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Been an Avid Blizzard gamer since I was 4-6 years old, my first Video Game being Starcraft. I have always loved the products Blizzard made, WoW being one of my favorite, but I do have a few gripes with them as of late.

Currently unsubscribed to WoW, I still try to follow lore however. Interested in GW2 and its upcoming debut.

But there will always be one truth to remember: I will always be a Paladin of the Silver Hand at heart.
Maryland, U.S.
Warcraft lore, GW2 upcoming, Metroid series
Doing the Jobs you're supposed to be doing right now.


And should he be a prophet of It's coming, he shall be cast out by his kin and his peers, for they cannot comprehend and fear the end of the corrupt empire. - Unknown, 3/1/2012
I am Lothaeryn, Dragonborn of Nirn and Paladin of Azeroth. Hear my voice and tremble... Bask in my radiance and be inspired...
For I am the Hand of Dawn, and justice shall be done by my shout and by my blade.

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