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August 16
A Semi-hardcore WoW player, Warlock has been my main since late Wrath of the Lich King, I raid in Topped Off on US-Illidan. I currently attend a state university pursuing a major in Computer Science. I do my own unique type of theory crafting as I personally believe numbers can be reliable but only to an extent, I put all situations into a full run (Example: My generally hated idea that Shadowburn is not always the best idea on single target fights.) That perhaps MF has more potential than people give it credit for. Numbers are nice and all but practice is where it matters, I see tons of 'top-end theory crafters' that only use numbers and their ranks/percentiles are pretty shoddy. That is my opinion you are welcome to disagree and tell me yourself :D
WoW (Duh), Minor Programming, Philosophy, Sociology, Astronomy, Paleontology, and General History
Currently Full-Time Student (Computer Science Major)


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