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[00:20] <+Marzenia> made awesomechicken last week
[00:20] <+Marzenia> with zingiber
[00:20] == Gungbroh has changed nick to Gungcleans
[00:20] <Synthaxx> Yeah, same with me. Can't stand red meat.
[00:20] <Mikesmit> who doesn't like chicken? I like breasts, and you, marzenia?
[00:20] <Synthaxx> haha
[00:20] <+Marzenia> well i can eat red meat, i am not crazy about it tho
[00:21] <Mikesmit> shh Synthaxx, she might fall for it :P
[00:21] <+Marzenia> I love breasts!

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