17%.

That said, we agree that Draught being so strong for DPS Warriors is a problem. We're going to look into it some more. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Loaded Dice: New Outlaw Gold feedback
Does it do anything for slice n dice.
If not, it makes the talent obsolete, you don't want a golden trait to be useless.

The plan is to buff Slice and Dice somehow. As with existing traits, as the 7.2 traits progress along we will look at how they have to interact with replacement talents. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legion PvP Season 1 Rewards Update
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Shortly after last week’s re-distribution of PvP rewards, we discovered a bug that had caused Alliance players’ rewards to be re-distributed based on the Horde ladders. While many players still ended up with the correct reward, some received rewards at a higher or lower tier than they had earned.

In the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand, this bug resulted in too few rewards being distributed for Alliance players. We’ll be applying a hotfix with the next weekly maintenance that will correct this. Alliance players can expect to receive either the same reward they had already received, or one at a higher tier.

To help provide clarity, here are the final rating cutoffs that were necessary to earn the Gladiator, Vindictive Gladiator, or Hero of the Alliance/Horde titles on these realms in Legion Season 1:

Gladiator: 2563
Vindictive Gladiator: 2852
Hero of the Horde: 2432

Gladiator: 2437
Vindictive Gladiator: 2704
Hero of the Alliance: 2297

Thank you again for your patience as we work to ensure that players are rewarded fairly for their efforts in Legion Season 1.

Overwatch Event - Year of the Rooster
A new Overwatch event is live, with new skins, a new game mode,and more! It runs from January 24 - February 13, so be sure to grab your free loot box.

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